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Reparations for Colonialism are Mandatory

Submitted by Colonialism Reparation Colonialism Reparation welcomes that the United Nations Special Rapporteur has clarified the human rights obligations of Member States in relation to reparations for racial discrimination rooted in slavery and colonialism and calls for all Member States to follow her recommendations for the implementation of the reparations of colonialism and slavery, bearing in mind their lasting impact

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The Ancestral Call for Return: Start here. End (t)here

Submitted by Tara Inniss, Department of History and Philosophy, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Some of us in Barbados and the Diaspora saw some posts and short videos on social media this past weekend showing a ceremony taking place in Ghana of Barbadian officials burying the “remains” of an “unknown” enslaved African burial/space from Barbados to

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Mia Goes To Ghana

  As part of the Year of Return and the visit of H.E, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to Barbados in June this year, the Prime Minister of Barbados, H.E. Mia Mottley, arrives in Ghana today for a 3-day visit. The visit also forms part of the bilateral discussions started during the President’s visit to Barbados. She will be

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African Liberation Chapter 4

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel Today with the aid of the history microscope, it is quite easy to see that slave control is the demonic reason why the overwhelming majority of today’s x-slaves have been deliberately kept bound in the punitive and subjugating chains of landless-ness. Read full test at Ras Jahaziel’s Website – Rastafarivisions

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African Liberation Education (3)

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel In this post-emancipation era, the world has become split into two different economic realities: Slavery-Wealth and Slavery Poverty…. otherwise known as First world and Third world…. otherwise known as The Developed World and The UNDER-Developed World… otherwise known to the wise as The Shameful and Unjust Results of The Great Robbery.Look at this picture below: It

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Peace for Zimbabwe

From sea to shining sea—America. We cherish the First Amendment to our Constitution. Nonetheless, sometimes we take our basic freedoms for granted. Consider the country of Zimbabwe; found on the continent of Africa. A land with a population 16.5 million. A land with a history of unrest and human rights violations. A land with citizens that long for peace. In

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