Caribbean Governments Must Intervene In Defense of our African-American Brothers and Sisters









The murders, earlier this month, of two young African-American men — Philando Castile and Alton Sterling — by white American police officers, should bring home to all African-Barbadian and African-Caribbean people the critical importance of the United Nations International Decade For People of African Descent, and of our duty to make full use of this UN sanctioned international programme to come to the defense of our beleaguered African-American brothers and sisters.

These two recent US-based genocidal outrages come at a time when right-thinking people all over the world are already expressing shock and horror at the phenomenon of white American police officers callously and with regularity killing literally hundreds of African-American men, women and children every year, and the United States  Criminal Justice system routinely declaring that the killers are not even required to stand trial for their wrong-doing!

Indeed, the U S Justice System has been sending such  loud and clear messages that Black, Brown and Native-American lives do NOT matter, that it was not surprising that an ordinary white civilian racist in Charleston, South Carolina would get it into his head to enter the sanctuary of an historic African-American church and assassinate black men, women and children who were in a posture of prayer!

But the inherent message of the United Nations International Decade For People Of African Descent – which began on 1st January 2015- is that the African- American people of the United States of America are our black Barbadian and Caribbean kith and kin!

The nine black American men, women and children who were so brutally murdered in Charleston, as well as such recent victims as Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Mike Browne, Freddie Gray, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and so many others– far too numerous to list– are our “brothers and sisters”!

And they are our brothers and sisters because their African ancestors were brought to the Americas in the same slave ships that brought our African ancestors, and were subjected to the same architectonic socialization experiences of chattel slavery and colonialism in “Plantation America” that our ancestors were subjected to on the plantations of the Caribbean.

The only truly significant difference between ourselves and our African-American brothers and sisters is that we are Blacks in a black majority society, while they are Blacks in a white majority society!

This fundamental difference is responsible for the fact that we possess pre-dominantly black or Afro/Asian governments, legislators, nation states, police forces, judicial officers, diplomatic representatives, and the list goes on, while they remain a relatively powerless and under-represented minority in the racist white majority institutions of the USA.

Furthermore, it has now become absolutely clear that the traditional White American establishment that orchestrated the genocide of the Native American population and the anti-Black slavery and slave trade of the 18th and 19th centuries has no intention– if they can help it– of ever permitting the black descendants of their former slaves ( or the Native American people for that matter) to ever be truly and fully free in the USA !

Thus, the very existence of the United Nations International Decade For People of African Descent impels us as Black people to come to this profound understanding of the predicament of our African-American brothers and sisters, and to the responsibilities that we must undertake as a result of that horrific predicament.

And the clearest such responsibility is that we black Barbadian and Caribbean people who are racial majorities in our national societies, and who possess predominantly black or Afro/Asian nation-states,national governments, and diplomatic seats at the United Nations and other high councils of international decision-making, are duty-bound to speak up for and to defend the rights of our African-American brothers and sisters!

We simply can no longer allow our interest in our brothers’ plight to be restricted because they are supposedly citizens of a different nation! No! We who are joined together by deeply rooted ties of ancestry, kinship and affinity, must not permit artificial national barriers to keep us apart.

The time has therefore come when the Prime Ministers, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and the various Ambassadors and consular officers of our Caribbean nations must accept that they have a duty to speak up for and defend our African-American brothers and sisters!

Just as the American State Department, Secretary of State , President and Vice-President believe that they possess a right to intervene in and pass judgement on our national domestic affairs, our Caribbean high officials of state must assert an even greater right to intervene in and pass judgement on the existential predicament of our African-American brothers and sisters within the national arena of the USA.

It is high time that our premier officials of state take meaningful initiatives to place the plight of our African-American brothers and sisters before such high level international human rights bodies as the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, and indeed, before the highest democratic international policy and law making body of them all — the United Nations General Assembly.

Indeed, this was the approach advocated by the late great Malcom X when, in the 1960’s , he established his Organization of Afro-American Unity, and commenced on a campaign to “internationalize” the domestic civil rights struggle of the African-American people by having the Governments of the newly independent African nations take the plight of the black American people before relevant international bodies.

It is also high time that our premier officials of state intervene with United States President Barack Obama and call upon him to do his duty to the African-American people of the USA!

The sad reality is that President Obama has spectacularly FAILED— during his Presidency— to address the issue of the deeply entrenched anti-Black racism that exists in the bowels of American society and in the very DNA of the institutions of the USA.

Even with these most recent racist murders, President Obama has shamelessly side-stepped his duty to represent the African-American cause, and, in the case of the South Carolina massacre for example, has sought to characterize the massacre as being related to the ease of access to guns in the USA, rather than to pinpoint the fact that it was underpinned by the trenchant anti-Black racism that exists in U S society .

Way back in the 1960’s, the late Lyndon B Johnson, a white American president, distinguished himself on the race issue by establishing the Kerner Commission to enquire into the endemic racist conditions that were at the heart of the race-based civil disorders of the mid-1960’s and to propose possible solutions. What has President Obama done on the issue of anti-Black racism since becoming President? The tragic answer is:– nothing of consequence!

Truly, the time has come for us to move forward on this issue! The advent of the United Nations Decade For People of African Descent says to us that the time has come for us as Black people to express solidarity with each other right across the Black Diaspora! The time has come for us to collectively declare an attitude of zero tolerance towards all elements of anti-Black racism and racial discrimination!

The time has also come for us to address the United States Government about this issue of the racial oppression of our African-American brothers and sisters, and to use our political leaders and diplomats to take this issue before the United Nations organization and other international human rights bodies!

Quite frankly, in this U N International Decade For People of African Descent, the time has come for us to undertake powerful trans-national campaigns of activism to finally and permanently destroy the centuries- old demon of institutionalized anti-Black racism!

On behalf of the  Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity and the Barbados-based Pan-African Coalition of Organizations (PACO)  we hereby call upon the political leaders and Governments of the Caribbean to accept and embrace this new understanding of their duty to our African-American brothers and sisters, and to act upon it with a sense of urgency!

SIGNED on behalf of the International Network In Defense of Humanity (Caribbean Chapter) by:-  DAVID  COMISSIONG

SIGNED on behalf of the Pan-African Coalition of Organizations (PACO) by:-  WAYNE “ONKPHRA”  WELLS


Felipe Noguera  (Trinidad & Tobago)

Margaret Harris  (Barbados)

Dr. Rodney Worrell  (Barbados)


Ivana Cardinale  (Venezuela)


Professor Keith Ellis  (Canada)


Philip Springer  (Barbados)


Lalu Hanuman  (Guyana)


Dr. Myrna Belgrave  (Barbados)


Suzanne Laurent  (Martinique)


Bobby Clarke  (Barbados)


Roger Wareham  (USA)


David Denny  (Barbados)


Baba John Howell  (Barbados)


  • We wish you well with this

    Caribbean peoples overseas can’t even get a chance to vote in national elections

    Far less the protections of their nation state/s.

    The problems Black people face in the USA are based entirely on race.

    The system itself cannot withstand what is necessary for transformation. It must require a revolution.

    The system is impervious, resistant to change, by design.

    No amount of begging, pleas for fairness, marching, appeals to a sense of morality, and so on will continue to fail.

    Black people’s job is not to save America, built its consciousness, give it a soul, we can’t love White people into humanity.

    The real question is why do we continue with the same responses for 461 years, and counting.


  • The reason black people always seek to “engage” with their white masters is because they are hopelessly dependent on them –technologically, economically, and psychologically. This is particularly the case in the Caribbean, where our behaviour faithfully copies the cultural and intellectual fashions of western Europeans and North Americans. Monkey see, monkey do. Embarrassing in its implicit admission of inferiority. We simply cannot cut the chord and move on.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Chadx9. …black governments WANT to be dependent on whites, blacks have been the leaders in these aspects for thousands and thousands of years, from the beginning of time, from Egypt, but modern day black governments are filled with weak men and women who are comfortable being dependent, have no ambition or confidence that their own people are well capable of surviving without interference from the white system and these same black leaders are comfortable just holding titles to continue to perpetrate the myth that blacks cannot help themselves…black Caribbean leaders are lazy to the point of inertia.

    The leaders do nit even know that their people are now free of certain aspects of European control and are sutting wsiting fir another form of control to be applied a la Fruendel.

    These same black leaders would not see it is in their best to speak out against the racism practiced against other blacks in the US, England and other jurisdictions.

    The Jamaicans living in the UK in that era had to stop the vicious racism and terrorism practiced by the Teddyboys in the UK on black people…

    Caribbean leaders are nothing more than titled wimps and pimps for the white system of control, they do not stand for what is just and right, despite knowing that they are all now on their own, they do not want to offend, even if it means the coldblooded killing of black people by racists who are little more than beasts.

    They do nit even want to warn their people that for their own safety, be careful of traveling to the US…black leaders are useless to their own people. …with the exception of the Bahamas government


  • I thought jeronimo Yanez was Hispanic but I guess that is white sort of.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lawson…the dude is probably half white…ya can see he is not full blooded anything by his photo….but some of them are just svages nonetheless and actually believe themselves white…maybe it was the 40% albino side of Yanez did the shooting, the racist side…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Now the whole thing is getting mixed up, the white cop claimed the white suspect called him nigger and pointed his finger at him like a gun, so he was not sure if it was a gun, so he killed him….I am sure he told him to put down his finger…or he’ll shoot…lol

    For those who defend koller cops…please explain.

    The white suspect had arrest warrants.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    *killer cops……


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Retards like MoneyB need to read the contents of these interviews before mouthing off.

    AMY GOODMAN: Joining us now is historian Gerald Horne who’s looked at the history of the Second Amendment, from the founding of the Ku Klux Klan to the Black Panthers. He’s author of two new books, The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America, as well as the book Race to Revolution: The U.S. and Cuba during Slavery and Jim Crow. He’s Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston. We welcome you to Democracy Now!, Gerald. Can you start off by talking about this past week, from the killings of black men to the killings of the police officers in Dallas?

    GERALD HORNE: Well, we should not seen these events as terribly surprising. First of all, you have a society that, as President Obama noted, is awash in weapons. Second of all, we have unresolved issues of racism and inadequate discussion about the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow that helps to contribute to a situation where black people are perceived as criminals by the police authorities, which inevitably leads to their slaughter, as you saw in Louisiana and in Minnesota most recently.

    AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to ask you about that scene of the protesters in Dallas where you had some 20 of them carrying, oh, military rifles like AR-15’s. Yes — you know, in the anti-police brutality rally. Now, this is legal in Texas. During the Dallas attack, police circulated a photo on Twitter identifying an African-American protester carrying a weapon as a shooting suspect. The man, named Mark Hughes, turned himself into police and was released after being detained and questioned for hours. His lawyer has said he’s since received hundreds of death threats. He said later, “I can’t believe it. The crazy thing about is, with hindsight, I could easily have been shot,” he said.

    After the Dallas attack, the Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, said he supported increase gun control, saying, “there should be some way to say I shouldn’t be bringing my shotgun to a Mavericks game or to a protest because something crazy should happen. I want to come back to common sense,” the mayor said. Now, Ohio also has open carry laws. The RNC is set to begin in Cleveland next week. Talk about the history of gun control, from the Ku Klux Klan to the Black Panthers and when it was really put into effect.

    GERALD HORNE: Well, first of all, you need to understand that the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which is the calling card for the gun lobby and Washington, D.C., has everything to do with slavery. When the Second Amendment speaks of militias and speaks also of guns, they’re expressing a fear of slave revolts. The Second Amendment did not apply to enslaved Africans. The Second Amendment did not apply to the indigenous population. In fact, it could be considered a capital offense to sell weapons to the Native American population since the European settlers were seeking to take their land.

    Likewise, with regard to the Reconstruction era, post 1865, one of the single reasons that the Ku Klux Klan was organized was precisely to disarm newly freed enslaved Africans. That is to say that the Second Amendment did not necessarily apply to black people in the post-Civil War era. And in fact, their Second Amendment rights were basically eliminated. Similarly, if you fast-forward to the 1960’s, even the NRA and the gun lobby sought to push for gun reform after the specter of the Black Panther Party marching to the California legislature with arms in hand helped to outrage and inflame political sentiment, including the political sentiment of then Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan of the state of California. So, you cannot disconnect the history of the Second Amendment from the history of racism and white supremacy.

    AMY GOODMAN: Explain that scene in Sacramento. Explain exactly what went down when you have the Republican governor at the time, Ronald Reagan, taking on, really, gun control. His reaction to Black Panthers being legally allowed to have guns and they marched on the Capitol in Sacramento of California.

    GERALD HORNE: Well, as you know, the Black Panther Party, which, in Oakland, California, at least, was organized in 1966, had, as part of its mantra, as part of its principle to confront the authorities around the question of police brutality and police misconduct and police terrorism. As a result, they marched on Sacramento, California in that regard. And of course, it caused inflamed sentiments to ensue.

    AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to ask you about Philando Castile and the calls for the NRA to speak out in his case. He said — his girlfriend said he had a license to carry. He told the officer that. What about this?

    GERALD HORNE: Well, apparently, it has caused internal disruption within the National Rifle Association that the NRA has been relatively mute about the fact that Mr. Castile apparently had a permit to carry a weapon and yet he was shot by an officer of the state. One can easily imagine that if Philando Castile had not been black, if he had been white, for example, there would have been outrage expressed by the NRA. This helps to solidify the point that I’ve been making, which is that you cannot disconnect the history of the Second Amendment and lobbying for it from the history of white supremacy.

    AMY GOODMAN: Talk more about the Ku Klux Klan, historian Gerald Horne.

    GERALD HORNE: Well, the Ku Klux Klan, not only was a terrorist organization that was formed after the U.S. Civil War to deprive, in the first place, black people of the right to vote, but keep in mind, that it had a second iteration in the post World War I era about 100 years ago, and, in fact, controlled may statehouses, and, in fact, marched in the tens of thousands on Washington, D.C. It was a popular mass-based organization and I daresay that the sentiment that the Ku Klux Klan expressed about a century ago has yet to be extirpated from this society.

    AMY GOODMAN: As you look at what’s happening today, President Obama in Dallas. You teach at the University of Houston, then apparently gonna be holding a summit that’s going to — that supposedly, not clear who exactly will be included in that summit, but dealing with all of the issues here — the killing of the police and also issues of police brutality. What do you think needs to happen?

    GERALD HORNE: Well, first of all, we need to support Black Lives Matter, which is under assault right now. As you probably know, there is a petition on the White House website that’s garnered tens of thousands of signatures that calls for United State to determine that BLM is a terrorist organization. I’m sure you’re familiar with the defamatory remarks made by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani against BLM. I think that, not only does this organization needs support domestically, but it needs support internationally, because, if you look at the history of radical reform with regard to what is antiseptically referred to as race relations, oftentimes, it’s needed an external shock from the international community in order for that reform to go forward.

    AMY GOODMAN: The Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said in The Times on Monday, The New York Times, that Heller, the 2008 decision establishing an individual’s right to own guns was a very bad decision. What do you think is the best approach to gun control?

    GERALD HORNE: Well, I think that all of us would be well advised to look at the legislation that Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a few days ago, which, among other things, calls for background checks with regard to obtaining ammunition. The Second Amendment does not speak to the question of ammunition, and I think that’s a loophole that we should try to drive a truck through. We should also look in the background checks, generally. And in fact, on the California ballot in November as of now, there will be Proposition 63, sponsored by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, that attempts to go beyond the legislation that Jerry Brown authored. I think that activists in locales across the nation need to push this kind of statewide reform with regard to gun-control because, seemingly, the Republican Right-wing and Washington, D.C., will be blocking gun control in the federal and national level.

    AMY GOODMAN: Finally, those who criticize President Obama saying his refusal to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement led to the killing of the cops. Your response?

    GERALD HORNE: That’s obviously poppycock. I mean, President Obama is under a lot of criticism and a lot of pressure from the Right-wing that’s distance themself from Black Lives Matter. That would be like distancing himself from his own children. I think that he should be pressured instead to give support to Black Lives Matter because they are the hope for the future.

    AMY GOODMAN: Historian Gerald Horne, I want to thank you for being with us. Among the books, The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America.

    Filed under: Race in America, Gun Control


  • Well Well ….they believe themselves white…like your politicians?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Of course Lawson…that’s why the Caribbean politicians have been cut loose and many are still not aware…that’s what happens to wannabe whites…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    When ya think George Bush could not get anymore stupid, here he is swaying at the funeral for the cops, he had to be held by the first lady and his own wife so he dont break out into a full dance…lol

    These are the idiots they put in charge…no wonder everything is now a mess.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Now this is what you call telling off a


  • Lets do some house cleaning first Mr.Commisong and gang. Please tell your Caribbean people that when they leave their little 2×4 islands looking to set up house in the US that they are absolutely no better than Blacks in the US. For you see many a Blacks having left their leaking roof shacks with outhouse attached and some not even having pots to piss in nor windows to throw it out believe that they are better than the US blacks. Once they get around whitey they look down on US Blacks not respecting the life and death struggle these people underwent and as we see today are still undergoing.

    Has anyone ever seen leopards change their spots or has anyone gotten blood from a stone? Are you trying to get vampires to stop sucking blood? You can’t reason with these entities.

    The ‘leaders’ in the Caribbean are visionless and useless. They sit around and take orders. Definitely not a force to be reckoned with.

    Blacks all over the planet catch hell because we don’t have one unifying umbrella. There are too many of us who possess that Iscariot syndrome. We don’t have one independent Black nation that we can call up and have them come dock their Destroyers/Frigates off the coast of the US and then send in their troops to scrub the enemy. So what do we do?

    For so many years we have heard the call. With every killing the Ancestors, the Blacks Gods are calling us to draw near to them but we run to the enemy….you run to a dead church, a dead god, call on Jesus Christ not realising that the Krist is within. And now worst of all you run to them. We give all our power to the enemy and he uses it against us. How is it that you worship a god that was given to you by your enemy?

    Our problem is not the obvious enemy without. When we look in the mirror we see our problem looking right back at us. We ignore the Power within.

    Our Haitian brothers and sisters are a perfect eg….they decimated the enemy with the aid of ‘supernatural’ forces in the form of their Black Gods and Ancestors but as soon as they thought the battle was won, they ran right back into the arms of the enemy and look at their condition today. The ‘Gods’ have deserted them and now they are left up to reprobate minds in the form of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their minions. Today the Haitians in the US have turned to Christianity…what a joke! Absolutely powerless!

    In his latter days, Dr King, after pushing hard for integration and equality, came to the realisation that he was integrating his people into a burning house.

    Look at the Sudan today….the enemy has stirred up trouble again.

    Don’t look to Barack Obama. His stepdaddy Lolo Sotero has left him a nice trust fund so short of him being JFK’d he has nothing to worry about. He was not elected he was selected because of his ‘Blackmailability’ to be the Errand Boy for the Corp so he can’t do anything without consent.


    @ Well W……………Leave my ‘favourite’ pres Dubya alone. He was probably blotto while wallowing in the fact that when the shit hits the fan he will be in his bunker in Patagonia if the Russians and Chinese don’t get them first. “Too often, we judge others by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.” Words of truth from that ‘genius’ Dubya.

    We’ll all be dancing to the Battle Hymn as sung by the Inimitable ‘Immortal’ Whitney while going down in flames.


  • When the UK Brexit, many openly wanted to know what is in it for Barbados, and now that Teresa May has taken over as PM in the UK, we are hearing the same Cap-in-hand questions.
    Errol Barrow must be churning in his grave.


  • Well Well & Consequences


    Colonel….the local politicians are a disgrace. I have said on here more than once that it’s only a certain type of black present themselves as leaders of their people, those who cannot think for themselves, those who need a white person to think for them, any white person would do, and those who sit on their asses and wait for the bigger countries to create methods of control for them and generations of their people.

    The leaders still suffer with the house nigga mentality of nit knowing what to do, over 150 years post slavery and 50 years post political independence…they are useless to their own people..


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Police in the US are being trained to execute people, not protect them, if yhey did this to a white kid, imagjne what they do to black people armed or not, they are trained executioners and attack dogs.

    Everyone with intelligence sees where this is going, the NBA stars are taking a stand.

    But the semiliterate black jackasses like Ronald jackass Jones, are up in NYC trying to lick ass and pimp for votes simultaneously. …useless nuisances. The local politicians and government ministers stand for nothing, so they are nothing.


  • @ Hopi

    Nobody here, including Bushie, has ever written such a poignant piece.

    Your words show life as they jump off the screen.

    Every word is true. They represent the actions necessary by us.

    Unless White people and their systems can be crushed, utterly and completely, we will all be destroyed, eventually.

    And the few so-called progressive Whites who appear to understand, sometimes, they are so few and far between it is as if they never existed.


  • We have a report that a task force set up by BHO – on 21st Century Policing, told Obama that police violence, as can be seen at, was SYSTEMIC and gave him since 2015 what he could do, without the involvement of Congress, but the politics of the situation were not favorable for Obama.

    It would have left him in the place where JFK found himself. It shows who really run things, who’s in charge, in the USA and Obama knows that is not him.

    Change was too risky, politically for Obama.

    All this pimp could do is give speeches with soaring rhetorical ignorance and nothing more.


  • Sotomayor wrote, will have dramatic ramifications for law-abiding citizens targeted by police, especially minorities.

    “It is no secret that people of color are disproportionate victims of this type of scrutiny,” she wrote. “For generations, black and brown parents have given their children ‘the talk’ — instructing them never to run down the street; always keep your hands where they can be seen; do not even think of talking back to a stranger — all out of fear of how an officer with a gun will react to them.

    “By legitimizing the conduct that produces this double consciousness, this case tells everyone, white and black, guilty and innocent, that an officer can verify your legal status at any time,” she added. “It says that your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. It implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a carceral state, just waiting to be cataloged.”


  • With all this coverage not one medium has mentioned this dissent. We would have though it was timely.


  • @Pacha

    What is the status of the report? Are you saying it has not been acted on?


  • One Caribbean leader is accusing the United States of contributing the the rise in crime in his country , or was it the Caribbean? due to the US’s policy of deporting criminals back to the Caribbean.
    Today we read in the Barbados Nation, that a recently released double murderer, who have served 20 something years in prisons, is to be deported to his homeland, St Vincent.
    Over to you Mr Ralph Gonzales.


  • @Colonel Buggy

    Chastanet has wasted little time in mouthing the issues as he sees them. He also stated not one cent St. Lucia will be paying LIAT.



    Check out this former police chief. Norm Stamper


  • @ David

    It has not, materially, and will not be.

    Once Obama can engage in polite political talk we can call him NATO too.

    No Action Talk Only


  • One man using a truck kills 73 people. Very sad.


  • Hants July 14, 2016 at 7:53 PM #
    One man using a truck kills 73 people. Very sad.
    Which seems to support the theory that God is a Bajan, because the way our drivers drive on our narrow, and badly lit roads, and the foolishness that bicyclists and motor cyclists do on our roads 24/7 , we are lucky not to see a similar figure daily in Barbados.
    But it is very sad that people enjoying themselves, are mowed down like grass by some crazy fool.
    At least this mass murderer will not be able to while away his time in a luxury prison ,and then complain about human rights violations, like Norwegian mass murdered Anders Breivik.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Nice truck bomber identified.


  • Breaking news from Baton Rouge: three police officers/ sheriffs mowed down!


  • Thanks Exclaimer, following the story now. What a mess.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    3 more cops killed in Baton Rouge..the US is now a killing field.

    There are shootings and killings in Brooklyn and Manhattan…and surrounding boroughs every single day.

    A killing field.


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