African Liberation Education (2)

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

“The events that transpired five thousand years ago, five years ago, or five minutes ago, have determined what will happen five minutes from now, five years from now, or five thousand years from now. All history is a current event.”

-Dr. John Henrik Clarke -–

That global experience that is commonly referred to as “history” effectively divided the world into two distinct regions that can accurately be called White Heaven and Black Hell.

Throughout that history “political correctness” had not yet been invented, so White Satan went to and fro in the broad daylight without a mask, invading, raping, robbing, enslaving, and committing genocide on all continents. And so the present White World Order came into existence.

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  • donna you are so wrong your people are still doing the same things they did hundreds of years ago we have moved on … cant …do you think afghanis or syrians care about your ancient woes they are current problems ….tell your old slavery stories to the syrian christians


  • Who’s taking about ancient slavery? I’m talking about current injustices. And I do not expect you to care. I just wish you would leave us in peace. Nobody drags you here to a blog on African Liberation. Nobody wants you here on a blog called African Liberation.

    But you come.


    And I know why.


  • This is an African liberation blog I thought this was a help the island blog making light of everyday island life So you guys asking for reparations were serious


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Lawson don’t you have some snow to shovel from the sidewalk in front of your house? Are you going to wait until one of your neighbour’s falls, or the city fines you?


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