Who in the World Respects Black People?


Why pick on China?

Who in the world respects Black people?         

The English? No!                   

The French? No!                             

The Americans? No!                                         

Germans? No!

Canadians? No!                                                               

Ukrainians? No!                                                                         

Australians? No!                                                                                     

Filipinos? No!                                                                                               

Russians? No!                                                                                                       

Arabs? No!                                                                                                               

Anyone? No!                                                                                                                       

Blacks? Certainly not!!!

Quite apart from the fact that “Black” and “White” are artificial constructs based on bogus premises and stupid stereotypes (which distort our existential authenticity as much as it does theirs) the simple truth is: all we have to do is respect ourselves. REPEAT: ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS RESPECT OURSELVES! 

Respecting ourselves, truly respecting ourselves (not a stand-alone phenomenon, but one that is accompanied by self-esteem, self-belief, self-validation, self-actualization and, most importantly, self-love) is a mammoth undertaking for any people who have had a comparable history to ours. This turn of phrase is laughable for its emptiness, since no others have; not by a long shot. In short, nothing to compare! The task at hand is uniquely ours. The task at hand is two-fold. One. Demand & collect trillions of dollars in reparations from Arabia & the West for 14 centuries of material enslavement.   Two. Regain our rightful minds. This task is to effect our own rebirth and cease to be what Professor Thomas has aptly termed natally alienated and morally imbecilic. Admittedly, this is no easy task. One generation of enslavement is bad enough. Fourteen centuries of inter-generational dehumanization is deadly. But rise from the dead, we must! 

To every poison there is an antidote. Ours likely exists in our midst, hiding in plain sight. In fact our problem is not one of discovery but legitimization. Legit # 1: recognizing that we have a problem in the first place. Legit # 2: desiring its resolution. Legit # 3: actually taking the medicine. This is what we owe ourselves, our Ancestors and our children’s children. Yes, we owe it to ourselves! (What they owe us is trillions in reparations).  It is entirely likely that a handful among us have undergone this process and effected our rebirth. Speaking personally, we know of only a few; a precious few. And, at the very top of this very short list stands such luminaries as Mirambo, Nzinga, Sandy, Rodney, Azikiwe, Kaunda, L’overture, Hypatia, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Imhotep, Toure, Shaka, Diop, Nyerere, Garvey, Zumbi dos Palmares, Jomo Kenyatta,  av gbhnd, hiding in plain sight from most of our blinkered plant-African brothers and sisters, Molefe Kete Asante. Thank you Molefe and your illustrious associates for swelling our Ancestors’ chests with pride!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!So, let’s not pick on the Chinese or any other group. Let us simply respect ourselves, truly respect ourselves and be the self-validating people God intended us to be. This must be the basis upon which we relate to ourselves. And this, in turn, is the only basis upon which we should countenance transactions with  others; be they large or small, friendly or hostile, material or spiritual.

NM5. Ashe!


  • Why can we not address water scarcity as a national problem instead of addressing it as one constituency/parish at a time?

    Is this how parties build strongholds?

    I have not yet seen water scarcity in St Lucy addressed. Correct me if I am wrong.









  • There was a time when a psoriasis diseased piece of human filth called Lionel Craig from BLP said that does who don’t vote for that viper’s nest, should STARVE..

    .just substitute that word for DIE OF THIRST and you come face to face with the evil mentality emanating from DBLP VIPER’S NEST of vote begging demons…


  • THOSE who don’t vote for that viper’s nest, should STARVE.


  • ya busy Enuff trying plug the leaks…


  • I tell you imma gonna torment the coven.


  • ya ain’t got Enuff fingers to plug the leaks, how will ya ever match up against a whole coven…

    remember yall are lacking in the RESULTS department…ya play a good game complete with pretty pictures, but nothing more substantive.


  • The truth will set you free.


  • A good video.
    Unable to decide if this is a promise, a planned or ongoing project.


  • Rastafarian family may take MTW to court
    by Kareem Smith
    The ongoing dispute between the Ministry of Transport and Works and a Rastafarian family over a plot of land in the Pine Basin could well be headed to court according to the President of the African Heritage Foundation, Paul Simba Rock.
    For the second time in five years, the organisation has signalled its intention to seek legal representation for Charles Ijuijah Lashley, Kim Isartis Ibrie Jackman and their two children, against perceived injustices from the state.
    Rock told Barbados TODAY on Monday: “We are willing to go the legal route as before because you know we would have gone to court against the Ministry of Education and the Child Care Board and we are more than willing to go the legal route with them as we have done before. They have our full support and our full backing.”
    The foundation would be seeking counsel with human rights lawyer Lalu Hanuman who has worked closely with the foundation on issues affecting the Rastafarian community, he said.
    When contacted, Hanuman revealed that his services had not been formally sought, but declared that the family had a strong case under the doctrine of adverse possession, if they could prove that they had occupied the land for more than 30 years continuously.
    This would entitle the squatters to legal title and a sound claim of trespassing against the MTW, which would entitle them to damages for housing materials that have allegedly been damaged as well as the present and future value of their uprooted fruit trees.
    In the interim, Hanuman said that an injunction could be sought to prevent further work on the land until a court decision is made on the status of the property.
    “Of course if [MTW] is going to be using bulldozers and pushing down fruit trees and houses or damaging property or whatever, that is another thing,” the lawyer said. “But in the legal methodology of things, they have to apply to the court for an eviction order and I presume they can do that in the magistrate’s court if they so wish. I would also presume that if they did that, the Rastafari family would make an application in the high court for an injunction or claim adverse possession in the high court and that would stop the Magistrates’ Court’s proceedings.”
    Back in 2016, Ijuijah and Isartis Ibrie faced criminal charges for opting to homeschool their two children, instead of placing them in the traditional school system. They also faced threats from the Child Care Board of losing custody of the children as a result of the issues.
    Last week, Ijuijah revealed that the actions of another government department have been threatening his way of life. He said that after 43 years living on a strip of land in the basin, MTW officials moved in without warning, destroying thousands of dollars in housing materials and dozens of fruit trees.
    MTW has refuted the allegations, claiming that officials were merely clearing a watercourse behind its Pine, St Michael Headquarters as part of its flood mitigation programme.
    But Rock described the statement as “not so truthful”. He said in addition to seeking legal counsel, the foundation would continue informing the public of the “truth” about the situation. The African Heritage Foundation president added that he is also soliciting the services of an engineer to investigate the efficacy of MTW claims that the area is situated in a watercourse.
    Trevor Prescod and Hamilton Lashley, the current and former MPs for the St Michael East constituency who claim strong ties to the Rastafarian community, have also voiced their support for the family.
    On Monday evening, sitting MP Prescod told Barbados TODAY: “I am communicating with the relevant minister in order to have dialogue on this demolition of the matured trees and materials in the Pine, on the grounds to the north of the MTW building.
    “The Rastafarian community was there on the land for my entire political career. I give you the assurance that social justice will be upheld and this must come to an equitable solution.” (kareemsmith@barbadostoday.bb)


  • Also the story of the woman locked away in one of govt isolation centres is heart wrenching as the lady gives horrific details once again about her and the baby’s mistreatment at the centre
    Stating her mental state daily is one of depression
    What a dam shame


  • GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: All of the major construction projects has gone to Mark Maloney & Preconco Ltd.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Waste Management and garbage collection to Innotech Services Ltd.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Barbados Water Authority Relaying of mains programme return to INFRA.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Pat Parris, Director, AG Office
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Hartley Henry brother, Director of Communications GIS and son Ambassador to China.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Anthony Hayos rich and famous multi million dollar housing project at Landcaster to accomodate Sandy Lane and Royal West Mooreland. The better to Santia Bradshaw, Minister of Education.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Demolish the old National Insurance Building and the fire station at a cost of $12 million, no tender. Tax payers money gone to waste.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Ida May Denny, Director of Education Reform back from the dead.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Appointment of a Chief Agriculture Officer, not qualified for the post but transferred from Southern Meats.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: A new political propaganda news agency to replace GIS for the purpose of general elections.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: A cold blooded BLP supporter to head Barbados Agriculture Credit Trust Company. The only qualification and experience is Chairman of St.Philip South Branch of the BLP. To replace Danny Jordan.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Not a new capitial works programme started by the BLP. Housing at Lancaster-DLP, Lots at Pool St.John-DLP lots to be sold at $5 per square foot. Sam Lords Castle-DLP, Hyatt-DLP, Sandals-DLP, Beaches on the West Coast-DLP. The list can go on.
    GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME: Increase in crime and gun violence, they blame the DLP, 50,000 people unemployed they blame the DLP, Bajans suffering day by day cannot buy basic food items, light and water bills due for disconnection or disconnected and they blame the DLP. GIVE ME THE VOTE AND WATCH ME


  • The evil minded anti-black colonial Slaves, that not even their masters want anymore.

    “Back in 2016, Ijuijah and Isartis Ibrie faced criminal charges for opting to homeschool their two children, instead of placing them in the traditional school system. They also faced threats from the Child Care Board of losing custody of the children as a result of the issues.”


  • Boris Johnson is advising British travellers not to go to amber countries. Barbados is on the amber list. What is the future of our tourism industry? Is there a Plan B?



  • ac 8:28
    The fact checkers are at work, but that was a powerful and masterful contribution.

    You should repost every now and then.


  • A well written analytical article can be defined as food for thought as Barbados comes closer to an election cycle

    Read ePaper
    Home / Column / #BTColumn – Let my people go

    #BTColumn – Let my people go – by Barbados Today Traffic May 18, 2021
    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by this author are their own and do not represent the official position of the Barbados Today Inc.

    by Guy Hewitt

    Barbados has been blessed with some great leaders, a few good ones and given the law of averages, with some not so good.

    Conventional wisdom suggests and polities seem to accept that successful leaders, particularly political, must possess certain egotistical and narcissistic traits in order to survive the rigors of leadership.

    This is by no means a criticism. It is unusual for someone to consider that he or she has the capacity to run a country. Furthermore, these characteristics may be seen as necessary to withstand the onslaughts from adversaries and contend with the backstabbing of purported allies.

    It is possible that because the role is so challenging and daunting, we often look for the trait of exceptionalism in our leaders. The trade-off, as we seek leaders that are strong, wise and courageous in pursuing the nation’s interests, is that if these competencies are accompanied by an inflated ego, well so be it.

    But consider this: is it possible for a successful political leader to possess the opposite psyche? What if repeated attempts to recruit a leader were met with reasons why she or he felt they might not be the right person for the job? Could a leader lacking in ego and narcissism still command the confidence of those that he is meant to lead?

    The complexity of leadership is captured in a number of seminal books including Warren Bennis’ classic ‘On Becoming a Leader’ along with: The Art of War, The Leadership Challenge, Good to Great, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Start with Why. Bennis, a pioneer in the leadership field, dispels that “most dangerous leadership myth” that there is a ‘genetic factor’ to leadership. Instead, he asserts, “the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.”

    For Christians, Holy Scripture is a gift from God to lead us to salvation. However, the Bible can also serve as a manual for earthly living. We can learn much from biblical characters, both their successes and their mistakes. To exemplify how we could apply scripture to living, I want to use this sacred text to look at one of the greatest spiritual and political leaders in human history, Moses.

    Had Moses resume been scrutinised by human eyes, he probably wouldn’t have been recruited to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Consider it: born into an underclass, with a stutter and temper, and his main occupation was caring for his father-in-law’s sheep. Yet, he goes on to challenge the world’s most powerful ruler and lead God’s people to freedom.

    The Exodus from Egypt was only the start of Moses leadership. His role shifted from being an inspirational, revolutionary leader to leading a reluctant people during their depressing sojourn in the wilderness.

    During this period, he acted as institution builder; instructor on values and practices; mediator; and finally, succession planner.

    At the heart of all that Moses did was his recognition that leadership was not about self-glorification but serving something greater than self. Proverbs 29:18 tells us “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

    Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality but a leader’s willingness to fulfil this vision must be derived from passion and pledge, not position.

    It is for this reason that both Harriet Tubman and Grantley Adams were referred to as ‘Moses.’

    Andrew Carnegie, the American industrialist turned philanthropist and founder of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, stated, “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it.”

    Perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from Moses is that true leadership isn’t about the leader but about serving someone and something greater than one’s self.

    One of the most admirable qualities about Moses is that, unlike many modern leaders, he was not preoccupied with creating a personal legacy.

    There are inherent dangers when a leader tries to shape her or his own legacy while in office. It is akin to driving a car while looking into the rearview mirror – the most likely outcome will be a crash.

    Moses erected no monument to himself, named no institution after himself, made no provision for members of his family. Only God knows where his gravesite is.

    Moses steadfastly served his people by serving God who called him and to whom he knew he was ultimately accountable.

    What a legacy of leadership that he left for us. The Bible includes a fitting epitaph to this political and spiritual leader: “No prophet has risen in Israel like Moses whom the Lord knew face to face” (Deu. 34:10).

    May the Lord continue to be our people’s guide and bless us with the leaders that we need.

    Guy Hewitt is committed to Barbados


  • TheOGazertsMay 18, 2021 5:43 PM

    ac 8:28
    The fact checkers are at work, but that was a powerful and masterful contribution.

    You should repost every now and


    Better yet DLP can open up.their campaigning with a song taken from those words


  • Better yet DLP can open up.their campaigning with a song taken from those words




  • Should I give Wura the win or is it too early for a victory lap?
    First license to go to a local.


  • TheOGazertsMay 18, 2021 6:22
    First license to go to a local.
    A govt who so far has shownthe propensity to be PR gladiators
    It is better to wait and see taking note that a final decision is yet to be made
    Along with the insert making mention of how long it would take for the project to be operational


  • Theo…don’t hold your breath….how does the below even make sense to the jokers for lawmakers…..It will be better to set up business on the continent before these clowns get it right…just ask them who the “local” person is….hear the answer…unless they change the name real quick and insert one to fool the public

    “Under this MOU, the BMCLA will provide the UWI Cave Hill exclusively with a complimentary Research and Development licence, accompanied with Import and Export licences for materials specifically associated with the research. This is a critical component of this agreement, for as I have noted before, our research will be hamstrung unless the legislative and regulatory framework are in place to allow our researchers to legally undertake research.”

    The outgoing principal pointed out that recent research by a student at UWI had to be conducted in the UK because it was not legal to do it in Barbados.


  • Nice throw, big KNIFE…

    “Perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from Moses is that true leadership isn’t about the leader but about serving someone and something greater than one’s self.

    One of the most admirable qualities about Moses is that, unlike many modern leaders, he was not preoccupied with creating a personal legacy.

    There are inherent dangers when a leader tries to shape her or his own legacy while in office. It is akin to driving a car while looking into the rearview mirror – the most likely outcome will be a crash.”


  • Food for thought by Guy Hewitt
    In his Barbados today article


  • “The outgoing principal pointed out that recent research by a student at UWI had to be conducted in the UK because it was not legal to do it in Barbados.”

    ah hope it has sunk in, the medical marijuana was allegedly officially legalized, although it was legal on the statute books for about 30 YEARS..through a legal regime….but it was done lately PRIMARILY for RESEARCH…which is STILL ILLEGAL IN BARBADOS…

    because unless they come up with a super strain, that’s all it would be useful for on the island, but RESEARCH of marijuana is still ILLEGAL IN BARBADOS and has to be done in UK…….😂🤣😂😜😎

    not a fella can say i made that up…lol


  • Here is some good news
    But did she get an apology


  • who would want an apology from those assholes.


  • It is interesting that even lawyers and judges are becoming annoyed and are commenting on the justice system.

    A slothful system designed to render citizens into two groups (justice delayed or a speedy resolution) is now frustrating some of its officers.

    Please do no see this as an indication of the system beginning to work; but rather that it’s constipation is becoming unbearable.


  • read in the news where lawyers representing the girl ( stated). that letters were sent to Mia and was given a no response
    Which took.my mind back to the contrversial.issue of Mia sticking her nose in the issue when a business person one knowing to have her phone number made a call to her
    A call which was reported to be of a cause of which this person was upset because the police actions seemed inappropriate to his business opening and to which Mia responding with immediacy
    Who the cat likes the cat licks


  • It was always my opinion that the arrogant and insulting Englishman was one of the brighter tools in the shed.

    Clearly, he was not loved by all. Even his admirers struggled with him. However, I continue to be puzzled as
    to how a chess player can do easily sacrifice his queen.

    The Domp-ster tries (God bless his soul), but even he knows it was not a fair exchange.


  • For those who.might be confused on the above comment
    Consistency is a measuring stick to decipher truth from lies
    Fact from fiction
    It also details with efficiency that fooling people all of the time is Not a good thing and there is never ever a good time or place to do so
    Yes indeed words matter


  • If you have no respect for the lives of people then a wasted seven months or ten years becomes the norm


  • A happy Friday to all of Barbados and that includes all: Bs, Ds, neutral, in exile, throw-a-shade, patriots……

    Have a great day.


  • Wura

    Though Moses leadership must be admired and commended, he no less felt burdened by the cares of the people, until he cried out to God in Numbers. 11:11 for help, and to Numbers 11:16, God asked his cry by appointing him the Sanhedrin to help him governed the people.


  • “The prosecutor added that he believed that the situation was now at the stage that the Registrar of the Supreme Court should become involved.

    “The registrar must be able to light some fire under the learned magistrate, and I am not holding my words any longer,” Watson added.”

    i wish him real good luck with the registrar who don’t think it important or professional to ANSWER SIMPLE QUERIES…..just like some of the judges.

    Theo…not only will they be even luckier to ever find that file, but luckier still that it was not a 30 year ordeal for the man who would have served his sentence 2 or 3 times….it’s no joke the ROT at the courts, particularly the supreme court….and he is nowhere near that next ordeal, still stuck in limbo between the two.

    with all of that, each and everyone of them still tell themselves and convince who know no better that they are somehow “learned” while absolutely REFUSING to do the job that taxpayers pay them a salary for, they need to name and shame that backward magistrate.


  • As a matter of fact, there are disciplinary measures in place that’s supposed to be taken when Judges REFUSE TO HAND DOWN DECISIONS WITHIN A 6 MONTH PERIOD…not sure about the magistrates not doing their jobs…but it appears that it’s in place in words only because it looks good in black and white ON PAPER, but some judges are ignoring those protocols and NO ONE is disciplining them..

    ..so there is your answer for why the ROT is at extreme levels in the judiciary….as the magistrate is lamenting, as claimants, defendants and everyone cries out…. and as the CCJ exposes REPEATEDLY….while the Prime Ministers, AGs, GGs, CJs and all those sucking on taxpayers PRETEND they can do nothing….this has gone on for DECADES…under each and every administration and those who are supposed to put an END TO IT.


  • while the Prime Ministers, AGs, GGs, CJs and all those sucking on taxpayers PRETEND they can do nothing….this has gone on for DECADES…

    if you read the Constitution there are systems/processes/procedures in place to not only discipline the judges upon recommendation of all the above…am sure it also applies to magistrates…..but to also FIRE THEM…..so in effect, the above characters SUCKING ON TAXPAYERS…..are the ones keeping the ROT firmly in place, the electorate should ASK THE PM WHY…and then FIRE HER….if she still refuses to change the corruption and outright criminality coming from public servants who are supposed to do the people’s work, but work for and please themselves only…

    they are telling themselves that they have not been researched THOROUGHLY to PROVE who is RESPONSIBLE for what has always been happening at the judiciary…..that has now rendered it NONFUNCTIONAL..


  • Another crime committed against injured people by the frauds for lawyers some occupying the parliament…. injured people are ENTITLED TO THEIR COMPENSATIONS…and should not be ROBBED of more than half of it by a criminal claiming to be a lawyer/government minister./honorable Slave/common class THIEF…..

    big head kerry the FRAUD…..if an insurance company settles for a set amount, the client SHOULD NOT be getting LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT THE COMPANY SETTLED with the injured person for….most of the lawyers believe they should make more money off their client’s injuries than the person with the pain and suffering.

    ALL these crimes against the people are SANCTIONED and protected by those in the parliament and the judiciary….just a matter of time before yall and ya CRIMES end up on somebody’s show on the international stage for robbing injured BLACK people and stealing BLACK people’s estates….


  • Anti-black Colonial slaves::


  • Anti-black Colonial slaves:,:


  • ** However, I continue to be puzzled as
    to how a chess player can do easily sacrifice his queen.**

    Because the tyros are more status quo than “UnDerGrounD”?


  • Anti-black Colonial slaves:,:


  • Anti- black colonial slaves among us.


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