The Slave in YOUR Mentality – CHAPTER 4

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel Tafari

Chapter 4 of THE SLAVE IN YOUR MENTALITY is a continuation of the introspective journey that seeks to identify the many ways in which the X-Slave continues to carry the marks of his enslavement. In this chapter we examine an issue called “SATISFACTION WITH INFERIORITY,” showing how long slave conditioning caused inferiority to become normalized to the point that it is not even recognized as inferiority.

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  1. It is what you believe that creates your mentality, if you accept this programming, you will be lost to your true identity and as a people, a race and a civilization.

    Inherently, the Slave Trade and the Slave code conceived by these Europeans did capitalized on the exploitation of Africans making Barbados the first Slave Society and by extension built the North American Society on the said slave code LONG AFTER. Much damage has been done to the psyche of the descendants of our fore parents.

    How can the damage be rectified?
    By the changing of the “European name” ? Names are just labels to identify forms.

    True, it (the slave experience) resulted in some forms of inferiority complexes as well as economic destitution at the whims of servitude. Be that as it may, the onus for any revival of character, formidable worth, lost self esteem and degeneration lies in acceptance of the experience, forgiveness of the perpetrators, (clearing all mental blockages that prevent advancement) and by resisting and refuting the bombardment of subliminal suggestions (enslaving negative thought forms) designed to keep the mental experiment and experience alive
    Reinforce upon yourselves that you are not your ancestors, you are their offspring, BUT ALSO an individuality of a soul incarnate existing on a different timeline without shackles.

    What’s left is to deal with the economic disenfranchisement which today is being engage by those who control economic wealth.

    How can economic wealth be grasped?
    Education? Take a serious look at it and you will see that its being imploded here and around the world….why? and does it guarantee economic stability or growth? How many of sound educational background fear in todays society, highly paid but living from paycheck to paycheck.
    Look around and see how many are they of economic wealth that has no serious educational backgrounds yet the world is a stage to them and the sky the limit?

    The onus then, if by education, most relay on it to gain meaningful employment (being subservient to employer and business) is this not the another form of slavery subtly cloaked and exploited via “sound education and corporate placement?

    The empowering of education must be fringe on the precept of CREATING BUSINESSES, create YOUR OWN JOB, (start business with what you do best… a hobby) that’s where the tables begin to turn, yes, as a people, one can boycott the enslavers or by governance (ruling majority) create a just balance in economic activity, BUT the one who controls his economic destiny is the one without shackles and has gain real liberation.

    Wait not on reparations.

    LET PROPAGANDA BE PROPAGANDA and dismiss it for what it is.


  2. “designed to keep the mental experiment and experience alive”

    You have your own answer right there, keep reparations on the table and in european’s faces for another 5,000 years until forever, they will never want to take responsibility for their evil actions against the black race, will always have lies and excuses ready made to offer, the vile David Cameron is the latest example, but they will never stop working on keeping Black people…particularly the weakest Black minds in the Caribbean, if not physically, definitely mentally enslaved….we have seen the intent right here on BU.

    Why do you think the South African government and Opposition are working diligently to kick them all out of the country…..and Africa has to think of a movement to kick them off the continent…..for good this time, never let them back at any time…firever banned from the African continent.

    ,……their demonic evil actions run way deeper than anyone thinks and they will never change their savage intents against Black people.

    Caribbean people have to keep the reparations movement alive…at all times….or you are doomed.

    Its root is embedded in the Colonial Legislature of ENGLAND.
    We have a representative of that domain in BARBADOS known as the GOVERNOR GENERAL.

    For all intent and purposes, should not the Governor General (as representative)move to have the SLAVE CODE LAW (in England) be stricken and removed from the Books of Legislature, pardons and reparations made to (at least this country Barbados) making her the legal LIBERATOR of the remnants of that agenda? What an admirable legacy that would be for her.

    Look at the slave trade as a learning experience. These experiences are registered in the quantum field of the DNA structures and are passed on genetically to their offspring, which will appear that descendants of those who suffered display traits of inferiority. By targeting your thoughts directly at the quantum field of the DNA, CHANGES the “code” that passes this information (experiences) to their offspring.

    Africa is poised to exponentially grow in the coming decades, being the first to receive specific technologies to enhance their way of life, will discover new and rare mineral resources for advancement of technology, become the world provider of food exports from converting much idle lands into productivity and will become the role model of good governance while employing sound economic structures that coalesce all other domains including infrastructure and becomes the hub and ambassadors of space exploits.

    Though other countries lay way to undermine African States in quest to subtly plunder their wealth (including the Chinese and French), this practice will be curtailed.
    Did not the heir to the British throne jester making a “foot print” in Africa, while many heads of states met for Nelson Mandela (much delayed) funeral…. ask yourself why. Note that hints were made in the movie “2012” when after all the catastrophes and chaos subsided, the survivors headed to Africa.

    NOW is the time to put the slave thing and its perpetrators behind us (justice will be served).

    MENTALLY BUILD AFRICA and all its people as we renew ourselves.

  4. ” no white man existed on planet earth before 1664″.

    The Antimiscegenation Law (a breach of Constitutional Rights) created (first mention) THE WHITE MAN on a “legal” document, yet the plantrocracy, as well as their elite rulers (European white men of old) establish the Slave code (1661).

    BACONS REBELLION (lasted 1 year in the USA).

    Today we see Social Partnerships to sway meaningful united workers unions.
    The DIVIDE AND CONQUOR.. modern day labor force economics of scale (minimum wage farce).
    Pursuit of GUN Confiscation / CONTROL…Law of Coverature (in the USA then, denied blacks the right to protect self, family and property)
    WHITES not subject to law created Supremacists while Naturalization Law was totally racist. and Immigration Laws substantiate supremacy.

    Laws of Supremacy need be abolished everywhere..

  5. For all intent and purposes, should not the Governor General (as representative)move to have the SLAVE CODE LAW (in England) be stricken and removed from the Books of Legislature, pardons and reparations made to (at least this country Barbados) making her the legal LIBERATOR of the remnants of that agenda? What an admirable legacy that would be for her.

    have you seen any of these titled pimps and messengers for buckingham palace sitting as GG since 1966, expressed any desire outside of their pompous, fraudulent, preening, proud, arrogant self aggrandizement….to dismantle the very structures and institutions of the slave codes, racism and remnants of slavery still existing on the island…well have you, i have not.

    they all believe they have been granted an elevation in life with special treatment from god….which the definition is and which none of them know is the ACRONYM for Government Ordinance Department…. a Corporation created for slave ownership.

    hence the need for house negro GGs who ….worked hard ….for elevation.

    they cannot liberate one island and have them liberate the others…all were enslaved at the same time, all should be given reparations at the same time, no need to continue breeding more arrogance and feelings of being superior to other islanders because of some fantasy of being the best and special slaves of UK slave masters…that is mental illness.

  6. …”have you seen any of these titled ()….to dismantle the very structures and institutions of the slave codes, racism and remnants of slavery still existing on the island…well have you, i have not.”…


    NO, I have not (as yet) seen or heard of any attempt to address “BRITAIN SLAVE LEGISLATION” at source/origin and maybe no one has attempted to from THIS ANGLE…

    A formal petition via the correct channels may prove worthwhile, as GG of Barbados, Her Excellency will be given an ear and opportunity to advance good reasons (sovereignty) to revoke all legislation pertaining slavery in all affected jurisdictions of the British commonwealth.

    As a new comer to Office of the GG, please allow Her Excellency room and occasion to perform in the interest of her NATIVE country and by extension other affected jurisdictions of the British Commonwealth.

    The entity that can and must facilitate recompense from slave trade is the UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION …controller of all global money and governments … headquartered in Bern, SWITZERLAND.

    All communications toward this cause MUST BE SIMULTANEOUSLY BE ADDRESS TO ALL ENTITIES AT THE SAME TIME inclusive of The UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION and copied to the British Monarchy, the British Legislature as well as notification to all affected territories of slavery BY THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH using the codes of MARITIME LAW and Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar….


  7. Nine,…you are assuming the new GG is interested in all of that…just like you, I hope she is, you are also assuming she has your level of knowledge on how to start that process…

    ……in the spirit of knowledge sharing, I suggest you write her a letter with the above information and see if she is in tune with those conscious enough to share this knowledge.

  8. WW…

    Her Excellency the Governor General is well informed at least by protocol… your suggestion is note worthy and will be acted upon, …. will also forward copies to all GG or like representatives of the British Commonwealth in those territories which engage in the exploits of slavery, and similarly those bodies and individuals who are making an effort in addressing the subject matter.

    You assistance in identifying those Territories, bodies and individuals will be appreciated.

    Solidarity engages action.

  9. Nine,..great, nothing like real action to jump start change.

    It’s easy enough to identify the islands still tied into the buckingham palace commonwealth trap and those that are still deemed overseas terroritories.

    The following former British Caribbean island colonies achieved independence in their own right; Jamaica (1962), Trinidad & Tobago (1962), Barbados (1966), Bahamas (1973), Grenada (1974), Dominica (1978), St. Lucia (1979), St. Vincent (1979), Antigua & Barbuda (1981), St. Kitts & Nevis (1983).

    British overseas terroritories still considered owned by UK

    Bermuda (sometimes not considered Caribbean, due to its geographic location in the North Atlantic Ocean)
    British Virgin Islands.
    Cayman Islands.
    Turks and Caicos Islands.

    All the others would either be American terroritories or still under French or Spanish contracts.

  10. Nine……you have enough information right there to get you started, I dont do long projects anymore, it’s not in my best interest, but am available to share ideas and advice.

  11. WW….

    Thank you for your speedy response…

    Awaiting an article submitted here to BU for posting… to promote an awareness ,,,,to ensue debate, ideas and further advice and direction.

  12. You are welcome, thanks for the information sharing, knowledgeable is power.

  13. WW
    Thank you for your speedy response…
    have submitted an article here to BU …awaiting IT TO BE POSTED…to promote an awareness, ensue debate, gather ideas for further advice and direction

  14. WW… thank you for your speedy response.. have submitted an article here to BU to bring an awareness and foster a collective understanding to the way forward..


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