The Slave in YOUR Mentality (Chapter III)

Submitted Ras Jahaziel

Decolonizing the African mind has become the most urgent task that now needs to be done if there is to be any meaningful reparations. What will it take to accomplish this most sacred mission? It means curing the broken slave of TRUTH ALLERGIES.

167 thoughts on “The Slave in YOUR Mentality (Chapter III)

  1. Chuckle…..the more the monkey the more it show it tail…….the topsy is doing an excellent job of showing its tail.I.e. dementia…….and I have had some years experience.

  2. Yeah, yeah…., but ya pelau parlor trick is now a bust in Bim….ya will have to take that circus on the road to somewhere else….maybe to the Azores, see how well that works out for you.

    The ministers and politicians can’t even lie to bajans anymore…they are being grilled by the people.

    …..ya fantasy went up in

  3. I agree there is something mentally about strange keeping messages since 2014, I dont even keep cars that old. Hal you made the mistake of putting your picture up, I bet WW has blown it up and has it over her bed.

  4. Hal’s 9.11 post said, inter alia…
    “No sensible person would believe that an employee of a globally know firm would take an anonymous person with a score to settle in to their confidence without ever meeting them. That would be commercial suicide.”
    LOL.. true..!!!
    Bushie would tend to believe Hal ….were it NOT for that incident where his handed wife’s money to a complete stranger ….in that time-sharing scam back in Barbados….

    Goes to judgement…..

    Now who to believe…..??!!
    …enie meenie minie moo…

    ha ha ha

    Dribbles is a REAL gallows-bait though…..
    ha ha ha

  5. Lawson….am sure ya got underwear older than me…….I am not the one keeping the messages….but it is a damn good thing they were stored, since Hal got the nerve to lie about it….just recently he was threatening me with my name and email….which means his are also stored…now he got them both in the open as he wanted….ask him if he still wants them..

    “Unmask the anonymous, unmask the anonymice”

    I want him to post the emails I sent him…..let’s see if he got spine.

    ……let him unmask that.

  6. Ah want Ha Ha Austin to get his sidekick Carl Moore to come help him now.

    “Unmask the anonymice, unmask the anonymice.”


  7. I am the one supposed to be “demented”…..but Ha, Ha is the one forgot he sent me the letter to Lloyds of London…..

    ….ah could not make that up if I tried…and I got one hell of an imagination AND memory..

  8. @Lawson,
    All company details are on the internet, available to 7bn people. Staff details are not secret. This is what this fraudster is using, a combination of BU and publicly available details. Publish the original email.

  9. UK claims it is getting rid of white racism and discrimination against Blacks and others seen as minorities in white majority UK.

    The practice of racism and discrimination by minority whites, indians etc should be not be allowed against the majority Black population in Barbados or any other majority Black population in the Caribbean….Black governments in the Caribbean should be imprisoned for allowing minorities to practice racism and discrimination against their own people.

    Theresa May vows to tackle racism after report reveals shocking extent of discrimination in UK

    PM commissioned review into how race affects life chances of people living in Britain shortly after entering Downing Street

    Lizzy Buchan Political Correspondent Monday 9 October 2017 22:49 BST62 comments

    The PM said race should not be a barrier to people achieving their goals

    Theresa May will admit Britain has a long way to go to achieve racial equality after a major review laid bare significant divisions in the way black and ethnic minority people are treated.

    The Prime Minister will also warn business leaders, government, police and other institutions that they have “nowhere to hide” and must ensure that race is never a barrier to people achieving their goals.

    The data, published on Tuesday, will offer an unprecedented insight into how people from different backgrounds face a postcode lottery of outcomes, as the unemployment rate for ethnic minorities is nearly double that of white British adults, with a larger gap in the North of 13.6 per cent, compared to 9 per cent in the South.”


    Yeah, yeah Ha, Ha…keep it up…

    Hal Austin
    To Daniela Gomez
    Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:39 AM


    I am on to it

    Hal Austin
    To Daniela Gomez
    Sunday, April 6, 2014 5:53 AM

    I have put a request in to Lloyds but they have not come back to me as yet.

  10. David

    I like you,am very partial to highlighting stories on Africa past and present and have discussions on the many known happenings,cultures,tribes,kings,empires,migration all over the world during different periods by different tribes,etc,etc

    I find it it very interesting that with such knowledgeable contributions from ra1,no one is interested in adding to the wealth of knowledge that exists on how tribes seek dominance over each other by whatever means be it height,size,skintone,location,perceived education/wealth or any physical difference.

    This is a post going to waste as no real connection has been made to the headline…..Mental Slavery…..what it means and a tie into the old art of tribal dominance.

    We note with interest that the foremost exponents of “blackness” are on this site making jokes and picking fights……is this an attempt to sidetrack the post from serious discussions in order to continue the vapid arguments based on skintone and albino-centricity.

  11. Ya own brainwashed, ignorant, house negro slave mentality got ya exposed. …Ha, Ha.


    Whites in the UK did not have to work hard on black men like you at all…..ya did not have the balls to stop them, just like the nuisance blacks in Barbados’ parliament…..dont have the balls to stop a few dirty minorities on the island.

    The whites are working on stopping the racism and discrimination on their own in UK…because it is no longer working for them….just like the original slave trade, they will introduce some other form of your mental enslavement and ya wont see it coming either…..pendejo.

  12. Wait…, ya sucking up to the blogmaster because things are not going your way….cuddear.

    And I just posted about the slave in ya mentality too….

    The tide has shifted and cannot be stopped Vincent….you will not keep the information from Black Bajans…, watch me.

  13. I don’t take kindly to bullying..and am telling you now Vincent, you better pray your name is not one of the known demons on the island who practice racism and discrimination against the majority population, because I posted a list of the known names to another blog…I will never post ya moniker….but if ya name is on that list as a racist discriminating against Blacks on the island. will end up before the UN and other places. …those are crimes.

    No one is stopping you from posting about Africa or pyramids or whatever ya trying to use to cover up ya real intent…do not try to stop me from defending myself….how dare you.

  14. @ Vincent

    Interesting paste for those who did not think these things through before.

    It takes two hands to clap. Remove your hand. This fixation on colour and ?race? is tiresome. It is distracting to the discourse on improving the welfare of all Barbadians.
    I am of the opinion that it has been introduced to divert our attention from the tasks at hand. Not everyone that shouts “Lord! Lord! ” is worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. I hope you get my drift.
    This tribalism has to be snipped in the bud.

  15. Haha has to be careful of his friends. They are here urging ‘cut n paste’ to expose his butt.

    Boy, get some sense. Don’t you have the sense to see they fled the battlefield whilst offering you up as a sacrificial lamb.

    You idjit., keep your eye on your friends.

    Just like them, I am here waiting on the ‘sex tapes”.

    The woman is too much for you to handle.

  16. The woman is too much for you to handle.
    Gazer … a little local shiite scam-artist was too much for Hal to handle…
    What chance has he against a genuine witch … WITH a working broom-mobile?

    He minding Carl Moore …
    Notice that Carl mek he-self REAL scarce since of late…
    The lotta BU licks had him walking with a limp…

    In Hal’s case, the licks from Well Well got him typing with a stutter…
    ha ha ha

  17. Gentlemen – David hosts on here a deeply disturbed lunatic. Why he gives him space, the Lord only knows, since it might as well be named the Well Well Is Very Unwell in Jenkins blog. As a mother (probably WW’s) once remarked as her moronic offspring passed in a parade – “Oh look, my little WW is the only one marching in time”.
    One third by number, far more by verbiage of this entire thread is made up of the demented ramblings of a deluded, mentally deranged madman, in serious need of professional help.

  18. So wait….I left the space for other endeavors since around 5pm yesterday and Vincent still has not posted on African King and Queens, Princesses and Princes and the continent of Africa….an old ass relic like you should know that tricks are for kids….am a grown woman…know your place, I dont let little boys like you and Hal pretending to be grown men bully me.

    45fraudster…it’s not my blog and I can’t tell ya what to post, but dont you have anything at all that’s more useful in ya head to share, besides me. …why the obsession, it will not change a thing I will post….despite all the allies Vincent is trying to find… makes no difference to me, I am something you have to live with, like a birthmark. …it could be worse, ya could be married to me then ya would know what for and really have something to moan and complain about…grow up.

    Gazer…Ha, Ha allowed his BU friends to egg him on with his lies and set him up because they wanted to see the drama…one Vincent, Pedant and Lawson…3 blind mice.

  19. It’s now up to the bajan and Caribbean majority population to make sure all pockets of sinister, insidious, overt and covert racism and discrimination against themselves, their offsprings and future generations are highlighted, the practice and practitioners named and exposed across the Caribbean and the world at large and systematically dismantled, chased out of the society…….

    …..there is a reason why internet and numerous social media forums are available in these times, they should be used to wipe these blights and their practitioners out of the society….out of the region.

    That is the beginning of the clean up, then comes the rebuilding free of old world disgusting practices, brainwash and behaviors.

    There is a reason why there are 30 Articles of Human Rights laws, which have to be observed…amd once violated there are avenues to pursue recourse under UN conventions…expose and imprision these racist beasts and the black governments who enable and condone these evil, criminal practices.

    Bernard Codrington….like Vincent, you are obviously part of the problem, you want change, but dont want to eradicate all of the root causes, you want change, but in ya minds, things should remain the same….that is not change that is stupidity.

    Now sit back and watch real change, you 2 useless people.

  20. Bushman….

    3 Blind Mice
    See how they run
    They all ran after the farmer’s wife
    Who cut off their tails with her carving knife
    Have you ever seen such a thing in ya life
    As 3 Blind Mice


  21. 45govt November 21, 2017 at 3:41 AM #

    We can only presume that David has a reason for the demented soul and its sidekicks to hijack this platform which could have been used to discuss the myth of mental slavery vis a vis propaganda warfare between tribes and the recurring theme of reparations who most acknowledge that its time has long past.

    We applaud ra1 for his postings on the propaganda warfare,the origin of colour and showing that today only one race exists.

    Bernards point of why now the resurgence of the fixation on colour and race and I will add the omission of the class structure is interesting to say the least at this time of our country’s perilous state.

    In the absence of any meaning full points worthy of discussion on here I will take leave of it in order that the amorphous blob can no longer be given food/oxygen.

    • @Vincent

      You are reminded:

      Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

      As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.

  22. Just remember, no one is chasing you, we are just cleaning up what you and your ilk think you can continue covertly……..saying one thing and atrociously practicing something else…..and have no one notice and believe no one knows.

    Yall need decent lives and to start acting like real human beings, in tune with, equal too and RESPECTFUL of ALL humans.

    And stop believing ya can bully women, ya house negro may decide to go with ya, no one is chasing him either.

  23. David

    Chuckle…..a good reminder

    Which is why I will follow its advise……Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit…….hahahaha

  24. Now back to the slave in your mentality….how do you reverse generational mindwash, where people were made to believe that LIES are TRUTH…..and TRUTH are LIES…for CENTURIES

    very prevalent in the Caribbean, more so because of decades of lack of information. ….post independence…

    ….. that is the trick…..removing lies and replacing it with acceptance of the truth….that is the hardest part right there, getting the generationally brainwashed to ACCEPT truth and ..understand that with that acceptance. …comes CLARITY.

  25. WW I have re-read a lot of what you have written on this thread and your postings are all starting to make sense to me, you seem to be the only one that may have the knowledge to answer this question for me ….how much is a baggy of crack. LOL

  26. Lol…Lawson…the same price ya paid yesterday.

    ra1…I keep telling them Reparations come in many forms, they keep telling me am crazy, they will soon become extinct, maybe even before the Japanese. ….who are too busy with the rat race to have babies, they have live sperm, they just dont have the time to have sex…

    European sperm is DYING…..hear that Lawson…

    Big difference. .lol

  27. Ya right european sperm is dying and you are correct we like the japanese work too hard to have babies ,we have that stupid notion that we look after our own and not figure that society should feed them and bring them up. even american blacks see this fathers day in Harlem fiasco a problem. European sperm has become very rare that is why you cant get any of it,

  28. ra1

    Excellent point shown again on the sperm count issue.

    …tribes come and tribes go.

    …the present life span of the Northern European tribes are coming to its logical end.

    …new tribes will emerge one of which will be the Pelaus of the Caribbean.

    The conmingling of the tribes over millenia will continue,such is the evolutionary cycle of homo sapiens and this is the understanding for us on here to be aware of and spend our time with constructive endeavours for this new Pelau tribe as opposed to the ignorance of reparations starting with our UWI identifying from our past history and our present geography elements that will create for us a great sustainable future.

  29. @ Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service November 20, 2017 at 12:04 PM

    “Ha, Ha……be thankful I am only posting your replies to me and not the information I sent you or they will hunt you down…..if you have balls…post the information I sent you so everyone can see it dovetails with your replys…I dare you…
    On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 3:45 AM, Hal Austin wrote:
    “Thanks. The banks will not be covered by Lloyds, but the insurance companies will be covered by what is called a syndicate. Lloyds is a market, a group of syndicates who pool big payments.
    All this is information that you should be able to get from the incompetent insurance regulator, the Financial Services Commission.
    I have said on a number of occasions on BU that insurance companies in Barbados are, to my mind, organised gangsters and they get away with it because the civil servants do not know anything about insurance and the politicians are buffoons.”

    Ms “Cut & Paste at your Service”, it seems you have your man Ha, Ha on the run with that bleeding upper cut to his lying mouth.

    Any ‘competent’ graphologist of the electronic kind could easily read between those lines and smell that dirty lying rat called Hal hiding among the anomymice.

    That is how he writes in describing the regulatory authorities and politicians in Barbados.

    That is clearly the man’s haughtily acerbic style of writing demonstrating he is completely competent in fakery and fraud.

  30. Lawson

    No entity or thing lasts for ever,so it is with the tribes of homo sapiens……one race many tribes…..the example of the origins of the melanin deficient group due to a rogue gene is a perfect example.

    Darwins knowledge was limited,based on what was available at that time hence his conclusions were not complete.

  31. An interesting insight…..

    Imperial History and the Global Politics of Exclusion
    Britain, 1880-1940

    Presents a new and compelling interpretation of the the intellectual worlds and motives at the heart of the late British empire
    Demonstrates precisely how racism served as the bulwark for imperial rule, as well as its undoing
    Offers a new way of thinking about the relationship between ideas and action in British, Imperial, Anglo-American, and international history

  32. Builders at highest risk of skin cancer death with one struck down by the disease every two weeks, study says

    Long hours labouring in sun means brickies account for half of all outdoor workers killed by melanoma


    SKIN cancer from toiling in the sun kills builders at the rate of one a fortnight, a study reveals.

    Almost half of outdoor workers who die from melanoma are brickies and other construction workers.

    The second most dangerous job — accounting for a quarter of such deaths — is working on a farm. One in ten who die are on the state payroll, including police and soldiers.

    The grim toll is laid bare in research by Imperial College London amid a huge rise in skin cancer among Brits….

    More than 2,000 Brits a year die from melanoma

    Mother Nature (Sun) appears to be killing/ wiping out British people (REPARATIONS OFFEENDERS) .
    Could this be a prophecy in fulfillment ? I await for the religious scholars to enlighten us.

  33. Another interesting book… all books never accept it as gospel but do your own research….

    Empires in World History departs from conventional European and … and peoples united by force and ambition–have dominated the political landscape for more than two millennia. … For Burbank and Cooper, imperial history is world history.

  34. In Hal’s case, the licks from Well Well got him typing with a stutter…

    @Bush Tea,

    It does not surprise me that you have gone for fiction. As I have urged the resident liar, I hereby give permission to publish the original emails from me, not the fabricated ones.

  35. Ha, Ha….ya back lying again, you do know you have a style of writing that is recognizable, wont want to fabricate or copy it, but ya can’t hide it..

    ….neither you nor Vincent can stay away, yall are like addicts, good thing ya never met me, I would have to peel both of you off my skin…lol

    Miller….he is lucky I am not mischevous, just wanted him to man up.

  36. With all the fancy words Vincent is trying to fool the public with…the reality is, if europeams dont go back to BLACK….reabsorb themselves into the Black race from whence they came, they will die out, become extinct, the recessive gene can only hold up but for so long..that is their beginning and their end, the Black tribe……all that other crap he is talking, is nonsense.

  37. “More than 2,000 Brits a year die from melanoma.”

    It’s even worse in US….and a horrific downside to having a recessive gene and being melanin deficient, there are many other downsides that causes death in those who emerged from the Caucus mountains…

    “One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 54 minutes). An estimated 87,110 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017. An estimated 9,730 people will die of melanoma in 2017. Melanoma accounts for less than one percent of skin cancer cases, but the vast majority of skin cancer deaths.”

    “Melanoma is Australia’s national cancer
    Australia and New Zealand have the highest melanoma rates in the world with Queensland incidence rate of 71 cases per 100,000 people (for the years 2009-2013), vastly exceeding rates in all other jurisdictions nationally and internationally.
    More than 12,700 cases of melanoma were reported in 2013 in Australia.
    48,937 are living with melanoma (at the end of 2010).
    Melanoma rates doubled in the 20 years from 1986–2006 and are still on the rise.
    In Australia, 1 in 14 men and 1 in 24 women will be diagnosed with melanoma sometime in their life”.

  38. Ha, Ha .I hereby give you permission to post to BU….ALL the emails from me, I still got a whole page of yours left….lol

  39. Ya might end up dying from Malaria, that’s her Facebook name…lol

  40. Ha, Ha….ya back lying again, you do know you have a style of writing that is recognizable, wont want to fabricate or copy it, but ya can’t hide it..

    My style has been on BU for a number of years, even a duff fraudster can imitate it, along with cutting and pasting my former work email address. That is what fraudsters do, while implying that there is something dark being held back.
    That is the nature of the internet. Only those who cannot think for themselves will celebrate such nonsensical pretence that me and this anonymous person had a long correspondence.
    This quote tells you everything about the selective nature of the fraud:

    “Lawson…..since ya have been so good, I am also back on the device where the info is easier for me to access and Ha, Ha Austin has run out of lies, I will post his first reply to me after he posted his email to BU…

    I have asked for the entire correspondence to be published. Still waiting.

  41. Hall

    Why do you insist on feeding the demented one?

    No one with sense believes it and those without do not matter….you have nothing further to prove.

  42. @Vincent,
    I know the idiot is a fraud, but one or two equally silly people tend to believe her. I won’t say why I know the so-called emails are fabrications – cut and paste and a lively imagination – but why should someone out of the blue email me, giving her/his its name as Daniela Gomez, from Barbados, which has proved to be a lie.
    Does that person believe that any journalist would just listen to a total stranger and publish what he or she has ben told.
    You are right about her/him/it being an agent, someone sowing mischief. Luckily, I have broad shoulders. S/he it will eventually move on to some other victim.
    I am not a drinker, so toying with the fool is a nice break from reading and watching television. I am not a volunteer worker.

  43. If it was not true Ha, Ha, would go away, but he cant, because he knows it’s true….post my emails, ya got them, post them. This is all you will get for the day, ya like torturing yaself….I believe 2 is enough torture for you today, ya had a load yesterday.

    …..I wont even fix the errors in ya emails…I left them to haunt you.

    Vincent….dont you have anything better to do, Ha, Ha is a grown man.


    “Hal Austin
    To Daniela Gomez
    Tuesday, September 1, 2015 6:36 AM


    How are you? I am still here. I have not done anything for trhe website for sometime. As you point out, if this is what CGI is doing, then it is a conflict of interest. But as I have said on a number of occasions, insurance companies are the biggest gangsters in Barbados. What you say is just a further example of what they do. They are not properly regulated. The politicians and regulators are scared of them. If they are operating without re-insurance then that is frightening.
    Plsae stay in touch.


  44. While the emails and praises of thanks from you to me is pretty mild and just confirms what my emails to you alluded to… emails to you on the other hand are some damn explosive stuff Ha, Ha, good stuff as you said your emails……..and as you well know……

    ……..and you got all that information in ya head, while I have posted most of the information BU over time… will have to be the one to expose it this time….so get on it.

    Show some spine.

  45. But knowing Ha, Ha…..he is probably very pleased with himself he is getting this much attention….I am now his drug of choice…and he really does appear to be a big time journalist, very busy in london…lol

    “I am still pursuing it.”


    He is a big up journalist, dont know why Vincent wants to take that away from him and kill his joy….he is the one would have to endanger himself because I won’t.

  46. Vincent…..ya too excited, after egging Hal on yesterday…today ya want to rein him in.

    Make up ya mind…

  47. So……I told you that was my real name didn’t I, so what will that get you besides more exposed emails…that you sent me,….

    ……am sure you loved the sound of that name or ya would have lost interest right away if it was a name like Angela Yardfowl….and wont want to pretend ya working so hard.

    Now…when would you and Carl Moore like to meet with me..

  48. Hal

    What I find interesting is how this individual has scared off contributors on this worthwhile topic…… and no such creature exists other than in the imagination of the nut case.

  49. Vincent…, because of you and Ha Ha….ya got a big audience watching this unfold, stop lying, what scared off what…just because it is taking away from you posting misinformation to mislead the blog, ya vex ..

    ……ya have all night to post ya rubbish….I have all tomorrow to debunk it,

  50. Stop trying to change the damn subject…

    ……..for 2 years Hal and Carl Moore tormented the Blog Master relentlessly to “unmask the anonymice”…..

    ……I want to know if Hal and Carl Moore are finally ready to meet the unmasked…that is what I want to know.

  51. Again…..Vincent had the blog to himself for the whole night…and despite bitterly complaining about me, he refused to reengage the blog topic, although he was on other threads commenting last night.

    Hal and Vincent…..rats of a feather…..that description will be explained in time.

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