India and Niger former colonies ‘flexing’

India landed a successful moon expedition that has sparked racist commentary from England and Niger is standing up to France – in both cases, former colonies standing up to former colonial masters.

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  1. Plant the seed and nurture it so it can grow into a beautiful flower.
    Reefer Madness: The Racist Origins of Marijuana Prohibition
    Government propaganda in the war on the holy plant stated mary jane made blacks and hispanics feel they were equal to whites and white women want to sleep with coloureds, which is fucked up.
    From Bob Marley to his Son Damian shit has changed in the liberation of the herb and rights of the people of colour, although older generation of lilly whites are still full on racist faces in racist places as per the yankee doodle dandy trumpers.
    Barbados is still screwing up their decriminalisation legalisation program for the seed and weed as they are greedy for tax which is an ill conceived wrong motive.

  2. India consider themselves to be Aryan/white. India can fight their own battles. They hate Black people and they are known for killing Black people. They’ve even relegated Blacks to cleaning up the filth in India calling it their karma. Africa should kick all of them out of that continent. They love the British. They even have Trudeau’s boyfriend, Richie, pretending to be the PM. Bunch of hoes.

    The most ‘democratic’ place on this planet today is Sahel. If the head of the shyte system is bad cut it off. Next in line to be ‘couped’ is Cote d’Ivore.

  3. Kiki…i noticed this last night….even wondered how they could possibly classify marijuana at the same level of cocaine, heroin, opium or even opiods…totally different medicinal value and potency…that was a complete travesty..

    “US Officials look to move marijuana to lower- risk drug category

    (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) has recommended easing restrictions on marijuana, a department spokesperson said on Wednesday, following a review request from the Biden Administration last year.

    Nearly 40 states have legalized marijuana use in some form, but it remains completely illegal in some states and at the federal level. Reclassifying marijuana as less harmful than drugs like heroin would be a first step toward wider legalization, a move backed by a majority of Americans.”

  4. Regardless of how you view India and Indians, the video with the young lady from India is both instructive and informative.

    She begins with a cartoon (NY Times) with some white faces (Elite Space Nations) in a fancy restaurant dressed in a suit and tie and knocking at the door to gain admission is an Indian with a cow.
    This shows how stereotypes are projected and maintained under the guise of humor. India has demonstrated its technological superiority to many Western nations, especially those in Europe, but this humorist would like to continue the old trope of a barefoot Indian pulling a cow. She gives more examples of the racist thinking of the West and their propagation of mistruths.

    The video ends with “We do not need validation from the West Or cartoons from their press, but we must set the record straight. We need to take control of our stories; else we be held hostage to narratives created by others and we’ll be trapped in their version of our truth.

    • Not sure why every issue brought to the table we have to frame it as adversarial. There are common issues and we can learn from all groups to borrow best approaches.

  5. Regardless of how you view India and Indians, the video with the young lady from India is both instructive and informative.

    She begins with a cartoon (NY Times) with some white faces (Elite Space Nations) in a fancy restaurant dressed in a suit and tie and knocking at the door to gain admission is a barefoot Indian with a cow in tow.

    This shows how stereotypes are projected and maintained under the guise of humor. India has demonstrated its technological superiority to many Western nations, especially those in Europe, but this humorist would like to continue the old trope of a barefoot Indians pulling their cows. She gives more examples of the racist thinking of the West and their propagation of mistruths.

    The video ends with “We do not need validation from the West Or cartoons from their press, but we must set the record straight. We need to take control of our stories; else we be held hostage to narratives created by others and we’ll be trapped in their version of our truth.

  6. There’s nothing “former” about French colonialism.

    Certainly, Niger is only a single data point in the nine coups occurring in the region over 3 years.

    Something much more fundamental is happening. But it would be missed by eurocentrics.

    Only if one is still fooled by the rearrangements of the chessboard of the 60s, 70s, maybe 50s toooo, would that point of departure is engaged.

    For the last 2000 years Asian countries were at the centre of the sciences, trade, etc for about 1700 of those years.

    It’s a relative normalcy many ignore. Indian did not become the most valuable prize to empire by happenstance or anything the English did.

    They went there with superior means of violence to capture that prize, to rape it.

    Now going to the dark side of the moon under a neo-fascist, Hindu supremacist regime which believes in superiority notions indistinguishable from those of America, the Zionist state, the Apartheid regime.

    Going to moon when right here on earth much is left to be done. It’s their achievement and theirs alone, in these circumstances.

  7. Thst is one country Afrika must be careful with, they immediately get arrogant and act like they have taken over a white world….they too are damaged with and by racism and pretend superiority, which makes them just as dangerous around Afrikan people…check Guyana…..

    In saying that…she is right about controling your own history and narrative, something Afrikans can learn from..

    France never left…Afrika is now realizing and coming to terms with the fallout from that…

    • Waru

      Was it not Mottley and Arthur, plying the colonial game, who removed a Black government, around an election dispute, as servants of imperialism, to let in known Hindu nationalists in in Guyana?

      And is a similar imperial game not now playing around Haiti?

      In the case of France and its 14 colonies in The Sahel, Afrika.

      It was the same Americans who after WW2 allowed the French, who were on the side of Hitler, Vicey France! To maintain their colonial “possessions”.

      Of course, France has a long sordid history in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti, Louisiana, Quebec, etc. And their links to international racism and the domination of Afrikan peoples are well known except to those who see French culture as something worthy of praise, devoid of criminality.

      They fought a brutal war against Algeria. All this time believing that the contradiction of a democracy at home and an empire abroad will never create fractures in their our society as is happening now.

      And Bajans seem to talk about these matters as though set on some higher perch.

      We will proffer that the French colonies are not very dissimilar to the Bajan condition.

      The French use the CFA Franc as the financial means by which these colonies, and they all are, both there and here, are ultimately controlled.

      Is Barbados not bound to keep foreign reserves in almost exclusively USDs?

      Is it not an article of faith that if a Bajan is sending 10 dollars to Saint Vincent both authorities are bound to inform the Treasury Department in the USA?

      The Americans allowed the French to do all these things and more.

      Central to the post WW2 France-American deal was the condition that France had to be able to “keep a lid” on these titularly independent, but no different to before, in order for the post WW2 arrangements to hold.

      With the coming of AFRICOM, an American drone bases in Niger. A French military base there toooo. It would be fair to conclude that France can no longer “keep the lid on”. In these circumstances, the Americans are finding themselves back-stopping for France.

      In the case of Gabon, we have a family, stooges to the French, who have been “ruling” for nearly 60 years, father and son, who have billions in Western banks while Gabon, full of oil and other minerals, with 40 percent of its people living below the poverty line.

      In the case of Burkina Faso, home of the great Thomas Sankara, our man Ibrahim Traore, represents a new generation saying f-off to White people and the West.

      And its about time! For if history has taught us anything it must be that slavery ain’t yet done.

  8. There’s nothing instructive about Palki Sharma’s video. Black people do not have to listen to Indians who believe they are yte to know about racism.

    When the Russia/Ukraine ‘correction’ occurred condescending Palki and her WION team were all over the Ukraine. They even draped WION studio in the Ukrainian flag instead of staying neutral as ‘reporters’ only to realise that the Ukrainians kicked Indian out with Africans.

    There’s one Indian running around the US wanting to be President and his first Order of Action if selected, will be to eliminate Juneteenth. A holiday for Black Americans who built that nation. The only way they can reach the top is to do their master’s bidding by ‘shitting’ on Black people.

    India could go to the moon or India could eat with a spoon, ‘we’ don’t need to borrow anything from them. Almost every month their rackshack buses run off some hill or collide, yet we should believe or even care if/that they went to the moon? Their pastime seems to be raping and killing women.

    If Yte people are bashing them, let them bash because Indians LOVE ytee. They never defend Black people. Rushi Sunak was at the head of the line saying that “He will not apologise for slavery” as if somebody asked his downlow arse to apologise to Black people.

    Always Black people wanting to love and respect everybody. Steupse!
    Get some real Pride for God sake!

    • It must be good to observe a former demonstrating the wherewithal to be autonomous in how it operates. It definitely shows us what a possible.

      “The primary objectives of the Chandrayaan-2 lander were to demonstrate the ability to soft-land and operate a robotic rover on the lunar surface.

      The scientific goals of the orbiter are:

      to study lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, the lunar exosphere, and signatures of hydroxyl and water ice.[55][56]
      to study the water ice in the south polar region and thickness of the lunar regolith on the surface.[57]
      to map the lunar surface and help to prepare 3D maps of it”.


  9. The next full moon is on 31 August at 2.35am in the UK. This is in fact a ‘blue moon’. The next full moon will also be a supermoon, and could appear larger than normal in the night sky.

    I think I missed it…

    The next full moon will be on Friday, Sept. 29 at 5:57 a.m. ET (0957 GMT), but the moon will still appear full the night before and after its peak

    • People here talking bout India and Niger, and the idiot 000 talking shyte bout herb and the full moon. Mad is shyte.

    • We have a few that come to the blog with a baked in narrative it doesn’t matter the topic. It is very disrespectful and a turnoff.

  10. Show who what’s possible or autonomous? Let’s wait 6 months for the report.

    Ever heard of the Dogon People from Mali whom the French were studying back in the 1930s. The Dogon said they descended from the Dog Star Serius B. Without a telesccope, the Dogon detailed the characteristics of this Star which they called Po. These White Men could not see it with their naked eye so they had to go find a telescope. Then they confirmed what these ‘primitive’ people told them.

    The Dogon are Black people whose development like many of us was arrested. I know many INDOCTRINATED Black people find it hard to believe that the Black race was the most advanced on this planet.

    So tell me again why we should care about a racist country called India?

  11. take your first step out to outer space
    you are like a little baby who never walked before
    so take your first step out to outer space
    if you fall down get up and walk some more

    ❤️ You own this from June Tyson: Saturnian Queen of the Sun Ra Arkestra by June Tyson and Sun Ra

  12. “In the case of Gabon, we have a family, stooges to the French, who have been “ruling” for nearly 60 years, father and son, who have billions in Western banks while Gabon, full of oil and other minerals, with 40 percent of its people living below the poverty line.”

    Same in Equatorial Guinea…something is definitely wrong with Black men’s heads….once their heads and minds remain damaged and pliable for manipulation at that OBSCENE level…slavery for Afrikans will never end…they remain the weakest link….dazxled by eorldstave nonsense…we see the spectacle they make of themselves…empty useless vessels .

    .saw a clip last night where Bongo is making appeals that the people want him gone…what does he expect when he suffered them for 6 decades….him and his family ..he has a stroke, pissing himself in public and still dont want to leave, puppet and minion to the end…..these types have made themselves world class embarrassments…as for France…people are watching the machinations..

  13. Waru

    This is a natural byproduct of absolute power aided and abetted by White people – the enemies of Afrikans everywhere. Chronic intoxication, if you will.

    The house niggers still doing the only thing house niggers know. Weee say kill them!

    And will stand accused of supporting violence but these levels of such behaviour by White people are still incalculable.

    Nkrumah, in response to MLK, once said that non-violence presupposes that our enemies have a moral conscience. Historically and presently the answer is clear.

  14. *dazzled by worldstage nonsense

    “African Union Suspends Gabon Membership Following Coup”

    Just as weee said, brain damaged and easily manipulated…the people are fighting for freedom and access to THEIR ANCESTRAL RESOURCES…after being robbed and paupertized for centuries…..they have no roads, water or electricity…..the dumbed down black man prefer keep them trapped…in a state of blight and curse..

    The weak black man and woman, the wannabe, the weakest link….nothing bad happens without these traitors, as wee said for years…their tainted poisonous bloodlines should be PERMANENTLY eliminated from our earth…they have been disloyal for thousands of years and always ultimately BETRAY EVERYONE….so there is absolutely no more use for them..

  15. “We have a few…..” who are the few David? Don’t you find it to be a symptom of a sick, weak, cowardly mind that expects everyone to view every issue thru a single lens? What says you David ????

    Any wonder why Bajans are so docile? Its bred into them. Maybe Bajans should start breeding out, mix the DNA with others.

    AND not to forget the poisonous cough syrup India sent to West Africa that killed quite a few children. That cough syrup was made in India for Africans.

    • Just the other day you say Yolanda Grant does be park on BU complaining and singing the same song.

    • The pain of African leadership

      “You think you’re saving your country, but then you realise you’re back to square one. It’s embarrassing.”
      – Albert Ondo Ossa, opposition leader in Gabon.
      The sentiments of Albert Ondo Ossa, the leader of the opposition in Gabon, could be made in reference to many African populations over the centuries. By African populations I mean populations made up of the descendants of the primary targets of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
      The history of this group of people for the last 400 plus years has been a Serenader song, “One step forward and two steps backward and tremble, hold belly and tremble.” This is not to say that we have not made progress. However, the progress we have made has been within the confines of a continuum of coloniality which continually adapts itself to any progress we’ve made in order to make sure that despite that progress the order of the world remains largely the same.
      Gabon is the latest Francophone country on the continent of Africa where the government has been removed by a military coup. As in the other nations where coups have taken place recently, citizens of Gabon have taken to the streets, celebrating the ousting. Like in the other nations, the popular opinion is that their leadership has enriched itself while doing little to nothing to raise the standard of living of the people.
      However, opposition leader Ossa is not celebrating with the people. He claims that the coup will result in more of the same as the coup leader, General Brice Nguema, is a member of the Bongo family which has ruled Gabon for five decades. Nguema is said to be a multi-millionaire.
      In most cases, these recent coups seem to be popular among the people. They are fed up with the state of governance. They hope that the new regimes will be different. In the case of Gabon, Ossa believes that they are wrong. For him it is back to square one. And it is embarrassing.
      Even if that is the case, he need not be embarrassed. Even in nations where there are regular, peaceful changes in administrations and where elections are thought to be free and fair, the cry of more of the same is often heard. This is especially so in the African diaspora. Even when our leaders are not puppets, even when they are not dictators, not in office inordinately long, even when they do well, there is a sense among African people that we are constantly going back to square one with each new administration. Spinning top in mud.
      Because, African leaders on the continent and off, whether democratically elected or not, corrupt or not, have long been faced with a harsh reality. They hold power under the greater power of a global economic, cultural and military regime which is conniving, brutal, vicious, anti-African and anti-Black. There are several instances where African leaders, like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and even Muamar Ghadaffi sought to resist the global power structure, only to be assassinated by or with the help of Western nations.
      Being the leader of an African nation is a dangerous job. Especially if you want to be a good one. On one side, you face an unfair international regime, on the other side you face the internal opponents, many of whom are just waiting for their chance to pillage. And then, you face the citizens whom you probably made promises of change, revolution or reform to only to find that your ability to steer the ship is severely limited by resources, personnel who are on the same page and a general lack of appreciation for the depth of the colonial condition we must climb out of.
      Many of us are watching the situation on the continent with a sense of hopefulness. We hope that this is the beginning of a new era of African selfreliance and anti-colonial action.
      The optimism of those of who have a sense of history is tempered by the memory of the Grenada revolution and other instances like it which had promise, but were either sabotaged from the outside because the world powers hate and fear an African revolution more than anything else, or, brought down from within because Africans at home and abroad still have a ways to go in learning to operate as one people rather than with the tribalism and colonial style contention which we’ve been taught.
      We are making progress though. There is nothing to be embarrassed about when you understand the depth of what we are recovering from.

      Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email

      Source: Nation

    • UN pleads for Haiti’s surge in violence to end

      UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations relief chief says the “carnage in Haiti needs to stop”, stating that the French-speaking Caribbean country is in the grip of “extreme brutality”, with gang-related violence continuing to force thousands from their homes amidst widespread suffering.
      Martin Griffiths, the UN’s emergency relief coordinator, last Friday called for an immediate end to the fighting in Haiti.
      In the past two weeks, 71 people have been killed and injured in capital Port-au-Prince, marking a major escalation, according to UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, which Griffiths heads.
      “Entire families, including children, were executed while others were burned alive. This upsurge in violence has caused unspeakable continued suffering of Haitians,” said Philippe Branchat, acting UN humanitarian coordinator in Haiti, in a statement.
      The UN said that, so far this year, gang violence in the Caribbean country has claimed more than 2 500 lives with over 1 000 injured.
      At least 970 Haitians have been kidnapped, and 10 000 forcibly displaced from their homes, the UN said.
      It said the latest wave of violence has also resulted in the forced displacement of more than 10 000 people who have sought refuge in spontaneous camps and host families.
      The UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) has issued a report outlining the dire human rights situation there, including brutal killings and lynchings.
      The report noted that frustrated by lack of security and functioning government, residents armed with machetes, rocks, and fuel cans have “resorted to brutal measures to prevent gang members and anyone associated with them from entering their neighbourhoods.”
      Between April and June, the UN said nearly 240 alleged gang members were killed by these self-proclaimed “self-defence groups.”
      “While some killings appeared to be spontaneous, others were encouraged, supported, or facilitated by high-ranking police officers and gang members belonging to the G-9 and allies,” the report said.
      The report also documented horrifying instances of sexual violence, including collective rape and mutilation, perpetrated by gangs to spread fear, punish rivals, and target women and girls under their territorial control.
      BINUH expressed concern about the forced recruitment of children by gangs and the severe mental and psychological toll the violence is exacting on the population.
      The office reiterated its call to the international community to deploy a specialised international force to address the crisis.
      According OCHA, nearly half of Haiti’s population needs humanitarian and food assistance. (CMC)

      Source: Nation


    Pacha…check out dummy squared…instead of begging his people to forgive him for being a treacherous dik , betraying, selling them out, keeping them in poverty and trapped while crooks steal their resources and they have nothing, while living in generational poverty….the appealing to his international friends to help him…another worldstage shitehound….







  18. “All over Gabon, the small central African country and former French territory, spontaneous celebration greeted news of the ouster of President Ali Bongo by the military this week. Gabon’s electoral commission had just declared election results in his favour under cover of darkness following days of internet shutdown, a curfew and border closures, yet citizens poured on to the streets celebrating his expulsion rather than his victory. The plausible explanation is that Bongo lost the election but, instead of leaving office with dignity, tried to hang on to power by manipulating the results with the complicity of officials beholden to his family.”

    I am more than happy that the media is going all in on these dangerously corrupt diktators with the worldstage mentality who steal and hoard oil wealth, steal resources and allow every lowlife into Afrika who are not entitled to do the same…then none of them want to leave to give anyone else a chance to fix anything, but prefer spend decades being parasites and sellouts in the people’s lives.

    There will be more coups since too many of them like the greedy vicious ones in Cameroon and Equitorial Guinea…resource wealthy countries do the same…40 plus years and refuse to move, while stealing every election…..and want no opposition…sounds familiar..

    something that has caught on in the Caribbean recently, like if someone want these thieving blights and curse in their lives long term..

    France have overdone it on the continent…and have to leave, they just cut power and water to the french embassy because the ignorant arrogant ambassador is listening to Macron while the PEOPLE tell them all to leave….they will learn it’s what the people want and not what they want their little grimy puppets to help them steal..

    The situation re language barrier causes hatred death and destruction, hence some countries are removing both french and english as primary languages and reverting to mother tongue…or Kiswahili…the criminal divide and rule is destroying the continent….so all countries should push foreign languages far down in the pecking order…and reestablish Afrikan languages….in the former francophone countries…that’s where many murders over languages or calling each other foreigners like happens in the Caribbean, are happening.

    One could have alien languages but it should never replace mother tongue…

    One not quite right in the head woman killed all another womans children because she never spoke but did not realize she spoke another language so could not understand what they were saying.

  19. Pacha….am sure weee are the only ones noticing that everything weee said in the last decade is coming to fruition, some things playing out at warp speed give me a sickening feeling because it was ALL so unavoidable..

    .but the determinedly evil must be given a valuable lesson via a real exercise in KARMA. …cause it seems they dont intend to stop and Karma is not one to back down, have the upperhand and REAL power to clap back..

    but they will never learn..

    As a young lady said in a clip earlier…..

    “Power does not mean you sre intelligent, it only shows up your ignorance.”….words to live by..

    Now the REAL power we are more familiar with ..which they will never know about….once wielded correctly, is the real deal…but such types should never have access…they made too much of a mess with what they were given…imagine if they were blessed with what weee know…

  20. *some things playing out at warp speed give me a sickening feeling because it was ALL so AVOIDABLE..

    me thinks realization just flooded in to so many minds….full blown wide-open floodgates…no more seeping in through fits and starts…

    For those still dumbed down and blind…oh well, no one said it will work for everyone…

    • David, an article in the Monday, January 2, 2023 edition of Khaleed Times, entitled: “Viral video shows snowfall in Makkah’s Grand Mosque, authority clarifies,” reveal that Saudi Arabia’s ‘official weather body, the National Meteorological Centre (NMC),’ said the video clip circulating on various social media platforms, ‘purportedly showing heavy snowfall in the Grand Mosque, is FAKE, the Saudi Gazette reported.’ Assuming this is true, you already know my position on social media. That I do not immediately accept information posted thereon, unless its accuracy, and credibility of its source, have been verified.

  21. We all know that France has always been a dastardly country. It has had a significant role within the Americas for nigh on 400 years:in the form of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, France Guayana, et al. Indeed, the USA ultimately gained its independence from the mother country after it was ably supported by France.

    So imagine my surprise when I saw this development of a relationship between the President of France and the Prime Minister of a previously enslaved Caribbean nation. What the hell was Mia thinking when she decided to snuggle up with Macron to forment a relationship. France is a rancid toxic nation. Go and check the relationship of France’s departments in the Caribbean, particularly Guadeloupe, and you will see that France has despicable leaders who should never be engaged with by free thinking black people.

    Foolish Mia has been seduced by the Gallic French charms of Macron to play a sending an Africa army force into Haiti.

    Clearly, our prime minister is a leader who knows little about the history of our region. I shudder to think what further damage she can do before she steps down from her current role.

  22. The military in Gabon posted a video claiming it found a room with bags and bags of money in the private home of Bongo….yes, the room was jampacked with money, this greedy french colonial puppet refuse to do right by the people, keep them in generational poverty like the wretched leaders in the Caribvean do after elected. Unlike most countries in the Csribvea…. Gabon is resource wealthy, but again, problems with stupid corrupt black leaders not caring enough to make sure the people have proper roads, water and electricity, but hoarding billions of dollars of their money in his private house fir himself while selling out everything to france…the negro blight, curse and abomination…

    “What the hell was Mia thinking when she decided to snuggle up with Macron to forment a relationship. France is a rancid toxic nation. Go and check the relationship of France’s departments in the Caribbean, particularly Guadeloupe, and you will see that France has despicable leaders who should never be engaged with by free thinking black people.”

    When she sat in Caricom’s chair and helped engineer the strawberry slavery brouhaha to UK for the people in Barbados and the Caribbean….that i stenously objected to and warned against….6 -8 months later…strawberry slavery videos of atrocities against young Bajans both Black and indians surfaced….that was the redflag no one paid attention to….

    Then one year later the hollering for reparations started like a true hypocrite…

    When i warned that they have no right on the continent after being a product of the 100 year legacy of Anti-Afrikan hatred and abomination….and pure demoralizing evil against Afrikan descents on the island ..perpetrated by them and their minority friends. ….no one paid attention…

    When it was finally revealed, they not only sat on Empire’s chairs for 30 years in secret and have information on our Afrikan and European ancestry that is illegally in their possession, something i sensed for years, after been privy to certain information….no one paid attention…

    When they seemingly suddenly developed this love affair with french slavers……only because Afrika is regularly RoB-bed…and exploited for centuries….and that was the main attraction, no one, but the few saw the disaster unfolding…..this is the blowback… was never a secret the french crimes committed still against Afrikans in Afrika and the Americas…so she can never claim ignorance..and have .no excuse period…

    I certainly was NOT going to allow them to sleaze their way across the continent looking for likeminded criminals, so they could insert their minority criminals from Barbados as add-on thieves in the mix without alerting the head Pan Afrikanists on the continent…and that was YEARS before i found out their evil plots against my ancestry…

    So…am in no way surprised by any of the turn of events that have a long way to go with reveals…..

  23. To quote Dub Poet and the Roots aka Linton Kwesi Johnson
    “Inglan is a Bitch”

    Command Counsel Dub,
    Defense Dub

  24. @ TLSN
    It is called ‘dancing with the Devil’.

    Jesus was invited to such a dance too – and offered control of everything that he could see from the top of the mountain…
    Of course the first bushman told him to “kiss muh….”

    Ok! Ok! …he is reported to have said ‘Get thee behind me $%#&^’
    ..but you done know how THIS Bushie would have put it… 🙂

    When you love MONEY to the point of worship, such ‘dancing’ seem smart and wise … until the music ends….
    Then it is Hell to pay…

  25. @ Bush Tea,

    Mia will need to explain how she can pivot towards racist countries such as France, and Arab countries like the UAE and Morocco whilst trying to establish relations with mother Africa.

    In the good old days when GP was firing with both barrels he would often use that phrase “Get behind me Satan when addressing yourself and Pachamama.

    Mia is at best a lost soul. However history will judge her as a shameful and heartless opportunist who played a significant role in selling out her own people.

    • Yuh talking loud but SAYING NOTHING when Mia pivoting to RACIST countries like United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela, Guyana and China.

    • It was a personal choice to screw up…i will not pretend to know all the intent around having access to the world stage, i do know however, that they could have done the right thing, done much better AND CHOSE NOT TO…

      …they claim to head the Caribbean now…doing the right thing could have encompaased everyone when properly done….they chose not to, no one forced them to align themselves with slaver countries and haters of Afrikans…..their first official trip to Afrika they headed to Morocco…a very poor choice, i voiced back then..

      ..then they attempted to insert themselves in the Sahel’s business and was immediately slapped down…

      No one forced them to continue the begging borrowing dependency either…when so much better could have been done, as an employee of ruling corporations, for decades.

      Had they used intelligence along with long-standing presence as a member of that environment and workforce from 1994 and applied with commonsense …it could never turn out like this…knowing what i do now…they cant slither out of any of this claiming ignorance…they barged right in, inserted themselves the wrong way, with the wrong intentions and incinerated themselves. Barbados had no right meddling with things on the continent BEFORE doing right by Afrikan descents…in this region…priorities .

      …same thing i am telling the AU…they have no right meddling in reparations in the west…BEFORE doing right by Afrikan descents in the west…priorties .

      …i will never be so arrogant to believe am the only one who knows or sees this…

  26. Glanced at a video clip last night, did not have opportunity to watch it, but the presenter said….France is claiming that Afrikan leadership are puppets and would be nothing without France, all of that after leaving 14 mineral wealthy countries pauperized with the complicity of traitor governments, puppets..

    …proof positive they are deserving of a PERMANENT BAN…coming from Africa’s rulers..

    • That was the whole plot, premise and long con…when opportunity knocked..

      Very few of us saw it, even fewer knew to do something to STOP IT….same MO applied…..coupled with pretending they are pan african and a unifer….it was so evil….many days i had to fight to control my anger at this brazenly evil display.

  27. “In the interest of balance post how many Britains and the USA have assassinated as well.”

    I follow and read what the blogmaster writes for he often makes some strong points.

    However, there are times when he scrambles my few remaining brain cells. Dare I ask what is the point here?

    This is like saying ‘Lord evil is a bad man’ and someone saying ‘We got some worse than he’.

    I now get it.. say something is wrong about Barbados and some will run all over the world to find a place where it is the same or worse.

    The Failed Comparison Method: you think it bad here, look ovah dey

    Good morning Mr blogmaster. Hoping you have a beautiful and wonderful Monday. Still loving ya.

    • “In the interest of balance post how many Britains and the USA have assassinated as well.”

      @ David

      Perhaps we could examine your comments from a perspective other than ‘The Failed Comparison Method.’

      We are surprised at the ‘development of a relationship between the President of France and the Prime Minister of a previously enslaved Caribbean nation,’ which is JUSTIFIED.

      But they remain silent on the continual strengthening of relationships with countries such as Canada, United Kingdom and USA, all of which are EQUALLY as RACIST as France.

      The USA’s intelligence agency, the CIA, for example, is alleged to have committed many crimes in the early days of post-independence Africa.
      The BBC reported that agency has had a long history of involvement in African affairs.

      In November 1959, the CIA created a dedicated Africa division.
      Former National Security adviser John Bolton defended this US interference, saying the coups in Africa he helped plan were necessary to PROTECT America’s “best interests.”

      British scholar Susan Williams, documented instances of the US’s operations in Africa during the late 1950s and early 1960s, in her book entitled, ‘White Malice: The CIA and the Covert Recolonization of Africa.’

      It is alleged Belgium and the US conspired to assassinate Democratic Republic of Congo’s first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba.
      The CIA, ordered by then US President Eisenhower, played a role in the assassination. One reason given was because Lumumba was expected to align his country with the Soviet Union.
      ‘The CIA leveraged its multitude of sources in Katanga to provide intelligence to Lumumba’s enemies, making his capture possible, and helped to deliver him to the Katanga prison where he was held before his execution.’

      According to several sources, at least nine (9) African leaders were assassinated with assistance from the US government or Western intelligence agencies.

      Included is Amilcar Cabral of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.

      In 1963, France, with the assistance of the US, ordered the assassination of Togo’s Sylvanus Olympio.

      Felix Moumie of Cameroon, was lured to Geneva and poisoned by a French agent, on November 3, 1960.
      ‘The Swiss authorities knew Moumié’s assassin but, under pressure from Paris, never indicted him and dismissed charges.’

      What about the atrocities committed by the British and Belgium against Africans?

      I could go on and on, lest I’m accused of ‘writing an essay.’

      If ‘we condemn ONE, why not condemn ALL.’

      Is it because ‘we sit in our lofty American, Canadian and British towers,’ while saying Barbadians remaining in Barbados, should remain silent, because our adoptive countries provide the island with loans, grants and other forms of financial assistance……
      …… and pretending we love Barbados more than them.

  28. “France Has Assassinated 22 African Presidents Since 1963”
    “In the interest of balance post how many Britains and the USA have assassinated as well.”

    I do not know

    Biggest muderers do not keep count of the numbers they massacre

    Check out the Benin bronzes loot in Kingdom of Benin, in what is now Edo State, Nigeria. the Expedition was part of a broader series of premeditated attacks, framed as retaliatory or punitive, to further European imperialistic and economic interests in Africa. They only count how many of their people died.

    Dub word warriors on the front line
    dubbing out dubbing in
    dubbing it
    dub word warriors stepping blazing on the move
    burn it up run it up

  29. France is the topic…based on their very ruinous actions ….their arrogance and utter contempt and disrespect for Afrikans on the continent and abroad…Afrika had more than they could bear and ACTED….it sends a message…

    This has been a main topic for CENTURIES….Afrikans felt it, they know it and chose to UPROOT their main tormentor first…

    ….just like they had no choice but to get rid of Germany and Belgium that phyically genocided, worked them to death and mutilated them and their children mercilessly for centuries…France found a way to do that economically….for just as long….because of weak leaders who cant see beyond their ineptness..

    Only a complete fool, selfhating, filled with venom and elaborate anti-Afrikan plans would align themselves with France under such circumstances……then claim they did not know…..or that UK and US do the same thing too…without understanding how certain actions are time stamped and expire..

    Pacha can give and even more indepth and thorough analysis, if inclined.

  30. People on the island are complaining that their little businesses are being stolen and properties taken up illegally….to give or sell to the covetous and envious…

    They actually believe someone would let them take that criminal behavior to our continent just because they built themselves a world stage profile to fool people…i assure you it will never happen without very severe consequences….even if their recently secured cover and security did not get themselves thrown off the continent.

    …weee saw the play years ago…..forget it..or try it and see..

  31. David, seems as though BU’s resident ‘Pan Africanists’ have purposely or conveniently ignored China’s attempt to ‘gain a foothold’ in Africa, under the guise of offering financial assistance or loans (with generous terms and conditions of repayment), to certain African countries, so far…. for infrastructural development, railways, airports etc. That Chinese have opened businesses in those countries, where they exploit and racially discriminate Africans. It’s obvious those so-called ‘Pan Africanists’ are very selective with their comments.






  33. Excellent example, Hants. Some how, I cannot see France, the USA or the mother country contributing in such a way to the development of little England.

    Development by the big three often means that they would offer poor countries seeds designed to crop once only, or fertilisers that would destroy the fertility of the soil, or God forbid they would offer some loan provided the borrower agreed to accept their propaganda however nauseating it may be.

    For poor developing economies like Barbados, China insists that thay must break ties with Taiwan.

    The link below highlights with clarity the difference between China and the three aforementioned colonisers.

    Which of the big three would have brought such development to an “”educated” yet non-productive local population.

  34. Weak black leadership has always been the main problem…corruption is their favorite drug and weapon to pauperize their people to look good for their MULTIPLE masters.

    ..i guess Barbados should be glad they have no resources, or they would be raped and plundered by every minority on earth..with the blessings of expired pretend elite politicians. ..

    ….but the politicians dont miss a beat to set their rackeetering buddies to EXPLOIT and RoB the people..anyway, …they EMPTY the VAT, TREASURY and PENSION FUND…while leaving poverty and suffering for the elderly, children, young people and the broader majority in their wake…even though the island is CLASSIFIED AS POOR…..that does not deter any of them….rape and plunder by any other name is STILL….

    .maybe they should take a look at that and PUT AN END TO IT…if they are not too cowardly…they should have already.

  35. I hope ya can appreciate the irony….ya have NOTHING ….living on loans, grants and dependency…and what little is generated through taxes….and PENSIONS…GETS STOLEN…

    so ya poor and still being raped and plundered of EVERYTHING by those who claim they are leading you and whomever they can find to help them, while you sit comfortably on ya asses, doing absolutely NOTHING ABOUT IT..

    The Chinese believe in saving face….i doubt they would want that embarrassment and label of robbing a poor country that cant pay their bills and have no resources, that would be a stepdown for them…hence they had to show you how to grow rice..cause apparently you are not allowed to help yaself and your inheritance rights were taken away… so no creation of generational wealth..

    … everyone now knows the wannabe elites in Barbados have no shame and would RoB you AGAIN and AGAIN..

  36. It is a white narrative that Africans and Asians can’t unite.
    Bajans still don’t know. They may as well listen to the National Front.

  37. @ Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on,

    Many years ago, we in the mother country would chuckle at the Chinese and would say that these people were happy to work for a bowl of rice.

    Now these same people are showing us how to grow rice! I guess that is what you call progress within the backwards Caribbean region

    Barbados under her corrupt leaders has sadly become a still-born infant.

    • Something has to be done about the fools in Barbados who have pretended and faked it for so long…they have no clue where illusions and delusions end and will never recognize where reality begins….

      They have become a case study…all self-inflicted.

  38. Some are too damaged to understand anything …if they fact check timelines will discover China has been on the continent full time for nearly 20 years…give or take…

    …..the continent had a centuries long journey with the likes of France, which they will now have to recover from…but they STILL HAVE THEIR RESOURCES…and PAID DEARLY to learn very valuable lessons along the way.

    It’s the leadership have to be chosen carefully, so that puppets are isolated and kept out of leadership roles …in my opinion they should be given NO TITLES and only 5 year EMPLOYEES… never to repeat..

    … as government is a continuum, everyone from every strata of society should be given a chance to showcase leadership skills, for 5 years only.

    …scummy family dynasties, wannabe elites, should be banned outright. ..look at the corrupt mess they make.

    ..the populations are ripe for self governance, get rid of useless expired politicians and their popularity contests of growing feeding and loosing their ignorant yardfowls with slave minds on the public.

    …but when small, poverty stricken islands like Barbados are RoB-ed of EVERYTHING generationally, and the majority are banned from creating, building, progressing, passing on generational wealth and maliciously stagnated by wretched corrupt politicians… there is NO RECOVERY…

    • Perhaps if some people had ‘fact checked’ they would’ve realised snowfall in Makkah’s Grand Mosque was ‘fake news.’ Since posting questionable information from questionable sources seems to be one of their favourite pastimes, can we reasonably assume they “are too damaged to understand anything” as well?

  39. @Artax

    You seem to have the time. They are all hegemonists. All of them are looking to exploit resources of Africa. In the case of China it is a country that requires raw materials it doesn’t produce in country to power its factories.

    • David, for several years, the China-Africa relationship was essentially transactional, whereby China advanced loans with generous repayment terms to African countries, for infrastructual development and build railroads, bridges, hospitals, football stadiums (stadia) etc. In return, those countries gave China access to natural resources, such as timber, oil and nickle, thereby fueling China’s economy. Sometime during July 2017, China constructed its first overseas military base in Djibouti. Last year there was a discussion on BU relative to Africa and China, during which I highlighted several interesting developments, including Ghana’s attempt to recruit Chinese for its police force. We should read and research information from several different sources, rather than relying on shiite from a 789 whatsapp shiite group.

  40. Actually that information about saudia arabia did come ftom credible sources,…there is news and then there is news….

    I would be more worried about the rape and plunder of POOR Barbados and the WEAKLINGS unable to do anything about any of it…but alwsys got mouth for women..

    Fix ya corrupt island and corrupt THIEVING, SELLOUT expired politicians BEFORE venturing into the business of others….why ya waste so much tine and energy in what dont concern you, things you cant fix since ya cant fix ya own mess, weee will never know.. and seem to never learn, stop trying to insert yaself…ya still CAN’T get anywhere after so many years of trying… even harder to penetrate now..

    Afrika is WORKING at fixing its problems…as they KNOW they must to get rid of parasites, to buid, to progress TO FREE THEMSELVES…and MOVE FORWARD…as intelligent people would…

    ….Barbados cant move in any other direction but BACKWARD trajectory…a course set decades ago…and as more and more is revealed…wee see why….

    • Firstly, you claim you DON’T read my comments, but your first defense and usual retort is shiite about ‘attacking African women.’ You are just another unmannerly, uncouth, disrespectful, obnoxious, immature individual, who throws violent temper tantrums whenever you are proven wrong or called out for lying and spreading false information to mislead BU. Challenging your misleading is seen as an attack, because you have not yet reached a level of maturity to accept constructive criticism, believing instead you should be ‘given a free pass’ simply because you happen to be ‘female.’ Hence, the reason why you look for sympathy by ‘pulling the attack African women card,’ also as a defense mechanism to scare people away. Otherwise, you come to this forum with the SAME RHETORIC on a daily basis, to the extent that your contributions have become ‘PREDICTIVE SCRIPT.’

  41. Yep…Africa is SUCCESSFULLY freeing itself from CENTURIES of entrapment, brought about thanks to weak cowardly sellout misleadership. ..if they dont, no one else will do it for them….they are cognisant and KNOW that..

    ….when will those who love to mind evabody business and point out what is happening everywhere else to deflect from their own predicament of doing nothing to effect change, going to free the PEOPLE and themselves from the parasites and thieves in Barbados..

    ..cowardice is not a virtue.. and constantly attacking women, cause ya know no better, and to mask ya own insecurities is the most cowardly of acts.. ..cant expect women to do for you what you are clearly incapable of doing yaself or ya woulda done it already.

    Afrika is leading the way…

  42. “…if they fact check timelines will discover China has been on the continent full time for nearly 20 years…give or take…”

    China has also been “helping” development in South America and Asia while USA and UK were boosting their War Industries in Drone Wars in Middle East based on alleged false flags and prejudiced war propaganda. USA is now building a stockpile of multiple thousands of autonomous drones to fight against China.

    Meanwhile yuh dancin’ to dis musik
    And tryin’ to figure out these lyrics
    Meanwhile yuh drinkin’ and havin’ fun
    Watch out! De revolution a come

    Betta be a part a de solution
    Dis mite be di final confrontation
    Betta awake to dis reality
    Dis is no time to loose yuh sanity, ’cause..

    By de ballot or de bullet
    By de Bible or de gun
    Any which way freedom mus’ come

    Killin’ de children in Soweato
    Turnin’ El Salvador inna one big ghetto
    Dumpin’ waste on sea and lan’
    Buildin’ up arsenal of nuclear weapon
    Opressin’ de Haitians, bombin’ in Iran
    Troops in Afganistan
    There mus’ be, there mus’ be,
    A solution.. a revolution

    Now yuh kill I today
    Yuh can’t kill I tomorrow
    Today for you.. tomorrow your sorrow
    Revolution for de poor a change mus’ come
    Either by de Bible or by de gun
    A change mus’ come, a change mus’ come

  43. It makes sense to me to help developing nations develop as the RoI Return on Investment is much higher than in stale stagnant pale white boy capitalist economies

    Talkin’ to you leftist and capitalist
    Food clothes and shelter have no politics
    De Almighty Creator belongs to no religion
    Ideologies won’t bring about a solution
    Now turn to yuh Psalms in de Bible
    And show me A.K. 47
    Come meck wi fight oppression
    Come meck wi fine a solution
    Come meck wi fight oppression
    Come meck wi start a revolution
    There mus’ be, there mus’ be
    A solution.. a revolution

  44. A change must definitely come but must be EARNED…worked for..

    ….dont know how those on the ground who post the most shite to the blog dont know that they are perceived as mock men…who dont know how to bring about the needed change, but are well versed in promoting and supporting dangerous corrupt politicians, and enabling and setting up attacks on Afrikan descended women like true mock men…

    The people now have to rely on the REAL MEN who put themselves out there every day to DEFEND the people and island…men these same pretend “conservative ” disabled negros look down on as rastamen…but can’t hold a candle to them or fit in any of their shoes…

    “And when the right time come……”

    • Last/last. You DO NOT KNOW what contributions I’ve made, or changes initiated or facilitated to develop the Barbadian society. Or if I put myself “out there every day to DEFND the people and island,” simply because you DO NOT KNOW WHO I AM…… my identity is UNKNOWN to you. But, other than some shiite magazine and a book one of your buddies said he remembered seeing its title elsewhere, and UNSUBSTANTIATED claims you often make….. I have NEVER seen the name ‘Yolande Grant’ or even ‘Daniella Lopez,’ associated with the conceptulisation or implementation of any progressive policy initiatives that are of social developmental benefit of ‘Afrikan descended Barbadians,’ especially WOMEN. Nor have I heard the name(s) associated in the participation of protest marches, town hall meetings etc, similarly to Kammie Holder and Caswell Franklyn; organisations and special interest groups concerned with being a voice for the poor, homeless and marginalised groups, (especially ‘Afrikan descended women),’ similarly to Kemar Saffrey. What I see is ‘Yolanda Grant’ ‘parked on BU,’ PRETENDING to be African conscious and spewing the SAME venomous rhetoric EVER DAY. I prefer to be a “mock man” any day.

    • BRICS: A potential alternative

      AFTER READING the communique from the 15th BRICS meeting in South Africa (August 2023), my first reaction was: “Ah, finally a genuine counterhegemonic initiative”. I immediately recalled an earlier article in which I described the much-touted Bridgetown Initiative as merely a servile plea for reform.
      In that article, I was at pains to warn that the Bridgetown Initiative had not proposed any antisystemic adjustment to the existing global order or any alternative organisational models for achieving their demands. Without such corresponding action, given Barbados’ small size relative global powerlessness, any shouting for reform amounted to little more than a roaring mouse.
      For all these reasons, I was very pleased to read the outcomes of the 2023 South Africa BRICS meeting, and I strongly urge the proponents of the Bridgetown Initiative to familiarise themselves with it, and more importantly, to attach themselves, in practical ways to the Johannesburg 2023 declaration.
      As a counterhegemonic global action model, the BRICs declaration offers many of the features which were missing in the Bridgetown Initiative. If, indeed the Bridgetown Initiative was ever anything more than egotistical global posturing and pretend radicalism, then the true measure of the commitment of the Bridgetown advocates to change, will be how they attach themselves to the BRIC objectives.
      Alternative financial mechanisms
      One of the key commitments coming out of the BRIC’s meeting was the pursuit of alternative financial mechanisms to facilitate trade among members to break the dependence on the US dollar as the global trade currency. As noted by a guest columnist in another section of the Press, “at present, BRIC members China and Brazil conduct their $170 billion of trade in their national currencies. China and Russia also settle 80 per cent of their $190 billion of trade in renminbi (yuan) and ruble using China’s CIPS and Russia’s SPFS payments settlement system… Additionally, each of the current five BRICs nations is piloting or trialing its own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a concept invented and pioneered in Barbados”.
      Further, the BRICS initiative proposes to move beyond mere financial adjustments. It advances political re-alignments which would respect and preserve the sovereignty and internal development objectives of members, beyond what has been witnessed under current global rules, and without which financial adjustments will be meaningless. The Johannesburg statement therefore called for reform of the UN system and in particular the security council, and “expressed concern about the use of unilateral coercive measures, which are incompatible with the principles of the Charter of the UN and produce negative effects notably in the developing world”.
      With the inclusion of Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudia Arabia and the UAE as formal members from January 2024, the basis for a global counter-hegemonic platform is being laid.
      Will Barbados seize upon the existing alternatives offered by the BRICS and put its body where its mouth is?

      Tennyson Joseph is Associate Professor of Political Science at North Carolina Central University. Email
      As a counterhegemonic

      Source: Nation

  45. They really do need to stay off the continent, WAIT FOR A CALL, an invite….and keep their newest bajan LYING machine leech closer to them and away from what dont belong to them..

    ….what their little dummy supporters dont understand that setting up to TIEF Afrikan birthrights of UNAWARE descents in the Caribbean and wider diaspora…is also HEGEMONY …so when ya pointing fingers…look no further than the EXPIRED politicians first…

    “France’s Waning African Influence Shows Paris’ Outdated Colonialism — Report

    Recent coups in former French colonies – and Paris’ reaction to them – signifies the crumbling influence of “Francafrique” colonialism, according to former envoys, journalists, and analysts cited by AP.

    Last week, President Emmanuel Macron complained of “an epidemic of putsches” in the Sahel region in a speech to French diplomats after Gabon became the latest former colony to see a military intervention.

    “In the old days of ‘Françafrique,’ this would not have happened and, if it did, it would have been quickly reversed,” Peter Pham, a former US envoy for Africa’s Sahel region, said of France’s “muted response.”

  46. Blah, blah, blah …when change worthy contributions are made THEY ARE SEEN…and HEARD…no one has to ask if they exist…hard to hide them….they SPEAK VOLUMES for themselves…

    Venomous are the THIEVES in the parliament and their intellectually stunted yardfowls attacking people for not being slaveminded..

    ….all of that will end…soon come..expired politicians are time stamped…pity their sheep supporters are only now hearing about it…

  47. What a mess…the Gabon coup is about more in the mortar than the pistle….accusations that the french wife of Bongo set up the coup to put their son as head cause Bongo is not healthy… but it backfired when she too got put under house arrest and all that money was found in the house, so now the son is under arrest re the illicit money….that they claimed came directly out of the central bank….the cousin who is military is now head……that one will not end pretty…family infighting jostling for position…that’s why lowlife political pretend family dynasties should be permanently banned as the curse that they are…

    Niger police is about to arrest and drag the french ambassador out and deport him, he has no more immunity…..rough out there.

  48. I suspect the French Ambassador is nothing more than a trip wire.
    Touching him will give France the excuse it needs to send troops to ‘rescue him’

    • First they gotta get permission to get through someone’s airspace…everyone has banned France from their space…bad Karma…too toxic…

      He may as well allow the junta to put him on a flight and get lost…no one wants them around…the continent is sick of them and their hangerson, including the new one…..

  49. I heard that COVID cases are on the increase. Now I have to decide who to believe… BU COVID experts that never treated a patient, have not even clipped a toenail or the CDC.

    I am going with BU COVID experts. I am calling a meeting.

  50. Watched a news report last week in which it was suggested Bongo’s wife ‘masterminded’ the coup, to facilitate the appointment of her son as president. Old news. However, according to ‘First Post’ news, spokesperson for Gabon’s Junta, Colonel Ulrich Manfoumbi, coup leaders have unanimously chosen General Brice Clotaire Oligui-Nguema as ‘president of the transition,’ to replace Ali Bongo. Oligui-Nguema, who is also Ali Bongo’ COUSIN, came under scrutiny after he purchased three houses in the Maryland (USA) suburbs of Hyattsville and Silver Springs in 2015 and 2018, for over $1M cash.

  51. TLSN…life is good…lol

    “⚡️ Niger sends uranium prices to the moon much to France dismay

    Niger, a significant player in the global uranium market, recently took the bold step of raising the uranium price from €0.80/kg to €200/kg, the Spectacle reported.

    This price increase has serious implications for Niger’s economy, international relations and the global uranium market.

    France, historically a main buyer of Niger’s uranium, has always had a major influence on the pricing of uranium from Niger. So taking advantage of such influence, it was getting a ridiculously low price.

    Thus, Niger has suffered for years from a shockingly undervalued price of only €0.8 per kilogram, meanwhile the price of uranium from Canada was the same €200 per kilogram.”

  52. And not to be outdone, the loving Prince Donald supporters finally getting their well deserved comeuppance…liñots of people were waiting for this one to get some quality time in prison ..

    “Former Proud Boys leader sentenced to 22 years in January 6 case

    The former leader of the rightwing extremist group Proud Boys has been sentenced to 22 years in prison, the harshest penalty to be handed down in a case stemming from the attack on the US Capitol on January 6 2021.

    The sentence for Henry “Enrique” Tarrio was handed down Tuesday by US district judge Timothy Kelly in a Washington federal court mere blocks from the Capitol, where a mob of Donald Trump’s supporters had sought to block the certification of Joe Biden’s win. Prosecutors had sought a prison sentence of 33 years for Tarrio, whom they accused of playing a major role in a plot to thwart the peaceful transfer of power that day.

  53. Good article by Dr. Joseph today.
    Bushie has long warned that the achilles heel of western society is its imaginary dollar – whose value is contingent on the rest of the world kowtowing to their albino-centric culture.
    Time is short…

  54. The challenge is how small tail countries decouple and at the same time dodge the blowback.
    Calls for wisdom and balls.
    There is only one source of wisdom, …and balls are male attributes…

    We are so short on ‘maleness’, that our women are now the best examples of this needed asset…

    Our donkeys are headed for the grass…

    • @Bush Tea

      The blogmaster will leave you to Donna to present to you a lecture on the subject – the value of ‘inclusion’.

  55. What time is short what…you have NO TIME LEFT…bad to be caught napping..

    So…who is heading to Arabia….this one got snuck in, during all the distraction….start packing. ..ya on ya own for sure now, not a fella will get involved.

    “Read ePaper
    Home / Local News / Job opportunities for Bajans in Saudi Arabia

    Job opportunities for Bajans in Saudi Arabia – by Barbados Today September 6, 2023
    A window of opportunity has opened for hundreds of Barbadians looking to explore employment possibilities internationally.”

  56. Pacha…Niger cut power and water to french embassies, if France cant see the writing, oh well…dont know how they still hold the stubborn belief that countries in La Afrique belong to them

    A dieu la France!!

    La France doit partir!!.

    .the rallying cry…

  57. A very basic lesson in deficits…this one got NYC in real trouble…

    “Migrant Crisis Will ‘Destroy’ NYC – Mayor Adams

    Eric Adams slammed President Joe Biden for not helping him deal with the flow of asylum seekers arriving in New York, claiming the influx will “destroy” the city, before taking aim at Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

    “Started with a madman down in Texas who decided he wanted to bus people up to New York City,” Adams said. “We’re getting no support on this national crisis, and we’re receiving no support.”

    “Everyone is saying it is New York City’s problem. Every community in this city is going to be impacted. We have a $12 billion deficit that we’re going to have to cut. Every service in this city is going to be impacted, all of us,” he complained.

  58. News reports indicate the French Ambassador has refused to leave Niger, after the military authorities gave him 48 hours to do so. France has also refused to withdraw its troops from the country as well.

    • David, “CARICOM’s position” will not ‘bear any weight’ on the Niger issue. Countries, and especially SIDS, are threatened with the withdrawal of aid whenever they oppose the ‘big countries’ actions. Remember the US’ response to Jamaica’s refusal of granting diplomatic privileges to a ‘botty boy,’ or when late, former PM Arthur refused to sign the ‘Shiprider Agreement?’

    • @Artax

      It makes a difference if we are looking to Africa to pursue non traditional links for trade and technical cooperation. Having a strong One Africa policy would go along way to establish a sincere partnership.

    • Unfortunately, David, seems as though not even some African countries believe in ‘having a strong One Africa Policy to establish a sincere relationship with EACH OTHER.’ During a September 6 interview by Marc Perelman of France 4, ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Abdel Fatau Musah, insisted ECOWAS will not be discussing any kind of transition with the Nigerien junta, while hinting the organisation’s forces are prepared for military intervention in Niger, anytime the order is given.

    • Also, David, the junta has accused France of deploying military aircraft and amoured vehicles, in Benin, Ivory Coast and Senegal, as preparation for military intervention.

  59. France’s behavior should come as no surprise. Unable to get ECOWAS lackeys to be the surrogate for an invasion, France will use its ambassador and small force there as a trip-wire or pretense to launch its own invasion.

    It should not be surprising to see the US acting in a supportive role to France whilst trotting out its lying phrases about democracy and elections

  60. “What is Caricom’s position?”
    Deeply indebted, and awaiting instructions from Massa… like all serfs do.

    Fortunately for us, we have a messenger who has the oratorical ability to make those instructions sound like manna fro above….when in fact it is our grave being covered.

  61. The US would obviously support France, but may be cautious in so doing. USA uses Niger a base for counter-terrorism operations and has approximately 1,100 troops there as well. Perhaps the reason why the Biden administration indicated a willingness to hold discussions with the Nigerien junta…… as opposed to France wanting to use military force against them. This has caused friction in France’s relationship with America.

  62. Pacha…William…TLSN…..etc

    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. September 10, 2023. @ 11:42 AM

    Source: Reuters

    African Union takes permanent seat in the G20.

  63. I’m not certain that the USA would obviously support France. Who can blame France for wanting to hold on to Niger, Mali, Gabon and all their other “territories” in Africa. For France to cede these “territories” would be the equivalent of a human being donating their heart, kidney and lungs whilst still having a pulse. France will always remain an economic power whilst it has a presence in Africa. Should France depart from Africa, you would see her economy tank. It would become nothing more than a second/third class economy.

    The armies of both France and the USA are supposed to be defending these countries against Muslim militants. They appear to be doing a terrible job and we all know why.

    France has lost the PR battle. It cannot justify removing Gabon’s coup leader. France presence in Gabon is simply to exploit the wealth of that country. The whole world knows this. I would advice President Macron to collaborate with the coup leader to ensure that the people of Gabon and the country itself develops a strong infrastructure. Macron should be told that half-a-loaf; is better than no loaf at all!

    Should France and the USA get their way, expect to see China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and all the other wannabees expanding their influence in Africa.

    The presence of USA army bases throughout Africa is untenable. What will it take for them to repatriate these bases back to America?

    • It is not so simple in Niger. French forces have been instrumental in preventing warring factions. It is a two edged sword.

  64. The following excerpt was taken from VOA News:

    ‘US Threatens to Pull All Aid for Niger,’ written by Jeff Seldin

    Last updated on: July 29, 2023 9:15 PM

    “The United States is warning mutineers who have seized control of Niger that U.S. support for the Western African nation will dry up unless President Mohamed Bazoum is released and returned to power.”

    “The threat Saturday by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to pull hundreds of millions of dollars in aid followed Friday’s announcement by General Abdourahamane Tchiani, the head of the presidential guard, that he is Niger’s new leader.”

    If that isn’t ‘support,’ then I’ll admit not knowing its meaning.

    And, please note, I was CAREFUL to ‘say’ the US would render its support, CAUTIOUSLY.

  65. British War Ship filled with SO Marines pulls up in NIGERIA. Calling all WITCHES…Rituals are wanting. Make AFRICA the Graveyard of these Colonial Empires! Calling All WITCHES and WARLOCKS!

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