EXTERNALLY- induced Schizophrenia

Submitted by Rasjaziel

Whenever there is a harvest on the slave plantation it is the slave-master who will be going to the bank to continue his process of wealth accumulation.

So how come it is the slave that has always been the leader in Harvest celebration?

The landless X-Slaves were brainwashed to celebrate Crop Over

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25 thoughts on “EXTERNALLY- induced Schizophrenia

  1. How a people are socialized becomes their reality. There are the more enlightened who operate on the fringe until they are able to win over hearts and souls to the cause and trigger a revolution of thought and action.

  2. The effects of slavery and depression etc have worked themselves into the DNA of the people so there are issues in the tissues and minds passed down from the ancestors as well as the physicality of slaves descendants thicker muscles and heavier bones.

    This has been proven with studies of holocaust on jews but slavery was a much bigger and worse crime to humanity than holocaust.

    Ain’t No Harm to Moan (Slave Song)
    Earth Wind & Fire
    Open Our Eyes

  3. Its kinda like thomas anderson who invented the band aid but was a johnson and johnson employee so it became their property and everytime he cut himself he had to go to the pharmacy and buy some. But eventually he became vice president of the company.and could decide if they were going to keep on making them or let some other company reap the profits
    So now you run the island and have the power to keep on having crop over or start a new path of island over . To get me to come to the heat in summer every year shows it must be fun and your tourist board has done a good job promoting it.. On the farm here in canada when the last of the hay was brought in we would have a party because thank god the back breaking work was over.
    Just an observation ….but does anybody get tired of being told your not black enough.

  4. @ Lawson at at 9:20 AM

    Very insightful.
    We are all glad the back breaking work is over and all the other psychological and physical discomforts. The bad thing is that this is a comfort zone for others and they prefer to remind us of the pains so that we can continue to suffer . What a waste of life. Rejoice fellow Barbadians the crop and crap is over ! Jump and wuk up wunnuh waist. They grudge wunnuh. Do not let any one steal your joy.

    • @Vincent

      Are you not trivializing the struggle for Black people to break free from the so-called establishment? We do not have plantation labour these days but the plantation establishment has morphed to a more covert and sophisticated form of economic entrapment.

  5. There is nothing I can say that has not been said already. We see ourselves, success and the world through artificial lenses. We want to be more white than the white man. We are never going to beat him at his own game. He’ll just keep on changing the rules.

    We have to reinvent ourselves in our own image. We have to be happy being us.

  6. I would drink mauby every day. I drink champagne on rare occasions when offered a glass at a function. Nothing wrong with flirting as long as you don’t forget your better half.

    We must learn to sample other cultures whilst holding fast to our own.

    P.S. Rum is my favourite alcoholic drink. Never ordered anything but. I have sipped my date’s whiskey and ginger ale and gin and tonic when he insisted I try it. Tasted fine but my rum tasted better.

    Don’t ask me why! I just love the idea of US.


  7. Here is a youtube video for you to meditate on

    Aba-Shanti-I at Somerset House
    Boiler Room x SYSTEM: Sounds Series

    • @Donna

      You are preaching an ideal, an awakening must occur to trigger the mindset shift. So what is the trigger?

  8. “You are preaching an ideal, an awakening must occur to trigger the mindset shift. So what is the trigger?”

    My name is not Donna

    But to move from a Level 4 to a level 5 mind the trigger is sensi and roots rock reggae to become a radic

  9. On every highrise when I started in the trades we would pour the top ( last) slab which was the topping of the building because the hardest work was finished. A party would be thrown free food and booze since a lot of the trades knew they were going to be downsized turned it in to festifus the airing of the grievances. The bosses and guys who werent getting layed off were abused and some attacked by drunken idiots who would also try to drive home, what eventually happened was the tradition was stopped as well as the christmas parties etc . Totally ended by a few disgruntled people who could never see that you cant beat fun for a good time and tried and succeeded in ruining it for everyone. Every year a dark haired person carrying coal and whiskey is the first to cross my threshold after 12 on new years this came out of if a blonde came through your door it was usually a viking and your number was up.
    Its not a viking lets party
    were finished haying lets party
    were finished cutting cane lets party
    life is a party if you can get your head out of your ass..

  10. My name is not David

    apologies if you are flirting
    and I’m cramping your style

    I’m eighteen with a bullet
    Got my finger on the trigger, I’m gonna pull it
    I’m picked to click now
    I’m a son-of-a-gun
    So hold it right there little girl, little girl
    We’re gonna have big fun
    I may be an oldie, but I’m a goodie, too
    I’ll last forever and I’ll be good to you, oh, yes I will
    I’m eighteen with a bullet
    Got my finger on the trigger, I’m gonna pull it
    I’m a super soul, sure shot, yeah
    I’m a national breakout
    So let me check your play list, mama
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    I’m high on the chart
    I’m tip for the top
    But till I’m in your heart
    I ain’t never gonna stop, never, never baby
    We got a smash double-header
    If we only stay together
    Talkin’ ’bout you
    Talkin’ ’bout me
    I’m eighteen with a bullet
    Got my finger on the trigger, I’m gonna pull it
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    Be my A-side
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    Right now, right now I’m a single
    But pretty soon you’ll see
    We’ll have a hit first time
    And won’t be long we’ll find
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    You know I’m eighteen with a bullet
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    I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I

  11. Donna you referred to the trigger earlier, why do you think your date was trying to get whiskey down you…so you would be easily led and do things you may not do sober. So to keep an compliant work force you make booze cheap for gods sake… AES fields see through rum even uses eat, drink forget in its description. With indians its whiskey russians vodka islanders rum if you can go home at the end of the day and have a flask life aint so bad. The problem is that a lot of people think it is crop-over everyday if you can curb that then you can start changing bad generational habits.

  12. No, Lawson. My dates were not trying to get me drunk. They only asked me to taste it. I tasted it. No man ever tried to get me drunk. They knew it was a waste of time. I drink one drink only.

    No, 555. I don’t have the urge to flirt these days. Must be getting old.

  13. @ David Bu at 12 : 15 PM
    No not at all. I am speaking the truth as I know it. We can be our worse enemies. We push on doors that are already unlocked. As Donna pointed out above we adopt other persons perception of success as ours. We have a tendency to let other people define us. So yes I find it ridiculous that 182 years after emancipation some commenters still feel enslaved and entrapped; and are annoyed when others declare that they are not.

  14. “So yes I find it ridiculous that 182 years after emancipation some commenters still feel enslaved and entrapped; and are annoyed when others declare that they are not.”

    there is the collective black man and there is the individual black man
    narratives goes along the lines of that until all are free none are free
    others perceptions are their conceptions which affect your life

  15. European Albinos insist that they are not Albinos because they don’t have White Hair, Red Eyes, and Bad Eyesight. This is their denial mechanism: they are mostly OCA2 Albinos, so they point to the most severe type of Albinism, which is OCA1: and claim that they are not Albinos because they are not OCA1.

    The Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus describes the newly arrived AlBINOS in Europe from Central Asia Germanic people: 4. For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population. All have (White Skin) fierce blue eyes, red hair, huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. They are less able to bear laborious work. Heat and thirst they cannot in the least endure; to cold and hunger their climate and their soil inure them.

    Why Albinos enslave their creators ( Blacks) ? ?

    European Albinos who chose to settle in areas of the Earth between 40 degrees North and 40 degrees South; knew fully well that they would NOT be able to do the FARMWORK necessary to support themselves with FOOD in those areas due to the Damaging/Killing strength of the Sun’s UV radiation at those latitudes. So they resolved to use the Slave Labor of pigmented people as a means to supply themselves with enough Food to live in those Latitudes.

    Average Summer UV levels for the 15 Slave States of the Confederacy:

    Arkansas in summer the typical noontime UV level at Little Rock is (10).
    In Missouri ,the noontime UV level at Springfield is (10).
    Mississippi noontime UV level at Jackson is (10).
    Louisiana noontime UV level at New Orleans is (10).
    Alabama noontime UV level at Montgomery is (10/11).
    Kentucky noontime UV level at Lexington is (9).
    Tennessee in summer the typical noontime UV level at Nashville is (10).
    Virginia noontime UV level at Richmond is (9).
    Maryland noontime UV level at Annapolis is (9).
    Delaware the typical noontime UV level at Dover is (9).
    North Carolina the typical noontime UV level at Raleigh is (10).
    South Carolina the typical noontime UV level at Columbia is (10).
    In Alabama, the typical noontime UV level at Birmingham is (10).
    Florida in June / July the typical noontime UV level at Orlando is (11).
    In Texas, the typical summer noontime UV level at Houston is (11).

    Note from the data above , the average White person (Albino) in Texas and Florida would last less than 15 minutes in the fields before Sunburn set in. Also remember that in those days they didn’t have Sun screen lotions. It wasn’t much better in Maryland; there they would only last about 20 minutes.

    It was not long before Albinos to figured out a solution ; Enslave, Indenture, or otherwise Coerce MELANINATED people to work the fields FOR them! 

    Straight hair – two damaged or recessive allele’s of the “TCHH” gene means straight hair.
    Red hair – usually results from a mutation in a gene called MC1R, which codes for the melanocortin-1 receptor.
    Blond hair – a single mutation in a long gene sequence called KIT ligand (KITLG) causes people with these genes to have platinum blond, dirty blond or even dark brown hair.
    White hair – is caused by a mutated gene called interferon regulatory factor 4, which is important in regulating and producing melanin in the hair.
    Blue eyes – a specific mutation within the HERC2 gene, a gene that regulates OCA2 expression, is partly responsible for blue eyes. Other genes implicated in eye color variation are SLC24A4 and TYR.
    White skin Mutations – Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA 1-7) is a group of inherited disorders of melanin biosynthesis characterized by a generalized reduction in pigmentation of hair, skin and eyes. With OCA1A being the most severe type with a complete lack of melanin production throughout life, while the milder forms are OCA1B, OCA2, OCA3, OCA4, OCA5, OCA6, OCA7.

  16. Proof that Albinos can’t do farm work safely:

    Farmers at higher risk of dying from melanomas:

    According to the National Rural Health Alliance, farmers have a 60% higher death rate from melanoma than the general population and skin cancer deaths in farmers over 65 are more than double the rate of other Australians.

    US farm workers face worsening lethal heat:

    There are roughly one million people in the US officially employed picking crops in states such as Oregon, California, Washington and Florida. The actual number however is estimated to be two million.

    More than three-quarters of them are foreign-born, many from Mexico. Only about half of these have lawful authority to work in the US. Of these, 71% do not speak English well, and on average educational levels are low.
    Climate News Network ,6 May, 2020.

    An Australian employer has been fined over the death of a Belgian backpacker who collapsed from heat stress while working on a farm picking fruit.

    Olivier Max Caramin, 27, died in a Queensland hospital in November 2017 after just three days on the job.

    His employer, Bradford Clark Rosten, pleaded guilty to breaking labour laws. He was fined A$65,000 (£36,000; $47,000) but avoided a conviction.
    BBC , 9/October /2020.

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