Marijuana Laws and Legal Banditry

MARIJUANA LAWS AND THE LEGAL BANDITRY that maintains The Old Slavery Status Quo of White Wealth and Black Poverty.

The Old Slavery Status Quo of White Wealth and Black Poverty long after Emancipation. Their purpose? to keep Rastas and the majority of the Black population ECONOMICALLY DESTITUTE, so that they would be forced to keep on begging for jobs

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55 thoughts on “Marijuana Laws and Legal Banditry

  1. Been warning the ones in Barbados for 8 years how this will play out, they are now on their own with a bunch of black face sellouts.

  2. ha, ha, ha,

    “………..from the Marijuana cultivation regulations of Barbados the Old SLAVERY HEADQUARTERS”

    Barbados being given its REAL NAME for a change. “…the OLD SLAVERY HEADQUARTERS”


    BLACK POLITICIANS deliberately, AS THEY WERE ORDERED BY THE 3% OF OUR POPULATION MASTERS, setting out to allow only WHITE PEOPLE who did not suffer in the Marijuana business to be the only ones to benefit from Marijuana.


    He is always to be POOR AND DESTITUE and always to an employee of the WHITE BAJAN AND INDIANS. That is the lot of BLACK PEOPLE in Barbados. Compliments our BLACK POLITICIANS working on the behalf of the 3% of our BARBADOS population the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.

    The Marijuana cultivation regulations MUST BE RECINDED.

  3. ha, ha, ha

    The Marijuana industry being reserve for WHITE PEOPLE AND INDINAS.

    BLACK BARBADIANS including BLACK RASTAS are completely cut out BY BLACK POLITICIANS. WELL, WELL, WELL. all of this is done by the BLACK BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY.

    Only thing for Black people in the Marijuana trade IS JAIL.

    And the interesting thing is that the BLACK BARBADIANS ARE SITTING DOWN IDEALLY AND TAKING IT Because they voted for the Barbados Labour Party at the last general election. WHO SOLD THEM OUT AS USUAL.


  4. To keep the noise down and listen to people who are experienced in the subject, only those who partake and have opened their minds should speak on it.

    Are you experienced, have you ever been experienced
    I have

  5. And the interesting thing is that the BLACK BARBADIANS ARE SITTING DOWN IDEALLY AND TAKING IT Because they voted for the Barbados Labour Party at the last general election. WHO SOLD THEM OUT AS USUAL.






  6. “BLACK BARBADIANS including BLACK RASTAS are completely cut out BY BLACK POLITICIANS”
    All your Black Shit is getting stupid.
    I and I sit down and reason with brethren.
    If you don’t drink up the herb you can’t be conscious and when you aren’t conscious then you must be anxious.

    Give thanks and praises to Jah
    Rasta Fari

    Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God

  7. On Old Year’s Day I had to talk seriously to a young packer at Emerald City who “wants to enjoy himself while he is young”.

    Guess I should keep a check on myself now too for symptoms although I wore my mask and kept all the protocols. And imagine I have gone nowhere but to do necessary business since COVID reached our shores! And my young son has only been allowed to meet a few friends, mainly outdoors.

    Bynoe must be blue vex with those employees!

  8. The subject can not be hijacked for political blather as it is sabotage.
    BU is and echo chamber for crap and not higher thinkings.

  9. To the main point, Barbadians are not sitting still and accepting it. Not true. Bajans are vehemently protesting. Bajans are opposed to another plantation structure being added to the dying sugar industry and pseudo-plantation structure of the tourism industry and they are speaking out openly. And Rastas are fighting tooth and nail.

    We’ll see what happens.

  10. With this Marijuana Barbados is busy creating a new PLATATION SOCIETY.

    There was sugar cane and its spin off Rum.

    Then there was Tourism.

    Now there is “stay and work” oversea people being directed to only WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS homes and places to stay

    Now there is Marijuana


    Compliments the BELIEVE TO BE BLACK BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY.(i am not sure)

  11. Donna

    you can have the virus but no symptoms

    If you are concerned isolate urself or go get tested

    A short talk from over six feet with mask on I would not worry

    U need “close contact”

  12. John 2,

    After many many years I finally learnt how not to worry. Leatnt it from a filthy rich preacherman and televangelist with a mega church. He is most ironically named Creflo Dollar. He never got my dollar even though he did visit Barbados but I gained something priceless from him.

    There are nine Emerald City workers who may have been shedding virus in that air conditioned environment. And that young man did breathe all over my groceries albeit while wearing a cloth mask. I no longer wipe them off. And allergies ensure that I mess with my itchy eyes at some point every day.

    I will await word from the authoritied. If they call for us customers I will go. My customer card will give them my contact information. My bill will tell them which cashier checked me out. Her antsy packing partner will also be known.

    No sweat!

    Thanks for your concern.

  13. Naked, Starcom shut down. I am told all staff gone for testing. Dj Biggs played at the bus crawl and he positive. InTheknow

    • Do you realize there is a Covid 19 update page? Must you post anything that come to your mind on any blog? Please be guided.

  14. Zara Holland makes grovelling APOLOGY to people of Barbados after the Love Island ex-Miss Great Britain star ‘broke quarantine in bid to flee isle after boyfriend tested positive for Covid’
    By Nick Fagge and Lydia Catling For Mailonline
    10:35 02 Jan 2021

  15. CCC why you do not stop telling lies.Starcom is not closed down.At this very ment Ronnie Clarke is on air at Starcom VOB following Mr Larry Mayers who was on from 7 am this morning.You can do a lot better than this.

  16. @CCC
    Now, I am confused.
    Lorenzo has never been right and now he is correcting you. Is it possible you are both wrong? I would like to think you have gone deaf and Lorenzo is hearing voices. (The L guy hates my attempt at humor)

    Special shout-out to my buddy Lorenzo.

  17. The regulations governing the Marijuana trade MUST BE THROW OUT as they presently stand.

    WHITE PEOPLE creating a new Plantation society.

    This must never happen in Barbados again. BLACLK PEOPLE once more being made employees of WHITE PEOPLE. No, no, no. And this is being done by BLACK POLITICIANS who are working on the behalf of WHITE PEOPLE.

    The fact that they look like us, don’t let that fool you. BLACK POLITICIANS will sell out their Mothers. The fact is that most of those Plantations belong to the people of Barbados.

  18. hello i am white somewhat but a racial minority,my parents survived the death camps of Europe,keep your eyes open and your ears, judge yourself not what others say.
    weed biz is not the panacea that it seems,monies are just not there. the only benefit is the dealing ends cause prices coming down.i used to be hard left but age turns you into the middle, skeptical. work is not slavery.slavery is not being happy that one of “yours” has done well. unite encourage success, go for the ride. life is not a ladder with you trying to climb higher than your neighbour.Bim needs to encourage manufacturing or assembly for redistribution, tourism not enough,solar, wind etc diversify.
    foreigners running weed biz is not the evil you see.growing for medical or safe consumption not as easy as it seems,regulations for consumption need rules. there is mildew, etc. give it a chance learn

  19. “foreigners running weed biz is not the evil you see.”

    so which idiot is this one, how bout Black people running weed biz in a black majority country for a change, how bout the tiefing ass racist foreigners sit their asses down, because they know very little about really growing weed, yes, it’s the black people who’ve being going to PRISON FOR DECADES FOR WEED, growing it for over 50 YEARS…really know about it..and not some half ass white, indian or syrian….as Mia (sambo smile) would like everyone to believe.

  20. Medicinal authority holds first clinic

    THE Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA), the island’s regulator for the medicinal cannabis industry, just completed its first application clinic last Friday, which was geared to assisting small farmers/entrepreneurs through the application process.
    With applications scheduled to be available next Monday, the two virtual sessions targeted potential licensees interested in applying for the Cultivator Tier 1, the Processor Tier 1 and the Transport categories of licences.
    Chief executive officer Dr Shantal Munro-Knight explained: “The objective for us at the BMCLA was to provide guidance to persons attending the application clinic to have current and concise information related to the process to be followed. We also provided documents which applicants should become familiar with and we walked through the online application form and the additional documentation which would be necessary.”
    “It is part of our effort to allow for equal participation from every level of person who wants to be involved in the industry directly. We chose those specific categories of licenses – Cultivator Tier 1, which is no more than an acre; the Processor Tier 1, which is no more than 200 square metres; and Transport licenses, because we wanted to ensure that the average person who is interested in getting involved in the industry is as informed and unencumbered as possible,” she added.
    Munro-Knight reiterated that the other way the BMCLA was looking to assist all levels of
    participation was by having license fees paid in three instalments over the five year period. Additionally, the license fees will be inclusive of other costs related to security checks, ongoing costs for track and trace, and other administrative costs over the five-year duration of the licence.
    While lauding some participants who agreed to collaborate, Munro-Knight urged others to follow their example. She also advised Barbadians to think collectively about entering the industry, noting that “if five or more average Barbadians can come together and pool together their financing or product to get into the industry and build as entrepreneurs in whatever category of licence – absolutely yes, it’s accessible.” (PR)

    Source: Nation

  21. ” The proposed licensing cost to cultivate will be $29,700 per acre. However, there are different levels which carry different fees. A tier 2 cultivation licence is priced at $123,750; tier 3 at $99,000 per acre and tier 4 at $79,200 per acre.

    In relation to processor’s licence, tier 1 goes for $148,500; tier 2 for $742,500 and tier 3 stands at $990,000.

    The fee for the retail distributor licence will be $148,500, the transport licence for a single vehicle is $99,000, with the cost for each additional vehicle to be $14,850; export licence and import licences $5,940 each and laboratory licence and research and development licences will cost $74,250 each.”

  22. @ David January 12, 2021 9:48 AM

    It would most interesting to know who are / will be the approved applicants for this ‘mary-jane’ business which has now been transformed, overnight, from an illegal street whore to the patron saint of pharmacists selling man-made addictive substances on the High street.

    How was that ‘Evil’ ingredient removed from a now innocent plant in such a short space of growing time by nothing else but with a stoke of a Parliamentary pen?

    Would the names of those approved marijuana-growing licence awardees be published in the Official Gazette or in some other official media just like those who have applied for and ‘sold’ liquor licences?

    Will these ‘noveaux-arrivant white-washed’ marijuana farmers in Bim be importing ‘experienced’ labour from St. Vincent or will they, with their un-burnt skins, be relying on the Bajan variety of modern-day field hands branded with the curse of criminal convictions for the possession of imported spliffs?

    How many poor black boys from the ghetto blocks have been incarcerated and sacrificed on the altar of legalized hypocrisy?

    Shouldn’t those who suffered at the hands of that same legalized hypocrisy be given, ‘gratis’, cooperative licence(s) as ‘initial’ compensation or reparations for the moral pain, social ostracism and economic suffering they had to endure since the 1970’s?

  23. @ Miller,

    The Rastafarian community should be given permission to grow Marijuana for religous purposes and indigenous medecine.

    They should be allowed to sell Marijuana for recreational use when it is legalised probably just before the next election.

    The cost of Licences for growing and producing Medicinal Marijuana prohibits the majority of Bajans from owning a business with a start up cost of a few hundred thousand dollars.

    Sugar cane plantations and even golf courses could become fields of Canabis. ” Land should be put to its most lucrative use.”

    • @Miller

      The commission promised transparency. We will se.


      Did the Rastas comment on the group being targeted by criminal element?

    • @Hants

      If you were a Rasta would you feel confident to rely on the Police to give protection? Think praedial larceny as one example.

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