1. To: D of BU
    #comment-1759910 did not reach the massive

    Didn’t I show you the way to glory
    Didn’t I teach you the way to love
    now your learned call me teacher

    Teacher teach us to dance to rockers

    I’m all around teaching music
    now you learned call me teacher

    Dr Alimantado-Teach The Children, Princess Street Skank

    Jazz Is The Teacher (Funk Is The Preacher)

  2. Yeah create more corruption….why not populate the Caribbean with whites, syrians and indians only and make her the Prime Minister for them…i think that’s a better move…

  3. why are Caribbean people so UNINFORMED…that idea was pushed by others YEARS AGO..it’s nothing new…there is ALREADY a system in place for African descendants who choose to access their ancestral lands and it varies by country until they get their no borders ONE AU PASSPORT set up properly and fine tune things..

    .why not REMOVE the borders in the Caribbean for blood cousins across the region before thinking ya can control how Africans are setting up things for the return of African descents…..ya got a Caricom passport with borders…

  4. btw…for those African descended people interested in accessing their real motherland….and shutting down minority rule in their lives…..ya can access information on how to go about it….just start doing the research for the country(s) ya may be interested in..

    that’s my good deed for the day.

  5. Speaking of visions..i could swear that Ross had a previous name and was involved in shadiness in the US before the name change….but birds of a feather. tend to cling togther…

    yall need to leave Afrika to look after it’s own business WITH ITS DESCENDANTS..in the Diaspora…in case yardfowls don’t know, the Caribbean is also the diaspora..

    “The Mia Mottley administration has contracted the services of the Chicago-based financial crime detection and prevention firm, ACAMS (the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) for
    another year.

    ACAMS, a subsidiary of Adtalem Global Education, the parent company of Ross University, has been offering specialised services to Barbados in the area of anti-money laundering for more than a year, helping the country to meet many of its international requirements.

    Attorney General Dale Marshall sought and received a total of $1,877,894 in supplementary funding for “professional services”, of which $1 million was for consultancy fee to ACAMS and the remaining $877,894 for other legal and consultancy services.”

  6. Minority rule DESTROYED South Africa, nearly 30 YEARS since Mandela was released and they are still fighting to get the stinking stench, stain, curse and BLIGHT of minority rule out of the country..

    the lying, tiefing, racist evil piece of shit social partnership of parasites aka private sector that Mia and every Judas who go into that parliament support and promote = minority rule…the island WILL NEVER CATCH ITSELF..

    btw Ross was previously DeVry…shady as hell hence the name change..

  7. Read TWICE:

    the lying, tiefing, racist evil piece of shit social partnership of parasites aka private sector that Mia and every Judas who go into that parliament support and promote WITH BLACK/AFRIKAN PEOPLE’S MONEY= minority rule…the island WILL NEVER CATCH ITSELF..

    btw Ross was previously DeVry…shady as hell hence the name change..

    re minority rule
    and they are adding more every day…55 YEARS of this is RESIDENT EVIL…in wicked, corrupt black demonic dried up hearts…

  8. William ..i know you fully understand what Pacha is trying to impart, it’s not the island(s) in and of themselves, man cannot create such beauty no matter how many fake islands they build, it’s the dirty corrupt system that the Judases in the parliaments WILL NEVER END…not as long as they can continue getting away with the above…they are NOT going to stop..

    they now have known crooks schooling them on money laundering and picking up the people’s money by the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to do just that….while Black/African people on the island suffer and starve..

    that is why i can never attach myself to any island and i have lived in and or visted more than a few..

  9. “Barbados is a horrible country it is one of the biggest secrets that has been kept for years :::
    Generation after generation don’t seem to understand what Barbados is about.
    It is simply an elitist country where those with wealth and status are treated the best.
    The country is absolutely fraudulent and corrupt and will never change any time soon.
    If you are skin toned black you better be loaded .”

    This is what the island is notorious for…anti-Black hatreds and wickedness oozing out of the parliament and judiciary. It has gotten so bad that it’s no longer a secret, the people can’t take it anymore and REFUSE to keep it a secret any longer as doctrinated to be believe by parliament skunks that it would make the island look bad if they said anything about their oppression and subjugation. Still don’t understand how 3 generations fell for that blatant lie now exposed across social media…It’s time for punishment for the lying Judases.

  10. No seesawing! Very constant. Same thing I have been saying forever.

    Barbados is no more horrible than where you live.

    Show me where I have said otherwise.

    • All we have on BU are commenters pushing narrow agendas . It does not matter the topic the same narrative can be expected.

  11. David September 12, 2021 11:35 AM #: “All we have on BU are commenters pushing narrow agendas . It does not matter the topic the same narrative can be expected.”

    @ David BU

    SPOT ON!!!!

    • What theee people pushing narrow agendas at all cost do not realize is that the resonance of the message diminishes day by.

  12. David,

    While they bellow, I heh mellow!

    Walked along the beautiful cliffs of Barbados with woman’s best friend, communed with Mother Nature, took in deep breaths of the wonderful sea air, tended my Garden of Peace and reaped my first delicious sugar baby melon.

    Sweet island life!

    Read the Barbados news and was reminded that we still have much work to do.

    Read the world news and was reminded that the rest of the world does too.

    No Utopia on the world map!

  13. Donna….that is not the point….you have the FIRST SLAVE SOCIETY…still a SLAVE SOCIETY….who pushed the SLAVE CODES on the WORLD..still pushing a SLAVE AGENDA….the paradise is ONLY for nonBlack people…ya can’t have it both ways….one day ya saying they are oppressive and have the island regressing significantly, the next day ya want to push a paradise agenda…push one or the other but ya CANNOT PUSH BOTH…they are people on the island not even eating properly, destitute….they are DESTITUTE IN BARBADOS, not in US, UK or Canada…

    this more than likely will go WAY OVER YOUR HEAD…but what happens next, what evil plans are afoot for Black/African people…Barbados has a track record of being the CONDUIT of EVIL agianst Black/Africans …and Mia is more than capable, it’s just that she made a strategic error for which she will NOW PAY…

  14. Those who want to PRETEND they were not born into ALL OUT WARS…will not change a narrative to make the battle harder for anyone but themselves…stop pretending and MAYBE ya will see REALITY..

    keep telling yall to deal with what’s in FRONT OF YOU…there are those dealing with US and EVERYWHERE ELSE., ya just not hearing about it….because ya live in ya false world where nothing is wrong…

    i could walk in the streets of London, UK and Canada, Africa etc and still find the same peace and tranquility…it’s what’s BOILING BENEATH is the threat, peace is not unusual in any country, ya find peaceful areas in WAR ZONES… ..

  15. I like being consistent, call it having access to certain information that others may or may not have, but it does not mean i have to try to change reality to suit some backward fantasy…

  16. “is that the resonance of the message diminishes day by”

    it only does so for those SOFT IN THE HEAD…and have a problem with fighting a war that will never end…they are the ones who will pay THE ULTIMATE PRICE…while the war still rages…..into 3 or 4 more CENTURIES…because they are easily WORN DOWN…..lost the warrior spirti, can’t go any further…problem is, no one is stopping to carry anyone..

  17. “All we have on BU are commenters pushing narrow agendas . It does not matter the topic the same narrative can be expected.”

    I found this thread submitted by Ras Jahaziel of rastafarivisions.com quite uplifting

    It is best to ignore annoying people’s chatter as they are deliberately trying to annoy you and go to a place within

    Entering the Dream: Imagination Meditation & Kemetic Yoga Flow (852hz)

    • How many will support a brother and purchase a few prints?

      Some of these people always pushing the back to Africa narrative mind you.

      So much hypocrisy.

  18. Am actually proud that people in Barbados have taken up the battle with VITALITY….yall need to get out some more and see what is happening on other forums…or slow down and stay where ya are..hoping against hope..posting a bunch of pretty, petty shit………others KNOW they don’t have that luxury..

    just because a few things got exposed does not mean it’s over, NOTHING HAS BEEN ACHIEVED…except that from the continent to Europe, to the Americas…understand better what is happening in these shitholes pretending to be paradise..

    REAL WARRIORS are now takiing this forward and not because of the weak..

  19. And every time we got a flow going..Donna jumps out, don’t know what she thinks she is achieving, because it’s nonsensical at best……to annoy Pacha or someone else…she knows messing with me earns her A SLAP DOWN…but is never deterred…and neither am i..

    like when she asked to post things on Afrikan culture and got OVERWHELMED..and then brought out the beast in me….no one is stopping her from immersing herself in her little hole, but don’t wish that on anyone else, especially those WHO KNOW MUCH BETTER…

  20. So where is the link to purchase the prints?

    you have the FIRST SLAVE SOCIETY…still a SLAVE SOCIETY….who pushed the SLAVE CODES on the WORLD..still pushing a SLAVE AGENDA…and may i remind those with short memory syndrome that the destruction from those codes are still ONGOING WORLDWIDE…centuries later.

  21. Where did I say anything about a paradise???

    There is no paradise on earth! Not in Barbados. Not in Canada

    But I have never felt like a slave in Barbados. You will have to check with my great, great, great and possibly even great grandparents and find out how the first slave society was.

    And as for the still existing slave codes you are on about, they have never affected me. I don’t know anything about them.

    Life has not been without challenges but my whole damn family overcame long time. Not even slaves to debt.

    So, I don’t know what you are talking about.

    What we have is some residual discrimination due to resource ownership.

    We black people in Barbados can overcome that too, if we work together.

    Life will always have its challenges. Life will never be completely fair. But we must press for progress in that direction, ALWAYS.

    But in the meantime there remains plenty of enjoyment in Barbados for many, many people.

    Definitely including ME!

  22. “WORLDWIDE” is exactly my point!

    Isn’t that right back where we started???

    So singling out Barbados as a horrible place and saying that you would not live here because it is horrible is nonsensical.

    I have lived here comfortably for fifty years with British citizenship at my fingertips. I never felt the urge to leave.

  23. btw…Pacha put out some unparalled writings on the other thread, i must ask permission to put some of it in my next book….i saved them and will post the ones i need to ask about..

    ..i wish Donna would publish one about her colonial hole…instead of the same old bullshit that happens in every corner of the earth EVERY DAY…and teaches no one anything..

  24. You don’t need to lie I HAVE never said I WILL NEVER LIVE IN Barbados…Blogmaster will tell you differently, it’s just that the evil perpetrated on the average Black citizens by Judases in the parliament WILL NOT HAPPEN TO ME WITHOUT EVERYDAY RESISTANCE..

    you are the one assuming without anything to back it up..

  25. Donna..you are easy to read..you are intellectually incapable of addressing the matters of the ONGOING slave society, slave codes developed in Barbados, higher level corruption, racism, apartheid etc that has brought the island to its knees and all AIMED at the Black majority… OR ANYTHING that exposes these things with a view to bringing it to an end…and you DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE addressing them either….and that is decidedly dumb and counterproductive…

    and apparently you DON’T UNDERSTAND MODERN DAY SLAVERY either…

    no one is denying your little UNAWARE world, but when you try to go after those who are actually aware and doing something you have to be prepared to be outted.

  26. You actually believe you are slapping me down?????

    Artax, weh de laughing an’ rolling yellow man?

    At primary school we used to call them FLYBITES


    Uh gon dead!

  27. btw..you are not alone,,,a lot of those clowns who don’t like to hear truth and complain nonstop on BU are just the same, limited in intellect, their comfort zone….but they can’t stop anything….thousands of forums out there carry the same content and some are even more radical…

  28. you always get slapped down…that’s why Pacha stepped aside, because he knew you would come after me and I WILL NEVER BE THE ONE…..

    fyi…Barbados is not the only country i do this in…telling you, because i am 100% sure, you will never think that far..neither you nor the other time wasters…..

  29. Another thing …no one is begging anyone to go to Afrika…people are sharing information because it’s available, and telling others their options…tens of thousands already moved over, a percentage could not last because they are too westernzed, arrogant and ignorant…..and the thieves will have a hard time out there now that everyone is being apprised of their true motives…

    all that is being asked is that they move away from the colonial slave system in Barbados and other islands that too many don’t even know still exists around them….

    Kudos to those who are waking up rapidly

    I will never invite anyone to the continent personally, the people who succeed are CREATIVES who never lost connection and instinctively know what to do…already have or are about to build successful businesses…ask Pacha…

  30. What makes these people believe they’re the only credible source of information on Africa? And, with all of it they’re supposedly sharing with other people, why haven’t they moved to Africa as yet?

    How about looking at the ‘OTHER SIDE of the story?’

    “Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya are also major sources of migrants to the EU, Norway and Switzerland. However, compared with the U.S., sub-Saharan migrants to Europe arrive from a more diverse set of origins, with more than half of migrants living in Europe born in South Africa, Somalia, Senegal, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon, in addition to Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.”


    In 2020, 97,565 Africans sought asylum in Europe.

    What are the “tens of thousands already moved over” eagerly running TO……… that the “tens of thousands” of Africans taking perilous trips from Africa to other countries running FROM?

    I’m all for embracing my African heritage, similar to how the Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Irish, English etc, all embrace their respective roots, whether they were born in Barbados or relocated here from the lands of their birth.

    However, let’s be fair and examine the rhetoric we’re being fed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some people so busy romanticizing Africa that they purposely neglect to tell the forum Africa is also known for fraudulent activities and many can attest to being taken advantage of, so fraudsters are able to finance an affluent lifestyle. For example, Nigeria’s ‘4-1-9 scams.’

    We’re also given the impression people from the Caribbean are trying to get into Africa to ‘set up and rob’ Africans, while overlooking it is a known fact Africans have been leaving the Continent in droves to go into European and other countries, where they are ‘scamming and setting up’ citizens to rob them. How about the ‘African braclet scam’ that’s being perpetrated all over Europe, especially in Italy.

    So, would it also be woe to African fraudsters when the European ancestors descend upon them?

    Perhaps ‘setting-up and scamming’ are the inherent traits of our Africa ancestors.

  31. The Ras Jahaziel video is doing well for views on a popular platform in North America….i dropped it on more than one…there is one on the continent where it will definitely be a hit..

  32. Now we do know that people are often hungry in the US, Canada AND in the UK.

    We know that from their own released statistics. And during the lockdowns we saw the lines of people and cars circling the free food servers.

    Some of us live in the real world where ALL countries are good for some and not for all. The eternal challenge is to make it good for more and more people.

    Count me in on that challenge! I have many ideas that do not include cussing people all day long.

  33. Well ya should turn those “ideas” into reality….i cuss all day long and could show you what i have achieved in 9 years to the last 18 months…..

    you only cussed a few people, so show me yours…

    stop looking at others and focus on what you can do to make things better….i have my track record already, cussing or not…some of us are too advanced for you so stop trying to break us down…we will pulverize you.

  34. WURA-War-on-USeptember 12, 2021 12:07 PM

    Donna….that is not the point….you have the FIRST SLAVE SOCIETY…still a SLAVE SOCIETY….who pushed the SLAVE CODES on the WORLD..still pushing a SLAVE AGENDA….the paradise is ONLY for nonBlack people…ya can’t have it both ways….one day ya saying they are oppressive and have the island regressing significantly, the next day ya want to push a paradise agenda…push one or the other but ya CANNOT PUSH BOTH…they are people on the island not even eating properly, destitute….they are DESTITUTE IN BARBADOS, not in US, UK or Canada…

  35. As I said, this is the reality worldwide. Singling out Barbados as a horrible place to live is nonsensical unless you are willing to label the whole world a horrible place to live.

    We must put things in the right perspective.

    You can list your so-called attention grabbing achievements ad nauseum. I am comfortable with mine. I am not trying to be anything other than what I am – a grass roots, hands on worker. One on one. One by one. No fanfare.

    That’s me! And happy to be!

  36. Pulverise?????

    Not feeling it yet!




  37. “You can list your so-called attention grabbing achievements ad nauseum.”

    don’t hate…go tend to your jealousy derived garden….

    you can’t feel what consistently goes RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD…

    just gotta give ya a month and ya right back to the same old shit…

  38. Jealousy derived??? You claim to be a writer. You should have read my statement with greater understanding.

    Trust you to turn a positive into a negative!

    Cuhdear Bajan’s tales INSPIRED ME to do what I had long wanted to do. I have already thanked her and she was glad to be of service.

    I have made my garden beautiful and productive and located it in clear view of my neighbours to make others as “jealous” as I was. So far, so good!

    It wukking!

    I have purchased numerous seeds that I offer to hatch for anyone who expresses that “jealousy”.

    You too love a low blow! But you have missed your mark!

    Contrary to what you think, my years on BU have not been wasted. All the crazy insults have thickened my skin to the point where I have ascended to a place uninhabited by the likes of you.

    Thank you for your service, O Great Pulverizer!

    Fortunately, constant use has caused your spearhead to lose its poison and its sharpness!

    P.S. When I asked you to post about Africa I was trying to distract you from your daily diatribe. You did post some good stuff. Unfortunately, it did not last! You are addicted to your diatribe and have convinced yourself of its success.


    Now, you may have the last word! I grow bored with your impotence.

  39. Now that the cat fighting has abated 5 minutes ago and there is a calm after the storm in a tea cup and we can now get back to matter in hand which is flutes + visions with versions excursions ….

    .. here is your daily scratch dosage prescription as recommended by the love doctor for your musical injection to nice up the lawn and rock and come on with a disco bum called it is so many times that you are leaving so many time that you are gone, but note that there is a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extraordinarily big difference between going to Africa and talking about going to Africa, as they would say on the Underground Train Station in London Town “Mind the Gap”

    Majestarians-Flute On Fire / (Upsetters-So Many Times Dub)
    So Many Times (Disco Mix)


  40. Caricom and Africa

    THE HEADS SUMMIT between CARICOM and African Union states on September 7, marked a significant milestone in the history of these two African-majority regions of our globe.
    Occurring over 50 years after the first moments of formal independence in the English-Caribbean in 1962, it is perhaps embarrassing that such a meeting between these two historically and culturally connected regions was so late in coming.
    It speaks to the deeply ingrained nature of neo-colonial dependency and post-colonial insecurity that it took 50 years to shift our development gaze away from Europe and, finally place it in the direction of our ancestral home, across the Atlantic, into the continent of Africa.
    Better late
    On the positive side, however, the fact of the summit itself, suggests that it is an idea whose time has finally come. Better late than never.
    It suggests that the African and CARICOM regions have finally matured away from Westerncentricity, have developed selfconfidence in their own collective capacity and have now arrived independently at the realisation that their future development prospects can be further advanced by building upon their historic connections rather than by ignoring or underestimating them.
    Carried live, online, it was gratifying to observe African and Caribbean leaders setting collective goals for themselves, without the mediating presence of old and new colonial powers.
    It was a fulfilment of a dream of the earliest Pan-Africanists, such as Henry Sylvester Williams, who in the early 1900s, had anticipated a world in which global Africans would recognise their common humanity and place in the world and would work jointly to overcome common challenges.
    Specific purpose
    This dream was further anticipated in the famous 1945 Manchester Pan-African conference, in which activists like George Padmore and W.E.B Dubois had recognised the possibility of eventual independence and had organised the conference with the specific purpose of preparing for that eventuality.
    So today, in 2021, with African and Caribbean states now sitting on over 60 years of formal independence, and with the full recognition that a world independent of the West is not only possible but necessary, (and perhaps moved by the unspoken acceptance of an ongoing decline of the West) these African majority states agreed to meet to fashion a common agenda. And what a progressive agenda it was. Among the measures mooted, proposed and left for further discussion included: the holding of the AU-CARICOM Summit annually; the need for dedicated direct airline connections between Africa and the Caribbean; the need for continued coordinated responses to COVID-19 particularly with respect to vaccine distribution and production; the refocusing of the question of reparations for slavery; and even the abolition of visa requirements for travel between Africa and the Caribbean.
    As David Comissiong aptly puts it, the CARICOM-AU summit offered the possibility for an “internal agenda of reparative restructuring of our own relationships with each other”.
    Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs. Email tjoe2008@live.com

    Source: Nation

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