Black Panther: Symbol of Black Power in the Caucasian Paradigm

Submitted by Margaret Brito PhD

“A melanated big cat, called a panther, is a solitary, fearsome creature.”

Let us welcome Margaret Brito to the BU family. Do not ever forget that the BU forum is about a melting pot of ideas, opinions- a forum where academics and ordinary share a single space.

David, blogmaster

The image of the black panther is a symbol of Black power in the Caucasian paradigm. I use Thomas Kuhn’s definition of paradigm developed in his essay “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”¹ published in 1962. In this essay, Kuhn, a Harvard scholar, defines a paradigm as a conceptual box which validates and legitimizes the ideas within it, and invalidates and renders invisible whatever is outside it.

A paradigm defines what is known and how it is known. It defines the relevance of what is known. A paradigm dictates what can be known and should be known, as well as that which is not known and should not be known. It dictates what’s included in one’s experience and what’s excluded. It defines how people should understand and respond to their experiences, both those which should be and are included, and those which should be and are excluded.

Full Article – The Black Panther: Symbol of Black Power in the Caucasian Paradigm


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Errata instead of “not to fish” it should be “not too rich”


  • Thanks Piece, we have some regulars on this blog who seem not to get it in their thick skulls that we have heard the arguments many times. Stop boring those who read for god sakes! It is about showing respect for others.

    To Margaret Brito obviously your piece required deep research but if you are targeting a general readership you must distil the information in ‘bit size’ easier to understand lines.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    i think the Doc was dipping her feet in first to measure consciousness levels and exact a way to communicate going forward, she will hardly find 10 people ….who post… to communicate at her level,, many who can will remain silent and read only …making a gauge more difficult.

    of course those with ulterior motives will dismiss any progress for the Black race no matter how simple or difficult the language used…

    .in her first foray, she signalled that problem was well recognized.


  • I have never come across the concept of vibranium or heard of a country called Wakanda!!!

    I stick with facts!!!!

    The comic strip has become a comedy!!


  • Neat thing about basic facts … they don’t change!!


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    I viewed the film in the UK and tried to view it again whilst i was in Barbados but it was fully booked out. It is an excellent film and I would advice “cynical” John to watch the film.

    I tried but failed to read the academic’s article in full.

    Why would Margaret Brito PhD choose to use the Black Panther film – a Marvel comic strip -to discuss black empowerment and nationalism when we have the works of a Caribbean giant who was named Marcus Garvey to fall back on. He was a revolutionist whose teachings inspired the universal black race to fight for their independence and to self-manage themselves. Without him, Rastafarianism and the Black Panthers would never have come into existence.

    I would have preferred to have read a discourse on the works of Marcus Garvey rather then to have to wade through this rather self indulgent article.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    It is urgently important that this documented information of African civilization for 1200 years before the African slave trade and slavery is introduced into the schools of the Caribbean, there will be no progress in Barbados and the Caribbean until this is done, until the truth is finally told.

    “Black people ignore that their ancestors, who adjusted to the material conditions of the Nile valley, are the oldest guides of humankind on the way to civilization.” Cheikh Anta Diop

    International trade at the time of African empires
    The high imperial African era (from 300 to 1500) was a golden age in the history of the Black continent. The different States maintained economic relations with the four other continents. This article will give you an overview of the intensity of these trades…

    Trade with the Eastern

    Berber and Arab caravaners roamed the Sahara to exchange goods between Africa and the Arab world. The Hippopotamus skin whip made on the Senegal River thus had an international reputation according to the Arabic chronicler Bekri. Gold, that was unimaginably abundant in West Africa, was exported. Salt, wheat, raisins and figs were imported as well.

    Iranian bowls were found at Mwene Mutapa (Zimbabwe), faience of Iran and Iraq in the Swahili civilization (Tanzania-Kenya), Somali coins in the United Arab Emirates. The Arabs had settled all along the East African coast – that is, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique – and were intensively trading with Africans.

    18th century painting illustrating the relationship between Africa and the Eastern
    An Iranian delegation is received by the King of Ethiopia (Authenticated by Runoko Rashidi)
    Trade with East Asia and Oceania

    The trade between Africa and Asia was mainly due to the wealthy East Coast and the Mwene Mutapa empire. Across the East Coast, an opulent class of Black traders had been created as a result of these exchanges. Africans exported their products to China and India. The discovery in Australia of 1,000-year-old coins from the lavish town of Kilwa, Tanzania, and updated by the team of the Australian anthropologist Ian McIntosh, confirms that the trade also reached Oceania.

    Chinese porcelain ware was found in the graves of Mwene Mutapa. Gold, tin, copper, were extracted from the empire’s soil. The products were exported through the port of Solafa in Mozambique. The specialists estimated at 30,000 tons the amount of tin extracted. The navigators at that time were mostly Arabs and Asians.

    Despite the existence of a Swahili navigation and the testimony of Blacks sailing on the Indian Ocean, the wealth of East Africa – where according to a saying, ivory beds were accessed by silver ladders – did not make the adventure on the high seas necessary for Africans. Mwene Mutapa’s mining activity served as an economic lever for the entire East Coast.

    In addition, coins from Vietnam and Sri Lanka were found in Somalia. These exchanges favoured the advent of diplomatic relations between the Swahili / Somali civilizations and China, which had ambassadors in the respective states.

    Swahili Coins in Australia Discovered by Ian McIntosh’s Team in 2013
    Trade with Europe

    From the time Blacks of Maghreb ruled over southern Europe, intense trade had made possible the appearance of wealthy cities. During the Black Almoravid dynasty, gold from West Africa was used to strike coins that circulated in the European part of the empire where they were called marabotins. A particularly sophisticated customs organization allowed the Black civilization of the Imperial Morocco to increase its wealth. The cities of Spain, Marseille or Genoa were hubs of commerce with North Africa.

    Maghreb’s Black dignitaries playing chess in Spain;
    Source: The Golden Age of the Moor, Ivan van Sertima, page 29
    One thus found a European fabric, the Montenfès, with which the Mansa Suleyman – Emperor of Mali at the time of the chronicler Ibn Battuta – dressed. Black and White Berbers and Arabs were the intermediaries of this trade.

    Trade with America

    Trade with America is also documented. The African-Guyanese historian Ivan Van Sertima, father of historiography on the presence of Africans in ancient America, gives us some of them after having consulted the archives of Christopher Columbus himself. The crew of the latter had seen tall Blacks in America. The Indians of Haiti had told Columbus that Blacks came in big boats to trade. The contemporary navigators of Columbus reported to him that there were ship departures from the West African coast to America.

    But the most affirmative element is that Columbus had analysed in Spain a spear of Haiti, which contained exactly the same composition in metals as those of West Africa. Aside from this trade of spears, Van Sertima reports the great presence of the Mandingoes in the Central American markets.

    And here, contrary to the relations with the Arab world and Asia, it is the Blacks themselves, of the empire of Mali, then of the Songhai empire, who travelled through the Atlantic Ocean.”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Get the truth into the schools and stop the liars…

    Mansa Abubakari Keita II, Emperor of Mali, crossing the Atlantic in 1311
    It is this journey that would have inaugurated the intense commercial relations between West Africa and America (Illustration by Khephra Burns)
    Hotep !

    By : Lisapo ya Kama © (All rights reserved. Any copying or translation of the text of this article is strictly forbbiden without the written approval of Lisapo ya Kama)


    General history of Africa, Unesco
    Precolonial Colonial Black Africa, Cheikh Anta Diop
    They came before Columbus: the African presence in ancient America; Ivan Van Sertima
    Gouvernement du Maroc – Morocco Government


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Europeans/the West are definitely going to be kicked out of Africa in this era, Africa has had enough.


  • John said “Would not waste my time watching Avatar!!!

    Pure make believe!!” ” Pure fantasy and make believe!!”

    John yuh RH Johnny fantasy stimulates the brain, it is a creative outlet that can be instrumental and breeding ground for new discoveries and inventions.

    Didn’t your God man and his book give you fantasies that you actually believe??? Like one day he will return on a cloud from the sky, like a virgin giving birth, like a boat built to house a pair of all animals that roamed the earth except for the dinosaurs of course, like a man after being dead for three days coming to life?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Dr. Brito.

    Elsewhere de ole man has made reference to a layer of denizens who I called some expletives that I should not repeat those words here.

    But my idea is quite simple in that I refer to a set of us whose thoughts are so calcified that we are not entitled to enter into the Promised Land.

    This is a subset of the sentient anachronisms who are an enemy to progress and de ole man counts meself of one of those “ole dogs that are incapable of being taught new tricks”

    Might I therefore suggest the following as it relates to the much needed indoctrination of the yutes in the Message of The Caucasian Paradigm

    De ole man would break dis down to simple animated concepts simple not simplistic yet sound and of the content and gravitas to be an accredited coursework for children of African descent globally.

    De ole man would back pedal and team up wid some big wigs and get the topic translated for consumption by we niggers like how De national rifle association got big Fortune 500 companies sponsoring dem 2nd amendment educational classes and ting.

    De literature would be instructive but more importantly interactive so that you will be able to assess real-time the extent of the outreach of what is now a Bridge Too Far for some of us.

    I have no doubt that you can shift from Tchalla to the Black Star Liner and Lamming and Fanon or how to create Black Wall Street.

    The thing is that the Actualization of your Vibranium Construct of 2018 needs to use 2018 tools for your target audience of beneficiaries and facilitators

    At any rate the ole man jes making these suggestions to you cause my belly empty and de fumes of hunger got a fellow hallucinating…


  • fantasy stimulates the brain


    Alcohol stimulates the brain, Cannabis stimulates the brain!!

    ….. but they also kill the brain!!

    I’ll stick with simple provable facts … far more satisfying …… and no known harmful side effects.


  • My contribution has been to “Three Prominent Features of the Caucasian Paradigm” which were spoken of in the full article.

    I addressed the first and showed what she was really speaking of was Christian Civilization.

    I made the point that it is unnecessary to create a new term, Caucasian Paradigm when there is in existence a term that more accurately describes what she wants to say and one that does not need a reader to be a genius to decipher!!


  • I addressed the third prominent feature to which she referred and showed that far from being of recent vintage, the denigration of black people arose long before the advent of Europeans in Africa and the establishment of the slave trade.

    I pointed to an Islamic Scholar who wrote in terms which categorised “black” people as not human and suited only to be slaves.


  • I haven’t addressed the second prominent feature in this article but have done so already in other articles.

    Male dominance over females

    The thinking that changed this simple accepted fact, arose through the Quakers from 1648 who believed that God’s Light was present in all people.

    That made Women the spiritual equals of men … and children … and slaves!!!

    The Bible provided the basis.

    It is through the Bible that slavery was ultimately abolished …. both kinds.

    I won’t address the impact of Islamic civilization on women, that is left to the reader to consider and compare ….. and think!!


  • I don’t think any other contributor on this blog has critically analysed the contribution made by MB and provided her the kind of feedback that I have ….. just using simple unassailable facts of history!!


  • Cannabus kill a brain? …yes john look both ways before crossing the street


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    liesalot the couple one liners you posted and i read were pure rubbish, not worth reading especially if more than 2 lines…you have already been figured out and have nothing useful to offer.


  • WC

    Have you seen the film?


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    i did, but what does it matter, its the right movie for these times, a change from and compared to the usual make believe spin off from reality and mostly sci fi we have been getting from the days of Goldwyn Myer.

    your problem lies in the predominantly black cast, which is none of your business, so it will remain your problem, get used to seeing more all black cast movies.

    am sure you had no problem with zorro and the count of monte cristo and all the other rubbish over the last 80 years,


  • Bob Marley is a worldwide symbol,

    but don’t forget the other Wailers Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer


  • Bend Down Low,
    Let me tell you what I know now



    Within the next 50 years, Africa will be the dominant Continent on the planet. Because of the awakening now in progress, NEW AFRICA is about uniting and about the welfare of its people as ALL will contribute to their advancement inherent in their profound equal potentialities and gifts. Unlike the ideology of white supremacy .a purging of all that does not resonate to the new frequencies upon that land will be removed.

    For the experiences that they have gained BY EVIL INTENT throughout the centuries they are being the rewarded with a new beginning. They shall rise to be the global exporter of newly discovered potent resource minerals that will be keys to the next stage of technological advancements, plus being the recipients of NEW and advanced technology, not in the sense of an assimilation of AI, as this is a subtle force working to undermine sound inherent black human potential.
    Due to the authenticity of their history in which certain attributes, knowledge and capabilities is their birthright, these new frequencies upon their psyche and consciousness will again awaken them to this new reality, thus a new paradigm of actuality, this time voiding the residue of lessons learnt via psychological and biological warfare upon our chosen people.

    Africa too is rising to become the mecca of exports of pure unadulterated food and natural organic and holistic remedies not medicines. They will exponentially grow economically and the Governmental structures will be of a completely new order, setting the example for real leadership and governance worldwide.

    As Africa was use as a laboratory against its own by other societies, a strong resistance against its perpetrators will result in an impenetrable protection of the entire continent not known presently.


    Why did so many Heads of States visited the continent for Nelson Mandela much delayed funeral? Why does Prince Harry see Africa as a homeland? What is amiss?

    As the movie 2012 hinted, the survivors of that global calamity and chaos charted a course to AFRICA…. A REVELATION TO THE WISE,

    the gifted technologies has commenced


  • the gifted technologies has commenced


  • Standing outside and inside of the caucasian and afro paradigm I can say the afro paradigm has better sounds and friendlier people. Call it the afro-asiatic paradigm


  • Discovery of NEW unknown mineral.


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