African Liberation Education 1

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

A captive people are not likely to recognize their captivity if they were born in captivity and have no memory of freedom.

Nor are they likely to identify liberation as an urgent necessity… if they have been schooled and churched to see their landless bondage as normal.

(That is why “The Manual of Slave Control” clearly spells out in its preamble: “the need to educate all X-Slaves with the myth that their captivity ended on the day of Emancipation, and to support this myth by keeping the X-Slaves constantly doped, domesticated, and entertained in a drunken stupor.”)

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  • @ Artax

    You are absolutely correct on both counts. Nichelle Nichols’ role on Star Trek was ground breaking for Afro American actresses during that period. Thanks for reminding me of this extremely important fact.
    As for Tarzan most progressive black scholars, have long concluded that it was very racist.


  • William Skinner,

    And yet we still in 2018 have the racist game being played that Guillam is “not equipped” to be governor and Abrams is “not qualified.” But you know we are not supposed to talk about these things.


  • fortyacresandamule

    Like it or not, it’s the whiteman’s world. Everybody else is just pretenders. On a special note, the psychology of the black population on the planet, has long resigned themselves to be hewer of woods and drawers of water.

    Too many of us in Bim like to boast about our so-called achievements as a black nation. I cringed everytime I hear stuff like that. Our standards are so low, forgetting that we have an economy that is propped up by white tourism, offshore tax avoidance, and backed by an overvalue currency.

    Where are our innovators, scientists, industrialists, technologists engineers.. etc? People who are essential in building a real and diversify economy.

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  • The population of England when Atlantic slave trade started was circa 4,000,000 which is the amount of slaves they shipped to New World. Slaves were bred for 20 generations with up to 15 children from age of 14. They were sold for up to $1,000 (which is equivalent of $70,000). The rich mans wealth has been built on the back of poor blacks. Trumps Grandfather came to USA, which means only his father and him were born Americans.


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