African Liberation Education 1

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

A captive people are not likely to recognize their captivity if they were born in captivity and have no memory of freedom.

Nor are they likely to identify liberation as an urgent necessity… if they have been schooled and churched to see their landless bondage as normal.

(That is why “The Manual of Slave Control” clearly spells out in its preamble: “the need to educate all X-Slaves with the myth that their captivity ended on the day of Emancipation, and to support this myth by keeping the X-Slaves constantly doped, domesticated, and entertained in a drunken stupor.”)

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81 thoughts on “African Liberation Education 1

  1. I often wonder had we not been shackled by the psychological scars of our enslavement as a people of African extraction … where would we have been in terms of our social, political, economical, cultural, religious, educational, and moral development in the year 2018?

  2. Now if there is one thing I must give Prime Minister Barrow credit for is his effort to impressed upon the youths of my generation the importance of looking at what we were being taught in our history class differently!

    He said to us and I can remember his very words quite vividly some three-decades later… that Christopher Columbus did not discover the Caribbean as we were being taught in our history class, but in the interest of passing our history test we should write it down anyway. Because how could he have discover a place where the Indians inhabited 300 years prior to European expansion…

  3. Lexicon – eating one another and chucking spears. As the black guy said as he settled into a 1st class BA seat at Lagos airport, “thank god for slavery or I would still be in this shithole”.

  4. Errol Barrow was a credit to Barbados. Not many you can say that about since. Certainly not the author of this drivel with his ersatz African name.

  5. Emancipation is a gradual process. Do you think your grandchildren will be as messed up as you are – or your grandfather was? Make your life count, pilgrim.

  6. The important fact that Ras Jahaziel omits is that the significant majority of humanity is in bondage no matter what their skin color or ethnicity. Average White people are duped into supporting those who hold them in psychological bondage… they vote against their own self interest in order to ensure that Black people remain worse off than they are. Yes they are stupid, but stupidity is not a moral failing just an intellectual weakness.

    So, for example, the legions of Trump support scum deserve my pity more than my contempt, no matter what the color of their skin. I need to understand scum in the sense that they are just a surface manifestation of evil that lurks underneath at a far deeper level.

    People like Trump or Orban or Bolsonaro are not the locus of evil themselves, they are just the playthings of yet deeper forces in contemporary capitalism.

  7. @45govt
    Errol Barrow was vehemently hated by the White minority in Barbados while he was alive. It is only after he was long dead that he was reinvented as “a credit to Barbados.” Furthermore there are very many of his generation and since that we can say are a credit to Barbados. This type of historical manipulation is commonplace… the same has been done to Martin Luther King: oppressed, viciously attacked and ultimately murdered by the White community only to be reinvented later as a tool to belittle contemporary Black leaders by saying that they are no MLK.

  8. @45govt
    You should take the time to look up the word ‘ersatz’… Jahaziel is a Biblical reference from ancient Hebrew, and Ras is an entirely Caribbean invention.

  9. PLT aka racist Trump Derangement Scum. I Know what the word ersatz means, having had an extensive and expensive education and certainly have no need of advice from some racist nobody like you. That is a fake name.
    Regarding Errol Barrow I knew him and liked him, and the cause of his disaffection with the white community was as I recall his iniquitous grab of the sugar receipts which the plantations were about to get after years of starvation prices. But don’t let the facts trouble your boiling anti-white hatred.
    You are a sad and insignificant little parasite, and doubtless keep company with that other tick, Commissiong. You bore everyone.

  10. @ PLT

    “Errol Barrow was vehemently hated by the White minority.”

    Pure nonsense !
    Barrow maintained a well known relationship with the traditional white corporate elite.
    Barrow in 1974, brought the Public Order Act, to destroy the Black progressive nationalist movement in order to appease the whites.
    He also stated publicly that Eric Williams should have charged the leaders of the Black power movement in Trinidad with treason.
    This piece of legislation is one of the worst pieces of legislation in our post independence history.
    It is time that we stop trying to rewrite history .

  11. @45govt
    I love White people, Black people and all other people. I am simply contemptuous of racism.

    You said that the name was ersatz African; I was simply educating you that you made an error.

    I knew Dipper as well… he was a talented, complex and flawed man. I have tremendous respect for him and I remember the times well enough to know that White people here hated him long before he came to power.

  12. @William Skinner
    You are correct that Barrow had lots of buddies among the White elite… those relationships were built after he became Premier and then PM. He was under no illusion that those people would be currying favor with him unless he had power. He spoke quite openly in my company about the fact that he knew they would stab him in the back if they ever had any opportunity.

  13. William Skinner

    Why then in the latter part of Barrow’s life he preached vehemently to the youths of my generation regarding the detrimental impacted of the American culture upon our way of life? Instructing us ( the youths of my day ) to stay clear of its influence!!!

  14. William Skinner

    That does not sound like a man who wanted to appeased the white establishment in Washington during his tenure?

  15. @ Racist Trump Derangement Syndrome – I take leave to doubt everything and anything you say. In my dealings with Barrow he and I knew perfectly well there was NEVER going to be any quid pro quo. He was a nice man, and introduced me to shark steak in his favourite rum shop.
    You should get a life, and spend less time denigrating anyone who isn’t into Black Power. You are a sad spectacle.

  16. @45govt
    You are not making sense… what quid pro quo is it that you are referring to? Is it the Public Order Act that is not quid pro quo? Is it his grab of the sugar receipts that is not quid pro quo?

  17. @ Lexicon

    I debunked what PLT said.
    Now you tell me where in my contribution did I ever say anything about white people in Washington. I spoke specifically to the “ progressive Black nationalist “ in our country.
    Errol Barrow’s influence on this country cannot be denied but I know that everything I have written here is historically true.
    @ PLT
    Thanks for your honesty. Barrow lifted and positively helped in creating what we now call the idea of Barbados.

  18. William Skinner

    So what are you trying to convey regarding Barrow’s attitude towards the Black Nationalist Movement in Barbados? That he was black on the outside and white on the inside?

    Well, Sir Grantley Adams as a prominent lawyer in Barbados represented the white plantocracy against the downtrodden black masses and the public record can attested to what I am espousing here!

    Moreover, Sir Grantley Adams did know his worth… because it is well documented that during the 1940s… he would dropped off his wife ( a white woman) at a white segregated Yacht Club on Bay Street, and could go no further than the door.

  19. There is a missing ingredient in this discussion and that is that both EWB and Grantley Adams were pragmatists.They both would have heard from their parents’ mouths :” When one’s hand is in the lion’s mouth one tries to ease it out”.

    We have reached where we reached because of their shrewd leaderships.

  20. Grorgie Porgie

    I am not quite sure who you are talking about, but if you aren’t sure about the person in question … please direct your question to the Blogmaster…I am quite certain he has the IP number of person in question Sir.

  21. @ PLT

    @ Hal

    Dr Gonsalves,PM of St. Vincent, gave a lecture on the Ideology of Barbados. I think that was the origin of the concept. He attempted to classify the Barbadian characteristics. Fairly insightful ,I think.

  22. @V|incent,

    Is that the recent one? I think it was reported in the local press. I am almost certain it was also mentioned on BU. Plse dig it out, it would be interesting having a second look at it again. The power of written speeches and not off the cuff waffle.

  23. The first cannabis-derived medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration is now available by prescription in every state, according to its manufacturer.

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  24. The majority of Blacks in Barbados do not identify with a debate that they are locked in mental slavery. The enlightened few will not make progress to educate because the system is securely anchored in the establishment.

  25. The majority of Blacks in Barbados do not identify with a debate that they are locked in mental slavery. The enlightened few will not make progress to educate because the system is securely anchored in the establishment.(Quote)

    What does this mean?

  26. Now maybe I am simple-minded and in want of better comprehension, but I do believe that once an academic system has been erected on the critical thinking element … one is able to overcome a lot of the parental and societal indoctrination.

  27. @Lexicon,

    Spot on. We must think people how to think (critical learning) and not what to think (learning by rote).

  28. David

    If as the British philosopher John Locke claims that the mind is a blank slate upon which experience is written ( tabula rasa) … then through the proper education … we are able to overcome a lot of what have been impressed upon by culture.

  29. I do not know the current educational system in Barbados, but when I went through it the system made every effort to suppress critical thinking. HC in my day equated critical thinking to insubordination.

  30. I have seen no evidence over the past year and a half that critical thinking plays any part in Bajan education or culture. Most of the discourse here on BU is entirely free of critical thinking.

  31. PLT is correct about those Trump supporters. Those poor fools deserve our sympathy. I realized that a while back and said as much. They vote against their own interests and cheer about it. Rampant, unchecked capitalism has concentrated almost all of the world’s wealth in the hands of the very, very few. Still, I do not envy the very, very few because I see their greed as an addiction. They can NEVER get enough. It satisfies them less and less so they try to amass more and more and the vicious cycle continues. Seems to me that most of HUMANKIND is mentally enslaved one way or the other. Humankind is a MESS!

  32. Maybe you conform and assimilate but at Q.C my two best friends and I were labelled rebels and were the only three girls who didn’t become prefects.

  33. If you are on top of the dung heap with your noses blocked up and unable to smell, you may be very aggressive or guarded against the sanitation workers that want to eliminate the dung heap and spoil your view. A sad reality in Barbados is some sit on the top of the dung heap but other sit at the bottom with aspirations of reaping the top. because the view is so much better there. Its the view that we crave not better health; better health is secondary.

    thus our current thinking; we have accepted the dung as the status quo. anyone black brown white and mixed that tries to interfere with the dung heap will be battled and fought tooth and nail.

    So can we do better? Yes We Can, do enuff of us know better sadly it doesnot seem so. So we continue to climb to the top of the dung heap for the better view not realising that we all can be a better place(Maybe Hope) if we call just realised that the dung heap is not the place to be.

  34. @ Donna who wrote ” the only three girls who didn’t become prefects.”

    So all the other girls at Q C were prefects ?

    Every time you write you intrigue

  35. @ Donna November 2, 2018 5:28 PM

    Maybe you are too old or too young to remember STAR TREK. Or maybe you never were intersted in sci-fi pictureson the TV.

    But i can remember during the series that human encountered a species called the BORG.

    The borg motto or mantra was “assimilate or die”.. “You will be Assimilated” Maybe just maybe they had Borg at QC when you attended. You could or would not assimilate , thus you got no prefectship? lol

    What you experienced at QC is par for the course at all older grammar schools island-wide at least when i attended secondary school. We didn’t and still don’t realise the damage that thinking is continuing to do; unless u are a benefactor of such.

    But we live in Hope or David does 🙂

  36. Donna

    “Humankind is mentally enslaved one way or the other”

    Continual self-inventory is one of the ways we can employ to keep our passions and desires from enslaving us … the Ancient Philosoher Socrates tells us that an unexamined life isn’t worth living…

  37. @ PLT

    You are welcome. Thanks for locating and uploading. I am not good at that technique.

    @ Hal Austin

    That is the correct lecture. Gunsie in my opinion is a bright chap. I am sure you would have experience his ekchanges with Tom Adams in the 1970s.

  38. Donna, you do write drivel. Do you claim that every girl at QC was a prefect except you and your wutless friends? Talk about more chiefs than Indians.

  39. Lexicon,

    If it was indeed Socrates who first said that, he was right. I examine my life daily.

    Sir Fuzzy,

    Watched Star Trek every week. Still watch it sometimes. Star Trek makes one think. I like thinking,

  40. Do you have nothing better to do than follow me around BU trying to insult me? I wear your insults as a badge of honour. It would, in fact, WORRY ME if you paid me a compliment.

    P.S. But pray tell sir, upon what evidence do you call my friends and me wutless? You know what, don’t bother to answer. What does it matter? Your words say more about YOU than they do about me. No need for me to waste an insult on you.

    You may have the last racist, misogynist word.

    Ignore button pressed!


  41. Donna

    I thought QC girls were known for conducted themselves with a social-deportment unlike most back in the day? I did not know intellectual rebels attended QC?

  42. @Hants
    “The drug is made of cannabidiol (CBD), a component of marijuana that doesn’t give users a high.”

    What is going on in Toronto with the OCS? I ordered my medicinal cannabis more than two weeks ago. I was promised it within five days. I still have not received anything. I ordered the one with 2%THC and 12% CBD for my anxiety disorder. the one I grew gave me a high and I did not like the feeling. So I gave it away. I make tea with it as I never learned how to smoke.

  43. @ Hal , PLT, Vincent Codrington

    Vincent is correct I used the term of “the idea of Barbados” . It was first used by Ralph Gonzales . The paper/ lecture , merely stated that Barbados was one of the best managed countries in the Caribbean etc.
    @ Donna
    Did you notice that the three Black characters in Star Trek early television series that one was blind and used a computer to see; one had his brains outside his head and then Whoopi was a bartender ?
    The white computer was a brilliant man and then a white boy about fifteen years old was already a captain. The other strange looking Captain with huge ears was also portrayed as brilliant.
    I followed that early series closely but I always thought those portrayals were a bit racist. In other words , within the three blacks one looked monstrous; one was disfigured and one served drinks.
    As for the education system it was learning by the fear of the strap! The strap disappeared some what but critical thinking was not part of the system at all. That has now evolved into thinking Dees or Bees if you don’t do so, you are considered a lunatic or failure. BU is now one of the major vehicles used to carry these Dees and Bees thinkers.
    If you don’t think like them you are indeed considered wutless. Same thing you encountered in the hallowed walls of QC ;no different from any other school in our system.
    Don’t think – just follow the Bees and Dees and you would be considered to be brute!
    @ Lexicon
    I really can’t make myself any clearer on Barrow. You seem to want to prove that I am saying Barrow was an Uncle Tom. I don’t think so .
    As for Sir Grantley, he along with Barrow are still the foremost political leaders of our country pre and post independence.
    In my book the story of Sir Frank Walcott needs to be properly told and in my estimation, it will be far more fascinating than Barrow’s or Sir Grantley’s.
    Unfortunately we don’t have those writers to do such great work. Frank Walcott is indeed the Father of modern Barbados not Barrow!

  44. William Skinner

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the point that BU does not support the idea of critical thinking … it is follow the script or else you are maligned for slightly degressing from the topic before deliberation … in order to strengthen your point of argument.

  45. @ Lexicon November 2, 2018 9:33 PM

    @ William Skinner

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the point that BU does not support the idea of critical thinking … it is follow the script or else you are maligned for slightly degressing from the topic before deliberation … in order to strengthen your point of argument.


    Please notice who does this maligning. It is also note worthy of those who dont engage in such.

  46. William Skinner,

    It was a step forward for an intelligent black character to be even included in the cast. At least Geordi was intelligent. Changes that are implemented gradually, in measured steps, tend to elicit less resistance and therefore are more likely to succeed. I always thought, and Obama has recently wondered if he was too early. Maybe the racist backlash in the USA right now is because the sight of a black family in the White House was too jarring for some. One government employee commented on social media that it was great to have a LADY (who incidentally posed nude and in bondage gear) in the White House again.

    About Barrow, I think he was fully aware of what I stated above – that incremental changes meet with less resistance. I understand that Wynter Crawford was more radical but Barrow watered down his proposals. Barrow wanted a gradual reform rather than a messy revolution. Who was right? If one’s aim was peaceful change, probably Barrow. But he died before the work was completed and nobody took the baton. Besides, the masses had some money to enjoy themselves and thought they had “arrived.” So now we wuk up and get drunk even on Independence Day. Mindless bashment – no time for “conscious” lyrics. And rum shops are now fancy bars where we can watch foreign football and car racing – no time to discuss our real life issues.

  47. Lexicon,

    A few intellectual rebels did come out of QC. One of them even managed to fool the Establishment and became the Head Girl of my year. Funny too is that though the School Management did not favour me, this Head Girl that they chose invited only one schoolmate to her wedding. Yours truly!

  48. @ Donna
    Thanks for your thought provoking response. You are right , after Barrow came the great pretenders. Could say the same thing about after Sir Grantley as well on the other side. Even in this crisis we see mammoth confusion and questionable leadership.
    It’s a barren political culture right now ,coming out of a barren political class. That’s the problem- not lack of forex.
    The rum shops and small shops were finished once the gas stations were allowed to carry mini marts. They call it convenience.
    We got cars; we buy our gas and bread at the gas stations; we go home and watch tv. Welcome to. Brooklyn formerly Bimshire.

  49. Donna

    Critical thinking caused Socrates his life … because in his effort to educated the youths of Athens … he was accused of poisoning minds of the young people … so he was therefore put on trial … convicted … and subsequently put to death by the backward and bewitched power structure of Athens…

  50. Socrates may have introduced it to the youth of Athens. That does not mean he was the originator of the thought. It is well known that the Greek philosophers borrowed from another culture.

  51. William Skinner

    I couldn’t help but to reverence the man Barrow … because he stood up for what was right… and kept his promised to rid government of the top of the line Mercedes Prime Minister St John and members of the BLP drove at the expense of the poor and working class people of Barbados during the 80s.
    Nevertheless, I also met that man as a young 18 year old lad bagging groceries at Home Center Limited in Bridgetown back in the early 1980s when he was still in the Opposition. Mr. Barrow was a frequented customer at Home Center during those years in the Opposition… and I founded him to be a well-mannered down to earth man who wouldn’t leaved the store until he spoke to practically all of the employees during those years in the Opposition.

  52. Donna

    Knowledge is exponential so therefore … no one can claim an exclusivity to it …

    Before Albert Einstein was given worldwide acclaimed for his discocery of the quantum mechanics/theory … Max Planck was before and far ahead of Einstein in this field of study … but Planck is seldom given credit for his pioneer work in this field … the way in which Einstein is given today…

  53. Lexicon,

    This I KNOW but the WHITE MAN does not acknowledge. Everything worthwhile apparently began and will end with them. Ask Lawson and his ilk who think the black man has contributed NOTHING to the development of mankind but peanut butter and the stripper pole.

  54. Donna

    You should ask Lawson if he ever heard the name Philip Emeagwali?

    Well he is a Nigerian American computer scientist and mathematician who is responsible for the speed at which our computer runs today. This man developed the High Performance Computing Application in the 1980s. Now Mr. Emeagwali is well respected in the scientific community and was recognized by President Bill Clinton for his many scientific achievements…

  55. Donna

    You should also tell Lawson that the first successful open heart surgery was performed by a black American name Dr. Daniel Hale Williams in 1893.

  56. Donna

    Lawson should also be aware of the fact that an African American name Garrett Morgan was the first man to developed the Traffic Light…

  57. “Did you notice that the three Black characters in Star Trek early television series that one was blind and used a computer to see; one had his brains outside his head and then Whoopi was a bartender?”

    Mr. Skinner

    I recalled the early “Star Trek” (1966) series with William Shatner,…….. and included in the cast was a black actress, Nichelle Nichols, who played the role of “bridge officer” “Lieutenant Uhura.” Now, that was an achievement for black people, especially in an era when black women mostly portrayed “nannies” and “maids in movies,”

    What I found as RACIST and an INSULT to my intelligence was “Tarzan.”

    The writer of that “racist stereotyped” story wants me to believe white people are so extremely intelligent………. that a white baby abandoned in an African jungle, raised by an African tribe and subsequently apes……..

    …………….. was able to learn how to communicate with animals effectively and possessed the strength, speed and other abnormal abilities far beyond those of normal men…..

    …………….. and even more so than the Africans he found living there.

    However, since the first “Tarzan” book was written around 1912, the author was a man of his time.

  58. @ Artax

    You are absolutely correct on both counts. Nichelle Nichols’ role on Star Trek was ground breaking for Afro American actresses during that period. Thanks for reminding me of this extremely important fact.
    As for Tarzan most progressive black scholars, have long concluded that it was very racist.

  59. William Skinner,

    And yet we still in 2018 have the racist game being played that Guillam is “not equipped” to be governor and Abrams is “not qualified.” But you know we are not supposed to talk about these things.

  60. Like it or not, it’s the whiteman’s world. Everybody else is just pretenders. On a special note, the psychology of the black population on the planet, has long resigned themselves to be hewer of woods and drawers of water.

    Too many of us in Bim like to boast about our so-called achievements as a black nation. I cringed everytime I hear stuff like that. Our standards are so low, forgetting that we have an economy that is propped up by white tourism, offshore tax avoidance, and backed by an overvalue currency.

    Where are our innovators, scientists, industrialists, technologists engineers.. etc? People who are essential in building a real and diversify economy.

  61. The population of England when Atlantic slave trade started was circa 4,000,000 which is the amount of slaves they shipped to New World. Slaves were bred for 20 generations with up to 15 children from age of 14. They were sold for up to $1,000 (which is equivalent of $70,000). The rich mans wealth has been built on the back of poor blacks. Trumps Grandfather came to USA, which means only his father and him were born Americans.


    Racism: What is White Skin? Is it Superior?

    White skin is albinism–an abnormality–a shortage of melanin resulting in problems that go far deeper than the skin’s surface.

    And the Bible refers to the color of the first human’s skin:

    And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7).

    Race is a man-made classification created by white elites to elevate themselves and divide and control people by skin color.

    Skin cancer resulting from exposure to the sun is the most common cancer in the world, and it exclusively plagues white-skinned people. Here are the facts from

    Skin cancer is the most common cancer. About 5.4 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed each year. (These are found in about 3.3 million Americans; some people have more than one.) Melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, will account for about 76,380 cases of skin cancer in 2016.

    Risk factors for skin cancer include: 1) Too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation (from sunlight or tanning beds and lamps) 2) Pale skin (easily sunburned, doesn’t tan much or at all, natural red or blond hair).

    The best ways to help lower your risk of skin cancer is to stay out of intense sunlight and practice sun safety.

    While albinos must protect themselves from the sun, doesn’t mention albinism, but rather that white-skinned people in general are at risk (pale skin, natural red and blonde hair).

    In 2003, Israel was rated the second highest in the world behind Australia for skin cancer. In their article, it mentioned that exposure to the sun was the main cause of skin cancer.

    So my point is: white skin is an abnormality, it is albinism, it’s a disorder, it’s a weakness, and it’s certainly not a trait of superiority; but white people are never told this. Perhaps, if the truth was taught, there wouldn’t be so many cases of skin cancer. But telling the truth about white skin would destroy the concept of white superiority. For non-white people, if the truth was out, some would begin to learn to accept their skin color and thank God for their melanin.

    While albinism is not what white people consider themselves to be (due to their programmed superiority complex), I believe they have this disorder by the cancer stats alone, but if some whites are not direct albinos, then many of them are very much descendants of such people. What I mean by descendants is they are the offspring of the breeding of albinos with dark-skinned nations to produce people with a tad more melanin in the body resulting in a very light tan color and darker hair and eyes as opposed to the standard pale skinned appearance you see in Irish people:

  63. During colonial rule in Africa, thousands of cultural artefacts were plundered. African countries want them back and major museums across Europe have agreed to loan the famous Benin Bronzes back to Nigeria . Now France has launched a report calling for thousands of African art in its museums to be returned to the continent .


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