Religiosity and Failed African States

Submitted by Dr. Bamidele Adeoye

The greatest tragedy of all African states is the introduction of foreign gods and languages, cemented by tribes, decimated by education without interrogation or intelligence.

Welcome to Africa, the new Africans, our world, our opportunities.

Before the advent of foreign intrusion into Africa, African societies have their concept of Supreme Being or High God, which is generally held to be the creator of the world (Lord of the universe) and the source of all powers operating it. African Gods are usually associated with particular cultures and tribes with an elaborate system of worship, ethics, morals, and levels of discipline which imposed dos and don’ts on the activities of humanity concerning nature.

Africans worshipped our Gods in harmony with our neighbours. There were no levels of superiority or rivalry between our Gods. Africans respected each other’s Gods despite their tribes, cultural spaces, and intellectual differences. Africa was a borderless state, yet a big family of people with no defined boundaries and many Gods.

In the past, Africans were capable of learning to attribute meanings to her surroundings and situations, drawn from her religious resources (our original Gods). Africa’s spirituality forms the fundamental pillars of all aspects of African societies.

The spirit of Godliness is within us, and we are the temple of God. Hence, no one can give Africa their Gods, because the essence of God is in all of us ⎯ humans. And, according to a Ghana proverb, no one teaches the child to know God, and the consciousness of God is deemed inherent in the child from birth. Thus, Africa did not need foreign religions or gods to be spiritual or Godly. Africa was the quintessence of Godliness and the glory of all Gods manifested in Africa.

However, the arrival of foreign incursion changed everything, and it disrupted our Gods, cultures, languages, and cultural spaces. Although there is no right or wrong culture, every culture has its logic of philosophy guiding it. Africans operated in other dimensions of realities that have parallelism to our cosmologies and mythologies that continued to dictate behaviors in our societies.

African culture is not an accident or trivial, it is not decorative, or the songs they sing as the west contended but culture is about the body of moral and ethical values place on each human being lies in each of us.

Thus, cultural diversity is not an academic pursuit, it is the fundamental indications of the ways things are meant to be. Hence, our culture guided us in harmony with our neighbours concerning our religions and languages with man-for-nature or eco-centric acclimatization mentality.

Africans were later cursed, brainwashed and indoctrinated with foreign religions to believe that they were people of inferior Gods and languages. And the only gods and languages Africans should value and respect were theirs. Thus, Africans guiltily resented her Gods and languages along with their meaningful names; it became shameful and tormented. Africa’s identities were compressed, polluted, and converted, and it became fashionable to acquire the colonial master’s attitudes and ways of life, particularly their gods.

And anytime someone says your God is ugly and you release your God and join their god, there is no hope for your freedom until you once more believe in your own concept of the God — Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

On behold to the Africans that they signed their death warrant to foreign inferior gods at the detriment of our superior Gods. African Gods were devalued, relegated to the bottom while they introduced their gods in their image, and elevated their gods above ours, what a tragedy of faith.

You may westernize me, but my God, do not Christianize me — Jerry Rawlings, former president of Ghana.

Foreign religions were used to dominate, manipulate, and oppress Africans. They were the subtle key elements in masking class and race superiority. This foreign religion manipulation was vividly evident in the use of the Slave Bible to push a message of servitude to enslaved Africans.

British colonists created the Slave Bible, a truncated version of the bible, by removing portions, and in some cases, entire books out from it for the fear that it would encourage insurgence among enslaved Africans. On average, a typical standard Bible edition (Roman Catholic-66 books, Protestant-77 books & Eastern Orthodox-78 books), contains roughly 72.3 books while the Slave Bible contains only 14 books, an approximately 81% reduction. The Slave Bible was published in London in 1807 and used by British missionaries to convert and manipulate enslaved Africans about Christianity while inculcating obedience and safeguarding the slavery institutions throughout their colonies.

The Slave Bible is the openly recorded history of abuse and manipulation of religion in the modern era. It provides insight into how the Slave Bible performed a vital role in race relations (racism), discrimination, and economic gains.
Unfortunately, Africans are so embedded in these foreign religions that they failed to understand their discriminatory, chauvinistic, and detrimental nature. Thus, Africans refused to develop, refine, make our Gods palatable, and sell it to the world like other religions.

Today in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, they are doomed to the forces of foreign gods; Christians against Muslims, fighting over religious hypothesis, an abstraction of ideas. Currently, in Nigeria, ninety-nine percent worship foreign gods, only one percent worship their original Gods. Nigeria is not the only country in Africa susceptible or prone to this religious calamity and malady.

Africans are prisoners of sorrows and lamentations. They have relegated what they should do to God when God is an exaggerated worship of the cultural self. God is as the wind, which touches everything. Africans failed to conquer, master, and nurture their natural environments. Instead, they solely rely on divine intervention in their survival.

The Bible and the Quran is a collection of religiously authoritative texts or books, a documentary hypothesis. A hypothesis is an assumption or concession for an unexplained occurrence that does not fit into current accepted scientific theory. In other words, the hypothesis implies insufficient evidence to provide more than a tentative explanation.

Religion has no place in any business equation. In Africa today, research and development along with common sense have been relegated to divine intervention. Africans must understand that religion is about morality and ethics, while science is about the natural order of things or nature.

Hence, religion and science are mutually exclusive. Likewise, wishes and hopes are not business strategies, while denial is not a life strategy. Religions can hardly fit into the generalized theoretical categories employed by social scientists, a contestable character of religions.

Africans are slaves to their colonial masters who govern them, and the religions they gave them, manages their conscience. Hence, Africans will continue to be under the control of their colonial master’s bondage.

The danger to the development of Africa is in the hands of the so-called educated Africans, education without interrogation. They are the architects of Africa’s failures due to their religious zealousness. Even though we are defined by courage and redeemed by character rather than religion, Africans tend to be more religious than the foreigners that introduced these doctrines to them. They have no common sense approach to religion and development.

Africa is the only continent where we do not value and worship our Gods. Research and studies indicated that the mother tongue (thinking language) is the best instructional language, an enabler that facilitates better learning, understanding, and transfer of knowledge. Africa is the single continent where we use foreign languages as lingua franca, both in our institutions of learning and business.

Yet, Africans cherished the inviolability of language, because the most fundamental aspect of human identity is their language and name, a foundational part of the conscious self. Hence, Africans considered our names with meanings as a powerful concept of self-identity, and self-esteem which should be honoured.

The energies and creativities Africans infused to foster foreign religions, and languages, if channelled to develop African Gods and languages, it will catapult Africa to the pinnacle of developments. And, Africans will be respected around the world. This creative tenaciousness will also lead to further developments within the continent, particularly in Nigeria.

According to Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Benin, and Togo proverb, until the lion tells the story of the hunt, the tales always glorify the hunter.

Until Africans develop and make their Gods palatable, think, and teach in their mother tongues, speak in one voice, break the border barriers both mentally and physically, Africans will never have peace or harmony, not anytime soon.

In Africa, what is logical is not practical, while what is practical is not right. Whichever is right, is not ethical, and ethical things are not desired. And the desire is not logical. Africans like innovative things, without been innovating, and things that require efforts without putting in any efforts. Unfortunately, Africans have become feeble-minded and lazy thinkers. That is the state of Africans and Africa affairs.

Why are African leaders consumed with power, prestige, pomposity, popularity, and property?

Africans have the “enclosure of the mind” syndrome, in other words, inferiority complex. Africa always embraces detrimental foreign solutions to Africa’s problems, instead of the solutions for Africa by the Africans and for the Africans.

Africa must ostracize the ghost of low self-esteem from their consciousness, return to their original Gods, use their languages for learning, and lingua franca. Until when that sanitization takes place, Africa is going nowhere anytime soon in their developments.

Leadership is the center of the effective utilization of resources. The true essence of leadership is personal conquest, discovery, and self-esteem. And the first duty of any leader is to create more effective leaders, and a true leader is successful when their successor succeeds.

Are African leaders creating more effective leaders?

Leadership is about serving, sacrificing, and seeking the best for their people. African leaders or people in leadership positions should show selfless leadership by example. If not, the world will once again leave Africa behind in the process of development. Hence, Africa needs selfless leaders, soldiers of truth, and promise keepers.

How many African leaders are about the service of their people, or are African politicians truthful about their governance intent?

While the sleeping giant of Africa is busy sleeping, other countries are busy working on developing their economies. Instead, they are religiously praying for the foreign gods to rescue them from greediness, selfishness, and ignorance. A country where the primary mission of their politicians is to amass wealth and undeviatingly abuse their position of power with impunity, and where greed runs in the veins of its citizens, instead of rectifying their situation, they are busy praying for salvation.

As an alternative to building factories and businesses, Nigerians are busy building churches and mosques, instead of paying taxes, they are religiously paying tithes. Their pastors are getting fatter while the congregation is getting leaner by religious manipulation and deceit.

A religion where your salvation is directly proportional to the number and amounts of your tithes, along with other contributions. A religion where salvation is on sale. What a religion!

Rather than take a diligent, constructive, creative, practical, and empirical approach to rectify their appalling situations, Nigerians rely on the efficacy of prayers, fasting, and are religiously waiting for their foreign gods to change their horrendous circumstances while languishing in sorrows.

The devastating influence of foreign religions on the African’s psyche in individual conscience and social life reveals that 85% of Nigerians trust religious leaders, and a similar percentage are willing to allocate them more power. Yet these religious leaders are greedy, selfish, materialistic, ignorant, and manipulating as the politicians.

The greediness of Africans would not allow them to consider the next person, yet they expect God’s blessings. Africa has greedy, selfish, and ignorant people, which elucidates greedy, selfish, materialistic, and ignorant leaders. Where the rich, are deluded by their precipitous audacity of impunity, and oblivious to the misery of the masses.

Are Africans not the leaders they want their leaders to be?

Yet, they keep praying for change. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome, that is not the law of nature, and there is no divine intervention that will change that outcome.

Africa turns to foreign religions and gods for salvation, while religious salvation is more important to Africa than research and development. Africa’s salvation is in the hands of Africans, and will only come from the African Gods. No foreign religions or gods will deliver any salvation to Africa.

While Africa is still trying to recuperate from its past colonial misery, sadly, there is a new wave of re-colonialization in the making, called China, in the form of elephant projects that are doomed to fail.

Very soon, Africans will start seeking Chinese gods and goddesses to worship even though 90% of Chinese classified themselves as non-religious. It will be surprising if this is not already happening. Africans will once again neglect their original Gods for other foreign gods and goddesses from the far east.

The world is changing, Africa must change her thinking if she excepts any change in her state of affairs. Africa will never return to its past glory until there is a total transformation of her mindset.

Africa, one continent, many worlds, prisoners to foreign religions and languages, while neglecting their Gods with a refusal to develop their languages or Gods. Africans have adopted Willie Lynch’s making the slave mentality, and are perpetuating it very well.

In the essence of the religious argument that religion is the opium of the poor, typifies the current state of Africa affairs, and Africa must remove that mentality from her consciousness.

Africans must believe and have the dignity that they are capable of being great because they are Great. Africans must change their mindsets because that is where most of the problem lies. Unfortunately, the truth is as hard as adamant and tender as a blossom. African religiosity and divinities should be homegrown ⎯ Africa, no foreign religion will save Africa, but African Gods.

Africans are intoxicated, constipated, and religiously obsessed with foreign religions that Africans have ignored the social issues that changed the dynamics of Africa’s affairs. Likewise, Africa runs on borrowed foreign religions and gods; hence Africa must be re-introduced back to its original Gods for repentance, purification, and forgiveness.

While Africa is religiously praying to foreign gods and waiting for salvation, their colonial masters are once again busy with their think tanks on how to re-colonize Africa again.

Africa will not change until Africa finds African solutions to Africa’s challenges, through African Gods, languages, and ingenuities. The time is right for the change, and Africa must seize this opportunity to make the necessary changes. However, changes must take place in the minds and hearts of Africa to affect the change.

What has Africa contributed in the past sixty years to profoundly change the world in medicine, technology, or science, rather than raw materials without added value?

Africa is a blessed continent and should use her diversity as intellectual diversity. However, once the engine of development starts, there is no limit to the power it can generate. If only all the natural resources are still available for development and for Africa to eliminate the spiritualism for foreign salvation from her consciousness.

If Africa wants to command her dignity on the world stage, Africa must regain its Africanity through the deep-rooted practices of the cultural self, integrity, and dignity, which was lost through the colonial encounters. Hence, it is time for her to start acting accordingly, and the time is now.

And according to Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba (PLO), We must refuse to be known as the Continent that never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity; let us seize this opportunity and make our mark as a people in this 21st Century.

Africa must wake up to the new realities of our world and protect her opportunities. And for the change to occur, Africa must have a knowing, curious, and informed mind of the new realities of her surroundings. Africa must understand other’s ways of thinking and learn to deal with them as equal stakeholders, not as beggars, but as equals.

Then, we will see the beauty in the gloom, and when glee replaces wailing in Africa, the motherland of humanity. Consequently, Africa will eventually take her rightful leadership position on the world stage.

We are gods in the body of God, truth and love our destinies. Go then and make of the world something beautiful, set up a light in the darkness — Awakening Osiris; The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Finally, the key test for Africa is whether or not she is self-correcting. And for Africa to be self-correcting, Africa must first be open and truthful about herself. The voice of truth is easily known, and credibility is earned through action, polished by words and knowledge.

In conclusion, is Africa open and truthful about herself?

79 thoughts on “Religiosity and Failed African States

  1. When all remnants of the blight and curse of colonialism and colonizers are removed from the Continent, Africa will rise.

  2. Africans in the diaspora are saying #BLACKLIVESMATTER, (I noticed a spelling mistake in BU’s Black Fist Icon),
    but also need an education in their African roots and culture, which needs to be practical lessons visiting their motherland, with freedom to earn money in the west, and travel and live in Africa with dual nationalities, helping to build communities and save up buy or build retirement homes with their forein currency if they desire, and feel that they relate to their distant African relations or ties and are treated better out there and will have better life and opportunity. Jah is calling his children home.
    Here’s some fiveish minutes quickies primers for them to move their body to the rhythm of the African drum.

  3. @WURA-War-on-UOctober 2, 2020 6:06 AM

    “When all remnants of the blight and curse of colonialism and colonizers are removed from the Continent, Africa will rise”

    THE ABOVE QUOTE ISTHE PRIMARY REASON AFRICANS ARE DOOMED TO BEING SECOND CLASS. When the populace in Africa and eleswhere in the world can remove the blame slavery and colonization for EVERYTHING concept only then will movement forward be possible.

  4. “When the populace in Africa and eleswhere in the world can remove the blame slavery and colonization for EVERYTHING concept only then will movement forward be possible.”

    i think you are missing the WHOLE POINT…the colonial system is very much in place STILL worldwide, even after 400 years of its practice it’s there with all its STRUCTURES still FIRMLY in place for maximum DESTRUCTION both mentally and spiritually…this is not about BLAMING IT’S REALITY…

    if poisoning is killing you …WILL YOU CONTINUE TO EAT IT DAILY…

    you can keep it if you want, but no one has to listen to or follow u..some people KNOW they have future generations to PROTECT.

  5. WURA-War-on-U

    “if poisoning is killing you …WILL YOU CONTINUE TO EAT IT DAILY…”

    You might want to ask yourself this exact question with respect to BARBADOS POLITICAL situation since independence.

  6. “You might want to ask yourself this exact question with respect to BARBADOS POLITICAL situation since independence.”

    well there you have it, who better than Barbados as a PRIME EXAMPLE WITH a firmly embedded colonial system that they don’t even plan to REMOVE after republic status or whatever crap they got planned….failures, frauds and corrupt too…destroying their own people on a DAILY BASIS both mentally and spiritually…

    oh and socially and financially..

    so there you have it..

    see how easy that was…

  7. @ David King King David
    I did read it and ready am to be tested. Each one teach one is how we do it on the Undaground.
    Religions and spirituality are always evolving and growing as one’s understanding of God and the Universe get’s deeper and deeper. As you get older you have to get fitter to maintain your mind and body to offset slow down physical and mental decline.

  8. @ David BU at 8 :44 AM

    I read enough of the piece in order to get the drift. What is it you expected Wily and myself to garner from the piece?

  9. We must all remember that African Spirituality was criminalized for centuries…still criminalized in certain Caribbean islands who stupidly believe that being the colonial mentally enslaved is a culture, Barbados decriminalized in 1998 but never told the people anything nor endorsed the practice, therefore, it’s unofficially still criminalized…if the people don’t know, lost their spiritual connection over centuries, there must be a RECONNECTION…to enable and TRIGGER spiritual growth….few people have this connection and those who do are fighting to reestablish that lost necessity…

  10. David if you see anything on the Bullwackie’s label out of NYC buy it.

    My personal favourite artist is Keith Hudson with the roughest voice in reggae

  11. “The only way is to unlearn what was thought.”


    not one black face colonial government can stop us.

  12. Author should be applauded for a thoughtful, accurate and inspiring article. There is nothing more to be said, other than the governments need to get their act together.

    Muslim, vs Muslim vs Christian, manmade defines that are causing unlimited and unending conflict. Purchasing imported weapons to use against your fellowman.

    Insanity. But guess what? It keeps people in their cage, their mental cages. Stop buying weapons from purveyors of evil, the gun runners.

    Imagine what would happen if, simultaneously, people put down their weapons and embraced their fellowman in those countries.

    The resources and energy for good, unleashed?

  13. Absolutely frightening, i just saw a video with cousin Boris singing Black people’s praises for their contribution to UK…what an about face, had to ask what the hell they did to Boris, am sure the cousins are learning fast that in this new era it’s easier to catch flies with honey…the old culture gotta go for everyone’s, including their own sake…but catching flies is still catching flies….can’t wait for them to make a collective effort to DISMANTLE the racism that has blighted the earth…that’s their circus and their monkeys too ….which their ancestors went totally out of their own way to create and visit on our world, it’s their duty to remove that evil shit in this decade..

  14. “i just saw a video with cousin Boris singing Black people’s praises”

    It’s Black History Month in UK 1st – 31st October

  15. Black history should be celebrated every minute, every day, every month, every year, every decade, every century……and not only one month in 12….same as Barbados, celebrate African history and emancipation ONCE A YEAR without actually celebrating anything…and next day, same racist practices, same wannabe slavemasters, same oppression and exploitation…….it should be an hourly celebration…and sounds hollow coming from all those frauds…especially when Boris tries to marry Black people to UKs barbarism…as intertwined and unshakeable…’s insulting…and there is still those centuries of racism against the same African descended people to dismantle…in this decade…

  16. There are too many black people who value white acceptance over black empowerment

    They are nothing more than culture bandits……that’s not me, his-story dictates such…..every culture, every creed has been decimated by them…….

    Too much marching it only gets you hoarse

  17. The author is right. Case in point. Of the top 20 richest pastors in world 15 are from Africa. Go figure. We have a plethora of universities, loads of people with PHD credentials in the STEM fieds, yet still, we create or produce nothing. We add nothing to modern materialist culture . But still, we are one of its biggest flaunters, promoters and consumers. A Sick people indeed.

  18. Unless the white man ban all transfer and export of his material innovations and technologies to black countries, we will never create our own material civilisation. And even then, that may not be suffice. Most would rather pray for divine miracles.

  19. The current pandemic is a case in point. How many black countries have the capacity and technicality to produce PPEs or to develop their own indigenous testing kit for COVID 19 ? How many are involved in COVID vaccination development? None! as far as I know. No wonder we think the white man is god. Always waiting for the europeans to save us.

    • @fortyacresanamule

      What will it take to change it. We talk about it but the gap opened by the establishment White, how can Black people close it given the current state of play.

  20. “There are too many black people who value white acceptance over black empowerment.”

    it’s just as frightening as Boris’ sudden black love epiphany, you have a PM who claims to be shedding the monarchy…BUT KEEPING THE UGLY oppressive colonial system to continue stealing the empowerment of the people, keeping them in social and financial bondage, robbing the elderly and beneficiaries of their estates and futures, robbing the young of opportunites, but using that same system to enrich minorities and steal the people’s tax dollars and pension money so they can be wealthy and the population stay poor…and all of that is fine with the Black population who will sit quietly and allow it to conintue for another 3 generations.

    and they see nothing wrong with that picture..

  21. @ David. Do like the japanese, the koreans, the chinese or even the Indians. It took Japan little over a generation after the meji restoration, to get respect from the western world, after they defeated the russians. The japanese were the original copycats of western technology, until they build capacity to innovate and build a better mouse trap. We rather be consumers.

  22. We have become intellectually lazy when it comes to scientific innovation. Whether by circumstance, default, or design we have outsourced this intellectual exercise to the white race, while we sit back and enjoy the fruits of his ingenuity. We prefer to concentrate on politics, music, entertainment, church and sports.

    No black country has a modern military to even fight a second rate European power. Very few black countries are self-sufficient in basic food security. No black country has produced a fortune 500 company. I could go on and on about our failures. I don’t know about you, but sometimes upon deep reflection I am deeply embarrassed of our many many failures as a people.

  23. The Japanese and the Koreans through their Zaibatsus’ and chaebols’ have created world class multinational companies. These companies were family run and nutured by the states in their early formation. In other word, the states picked the winners. China is using the same model also. Read about the history of Japan powerful Ministry of Industry ( MITI). Its legendary.

    Even to this day the japanese economy is structureed around these cross holdings and linkages of zaibatsu multinationals. African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, and Ethiopia should have adopted a variant of this model years ago.

  24. fortyacresandamuleOctober 4, 2020 12:41 AM

    Very well said. All of the Japanese companies have a brotherhood. Makes it harder for one to fail. It also helps create supply chains n your own country.

    A very good suggestion.

  25. “We talk about it but the gap opened by the establishment White, how can Black people close it given the current state of play.”

    your black leaders have to STOP WIDENING that gap with their greed and corruption and instead redirect the Black population’s taxes, pension and money acquired through loans to the Black population instead of to minorities…your black leaders are the lazy, no good, spiteful minded, covetous culprits…who see selling out the people, self enrichment and corruption as the only way to survive.

  26. WURA-War-on-UOctober 4, 2020 4:19 AM

    No doubt that there are some things that you and I will not agree on (just as I and many other commenters here). However, there are truths that need addressing. Have we noticed that all of the successful Barbadian companies / ventures are sold to overseas interests, arguably for less than their true worth, but the NIS / working folk have to bail out the failed ones?

    Stupid is as stupid does – Forrest Gump.

    • @Crusoe

      You are aware the tension created because of economic and political entanglement makes the issue a complex problem to solve. We are having to confront the establishment citadel and years of the conditioning of minds.

      It is not a binary matter to solve as some are making out.

  27. Crusoe..and if the BLACK POPULATION don’t GET UP and STOP the Mia government and every black government who walk into the parliament AFTER being elected by the people from continuing this 1940s styled trend of disenfranchisement against the taxpaying and NIS paying public…it will continue and never end because they all get something out of it for their personal bank accounts, everyone except the over 260,000 Black population…

    This cannot conintue, it’s not sustainable, all they do is pick up the people’s money and give it away to corrupt minorities, just as they do every opportunity that appears on the island, who then bank and sell everything offshore and the public are the ones in poverty while paying for everything and the clowns in parliament believe that makes them intelligent and the best leaders in the world, while their backward, destructive pracitices meant to only benefit a small corrupt class, continues to PREVENT growth and development for the average Bajan.

  28. Yall better do something about the destructive D and BLP and whichever backward negros get elected to the parliament going forward……they will never stop on their’s the way they have been socially engineered re socialization coupled with their greed and blighted minds in believing that their own people should HAVE NOTHING and only be used to enrich them and everyone else outside of the majority population…’s an ugly scenario that cannot continue and Barbados is the posture child for that evil, just as it is for every crime committed against generations of African descended people.

    most will not know it, but the back of one of the main crimes they take pride in committing….has already BEEN BROKEN…it’s up to the people to finish destroying the obstructionism, the generational SABOTAGE that is always upgraded on a regular basis by your black face governments and their minority friends and directed at them and their children. When they slither around begging you for votes, remind them all about that.

  29. You are aware the tension created because of economic and political entanglement makes the issue a complex problem to solve. We are having to confront the establishment citadel and years of the conditioning of minds.

    It is not a binary matter to solve as some are making out….(Quote)

    What is this in plain English?

  30. One “binary matter “was IMMEDIATELY SOLVED by throwing the sellout, crooked DLP governemnt OUT ON ITS ASS….in a matter of hours in 2018, not ONE of them are BLIGHTING the parliment with their corrupt presence now…and has not been for the past 2 years plus, it’s the other sell out crooked BLP governemnt that the people now have to work on…

    the MAJORITY POPULATION has to make ANOTHER PRIME EXAMPLE….and demand respect from these black face sellouts..

  31. …was IMMEDIATELY SOLVED by throwing the sellout, crooked DLP governemnt OUT ON ITS ASS….in a matter of hours in 2018, not ONE of them are BLIGHTING the parliment with their corrupt presence now

    …has anyone noticed that the SAME DLP who misused the parliament to betray, sell out and rob the BLACK population for minorities are now BEGGING and PLEADING to be let back in..we know the people of St. John will never let them in again, not after the wicked way they reduced them to poverty for 60 years…so they are not getting back into that parliament in this nor in any other lifetime, as long as St. John is the deciding constituency..

    now it’s the treacherous, sellout BLPs turn..

  32. Ethiopia has recently completed its great dam which was financed by her citizens from within her country and her international diaspora community; much to the disgust of Egypt which under British rule was granted complete control over the River Nile. The source of the River Nile emanates from Ethiopia.

    Egypt is 100% dependent on the River Nile and has threatened war with Ethiopia if it activates this dam. The vision and the creation of this great dam was conceived and built by Ethiopians with the assistance of outside players. The writer of this post has been extremely harsh on his African brothers and sisters.

    The article below makes for harrowing reading / listening.

    Mr Naiwu Osahon is a renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement. We should be very careful for what we wish for. This is why it is so important for Barbados not to open herself up to Arabs and those from other religions.

    Mia, if you are going to open up Barbados then there should be no place for non-blacks. And no place for those with foreign religious affiliations and I am talking about blacks, specifically Muslim blacks who are trojan horses.

  33. “Egypt is 100% dependent on the River Nile and has threatened war with Ethiopia if it activates this dam. ”

    funny this should come up, only this morning i was telling another forum that present day Egyptians have been WHITENED generationally and should not be opening any sarcophagi of our BLACK ANCESTORS…with their whitened asses…they are not the original Egyptian who are Black skinned people.

    let them carry on smartly, the present day Ethiopians carry 2020 modern day minds….not 13 and 14th century berber slave trader nor slave minds…

  34. @Cruesoe. Right on. It took years before western powers could have relatively free access to the japanese market. And by the time they did, the japanese was well on their way to compete with the world. The whole economy was so interconnected with backwards and forward linkages supply chain that it was difficult to penetrate. That’s one of the reason why USA auto parts markers failed to capture a competitive slice of that market. The whole japanese economy became Japan inc. Very IMPRESSIVE for a country with little raw material of its own.

  35. @ Fortyacres

    Forget for the time being that with tough WTO rules no nation can do what you alleged Japan did in the 1969s. But there are lessons there for Barbados and Barbadians. Have a go at what these lessons are.

  36. Visit any black countries in the region and their socio -economic profile is not just a mirror image of each other, but it has also stucked in a time warp. In other words, economic ownership of prouction and trade hasn’t change much since slavery. Of all the cultural nuances that I find unsettling is our over-religiousness that is symbolised by the density of churches within a given radius . We are truly sick in the head with all these churches, while the chinese and other ethnicities control the economy.

  37. @Hal. Lesson number one: Our education system should be geared towards producing more engineers, scientists, and skilled tradesmen rather than an over-supply of lawyers and those in the humanities field.

  38. @Fortyacres

    You are right. Training so many lawyers, most of them incompetent, is a waste of resource. But that is not the pertinent lesson. It is that Barbadian shoppers should stop buying vegetables brought in from Canada and the US, and either buy locally produced products, or do without.
    That is what is driving up our need for foreign currencies.

  39. @David. The article just reinforced the point that we will never be acceptable or respected in the whiteman’s space irrespective of our talent or financial wealth. That is why we should create our own UBs and credit suisses among other things. It is the same disrespect that have been meted out to black multi-millionaires footballers in europe. Africa needs brothers and sisters of his ilk working on the continent and not in Europe.

  40. African leaders need to UP THEIR GAME…with the exception of a few counturies, they are still toovulnerable to BEING ROBBED….and DESTROYED…the decisions are left up to the leaders, they have had centuries of violent, murderous examples to draw upon…if they have not learned from the 400 year experience, they never will.

    • @Dullard

      The establishment system has been constructed over centuries. It will not come falling down without strategy and some luck. Unfortunately this too will take years.

      It is not a binary problem to solve. Blaming the problem will not make it go away.


  41. @ Dullard

    Thiam was highly respected in the City of London and the wider insurance market in the UK; he was a celebrity even. I attended a number of ABI parties which he attended and it was amazing the number of people who flocked to his table to talk to him. His impeccable reputation at McKinsey stands out. He will bounce back. He is genuine world class.
    But his treatment at the hands of Credit Suisse (by the way, the Arthur government did a lot of work with them, and a Jamaica-born, managing director, with a Bajan wife, even has a home in Barbados).
    Barbadians in Barbados do not understand the finer nuances of racism; they obviously understand the old racism of calling people by names, etc, but racial prejudice has moved on.
    On the contrary, on Thursday Jamaicans launch the first English-speaking Caribbean bank in the UK, something the BNB failed to do. We must give it our fullest support.

  42. “Blaming the problem will not make it go away.”

    the problem will reduce significantly when African leaders come to the realization that they are only VIEWED AS TOOLS TO BE WEAPONIZED AGAINST AFRICANS AND THE AFRICAN DESCENDED….against the Continent so that they can all ROB IT..

    i hold no such hope for the lowcrawling sellout negro leaders in the Caribbean, they are too smallminded and trifling to see, let alone think that far..

  43. @ Hal
    Thiam is a top man, no question. He was largely treated with respect in the UK. Although I did not like how some sections of the press reacted after the failed AIA bid when he was running Prudential.

    Yes Bajans seem oblivious to the many manifestations of racism. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that they are quite happy with the system as it is. Bajans are not quite ready to face the issue. The focus should be on ownership and control.
    What is the point of political “power” if there is no economic clout to go along with it? Instead what we see is a steady marginalization of the majority population while the new and old minorities exert more and more control

    Yet the BU talking heads are fascinated with the design on Trump’s socks and how many times MIA appears on CNN.

  44. @ Dullard

    The reaction of the press was naked racism. I did an editorial that said so. The glass sealing can be deceptive. Thiam performed admirably at Aviva and the Pru and there was one one in UK insurance to match him. Dangerous. That is when Cr edit Suisse came in for him.
    But he mentored a very bright young person, who I would not name because these social media sites are read minutely by the security and diplomatic services.
    Remember when he was appointed on one of Obama’s teams? He is a former McKinsey boy, the French see him as one of theirs, he will come bouncing back.
    As you hinted, Barbadians have a problem with themselves. I call it a Condition.My only advice to bright young Barbadians is if they can get out do not look back, apart from the occasional holiday.

  45. Here is the handiwork of colonizers in the Caribbean….this is their repulsive ugly legacy and that mental midget Cameron should have been kicked out of Jamaica for disrespecting our ancestors.

    I told cousin Boris exactly how i felt about his little one month a year Black/African lovefest video, but ya should see the old slave Vincent Codrington in his “yes Massa” role with the same video today, it was ugly to see him sucking up, it was like he was answering a clarion call, the same way some who are still connected to ancestors can still hear certain things…Vincent was in full slave mode.

    “Guy Lawrence – Photo by Paul H. Williams

    I looked at him and I saw it instantaneously. Black Africa stared back at me from Guy Lawrence’s face. I felt like I had known him all my life, but we had just met. His countenance squealed déjà vu, and his voice was oh so familiar.

    For the entire period I spoke with him, I couldn’t stop thinking about Paul Robeson’s haunting performance of Ol’ Man River in the American musical, Kern and Hammerstein’s Show Boat. It might have been Guy’s uncanny resemblance to Robeson, the celebrated African American baritone, and I sensed a strange kindred connection among us – Robeson, Guy and me.

    “It was pure Congo people who was living in here, straight from Africa, after slavery was up, real black African. My great-great-grandfather come from Africa. We all are from the African tribe,” declared the 72-year-old grandfather, who has spent most of his life in Congo Town, Wakefield, Trelawny.

    In an email response to a query about Guy’s claim, Professor Verene Shepherd, social historian and lecturer in history at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies, says: “There are several Bongo towns and Congo towns in Jamaica. That speaks to the presence of Jamaicans descended from people from the Congo/Angola area of Africa. Read Maureen Warner Lewis’ book, Central Africa in the Caribbean. Also remember … (the) victims of the last ship, Zong? Some of those on the Zong were from Angola/Congo area.”

    Congo Town, Wakefield, was indeed a big slave settlement and, after slavery, it was a vibrant place; even in the 1940s and ’50s when Guy was growing up, decades after the abolition. And as he talked about his life and time in Congo Town, Wakefield, Trelawny, my mind strayed. I looked right through him, and was transported to a time when life was hard, but sacred, and so very different from what it is today. The greying man beside me was a link between now and then, when the hypnotic sounds of the Tambo drums in Congo Town echoed from the hills surrounding Wakefield.

    There was a yard near where Guy now lives in Congo Town, where people from all over the parish would meet to play the drums and dance to their message-laden beats, carrying on what their forebears had brought from Africa. The drums were loud and could be heard miles away, and few could resist their calling, to go dance and sing, and be merry.

    “We used to have the Congo people dem who come in. We have Congo people who come from up Duansvale, we have Congo people from Maroon Town, and same place here in Wakefield. We used to have the dance over there so, over there so used to be for my grandfather. That was actually the camp for Congo people,” he recalled.

    The ‘camp’ would be open all day; it was a social and spiritual outlet. Guy said it was like church, with men, women and children flocking every day. The drumming would start at 6 p.m. and lasted until daylight, sometimes. As the years went by, the sounds of drums abated until there was eventual silence, perhaps forever. Still, the beats are reverberating in Guy’s skull and those of the few remaining elders in the community. Their minds are a repository of Congo Town’s local history, of which he is a part.

    The people of Wakefield were poor. They lived in thatched huts, had no electricity and no piped water, but they enjoyed themselves. Going to shows and dances at the Trafalgar Theatre was a popular pastime. The young men and women carried themselves with a reasonable amount of decorum. There were no corner boys with their pants at their knees exposing polka-dot underwear.

    Skin-bleaching in Jamaica was light years away, and so were false hair, nails and eyelashes. Women would have their heads tied whenever they were in public. Those were the days when students were mannerly and teachers were held in high esteem. Respect was due.

    One teacher who stands out in his mind is one ‘Mr Peck’, a strict black-skinned man of ordinary build.

    “In those days, when wi going to school, yuh affi mek certain yuh fingernail dem clean, the first thing him met yuh by the door … and him look at the fingernail, him tek him pencil and him run it through yuh hair fi see if yuh hair comb. Yuh had to comb yuh hair, yuh teeth had to be clean … yuh affi keep yuh shirt inna yuh pants.”

    And though he and the other students were barefooted, their feet had to be clean.


    But his schooldays were cut short. “I start work from I was 12, start to earn money from I was 12, and I had to work to maintain my father, and mi mother. When I was living with my father, I had to go to work, couldn’t go back to school, cause mi have to help them.”

    He was forced to grow up as he was now sharing the burden of supporting the household.

    Yet, the pressure was too much for him, so he left his father to be with his mother, who had been separated from his father, and went to live in Sherwood Content, a district in the same parish which would later produce Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

    “Mi couldn’t tek it and mi leave and go up a mi mother, and then mi affi find work and help mi mother, and mi did have it very hard, very rough on my side.”

    Into the fire from the frying pan he had jumped. He toiled in cane fields, just as his slave ancestors did, cutting cane and cleaning the fields. His hard-working ways took him to the United States on the farm work programme and back. Now, the father of seven grown children and granddaddy of 12 still does hard work, but not as intensive as before. He’s still robust in physical stature, though he’s beset by diabetes.

    He feels today’s youths, sitting on the corners begging to ‘eat a food’ and looking for an easy life, must jump up and go find work. Begging was a no-no in his day, except when friends would beg a penny from each other to make up their fare for film shows.

    In reflection, he said: “From I lef school, I don’t get nutten name soft work. Have to work very hard, and when mi start fi get mi children them, that mek it worse.”

  46. Albino God’s :

    In the 1500s Martin Luther and other Albinos rebelled against the Black Catholic Church, then under the protection of the “Black Holy Roman Empire” headquartered in Germany. The Reformation as the Albinos called it: specifically referred to as the Protestant Reformation, was a schism in Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther and continued by John Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli, and other early Protestant Reformers in 16th-century Europe. It is usually considered to have started with the publication of the Ninety-five Theses by Luther in 1517 and lasted until the end of the “Thirty Years” War with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. It was this war, where all the Albinos across Europe, ganged-up on the Black Holy Roman Empire, which killed-off millions of Black Europeans, and resulted in most of the survivors being shipped to the Americas as slaves or Indentures. This caused the fall of Black rule in Europe, and the usurping and rewriting of Black religion.

    Part 2:
    During the 1400s-1500s, Albino Catholic priests like Jan Hus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldrych Zwingli, each contributing a part, were finally able to create several Christianity derived religions collectively called “Protestantism”.

    With “Protestantism” as a unifying force, the Albinos of Britain were able, with many civil wars, to overthrow their Black rulers & establish their own Albino monarchs, with the hybrid Anglican church as the unifying entity.

    The leadership of the Catholic church was also usurped, gone were the paintings and artifacts of the Black popes.
    They were replaced by recently created fake drawings and paintings.
    White Popes became the rule of the day .
    In Europe, after the Albinos had vanquished their Black lords, they were still not satisfied. Their innate insecurities, sense of vulnerability, and paranoia, demanded more. But this was not new, as stated, this behavior is “innate”, one could say a Psychosis even, certainly it’s genesis goes back to primeval times. It has been suggested that a White man could be situated behind the walls of an impregnable fortress, without a Black man within a thousand-mile radius, and he would still worry about being accosted by a Black man. Therefore, in Europe, their innate insecurities and paranoia compelled them to take measures that would hide their crimes (which we today would call crimes against humanity – such as genocide): and also, they wanted to preclude Blacks from ever gaining hegemony over them again.

    In his writings about the Germanics, the Roman historian Tacitus seems to suggest that this paranoia is based on concern for the Albino female. In paragraph [8] Tacitus states:

    “Tradition says that armies already wavering and giving way have been rallied by women who, with earnest entreaties and bosoms laid bare, have vividly represented the horrors of captivity, which the Germans fear with such extreme dread on behalf of their women, that the strongest tie by which a state can be bound is the being required to give, among the number of hostages, maidens of noble birth. They even believe that the sex has a certain sanctity and prescience” (foresight).

    On this account, judging by the number of Mulattoes in North Africa and Arabia today, clearly the indigenous Black Berbers and Black Arabs of the past, made extensive use of Albino females, so there was indeed justification for concern by the Germanics in this case.
    Whether or not this represented a pronounced preference for Albino females by the indigenous Blacks, or whether it represented the simple use of the most plentiful and available commodity cannot be determined at this time.

    But anecdotal data, in the form of “Chastity” belts, indicates that the Albino female, in Europe at least, went willingly.
    Interestingly, sub-Saharan Blacks do not view Albino females as choice brides.

    With all of that in mind, Europe’s Albinos consequently embarked on programs to rewrite history and manufacture bogus artifacts and materials in support of their false rewritten history.

    They also did something that was probably completely new and unique for those times: they created the “Big Lie” that is a lie so big that the ignorant assume that it so absurd that it must be true. They made the claim that those defects that made a human “less than” were in fact superior human traits. Incredibly, they began to claim that White skin, which is indicative of a humans inability to withstand the Suns radiation, was in fact a “good thing”, even a sign of advanced human evolution. In East Asia, the Albinos there even spread the lie that dark skin was for field workers and White skin was a sign of nobility.

    Being mindful that they were the least numerically, and the weakest of the worlds humans: to insure that they would be able to keep what they had taken from their former pigmented lords, the Albinos embarked on a series of weapons races in which they collected the best weapon technologies from the rest of the world. Egypt (the Gun), China, India, (Gun power, Bombs, missiles). These weapon technologies were then perfected and used to kill and subdue their creators.

    This was made easy because the pigmented Humans had an innate sense of enough. They had a moral compass as to how easy taking a human life should be, and once they felt that they had reached that limit, they went no further.

    The Albinos however, have no such sense of limit. The more and easier they can kill their enemies, the better they like it. Even today, most pigmented people abhor and shun Nuclear weapons. While the Albinos eagerly pursue them.
    Being thus unencumbered, the Albinos were able to use their superior weaponry to embark on wars of invasion and conquest throughout the world. And in an abject example of diabolical cunning: once the local populations were subdued, the Albinos sent in their teachers and scholars to teach their falsified world history to the now subjugated local people, thus ingraining and perpetuating the Albinos fake history.

    China is a nation with many religions, but China does not sent out missionaries.

    Japan is a nation with many religions, but Japan does not sent out missionaries.

    Only White Europeans have a “Need” to send out missionaries. They are the vanguard for spreading the Europeans false history and fake image of superiority. More overtly, Christian Priests/missionaries were perpetrators of some of the greatest massacres in Latin America.

    In Hawaii, it was the children of Christian missionaries who overthrew the original Black Hawaiians and gave the Islands to the United States. The Black Hawaiians are now extinct!

    Caucasians (Albinos )have no history, their ascension was quite recent, no doubt accelerated by the “So-called” (by them), Religious wars of the “Thirty Years” Wars, which were actually “Race Wars”, as well as the British “Civil Wars” which were also “Race Wars”: All of which culminating in the Killing of most of Europe’s Black Royalty, and the Expulsion into servitude and Slavery, to the Americas (the Caribbean and the North American Colonies), for most of the rest.

    Caucasians (Albinos )have created industry out of creating FAKE Statues, Paintings, Coins etc: depicting themselves (Albinos) in place of the “REAL” people of earlier times, who were Black people.

    The Fakes are of course “MODERN” artwork, done mostly at the “Birth of Racism” in the 18th. 19th. and early 20th. Centuries. This is the time when the Albinos began to aggressively carve out their “Fantasy” histories, of people, events, and religion. You know, like Albino ancient Egyptians, Albino Arabs and Berbers, Albino Hebrews (Albino Jesus), Albino Persians, etc, etc.

    Hebrews were of course Black people, and were originally depicted as such.
    The UV radiation is very high in the Summer in the Middle-east.
    So much so, that the Zionist Europeans who have moved there have very high Skin Cancer Rates.

    Haaretz Newspaper in Israel:
    Israel’s Skin Cancer Rate Second Highest in the World :
    “The skin cancer rate in Israel is among the highest in the world, the Israel Cancer Association reported…”

    Caucasians (Albinos) are also very fond of substituting the portrait
    of an Albino, and giving him the name of a Black Royal or Noble – the British are really good at this, see the video below. .

  48. Do the sellout FAILED, shite leaders in Barbados listen to themselves when they are telling the people lies, trying to distract and FAILING to realize that no one is impressed or believing any of their misdirection, except for dumb fowls…

    “It is like giving a man with a spliff a death sentence or 25 years in prison.”

    after stealing from your own people for DECADES….running every corruption racket yall can find…YES BOTH GOVERNMENTS DID IT…..after SELLING OUT the Black population with the marijuana issue for 2 years because ya so corrupt, lowlife and sellout, ya don’t want to see ya own people benefit from the trade, now ya got the NERVE to use a marijuana as an analogy….when ya dirty self tried to have an 2 innocent men, one that ya robbed of his bank account and estates, extradited to US for drugs that he was never involved in, and he and the other innocent man could have gotten 25 YEARS IN A US PRISON because you SET UP THE US TOO….., but here ya are nasty as ever BLAMING EU for(YOUR) DBLP CRIMES..

  49. The NERVE…selling out Black people at every turn and with every breath and when CAUGHT in ya criminality,then gushing “am black and proud to be black” am sure, proud to be a BLACK SELLOUT..that NO BLACK PERSON CAN TRUST…

  50. Where have you gotten the idea Barbadians do not want to talk about racism covert or overt?

    David this is not what I said nor implied. I said Bajans are happy with the status quo and are not ready to face the issue. I never said anything about talking. Securing the economic interests of Black folk is not a matter of talk. Where has all the talk in Barbados gotten us?

    • @Dullard

      it is not that Bajans do not want to face the issue. One has to be equipped to be able to do so. For many years Bajan children were educated by referring to books written by foreign authors to use one example. The establishment of the homegrown CXC is one initiative meant to reeducate people of the region. It is a work in progress.

  51. @ akenatenIOctober 6, 2020 2:40 AM
    “Hebrews were of course Black people, and were originally depicted as such.
    The UV radiation is very high in the Summer in the Middle-east.
    So much so, that the Zionist Europeans who have moved there have very high Skin Cancer Rates.”

    Your awareness of the Caucasian ‘made-up’ stories is matched only by the eruditeness of Pachamama here on BU.

    Your argument supports the thesis that there is no where those modern people calling themselves Jews could ever be the genetic descendants of the Jews mentioned in the Judeo- Christian book of myths and legends and claimed to have been enslaved for over 400 years in Kemet.

    One only has to look at the recently made-up ‘history’ of the Americas, Australasia and even South Africa to see the modern-day cultural whitewashing in full colour and scope.

    Christianity- as practised by the European- is nothing more than the equivalent of white-skin people’s obeah or voodoo in disguise replacing their own Norse mythological pagan gods with the more ‘saleable’ brand of Middle Eastern mysticism fit for the sole purpose of conquest, exploitation and domination of other ‘races’ and their resources.

    As one of their ‘own’ critics opined:

    “The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun.” ~Thomas Paine

  52. Easy Squeeze (Make No Riot)

    Christianity is the philosophy of Christ that is like Buddhism that takes the middle ground and talks about peace.
    The Devil stole and twisted the Religion like he corrupted Adama and Eve in Garden of Eden with Sin.

    Original Israelites were black Africans
    but mixed with brown and later white they did not discriminate

    Original Hebrews Jews were a tribal family the Children of Jacob,
    King David was was descended from Jacob’s son Judah

    When the Romans came many male Jews went back to Europe for work and settled there and had families with Europeans.
    After 3 generations there their blackness disappeared and turned white. Ashkenazi Jews (“Germany”), are member of the Jews who lived in the Rhineland valley and France before their migration eastward to Slavic lands (Poland, Lithuania, Russia) after the Crusades (11th–13th century) and their descendants are the white Jews of State of Israel formed in 1948.

    ▶ Roots of Contemporary Music

    ▶ Sugar Minott Black Roots Youthman Promotion

  53. The term “Middle East” is a geopolitical term originating with Great Britan in 1896, followed by an American US Navy admiral in 1903 and finally the American notion of the Middle East 1957!

    Additionally, anthropologically, most of if not all of the populations are not even indigenous populations!

    Geographically and anthropologically Israel is apart of Africa, geopolitically it is Asia! Go figure!


    DBLP traitors in the parliament for over 60 years:

    unfair is stealing taxpayers and pensioners money..

    unfair is being corrupt and lying to the people to be elected…

    unfair is stealing estates and money from the elderly and their beneficiaries for decades

    unfair is robbing generations of young people their futures

    unfair is selling out your own people..

    unfair is using the supreme court funded by the people to violate their rights.

    unfair is keeping your own people in generational poverty to enrich yourselves and your fellow thieves..

  55. unfair is black face governments reducing their African descended people to 2nd class citizens in a country that they fund and THEIR ANCESTORS WERE FORCED TO BUILD..

    unfair is condoning and enabling racism and oppressioin to be an everyday staple in Black/African people’s lives for the last 60 years and still ungoing…

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