Submitted by Pachamama

With settled and incontestable scientific certainty we know that the original peoples of the universes were as Black as midnight – blue-black. Long before there was anything called a White race, Afrikans had peopled the entirety of Mother Earth. Even today, about 90% of all humanoids are still peoples of colour. Yet we have the internal contradiction of a people which did not create the year, the month, the week, the day, the hour, the minute, the second or anything else foundationally, mustering the audacity to assign a month to those who actually did, as if by right, by papal bull (er).

When they talk about Black history month they are essentially describing events emanating from Nicholas V’s issuance of such a papal bull (Romanus Pontifex) on January 8, 1455. It gave the Portuguese a monopoly to trade with Afrika and in our enslavement – just 570 years ago. It was a declaration of war on the Afrikan world. The Pope presumed that he was the owner of the earth, that some god somewhere had so given it. Some still, to this day, argue that that Bull is still the law of the land – all lands. And though we well know that Afrikan peoples have been here at the beginning of the time before time, the only history which really matters in White history month is the last five hundred and seventy (570) years. And that is so because White people say so and ignorant Black people believe it.

Only in White history does 570 years have any significance in the grand scheme of things – for to them everything around us was built just 6000 years ago. And that ignorance continues despite carbon dating, despite genetic sequencing, despite not making common sense, despite historical inconsistencies. More troubling, is the fixation on this twinkling of the eye, in astronomical terms, by much of Black academia, the Black church, Black elites and the general public.

Could it be possible that this artificiality was constructed to serve the purposes of those who would want to really rewrite history, as if to start anew? And who are those who have benefited from such monumental set of plagiaries? How could it be that the very peoples who invented all the sciences, developed the techno-complexes, settled the entire earth, conquered the seas, invented writing, hundreds of thousands of years previously could now be the slaves of Europeans who never even existed until recently, nor developed a script of their own and were not even writing, generally, until well into the second millennia of the common era.

Black academia serves White and Jewish interests, in presenting the truncated historical record which informs our every action. That the historiographies which have as their point of departure a slavery epoch deliberately leaves out truths which have the immense potential of awakening the sleeping Afrikan giant could only have been informed by sinister motives. We contend that if Afrikan peoples today knew the truth of our existence, it would be apparent that everything of significance Europeans have told us was a lie and that the Europeans, themselves, are in perpetual fear of genetic annihilation, then this White history month could have an entirely different meaning.

There is not one academician in the Caribbean and few elsewhere who would, for example, and with specificity draw on the mountains of literature written by Jewish scholars which clearly show that though we generally blame the Europeans for the Holocaust of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, from the beginning to ‘now’ slavery was a Jewish led enterprise. Those Jewish scholars provide incontrovertible proofs that Columbus was himself a Jew who converted to Christianity in order to receive the support of both the Spanish and Portuguese courts. Of course, it was the ‘Arabs’ who first traded the Slavic peoples, thus giving us this etymology.

We have been appealing for the local expert on the Jewish Synagogue, Karl Watson, to explain to us the forces which would have led to the erection of such a place of ‘worship’ in Barbados in 1654. While he is at it, he might want to tell us why the synagogue in Brazil, the oldest in the western hemisphere, was built as early as 1636, a few years earlier, and what the relationships between the two were. Also, why was Barbados so important to international Jewry for such a congregation to be so established, as the second oldest in the western hemisphere? If you are contending that the last 570 years of history is such a significant epoch, why can we never come to an accurate understanding of the underlying forces in the society at that time, in relation to world Jewry? We will leave questions about the significant (leading) Jewish role, especially Dutch Jewry, in the slave economy in North America to your colleague Skip Gates, a ‘prominent’ White historian in Black face operating up north.

During White history month we will not be hearing the likes of Dr. Ben, Van Sertima, James, Williams, Jan Carew, Diop, Obenga, Clarke, Smalls and thousands more as Afrikan Studies Departments continue to face cuts in budgets. We are certainly not going to hear anything of the majesty of Afrikan peoples – that history before time, before Europeans even existed. Instead we will be fed with general narratives which support European history and culture, in Black face, of course. We will be seeing ‘exceptional Negroes’ being paraded who could ‘shuck and jive’, Negroes who could run behind a ball, a man who could offer the other cheek – not down below we hope, even milquetoast presentations of both MLK and Malcolm X as a staple and to protect the ‘sensibilities’ of Europeans.

Let us deal with some of the social forces which have harmed the Afrikan interests in recent times.

The most sinister of these must be the ‘selection’ of Barack Obama for the presidency of the USA. Obama used that position to strategically relocate the ‘civil rights movement’ firmly into the camp of the LGBTQ political formations. It is pellucid to us that this Obama was appointed to do a job of the master pimp. And Obama did a massive devastation of Afrikans within the USA, and elsewhere, were by most metrics the vestiges of slavery continued to wreak havoc from coast to coast.

With the merging of these social formations the whole orientation of human rights discourses have been forever transformed by Obama. Black interests were made to take a back seat while the society is set sail down a cultural dead end with a social ‘experiment’ whose outcome is not uncertain. It is an experiment which could only come from the mind of the Devil or White people in Black face. Thus we’ve seen the Black church, led by people like Barber, Sharpton, and more, going all in, on the Obama legacy of mainstreaming bulling with all its emerging ‘specializations’.

Obama and his supporters even weaponized this hideous agenda. With this many were forced to break with him. It was when he decided (implemented) that Afrikan countries, in order to receive America aide, had to change their laws to permit bulling in all its manifestations. This was however consistent with his generalized attitude towards Afrikan people – our destruction. Certainly, he was a White man in Black face, no?

Even when we look at American military aggressions on Africa during the Obama presidency we see a level of militarism not inconsistent with the other form of cultural penetration as described above. When Obama came to office there were only four (4) American military bases on the Afrikan continent. On leaving office there had markedly increased to eighty-four (84), in just eight (8) years. Could he have been anything but a White man in Black face like Northam, the now embroiled governor of Virginia?

One good thing about Obama though. Were there not an Obama we could not have a Trump. For Trump may very well be a blessing in disguise. For what Donald Trump has done, is doing, has contributed more to the destruction of the American imperium than we could have hoped for in our wildest dreams. How ironic? For that is the subject of our next contribution.


  1. O CANADA.

    ” The workers, whose hometowns were not released, arrived in Canada by plane, a police spokesman said.

    “The 43 victims were transported to Canada, coached on what to say as they entered the country but then made to live in squalid conditions at locations in Barrie and Wasaga Beach,” OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum said. “From there, their situation only became worse.” “

  2. Donna
    February 11, 2019 4:53 PM

    Like I said – DELUSIONAL.
    Kinda proves my point..


    As Rush Limbaugh would say “Having more fun than a human should have … and with half my brain tied behind my back”!!

  3. All you have to do to understand just how idiotic the clan of people claiming how terrible Trump is to have a look again at the article by Pachamama.


    Trump’s approval rating is now 52% and rising!!

    That is after 90% media coverage by the clan seeking to denigrate him!!

    The same tripe will be regurgitated over and over again even though the obvious facts contradict the assertions!!

    Completely brainwashed idiots!!

    There is no retraction from Pachamama even though the position taken is so at variance with reality!!

    … no explanation, no nothing!!

  4. What truth? Real truth or Guiliani’s truth? What reality? Real reality or Kelly-anne Conway’s alternative reality?

    Don’t know where you are getting your poll numbers. They do not agree with those I see. He’s at 39%.

    But the real poll was the one in November. The one where I HEARD HIM SAY THAT THOUGH HE WAS NOT ON THE BALLOT HE WAS ON THE BALLOT. How did that work out for him?

    Is that where you keep half your brain? Behind your back in close proximity to your butt hole? No wonder it is polluted! Hot air rises!

    Now I’m the one having fun!

    Murdah! Wuhlaus!

  5. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.Ephesians 6:10‭-‬12

    Please Note…


  6. John

    I know your type …I live and work among them …they sit around all day long and listen to conservative garbage … similar to the nonesense Rush Limbaugh spew everyday…

  7. Lexicon quit……why wouldnt you but no you are the type that runs to human resources with your hand palm up because you were offended somehow…..snowflake

  8. @ John February 12, 2019 6:43 AM
    “Pachamama and Donna are clearly incapable of independent thought!!”

    So too are you, Sir Johnny!

    You claim constantly to be a man with a scientific mind, yet you are prepared to back a clown to the hilt who believes that Climate Change is a Chinese hoax despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that it represents a clear and present danger to the comfortable existence of the human species on this orb called Pachamama.

    BTW, why doesn’t your Trumpeting man (re)invade Mexico to get his dosh from the spoils of war to build his humpty-dumpty wall as promised during the last presidential campaign?

  9. Nutjob Alarmists never tell you about this

    “In fact, overall in 30 years, the green vegetation on planet Earth had increased by a rather extraordinary 14 per cent. He said this was occurring in all vegetation types — from tropical rainforests to arctic tundra.

    What was responsible for this ecological good news? He credited rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere for half of the greening — rather than, say, the application of agricultural fertiliser, warmer temperatures or increased rainfall. Carbon dioxide, along with water, is the raw material that plants use to make carbohydrates, with the help of sunlight.

    The world is getting greener. Why does no one want to know?

    As carbon dioxide levels have risen, the planet’s green vegetation has increased by 14 per cent



  10. Lexicon
    February 12, 2019 6:53 AM

    I know your type …I live and work among them …they sit around all day long and listen to conservative garbage … similar to the nonesense Rush Limbaugh spew everyday…


    Actually I listen to Rush Limbaugh a lot while I am asleep.

    I put on the podcast in the night, lie down, doze off, and still manage to get the gist of what he said.

    I make full use of my 24 hours!!

    While I am at the computer doing other things I also contribute on BU.

    I can walk and chew gum at the same time!!

    I see by your own admission you are pretty inefficient and sit around all day listening to garbage!!

  11. You do know that there are many polls, don’t you??????????


    Are you agreeing with John that I am incapable of independent thought????? My man, I am yet to find a human being with whom I never disagree!

  12. @ Donna February 12, 2019 12:59 PM

    Come off it, Donna!

    How could I ever put you and Pacha in the same boat as the intellectually-confined John?

    It was a pure sarcastic barb aimed solely at the blockhead of that one calling himself, quite fittingly, ‘Red Johnny’.

  13. Donna
    February 12, 2019 1:06 PM

    You do know that there is more than one poll right??????????


    You do know that all the polls got Trump’s 2016 victory wrong.

    Only a computer and a college professor called it right!!

    … and a Chinese monkey!!

  14. BTW, why doesn’t your Trumpeting man (re)invade Mexico to get his dosh from the spoils of war to build his humpty-dumpty wall as promised during the last presidential campaign?


    He has, in a way.

    NAFTA is history!!

  15. Donna
    February 12, 2019 12:59 PM

    You do know that there are many polls, don’t you??????????
    Are you agreeing with John that I am incapable of independent thought????? My man, I am yet to find a human being with whom I never disagree!


    This has nothing to do with independence of thought.

    It simply indicates that you are a disagreeable woman!!

    GP had introduced the Biblical concept of a “brawling woman” but perhaps that is going too far!!

  16. Of course, a disagreeable woman. The usual stereotypical insults. No, Johnny Ma BOY. It simply means that instead of gossiping I like discussing ideas and issues. I have always enjoyed thinking and arguing a point and so my interactions and conversations with the people I meet are usually so designed. That should be evident from the fact that I spend so much time here rather than on the telephone or on face book or even Naked Departure.

    If you were an honest person you would admit that I have agreed with EVERYONE HERE at some point in time, EVEN YOU. And I have disagreed with everyone here at some point in time. And my presentation, for the most part deals with the topic being discussed. It is free of rumour and based on facts. It has nothing to do with whose idea is being presented. So, as is my prerogative, I disagree when I disagree. Usually I do so without being disagreeable. But for condescending, delusional egoists such as yourself a kick in the ass is sometimes in order.

  17. @ John February 12, 2019 5:05 PM
    “He has, in a way.
    NAFTA is history!!”

    So too will he be in 2020 unless he fights a war like all ‘strong’ presidents before him.

    Did he promise the electorate in 2016 that revising NAFTA would have been the source of financing to build his Chinese whispering wall?

    So when is the Trumpeting fella going to build a replica of Noah’s ark to sail on the crest of the Niagara falls to keep out those native Canadians, the poor paler cousins to Pocahontas and Sitting Bull?

  18. millerthe anunnaki February 12, 2019 7:19 PM

    So too will he be in 2020 unless he fights a war like all ‘strong’ presidents before him.


    Last person to make predictions on Trump was Pachamama.

    Following in these footsteps is now MTA!!!

    The first was wrong and still the second one follows blindly the lead provided!!

    The facts are simple, Trump is better off after the SOTU and if polls are to be believed, his approval rating has risen, one says to 52%!!

    Looks like the Democrats caved and put money in for the wall!!

    Left now to a truly independent thinker to act accordingly!!

  19. The usual stereotypical insults.

    No, Johnny Ma BOY. It simply means that instead of gossiping I like discussing ideas and issues. I have always enjoyed thinking and arguing a point and so my interactions and conversations with the people I meet are usually so designed.


    Nothing stereotypical and definitely not an insult from me … just accepting how you define yourself!!!

    Any insult given to you would be by you, yourself!!

    …. and independent people don’t waste time arguing!!!

    They act.

    Do you hear Trump arguing?

  20. millerthe anunnaki February 12, 2019 7:19 PM

    Did he promise the electorate in 2016 that revising NAFTA would have been the source of financing to build his Chinese whispering wall?


    Does it matter??

  21. @ John February 13, 2019 12:23 AM

    So when is your man the mad trumpete(e)r going to sign that executive order to invade Venezuela to get rid of Maduro on humanitarian grounds since Iran is no longer on the table?

    Why not dress himself as a clown and send in the drones (again)?

    But remember that:
    ‘A good warmonger should never fight a war overseas while waging one at home north of the Border down Mexico way’. ~ Bajan Sun Tzu

  22. @ John February 13, 2019 5:20 PM

    Then your maddened trumpete(e)r would have met his bu(n)gling mustachioed match!

    Now who would you choose as the referee to stop this military mismatch in the asylum for warmongers?
    The virtually-challenged Russian bear? Or the Ayatollah from the land of the sleeping Persian giant?

    Forget the Chinese! They are just sticking around for the economic froth from the beer.

  23. SMH. We were discussing independent thought. I said I never met a person with whom I did not disagree. That was the context of my comment. That means I disagree with people on ideas. You labelled that as being “disagreeable” which is a known stereotypical insult made to women who dare to be opinionated. Then you made reference to the “brawling woman”. Please. Just stop it! You’re not convincing anyone.

    But…..are you suggesting that there is no merit in debating??????? So what are you doing here? Oh, I forget. You come to lecture.

    Also, I do not understand how debating and acting are mutually exclusive. One can debate and one can act.


    Look I am finished wasting time with you. You would not admit to being wrong ever. You need help and I cannot help you.

    You may have the last twisted word!

  24. @ David February 13, 2019 5:45 PM

    All ‘strong-man’ American presidents wage wars (even Lincoln did a civil one) to write their names in American political history.

    Isn’t the waging of war the addictive drug of the US economy?

    Wars also act as the catalyst for economic growth and mass employment.

    What do you think really pulled the USA economy out of the 1930’s depression?

    FDR’s New Deal or the bombing of Pearl Harbour?

  25. Hal Austin,
    Why don’t you relax your miserable self and stop trying to run a blog that does not belong to you? SMH (Quote)


  26. Hal Austin,
    Why don’t you relax your miserable self and stop trying to run a blog that does not belong to you? SMH(Quote)


  27. Hal Austin February 12, 2019 7:36 PM

    Do we still speak and write English in Barbados, or is silly patois now the lingo?

    If that was not directed at a comment I made, my apologies.

  28. saw this on FB
    Todate we have had eight Prime Ministers. Of them, the one whose performance was the poorest was the one of the poorest origin.

    Kind of me remind me of Trump opinion of Obama as president…..
    I hope you see how ignorant that FB statement was or does it have to be colored by race

  29. Teach them Correct Principles and they will never depart from it!

    The first Image is from a Venezuelan friend and I love the other image especially with the young Patriot waving his flag…

    The Silence of Mature People in this Genocide is quite Deafening…Stand up and let our Government Know that their Silence is UNACCEPTABLE!!!



  30. Do you have Food to Eat Today? Or Do you have to Scrummage in the Garbage for food or Eat your favorite pet?
    Do you have Medicine Etc.?

    Millions take to the Street to Protest the Denial by the Maduro Regime of Basics being sent as Humanitarian Aid to the people of Venezuela…

    This is the stage in chacao

    Published: 12 February, 2019 / 12:01 PM

    Francisco de Miranda Avenue, at the height of the imgeve in chacao, is full of people who attended the demonstration of this Tuesday, February 12

    The call was made by President Juan Guaidó, with the purpose of demanding Nicolas Maduro to allow the entry of humanitarian aid.

    The Caraqueños would concentrate from different points of the city to get to chacao, where guaidó will act.







  31. Donna

    “Having more fun than a human being should with half my brain tied behind my back”.

    Take Hal’s advice and ask questions by all means but think before you write yourself into a corner and somebody decides to have some fun!!!!

    Two men giving you advice …. man, your heart must be on fire!!

  32. , Europe’s Albinos, by use of hundreds of wars, big and small: were able to defeat their Black rulers, and ship most of Europe’s surviving Blacks to the Americas. They then set about creating a fake world history, placing themselves in the natural position of Blacks as the worlds creator and explorer people, and the natural rulers of the world – WITH FAKE ARTIFACTS TO SUPPORT THEIR LIES.

    They have been so good at their lies, that most of the world believed them – sadly even Blacks

  33. Donna
    February 15, 2019 6:00 PM

    Hello! Trump declares a National Emergency and them declares he didn’t have to do it.


    Go listen to Rush and you might understand what Trump has done!!

  34. A next post that I cannot contribute to.. But
    I thought Trump spoke English. Now we have go to Rush Windbag for a decode of what the idiot said?

  35. Grasshopper

    Had you been listening to Rush Limbaugh you would have known a while back this would be the outcome!!!

    He is right 99.8% of the time!!

    Will tell you as time progresses how well his predictions match reality but he is spot on so far!!

    This is a beauty!!

  36. This will help many people understand why they think the way they think … and why they are wrong!!!

    They have been duped.

  37. What a load of crap! You and your gods D’Souza and Limbaugh can shovel shit down your throat but I don’t even give them the chance. I try hard not to listen to the devil and his demons. I don’t even listen to a whole Trump rant. I only catch the lowlights so I would know what the devil is up to.

    EVERYONE KNEW THAT THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! Except the “I didn’t have to do it.” part which is just plain stupid.

    Now….enough of you for the day. I like a challenge. A man who can think for himself not a shit guzzler like you who can only spew the shit you have ingested from the depraved Limbaugh and D’Souza.


  38. @Donna, all right den…re “EVERYONE KNEW THAT THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!” and many never once listened to Limbaugh!

    I disagree – if one can call it dat – with you on “Except the “I didn’t have to do it.”part”. If we reflect we recall he repeatedly said things like, we will move the money from other areas, so in his mind he really didn’t have to sign this emergency declaration!

    Consider this is the same smooth talker who has argued sweetly that retooling nafta and purportedly saving billions is validation of his claim that Mexico would pay for the wall…this line of reasoning is so high level that only very high functioning savant types like John, Limbaugh etc grasp how it actually works.

    Regular folk see it for what it is…but as we also see that “just plain stupid” style continues to “win” in the presidency so his stupidity is really as cunning as the smartest fox.

  39. The Faces of the Communist/Socialist Regime!!

    Leftist are trying hard to over-throw this government. It is the Leftist (Socialist) of Latin America that are organizing and brainwashing the poor and gullible to form the Caravans for invading America.

    If this plot works, they will vote illegally in Federal elections, taking over the last Free Frontier and the Free Market way of life with Stifling Regulations until it is no longer Free. Of Course in exchange for Free Stuff which other hard working people pay for by their Tax Dollars, that’s how the Demonrats lure illigals unto their Slave Plantations in exchange for their votes . Support Trump!!


  40. And a Barbadian cannot commit treason against the United States.

    Only a American can commit treason against the United States.

  41. SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    February 16, 2019 2:53 PM

    Who are “these people?” I don’t recognise any of them.


    … even the magic negro?

  42. SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    February 16, 2019 2:57 PM

    Only a American can commit treason against the United States.


    Are you saying the “magic negro” was not born in the US?

  43. Some pale skin 😈 devil has blocked of part of Rockley Beach & restricting access to locals. Barbados is still a plantation.

  44. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/coast-guard-officer-wanted-kill-democrats-msnbc-hosts-say-prosecutors-n973786

    Look at what you are promoting and supporting when you line up behind that hideous monster. You are a bunch of very sick creatures.

    P.S. Do not bother to remind me of the leftist shooter who shot Scalise. Bernie Saunders does not encourage violence by his rhetoric. Incendiary rhetoric is Trump’s trademark. I can post you several videos of Trump inciting violence. Not to mention his Twitter account.

    This is another thing we did not need Limbaugh to predict.

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