What Else is a SLAVE But CAPTIVE Labor? (Part I)

Submitted Ras Jahaziel

slavesIn the process of robbing the kidnapped children of The Middle Passage of their African homeland, so that African labor and the much coveted natural resources of Africa could be used to make Europeans wealthy while Africans perish in poverty, it became necessary to school, fool, and religiously indoctrinate the kidnapped African.

Consequently this far-reaching crime that would negatively impact the African for centuries would be officially pardoned, blessed, and legalized, and the victims would learn to honor and respect The Invader’s Right to Stolen Property.

The victims would therefore tell themselves that this is the way God planned it. They would therefore view their own present-day landless situation that resulted from the historical robbery as a normal life situation that has been ordained by God.

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  • I am waiting for the rivers of babylon next,some people just love to wallow in misery and cast blame.

    What is so difficult to identifying a goal to be achieved in x years and overcoming all obstacles in your path to achieve it.

    Why the need to continously harp on ills of the transatlantic slave trade and then only want money from half of the partnership in reparations,suggesting that a price can be placed on genocide and suffering.


  • Maybe a re-vision of people is required so they do not view themselves as just Bajan but have commonality with Caribbean American and Africans


  • @Kiki

    And Blacks/ Africans have been the paragons of virtue????????

    Yes like those in Sudan who enslave and murder black people in the South???????

    Like Boko Haram who capture poor lil Black teenage girls??????????

    Like those Blacks in Sth Africa who routinely murder blacks migrating from Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other countries????????? OR those black S African men that RAPE babies because that act will cure their AIDS??????????????

    OR those very kind Black Chiefs that SOLD Black peeps into slavery???????????????

    Drink a pint of Coffee and WAKE UP!

    ALL races have good and bad!

    Self delusion is worthless!


  • @Vincent Hayes………… Would you say that same shite to the ‘jews’ who has held the world hostage over a bogus holocost? Didn’t they place a price on genocide and suffering? Wasn’t a price placed on the internment of Japs in the US for imprisoning them? Like I said before many of us are just recognizing the damn ELEPHANT that refuses to leave the room so that we have enough space to go about the business of cleaning our house. Everytime you look around the elephant is there. This has nothing to do with the simplistic folly of identifying a goal, overcoming obstacles and achieving it. Some begging for reparations and some of us don’t give a flying monkey about that blood money. So if you weren’t affected by slavery in anyway why are you so damn bothered?


  • Hopi February 19, 2016 at 10:21 AM #

    Skippah…..what the jews/japanese/et al have to do with us….follow pattern kill cadogan(ole bajan saying)……we are a Caribbean persona who should be charting our own course.

    The reason why I am bothered is that repeating the ills of the transatlantic slave trade does not help a people move forward and in order to move forward we need self worth,vision and the fact that we can control the world.


  • Your ilk are guilty as charged
    shut up with your white boy whining


  • KIKI

    Strong white brains and commonsense, NOT to forget today’s facts and history of the human race are very difficult for U to contend with. Learn nuh! Drink de coffee yet?

    Let’s just BLAME Whitey as that will solve ALL our probs!!!! NONSENSE!

    I am not whining, I am WINNING! I would like U to WIN too but you want to WAIT to be given something instead of plotting strategy to WIN!

    Encouraging Blacks to belly ache just sets them up for FAILURE as it screws their minds with NEGATIVITY! Woe is me! Load of BS!

    My father was born POOR with a father that was very religious and believed God would take care of him and his 9 kids. My Dad went to work at 13 and still found a way to WIN! NO he did not have Whiteys giving him support, he had to plot his strategy to the TOP!

    I went to school with very clever Black gents and they focus on WINNING! Those that dont FAIL!


  • @Vincent………….How is it that some groups can be financially compensated for their suffering while others are shit upon? How can you equate the ‘sufferation’ of Black folk with follow pattern? Are u really that simple-minded? You don’t think that slavery was horrible? It was slavery that built up America for whitey.

    Every year the ‘jews’ rub the holocost in ur face but I bet ur not offended.


  • Hopi February 19, 2016 at 5:05 PM #

    We have our own canoe to paddle and let us do it in quick time.Looking at what others do and crying over spilt milk is a waste of productive time……we have a world to lead,lets get going.


  • Fade Away, Rootsman Time


  • @Vincent……….how can we lead a world in such a stupor? We are not yet ready. We have to heal and clean our minds first of all foreign ideologies. Life goes in cycles. This next cycle is looking like that of the Dragon so in meantime we have to quietly work on us.


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