Barbados-Kenya Business Alliance

One encouraging approach of this Mottley government is the obvious policy to forge closer links with the Mother Country. Many are smiling at the news an MOU was signed to pursue trade, investment and knowledge sharing opportunities with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank). Also the alliance between Kenya and Barbados which saw a two day conference which brought together business people across different sectors in both countries.

The detractors will continue to moan that improving alliance with Africa countries is being being pursued because traditional source markets have dried up, so what!

Day 1
Day 2
Day 2


  • Me too love me slave island! Me nah leave!

    Could the island not evolve into an outpost of Africa, once the majority population awakens?



  • more effort needs to be put into awakening them and they will need guidance…..which many are prepared to give in leaps and bounds…but they have to be receptive…

    setting up the Black population to go to Europe as Slaves although warned on this same blog SINCE 2019… that is what they were doing,


  • Rome was not built in a day. I have the patience to work towards it. Slavery has not been over for even two hundred years yet.

    These things take time but I can tell you that attitudes are changing towards our Africanness.


  • For those with alternate lifestyles of which there are many such individuals in the Caribbean diaspora, not all Afrikan countries are tolerant, they see it as disrepectful and insulting to their revered ancestral cultural traditions and norms that spans HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS///no matter what anyone thinks…THEY TOO HAVE THAT RIGHT……

    that many disrespectful people tend to DISMISS as irrelevant because they are so westernized

    … warned….



  • Everyone remembers the big staged show in London and the video.


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