180 Years of Emancipation- Some Perspective

Submitted by Mohammed Degia

On August 1, 1838, enslaved people across the British Caribbean gained their freedom. Contrary to what is often peddled about the singular role of abolitionists in ending transatlantic slavery, there were two main reasons for abolition- economic and rebellions. The British did not in some great moralistic and ethical wave bestow freedom upon the enslaved. The system was altered because slavery had become an economic liability. Furthermore, the planters lived with the constant fear of slaves rebelling and of another Haiti transpiring. In the end, it was better to agree to free the enslaved than to live with this fear or worse to experience a rebellion. I discuss all of this in more detail in a piece I wrote in 2007 which was the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade by Britain.

As we commemorate the emancipation of our Caribbean forefathers, remember that the British in abolishing slavery also provided a large compensation package for the slave owners. The sum of money amounted to £20 million (£15 billion today) or about 40% of the national budget. The formerly enslaved of course received nothing. What is even more perverse is that the loan taken out at that time by the British government to fund the compensation package was not paid off until 2015. Thus, the British taxpayer was until recently, through payments to the holders of the slavery bonds, still contributing to the beneficiaries of slavery. This is the same British government and society that dismisses the descendants of the enslaved condescendingly, lecturing to them that they should move on and stop living in the past. This is the same British government and society that refuses to consider the just demands of Caribbean people for reparations. The same British government that argues absurdly that the slave trade and slavery were not illegal at the time and so they are not obliged to provide compensation for the heinous role they played in one of the worst crimes against humanity. For these people though, it is not a historical matter to be left behind when until February 2015 they were still reaping the benefits of the slavery abolition loan. The height of dishonesty, arrogance and hypocrisy.

In addition, as we celebrate August 1, we must be mindful that 180 years after abolition and 56 years after the decolonisation period in the British Caribbean commenced with Jamaica’s independence on August 6, 1962, we have a long way to go in the quest for true freedom. The legacy of colonialism and slavery endures in our tiny island states. Most of us continue to experience significant socio-economic challenges. Race and class considerations remain central factors in how our societies function. For example, in Barbados, the justice system still operates in two forms- one for the rich and white and nowadays Indian and one for blacks particularly those that are not rich. Just under a year ago, I penned a long article about the harsh realities of race in Barbados beyond the symbolism of its Emancipation statue. Last week, two prominent white Barbadian businessmen were charged with drug offences and anyone following the saga would have seen first-hand the playing out of the politics of race and class that I wrote about.

The Caribbean has much work to do. We need to examine in earnest these mental chains that impede us. An honest, brutal conversation about our past, how it looms large over us and how we must proceed is essential. Our intellectual giants started the process. It is necessary for us to build on it and propel it to the next level. It is also imperative that we do this together as a region. We are one people with a shared history of colonialism, slavery and exploitation. People to people relationships that transcend artificial borders have always been a central feature of our Caribbean reality. In addition, in a world of large and medium powers, we have no choice as small islands but to integrate. Our politicians with their egos and selfish interests have frustrated the institutionalisation of our deep ties. We the people must take the lead.


  • “…anything that Obama built…” Do tell us what that mighyt be David, other than a pack of lies, promotion of islam, cosying up to America’s enemies, rejecting its allies, hand over-promotion of criminal blacks, and the employment of the arch-criminal Clinton. A true ‘community organiser from Kenya who despoiled his adopted country!

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  • 555 in case you didnt know scotsmen invented pretty near everything, that you probably use penicillin lol, telephone, television bicycle, fridge ,flushing toilet, tires,golf,radar, microwave, driving on left the road you drive on and so on and so …on unlike your ilk who invented female circumcision

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  • lawson, US healthcare is dose up patients with drugs and make money. addiction from drugs is not their problem

    your scum mind thinks I invented circumcision for calling out racist scum


  • @Lawson
    This trojan whore was taken in with money signs in her eyes but should have been given a boot down instead of a hand up
    You seem to have something against Black women you continue to drag Maxine Waters into the conversation with disparaging remarks when she isn’t even part of the debate. If Omerosa is a “whore”, Trump is her pimp, he pimped her on his show and he continued to pimp her before the American people as something she wasn’t i.e. a legitimate, qualified representative and spokesperson for Black people. He continued to try to pimp her by offering a dubious job paying 15Gs a month for her silence after she was fired from the WH.

    As for loyalty Trump is loyal to himself and his family, he and Omerosa deserve each other.


  • Sarge,
    Max and Pelosi are real stupid, retirement required. Kamala Harris is clever and is possibly a future Pres, although she is too Lefty for me.


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  • One post by Sarge and one from each of the brain trust and Sarge has them catspraddle
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  • Notice that I did not comment… would have (in the words of one of John’s heroes) to ‘tie half my brain tied behind my back’ just to make it fair


  • Like it already tied 🙂
    to have “half my brain tied behind my back ”
    Sorry guys, I cannot take you seriously… will leave now


  • Sarge I have a problem with stupid people in general, waters is a race baiter, pushing for a civil war, omer is hateful person hawking a book. I dont particulary like leona helmsley, marge schott or trump I have worked for bullys like him all my life but to deny things are moving forward because of that dislike is hoping america will fail. America failing will affect most countries to some degree negatively people will be unemployed, there will be soup kitchens and bread lines and your people will be in them because they are at the bottom of the totem pole in the us all 13% of them.

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  • the O gazert….. look at you trying to be an irishman,……. be confortable in your own skin……nobody is looking down on you


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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    The enslavers are not always of the hue of the white man or those who are not in the colour of our skin so in this regard de grandson has given you all an item that is a blog that will be published soon by the Honourable Blogmaster

    The subject matter related to the Little Known Charles John who some beleive to be a spy against the people a la 2018 technology.

    So, lest we swap masters you need to keep vigilant


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    The Three countries driving war on terror

    which is making the white boys paranoid

    are the three biggest warmongers

    They also were anglo-american slave traders and financiers
    Seems like USA + UK + Israel wars on terror are wars of terror


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  • Theo G,
    Sarge catspradling who? How? When? Where?
    Sarge is a good man but not that good.


  • Theo, I trust you appreciate by attempting to put all the white bloggers as one entity you are being rather Racist. Sarge is correct that Trump and Omarosa are birds of a feather. I still would like to know if Trump grab at it and whether any other activity took place, Omarosa is quite attractive but Kamala Harris / Sunny H look sweeeter than sugar itself.


  • “I trust you appreciate by attempting to put all the white bloggers as one entity you are being rather Racist. ”


    Whites are all one entity

    They are all the same

    They are not individuals

    They’re racists


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  • MB, how can I be racist
    If you came in to port with $3M in drugs, I would be one of those proclaiming your innocence, our HC connection, and years of knowing you.
    Doesn’t that count….


  • But this isn’t Omarosa’s first series of White House problems. She worked in the Clinton Administration under Vice President Al Gore. As Al Gore’s former office administrator Mary Margaret Overbey said at the time, Omarosa “was the worst hire (the Office of the Vice President) ever made.”

    People magazine reported in 2004, she was “banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration.” The White House personnel office transferred her to the Commerce Department briefly. At her last short-lived administration role, Cheryl Shavers, the former Under Secretary for Technology at the Clinton Commerce Department, opined, “She was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive. One woman wanted to slug her.” Omarosa only lasted in that final role for several weeks.

    Another Clinton administration official reported she was fired “because she couldn’t get along with people.” Another former Gore staffer noted, “she didn’t do her job, and it got everyone in trouble.”

    She has been busted for exaggerating her roles in the Clinton administration, too. As Omarosa told an audience in Washington, D.C. on March 19, 2004, at a panel discussion on “Wearing the Pants: A Woman’s Experience in a Man’s World”:

    “I have done logistics and advance and event planning for the White House under the Gore staff. … At 23, I got appointed to the White House. That was not a place to learn how to be a young professional. That’s a very difficult environment, because they don’t believe in training. They just kind of throw you in the fire.”
    The problem? Anonymous Gore staffers confirmed Omarosa never was involved in advance work or logistics. Her job was “to respond to invitations.”

    When asked about her employment history, Omarosa falsely claimed the shifting was due to her marriage to Aaron Stallworth. They have since divorced, and Omarosa married John Newman in 2017.


  • 555,
    Still waiting for you to give us the solution to the racial problems.


  • Theo,
    Maybe so, but I will make sure your loyalty is not tested. Anyway it should be obvious that I write as an individual and dont just blindly agree with what others contend.


  • Money Brain

    Any reason why you are trawling white troll sites and cutting and pasting like a half brain.

    White boy trash is a pollution.


  • “Still waiting for you to give us the solution to the racial problems.”

    Racial problems are due to white racists. Ignore them neanderthal scum. No problem.


  • 555 wrote,
    Any reason why you are trawling white troll sites and cutting and pasting like a half brain.

    Actually I dont troll such sites so U are confusing MB with someone else which is not a surprise.

    Regarding half brains, I can assure I only need to use a decimalised part of my brain against you, and that is when I am actually focused on several other business solutions.


  • Cutting and pasting and googling your words comes up with political insider website saying same verbatim.
    which makes “Anyway it should be obvious that I write as an individual and dont just blindly agree with what others contend”
    more meaningless self praise.. arguing with you would be like arguing with somebody else’s works /words cut and pasted


  • 555, if whites were all one entity then people with your attitude would be in very deep excrement!


  • Check how Trump squeezed Omarosa from the newsfeed.


  • What you watching????


  • You getting your news from 45gov???


  • @David
    Typical Trump, when the going gets hot he attempts to distract, the original letter to remove the top security clearance was d/d July 26 but he waits until Aug.15 for Huckaby -Sanders to read it to the Press. The folks there are so careless they didn’t change the date of the memo until the Press brought it to their attention.

    If Omerosa is not bluffing she can one -up him by releasing a tape.


  • @Sargeant

    If she releases another recording then Trump will go ahead and cancel Clappers clearance?


  • @David
    Perhaps Clapper, Comey and Hayden. When the tape of him uttering the “n” word surfaces, will you be surprised?

    I heard he is not worried it plays well with his base and the “principled” Republicans have spines of jello.


  • Who let the dogs out labels yesterday.

    Today it is grunt, grunt.



  • ” if whites were all one entity then people with your attitude would be in very deep excrement!”

    That probably sounds clever to a white boy like yourself.

    White ghosts don’t scare me.


    Conscious Guide, Conscious Guide (Slight Return), Guide Line


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