Mia Goes To Ghana


As part of the Year of Return and the visit of H.E, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to Barbados in June this year, the Prime Minister of Barbados, H.E. Mia Mottley, arrives in Ghana today for a 3-day visit.

The visit also forms part of the bilateral discussions started during the President’s visit to Barbados.

She will be in Assin Manso where a Durbar of Chiefs will be held in her honour at the forecourt of the Assin Manso Ancestral River Site.

Remains of an unknown enslaved African from Barbados brought along with the Prime Minister will be buried at the site.

This will bring to three, the number of African ancestral remains buried at the Assin Manso slave river site.

Prime Minister Mottley will also visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and participate in the Damba Festival in Yendi over the weekend. Her delegation includes Foreign Affairs, protocol, and business leaders.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi, Ghana’s tourism sector seeks to deepen its interest in the Carribean with Barbados as a key gateway.

The Coordinator of the Year of Return and CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyeman, says the visit highlights the importance of the Year of Return in the Global African discussion.


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298 thoughts on “Mia Goes To Ghana

  1. Ok David u win
    Barbados is not a shit hole but getting close
    Speaking of one trick pony
    Dont forget the duppy dust Mia unleashed on the island
    Knowning how u think u would call the past days problems a treat

  2. Barbados has no running water and no electricity, but Mia is off in Africa making speeches. Great. Punching above her weight.(Quote)

    What does Mia away have to do with EMERA being exposed for the lack of redundancy in their business? We should ask the FTC for an explanation.(Quote)

    The president has now stepped up and taking control of this mess. Glad to see she does not take advice from some people on BU. Who is the responsible minister?

    • The prime minister was very deliberate in stating she is not an engineer and will be asking BL&P to explain the situation. So what is your point?

  3. So what about the lack of water…some households even in the heights have had no water since last night.

    no excuse please…”gimme de vote and watch muh” we watching..

  4. @ David.

    Never ask a fish seller if their fish fresh?

    In other words the FTC were they any use, would be seeking an independent opinion.

  5. David how many times must The power company spokes person say the oil was contaminated
    The question which needs to be asked is how did contaminated oil get into the power supply
    Next was this oil tested
    Why is the minister in charge. Of the agreement between jamaica and barbados not questioned about this problem

    • @John A

      So true.

      Still waiting to hear why Minister Toppin resigned from the responsibility of managing the FTC.

  6. In barbados Truth always take a back seat
    This govt formed an agreement with Jamaica to buy oil
    Oil which has been said to be contaminated
    Going forward hard questions must be asked of this govt concerning the agreement w with regards to the specification of the crude which barbados had agreed upon buying

  7. “Next was this oil tested”

    wuh if they don’t test 200 year old bones they dig up… ya expect them to have the intelligence or awareness to test oil…lol

  8. @ David.

    If we wait for the fish seller to tell us the fish wasn’t fresh we will wait forever.

    You forget that spoilage from refrigeration loss etc, along with people checking out of hotels could all lead to legal claims for damages. The truth shall therefore remain a carefully guarded secret !

    Could that be why the FTC are like church mice on this issue?

  9. Prime Minister Mia Mottley will address the country via CBC’s radio network on the matter of the power outages by the Barbados Light & Power Company.

    This broadcast is also expected to be carried live by the Starcom Network as well as on the social media channels of the BGIS and other media houses.
    The Prime Minister will meet with the top brass of Emera, BL&P’s parent company this evening( Quote)

    The prime minister got the message. She should put them on probation with the threat of nationalisation.

  10. She should kick EMERA OUT…end of story.

    they had nearly a damn decade to replace their low speed diesel generators.


  11. Piece,

    I am not a mout giant. Suffice it to say that when I open my mouth I get most of my problems fixed. I do so by being like the pesky widow in the Bible. I am very annoying and it is easier to fix the problem than it is to deal with me.

    I do not look behind me when I step forward. These Bajans are too frightened and downright foolish. Imagine that when I have to do my thing and stand up for my rights I am labelled a mad woman! However, this mad woman from England gets her problems fixed. My madness takes all fear away. You should ask the police about that.

    You could also ask Flow, the doctor (the ones Bajans say yuh cyan fight fuh he medicine), the QEH, the attorneys (the same ones that does tief from poor Bajans) and others too numerous to mention.

    So now the problem is islandwide. I saw that one coming. I am sure that Mia will deal with the situation because she has no choice. No need for me to do anything but buy a generator to go with my water tank and .pump. I can afford one. I wish I could say I am sorry for those who can’t but I am not.

    This morning I had to switch my radio from Admiral Nelson and one woman with an English accent advocating for patience with Emera because “they have served us well up to now”. These fools were happy to be given the opportunity to talk to their families who had no choice without their electronic devices. I make my son put his down daily and we talk. Yesterday Sharon Millington on Q FM was advising that we calm down because there is nothing we can do about the situation. I switched her stupid ass off as well.

    I guess it is civilized and fashionable to buy shit and let the seller wipe it in your face. I guess that’s why they call me mad.

    I am not that civilized.

    And as i always say – there is treatment for madness but there is as yet no treatment for stupidity. So I choose my madness over their stupidity.

  12. Wuh damm u ever bought gas and put in your car and it wasn’t the right grade or quality
    If yuh neva then try doing so and watch wuh happen to the car
    If the crude was not of good quality the sh..it would shut down the whole system
    Cant entirely leave govt out this fiasco cause govt openly stated that the source from which they had agreed to buy oil was a source sufficient and enough to save consumers and customers money
    I always heard the olk folks say cheap things no good

  13. Am I de only body that think it interesting that this happen RIGHT AFTER the MIF give Barbados a god report card?

    Coincidence?? Or somebody …igging in the rigging?

  14. I am certain that Emera is aware of all the reputable suppliers and would have been able to contribute to any decision made by the government and raise any objections that would have been documented.

  15. Well well the country has finally reached Haitian status which Mia has spoke and willing to give barbados about ten years ago
    However that Status happened under Mottley
    What a thing doah
    The old folks always say wuh sweeten goat mout one day will bunn de belly
    Yes Mottley fuh u that day has finally arrived
    Too bad

  16. Well how can u be so certain u sat at the table
    So far all govt has been doing is meking hot and sweaty decision
    This last one has become a night mare for the country

  17. Generators required fuel to work and if the fuel is contaminated it would shut down the whole system
    The next best solution is for Emera to find a different company or country to buy the oil and not depend on those sources which govt provide for them
    The up side means better service
    The downside means consumers might have to pay more for quality

  18. @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal, earlier you had said and I quote

    “…What we need s a cultural policy, not a manufactured one such as Crop Over, but a recognition of our cultural past, especially in a fast-changing world in which all cultures are now American…”

    Few of our negotiations brothers and sisters understand what “recognition of our cultural past means”

    Soon Mugabe Mottley is going to launch another manufactured part of this Slave History past but IT TOO WILL BE SHOWN TO BE STOLEN FROM ***


    Let me brek it down for you Hal

    What if Mary and Joseph HAD STOLEN JESUS THE CHRIST?

    Upon what principle would the Church be built IF THIS CENTRAL PILLAR HAD 2 BABY KIDNAPPERS?

    The simplicity of that issue is lost on Mugabe who has founded her African Outreach to Ghana ON LIES and the irreverent manufacture of the bones of a Black Belly Sheep!

    De ole man says black belly sheep CAN YOU GAINSAY THIS ASSERTION?

    Not a fellow can Hal, and why not? Because Mugabe done it all in the dead of night and not a bajan knew bout it till we see de video!

    Are you starting to understand my point here?

    The memories of slaves who suffered at the hands of wicked slave owners with HAVE BEEN BASTARDIZED BY THE DESECRATION OF THEIR GRAVES BY Mugabe

    And for what reason Hal?

    Mugabe has no badword records to link these bones to Ghana IT COULD AS WELL BE THE BONES OF A BLACK BELLY SHEEP!

    She has started this matter by embarrassing our nation and disturbing the rest of interred slaves to convey a lie.


  19. “There is only one company permitted to import oil into the country”

    decades of governemnt collusion/enabling greedy companies to be a monopoly and suck up everything on the island, giving no one else a chance to do business has finally returned to bite BLP/DLP government in the ass…good..

    neither government liked fairplay, neither government ever wanted to see their own people with oil companies, banks, stores, nothing, trapping the people into financial dependency so they can collect their bribes while sitting in parliament or in their law offices…

    ..ya stagnaed your own people for decades…now take that…it’s called KARMA…you running blights.

  20. “She has started this matter by embarrassing our nation and disturbing the rest of interred slaves to convey a lie.”

    don’t know how she thinks it will end, but i will say this NOW….it CANNOT end will.

  21. 🙂 I don’t miss him, but with 254 comments that old fool Lorenzo should have appeared by now….
    I hope he did not let others convince him to give up his bones for the party…
    Worse than a black belly sheep, yardfowl bones to Ghana 🙂

    Have a great day Barbados. Hope I gave you a smile.

  22. Simple Simon managed to convince Lorenzo that he was doing a better job for the DLP and so he is exercising his bird brain to the max to restrain his yard fowl instincts.

    We shall see how long the cock can conquer his political animal instincts to tear at the throat of all opposition. Not that he ever drew one drop of blood. All he could manage was cockadoodledoos.

  23. Donna the pea brain and the jackass theophilus unlike both of you my life is not locked into BU. I do not have to comment on EVERY TOPIC on BU as the recent so call experts have to but who were quiet like church mouses before may 2018.I work for a living and i comment on what i wish to, have a great day jackass gazzerts and likewise Donna i gone.

  24. Heheheheh

    I could have told wunna dat as soon as Commander Theophillus Gazerts turned up, the 2nd of the Rented Jackasses Hee Haw was going to surface

    Mugabe give dem orders cause dem sort of Stoopid as you suggested Donna.

    Stoopid but blindly faithful or in other words A Poochlicker Extraordinaire

  25. You Brother Hants is a next man who going get Banned from Barbados Underground

    Between SEXCITING de people with Blue Box Cart and Fleur East and Glennis you now exciting the people with sedition video showing where the theft of this idea originated!!!

    De ole man would tell wunna to traverse further afield that dis shy$e island Dictator to the north where the concept was born in part but den wunna would truly comprehend how reprehensible this Mia Mottley is.

    WHEN YOU READ THE PATTERNS OF (1) ROSS UNIVERSITY that ManyPussy as Stoopid as she is, has said, and (2) this total adoption of the DLP idea of the Hyatt idea and (3) dis door of return ting WITH THESE FALSIFIED BONES and wunna do wunna research AND SEE WHO IDEA UM IS, all unna going see how Mugabe is REALLY NUFFIN BUT A TWO BIT TEIF!!

    Slowly but surely wunna starting to see where THE FALSIFICATION OF THE BONES IDEA CAME FROM and how de Ambassador get fired


    You can hid and buy land but you cant hide and wuk um


  26. For 99% of the mostly black population of Barbados the Bach to Africa ting does not even register.

    And of those de ole man would say this Ghana activity is an effing joke.

    Now here is why I know it’s a rass**le joke.

    Tell me whose words dese is

    “…the Slavery Abolition Act (1833) – which required the payment of £20 million to the slave owners in compensation for loss of ‘property’, but which required that the slaves themselves serve out an unpaid, six-year apprenticeship (as further defrayment of their owners’ losses) – was ‘one of the most racist pieces of legislation ever formulated in the British parliament’.

    Not only were the slaves left homeless and uncompensated for their suffering, but they were forced – in effect – to purchase their own freedom from a group (and within a wider society) that they had helped make rich….”

    Now answer up now, no slaggers

    Sir Hilary Beckles!!!

    One would think that, WITH AN OUTREACH OF THIS DEPTH AND IMPORT, that the foremost authority on Black Reparations WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAH, IN RH GHANA, and would have commented of these falsified black belly sheep bones

    Wunna feel people Stoopid

  27. Citizenship for sale ?

    ” A two-stage route to merit-based citizenship through permanent residence will be available to people who “who have highly desirable employment skills, who are willing to open a business, or who have substantial capital, money, willing to invest significantly in our economy and hence providing much needed employment to Barbadians”.

  28. A with the swirl of a pen here come 20,000 IMAGINARY names being appended to the voter list of BARBADOS

    And Reverend Atherley purported plant of Mia Mugabe Mottley HAS SAID NOR IS SAYING ANYTHING!!!

    You see how this shy$e playing out Brother Hants?

    Mugabe setting up the matrix to be President for Life or DICTATOR AD INFINITUM, were there not a Divine Creator

  29. Piece instead of worrying about Ms Mottley, s plan perhaps you can enlighten us of eenie,s plan going forward to win thes 18 toilet bowl seats in 2023 if he has one to even win his.As Bush tea would say oh ma shirt looka this jackasd for ma.No conspiracy theory ain,t cutting it.

  30. @ Brother Hants

    …After Ghana 2019 , We gatherin 2020 Barbados AND THEN WE VOTING BARBADOS 2021!

    FOR THE VERY LAST TIME before the gavel falls on Mugabe Republic AND PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!!

    Unless Reverend Atherley stands up and the PdP gets moving

  31. The 100 or so Ghana nurses recruited to come to Barbados next Jan. will be in for a rude awakening when they see the overburdening working conditions at the QEH
    Time and time again this govt has proven that they policies are akin to throwing new wine in old bottles
    The socio-economic conditions of barbados is in dire need of repair
    Like the BL&p and the BWA and the Sewer system which have all failed
    Govt still insist on blowing smoke in the people faces under a foolish disguise of “good governance”
    Another four years of this repetitive nonsense driven by untimely measures and gadawful policies barbadians can expect more poverty more crime and more suffering


    • Twice you have posted this comment. Why not take some time to research the issue with nurses in Ghana. A hint is that they are not well paid along with other issues.

  32. Just like Mia brought contaminated fuel into barbados to ran the energy system and it back fired
    The same shi..t gonna happen when the nurses get to work in a worsening Health enviroment at the QEH
    Be prepared for a clash of Titanics when both cultures refused to work with each other and walk outs become inevitable

  33. David u might want to ignore what the official of BL& P said but he is an engineer which u Mia or the and all the govt ministers are not
    Now go rest yuhself and try not to convince me that the bad oil did not have a negative effect in the energy meltdown
    Any how i would be first to remind u when more shit hit the QEH fan because of Mia hot and sweaty policies

    • @Sargeant

      Just last week the blogmaster invited comment on the China blog below on the issuebyiu have raised.

    • Every time your partisan positions are challenged you rebut with a silly remark. Like Professor Michael Howard resounded, you are swimming in deep waters without a life vest.

      Spot on!

    • Salary of nurses in Ghana: Nurse rankings, salaries, and allowances by Zindzy Gracia In the past, nursing was a lucrative career but currently, being a nurse in Ghana has become a challenge. Over the past years, nursing have been striking because of poor pay and the government has a banned nurses from seeking job opportunities abroad. With this kind of attention, we cannot help but wonder, what is the salary of nurses in Ghana? Read more: https://yen.com.gh/108585-salary-nurses-ghana-nurse-rankings-salaries-allowances-2019.html

  34. David your rebuttal speaks more to your incessant behaviour for govt
    Maybe before u open your mouth and schooled me about partisan u should look at yourself first
    The fact remains whether or not govt tried to dismiss the fuel as contaminated BNOCL s stated that they bought cheaper fuel did not match the required grade for BL&P generators and went further in their utterances to say that the generators were intolerant
    and not compatible for the fuel
    Now i asked u who gave permission for BNOCL to purchase the low grade fuel not graded specifically for the use in the generators
    Who signed the agreement for the purchase of fuel from Jamaica

  35. @ the 2nd of the Rented Jackasses

    You have twice been summoned from the bowels of the hell you live in, sucking on the bowels of Mugabe

    And you come as per your instructions, loyal poocklickers that you are.

    Interestingly, I have twice submitted an answer to you here to your colleague the Honourable Blogmaster who has REFUSED TO PUBLISH IT.

    Mostly because “it” my answer WILL RESULT IN THE 18 SEATS and he has his instructions NOT TO ENABLE THAT?

    Notice how the Barbados Underground blog has been dumbed down to inconsequential issues like 3 items about water, 5 items bout light and electricity 7 items bout buses, 14 new religious articles OF WHICH ONLY THE DR. GP ARTICLE HAS ANY VALUE and 13 are for Iso TALIBAN

    You get my drift?

  36. Back to the substantive topic though

    Again “let me go north, to come south”

    I am an avowed black consciousness denizen who will live and die with certain beliefs foremost among which lies in the Castle of my Skin.

    “…The developments in New York City (Harrington 1993), however, have demonstrated that contract archaeologists are required to deal with such remains, and that a solid understanding of the historical and anthropological aspects of African-
    American mortuary practices is necessary before interpreting them.

    Funerals in plantation slavery contexts in particular appear to have afforded African Americans an opportunity to develop African-American cultural practices in the New World based at least partially
    on African practices (Genovese 1972: 194-202; Thornton 1992:228).

    Several archaeological excavations of African-American burials have now been carried out (Thomas et al. 1977; Parrington and Wideman 1986; Owsley et al. 1987), although large New World cemeteries from before emancipation are restricted to Handler and Lange’s (1978) BARBADOS sample and the recent New York City excavations (Harrington 1993)…”

    Archaeological excavations IN BARBADOS have always been carried out in secrecy.

    Few bajans, other dan de high society people, are informed about this element of research PRIMARILY BECAUSE archaeological digs will more than likely find a slave THAN AN ARAWAK!

    It would therefore seem obvious that (a) given the percentage of the population that is black (b) given the fact that, barring the white men Rawdon Adams and Jerome Walcott, that it would be prudent that all excavations be accorded a ceremonial process ELSE ONE RISKS THEM BEING CALLED DESECRATIONS!

    As happens in the first world @ today


    The act of digging up the remains and, QUIETLY, UNDER THE COVER OF NIGHT, TRANSPORTING THEM TO GHANA, under the guise of “closing the circle” is DESECRATION!


    (1)Be accorded rites of Reinternment
    (3)MUST BE ACCORDED forensic verification so that there are no repeats of this black belly sheep fiasco


    And if Mugabe Mottley and her poochlickers CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE well wunna clearly understand what de ole man is saying about her non existent morals

  37. Correction to the last submission

    “..given the fact that Rawdone and Jerome are the only 2 white men in Parliament…. it would behoove said parliament to give some respect to the 95% black people who the govern …?

  38. Is Rawdon, the man with an MSc in political sociology from the LSE, a white man? How can Tom Adams, mixed race, have a white son, even if he has an MSc in political sociology from LSE and is a crypto-currency genius?

  39. I often have to marvel at the way white people in civilised countries move with respect to (1) customs (2) first people lands and (3) original peoples

    De ole man has said that Mugabe Mottley desecrated the graves of the slaves that she played she was carrying back to Ghana!

    Yes, the bones of what people in the know call the Bones of the Black Belly Sheep!

    De ole Man has did had to fight the Mugabe poochlicker regime here as they continued to support her desecration.

    But, Here an article which shows how white people treat bodies of their people on native lands AND WHY DE OLE MAN SAYS DAT MUGABE IS A DESECRATOR.

    “…Maori place ceremonial ban on volcano

    Local Maori groups have placed a rahui over the waters around the volcano and the coastal stretch on the Bay of Plenty.

    It is a traditional prohibition restricting access to an area. White Island, called Whakaari by the Maori, holds spiritual significance for the local Ngati Awa tribe.

    The rahui was placed on Tuesday morning and will be lifted only once the missing bodies are recovered.

    An expert from the Ngati Awa will accompany authorities in the recovery mission.

    “Ngati Awa are front and centre of this operation so for the uplifting of the deceased, once that decision is made, Ngati Awa will be going across to Whakaari/White Island,” deputy commissioner Wally Haumaha told RNZ.

    Rahui are often placed on areas after deaths or accidents occur or to protect natural resources in a specific area.

    They are not legally binding but are commonly respected by New Zealanders…


    It is interesting that, to the Maori, there is a respect AND SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE accorded this place of death that White people respect but, we black bajans DO NOT GIVE ONE FVUCK ABOUT!!!


    While our churches, of whom Joseph Atherley is a Reverend, REMAIN DUMB, LIKE SHEEP!


  40. Piece when are u going to realize that Atherley is a wolf in sheep’s clothing
    U ought to stop promoting and supporting that scunl

  41. Whatever happened to the Ghanaian nurses? They came with a huge fanfare and were quickly placed into quarantine. We have heard nothing since.

    • Why should something happen to them? You guys cannot believe the system is what it is without controversy in a failed state?

  42. @David,

    Have they been integrated into the QEH? There was suppose to have been a second wave of recruitment.

    I trust you recall that both leaders made a commitment to establish a closer rapport between the two countries. This relationship was consummated with Ghana’s president offer and Mia’s acceptance of Ghanaians registered nurses.

    David, I’m struggling to understand why my statement has upset you.

    • Covid 19 must have delayed original plans. A few weeks ago the blogmaster observed the nurses disembarking from a TB bus on Martindales Road. Hopefully more informed commenters will be minded to chime in.

      Not upset at all.

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