Intentional Mis-Education of Africa

Education without interrogation, teacher don’t teach me nonsense”

Submitted by Dr. Bamidele Adeoye

The arrow of time is always delving deeper in us, constantly forcing us forward, and in any story, time only flows when the story is told. The arm of time is always ticking to the beat of change, and change is as constant as time. We should move along with time, and not be swept along by the tide of time.

Progress is the attraction that moves humanity — Marcus Garvey

The essence of education in all societies is to prepare individuals to be useful and effective participants in their society. It prepares youths to be active and productive members of their societies by instilling them with the necessary skills and talents from an early age.

Koma Kenneth stated that education is everything that prepares the young people for either integration in a given specific society to perpetuate the established values and norms of such society or transform and changing such values and norms.

While Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere defined education as the transmission of accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the society from one generation to the next and also to prepare the young people for their future membership in the society in which they find themselves.

Thus, the African educational system, “it takes a village to raise a child” concept, the education, knowledge, skills, and attitudes were passed from generation to generation mostly orally, and training was done by example in most African societies. In essence, the training was done directly, formally, indirectly, or informally by the family members, kinships, village groups, and the community at large participated in the educational and socialization process of the child.

Therefore, the African concept of it takes a village to raise a child-focused on producing a well-grounded, skillful, accommodating, and civil adult capable and able to contribute to the development of the community at large. As a result, the concept of education was never a colonial invention in Africa. Rather, training systems existed in Africa long before the intrusion of the rogue colonizers.Magnus Bassey posited that the African training was very practical, those who took to fishing were taught navigational techniques like seafaring, the effects of certain stars on tide and ebb, and migrational patterns and behavior of fish. Likewise, those who took to farming had similar training. Those who learned trades and crafts, such as blacksmithing, weaving, woodwork, and bronze work, needed a high degree of specialization and were often apprenticed outside their homes for training and discipline. On the other hand, those who took to the profession of the traditional priesthood, village heads, kings, medicine men and women diviners, rainmakers, and rulers underwent a long period of painstaking training and rituals to prepare them for the vital job they were to perform.

And no matter how old we are, we are a product of the community that raised, trained, supported, and helped shape the way we see the world from childhood. For that reason, western education has limited values compared to being educated in the “it takes a village to raise a child” concept and the values inherited from them. That is why the concept it takes a village to raise a child is very crucial in African societies.

The African system of education emphasized practicality, social solidarity, equal opportunity for all, homogeneity with culture, and religion focused, which were later destroyed by the introduction of western theoretical education that impedes Africa’s development.

“If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one” ― Carter Godwin Woodson.

The later introduction of western education excluded; African languages, history, cultures, religions and lifestyles in their curriculums. And practicing African cultural lifestyles or languages were discouraged or punished in those institutions.

Early churches discriminated against and discouraged the use of African names for baptism, forcing Africans to take biblical names for baptism, indirectly vied that African names were not Godly enough for Christian Salvation. White missionaries consistently preferred biblical names, and that they (Africans) stopped using an individual’s given or non-Christian name after their baptism — Katharine Gerbner. Likewise, traditional beliefs of naming ceremonies were frowned upon.

Unfortunately, decades later, Africans now mimic these behaviors in their institutions and at homes. That is why it is not surprising that the younger generations of Africans can hardly speak in their mother tongues.

Regrettably, and so far, 52 languages (Wilkipedia, 2020 & UNESCO) are extinct in Africa. Foreign instructional languages and religions introduced by the colonizers (western educational subjugation and negative attitude towards own languages) were the leading contributing factors to these losses. Therefore, the extinction of any language is not the loss of spoken words. Instead, it is the loss of self-identity, cultural, historical, linguistical, and psychological.

Baffoe, Issah and Amoah, Anthony Kwaku noted that Ghana had made concerted efforts to prioritize the use of indigenous languages in education. On the other hand, Mako Muzenda posited that South Africa’s proposal to teach students Mandarin has not been well received. Instead, there was a call for more focus on indigenous languages, which have been neglected by the education system. Despondently, Zimbabwean primary and secondary schools planned on introducing more foreign languages: Mandarin, French, and Portuguese into the education syllabus, instead of indigenous languages. Liseli A. Fitzpatrick put forward that language is the main conduit that transports cultural expression and marks one’s identity.

Thus, the further introduction of more foreign languages instead of indigenous languages in the school systems must be challenged and frowned upon, it will undoubtedly further exacerbate the extinction of more languages, if not checked. If this trend continues, Africa will deliberately seek more foreign gods to worship due to its “enclosure of the mind” syndrome. It should be noted, that the introduction of more foreign languages to the school systems is not limited to these few countries mentioned above.

That is why, if the elders leave you a legacy of dignified language, you do not abandon it and speak childish language — Ghanaian Proverb. In short, western education is culturally biased that it makes Africans consider their cultures and languages along with their history with a disdainful and shameful attitude.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke acknowledges that to control a people, you must first control what they think about themselves, and how they regard their history and culture. And when your conqueror makes you ashamed of your culture and your history, he needs no prison walls and no chains to hold you.

According to Vanqa Tembe, basically training was intended to enable an individual to play a useful role in society. Education was seen as a vehicle through which western cultures can be fostered or promoted in the African continent by its colonizers. Western education was meant to reinforce the colonial conditions by inculcating the values of colonial society and training individuals for the service of the colonial state.

The colonizer’s unfamiliarity with the diversities of Africa’s culture, training, and religion, they viewed any practices different from theirs as inferior, barbaric, and degraded these practices as witchcraft, devil-worshiping, and heathenism. As a consequence of their close-mindedness and superiority complex, they sought to convert and then exploit Africa.

Bartolomé de las Casas was part of the early conquistador of the Indies. Later, became reformed and a strong advocate to stop the Christian dehumanization and violence against the Inca Indians. Bartolomé de las Casas enumerated the account of the colonial destruction of the (Inca) Indians in his most influential writings the Brief Report on the Destruction of the Indies (1542). The conquistadors’ excesses reflected the reasons why the Christians killed and destroyed such an infinite number of souls (Inca Indians) because of their greed for gold and their desire to enrich themselves within a short time. Bartolomé de las Casas emphatically vied that Christ did not come into the world to die for gold.

That is why dehumanization and colonial violence in Africa intertwined with Christian intrusion.

As a result, the word “colonization of Africa” is a conjuring word for masking the disorganization, and dehumanization of Africa. And it should be called by the rightful and detrimental word association, Dehumanization of Africa, instead of colonization of Africa.

Research and studies indicated that the mother tongue (thinking language) is the best instructional language, an enabler that facilitates better learning, understanding, and transfer of knowledge. Despite these indicators, the colonizers discouraged these enablers and facilitated the self-destroying behaviors.

The colonizers intentional mis-education had a devastating effect of the psyche of Africa, particularly the confusion of six foreign instructional languages, excluding Arabic; English (20 countries), French (20 countries), Portuguese (4 countries), German (3 countries), Spanish (2 countries), and Italian (3 countries). Useless instructional languages on the continent that excluded Africa’s heritage.

However, a subtle indirect emphasis was placed on religion to manage the conscience of Africa, to be forever subservient to the colonizers’ interests on the continent. And Africa, sheepishly took the bait with the hope of heavenly salvation, when the colonizers did not believe in their own god.

With reference to Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s famous quote on religion, “anytime someone says your God is ugly and you release your God and join their god, there is no hope for your freedom until you once more believe in your own concept of God”. Thus, when others impose the image of their deity upon you while you abandon your Gods and accept theirs, you inevitably become their spiritual prisoners.

The introduction of western education was to reshape Africa for government control, religious mission, and economy in favor of the colonizers. Therefore, making it possible for the newly educated African elites that would later become leaders of the church, commerce, industry, and politics, their future masked indirect instruments of change. According to Bishop Jordan, J. P. Shanahan the head of the Holy Ghost Fathers in Eastern Nigeria in the early twentieth century, acknowledged that those who hold the school hold the country, holds religion, hold its future.

Thus, western education and religion were subtle key elements in masking class and race superiority, used to manipulate, dominate, and oppress Africans.

Western education was also designed to instill foreign cultural values, and Africans were craftily manipulated to abandon their own cultures, history, education, languages and traditions. And unfortunately, Africans did not understand that the colonizers did not only colonized people, but they also colonized the interpretation of history itself and was rewritten to favor them at the expense of other people.

Yet, culture is the product of human creativity, imaginative contrivance, the overall concept of self, life, and God, which is uniquely and endemically localized, one’s enthrallment. That is why there is no right or wrong culture, superior nor inferior culture, and every culture has a logic of philosophy guiding it. Consequently, the question is to understand the behavior of the people in that particular cultural space or localities and settings.

What makes one God superior to the other, if the concept of God is an exaggerated worship of the cultural self? According to the Cambodian proverb; “Do not take the straight path or the winding path. Take the path your ancestors have taken”.

That is why African culture, in every facet, is not an accident or inconsequential, nor decorative, or the songs as the west contended. Instead, African culture is about the body of moral and ethical values placed on each member within that cultural space. Cultural values do not limit the intelligence and know-how of the people. However, it is the collective strength of the people within that particular cultural space.

Likewise, Africans cherished the inviolability of their culture because the most fundamental aspect of human identity is their culture, a foundational part of the conscious self. Hence, Africans considered their culture a powerful concept of self-identity and self-esteem which should be respected.

Unfortunately, western education and religion infringed on Africanness, with a subtle but destructive scheme, to replace them with western lifestyles and values, which in essence, very detrimental to Africa’s existence.

Culture cannot occur without education, which is the transmission of values and accumulated wisdom of a society, while education is impossible without some form of societal culture.

The learning strategies, training, and teaching methods African societies engaged for a very long time were discarded and weakened at the expense of western education.

Furthermore, Apollos Nwauwa argued that, while missionaries used education as an instrument for effective conversion of Africans to Christianity, colonial governments saw education as a means of socially and politically controlling the subjects. In turn, education and religion confused and corrupted the African psyche, as expressed by Chinua Achebe series of books; Things Fall Apart (1958), No Longer at Ease (1960), and The Arrow of God (1964).

That is the state of hopeless disorientation caused by religion and the imposed colonial education. From an African proverb perspective, one who causes others’ misfortune also teaches them wisdom. However, the colonizers left the back door unlocked, with a tool to confront them. The wisdom from the Zambian proverb states that the worlds of the elders do not lock all the doors; they leave the right door open.

Africa’s western education was a catalyst and a perceived contradiction; while empowering in one hand, it became alienating and corrupt on the other. The unintended consequences of western education are the consciousness of knowledge, coupled with access to a vast amount of data (information), unparalleled in the history of mankind. The academic consciousness and knowledge are the tools to challenge the colonizer’s manipulations.

The pandora box was opened with renewed awakening and consciousness, as predicted by Pixley Ka Isaka Seme’s speech, The Regeneration of Africa on April 5, 1906.

Fantz Fanon avers in Black Skin, White Masks that colonizer internalizes colonialism and its attendant ideologies, and how the colonized internalize the idea of their own inferiority, ultimately emulate and speaking the language of the colonizer at the expense of their language, is to appropriate its world and culture. Since language is the carrier and instrument of culture. Thus, racism functions as a controlling mechanism that maintains colonial relations as ‘natural’ occurrences.

Instead, western education, theoretical (memorization without thinking) academics without interrogation or practical, provided the workforce for the continuation and exploitation of Africa’s resources with the help of the pseudo educated Africans. The German educational policy was designed to train Africans as laborers to ensure the regular supply of workers for the colonial system.

Walter Rodney posited that colonial education in Africa was an education for subordination, exploitation, the creation of mental confusion, and the development of underdevelopment; killing the communalist spirit in Africans and replacing it with a capitalistic one, corrupting the mental sensibilities of Africans by providing selective training to fill auxiliary positions in the colonial service, emphasizing vocational rather than a well-rounded education, disregarding the peoples’ cultures in the educational curriculum and fostered the underdevelopment of Africa’s intellectual resources.

For example, Nigeria is a society obsessed with titles, where they are addressed by various titles, such as their college degrees; architect, engineer, nurse, teacher, accountant, chartered accountant, surveyor, barrister, SAN, advocate, Pharm, along with other worthless and useless titles; Sir, Dame, Chief, Pastor, Alhaji, Alhaja, Elder, Imam, Prophet, Mallam, Prophetess, Igwe, Chief Dr. Sir, High Chief Alhaji, Double Chief Sir, Man of God, Merit, MD (not medical), PA, CSO, Chairman, etc., that does not enhance or advance the development of the country. Deplorably, they call their rouge politician(s), excellency(ies). Regrettably and unfortunately, Nigerians are exporting these useless attitudes to pollute other African countries, and hopefully, they will not succumb to these negative behaviors that have no relevance to the development of the continent.

Yet, most of these degrees are not advanced degrees, what a paradox, while Nigeria remains the poverty capital of the world and the number three most terrorized country (Global Terrorism Index 2020). As noted by the Justice and Empowering Initiatives director, Chapman Megan, 1.74% (10.6M) of the 610 million children in the world that cannot read and do basic mathematics are in Nigeria.

A country that imports foreign companies to help develop their infrastructures despite these fanciful degrees and titles. What is the essence or benefits of these fanciful theoretical degrees that do not advance the development of the country? In consequence, these fancy theoretical degrees require foreign partnerships to validate their competencies before they can embark on any major infrastructural developments.

How many foreign countries partner with African companies to develop their country’s infrastructures? On the other hand, Africa is constantly seeking foreign companies to help develop its infrastructures, yet, Africa has thousands of college graduates with so-called technical expertise in those areas for development.

These questions should be subject to investigation; why these so-called graduates are unable to develop their infrastructures independent of foreign companies?

That is why Ali Mazrui hypothesized that Africa produces what she does not consumes and consumes and what she does not produce.

If Africa husbands her resources, she should have changed the trajectory of her western educational systems, and likewise, she does not need loans from any foreign countries or foreign partnerships to develop the continent. Consequently, Africa should start questioning or investigate these fancy theoretical degrees and how it relates to the development of Africa? Or are the answers about corruption and lack of trust in their academic institutions’ proficiencies?

Africa can do better and must do their best. However, if Africa does not change the course of her western education and religion, Africa will jeopardize its Africanness, thus Africa must protect and preserve its culture, and religion. Otherwise, Africa ways of life and the overall essence of what makes Africa intrinsically unique are at the verge of permanent destruction, if she continues on the path of western education without reforms.

And Africa should have listened and taken heed to the preaching and echoes of John Langalibalele Dube’s gospel of self-help and inner change.

Therefore, Africa is a continent where banks destroyed the economy, doctors destroyed health, the government destroyed freedom, judges destroyed justice, politicians destroyed accountability, the press destroyed information, religion destroyed morals and ethics, teachers destroyed education, and university destroyed knowledge.

The politicians are corrupt at will and deluded by their precipitous audacity of impunity, while they are impervious to the misery of the masses.

Why is this education system still acknowledged in Africa? Is Africa proud of this inherited academic system for Africa’s development? And who are the beneficiaries of this current academic system, Africans or colonizers? Why are Africans not enraged and repugnant against the systems (academic and religion) that failed Africa?

These and many other fundamentally intensely critical questions should be asked and investigated after roughly sixty years of the so-called independence in Africa. Therefore, Africa should question the concept of independence, independence from whom, and what? Were Africans not independent before the intrusion of those rogue colonizers?

Freedom is what we do with what is done to us, and man is nothing else but what he purposes, he exists only in so far as he realizes himself, he is, therefore, nothing else but the sum of his actions, nothing else but what his life is ― Jean-Paul Sartre.

Unfortunately for the colonizers, the African race is like an Indian rubber; the harder you dash it to the ground, the higher it will rise — African Proverb.

Conclusively; western education in Africa was designed to indoctrinate and reinforce colonizer’s values and lifestyles while the foci were to prepare Africans for the service of the colonial state. On the other hand, the African system of education emphasized practicality, social solidarity, equal opportunity for all, homogeneity with culture, and religious focus. The damage by the colonial intervention and indoctrination in Africa is so entrenched that the status quo of the colonial interests is still perpetuated indirectly by Africa’s pseudo elites.

Africans have been in denial that western religion and education did not have calamitous effects on the psyche of Africans. Conversely, this western academic system and religion should be challenged and questioned for its practicality and the sustainability of Africa’s development for the 21st century.

Finally, the task for Africa is to collaborate with the academic and indigenous religious communities to research, document, and compile her religiously authoritative texts in a refined form — books, just like other religious books.

Likewise, the academic system should be redefined and reformed, to transform the learning experience that will incorporate a holistic perspective of Africa in terms of culture, history, language, religion, cultural space, and the people into consideration.

Then, Africa will wake up with a renewed consciousness, a long-overdue rebirth in cultures, education, history, languages, and the religions of Africa.

Africa, the motherland of humanity, a gift to the world that keeps giving, and it should be respected honorably by the comity of nations, no matter her state of affairs.

God Bless Africa!

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  1. As we welcome the focus David has placed on things Afrikan and noticed with piqued interests the previous article, will reserve a substantial contribution for later.

    Howrver, noticing the ignorance about “god bless Africa” and remembering the previous contribution there appears to be a stark contradiction.

    Even this writer’s mind seems to be so infected by Western thinking. For to appeal to a White man’s fictionally created god for salvation does not represent the minutest of drpartures from the fundamental Western construction which has Afrikan peoples everywhere approaching this the enemy’s god for salvation.

    This matter and maybe the writer has thusly invited us as if to war.

    • @Pacha

      We are not perfect. Humanoids seem to thrive better if there is a belief system in their orbit. Does it matter what the form tells belief system takes?

  2. David
    How on earth could the god which brought slavery, colonialism, capitalism, cultural destruction and the reverence to White people’s ancestors to Afrikan peoples now be expected to save us?

    If your argument is true so why can that God now be the Mother of their god. We speak of Hapi, Amon, and others.

    Give us a single example where a people has deified the culture of another with success. And religion is essentially the deification of culture.

    • @Pacha

      You have deposited a logical argument but you are also acutely aware that in matters of faith logical perspectives go through the window. Could it be that this to be an evolutionary process related to how humans move through epochs to test the crucial of faith? The point is that we do not know, matters of faith is an amorphous affair.

  3. Another VERBAL DHIAREA article blaming colonisation for all black ills. Wily thinks author should go back to his several hundred African languages philosphy and see if this will benefit Africa on the world economic STAGE. Follow China’s recommendation, learn Mandrian and join the socialistic colony. If Africa lies down with the eastern DOGS then Africa can expect to get flies which will make western colonization shine brightly.

  4. David

    This socalled “faith” is not any different to, as in response to an advertisement, how positive responses can be generated.

    More importantly Afrikan philosophy was always based on knowing. It is only with the rise of this fictional Abrahamic construct has “faith” come into vogue.

    The atribution of intangibility to “faith” in the foolishness that is religion is not dissimilar to what we are taught in marketing.

  5. David

    This socalled “faith” is not any different to, as in response to an advertisement, how positive responses can be generated.

    More importantly Afrikan philosophy was always based on knowing. It is only with the rise of this fictional Abrahamic construct has “faith” come into vogue.

    The atribution of intangibility to “faith” in the foolishness that is religion is not dissimilar to what we are taught in marketing.

  6. (Quote):
    Then, Africa will wake up with a renewed consciousness, a long-overdue rebirth in cultures, education, history, languages, and the religions of Africa.

    Africa, the motherland of humanity, a gift to the world that keeps giving, and it should be respected honorably by the comity of nations, no matter her state of affairs.

    God Bless Africa! (Unquote).

    The question is which “God” is to bless Africa and her peoples. The same God which is blessing the Chinese and Indians?

    Black people, especially, those living in the Diaspora of the ‘Western world’ will always be hewers of wood and drawers of water for other racial groups as long as they (the blacks) continue to recognize and worship other people’s gods and idols.

    That is why the white supremacists can continue to humiliate and make fun of blacks.

    For blacks to get redemption from the curse of their indoctrinated inferiority they must recognize the Force responsible for the colour of their skins in the first instance.

    Isn’t Life a paradox! Those who are closest to the Source are farthest away in the recognition of their Creator.

    This need for salvation is summed up in Marcus Garvey’s call for emancipation of the black race from mental slavery and popularized in song by Bob Marley.

    “The enemies are not so much from without as from within the race.” ⁓Marcus Garvey

    Even those Israelites mentioned in the Judeo-Christian book of mythology recognized their Creator in their time of trials and tribulations.

    “May the Lord bless you and keep you;
    the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
    the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

  7. Vincent Codrington is a slave of the Bajan typology.

    He knows nothing of who he is but possesses the temerity to maintain his White master’s indoctrination at any cost.

    He is the kinds of people, pretending to be Black on the surface, but worth of death.

  8. @ Pachamama at 9:43 AM
    I see that you are on one of your illogical trips.I am Bajan 100%. Why should you ,therefore ,be surprised that I am a slave of the” Bajan typology”?
    I am black. How can I pretend to be otherwise? What you see ,is what I am . I am proud of who I am. Always was and always will be. Why aim to be a second rate Pacha Lacha when I can be a first class Vincent?
    Go and struggle with the stochastic processes that you claim to understand but do not know its explanatory limitations nor its fit for purpose. Pretender!!

  9. Good to see that you have emerged from your hiding to engage

    Is this the Vincent Codrington who pretends to be an economist, as trained by an offshoot of the london school of economics, who had no ideas and was in fact misguiding this blog about the stragetic default.

    On the matter of national economy and foreign reserves which we nelected to discuss further with you, was not because we did not have an insight different to your rudimentary appraoch but it was, as in the case cited above, about a level of ignorance on your part too deep to overcome on a blog.

    On the matter at hand. You know nothing about Africa, you seemingly admit, but pretends to be black entirely based on skin colour. Oh jesus christ, we know some White people blacker than you.

    We wish black lackies like you,
    and they are in the overwhelming majority where you reside, to be consigned the the hell which your stinking god and religion prepares for others.

  10. @ Pachamama

    Continue on your pretentious rant. You are certainly very,very good at it. I emerged to flush you out. You did not disappoint.

  11. That is the talk of an idiot.
    It is you who were in hiding behind and supporting the like minded cunt who, like you, commented from a place of ignorance and White arrogance.
    How could you flush us out. Our radical and unrepentant views are wholly inconsistent with those of the addhole that is you and are well known.
    This writer must be the only body here who has repeated cursed your effing stinking god, fearlessly, like we do here again.
    You Vincent Codrington are no more than a self hating nigger, an oriole.

  12. This an informative post. However my problem with Dr Adeoye is that he has overlooked – once again – the destruction that Islam brought to the continent of African. Too many of us have a blind spot over Islam. We, quite rightly, lambast the role of Europeans and their evil mentality; yet, we continue to give a free pass to Islam and Arabs.

    The Dr is Nigerian and probably feels deep unease at voicing his true beliefs in a nation where over 50% of its citizens are Muslims.

    In an ideal world Pan Africanism would be a fantastic concept. However, how do we convert the religious zealots amongst us to embrace a concept that should ascend and supersede the religious beliefs of an individual.

    Off message: I just saw on Wikipedia that ” Barbados is one of the few Caribbean nations that strongly support Israel over Palestine”, since 1967-Aug-29!!!!

  13. Didn’t read this before i posted the video, but the colonial system is not designed to “taking a village to raise child” which is the natural and orderly progression of life when raising well rounded adults, instead, the system was wilfully designed to rear fearful, miseducated, brain damaged, compliant slaves and that’s what it still does and that’s what the joker in Barbados’ parliament plans to continue while chasing Elizabeth and her crown away, but hell bent on keeping her corrupt, generationally twisted by DBLP, ugly racist, oppressive system.

  14. Religion is destructive, has been from the time man decided it was a useful tool to weaponize to control populations worldwide, the only way for anything to change is to rid the earth of the blight of religion also it goes hand in hand with slavery and racism..

    …..neglecting spirituality continues to be Africa’s downfall…stop adopting western manmade shit and fake religions from all the others, which has no substance and is steeped in destruction..

    ….spirituality was criminalized in the west, look at the state of the whole area…

  15. “These and many other fundamentally intensely critical questions should be asked and investigated after roughly sixty years of the so-called independence in Africa. Therefore, Africa should question the concept of independence, independence from whom, and what? Were Africans not independent before the intrusion of those rogue colonizers?”

    it was never independence, just like the Caribbean, it was a well choreographed reconstruction, like what is happening right now, Africa needs to get out of its grasp before recolonization takes on an even more insidious complexion and this time around an even more INESCAPABLE predicament.

  16. “These questions should be subject to investigation; why these so-called graduates are unable to develop their infrastructures independent of foreign companies?”

    same thing in the Caribbean, all these useless boastful degrees and even more useless colonial titles, that are new age YOKES AROUND THEIR NECKS and none of them are intellectually capable of functioning without outside/foreign interference and it’s been all of 60 years or close to that they claim to be independent, yet give them any leaderships role and they all need foreign consultants, foreign companies to invest, they do not utilize their black talent unless it is as voters or useless pimps for political parties, it’s a mirror image of what happens in the west….the product of reconstruction post emancipation….all failures, all losers, all in MASSIVE DEBT…

    they’ve been HAD AGAIN and have no one to blame but THEMSELVES….this time around..

    ya can’t get rid of Elizabeth and keep her system, same way ya couldn’t in any reality believe that ya got rid of slavery but the colonial system that drove slavery is still in place and you are somehow, in your mind only, NOT STILL ENSLAVED……

    .have ya ever seen a hamster on a treadmill…well that’s what has happened, from the Continent to the Americas black leadership have been going around and around in circles for 60 years…..THEIR OWN FAULT…for not getting rid of the colonial system and all the oppressive anti-black, racist laws complete with slave codes that too many of them still keep on their statute books because they think they are british and so proud to be associated with slave masters and their descendants who still show disdain and disrespect for our ancestors and those sellouts with colonial titles too, they have them wearing a symbol of racist superiority and black hatred for over 60 years and those black diplomats never even knew the meaning until the extrajudicial murder of George Floyd….we must question the sanity of black leaders and colonial hangerson..

    the only African country to date, that i know of, who got rid of every blighted, cursed anti-African law on their statute books is Rwanda…i hope all the others do it soon if they haven’t done it already..

  17. “Off message: I just saw on Wikipedia that ” Barbados is one of the few Caribbean nations that strongly support Israel over Palestine”, since 1967-Aug-29!!!!”

    are you surprised, Barbados governments have always supported racism, slavery, oppression and exploitation of Black people, so Palestinians wont stand a chance, you have a black pm who can’t bring herself to strongly CONDEMN THE PUBLIC MURDER OF BLACK PEOPLE…in the US, because she does not condemn the racism exploitation and human rights violations of Black people in Barbados…so she has to blow in the wind, unable to take a stand…that is why Africa had to be warned about who and what she is….and never let her get any foothold there or they will ALL GET SOLD OFF INTO SLAVERY or whatever lines her pockets.

    the only African country to date, that i know of, who got rid of every blighted, cursed anti-African COLONIAL LAWS on their statute books is Rwanda…i hope all the others do it soon if they haven’t done it already..

  18. @ Hal,
    Would you like to elaborate.

    @ Wura,
    Pan Africanism is viable provided we focus our attention on like minded souls. This will automatically discount ninety percent of black humanity. Pan Africanists should not attempt to challenge those who place their faith in the world’s two major religions. Or try to entice those individuals who may be uncomfortable with the concept of Pan Africanism. It should target those remaining individuals from the diaspora and those from the African continent who are prepared to work together as a unified group. Such a group, although scattered geographically could generate enormous wealth and set an example to the remaining 90%. Rather then been “patriotic” and “nationalistic” towards their country of birth, they should seek to share economic, social, educational and political alliances with their fellow believers irrespective of the country that they are living in.

    Such a high-minded black entity would easily out perform the sluggish and docile remaining 90% who have no desire to shake up the status quo. If the majority of the 90% were to perish – then so be it. Quality is always more important than quantity.

  19. WURA-War-on-UOctober 7, 2020 5:00 PM

    On this you are wrong bigly. Arabs have no use for black people, Africans. The exception was Muammar Gaddafi. Israel has more in common with Israel, as ”your enemy is my enemy”.

    Plus, did you ever read about the project, that took ten years, for Israel to rescue Ethiopian Jews from Sudanese camps?

  20. TLSN…your idea for African nation building should be taken into consideration, but i always like the idea of leaving religion completely out of any dynamic, particularly every day life, because it’s so destructive, we can and have survived without religion for far longer than it’s been around, it’s merely post mankind bullshit weapon of controlling others whom they did not create…..and was successfully turned into a weapon of mass destruction for African people…

    patriotism and nationalism automatically turns me off, just like religion….they too are tools weaponized to keep African people in the Diaspora divided and OFF THE CONTINENT and the ones on the continent divided and fighting among themselves, hating each other and seeing each African country as the enemy when in reality there should be no borders which were put their by wicked colonizers, they did all of this, so that some Euro countries can continue robbing it UNDISTURBED….and if African leaders STILL CANT SEE THIS…they are blind like hell.

    and yes, there should be a COLLECTIVE of Africans from the Diaspora and the Continent grouping to work things out, that has, i know, has already started…the leaders need to become more involved, while leaving the nationalism and religion at the door, their only companion and inspiration should be African spirituality….they have no excuse..

    “The enemies are not so much from without as from within the race.” ⁓Marcus Garvey

    man, did he and others PAY TO LEARN THAT big time……the damaged colonial black mind is very dangerous, i’ve had instances where as soon as i recognized the danger…i immediately cut them right off, they can get you killed or imprisoned..time to eradicate their existence, they cannot be saved, no one needs them anyway, they think way too highly of themselves….just like the damaged black colonial created leaders in the Caribbean…good to keep very far away good to the African comes from any of them…

  21. “On this you are wrong bigly. Arabs have no use for black people, Africans.”

    Arabs are not my favorite people either , am too aware of their vile history….and somehow you think Israel have use for Africans other than to rob the continent and do what they are doing in Palestine, they spit on Africans in Israel among other very nasty things……..that is the context in which i answered you…am sure you have seen my writings on the Arab mind already..

    the only thing Israel has in common with Africa, is it’s a country within Africa, the middle east is a colonial construct, even one of the Rothschild dudes admitted to making the pile of sand up, another colonial construct…. nothing else about it is real….and should in no way be compared with Africa or Africans

  22. “did you ever read about the project, that took ten years, for Israel to rescue Ethiopian Jews from Sudanese camps?”

    forgot to mention, you should see where Israel put them to live, their condition, hopefully it will change at some point in time, but they might have to join the Israeli army to start any upward mobility…same evil shit, different masters.

  23. some are coming to the realization that it’s the repulsive manmade laws that has for centuries and still CONTINUES TO ENSLAVE THEM and generations of their families, get rid of the colonial laws OR YOU WILL REMAINED DOOMED ETERNALLY……with the mealy mouthed, shite descendants of slave masters openly voicing that Africa needs to be depopulated so that wild animals, same ones that their ancestors hunted nearly to extinction from the 1500s – TODAY, can live freely and populate the continent instead of Black people, either wake up or all ya asses will soon be dead and you won’t have to worry one way or the other…

  24. @TLSN

    I believe one of our UN ambassadors, under Stuart, was a New Barbadian Muslim. He brought the issue of Palestine in to our orbit on a number of occasions. I cannot remember his name.
    But the issue came up on BU before.

  25. When people are referring to the damage of religions, they are referring to the dysfunctional societies of people who practise it. People are responsible for their prejudices, such as racial discrimination or misogyny, which are ingrained in cultures as legacies from history. Whites in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australasia defend their racist cultures, Islam across the world is still behind on woman’s liberation of 60’s in West. Policing and laws represent flaws in culture, such as injustice in US legal system against blacks. Religions are not to blame for dysfunctional people and dysfunctional cultures, but can be used as a crutch and an excuse to argue and justify wrong behaviours, which is misinterpretation of the spiritual messages for peace and equality across world. Differences in religions are also used for divide and rule, propaganda and stereotyping, but there is one God, one universe, one people, one love, and all religions are just different cultures and different ways and different aspects of worship and philosophies of God’s creations.
    ▶ Sheriff John Brown

  26. Doctrines of religions should be treated as foundations for learning and teaching about spirituality, but real spirituality is to find your own personal and individual relationship with God as guidance and help to help you find your individual and special purpose in life. Just remember the life we are living is not for one but all, having a ball. People are people and are individuals like you and you should respect and relate to view each one as one.

    ▶ Sheriff John Brown

  27. “but real spirituality is to find your own personal and individual relationship”

    requires CONNECTIVITY…no spirituality = no connectivity = DAMNATION..

    .just as we are now witnessing worldwide….am sure those who criminalized and demonized spirituality are now seeing their own end drawing closer and closer, due to the destructive actions of them and their ancestors…

    the African and those still connected will understand it better…

  28. Hal AustinOctober 8, 2020 5:15 AM Palestine what.

    The other Arab nations have more than enough land and money to give Palestine their own state. But they also have no regard for Palestine.

    Israel is trying to protect itself from the promised destruction by Arab militants. We like to make things a convenient narrative, but it is not.

    Arab leaders are brutal and all eager to attack Israel if they could. They have no regard for Israel nor Africa. Pity that Pacha / Waru cannot see that.

    Israel would be a great friend to Africa, but the African leaders look to the wrong source of assistance.

    The one good thing about China in Africa is that Muslim control of Africa is out of the question with China involved. They thought that they had an issue with Israel? Well, bit of news for them………

    In time China will control the Middle East and Africa fully.

  29. Crusoe…. there was no Israeli state in existence in that area before the 1940s, why do yall like to enable and condone other people’s fantasies and criminality, as i said, am not big on Arabs, but they were there for centuries, it’s like you and the people on the island having been there for centuries and others decide that they dreamt some shit or imagined some shit and claimed where you are at is now their land all because of their delusions..

    .which it turns out was the ORIGINAL LAND OF THE ORIGINAL BLACK HEBREWS …whose bloodlines still exist today, i mean the current Israeli site……..that is how Africa got divided, annexed and robbed….by thieves….by others enabling and condoning thievery…

  30. Crusoe…..there is evidence that supports what Pacha and i know, there was no evidence of any euro jewish state in that area period…it is quite recent…..the ones who were in UK got themselves on a boat leading up to and in the 1940s and went over, they got permission from UK and then UK changed it’s mind, a whole lot of confusion ensued, all of the information is available if you care about the truth, and all of this was engineered anyway, those people are Europeans and whatever else they call it’s pure bad info to say otherwise. and should not in anyway be compared with Africa or the plight of Africans..

    China will eventually be chased the hell out of Africa…just watch..and no one else except AFRICANS and descendants in the diaspora have any right to be there anyway…the younger generation are nothing like the older generation…and are fearless

    ……many have left already and many more will leave either on their own or smoldering.

    it’s unfair to support thievery of other people’s land..

  31. You have an Israeli leader who is convicted for corruption and is an open all out racist always displaying his hatred for Black/African people and you wan’t to unleash that savage beast on Africa…not going to happen.

  32. Black/Africans better learn their REAL HISTORY real fast to pass on to their children and grandchildren and stop allowing garden varieity thieves to rewrite what they want and CLAIM IT….the 12 Tribes of Israel, the ORIGINAL BLACK HEBREWS….are originally from today’s euro jewish settlements, they still SPEAK THE LANGUAGUE AND EVERYTHING…..some of them live in other parts of Africa…..there is a valid reason why so many parts of the original bible WRITTEN BY BLACK PEOPLE are missing…there is a reason why a NEGRO SLAVE BIBLE IS STILL IN EXISTENCE today….and why EGYPT, a BLACK COUNTRY has been whitened with pretenders claiming to be Egyptian and digging up the sarcophagi of our BLACK ANCESTORS..many of them still WEARING LOCKS ..thousands of year later……know your history…

    and some of the original descended BLACK HEBREWS still live on the current recent euro jewish site that they claim is theirs.

    Europeans will never stop stealing and telling lies…’s who they are….it’s the people who support and condone it allowing them to continue..

    “The very words cause many people to grin at what appears to be simply a play on words. No one reads about such people in European authored history books and there are only a few references to “Ethiopian Jews” in white Jewish sources. Yet Black Hebrews have existed since biblical times. In fact, they are the original or proto-typical Hebrews.

    Their story begins with the Patriarch Abraham (2117-1942 B.C.), a native of the Sumerian city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia. Archaeological discoveries have proven that the earliest inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia were members of the “Brown Race,” i.e., the Negroid branch of humanity.

    It has been confirmed that the ancient Sumerians were akin to the modern Black Dravidians of India. The Sumerians also had an affinity with a people known as the Elamites, the very first Semitic group mentioned in the Bible (Gen. 10:22). The Elamites were a black-skinned and woolly-haired people as the colorful glazed artwork on the royal palace walls of the ancient Persian city of Susa clearly show.Thus Abraham, the native of Sumerian and the founding father of the Israelite nation, was a black man. The black racial origins of the Patriarchs is not based on mere conjecture, it is in complete agreement with the picture one gets from examining the identity of the earliest inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia.

    This truth is grossly neglected, suppressed, and distorted in most European and American historical texts which are flavored with race prejudice. Fortunately, however, there are enough well authored and highly researched works by Black historians that challenge the Eurocentric revisions of history and correct the various erroneous views regarding the ethnic identity of the Hebrews. Biblical history relates that the descendants of Abraham, namely Jacob (Israel) and his twelve sons and their wives, 70 in all, migrated from Canaan to Egypt around the year 1827 B.C. During their sojourn in Egypt the Children of Israel multiplied from being a family of 70 souls to a nation of over 3 million people at the time of the Exodus which took place in 1612 B.C.”

  33. A lot of people are getting worried….their wholesale THEFT OF OUR BIRTHRIGHTS while we remain CAPTURED IN THE WEST among other human rights violating things…are being threatened…..reality is beginning to SINK IN.

  34. Yep…someone is getting worried when there is absolutely nothing to worry about, ah wonder who dat someone is?

  35. Waru

    There is a man here who always intervenis about the damage Islam has done to Africa. And that is true but there are other truths as well.

    The thing about it though is that he never seems to opine about the Europeans, particularly his British for whom not a single enduring critique is ever ascribed.


    We see the violent hasidic zionist jews protesting in NY and praising Trump for all he has done to help them steal a “former” part of Africa, Palestine, from the Palestinians.

    Also today the FBI brought charges against Trump inspired White misanthropic racists in terrorist plot against Wittmer, governor of Michigan. And to overthrow the state government.

    Both the White aryan terrorists and the zionist terrorists are both groups supportive of Trump. The contradiction here is that the zionists and aryans are extreme haters of each other.

    This cocktail of forces could only end badly.

  36. “he never seems to opine about the Europeans, particularly his British for whom not a single enduring critique is ever ascribed.”

    ain’t got the balls.

    “The contradiction here is that the zionists and aryans are extreme haters of each other.”

    “end badly” putting it mildly… a real recipe for mutual assured destruction..

  37. It’s quite obvious that African governments are totally unaware of the various forms of NEW AGE CRYPTO-RACISM and UPGRADED, REFINED colonial class of mental slavery, exploitation, and oppression, specifically designed and created for the further destruction OF ALL AFRICANS/DESCENDANTS….OF THE CONTINENT and DIASPORA….

    a term like Battyboy, a direct connotation to slave masters RAPING BLACK/AFRICAN MEN…during the time of slavery, eventually BANNED IN REGGAE MUSIC by western countries because they claim that it’s DEROGATORY TO HOMOSEXUAL MEN…..homosexuality, by the way, is BANNED in The Gambia, but some lowlife western “investor” opened a business in THE GAMBIA….glorifying battyboyism…and the government and Gambians are totally unaware of all of this…either force them to change the name or kick them out of Africa, or BOTH…

    even more disrespectful to African and Africans around the world, another gaggle of lowlifes decided to name their business place The Plantation in the Gambia..a word that VIVIDLY connotates, mental and physical SLAVERY, EXPLOITATION AND OPPRESSION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE in the Diaspora, the Continent and WORLDWIDE…and should be BANNED FROM THE CONTINENT…right along with those who DEVISE SUCH EVIL PLOTS and plans of INVISIBLE ANNIHILATION for AFRICANS…

  38. Practise Rhythm
    Tek A Set Tek A Set
    And the Wicked them a fret
    You’re playing for Jah and you’re playing the best
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  39. Never give Jah up
    This Playlist a Jah Jah Playlist
    Rastafari Give Thanks and Praises Itinually

    ▶️ Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God

  40. (I forgot the playlist)

    Why worry about them
    when you can pray them away

    ▶️ Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God

  41. And this is why you can NEVER TRUST RACISTS…

    they just want African people to sit back,relax and ENJOY being victims of their RACISM, don’t talk, don’t complain while they come out once a year prancing around talking about Black Month or some such delusional shit because in their minds they are doing you a favor by acknowledging your existance once a year…..they know exactly what they are doing and it’s just another form of reinventing their evil philosophies to keep African people in bondage permanently…and cousin Boris is well aware of all of this, how bout that.

    “An ousted government race adviser says Boris Johnson has “no initiatives” to tackle the deep inequalities black people face and questioned whether his new aides even believe they exist.

    In a stinging attack, Lord Woolley – who headed Theresa May’s advisory board – accuses the prime minister of wanting to “change the race narrative”, rather than achieve actual change.

    Mr Johnson appeared to believe people from ethnic minorities should “stop wallowing in victimhood”, he suggests – revealing he was forced out because the prime minister only wants staff who are “demonstrably his”.

    Lord Woolley pointed to three policy initiatives that are “gathering dust”: tackling low ethnic minority pay and achievement in higher education, and recruiting 30,000 more black teachers.”

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