National Living Hero Rihanna Graces the World Stage at Superbowl LVII

Run This Town – The Road to Halftime Starts on Rihanna

It is Superbowl (57) today and local talent and one of two living national heroes Rihanna is slated to perform at halftime, one of the biggest slots on the global entertainment program. If you are a detractor or not Barbadians and Caribbean people everywhere will be kicking back to bask in the global spotlight her performance will attract.

Barbados Small and Proud – Mia Mottley and Rihanna Successfully Negotiating the Global Space

How many times have we heard references made to Barbados being a country punching above its weight? Through the years the comment made but former United Nations Secretary General Koffi Anan has been striped of its obvious meaning by political opportunists. 

The challenges for a 21 by 14 small developing island with an open economy in a competitive global space will always be many. While it is true Barbados lost its leadership anchor in recent years by our high standards there is hope, as a people we must never surrender to despair.

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Rihanna, Barbadian Hero

The news that Rakim Mayers was arrested last Wednesday in Los Angeles after vacationing in Barbados with his girlfriend Rihanna breathed life into a simmering concern many Barbadians have to her being named a national hero of Barbados last year.

Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky – an American rapper – is charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a non fatal shooting. He was released on a $550,000 bond – see report A$AP Rocky Arrested at LAX. There is the saying all PR is good PR, the blogmaster is unsure local government officials will agree given the recent event.

Although it is the boyfriend of national hero Rihanna who has generated the PR for Barbados, Barbadians who disagreed with Prime Minister Mia Mottley declaring Rihanna a national hero are unsurprised at the report this week out of Los Angeles. Rihanna achieved billionaire status because she operates in a space that is characterized as a commercial culture. Therefore her deportment in public and social circle will display characteristics that clash with traditional expectations of what a national hero should represent. The conflict for many Barbadians does not mean Rihanna has not achieved phenomenal success, it boils down to how a conservative Barbados perceives what are the characteristics a national hero should possess. 

The blogmaster is ambivalent to Rihanna given national hero status. She has demonstrated extraordinary business acumen and talent as an entertainer in a ultra-competitive business. She has also done her part as a philanthropist. All the more incredible, she has achieved phenomenal success coming from a 2×3 island. She deserves the title of Phenon. That said many voicing disapproval of her appointment sees a conflict between behaviour required to support her business objectives and the valueset that should define a Barbadian boy and girl. 

It must be repeated the majority of Barbadians are proud of what Robyn Rihanna Fenty has achieved. Too often the concern many Barbadians have at her elevation to national hero status is conflated with irrelevant positions coloured by political and narrow interest.

Would Rihanna Devalue the Fenty Brand?

Submitted by Heather Cole

Back to the Budget of a few weeks ago. Many may have missed it, many would have wondered why they were included in a Budget Speech and many are still wondering what is the real story behind black belly sheep making up a budget speech delivery when truth be told they had nothing to do with government revenue or expenditure.

Fenty is Rihanna’s brand and black belly sheep is one of the components of the Barbados brand. Rihanna would never consider devaluing the Fenty brand so everyone should be quite concerned and question why the Government of Barbados wants to devalue the black belly sheep brand.

In a part of her speech, the Prime Minister mentioned quite a few things in relation to black belly sheep that leads to the devaluation of the brand.

  1. She stated that the sheep were to be raised in Guyana and then shipped to Barbados for slaughter. This may not be a good idea as there is no evidence provided that black belly sheep can thrive under the conditions that exist in Guyana.
  2. She mentioned that the black belly sheep will be cross bred with another type of sheep in Guyana. This means that there is some knowledge that the black belly sheep cannot thrive in Guyana. If they could indeed thrive, there would be no need to cross breed to create a hybrid.
  3. One can only presume that this cross breed would be more suited to the environment in Guyana. A cross between a horse and a donkey creates a mule. What will the cross bred be? The soil and vegetation are not the same so therefore, the meat and fat content will not be the same and the quality of the hide will not be the same.
  4. She also mentioned the sale of two types of meat. One of the pure black belly sheep and the other of the cross breed. The pure black belly will be for export and the diluted cross breed for local consumption. Will they be packaged accordingly? How will a consumer know that they are consuming the diluted version and not the authentic brand? Will the taste and texture of the meat be the same?
  5. Have 400 years of slavery damaged us so psychologically that it is still acceptable to be offered food that is less than the best or can we still be forced to eat what the ruling class would never eat?
  6. She mentioned that there would be a price differential. How will Barbadians feel knowing that they may not be able to afford an authentic brand that was created right in their own backyard centuries ago? How will they feel knowing that they are forced to settle for a substitute? Is the meat of the authentic black belly sheep which will be exported for a premium price be too good for Barbadians to consume?
  7. It was not stated that government of itself would be farming the black belly sheep so why was it so quick to come up with the price differentials between the meat of the authentic brand and the diluted product, given that the production cost will be the same?

Two burning questions that remain, are which of the local farmers can afford to start a sheep farm in Guyana and if this venture is only for the select few. One will only know both literally and figuratively if the project gets off the ground and the meat comes to market.

A brand is a unique identity. The government of Barbados should get some help from Rihanna on how to market this authentic brand. Rihanna would never collaborate with anyone to dilute her brand and sell her merchandise at a cheaper price. If that were the case, she would not be a billionaire today. So why is the Government of Barbados destroying the identity of the black belly sheep to promote a cross bred hybrid? Who will be enriched through this venture?

I am all for the creation of an enhanced product but not for a dilution and devaluation of the black belly sheep brand of Barbados. Governments action to alter the breed of the sheep does not offer increased value since it has stated that the cross breed will be sold at a cheaper price.

Livestock rearing is not new to Barbados. Some of the land that will no longer be used to produce sugar cane can be used to rear sheep. Incentives can be offered to small farmers and all of Barbados to raise and produce this product for local consumption and for export while maintaining the authenticity of the brand. Government can also ensure that the real black belly sheep meat is available to all Barbadians by fixing its price per pound on the domestic market.

Rihanna BOOM, Kothdiwala BOOM

Prime Minister Mottley surprised the nation during republic celebrations with the announcement international Barbadian artist was elevated to national hero status. A couple months later – post-general election with the appointment of government senators – Mottley did it again, she provisionally appointed 18 year old Khaleel Kothdiwala as a government senator. The appointment requires a change to the highest law of the land.

The views expressed by the blogmaster on the process required to make these kinds of appointments will not be popular in an age when process is often disregarded for going with the flow; going with what is popular.

The blogmaster has no issue with National Hero Robyn Fenty or Senator Khaleel Kothdiwala (designate). Both have demonstrated exemplary achievement serving respective pursuits. In the case of Khaleel he has done what few have shown the courage by entering Barbados Underground using his given name to debate issues. On behalf of the BU household – despite differences from time to time – we wish him well.

A previous blog – Maximum Leaders, Absolute Power and Democracy– is timely for what it reminds us. It addresses the challenge some in society have with the arbitrary way a political leader can take decisions that are possibly not aligned to the collective value-set of the citizenry. The Prime Minister has the prerogative to appoint whomever she wants as a government Senator. The issue in the case of Khaleel’s appointment to the Upper House is the decision to amend the Constitution to allow an 18 years old to sit. Should changes be made to the Constitution without wide public consultation? Should changes to the Constitution involve a declared process that includes wide consultation with the public that taps in to the kind of country we want to fashion? The same argument is true for appointing a national hero.

The other challenge is that many of us bring immature positions to the table by quickly resorting to personal attacks on the persons selected- in this case Rihanna and Khaleel. This is another example what happens when citizens cede inherent rights in a democracy to politicians. Why should Prime Minister Mottley believe that after a second 30 to zero win at the polls, she does not have the mandate to implement feel good decisions? The eternal threat to the type of democracy practiced by Barbados demands an engaged citizenry and individuals of integrity willing to offer themselves for public service.

There is benefit to following an established and transparent process for making these kinds of decisions. There is a benefit in a democracy to canvassing the views of citizens to ensure maximum participation. What the 2022 general election again revealed is that there is too much apathy and cynicism among the citizens. This is antithesis to how a functional democratic system should operate.

But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Luke 12:48

A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Rihanna, National Hero of Barbados

The announcement by Prime Minister Mia Mottley during the independence and republic ceremony that Rihanna was recommended by the government and accepted by the now President of the Republic of Barbados to be added to the pantheon of national heroes came as a surprise. To be expected public opinion is mixed although many appreciate Rihanna for what she has accomplished on the world stage as an entertainer, businesswoman and philanthropist.

It is instructive to to examine the criteria outlined in the Order of National Heroes Act, in particular the criteria for eligibility declared in the schedule to the Act.

Order of National Heroes

In determining the eligibility of a person referred to in section 8, the Prime Minister shall have regard to whether that person

  1. (a)  has given outstanding service to Barbados and his contribution has altered the course of the history of Barbados;
  2. (b)  has given service to Barbados which has been exemplified by visionary and pioneering leadership, extraordinary achievement and the attainment of the highest excellence which has redounded to the honour of Barbados; or
  3. (c)  has, through his heroic exploits and sacrifice, contributed to the improvement of the economic and social conditions of Barbados and Barbadians generally.

The blogmaster will reserve opinion, for the moment.

The Grenville Phillips Column – The End Game – Part 4, Chasing An Illusion

The EPA was negotiated in the worst possible manner, resulting in the worst of all trade agreements for the Caribbean.  When I asked why they had signed such a bad agreement, I was told that we had to sacrifice the sunset industries for the sunrise.  Suddenly everything made sense – there was a method to the madness.

During the EPA negotiations (2002-2008), I kept hearing that the EPA would facilitate the trade of the Caribbean’s rich cultural industries.  The Caribbean has popular events, talented artists, and competent supporting businesses that the EPA was supposed to launch to international recognition.  Eleven years later, we can confirm that it did not.

I was the President of the Combermere School Old Scholars Association from 2006 to 2008.  During that time, Rihanna became a member, and her popularity was rapidly rising internationally.  While the EPA was being negotiated, Rihanna was noted as an example of what the EPA could facilitate.  With Rihanna’s undisputed international success, that EPA justification went unquestioned at the time.  Let us question it now.

Rhianna’s Success

Rihanna became successful without the need for the EPA.  No artist will likely become successful because of the EPA.  Achieving international recognition in artistic work is something that cannot be predicted.  That is the risk of the cultural industries – no one can accurately predict what other people will like enough to spend money on.

There are many talented artists in every country.  However, the most skilful artists are not necessarily the most popular.  What makes a person with lesser artistic skills have significantly more mass-appeal than someone with significantly more skills?  It is an undefined and unknown quality that some have called the ‘X-factor’.  To promise an artist international appeal is to promise an illusion.

Sporting achievements, by contrast, are different.  If you can dribble a basketball out of traffic and shoot three-pointers consistently, while under pressure, then basketball teams will pay for your talent.  If you can dribble a football out of traffic and consistently score goals from outside of the penalty area, then football teams will pay for your talent.  If you can consistently run 100 m in less than 10 seconds, then people will pay to see you run.

Physical and mental skills can be developed through practise, and there is a defined standard that the practitioner knows that they must meet to get to the next level of development.  The standard for artists is less certain, even if the product is enhanced with better support services.  Once a business depends on an undefined emotional appeal, rather than fulfilling a defined physical need, then that is a risky type of business.  But we were convinced that we just needed the EPA.

Giving Away the Crown

In exchange for facilitating an illusion, we gave up the crown jewel of modern trade agreements – the lucrative and nationally important construction industry.  A single large construction project typically earns BD$100M.  The Sam Lords Castle hotel reportedly cost $340M.  The construction of a referral hospital may exceed $500M.  The Sandals project is reportedly a $900M investment.

With such large sums on the table, construction projects worldwide attract political corruption.  The common corrupt component has been measured at between 10% to 30% of the cost of a construction project.  Since governments do not meaningfully address corruption, international funding agencies have taken the lead.  They normally publish lists of contractors and consultants who engaged in corrupt activities.  Those listed can be barred from tendering on their funded projects for up to 15 years.

Despite its vulnerabilities to corruption, the construction industry is important to national development and stability.  The Construction industry allows persons to enter at any skill-level, and advance to the top on merit alone.  A teenager with no academic certificates can start as an unskilled labourer, and become a skilled artisan, supervisor, and then contractor.  A teenager with drawing skills can start as a draughtperson, and become an architect or engineer.

The EPA will open the Caribbean market to competition from the combined European construction industry, but effectively closes the European market to us.  Unlike when our fore-parents were purchased for trinkets, we gave away the crown jewel that sustains national development for nothing, an illusion, a promise of Rihanna-like potential for our artists, which after 11 years has not been realised.

We Are To Blame

We have no-one to blame but ourselves.  We took the lunatic decision to negotiate the EPA in secret.  Our trade experts lacked the experience to recognise trade barriers written into the EPA, that effectively disqualified Caribbean construction practioners from trading in Europe.

The trade barriers with the FTAA were hidden, and we had to find them.  The EPA trade barriers are plainly written, with a no apparent effort to disguise the obvious intent.  The European negotiators appeared to employ the ‘hiding-in-plain-sight’ strategy, which tends to work when playing against relatively inexperienced players.

The construction industry is about 15% to 20% of our total annual economic activity.  It also facilitates social stability – turning wayward youth into responsible adults through the apprenticeship system.  With so much at stake, we should be trying to make the industry internationally competitive, but we seem to be trying to do the exact opposite.

The selective regulation of local and foreign construction companies is discriminatory, and grossly unfair to local contractors.  For example, the Chinese construction companies appear to be almost unregulated when compared to the effort made to regulate local construction companies.  When the Government awards no-bid construction and consultancy contracts, it can only corrupt the industry and damage our most competent companies.

Artificially raising construction costs discourages demand for new-construction.  Smaller contractors rely on building houses so that they can develop into medium sized companies.  However, VAT on construction materials makes construction unnecessarily expensive.  The VAT on construction materials alone, can take a homeowner about 5 years of a 30-year mortgage to repay.  We should not have to go in so much debt to pay a tax.

There is so much that the current administration can do to adequately prepare Barbados for what is to come, without the need for austerity.  They simply need to start listening to other advice, and then determine whether it is better than what they have received.  However, they serve BERT alone, and BERT has publicly admitted that they never looked at any of the non-austerity economic plans for Barbados – and will never look at them.  If we continue on our present path, then we are sunk.

Next week, the conclusion of this 5-Part End-Game series.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at



Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados
So, the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2019 championship game is over, and New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, is being widely hailed as a “hero” for winning an unprecedented 6th Super Bowl title. But, as far as I am concerned, the real  hero of Super Bowl 2019 is not Tom Brady. Rather, it is Barbados’ cultural Ambassador, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty !
Rihanna is “the” Super Bowl hero simply because it was her highly  principled and courageous stance of standing in solidarity with black activist footballer, Colin Kaepernick, and rejecting the National Football League’s offer to be the featured performer at the highly prestigious Super Bowl half time show that will be forever remembered as the distinguishing heroic act of Super Bowl 2019 !
Let us recall that during the 2016 to 2017 American Football season, Colin Kaepernick — the black quarterback of the San Francisco 49’ers football team — took to protesting against systemic US anti-Black racism in general and white racist Police killings of African-Americans in particular, by publicly kneeling (rather than standing at attention) during the playing of the US national anthem.
At the time, Kaepernick explained his stance as follows:-
“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of colour. To me, this is bigger than football……..There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”
Needless-to-say, Colin Kaepernick was punished by the powers that be for his bold, principled, and positively disruptive gesture of protest. Not only did United States President Donald Trump publicly call for him to be fired, but not one single National Football League (NFL) club would hire the highly talented Kaepernick for the 2018 to 2019 football season !
It is against this background that our Rihanna stepped forward and stood up for Colin Kaepernick and– by extension for the cause of Black freedom and justice that Kaepernick so superbly represents and symbolizes.
In turning down the NFL’s offer to perform at the Super Bowl half time show, Rihanna was turning down an opportunity to perform before a massive global audience of in excess of 100 Million persons, as well as turning down the opportunity to benefit from a host of future lucrative Super Bowl related commercial endorsements.
But, just as Colin Kaepernick was clear that some things are “bigger than football”, Rihanna was demonstrating that she too was clear that some things are bigger than entertainment spectacles and financial benefits !
And so, we Barbadians would be failing in our duty if we do not publicly acknowledge and record that our Rihanna performed a truly significant and heroic act when she stood up  not merely for Colin Kaepernick, but for all people of colour, and for the sacred principles of freedom and justice.


What if Rihanna were Prime Minister?

Submitted by PUDRYR

What Makes a Prime Minister.png

Some weeks ago, the ole man noted a comment from Mr. William Skinner, a fellow blogger where, while he spoke of breaking the deleterious chains of this BDLP Duopoly, he suggested the possible advancing of Rihanna Fenty as Prime Minister.

The ole man has been examining his suggestion anew in the light our serious need for “New Blood” perspective and the necessity to break this rut that our country has descended into.

We have no national inspiration nor any desire, like Rihanna, for Bajans to aspire to be “A Credit to their nation Wherever We May GO.”

I humbly suggest to you readers that what we need is a radical disruption and departure from this path of useless incompetents and a need to have ALL of our people embrace real change.

And I humbly suggest that this change WILL BE FOUND in Rihanna.

Many people (of whom the Honourable Blogmaster numbers high in this list), are quick to say that “Mia Mottley is a millionaire” as if this is some superlative qualification.

But the ole man, would ask those of you, who will read this submission, (INCLUDING RIHANNA?) to contemplate the instructive Cassius/Brutus comments  (Act I Scene 2)

Brutus and Caesar—what should be in that “Caesar”? “Rihanna and Mia” —what should be in that “Mia”?

Why should that name be sounded more than yours?

Write them together, yours is as fair a name. Sound them, it doth become the mouth as well.

Weigh them, it is as heavy. Conjure with ’em, “Brutus” will start a spirit as soon as “Caesar.” And Rihanna will start a spirit as soon as Mia.”

Now in the names of all the gods at once, Upon what meat doth this our Mia feed, That she is grown so great?

Age, thou art shamed! Barbados, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods!

When went there by an age, since the great Errol Barrow, But BIM was famed with more than with one (wo)man?

When could they say till now, that talked of BIM, That BIM’s wide walks encompassed but one (wo)man?

Rihanna Fenty is a millionairess too”, many times more that Mia Mottley (at least what Mia’s official declaration states heheheheh)

Mia is said to be able to speak without a paper, AND, as an actress, so can Rihanna.

Mia has 26 ministers around her running the finances of Barbados – a $1.5 billion indebted country, OF WHOM 21 MINISTERS ARE IDIOTS!!

Rihanna is part of a MULTIBILLION DOLLAR empire AND IS SURROUNDED BY, & HAS ACCESS TO OVER 1,000 FINANCIAL EXPERTS, people whose performance validation contracts don’t permit them to tinker with finances, THEY GET THE JOB RIGHT, EVERY TIME, or they get fired. FULLSTOP

Do you Bajans who truly want change, understand this?

Examine the PROVEN OPTIONS we have right here in our Ambassador Plenipotentiary Rihanna Fenty!!

Like William Skinner, I am doubtful that WE CAN MAKE THESE BDLP CLOWNS straighten up, and fly right, but I wish encourage average bajans, people WHO DOES NOT FEEL like you are a part of the MOTTLEY solution – we have A VIABLE SUCCESSFUL ALTERNATIVE – FENTY FOR 2023!!!

We the People of Barbados – Solution for Garbage

Submitted by PUDRYR

Dear Bajan Brothers & Sisters,

Might de ole man suggest something.

I have been thinking of real practical ways for Civil Society to “wrest” control from the (at least) 21 incompetents that Mia Mottley has been besieged with in her overgrown Cabinet.

All of us are tired of the continuous game of Musical Chairs that we are besieged with, every 5 years, when these clowns come in and trick us for our “X’, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

While I can do this, I WILL NOT spend much time belabouring the endemic problems of each administration, but i will detail the solutions that WE THE PEOPLE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL.

And I will start with this Sanitation Service Authority Problem

In St Thomas, next to the school where Louis Lynch was moved, there is a company called L&N Workshop run by a man called Norman Edwards.

Such a man can, and has, taken any vehicle and, with his extremely competent staff, repaired any bus or truck.

In St. George, on the way past the St. George polyclinic, is a man called Michael Powers who can, and has, taken any SSA truck and refurbished and repaired it, to a state where it is like new

I am sure that many of us have exceptional Body Fabrication specialist that we can recommend for this task.

So, let us pause for a moment and consider the state that our garbage collection is in and suggest a way that WE THE PEOPLE can work to a specific solution for this problem.

Here is the ole man’s suggestion

  1. I suggest that we create an NGO called WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados.
  2. We might be able to solicit the services of BU’s resident lawyer Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch
  3. WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados, will go to the government of Barbados and offer them $1 for each of the currently languishing DDA trucks at the SSA HQ
  4. To facilitate the financial portion of this concept WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados will open a specific bank account where we each deposit a base contribution of say $50 (or what we can afford). Well wishers and corporate entities can contribute more. A registry of the monies collected and of every single contribution will be available online IMMEDIATELY with the establishment of the account. (It is optional for persons who subscribe to permit their names to be published publicly)
  5. This WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados account will have 3 signatories, one of whom will be Senator Caswell Franklyn and 2 others (Caswell must be one of the signatories)
  6. WE THE PEOPLE will secure the contractual commitment of the government of Barbados to use our trucks, when repaired, for the collection of Garbage. (We can seek the skill sets of BU’s resident Luminary for this task as well if he is interested)
  7. WE THE PEOPLE will have the “Mia Cares GoB” waive the road taxes for these vehicles for a period of 3 years and we will have one of the socially conscious Insurance companies insure the activity for 3 years.
  8. The seed $$ from the WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados Account of say $100,000 will be requested from Ambassador Rihanna Fenty



Piece uh De Rock Yeah Right


Recommended Open Letter from Ryan Brathwaite to Rihanna

Submitted by PUDRYR

Attn: Ms. Rihanna Fenty

My name is Ryan Brathwaite and I am a Gold Medallist from Barbados (110 metres hurdles 2009 World Championships).

I have a question related to developing a support mechanism for talented Barbadians that I hope might be of interest to you.

I am starting an NGO called Outside the Winners Circle whose focus is to provide support to local talent, young (and not so young) bajan men and women  who currently depend on government support which is, as you may know, not at an optimal level. 

This initiative would focus on things like athletic scholarships,  support for talented artistes, or indigenous initiatives in need of financial/technical support I propose to build a virtual mechanism to support these resource-needy applicants, persons who are already “tried and tested” and are already “in the business” but fall just short of that “tipping point” and success.

I propose to create a Portal at to manage the enrolment and critical facilitations for our best (and while I am an athlete our portal will reach out to our best)  and, with your support, I plan to demo that system via an online encounter with you (wherever you are in the world) on 30th November, from here in Barbados.

I know that you have a lot of experience in “what the local talent and performer sector needs, and currently lacks” and I am wondering if you would be interested in supporting this initiative.

I am promoting a virtual gateway for young people seeking investment, irrespective of the initiatives with a view to generating jobs for new breed entrepreneurs.

Do you think I should be focusing on a self sustaining web infrastructure or a business development/promotion option? 

What do you think of us doing a limited pilot (which would be a combination of both elements mentioned above) and then, given the buy-in, decide to focus on promoting the web portal model or the dedicated business financial support aspect?

In summary the portal would assist people like me, who might have “finite windows of opportunity”, but may have slipped out of “the Winner’s Circle”, not because they (we) dropped out, but because they (we) did not have the additional resources needed.

I’d love to know your thoughts Miss Fenty.

As a separate matter, I was also wondering if you’re seeing any possibility for you to promote a Second Tier Performer circuit which would bring lesser known performers to Barbados as your “guests” and create a following using such an activity to promote tourism and expose our local performers. I believe that many local hoteliers would support that program via discounts etc. 

It would be leveraging your name for what could be called The Rihanna Get Together. Do you think there is some currency there? It’s a bit hard to assess if that idea can work and if you could would assist it but, it might be a way to help Barbados if say you got Port Ferdinand and a few other hotels to band together with this.

Miss Fenty, thanks for reading this….you’re probably up to your eyeballs with the Rihanna vs. Beyonce Concert in addition to your World Tours at the moment. 

Continued success with your career I remain one of the many Barbadians who have so much pride and joy in your success and ongoing achievements

Best Regards


Ryan Brathwaite


Outside the Winners Circle

What a National Disgrace

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan

rhiannaThe question on everybody’s lips as well as mine is what are we celebrating? It appears that we are celebrating fifty years of the Democratic Labour Party -celebrations of exclusion and not fifty years of the country achievements! It would have been nice if the government had outlined a list of accomplishments over the past fifty years. One thing for sure, they helped to destroy our once vibrant garment industry. In the 80’s, they were 79 garment factories and a work force of over 14,000 workers. Instead, all I am hearing is about fetes and more fetes all year leading up to independence. It appears as if it is all feting and in some cases the prices that I am hearing is way above the average person’s pocket.

I really do not intend to participate in anything because to my mind, all the fetes and parties are just a smoke screen to take the masses minds away from the real issues read the current economic situation. Some of the major problems facing the country and affecting the masses are, water woes, garbage collection, poor roads, transportation, educational issues, the lies, broken promises about projects in the pipeline for the past three years etc. What will be their legacy is that we will end up with the IMF at our door step, despite their constant denial that the country is on solid footing.

What Barbados should be celebrating is the success of Rihanna. She is the best thing to happen to Barbados since slice bread. It is very disturbing and mind boggling to understand how our own Rihanna who share the spotlight with President Obama, as the two most famous and recognizable people in the universe -except for Donald Trump’s brief moment of fame and glory after shocking the world by winning the Presidency of the United States of America – yet the government of Barbados cannot see it fit to honour her in a tangible way by putting up a couple of billboards across the island and a life size picture of her on entering the Airport to immigration. Rihanna’s face can be seen all over the world and many countries have up billboards of the super star, except Barbados. Last year, the government saw it fit to put up a number of billboards along the Highway for the Heads of Government Conference, but cannot see it fit for one of their own, who is a world icon. This surely cannot be an over sight after all these years, it is a national disgrace and slap in the face.

For once in my life when I travel and people ask me where I am from and I tell them Barbados, they do not ask me which part of Jamaica is that. Thanks to Rihanna the world knows where is Barbados. Rihanna does more for tourism and marketing of Barbados than the Board of Tourism and its overseas high price marketing agencies. When tourists comes to Barbados, they want to see Rihanna’s house, because of her celebrity status. Rihanna’s home and where she grew up has become a tourist attraction and the government is not capitalizing on it. I would hate to think that the reason for not doing so is because there is nothing for any Minister to attach his or her name to as in the case of the opening of a new building or road. If this is the case, he or she could attach their name to the billboard and have their legacy live on! I am sure that if the former Prime Minister was alive he would have understood what Rihanna’s fame means to Barbados and capitalized on the opportunity to further expose Barbados to get tourists to come to our shores.

It is unfortunate the calibre of some of today’s politicians only get involved in politics to further themselves, families and friends and have very little interest in the economics of the country. Its heart breaking to see that a number of our politicians have no foresight and that some of our best brains are not involved in politics and the planning of our 50th anniversary. No wonder that everyone is asking what are we celebrating? In the many ads I have not seen one single telling the people what the achievements are or even attempting to do so. If this was done, many of the people would not have been so critical in seeing it as just a Democratic Labour Party fanfare. One can see that this is an election gimmick to leading up to the next general elections and not about what the country have achieved over the last 50 years and for a select few to leave their legacy in history for the historians to write about when we are celebrating our 100th anniversary.

Understanding Free Market Capitalism

Submitted by Freedom Crier

rihannaOne has to admire Rihanna’s Tenacity to Work hard to reach her level of achievement demonstrating to all that just a kid from St. Michael willing to use her Talents and Abilities can achieve what she has put their mind to. Rihanna through her Drive and Determination is in a position where she can give a hand up, ‘not a hand out’ to assist others through her scholarship fund and other benevolent causes from her own pocket, not someone else’s. Her Motto is Work, Work, and Work. Another local example of a Work, Work, and Work entrepreneur is Mark Maloney who lately is getting some stick. Do not glorify one and disparage other local entrepreneurs like Bjerkham, Bizzy & COW Williams. They are many others not singled out but a select few?

The Government in Barbados is grossly oversized employing 20% of the workforce. That is a tremendous burden on the taxpayer. I would prefer to see more people in Barbados work less for the Government. I want them to have the rewards of their own industry. This is the chief meaning of freedom. “A man’s right to work as he will, to spend what he earns, to own his own property, to have the state as servant and not as master, they are the essence of a free economy, and on that freedom all our freedoms depend”. Margaret Thatcher.

Russian born novelist’s, Ayn Rand’s, intellectual assault against the Marxists of her day who diminish the worth of Individual Freedom, she argues in character: “But you say that [wealth] is made by the strong at the expense of the weak? What strength do you mean? It is not the strength of guns or muscles. Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think. Then is [wealth] made by the man who invents a motor at the expense of those who did not invent it? Is [wealth] made by the intelligent at the expense of the fools? By the able at the expense of the incompetent? By the ambitious at the expense of the lazy? [Wealth] is made — before it can be looted or mooched — by the effort of every honest man, each to the extent of his ability. An honest man is one who knows that he can’t consume more than he has produced” (See: Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, 1957.) “In other words, wealth comes at nobody’s expense but the inventor, the free thinker, the one actually taking the risk and making the sacrifice. It never costs anything to anybody else. There is no expense incurred to those who sit by the sidelines. Therefore, it cannot ever be considered ‘theft” from others who were never involved nor invested in the very process. It costs others nothing!”


How is Free Enterprise “Capitalism” better than Socialism?

The essential nature of Free Enterprise Capitalism is social harmony through the pursuit of self-interest. Under Capitalism, the individual’s pursuit of his own economic self-interest simultaneously benefits the economic self-interests of all others. In allowing each individual to act unhampered by government regulations, Capitalism causes wealth to be created in the most efficient manner possible which ultimately raises the standard of living, increases the economic opportunities, and makes available an ever growing supply of products for everyone. The free-market operates in such a way so that as one man creates more wealth for himself, he simultaneously creates more wealth and opportunities for everyone else, which means that as the rich become richer, the poor become richer. It must be understood that Capitalism serves the economic self-interests of all, including the Non-Capitalists. “And even if we were all magically made equal in wealth tonight, we’d be unequal in the morning because some of us would spend it and some of us would save it”. Lawrence Reed.


Contrary to widely held beliefs, capitalism is not a system which exploits a large portion of society for the sake of a small minority of wealthy capitalists. Ironically, it is actually socialism that causes the systematic exploitation of labor. Since the socialist state holds a universal monopoly on labor and production, no economic incentive exists for the socialist state to provide anything more than minimum physical subsistence for the workers except to perhaps prevent riots or revolutions. Exploitation is inherent to the nature of socialism because individuals cannot live for their own sake, rather, they exist merely as means to whatever ends the socialist rulers—the self-proclaimed spokesman of “society,” may have in mind.”


Bringing this reality of full Blown Socialism close to home are our neighbors in Venezuela and the ills they are suffering with corruption on every level by their elected officials. The Government controls the largest known oil reserves in the world, yet the Country is Broke. They also control through compulsory means the food distribution system, yet there is little food and people scavenge to survive. There is diminutive water and energy shortages, not even to speak about basic commodities and medical supplies and needed medications! Yet they blame America for all their tribulations, it is never their fault! Want to guess who the richest person in Venezuela is! None other than Hugo Chavez’s daughter.


Any country on earth is capable of creating the like, watch the trend or patterns evolving you only need to follow the path to Venezuela. Attack property rights and Trade, Pillage the Rich, abolish the Price System, Jail Dissenters, crush the opposition, and dismantle the System of National Liberty. This is Socialism; it is a path to Hell on Earth. How many steps are we in Barbados away from this Peril? We sure are on a downward slope.

What is the Solution?

Free Enterprise (Capitalism) leads to Prosperity and Freedom while Socialism leads to Poverty and Bondage! Capitalism doesn’t come with a warranty or “money back” guarantee. Yet, it encourages individuality, creativity, opportunity, risk taking, ambition, pride, dignity, and a sense of accomplishment, promotion, and provision. As much as Socialist professes their disdain for capitalism, they’ve yet to offer a better system. The reason is simple; it doesn’t exist.

Capitalism is a made up word by Communist to describe “Free Enterprise and the use of Capital”. Free Enterprise, for it to be Free, must be Free of all encumbrances that will control it. Crony Capitalism, uses the word Capitalism in an effort to change the language from the word Free-remembering Capitalism = Free Enterprise. What we have pre-existing in the world is not Free Enterprise; Crony Capitalism is an attempt to label the System of Free Enterprise by regulating it until it is no longer Free. Free Enterprise (Capitalism) = Free Markets

Cronyism is where big business and governments collude to give special favours to those entities to the exclusion of the ordinary person. Crony Capitalism is an attempt to label the System of Free Enterprise by regulating it until it is no longer Free.

Four Reasons the Left Should Love Capitalism But…… Click on link to open

Capitalism has a new competitor, and its name is “shame.” The left is determined to make capitalism morally reprehensible. Cloaked in provocative terms like “income inequality,” wealth redistribution has become the popular economic philosophy in the world today, but it doesn’t hold a candle to capital…


There is Free Marker Enterprise (Capitalism) and Crony- Capitalism.

Free Enterprise is not regulated by Endless Burdensome Regulations, brought about by Socialist Communism resulting in Crony- Capitalism! The law in a free society is only used for the protection of person and property—you cannot use the law as a tool for force and theft of property and labour, NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE INTENTION—this economic ideology of a “fair share” of another’s labour is the foundation for Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, and Communism. Using government to “help” individuals is NOT liberalism, it is at one level or another—only and ALWAYS Collectivism.

Are you tired of being Robbed?


A Capitalist Society is a just society because all individuals are considered equal under the law. Capitalism recognizes that it is just for a man to keep what he has earned and that it is unjust for a man, or group of men, to have the right to what other people have earned. Since all people must live independently under Capitalism, all of the material values that a person acquires must be earned. Thus, the expression of social justice under Capitalism is that what a man earns is directly proportional to what he produces, no progressive income taxes stifling his achievement for the sole fact the he did achieve. All other forms of government, such as the welfare state, institutionalize injustice by legally expropriating the property of some men and giving it to others.


Many people have trouble accepting that Capitalism is a just system because of the existence of economic inequality. It is observed that famous celebrities and sports stars have very large incomes for work that is perceived as trivial, and that many hard working people make incomes which pale in comparison for jobs that are perceived to be a greater benefit to society. What people must realize is that it is perfectly just for a superstar (like Rihanna), even if they have little or no education, to make a hundred times the income of a scientist who has a Ph.D. and works much longer and strenuous hours. Why? Because they create enormous profits through ticket sales and product endorsements, whereas the scientist generates very little revenue through his research. That is, each of them deserves what they earn, and what they earn is the result of how much wealth each of them creates (Incidentally, this is not to say that the Celebs and Artiste are morally superior to the scientist because they are wealthier). Since each man has the right to the product of his labor, it is completely just for the disparity in incomes to exist, and the only injustice to occur would be or the government to take money from the athlete and give it to those who supposedly deserve it on the basis of their “need.”


What is a Capitalist?

From a purely economic point of view, a capitalist is a person who buys in order to sell for profit. However, the productive role that capitalists and businessman serve cannot be overstated.

Far from being exploiters, the true function of capitalists and businessmen “… is to raise the productivity, and thus the real wages, of manual labor by means of creating, coordinating, and improving the efficiency of the division of labor.” By continuously improving the efficiency of labor, Capitalists and businessmen are responsible for raising wages and creating employment which serve to raise the standard of living of everyone. Furthermore, by funding research and capital investments, corporations and capitalists make possible all of the modern day conveniences, from laser surgery to orchestra halls that most people take for granted every day. In fact, since capitalists make available so much life-saving and labor-saving technology to so many people, they should be regarded as some of mankind’s greatest benefactors. A few capitalists and businessmen have done more to help mankind live a more enjoyable life in a more fundamental sense, a capitalist is anyone (from a janitor to a millionaire) who lives solely by his own effort and who respects the rights of others. The best symbol of a capitalist is the trader. That is, the man or woman who only deals with other people on a voluntary basis. A capitalist is neither an “exploiter” nor necessarily a “greedy” individual.

What is the Role of Government in a Capitalist Society?

The only purpose of Government would be to protect its citizens from force or fraud.

Any other function of government than those listed above, no matter what its intentions, would necessitate the violation of rights by initiating the use of force against the people it is supposed to protect. Taxation is not Voluntary it is taken by Force.

“There are two and only two ways that any economy can be organized. One is by freedom and voluntary choice—the way of the market. The other is by force and dictation—the way of the State…
The State obtains its revenue by coercion, by threatening dire penalties should the income not be forthcoming. That coercion is known as “taxation,” although in less regularized epochs it was often known as “tribute…
Taxation is theft, purely and simply even though it is theft on a grand and colossal scale which no acknowledged criminals could hope to match. It is a compulsory seizure of the property of the State’s inhabitants, or subjects.”

What Percentage of Your Income Equates To Serfdom

90%? 80%? 50%?


We must be able to have a System of Governance that allows Free Market Enterprise without all the burdensome regulations and heavy Taxations.

“Free-market Capitalism is a network of free and voluntary exchanges in which producers work, produce, and exchange their products for the products of others through prices voluntarily arrived at….
Man has rights because they are natural rights. They are grounded in the nature of man: the individual’s capacity for conscious choice, the necessity for him to use his mind and energy to adopt goals and values, to find out about the world, to pursue his ends in order to survive and prosper, his capacity and need to communicate and interact with other human beings and to participate in the division of labor”…



To prefer #socialism is to prefer something that has proven disastrous and harmful everywhere it has been implemented–but equally so!

To prefer #capitalism is to prefer the only system that has *ever* lifted humans out of poverty–even if unequally. ->



“With these fundamentals now on the table, we may now keenly understand what American Spectator’s author J.T. Young succinctly points out:

“The left’s inherent challenge is justifying their claim to what others own.” Hence they launch divisive disinformation campaigns pitting one against another, calling whatever they can’t control ‘unfair and undemocratic.’

(See: Understanding the Left’s Demands on What Others Own, T.J. Young, The American Spectator, March 2013).

“And they do this by hypocritically indicting Free Enterprise (Capitalism) or laissez faire economics as criminal. They claim that such a system is entirely unfair, wherein Government interference is kept at a minimum and free trade is generally allowed to be unregulated between individuals. They accuse such unrestrained Liberty as being the means by which the wholesale “theft” from society takes place. This gives them reason to limit personal freedom and aggressively denigrate the Liberties of personal initiative and creativity.

Under the rubric of “You didn’t build that!” they feverishly claim that Society creates wealth, not individuals. Persisting in their lie, they insist that entrepreneurs are just those that steal or pirate the wealth rightfully belonging to others. According to their entrenched purview, everything that individuals may create or produce only occurs because of the governing that has made the means of wealth possible. They erroneously claim that every activity yielding a prosperous outcome belongs rightfully to everybody else.

And thus their redistribution of wealth becomes the final arbitrator of fairness. In their view, no matter the individual endeavour, means or investment applied no one has the right to ownership of anything that somebody else does not have. Thus according to this half-baked paradigm, Marxist-Utopists hate Free-Enterprise Capitalism because it violates their sense of entitlement (‘fairness’ to them), accusing Capitalists of the three infamies they find most unforgiving. Namely, (1) the inequality of personal outcome which is derived from the interaction between (2) Free-Market economics and (3) personal independence, all of which they claim invariably leads to the greed and self-centeredness of materialism.

Thus they invalidate the most fundamental rights of man, the rights of ownership and personal property.” Correctly countering this selective perception, Russian born novelist Ayn Rand argued that, “Just as man can’t exist without his body, so no rights can exist without the right to translate one’s rights into reality — to think, to work and to keep the results — which means: the right of property…. Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights [and the Bill of Rights particularly] is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities…and the smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” (See: The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, 1943)

Dr. Gregory C Young, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D./D.Phil. (Oxon.).

The Sovereignty of the One ~ On Earth as it is in Heaven.


Don’t be fooled by the words “Socialism” and “Communism”. Once you come to understand what they mean in terms of economic freedom you will understand that they are anything but social, and have nothing to do with community. They simply mean the “centralization of power in the hands of the people that make up the government in the hands of the master class”. They are nothing but euphemisms for “Slavery”.

What is the Opposite of Capitalism?

Statism, in any form!

Statism is the concentration of power in the state at the expense of individual freedom. Capitalism is the only system which protects individual rights and freedom, but the variety of political systems which violate individual freedom are numerous: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, absolute Monarchies, Military Dictatorships, Theocracies, or the Welfare State are all systems which infringe upon individual rights, which means they institutionalize the initiation of force against their citizens.

It must be realized that there are only two fundamental political philosophies: those who are for freedom and individual rights and those who are against them. The types of political systems who are against freedom and individual rights are numerous, for there are many ways to violate the rights of man, but there is only one political-economic philosophy which upholds that the rights of man are absolute and immutable—Capitalism.


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