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Rihanna, Barbadian Hero


The news that Rakim Mayers was arrested last Wednesday in Los Angeles after vacationing in Barbados with his girlfriend Rihanna breathed life into a simmering concern many Barbadians have to her being named a national hero of Barbados last year. Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky – an American rapper – is charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a

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Rihanna BOOM, Kothdiwala BOOM

Rhianna and Kothdiwala

Prime Minister Mottley surprised the nation during republic celebrations with the announcement international Barbadian artist was elevated to national hero status. A couple months later – post-general election with the appointment of government senators – Mottley did it again, she provisionally appointed 18 year old Khaleel Kothdiwala as a government senator. The appointment requires a change to the highest law

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Rihanna, National Hero of Barbados


The announcement by Prime Minister Mia Mottley during the independence and republic ceremony that Rihanna was recommended by the government and accepted by the now President of the Republic of Barbados to be added to the pantheon of national heroes came as a surprise. To be expected public opinion is mixed although many appreciate Rihanna for what she has accomplished

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  Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados So, the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2019 championship game is over, and New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, is being widely hailed as a “hero” for winning an unprecedented 6th Super Bowl title. But, as far as I am concerned, the real  hero of Super Bowl 2019 is not Tom Brady. Rather,

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What a National Disgrace

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan The question on everybody’s lips as well as mine is what are we celebrating? It appears that we are celebrating fifty years of the Democratic Labour Party -celebrations of exclusion and not fifty years of the country achievements! It would have been nice if the government had outlined a list of accomplishments over the past fifty

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Barbados Tourism: Plan Versus Actual

When you read emotive statements such as ‘In two months we would have reached the enviable target of over one billion earned impressions on our digital properties supporting brand Barbados’  perhaps you cannot fail to be left in a condition of being awestruck. But then, reflecting on the words, what does this actually mean and how does it impact on

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