Eric Holder – Gate At Tamarind Hall?

Submitted by Noel Maddocks

Eric Holder, US Attorney General

There is evidently, an impulsive desire by the DLP to hand out ambassadorships and other accolades, including  the naming/renaming of certain buildings and institutions. Certain people have been receiving big national recognition in circumstances that smack of political opportunism, some HURRIEDLY predicated on a need to curry favour with prestigious connections.

Is any consideration at all given to the possibility of subsequent moral failure of the honourees involved, as it relates to youthful immaturity or inexperience, or indeed the coming to light of an innoble and unrepentant past not sufficiently investigated, mostly in the case of the older ones?

Don’t the powers that be realize that such ill-advised precipitate decisions to honour, could bring irreversible destruction to a country’s image?

About three months ago, as I drove out of Bathsheba, and was approaching the new Tamarind Hall Complex at Blackman’s St.Joseph. I decided to take the opportunity to swing in and take my first look at the facility.  It was then that I first saw the name ERIC HOLDER  emblazoned in metal letters  on the entrance walls.

After taking a tour, I began to think about how it came to be so named and my mind went back to that time when a local delegation returned from the USA Democratic Party Convention in August 2008. That delegation included late P.M. David Thompson and his wife Mara, (St.John Parliamentary Seat INHERITOR NO.2), as well as political strategist/King-Maker Hartley Henry.

Henry, after canvassing his USA cronies,  is alleged to have arranged the visit , apparently to seek an opportunity for hob-nobbing with Obama, including photo opportunities, and so-called VIP seating, all part of the DLP Public Relations push for the then upcoming Barbados general election purposes.

Surely there is an established standard, and the criteria, I believe, would include a proper investigation of the proposed honouree’s past record and reputation.  I am certain that if there was adherence to that criteria, someone would have stumbled across the wisdom of putting Eric Holder’s name on the shelf of abeyance.  Choosing Eric Holder for this honour is far worse than the precipitate action in awarding a Youth Ambassadorship to the supremely talented RIHANNA.   It’s what the DLP DOES WELL!

So all of that political hob-nobbing mentioned above, is the only reasonable explanation that can be applied to the subsequent unpremeditated honouring of the USA  Attorney General Eric Holder , with his name being affixed to The Community Centre in St.Joseph. This Tamarind Hall Project was totally conceived and put in hand by the previous government, just awaiting the application of cosmetic touches.  Cosmetic touch-up is a function that has become synonymous with the DLP in relation to several Barbados Labour Party CAPITAL PROJECTS.

Mrs. Irene Sandiford-Garner,  DLP Queen of Gimickry, (thank God she suffered no serious injury in that recent incident, unquestionably NOT a gimmick on this occasion) is reported as saying when she launched the “100 Greatest Barbadian Project” in December 2009, “The project is essentially a  “Bajan Hall of Fame”, with the first candidate being US Attorney General Eric Holder, who was born to Barbadian parents in New Jersey. We are determined to establish a memory bank of those 100 Barbadian men and women, who by their lives, careers and CONSISTENTLY OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS, have brought honour and credit to our nation as it develops in strength and unity,” she explained.

Continuing, Senator Sandiford-Garner, a Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, encouraged Barbadians to nominate their countrymen living in far-flung places around the world, and also unheralded women from the community.

“Those persons fill us with a sense of pride and a feeling of achievement that this little island nurtures such stalwarts who are making sterling contributions to their host countries the world over,” she told the audience at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

In my quest to discover Eric Holder’s worthiness for such an award, I encountered  …. not accolades that necessarily should accord him an earned mention amongst the “100 Greatest Barbadians Project,” ……  but a record REPLETE with not too meritorious activity.

Even holder himself, though gracious/thankful in his remarks at the opening, seemed somewhat hesitant in accepting the honour, preferring instead to transfer kudos to his father, who left the island at age thirteen (13), his only obvious contribution being to return occasionally, and most likely adding a “tralyah” to our foreign exchange coffers!


In view of the current on-going saga in the USA, related to Attorney General Eric Holder Jnr.’s and the Department of Justice’s involvement with the “Fast and Furious Operation Gunrunner,” how do Barbadians feel about this whole Eric Holder Jnr. issue?

“Operation Fast and Furious Gunrunner” was the stunt under which the USA Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ordered gun dealers to sell thousands of guns to unqualified buyers, who then dumped them into the Mexican drug cartel civil war.

One member of Congress has started using the word “accessory” in talking about members of the Obama administration who had their fingers on the pulse of the Operation for many years, and these fingers may include those of Attorney General Eric Holder.

So Holder, the USA’s first Black Attorney General, and who is of Barbadian lineage, was honoured by the DLP government in May 2009, when the spanking new Tamarind Hall Complex, a project of the previous BLP Government, was named in honour of Mr. Holder.  I hinted above, but what I need to be sure of, is the government’s motivation for honouring Mr. Holder in this way, bearing in mind :

(1) The nature and value of his association with anything going on in Barbados since his birth in New Jersey, USA. January 21, 1951. (Incidentally, the same birth day as Errol Walton Barrow … more leverage for political exploitation)

(2) Could it be that the honour accorded Holder might not have squared with plans by the previous BLP Government to give this honour to any one of several more deserving Barbadian locals who had greatly contributed to the development of the St. Joseph community.

(3) Did the honouring of Mr. Holder have anything to do with the flurry of activity I described above around the time of the 2008 general elections when DLP Political Strategist Mr.Hartley Henry was involved in meetings with certain leaders of the Democratic Congress in the USA in that move to align President Obama’s highly popular mantra of “Change” with that of ITS BLATANT COPIERS, the Democratic Labour Party in Barbados?

(4)  Was the government aware/unaware of Mr. Holder’s track record? Did the government undertake a proper screening, or was it just caught up in the euphoria of a Barbadian appointed as the first Black USA Attorney General?

New York Times best-selling author Michelle Malkin has delivered an investigative tour-de-force entitled, “The Culture of Corruption.”  The book represents a remarkably researched and comprehensive indictment of the culture of corruption that surrounds Team Obama’s brazen tax evaders, Wall Street conies, petty crooks, slum lords, and business-as-usual influence peddlers.

Eric Holder does not escape her sharp examination, and after her sub-heading description of him as “A CRIME-CODDLING CORPORATE LAWYER”, she goes on to detail a litany of his associations including his stint of very lucrative work with Chiquita Brands International, who pleaded guilty to doing business with The State Department-designated , international terrorist organisation, “Autodefensas Unidas de Columbia” or AUC.

AUC terrorists SLAUGHTERED THOUSAND OF CIVILIANS to gain control of Columbia’s banana fields, and Eric Holder’s clients, CHIQUITA, pleaded guilty to forking over millions of dollars in protection racket money to the terrorists, beginning in 1977.  It is noteworthy that the company ignored the advice of OUTSIDE COUNSEL (NOT Holder’s or anyone else’s at Holder’s legal firm Covington & Burling) to stop the illegal payments in 2003!

Holder went on to broker a plea agreement with the Department Of Justice, so that despite a continual breaking of the law, not one single Chiquita Official was prosecuted or jailed.  The company was fined TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS (US$25 million), but Holder’s creative plea-dealing saw the fine written off as the cost of doing business. Stunningly, the same plea agreement succeeded in protecting the identities of the executives involved in the bloody terrorists payoffs.  Many people might also not be aware of Chiquita’s past efforts to literally destabilise or even destroy the Banana Industry in the Caribbean mostly during the Bill Clinton era.  It has been said that there were figures in the Clinton Administration who were dirtier than Eric Holder, but not many, and Eric Holder’s career both before and after his time in the Clinton Administration has been characterized as a very ugly one.

Also, Eric Holder was severely criticized in a Congressional report for ethical violations involving the infamous pardon of fugitive criminal Marc Rich.

He was involved in giving his nod to the pardon of fugitive tax cheat Marc Rich and in withholding information from the Justice Department. A Justice Department that he now, ironically, heads as Attorney General.

“A forthcoming Congressional report on the last-minute pardons by President Bill Clinton says Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. was a “willing participant in the plan to keep the Justice Department from knowing about and opposing” a pardon for Marc Rich, the financier.

The 476-page report, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, harshly criticizes the Clinton White House for its handling of the 177 pardons and commutations granted on its last day.

The most controversial pardon went to Mr. Rich, a commodities trader who fled the country in 1983 rather than face trial on charges of tax evasion, racketeering and trading with the enemy. The report says that Mr. Rich’s lawyers tried to circumvent prosecutors, who would oppose the pardon, and take their case straight to the White House.

Mr. Holder, the report says, played a major role, steering Mr. Rich’s lawyers toward Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel. Mr. Rich hired Mr. Quinn, whose Washington contacts and ability to lobby the president made the difference, according to the report. It says that Mr. Holder’s support for the pardon and his failure to alert prosecutors of a pending pardon were just as crucial.

The panel criticized Mr. Holder’s conduct as unconscionable and cited several problems. It cited his admission last year that he had hoped Mr. Quinn would support his becoming attorney general in a Gore administration.

And there is lots more! The very latest is that Holder has been sub-poenaed to appear before the USA Congress’ House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to testify about his alleged lying on the ‘Fast and Furious” matter.  Will he survive this, or will he have to resign?  In any case, whenever I pass Tamarind Hall St. Joseph Community Centre, I will be reminded of this Eric Holder stain, occasioned by the perennial carelessness and inappropriate action of the DLP.

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  1. Police sources indicate 2 men assisting them in robbery attack on Senator Irene Sandiford Garner. Anyone saw the suspects police holding?
    Where was short me crutch George Payne the night in question.
    Little twerp Payne is a hats man police dectectives said the attacker wore a hood, Georgie not a hoodie is he?hehehehe

  2. It seems we have forgotten about using time honoured tradition and methods when dishing out the highest national honours. Instead it is based on the whimsical and the political.

  3. Eric Holder Complex. Each time I go past there I remember a man that spent many years in the sugar industry at Mt Wilton Plantation by the same name. To me its a monument to that man.

  4. If I may ask a question….

    WHY do people say that me are “assisting” police when they are being accused of something? Shouldn’t the right phrase be “Police are questioning two men about the robbery?”

    From my perspective, “assistance” means “help.” Trust me, the criminals DO NOT want to help the police in any way whatsoever, ESPECIALLY if they did it!

    That phrasing “assisting the police” really irks me! It makes it look like they’re witnesses, not suspects! There is a HUGE difference!

  5. the report says’ that mr rich’s lawyers triefd to circumvent prosecutors, who would oppose a pardon’ and take their case straight to the white house.’ seems that the honobbing paid off-didn’t mr parris circumvent the instructions of the oversight committee headed by mr layne and take his decision to flout the authority of the comittee not to write policies stright to mr thompson? just asking. my position when i saw TAMARIND HALL under construction was that it should be named after MRLLOYD ETHELBERT”BOYCHILD” SMITH that tireless parliamentarian who diligently looked after the interests of the people of st joseph as their representative in parliament for several years

  6. @seeker: “WHY do people say that me are “assisting” police when they are being accused of something? Shouldn’t the right phrase be “Police are questioning two men about the robbery?”

    Are you familiar with the logic question of “The Prisoner’s Dilemma“?

    In the very short form, if you don’t turn in your accomplices for what you’ve all done for a lessor sentience, then they might do it to you.

    It’s Machiavelli reduced to Game Theory.

  7. seeker | October 22, 2011 at 6:37 PM |
    If I may ask a question….

    WHY do people say that me are “assisting” police when they are being accused of something? Shouldn’t the right phrase be “Police are questioning two men about the robbery?”

    Police the world over hath vays of persuading suspects to assists.

  8. I agree with this article, Noel Maddocks. I have said many times on this blog that Eric Holder’s name should never been placed on this complex and it is a humbug to me every time I pass there.

    I agree with you that it was pure DLP politics and not even the then US ambassador could understand why it was being done judging from her comments in her leaked cables by wikileaks.

    I hope that if there is a change in government that his name is removed and that the complex is renamed after Lloyd Smith. Eric Holder’s naval sting aint buried about here and judging from his track record, I was surprised that he was even confirmed as AG but then again the Senate is controlled by Democrats. All he knows about Barbados is that his father was born here and left at age thirteen. Now tell me who in their right minds could think that he deserved such an honour based on that?

    Noel, you forgot to mention too that he and his law firm represented a lot of the terrorists detainees and that is why he wanted civilian trials in New York for them, I guess so that they could get off. But the outrage of New Yorkers stopped him in his tracks. He has staffed his Department of Justice with real radicals for lawyers!!

  9. Mr. Holder is the current Attorney General of the USA. A Barbadian not by birth but by heritage. We are proud to have a building named after a man who is serving in a position held by none less than Robert Kennedy. We should name the hall of justice after him also

  10. dmc unsure if you half joking but Eric Holder is deserving of Tamarind Hall being named after him some folks we know would prefer it to be named after a slave owner.

  11. The AG of the USA…ha! ha! ha! how laughable! What an insult to the FEW honest, decent, hard-working [past & present] people of Barbados who by working their hands to the bone, who endured much hardship to build that little island up to what it has become today…These are the real patriots of that island. But would you ever see their names emblazed or engraved on any stone/wall/hall in Barbados? No!No! They didn’t move in the right circles, they weren’t on the world stage, they didn’t go the the right ‘houses of education.’


    You can see the very blood dripping from his hands, he’s up to his neck in filth because that’s what the US Empire dishes out today and he’s very much a part of that. He and his narcissistic, manchurian cohort with the negro face. Two f’c”i’ng jokers! Black face on white ‘jewish’ power. Laughable!

    But what else would one expect from that bunch of chest-thumping, buy 1 get 2 free primates that called themselves the leaders of Barbados. The party that has allowed the people to be raped by the L& P and the BWA. This lousy bunch just sit by the bay and wait for the tide to come in and whatever direction the water move, they move right along with it and then they stand tall and talk about what good they are doing for the people. Ha! ha! ha! Like one famous cowboy once said ‘POLITICS IS THE 2ND OLDEST PROFESSION’ and there is not much difference between the two, and this slight difference is very evident in the jokers now occupying the seat of power in Bim and those occupying the US congress. ALL WHORES!

    But oh, the scandalous, filthy, supremely talent-less, vulgar youth ambassador…DISGRACE! But she serves her masters well! Young people they are far better things in life that you can grow up to become.

  12. Noel Maddox | September 26, 2014 at 5:51 PM |
    Well … his tenure is over! Does anybody still believe that Eric Holder deserves to have his name on our complex in St. Joseph?
    I am one who thinks that the name Eric Holder should remain on the gates of Tamarind Hall,but with a slight modification as shown below.

    Whenever I pass this complex it reminds of the contribution that Eric Holder has made to Barbados. The Eric Holder of Airy Hill , St Joseph who was Driver of the truck T209 / Watchman / General Worker at Mount Wilton Plantation for years,and a Small farmer.

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