What a National Disgrace

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan

rhiannaThe question on everybody’s lips as well as mine is what are we celebrating? It appears that we are celebrating fifty years of the Democratic Labour Party -celebrations of exclusion and not fifty years of the country achievements! It would have been nice if the government had outlined a list of accomplishments over the past fifty years. One thing for sure, they helped to destroy our once vibrant garment industry. In the 80’s, they were 79 garment factories and a work force of over 14,000 workers. Instead, all I am hearing is about fetes and more fetes all year leading up to independence. It appears as if it is all feting and in some cases the prices that I am hearing is way above the average person’s pocket.

I really do not intend to participate in anything because to my mind, all the fetes and parties are just a smoke screen to take the masses minds away from the real issues read the current economic situation. Some of the major problems facing the country and affecting the masses are, water woes, garbage collection, poor roads, transportation, educational issues, the lies, broken promises about projects in the pipeline for the past three years etc. What will be their legacy is that we will end up with the IMF at our door step, despite their constant denial that the country is on solid footing.

What Barbados should be celebrating is the success of Rihanna. She is the best thing to happen to Barbados since slice bread. It is very disturbing and mind boggling to understand how our own Rihanna who share the spotlight with President Obama, as the two most famous and recognizable people in the universe -except for Donald Trump’s brief moment of fame and glory after shocking the world by winning the Presidency of the United States of America – yet the government of Barbados cannot see it fit to honour her in a tangible way by putting up a couple of billboards across the island and a life size picture of her on entering the Airport to immigration. Rihanna’s face can be seen all over the world and many countries have up billboards of the super star, except Barbados. Last year, the government saw it fit to put up a number of billboards along the Highway for the Heads of Government Conference, but cannot see it fit for one of their own, who is a world icon. This surely cannot be an over sight after all these years, it is a national disgrace and slap in the face.

For once in my life when I travel and people ask me where I am from and I tell them Barbados, they do not ask me which part of Jamaica is that. Thanks to Rihanna the world knows where is Barbados. Rihanna does more for tourism and marketing of Barbados than the Board of Tourism and its overseas high price marketing agencies. When tourists comes to Barbados, they want to see Rihanna’s house, because of her celebrity status. Rihanna’s home and where she grew up has become a tourist attraction and the government is not capitalizing on it. I would hate to think that the reason for not doing so is because there is nothing for any Minister to attach his or her name to as in the case of the opening of a new building or road. If this is the case, he or she could attach their name to the billboard and have their legacy live on! I am sure that if the former Prime Minister was alive he would have understood what Rihanna’s fame means to Barbados and capitalized on the opportunity to further expose Barbados to get tourists to come to our shores.

It is unfortunate the calibre of some of today’s politicians only get involved in politics to further themselves, families and friends and have very little interest in the economics of the country. Its heart breaking to see that a number of our politicians have no foresight and that some of our best brains are not involved in politics and the planning of our 50th anniversary. No wonder that everyone is asking what are we celebrating? In the many ads I have not seen one single telling the people what the achievements are or even attempting to do so. If this was done, many of the people would not have been so critical in seeing it as just a Democratic Labour Party fanfare. One can see that this is an election gimmick to leading up to the next general elections and not about what the country have achieved over the last 50 years and for a select few to leave their legacy in history for the historians to write about when we are celebrating our 100th anniversary.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Why dont you write it ACs.

    Thanksgiving was created by the Native Indians of the US, the real citizens, them frauds them that washed ashore and illegally stole the land stole that too, they wont stop tiefing them squatters them, to hear them tell it, it all belongs to them.

    The food I have seen relatives cook so far looks damn good.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Sargeant November 23, 2016 at 11:42 PM ….”One of our great failings in our land is that politicians who were actually in the thick of things never write any bios so Henry Forde and Philip Greaves (last two standing) who were on opposite sides of the debate will probably take their recollections to the grave.”

    As noted above that is correct. But what is distressing in this modern era is the fact that the ‘simple’ aspect of oral histories are not recorded from them either.

    The plethora of different types of powerful electronic devices coupled with easy-to-use software makes the missing historical recollections even more puzzling.

    Any aspiring history teacher, post grad student, UWI lecturer or even an amateur ( a blogger like any of us) could step forward to fill the breach. Not to mention they could record their thoughts before senility settles in.

    Maybe they are!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    At least the ACs and the ministers will have free Surinamese water to drink in another week…..lol

    PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Nov 22 2016 – Auke Piek, a 44-year-old Dutch engineer, says he has a solution to the Caribbean’s worst drought in half a century — and it lies hundreds of miles away in the tropical rain forests of Suriname.

    This week, a boat will tow a giant bag made from PVC-coated fabric with enough water to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool from Suriname to drought-stricken Barbados and Curacao. It will be a test run for a technology Piek said he wants to expand to other Caribbean islands, and eventually, as far afield as the Middle East.

    “Water is our blue gold,” said Erlyn Power, Suriname representative for Piek’s company, Amazone Resources. “I visit islands where people are having their water turned off and here we have so much of it that it’s just flowing into the sea.”

    drought that started early last year in the Caribbean shrank reservoirs across the region, forcing utilities from Trinidad & Tobago to Jamaica to ration water. For some islands, such as Cuba, it was the worst drought in more than 100 years. And this may just be the start. The Barbados Water Authority, which signed a memorandum of understanding for the test run but is not buying the initial shipment, said in a statement that the accord it part of its long-term plans to tackle the impact of global warming.

    Amazone has received the rights from Suriname’s government to pump water from the mouths of the Coppename and Suriname rivers, both of which meet World Health Organization standards, the company said. On Tuesday, the bag was being filled in the Suriname River, Piek said at a ceremony. The trip to Barbados was expected to take five or six days.

    If the test run is successful, the company will order bigger bags, costing more than $500,000 each and capable of holding 16 times more water. The bags, which can be tethered together and pulled behind a boat, float near the ocean’s surface due to the difference in density between fresh and salt water.

    Towing Icebergs

    “Drought is hitting these countries more and more. In Barbados, some people only have water for a few hours a day,” said John Goedschalk, executive director of environmental group Conservation International’s Suriname office. “Is this the solution? I think we’d be a fool not to at least try it.”

    Still, moving fresh water around the globe to dry regions has been proposed before, including plans to tow icebergs from the arctic to Africa, but mostly without success. Even versions of the bags Amazone is using date back decades, with failed proposals to use them to deliver water to southern California, Israel and the Gaza Strip, and Northern Cyprus.

    Part of the difficulty is the question of control of water rights, said David Zetland, a professor at Leiden University College in the Netherlands who wrote “Living with Water Scarcity.”

    “The problem with water is that it’s not managed through market mechanisms,” Zetland said. “It’s managed through the political process. Water is subject to uncertainty because some politician can come along and say ’I’m just not going to do it this way.”’

    Suriname’s Abundance

    Piek and private investors have spent around $2 million developing Amazone and plan to raise as much as $60 million next year when it wants to start making regular deliveries.

    Although he declined to provide pricing and costs, Piek said it is cheaper than the desalination and water treatments plants governments in the Caribbean are considering building.

    The Suriname government, which is trying to diversify a $4.9 billion economy that is forecast to contract this year, according to the International Monetary Fund, would make royalties off the water sales. Calls to President Desi Bouterse’s office were not returned.

    “We have a nearly unlimited source of fresh water in Suriname and at the same time the world’s population is growing and more people will be in need of fresh water,” Piek said. “And here, the water is just flowing into the sea.” (AP)”


  • If this method of supplying water is less expensive than installing a desalination plant, as reported, then this project is doomed to failure.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    It appears so far that it has not been successful, trying to drag icebergs to Africa ad other drought prone areas….ad that same water proposal has failed before.

    This looks like just another get rich quick scheme by some Europeans.


  • Our independence celebrations is not being promoted as a celebration of the DLP. That is what the BLP hacks want people to believe. Every day got Brasstacks miserable about nothing to celebrate over 50 years, with their greatest cheerleader/moderator being Peter Wickham. Wasnt the BLP governing for about half those 50 post independent years? I saw all PM’s being celebrated in that ceremony couple months ago. Its only obvious that Errol Barrow will be given more prominence among others, as with EVERY past independence celebrations that happened before.


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