Rihanna, Barbados Still Loves You!

AP Photo/ Evan Agostini, AP Photo

AP Photo/ Evan Agostini, AP Photo

Last night the news broke that Rihanna would not be able to honour her contract to perform as the opening act at the Grammy Awards ceremony. Almost immediately similar news followed that her American boy friend Chris Brown of about one year cancelled his appearance as well. Then early this morning the international news wires started to sizzle with the news of a possible domestic dispute between the two young international pop stars.

A tribute to the handlers of both stars is the fact that information about the reported incident in California last night has been kept under tight secrecy. Despite the blackout on information reports are starting to emerge of a bloodied and bruised Rihanna. The one fact known to the world which has been confirmed by American police is that Chris Brown “was booked by police on suspicion of making a felony criminal threat.”

Barbados is a small island driven to rumour easily. Last year many Barbadians heard the whispers that boy friend Chris Brown had demonstrated anger on many occasions when some of Rihanna’s male friends would visit. There is the biggest rumour of all that on one occasion the windows of her new SUV were smashed. Maybe the signs have always been there that Rihanna needed to step back.

BU has written blogs which have expressed our concern about Rihanna’s safety in the world of show biz. Here is an ordinary Bajan girl who was plucked from obscurity and dumped on the world stage, through which she has handled herself with class. The one worry we have had has been her need to associate with the tattooed splotched Chris Brown.  BU reconciled our concerns by observing the intoxicating success Rihanna has been able to achieve given her meteoric rise on the entertainment pop scene.

It has not been 48 hours since the incident and the reality for Chris Brown is that the American capitalist system has already set-in. The blogosphere is reporting that chewing gum manufacturers Wrigley has suspended a commercial with Brown. We continue to wonder if these young stars have brains, remember the great Michael Phelps caught pulling on a cannabis pipe recently?

Until more information is released we will withhold further comment. However incidents like this clearly show why the government maybe threading cautiously to aggressively marry the Rihanna brand with our tourism brand.

Through it all Rihanna Barbados loves you!

0 thoughts on “Rihanna, Barbados Still Loves You!

  1. @ truth hurts

    I now have read the rest of your comments and I DO LIKE Ri Ri however, if this had happened to Mary down the road man people would say “that aint nothing new, leh we play dominoes!”

    It doesn’t only happen to Ri Ri it happens to women all over the world!

    DEAL WITH THIS SITUATION ALL THE TIME, not NOW because it happened to Ri Ri!

  2. Truth Hurts,
    You spot on boy. Ya know ya marbles. I wid you a million percent. Ya good man, ya good. Doan know ya but ma luvs ya bad. Ya good. Doan mind de shite-blabbers like Sister Baby.

    Sister Baby,
    ‘cording to de young people, ‘you got issues’. Go an wash down ya yard wid J’s fluid or sumting and stop confusing de place man. Who k if she is you Princess Diana or Peggy de Parro? stuupseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  3. @ Bonny Peppa

    Woman, you does mek me laff. ha ha ha.

    Poor Sister Baby. She been around these blogs preaching about a man she has never met and does not know.

    What ‘sista baby’ needs is a good, strong, black man that raised pun flying fish and nuff sea moss, raw sea eggs and eddoe soup, with scalded okras on the side. Once she taste he wood, she would be singing a different song. I suggest he keep she in bed fuh 3 days, lol.

  4. Seriously, I think if Chris did beat up Rihanna that she should file charges. If she does not, he will do it again.

    I was in a similar position in 1975 and I went through with it. The bloke got a criminal record and was deported because where I am, common assault is a criminal offence.

    To remind me of how nasty some men can be, I kept the cheque. The cheque was $6. for being witness for the Crown. I have it in my photo album. Strange that when my friends see it and I explain how I got it and why I did not cash it, no one believes me. They laugh and think I am joking.

    I sympathise with the lady. I have been there.

  5. Pat,
    Whatzup baby girl? Long time no hear.

    But why ya trying ta spile Bonny? OR lime juice can’ spile vinegar? Ya wicked.

    Happy Valentines ta ya good self.

  6. Pat,
    I’ve been there too ya kno? But he was left wid a scar in he face to cah he ta he grave. An’ we still together for many many moons but he nevva try dah ‘hitting-shite’ wid me again. We were arguing and as usual ,he was arguing wrong and strong and he call me a idiot and i tell he like ya mama, and he throw a glass of ice water in my face. Well , when de smoke clear and Bonny get back she vision, i reach fa de nearest UFO in sight, which happen to be a crystal candleholder (one a we wedding gifts by de way) and I just introduce it to he face wid real spite.
    “Hit and ye shall be hitten back”.

  7. @ Bonny Peppa.

    Man you not easy. To tell the truth, I shared some blows royally. But I dont like to lose a fight … so I took the winner to court – and won there!!! nuff said! lol!

    Some people may call me bad, but I look out for myself.

  8. Catwoman, I think ur so right! As I said earlier, she’s a wonderful singer but making the mistake of taking the words of her songs, literally!!


    I guess first page of the computer says that Ronald Fenty is speaking out about Ri’s situation……………


    Thanks for that news ‘Sister Baby’! I did wonder what her DAD was doing about the situ!!


    JC // February 15, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    @ truth hurts

    I now have read the rest of your comments and I DO LIKE Ri Ri however, if this had happened to Mary down the road man people would say “that aint nothing new, leh we play dominoes!”


    JC, well it just shows how *ucked-up mentally, your people still are, does n’t it!!

  9. @bonny peppa, thanks for seeing my point.
    “hit and ye shall be hitten” hahahahahaha, oh lawd, now that is wat shud be pon the front page of the daily nation tmrw. lol

  10. Anonymous // February 13, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Quote:”Partly BDS Girl, well I am glad to hear that a least somebody that looks like us does not have high blood pressure, since he so calm as you say. But the fact remains he was born here, and has had to deal with them and all they shennaigans so I am not too sure about what you saying.”

    He has a calmer and more diverce attitude, and a more mixed up background that makes him more suited and less “dangerous”.
    Therefor he became president also for white USA.
    Of course blacks of all backgrounds can be hit by racism.
    But what I try to get in your skull, is that his cultural background makes him more suitable to be a black president than a “genuine” afro-american.
    He is a cosmopolitan,and even if he is politically black,he will forever remember his white Mother.

  11. Yes girls, Bonny and Pat, I agree, but as long as that nice rosey black man an come to me with something from the importer.

  12. Sister Baby
    Why compromise de real ting fa de imported ‘stuff’. You gotta be crazy man. You like you ‘anti-man’. I gotta watch you yah.

  13. Truth Hurts and Bonny Peppa, two spiteful,envious, mean spirited jackasses. You all cant see the future. You dont know if a man going put some lashes on you or your family. Why hate Rihanna you retards?

  14. @ 199

    JC // February 15, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    @ truth hurts

    I now have read the rest of your comments and I DO LIKE Ri Ri however, if this had happened to Mary down the road man people would say “that aint nothing new, leh we play dominoes!”


    JC, well it just shows how *ucked-up mentally, your people still are, does n’t it!!

    Aint the truth a liar lol or shouldI say boo hoo boo hoo!

  15. Partly BDS Girl, you not making sense, and I am not interested in his cultural background, all I know I voted for him, for the Lord raised up a great black man to save the world and the Lord has kept me alive to be able to vote for him and I am thanking him, and asking for kind mercies and guidance for our dear President Obama, whether he has a white lady mother makes no difference to me, but it look to me like you saying only white or part white people are suitable for the Presidency. I can name many African Americans for the Presidency General Colin Powell, Miss Opah Winfrey, Tavis Smiley, Linda Johnson Rice. Good night.

  16. Bonny, You have the importer there so something amiss, maybe the importer doing a lucarative business at Bushy Park.

  17. @anonymous 10.07pm
    i think the retard here is YOU.
    where in wat i wrote says that i hate rihanna? if you dont know how to read go back to school and stop bloggin!

  18. Anonymous
    You is a f^#king idiot. Ya c^#t. How it bile down ta me an Truth Hurts doan like Riri, pee-pee, or wee-wee, ya ‘abundance- of -ignorance’? You is a clown or wah? Look, ga pun de pastur’ and see if any sheep out day. Ya goat.
    We discussing a situation not de third person singular ya billy. Another ting, I in got ta like you, he, she, it or dem. Goat.

  19. Bonny Peppa you mouth stink. You is a pissy bitch. Somebody pee down you throat. You house must be as nasty as Mount stinkerroo.

  20. Bonny needs lil bittuh alloes fuh clean out she mouth, and lil cooling waters fuh calm she down, Bonny tek a lil dip in de carnage nuh.

  21. There is a little saying that goes: Put makeup on a PIG and at the end of the day it is still a PIG—-Chris Brown. I feel for Rhianna because NO ONE should have to be punched and abused because of a bully. Chris is a thug and a bully! You’d think after what he saw his step dad do to his mom, he’d be careful and not repeat the same behavior? I never thought highly of him…I knew he is a thug—he has the look.

    It does not matter whether or not Rhianna slapped hm, threw his cell or even spat on him— he should NOT have abused her. He is an abuser, a real young one, good for nothing lowlife with a great voice and a horrible temper. I am praying that they find him guilty and send his rascal to jail. America has a way of allowing criminals to slip Thu the cracks because they have money— I wish I was the prosecutor on this case. Rhianna you have our support. Please hal quickly and leave that rat1 Hollywood has enough young, respectable men who have class and are nothing like Chris Brown.

  22. Anonymous,
    Ya got ma crying. I luv um. But dah in gun stop me from ‘busing’ you when ya talking pupp an’ attackin’ me.
    Wah is de carnage? I tink you mean de careenage. Ya duncy bitch. Carnage is associated with the killing of people. OK? You sound like a GTbanna.
    When ya call ma a ‘pissy bitch’ I almost fall of de ol rockin’ chair laffin. You feel dat you could ruffle my feathers wid dat shite-folly? You is a real clown. Go an’ look fa a nudda sheep pun de pasture. Ga long.

  23. Gossip Corner: I received an email today giving me a little scoop into this saga. Apparently Chris Brown broke off the relationship a few weeks ago and Rihanna was taking it hard. Their managers asked them to appear at some before-the-Grammys big shot party and to appear ‘lovey-dovey’. Now on their way to the Grammys, it is alleged that Chris decided to pick up his new ‘fling’ and take her to the Grammys with him. Well, as you would imagine, Rihanna went balistic on him and he retaliated. The ‘fling’ it is assumed, is the one who called 199.Authorities are trying to get her to tell her side of the story in court.

    We shall wait with baited breath to hear the outcome of this ‘soap-opera’.

  24. Sorry, it should be 911. I like i got dat demon 199 on me mind.

    This new ‘fling’ is said to be very popular too and well-known.

    We shall wait and see as it unfolds.

  25. Bonnt Peppa

    That anonymous @ 12:44 p.m.is that guyanese woman who blogs with different names,e.g. sister baby,another name with a ‘k’ amongst others, and she talks rubbish all the time.

    Just by reading her you know she does not know what is going on here.

    Just ignore her and carry on in your same self way.ha.ha

  26. Annoymous at 6:42 PM you took God out of your thoughts and had the devil lead you to me as somebody that wrote that to Bonny Peppers. Your eyes pass me, but I will let you know that I don”t allow people to take their eyes and pass me. Save the eyes pass for the Guyana Ambassador and all the PPP people from Guyana flocking to your country.

  27. Annoymous at 6:42 PM you took God out of your thoughts and had the devil lead you to me as somebody that wrote that to Bonny Peppers. You eyes pass me, for I did not write that to Bonny, and yes I don’t know a thing that is going on, you right about that because I am high on Jesus.

  28. I am watching the news on TV right now and I just heard on the news that an East Indian man from South Africa chopped off his East Indian wife’s head in a domestic violence dispute. Just thought I would break the news here as we talking about Rihanna and Chris. This happened in New York City.

  29. @ Bonny Peppa:

    The beating incident happened the night before the Grammy ceremony.

    @Sista baby:

    The man chopped off his wife’s head because she asked for a divorce. He is the head of a Muslim TV station near Buffalo. Apparently, she got s ick of the constant domestic violence. She was his second wife and she has two small children. The court meeting this week to decide what to do with the kids. Both sets of grand parents have flown in for the hearing. One set from Texas and the other from Pakistan.

  30. Thank you Pat, They just had a little snipet of that news here. I tell you these men come to like saints, but look how quickly they can turn into monsters.

  31. Bonny Peppa // February 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    Gossip Corner: I received an email today giving me a little scoop into this saga. Apparently Chris Brown broke off 4the relationship a few weeks ago and Rihanna was taking it hard.


    Confirms what I alluded to days ago, even before knowing this, that “Rihanna sugar, u can’t FORCE a person to love you…………….”!! End it and find someone new!!


    Bonny Peppa // February 17, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    Sorry, it should be 911. I like i got dat demon 199 on me mind.


    Bonny!! I in na demon!!

    Lord!! 🙂

    Sister Baby, re: the East Indian incident. It’s a coincidence but just before coming on here I thought of saying, “thank god he did n’t KILL Rihanna – at least, not YET”!! Rihanna sugar, stay away from the punk and all others like him!!


    I tell you these men come to you like saints, but look how quickly they can turn into monsters.


    Sister Baby, ur so right!! – the women too!! Recently, I’ve decided to stay by myself!! Any chick who I fancy can have her way with me, for a while, but I’m not getting permanently hitched to ANY of them!! An then another one can also borrow me for another while and then another and so on!! They’re simply not worth the aggro!!

    Yesterday they announced that marriage is on the decline in the UK so I guess a lot more people must be thinking the same way!!

  32. Anyway, I got too many gorgeous girlfrens running-me-down all d time, to worry my head too much ’bout any particular ONE of dem!!

  33. I thought this was a serious forum but I see is a whole set of nonsense going on in here. Goodby LOSERS…ALL OF YOU ARE LOSERS!

  34. Casey from Boston,
    You heading de troop of losers, idiot. Bet you didn’t know that either.Well ,now ya know.

    You are hopeless, I give up on you. Na sense trying na mo.

  35. Pat,
    I could swear that this incident happened on their way to the Grammys hence all this publicity.
    Anyway, all dis talk ’bout fighting and beating an’ violence getting me real tirsty. I gine an’ drink a brown rum man. You want one? Cheers.

  36. Bonny, I presume u think I should be dedicated to one woman only but, Bonny, moas uh dum seem to be mad darling an want to drive me wid dum an I in gun let dum do dah!!


  37. Settlement reached in Chris Brown’s alleged beating of Rihanna

    A plea deal has been reached between Los Angeles prosecutors and pop star Chris Brown, who is accused of assaulting singer Rihanna before the Grammy Awards.

    Brown will plead guilty to a felony and receive six months in jail or community labor — such as graffiti removal or trash pickup — and five years’ formal probation. He will also undergo domestic violence counseling. Judge Patricia Schnegg said he will be allowed to complete counseling, community labor and probation in his native Virginia, but is to be treated there like any other offender.

    [Updated at 2:15 p.m.: Schnegg says she plans to issue “a stay-away” order barring Chris Brown from having contact with Rihanna. But an attorney for Rihanna said she doesn’t want the order. Sources told The Times that Brown’s camp initially rejected the plea agreement and had been mulling the settlement for several days.]

    [Updated at 2:26 p.m.: “I think it is comendable you took responsibility for your conduct,” Schnegg told Brown.

    After Chris Brown left with his entourage, Rihanna was brought into the courtroom and informed of the stay-away order by the judge. “Thank you,” she told the judge and then left through a back door of the courtroom.]


  38. you know i hear saying that american men are always beating on women well i dont think you can just drop it on AMERICAN MEN!!! i mean it should just be men in general OMG!!!! WTF!!!

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