National Living Hero Rihanna Graces the World Stage at Superbowl LVII

Run This Town – The Road to Halftime Starts on Rihanna

It is Superbowl (57) today and local talent and one of two living national heroes Rihanna is slated to perform at halftime, one of the biggest slots on the global entertainment program. If you are a detractor or not Barbadians and Caribbean people everywhere will be kicking back to bask in the global spotlight her performance will attract.

47 thoughts on “National Living Hero Rihanna Graces the World Stage at Superbowl LVII

  1. RiRi’s world triumph hides a local tragedy
    Today Barbados’ newest National Hero takes centrestage on one of the biggest stages in the world.
    I join with many other Bajans who feel uplifted by Rihanna’s rise. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel a sense of tragedy along with the triumph, knowing that as much as Barbados claims Rihanna and Rihanna claims Barbados, this nation’s attitude to the development of arts and culture has barely developed.
    Rihanna’s international triumph hides a local tragedy.
    In a recent interview American rapper 50 Cent argues that “The coolest thing we create in America is celebrities.” He is partly right.
    Celebrities are an offshoot of what America really excels at creating. America really creates and innovates cultures: norms, values, attitudes, ideas and behaviours, which it packages and sells to the world in the form of media, music, movies, sports and other products. A productive cultural industry produces people adapted to the culture, some of whom will stand out as celebrities.
    Product of the US
    Rihanna’s origin is in Barbados, Westbury Road, Charles F. Broome Primary and Combermere School. That is where the raw material for her stardom was cultivated.
    However, like so much of the raw material from the so called Third World, she was shipped to another country for processing and value adding. Rihanna’s celebrity is a product of the American cultural industrial complex.
    But, as Bruce Lee said, “Bricks don’t hit back.” Human beings are not inanimate objects like sugar. Rihanna ain’t no sweetbread nor raw sugar. The trailer advertising
    Rihanna’s Super Bowl
    performance features aspects of the National Hero’s heritage.
    Rihanna could have easily abandoned all traces of Barbadian uniqueness as she elevated to global star status.
    Many Caribbean people do just that with as little as the achievement of a green card.
    Instead, she refined herself into a Bajan brick that hits back with a fist wrapped in wey she come from.
    Motivate the powers
    Here is the tragedy. Despite
    Rihanna’s success, Barbados seems just as far away from realising the importance and harnessing the power of culture and the creative arts as ever. Rather than motivate the powers that be to ensure that the immense fields of raw talent which we have here do not go to waste, rather than developing cultural and creative industries from the ground up, making sure that what was an act of fate in Rihanna’s case becomes a result of systems and processes for another generation, we seem to have decided to focus on trying to reap what we have not sown.
    Instead of taking the time to invest in and carefully cultivate talents, skills and mindsets among the whole populace, most seem focused on catching a serendipitously developed few when we think they are export ready and riding their train to glory.
    Little interest
    Seemingly very little interest is there in improving or expanding arts education and the cultural soil from which our talent must spring.
    Too many just want to cash in on an industry we have no interest in actually building.
    In sports and in arts much of the world has
    built cultures, systems and structures which guarantee that a large segment of the available talent matures and ripens. We still seem content to wait for greatness to emerge out of the blue like Sir Garry or RiRi. And then we gine pompasette as though we had a whole lot to do with it.
    A culture sets the scene for expressions of creativity. Out of a culture personalities and communities are created. From these personalities and communities some will stand out and have the potential for celebrity status.
    What we need is a culture so rich and fertile that it can export people without worrying about any talent or brain drain. A culture so well suited to and structured around respecting and developing skills and talents that the skilled and talented hardly want to leave. A culture so strong that American cultural imports struggle to penetrate because our own cultural refineries are world class.
    Shout out to those arts and sporting institutions making the most out of precious little.

    Adrian Green is a communications specialist.

    Source: Nation

  2. As the world hurdles ineluctably towards a nuclear war the fiction of living heroes and heroines fills the breach.

    Readers here are blissfully unaware that Russian soldiers have now twice been attacked by chemical weapons in the NATO war.

    We guarantee a response of a more dangerous kind. An escalation! With context absent, the ignorant will again call for the assassination of President Putin, as following the well heals Marat I’ve of a Russian one-man or strongman belief system held by slaves and their masters, their real heroes.

    So reports Gonzalo Lira, an American living in Kherson, Ukraine. That the Russian Federation is not squealing blue murder like the stuck piglets in the West would, in circumstances of reversed roles.

    Or intent on constructing their most favored false flag events, a la Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria, when Western media, across the board, could be reliably depended upon to construct false narratives not unlike the fiction about living heroines.

    What a dystopia! Proofs are appearing on Telegram and other channels that internationally banned weapons are. being deployed and the infantile can suggest an appearance within the bread and circuses of the dying Roman Empire redux, presented as some Bowl Super, is of some note. A game structured no differently today than the savage slavery of the original empire of the Romans. How ignorant are we to be? Are these the circumstances in which a living or dead heroine should find celebration?

    Maybe we have underestimated the nature of a financialized slavery in Barbados. The extent to which the society has been hollowed out. Requiring the elevation of kakistocrats to sainthood. How else can these sets of centrifugal social forces be so allowed to run amuck

    Pachamama has rebuilt Earth five times previously. We invite Her to so do again. Next time absent this degenerative human virus!

  3. Stephan Bandera is a hero for the Ukranians too. And of course the slave masters in the West who allow their prime representative of fascism and worshipper of a dead Bandera -Zelenski- to be lorded over by endless governments. Is this what heroísm has become? There will be a price to be paid by those who are again gullible enough to buy into these projects about heroism, as false as it has been. The father of fascism, the United States, is repeating another Third Reich project like they did before.

  4. Bu is for Conspiracy Theorists for sure
    A$AP Rocky is Rihanna’s biggest fan
    Nicknames: RiRi, Caribbean Queen, The Barbados Babe, Queen of Pop, Bajan Beauty, Riha
    Jobs: Recording Artist, actress, singer, songwriter, model, fashion designer

  5. David,

    It was magical!

    No rain on this parade. No throwing of cold water.

    We live in the real world where the battle is ongoing. A perfect world is out of reach and always will be. A perfect moment or two is all we can capture. Even soldiers escape from the battle for some R & R.

    The race, I say, is not for the swift but for those who can pace themselves like the tortoise until the end.

    Too besides, of what use is fretting if we are on the verge of inevitable nuclear war and extinction?

    Better to sit in the deck chairs of the Titanic and listen to the band!



    • @Donna

      Some will agree a pragmatic approach is necessary. Whatever we agree the difference of opinion because of backgrounds and the like define us the consequences of what we are becoming.

  6. R.I.P. David Jude Jolicoeur aka Trugoy the Dove, Plug 2 and Dave, one third of the hip hop group De La Soul. Jolicoeur was also a member of the Spitkicker collective.

  7. David,

    Regardless of background though, nobody should deny that if there is nothing we can do, then all we can do is nothing!


    “Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!”

    • There Erica Smith from COSCOP and a local entertainer Jamaal Slocombe using the rise of Rihanna as a talking point.

  8. “nobody should deny that if there is nothing we can do, then all we can do is nothing”

    Plug 1:

    Plug 2:
    “I AM NOBODY!”

  9. Pacha..i gotta step back a little…required reading if you, William, TLSN, Bushman etc havent already:

    The Storm Before The Storm – The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic – Mike Duncan

    Podcast also available…problem for me, it’s politics, pure boredom and torture to read, listen to and stay focused. Only doing it because i have no choice…it explains everything from before 202 BC to present day.

    Hopefully i find the time to do a one read and get it over with before i lose my mind.

  10. Attention 2 U BU posse
    Required listening if you are NOT Waru, Pacha, William, TLSN, Bushman
    (they 2 stuck up 4 real)

  11. I am not a fan of football and I watched a full half-time show for the first time last night. I am pleasantly surprise at how Barbadians reacted to the half-time show.

    • The general feedback is that Barbadians were proud of the performance. We will always have detractors, it is a human condition.

    • @David what’s not to like about a slick and elaborately produced entertainment special like that!

      Other than a personal choice of the musical genre any ‘detractors’ are just being petty surely. I was only amazed that she was so ‘FULLY’ clothed actually😎 and being unaware of the pregnancy chatter I was ‘confused’ by the quite obvious belly bumm and the red plastic ‘bra forms’!🤦🏾‍♂️

      She performed as is expected of that caliber of artiste: superbly!

      She will get a serious revenue ‘bump’ in the days and weeks ahead having dropped her new songs and also with her lingerie products and other brands … all props to her!

      Remember she refused the ‘same’ show some years ago so the lady is now ready to roll again!

  12. Am sure you did not read the ….etc…which is inclusive of everyone…yet ya complaining..shhhh!!!

    Now ya have a real book of knowledge on the scummy roman devils/demons to read.. and their wicked politics… roman criminals set up the world wih their fraud and tiefing , they have NEVER earned anything honestly… 3000 years…..when they weren’t raiding our ancestors funeral rites as the other criminals still do in fake egypt they disturb their rest….but one day coming soon…and should be driven off our earth..

    The parliament frauds…MINIONS…are still copying and applying that evil roman scam against Afrikan people including tiefing their land, pushing them into poverty, and dislocating them….thousands of years later…let’s hope some extremely severe sentences get passed down eventually due to what am hearing..

    I always disliked politicians and with good reason…they are liars, frauds, pretenders and extremely dangerous.

    No more spoiler alerts read it yaself

  13. De La Soul & J Dilla “Smell The Da I S Y ” Mixtape The seamless Mix
    I speak divine of God theories, no need to be high
    Always exhale the facts ’cause I don’t inhale lie
    Play the greater man’s game, to bounce off my losses
    So I can earn the acres (uh), the houses (yeah), the horses (huh)
    ‘Cause even when I’m gone I’m reappearin’ in the after
    I have to, send respects to real money makers
    Do not connect us with those champagne sippin’ money fakers
    Taste the quarter pound with spice from Chi-town
    Now what that prove? You’re so full you can’t even move (yeah, yeah)

  14. While there is some debate over the number of elements of hip-hop, there are four elements that are considered to be its pillars: deejaying, or “turntabling”; rapping, also known as “MCing” (emceeing) or “rhyming”; graffiti painting, also known as “graf” or “writing”; and break dancing, or “B-boying,
    Gonna take you way back in the centuries
    Planet Hip Hop
    Black Brown NY roots
    B-Boys before Rap Diva$ Rihanna$
    I don’t ask for maximum security
    1st amendment freedom of speech
    for the Underground is required all day everyday
    “They” tried to censor Hip Hop
    so [Rap the Griots] youths came back stronger & harder
    and changed the landscape of Hip Hop as we knew it
    Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump

  15. Pacha…just saw a Kennedy post where Pfizer got sued for billions. I know Switzerland is looking into some kinda prosecution of the liar of an attorney general according to some reports and since the crown princess is still in a coma, Thialand is going beserk…cant wait for them to come get these lying small island dependent on evabody FRAUDS….set up the people for death and injury. All gotta pay, there is nowhere for them to run and hide…all the minions gotta FACE DE MUSIC….wuh dah iz why dem iz MINIONS.

    …while dey buddy Donville is getting out anytime between now and April…………de fowls can finish the rest….lol

  16. I watched a movie once set at Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted. There were a man and a woman in the path of the flow. The man had a thoroughbred horse.

    They had a choice- to attempt to outrun the lava on the back of the horse, a plan bound to fail or to stay and face the inevitable, allowing the horse to escape at full speed, unburdened by their weight.

    They decided to give the only one of them that had a chance the opportunity to live!

    They spent their last moments ENJOYING a passionate kiss.

    I do not understand why one would cry that all is lost and then berate those who choose to accept it.

    Why spend precious last moments butting one’s head against a brick wall????

    Either all is lost and we should enjoy our last moments or the battle is winnable and we continue the fight.

    • Surely you jest bigly … ‘MY’ former president … no such thing!

      But that man seeks relevance … I did not even read past the headline re his blather about the Rhianna!

      I can criticize Ms Ri-Ri … like I didn’t feel her Michael style ‘crotch grabbing’ was that needed … but he needs to shut the hell up on her and rather tell us about Stormy and how his rape accuser Jean Carrol is not his ‘type’ although he REPEATEDLY mistook her pic for his ‘Marla’. That and all his other ‘crotch grabbing’ tales!

      Besides he has lots of legal issues to handle … let our heroine do her!😎


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  18. Meanwhile in the estimates Debt service now sits at 1.3 Billion, nearly 80% of the 1.7 Billion for the last year of the previous administration. Almost back to where we started, but we will hear excuses ranging from COVID, every country is in debt, interest rates are low, people need breakfast before a long journey and inflation. But you know what… our creditors can hire National Hero Rihanna and let her sing “Bitch better have my money” and “Run This Town”, at least we know Donna will be happy about that

    • @Redguard

      It seems the plan is to return to the bond market. We will see if the effect of the debt restructure haunts us.

    • An interesting plan. With rates rising, the last thing GoB wants is debt at higher costs. They realistically need 6-8% on Bonds to be palatable. Well above the rates tossed around by local officials on the recent cost of loans.

    • @NO There is a deficit. What is the alternative? Even if they go on a slash and burn of the various heads it wouldn’t be enough to erase the deficit.

    • You are merely explaining a global phenomena where spending beyond revenue is now a necessity (political?). And few wish to even attempt to shrink that gap. Didn’t the US budget office predict a massive ‘extra’ deficit yesterday. The rest are mostly in similar boats.
      Bajans recall 2018. Even at 10%, they are not buying GoB debt.
      So onto Plan B.

  19. Ri Ri was solid if unspectacular. After ???? years away from performing live, the show got her streaming soaring. Objective achieved.
    The real MVP of the evening was James Bradbury. Who DAT? He was the Eagles#24 who received the interference call late in the game. After the game, he did the unthinkable, he admitted to holding. Honour among the Eagles? A class act.

  20. First time I saw Rihanna and her patner’s little King was today. He has a presence.


    I have a question to ask. First let me state that I love the picture. I think it is beautiful, but I wish to move beyond just accepting and gushing like a crazy fan and ask a question.

    It happens that the story is about Rihanna, but this is not an attack on her.

    Does this picture glamorizes the worst stereotype; the unmarried and pregnant black mother?
    Whilst it has the black father present, is it is positive model for young black men?

    Can I ask these questions without it being seen as an attack on Rihanna; and please I do not want to be at the head of the queue that will be doing some bashing. Like I said I love the picture.

  22. There was a recent story of a young lad in a small town attempting to rob a bank. What really caught my attention was the story stated that the young man’s face had a number of tattoos. Or have you heard of a case where someone does a harmful act and then posted a video of a selfie and the act itself?

    As a parent, How would you feel if your heir was so silly as to get face tattoos and then go to rob a bank? I do not believe in the death penalty, but I am beginning to think that parents should be given a great deal of leeway in how to punish such an offspring.

    But I digress. I came here to ask, if you think things through or do you just accept what you are told? Are you the young man who gets a tattoo and then decide to rob a bank? Can you see how the two actions are related?

    On pictures
    Do you just look at the picture and miss half of the messages embedded in pictures?
    Do you allow others to tell us it is just a picture and blind yourself to messages in the picture?
    Can you see that beauty and sheer ugliness can walk hand in hand in the same image?
    Can you raise the level of your thoughts to that of the enemy? Can you think for yourself?
    Will you stand by and allow others to bombard your children with false images? Will you continue to ignore the potent and deadly messages that are being delivered to your young ones?

    There is a verse in the Lord’s Prayer that I ask you to say with me
    “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”
    “Father forgive them, for they know ̶n̶o̶t̶ what they do.”
    May the Good Lord forgive you as well.

  23. Somebody has to bell the cat?
    Somebody has to be the canary in the well?
    Somebody has to be a modern day John the Baptist

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