Adrian Elcock Rihanna Partnership

Submitted by Barbados First

What is the connection between Adrian Elcock, Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) and Rihanna?

Does it have anything to do with her being given a 3 year contract to market Barbados the terms of which have not been made public?

Does this connection have anything to do with the big Rihanna concert here 2 years ago?

Does it have anything to do with her concert here later this year?

Is this why we cannot get financial results for the concert 2 years ago which we taxpayers paid for… Is there what the Trinidadians call “bobol” going on at the BTA with Chairman Adrian Elcock in place?

Why after all this Rihanna expenditure and promotion  is St. Lucia still receiving more visitors than Barbados for 2013 so far.

Read the news story in the Barbados Today which names Adrain Elcock as agent for Rihanna :

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  1. @ Warrior
    That island is filty. B. C. Pires calls it nasty. The center for Disease and Prevention Center, additionally says “you can get thphoid through contaminated food and water there, regardless of where you’re eating or staying.
    Barbados I think could heighten its awareness in the caribbean with just rum and not Rihanna. It could have FIRST started the Cayman Islands idea – producing and exporting rum cake.

  2. I thought Trini B.C Spires loved Bim, then again he is probably calling it as he sees it, don’t tell me the island is starting to degrade to that extent, i will be shocked.

  3. This little brat is useless to Barbados. Money spent on her is wasted. Marley is important to JA because he sang their music. He gave reggae the spring board to take off internationally. That is their culture and now all types of Jamaican stuff is sought after worldwide. She sings all American rubbish; thus she is an agent of cultural penetration corrupting the minds musically of our young. Lil Rick and Madd are more valuable than her. They are all Barbadianna. Their language, dance, accent, music, topics, rhythm and delivery accentuates only Barbados and the tuk band, This is our culture. Rhianna can get going. A country cannot compete by copying another culture. You will come in a distant last. Only originals stay fresh. In this cultural war once any force captures your taste you will be their enslaved market forever; thus wrecking your economy. Mr. Elcock knows nothing about the cultural industries. Give his job to Phil Phillips. of Cross Fire fame. Tourism has to be erected on pillars of local culture for benefits to accrue to the small man. Watch out for JA. that is why their tourism is soaring. Rhianna my foot, come leh we guh down to low town, but doan stan down dey. Come leh we promote we culture to we benefit. Ah gone. Elombe help! ,

  4. [youtube=]

    Money spent on Rihanna is unwarranted simply because Barbados has no money. Country is broke “all in the red”. She, Rihanna however is a celebrity and basically put Barbados on the map. Barbados before Rihanna was rather unknown but Rihanna will not be the one to boost tourism. She hasn’t yet.
    Raggae music originated via Bob Marley in Jamaica. Bad John (poster), you are right. Marley is important to Jamaica. He sang the music that originated there in Jamaica. That ragae stuff ultimately crossed the Jamacian border. Stevie Wonder’s Boggie on Raggae Woman is not ragae style music but the word raggae belongs to Bob Marley and Jamaica. A better piece of that ragae style music indeed in the ragae style is I Just Wanna Be Loved by Culture Club in the 1990’s. I like it too.

  5. Lil Rick and Madd are more valuable than her. They are all Barbadianna. Their language, dance, accent, music, topics, rhythm and


  6. Rhianna may have made special requests not thinking of costs at the time. It might have been very costly if she made a request for a certain type of casket such as metal (painted or polished) or even the wood to be used, which the director may have had to import. Also she may have requested a specific grade of material to be used for the interior design, etc. Additional features/frills such as these could sky rocket costs.

    Rhianna may have been thinking about a funeral(s) she attended in the USA and wanted the same for her loved one? :^)

    The director may have went above and beyond; he could have been thinking $$ would not be a problem for Rhianna, knowing that she is a celeb, to include all the frills. He probably was thinking that this funeral might be the only chance he gets to make extra $$$ – get as much out of her as he possibly could.

    Whether Rhianna was thinking straight/grief stricken, the question remains what is written in the contract and who signed it.

  7. Bajans too like to hate their own…..esp when “they” have made it !

    And Rhi Rhi is MEGA….dust for miles…..LOL

    Bad John …..ya too igrunt !

  8. My guess is Bad John smell awful like a pit toilet. A second guess is he is a local entertainer. My third guess is he’s white. I’m not bringing in race its just Bad John’s garbage rings familiar to the ridiculous crap we heard around the tussle for the Empire theatre. His vent reeks of jealously and bad mindedness.
    Rihanna is the biggest personality, entertainer and franchise out of the Caribbean. No other Caribbean man or woman in history is more known around the world and she is a mere 25 years old.
    She’s bigger than Marley and Bolt combined. The young woman from Westbury Road is voted among the 100 most influential persons in the world. It doesn’t get bigger than that on a planet of 6 billion and she emerged from our rock where a mere three hundred thousand reside.
    Big up Rihanna she’s a super wealthy diva and we can be justly proud of her. She’s totally Bajan and generous to boot, three million dollars to QEH without batting an eyelid.
    Bad John and pieces of rotting sh#t like him can never stop Rihanna she too smart too rich too beautiful. She’s a winner every time.

  9. @Barbados Today “According to the document, Wilson was asked via email by Elcock on July 2 to send an estimate to Perez, and he responded the following day stating it was too early to prepare a quotation. On July 8 a draft invoice was submitted, which did not include “all of the services rendered by the claimant and/or the other providers”. However, by letter dated July 15, a tax invoice was sent to Rihanna’s company for BDS $301,793.31 (including $42,862.83 in VAT) covering all services, to which they responded with an email requesting a separation of charges, which was done by later dated July 18. On July 22, Rihanna’s company, by email, labelled the payment requested as “outrageous” and on July 31 wired to Wilson a payment of $72,970 “and advised that this was the defendant’s final attempt to resolve the matter”

    First of all Rihanna had no business arranging her grandmother’s funeral. Her grandmother had a husband and children. It was their duty to bury their wife/mother, and Rihanna should have minded her business and assumed only the granddaughter role and not the celebrity role.

    Second I hope that Rihanna did not give the go head for the funeral based on a draft invoice.

    Third Rihanna’s company should never have had to ask for a separation of charges. Funeral directors should always separate the charges upfront.

    Fourth the funeral should not have gone ahead until an itemized invoice was prepared by the director and received by Rihanna (one should NEVER buy a pig in a poke)

    Fifth funerals should never go ahead until the director has received all of his money, that is certainly what I did when burying my old people. The day before the funeral all responsible parties were asked to meet me at the bank with CASH. I deposited the cash and wrote a certified check which was given to the funeral director a few hours before the funeral. But by the I had my itemized invoice in hand, how much for the coffin, the flowers, the reverend, the choir. the newspaper and radio ads etc.

    Undertakers do funerals all everyday, so it should not be that hard to provide an itemized invoice a day or tow before the funeral. And it should not be that hard for the wealthy family of a deceased to write a certified check on the day of the funeral.

  10. @Simple Simon
    First of all Rihanna had no business arranging her grandmother’s funeral. Her grandmother had a husband and children. It was their duty to bury their wife/mother, and Rihanna should have minded her business and assumed only the granddaughter role and not the celebrity role
    Simple is as simple writes, do you have the intimate details of what was discussed among the family members? That decision is a family matter and who are you to decide what her role is in this matter?

  11. Sargeant at 10:31 a.m “$300,000 to put down a duppy!! Wuhloss there is a sucker born every minute and many of the suckers are Bajans where yuh got to fear not only the entrepreneurs trying to get through yuh bedroom window but the rip off artists dressed in suit and ties with their hands firmly in your pocket while they are smiling in your face.”

    Dis mek me laugh so hard that I pee myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Sarge. ROFLMFAO

  12. it is quite sickening that if u look around Barbados, u will see a number of individuals who have big businesses or have been able to amass a fortune not because of their personal talents but because they have overtly rob people just because the individuals needed the services offered and i have no doubt that Rihanna was taken for a ride because of who she is…we seemed to believe that it is okay to charge higher than normal prices according to who’s the person requiring the service.v we have this get rick quick attitude, look at politicians, look at drug dealers, lawyers especially, some doctors…one day this will all come back to haunt us

  13. Wilson and Downes have exposed themselves for what they are and if anyone had sense they would take their business elsewhere. When a company tells you that they cannot give you a quote on the cost of a service RUN, when they send you an invoice and say that it does not include all services RUN. This is a case of a company trying to milk its client.

    • @islandgal

      Because all the services requested were not core services provided by a funeral home ie.multi screen, air conditioned tent etc.

  14. Dear Rihanna,

    Don’t let these tiefing vagabonds bout Barbados rob you. Bds$300K to bury someone? Get you high powered lawyers in New York to make the funeral home look like what they are.

    On another note, given who your ‘Agent’ is you may want to check and make sure you are getting all the money you’ve contracted to earn via your agreement with BTA.

  15. CHAPTER 2
    21 Annual Auditor General’s Report 2012
     The expenditures are adjusted to the Consolidated Fund since these would have occurred in prior periods.
    III. Advances to Hotels & Resorts Ltd
    The Government of Barbados advanced funds to Hotels & Resorts Limited by way of a loan agreement dated 22nd July, 2002. An amount of $145.3 million was advanced, repayable over twenty (20) years at a rate of 07.25% per annum on the reducing balance, with semi-annual repayments at 30th June and 31st December. Repayment was scheduled to commence at June 30, 2005 but this was revised to June 30, 2006. Interest was due with effect from June 30, 2004, to be accrued until the first payment.
    Given the poor finances of this entity, it was always unlikely that repayments would have materialized. A large portion of the debt has subsequently been written off. The outstanding balance on this loan was reported as $85.4 million at 31st March, 2012 with accumulated interest of $30.4 million.

  16. Somple Simon
    Bushie has to commend you at least on you choice of blogging name. It complements your contributions quite well.

    • @islandgal

      Is Downes & Wilson the same funeral home that did the funeral arrangements for the late PM David Thompson?

  17. David I don’t know but it would be interesting to get the cost of that funeral and compare it with a lowly person like Rhianna’s grandmother who was not a head of state.

    Rhianna BE CAREFUL with those who surround you especially your own kind who claim they have your best interest at heart. Because dem is a Bajan that doesn’t mean that they are honest. Because they claim to be a Christian that doesn’t mean they are honest. We got people bout hey trying to get rich overnight. DO NOT LET THESE THIEVING MONEY HUNGRY BRASS BOWLS FOOL YOU!

  18. Rihanna adored her grandmother, and when she passed, the Bajan beauty went all out in funeral arrangements for her grandmother.
    Except she allegedly didn’t go all out in actually paying for them. Oops!
    TMZ reports that Rihanna is being sued for the bulk of her grandmother’s funeral costs after simply failing to pay up for the expenses.
    RiRi reportedly had a huge bash to celebrate the life of the late Dolly Braithwaite, complete with tents, TV screens, floral arrangements and more, totaling about $150,000. However, when the bill came, Rihanna is said to have paid about $37,500 worth of the bill and ignored the rest.
    Rihanna has said that the funeral bill was “exorbitant” and refuses to pay any more of it. The funeral home, meanwhile, is basically saying, “Hey, that’s how much all this stuff costs.”
    Of course, there’s a chance that the funeral parlor is taking advantage of Rihanna’s wealth and celebrity, but based on the expenses listed, it doesn’t seem far fetched that the event would have cost more than most people’s houses.

  19. @ David [BU]

    It is Conflict of Interest, plain and simple but then again what is not in Bim?

    1. Pornville wife subcontracting successfully to government
    2. Al Gilkes, Director of NCF, running an advertising company, on the side, receiving confidential information on cultural activities, in his substantive role, and then passing on such to the competing “interest” of his productions company?

    3. Jose and Jose, continuing supporters of Mia Mottley, benefiting substantially from government contracts from *** until ***

    BU membership could type a whole list of “conflicts of Interest” pre-knowledge and insider trading inclusive of the infamous text from Minister *** “Wunna get de contract, what is my cut?”

    When we appoint poor people as custodians of the vault, poor in finances and abjectly poor in morals, what do we expect? Mother Theresa?

  20. @ Twistorian | August 11, 2013 at 7:16 AM |

    Rihanna would be naively foolish to engage the services of any of the rip off artists calling themselves Bajan lawyers (except of course Amused and R R the Rolls Royce of legal power).

    If that D&W funeral home is above board with their final invoice then it would have “genuine’ supporting documentation from third party suppliers to back up its claim (including proof of payment from own funds or amounts still owed).
    The charges along with any administrative fees D&W is entitled to add on would be perused and compared to ‘market’ prices.

    Don’t allow any local lawyer or accountant to handle this matter, Rihanna, even if it should cost you more than the bill D&W is trying to pull over your eyes as it could have possibly done to the State 2 years prior when the baby PM prematurely went to heaven.

  21. I hate to sound like a broken record but conflict of interest appears to be standard practice in Barbados and unfortunately at the highest levels. The late PM Thompson backed Minister Ronald Jones when many thought that Jones was in conflict as a government minister and president of the Football Association (and Thompson was a lawyer). David Simmons quickly went from being a government minister to Chief Justice. When will Barbados put in place the mechanism regulating conflict of interest and ethics (an office headed by a trustworthy commissioner and staff)?

  22. @Bad John: do you know how many of RiRi’s songs are originals. being written by herself? Check. Rob Marley was Jamaican, not Bajan. Why then can’t you throw all your support behind Rihanna? You are not Jamaican, however you talk, however you try to emulate them, however much you admire thme you will never be Jamaican. but like Rihanna, you will always be Bajan. Stop being so low in your self esteem.

  23. Rihanna should have just buried her grandma in the US, it would have saved her in this case hundreds of thousands, she would do well to watch out for the bajan lawyers she could very well end up spending millions.

    Piece…………………Al was always sleazy, he knows no other way.

  24. @ Simple Simon | August 10, 2013 at 11:34 PM |

    I see nothing wrong with Rhianna taking on the responsibility of her grandmother’s Homegoing. I’m sure the grandmother’s children and husband wouldn’t have objected to a kind deed from a relative, whether it was Rhianna or not.

    We learn from our mistakes. Maybe in all this, there is a lesson for Rhianna – man to man is so unjust, it’s not that easy to know who to trust.

  25. @ Alvin Cummins | August 11, 2013 at 11:34 AM |
    “.. but like Rihanna, you will always be Bajan. Stop being so low in your self esteem.”

    Why are you attacking Bad John like a true bad john yourself from St. Elizabeth Village? Because Bad John refuses to meekly and subserviently succumb and subscribe to your jingoistic constant rallying call to support any thing Bajan even if immorally bad, stupidly misplaced and arrant nonsense?

    If a Bajan or Barbados does something good and outstanding by all means support them or be proud and show your national colours. But not when it comes to doing crap or downright nonsense.
    Just to amplify the stupidity of your “arroignorant” extreme position of blind loyalty and nonsensical backing of mediocrity like the current DLP administration we are prepared to say that should this stupid government- by the widest stretch of the imagination- should decide to send troops to invade St. Lucia because of its superior performance in tourism to the detriment of Barbados you Alvin Cummins the Great Bajan Canute would want us to support and rally behind such an act of aggression against a fellow Caribbean State.

    However, not this miller here; over his dead body would the miller subscribe to that brand of blindly stupidity passing for national loyalty. But you should never say die or dead.
    Just look how the PM is going to disloyally renege on his fatal commitment to ensuring Bajans have free access to tertiary education at the UWI.

    What do you have to say about this BIG Lie told to the people, Mr. Alvin ‘Bojangles” Cummins whose doglike loyalty to the DLP incompetent mediocrity surpasses the real Mr. Bojangles?

  26. @Miller
    Are you saying to Barbadians that Rihanna does not deserve their loyalty and support? Are you asying that she has achieved nothing? Name another Bajan that has Made Forbes’list.Rihanna is a world star with many plaudits th her name. Name another bajan persormer that has achieved as much in the entertainment and fashion world.And we are discussing Rihanna, how does the DLP the upcoming budget and the other things you mention get into the discussion. I have no hesitation in being jingoistic and proud of my support for my country and my people. I am a proud Bajan and will die a proud Bajan.And calling me names does not cut it. It runs of my back like water off a duck’s backDidn’t people like you rally behind Tom in the Illegal” invasion of Grenada? Read the revelations about Margaret thatchers objection to the invasion, that still went ahead over her objections direct to Ronald Regan. Who then is the biggest traitor to the cause of Barbados/ That was a real case not a hypothetical one like you postulate.

  27. @Miller
    If a Bajan or Barbados does something good and outstanding by all means support them or be proud and show your national colours. But not when it comes to doing crap or downright nonsense. Are you saying that.what Rihanna has achieved is not worthy of support and being proud/ You are pathetic. You are too wrapped up in one sided politics.

  28. @ Alvin Cummins | August 11, 2013 at 7:25 PM |

    Ask David of BU who is the biggest defender and promoter of Rihanna on this blog.
    When Rihanna was just a new kid on the block with her “genuine” Bajan accent appearing on the international stage for the first time in her “specially designed” dress at the UK Music awards in 2005 and shouting out Barbados where were you, rubber face, certainly not in attendance?

    Now be gone ,Bug off, shoo fly don’t bother me!

  29. ADRIAN

    “Commissioner of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force Vernon Francois says lies and rumors originating from the senior ranks of the Force are a great concern and an issue that needs to be addressed.

    Francois addressing the marine unit during a routine ceremony last week spoke about the difficult period now facing the organization given the many rumors surrounding alienation by US authorities.

    But in an interesting twist the Government of Saint Lucia says it will be addressing the issue of the decision by the United States to “disallow officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force from participating in several training programmes arranged or financed by the United States.”

    The statement is significant given that for quite some time the police and even ministers had denied that such action had been taken by the US.

    The Prime Minister’s Press Secretary says the issues are serious and complex. Consequently, the Prime Minister, will, on a date to be announced early next week, issue a statement to explain and address the issues of concern and in particular, the reasons for the actions of the United States against officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

    However, Police Commissioner Francois says he has no information to the contrary that the travel issue with the US was anything other than an administrative matter.

    The commissioner says he has advised his men to keep their heads up in light of the present controversy. He says the many rumors surrounding senior members of the force are however taking their toll.”

    Tourists are being encourage to visit St. Lucia where the local Police can not be trusted.
    I hope while in St. Lucia that they live long enough to enjoy their visit.

  30. ADRIAN claims that St. Lucia is attracting more AMERICAN Tourists than Barbados.

    Yet we are seeing that the Government of the American people has serious concerns of an organization that is supposed to be a pillar of the St. Lucian nation, namely the Police of St. Lucia.

    The American authorities are accusing it of Drug trafficking, money laundering and extra judicial killings. Preventing senior officers from travelling to the United States.

    How long will it be before the American Government impose a travel ban to St. Lucia, ADRIAN?

    However I still expect you to continue your cherry picking of information about St. Lucia!

  31. @Miller
    I may not have been able to be there in person but I have supported her from the beginning and continually after. Know why, she is a “Cawmerian, she has talent, she is Bajan.”. Were you there?

    • @Alvin

      Why is it so difficult for you to understand that Rihanna cannot be compared to Marley and the reggae movement in Jamaica which is steeped in their culture? Rihanna sings pop and s popular as a result and all the power to her, we support her but you need to separate the arguments.

  32. You can walk into most rum shops in BARBADOS and purchase four banks beers for $ 10.00 but if you go into Sandy Lane Hotel one banks beer cost more than four at the rum shop. Rihanna wanted executive treatment, a/c tents,thousands of expensive flowers, a fleet of limos, the full works therefore she must pay for it. It also shows poor business arrangement by both the funeral parlor and Rihanna’s management team, all that should have been settled before he was even given the body. Maybe Rihanna needs better advisors

  33. Alvin Cummins | August 12, 2013 at 8:30 AM |
    “Were you there?”

    There, and upfront supporting her, not as a johnny-come-lately like you.

    True blooded Cawmerians don’t display such lack of comprehension and reasoning skills.
    But there are always deviants from the norm and you form the classic case in trying to wave your “Cawmerian” credentials in intelligent people’s faces.
    Just because you accidentally or by a fluke of financial luck of your parents attended that institution does not automatically endow you with the right to claim intelligence and proper inculcation with the values bathed in the ethos of that hallowed institution which prepares the talented attendees for life’s ‘pros and cons’.

    Do you want us here on BU to view you the same way Bush Tea and fellow ‘Cawmerian’ Caswell see gays, as a happy-go-luck deviant from the norm of intellectual substance?

    Now are you going to take your place in the queue of intelligence and await your turn to see if you are really qualified to graduate from that University of Life you claim you attended?
    The miller is prepared to be your guide and mentor and would even be your books’ editor. LOL!!!

  34. The United States support their many greats in music: Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight,Vanessa Williams, Kenny G, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Patti LaBelle, Beyonce, Miriah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Usher, Kenny Rogers, Christina Aguilara, Gwen Stafani, Kelly Clarkston, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, the very young and talented Rachel Crow, bad girl, Whitney Houston and bad boy Michael Jackson, etc.The British supprt their many greats: Adele, Elton John, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Eric Clapton, Amy Winehouse, etc.Canada supports their many greats: Celine Dion, Diane Krail, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams, Justin Bieber, etc. Jamaica, of course, support Bob Marley. So there is nothing wrong with Barbados supporting bad girl Rihanna, she rightfully belongs to Barbados and the ONLY BEST they have.

    Beyond music, there are other individuals that shines the light on their country. In Jamaica, it’s Marcus Garvey, and Olympian Gold Metal Winner, Usain Bolt and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph but in Barbados its only that nut case Rihanna.

  35. @ june boy | August 12, 2013 at 9:16 AM |

    That was precisely what i was thinking, it was not so much that burying one’s dear ones could be done inexpensively, after all the indians use a simple inexpensive pine box, and they have money, but it was the fact that she was paying for “ambience”

    Inasmuch as she is “all that” and has world renown of sorts, i think that someone needs to advise her that she is not juxtaposing an overcosted bill for the repairs of her Jeep by an enthusiastic mechanic.

    This after all is her purportedly dear grandmother whom she is supposed to love.

    Consider this a lesson in “getting an invoice for services to be rendered BEFORE they are rendered”, pay the bill and move on.

    That is the thing about youth, they do not know which battles to fight.

    Here she has estranged all of the old bembers like us with one foot in the grave who, while we acknowledge her songstress skills now are left with a taste of bile in our mouth when we weigh the intangible currency of “giri”( japanese for duty) to your family against the piddling litigation that she and her agent seem headed for.

    I am sure that Adrian Elcock is probably stroking her both ways, trying to be her so called agent and also telling D&W to bump up the cost of the funeral to this specific price. That is Adrian Elcock’s style, this is the nature of the man

    Rihanna you would be wise to leave this one alone and ascribe it to learning about people.

    Some years ago I accompanied a friend into a high end watch store in the Heart of Piccadilly, London. This is over 50 years ago, so it was not “the madam”

    My friend and I saw a beautiful watch and she enquired what was its cost, the clerk haughtily replied “ma’am, if you need to know the price of that item, you should not be in this store” Indeed another Oprah Winfrey moment but the point underscores the “differential” that certain brand names attract.

    Rihanna would have hurt Downes and Wilson more, to have paid the bill and thereafter run a twitter campaign related to their practices and what she perceived to be inflated costs.

    There is more than one way to skin a cat.

    There are advisors and then there are “advisors”.

    Your image is everything, after all the glitter has gone my crooning diva, one day you will be relegated to the shadows, like Madonna, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklyn, Tina Turner, Billy Holiday and all you will have is the sentiment that “she, Robyn Fenty, is a lady” a sentiment that is fueled by this seminal moment of paying a bill for a grandmother that you purportedly love.

    But then again, forgive the ramlings of an ole fart, soon to be fodder like your grandmother

  36. Carson C. Cadogan | August 11, 2013 at 8:45 PM |

    ADRIAN claims that St. Lucia is attracting more AMERICAN Tourists than Barbados.

    Yet we are seeing that the Government of the American people has serious concerns of an organization that is supposed to be a pillar of the St. Lucian nation, namely the Police of St. Lucia.

    The American authorities are accusing it of Drug trafficking, money laundering and extra judicial killings. Preventing senior officers from travelling to the United States.

    How long will it be before the American Government impose a travel ban to St. Lucia, ADRIAN?

    However I still expect you to continue your cherry picking of information about St. Lucia!

    Carson…….try not to hurt yourself, the US will not impose a travel ban to St. Lucia, you are wasting your energy wishing, have you checked out Jamaica lately? they have no travel ban, the words used are caution.

    I am still waiting for you to tell me why Barbados’ commissioner of police was fired by the government, governor general or whomever?

  37. Piece…….you are correct, with wisdom comes knowing when to choose your battles, litigation could very well end up costing her more with lawyers (liars) lining up to stoke the fires between them in a back and forth con game for another 5 years, before she knows it Rihanna would be out a good 5 to 10 million dollars by trying to avoid paying this current amount, she should just chalk this up to experience before she really gets a soaking in Barbados, she has to bear in mind that her gravy train is not indefinite and she will need her money going forward.


    @ Carson
    I would have second thoughts about visiting St. Lucia. I also would have seond thoughts about visiting Barbados. St. Lucia at moment is not safe. Barbados though is not safer or safest. Barbados, additionally is nasty. B. C. Pires said so but The center for Disease and Prevention Center, additionally says “you can get thphoid through contaminated food and water there, regardless of where you’re eating or staying.

  39. Look…………..i don’t know who’s eyes Carson is trying to pull the wool over, but he must remember we get the news out here long before he does and that includes news about Barbados and the other Caribbean islands.


    @ Well Well

    I really prefer to stay within the North American Continent, specifically the United States and Canada. Hawaii, although not in the Caribbean is my island choice. If deciding to visit any of the Caribbean islands, it would only be those that are United States territories. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for security reasons. It would certainly not be St. Lucia and or Barbados. Clink on the above link. Please read article and comments.

  41. “If deciding to visit any of the Caribbean islands, …….. It would certainly not be St. Lucia and or Barbados.”
    @ LOOK

    Now Is there any chance AT ALL that you can join with Well Well in extending that policy to Barbados Underground….?

    Dont feel sorry for us….or for David… JUST black list our brass bowls and show us who is boss…..

    • Perhaps it is time for Deeds to call off his ‘dogs’.

      On 12 August 2013 23:12, Barbados Underground

  42. Look………….i read them, it is a little unstable but the same can be said for the whole world right now, one guy who has been traveling around the world every three weeks for the last 25 years said even the indigenous peoples who are not as psychologically damaged as most of the earth’s population are displaying serious and strange behaviors, we may have entered another dimension.

  43. Look…………..And as we can see our Bush Tea is displaying the same strange, serious and psychotic like behavior, see what i told you.

  44. @ Bush Tea

    I never knew you were so in love with me. You’re one of the reasons why I’m still here. Now, there is a problem here. David/Blog Master/Barbados Underground I think is in love with me too.

  45. @ Well Well

    A lot is going in almost every part of the world. All are in hot water right now: The mayor in Toronto Ontario, Canada, the mayor in Montreal Quebec, Canada and the mayor in San Diego, California (United States) too. Oprah, last month attended a wedding (Tina Turner) in Switzerland, met a non-stranger (racism) there. Crooks and corruption are every place and everywhere but shit, got damn Barbados is off the hook: Fraud, Illegal wire tapping, massive land theft, etc.

  46. Look…………everybody wants to rule the world, the blogs, everybody else, the place is teeming with dictators.

  47. @ LOOK | August 12, 2013 at 8:26 PM |
    “… one guy who has been traveling around the world every three weeks for the last 25 years said even the indigenous peoples who are not as psychologically damaged as most of the earth’s population are displaying serious and strange behaviors, we may have entered another dimension.”

    Is this a reliable observation or are you just letting off air?
    If what the guy is saying can be relied upon as genuinely informed from his experience and comparative observations then this phenomenon merits further and serious discussions at the metaphysical level.

  48. LOL @ LOOK

    Bush Tea…I never knew you were so in love with me
    YOU DONE KNOW the bush man Luvs ya….
    Bushie don’t have any choice, cause you and Well Well make a serious tag team. Wunna obviously have access to CIA, FBI, DEA and D/MIA (Dottin/ MIA) files, …cause the two of wunna know NUFF NUFF more than Bushie could ever know..

    Hell! ….wunna know almost as much as Pieceuhderockyearight….

    LOL…Bushie still working on the “witch” theory….

  49. @ Miller
    If what the guy is saying can be relied upon as genuinely informed from his experience and comparative observations then this phenomenon merits further and serious discussions at the metaphysical level.
    So Miller, are you saying that you have been ignoring and disrespecting everything that Bushie has been saying here on BU over the last 5 years?
    Are you saying that a Bushman is not without honor save on his home blog?
    Have you been following the global weather patterns?
    Have you been tracking the global hotspots?

    Bushie is gravely disappointed that it took LOOK, quoting second hand hearsay from an alleged observant world traveller – for your attention to be attracted….
    …you have been too distracted with the “bulling talk” to notice the the REAL shit about to hit the fan Mr Nooksie…. 🙂

  50. @ Bush Tea | August 12, 2013 at 9:01 PM |

    The miller would be prepared to discuss such high level things with you but you have to promise not to bring along your imaginary BBE friend as part of the discussion.
    Such play friends of yours would make the debate too puerile for intellectual entertainment.

    I tell you what. Just send your imaginary friend like the “Q” from Star Trek– the Next Generation on a long galactic journey to Andromeda. That should keep him engaged for a few light years in sorting out the problems other life forms are experiencing.
    Maybe he would have a long drawn out haggle over a business deal between the Ferengi and the logical Vulcans with the violently combative Klingon Warrior Worf as his aide-de-camp.

  51. Miller……….when i heard him say it, i thought the same thing…for the few countries i have traveled in the last 6 months there definitely is a change in behavior, makes one wonder if it’s stress related due to financial uncertainties or something else, but if you check crime rates in the major cities and metropolis’, you see some off the wall happens that are definitely not the norm and i am accustomed to seeing some weird things, just check it out.

  52. @Miller,
    My Cawmere and other dredentials, credentials are authentic, and I dun wid dat. Rihanna is also genuine an I dun wid dat also. Some time ago I spoke about a “prophet being sithout honour, save in his own country” watch how so many of you have treated Rihanna from the begining. When she won her first Grammy so many of you were sceptical and called it a fluke, she now has five Grammys, and so many others.Rihanna is right to fight for what she feels is a rip-off, if she didn’t have spunk the people who “stole” her image and placed it on t shirst would have done it with impunity. She sued them and won. Just because she is from Barbados; secifically Westbury road, does not mean she is an idiot.And I dun wid dat too.

  53. Alvin…… are you darling………i heard Toronto turned real cool today, the weather is being really temperamental in the middle of august no less.

  54. @Look at 3:45 p.m. ” Barbados, is nasty…The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says “you can get typhoid through contaminated food and water there, regardless of where you’re eating or staying.”

    The CDC says about the following places:

    You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Afghanistan…

    ” You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Canada…rabies can be found in bats and other mammals in Canada:

    “You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in the United Kingdom…Rabies is present in bats in the United Kingdom

    “You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in Puerto Rico…. rabies can be found in dogs, bats, and other mammals in Puerto Rico:

    “You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in the U.S. Virgin Islands, regardless of where you are eating or staying…You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in the U.S. Virgin Islands.:

    You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Italy[Vatican City] …rabies can be found in bats and other mammals in Italy

    “You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Norway…Rabies is present in bats in Norway

    “You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Zimbabwe…You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in Zimbabwe

    The CDC doesn’t say this but you can get a fatal asthma attack from terrorist dust bunnies while you are hiding under your bed

  55. @Look
    Rihanna is now referred to by you as a “nutcase”?….Nuff said. I am sorry for people like you and Miller. I agree with you though…she should never have given money to the
    children’s ward. she should never have set up her
    fpoundation, she should never have given money to the Cancer institute on behalf of her grandmother. Barbados does not deserve her, that is why those who have done great things; and there are many Bajans who have achieved much in this world in all apheres, hesitate to credit their country. Edward Kamau Brathwaite is a great Barbadian Poet, I guess you will denigrate him also.. probably reer to him also as a nut-case. Sir Garfield…does he fall into that category also?and many others too.

  56. @ Alvin Cummins | August 12, 2013 at 9:37 PM |

    So who has a problem with Rihanna? Certainly not the miller!

    But we are surprised at your undying loyalty and admiration.
    Even in light of her mary jane habit and use of “foul” language like Cu**T you still stick by your Bajan gal. What a true son of the soil!

    PS: the miller like a true brother would encourage you to deal with that Chris Brown fella who seems to be losing it upstairs.
    Carry him to the obeah man Bush Tea and the Spiritualist GP to sort him all out with a good bush bath and spiritual baptism in the Anglican Church.

  57. LOOK | August 12, 2013 at 3:45 PM |
    I would have second thoughts about visiting St. Lucia. I also would have seond thoughts about visiting Barbados. St. Lucia at moment is not safe. Barbados though is not safer or safest. Barbados,

    look you are the kind of a-hole Barbados can do without. Good decision on your part to go Puerto Rico. If Barbados is not safe Puerto Rico is Columbia, Syria and Iraq rolled into one. Barbados is the safest island in the Caribbean by a long way. You quoting B.C Pires a born jackass. By the way what’s become of the pervert? The imbecilic dog shite he wrote should never have seen the light of day. Rumour has it he’s a long stay guest at Jenkins Courtyard off Black Rock Boulevard. It would make our day if you join him there. What a cretin you are.

  58. @ David, Bush Tea, Watching, Simple Simon & Miller

    Barbados is chioatic. It’s a mess down there. The S&P and Moody’s says so but here is ironclad proof: George Payne v Edmund Kinkinson, the Graeme Hall Nature Santuary mess, those Archcot Britton Hill Deaths (2007) also Illegal Wire Tapping/Darwin Dottin. The United Nations says there is lots of theft down there. That old woman Violet Beckles proved this as did Owen Arthur, David Thompson and Leroy Parris. The Barbados economy in 2012 had NO GROWTH, and the Central Bank predicts hardly any increased economic activity in the country this year. Clyde Mascoll and Dale Marshall, additionally says country is broke “all in the red”.

    Barbados relies on few things to survive, mainly tourism and that “tourism” is NOW breathing on life support. Detroit, Michigan (United States) even in its condition is breathing. Barbados is not doing that breathing. Detroit at moment is ill, extremely. It is being treated and will fully recover, Barbados, probably not. Detroit is home of the American Automakers (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler). Detroit is vital to the United States and likewise the American Auto Industry. Detroit on July 18th filed bankrupcy but the 299 million dollar cobo hall renovation project for the annual North American International Auto Show is still going forward, likewise the new 400.00 million arena for the Detroit Red Wings (Hockey). Why, tell me why are Barbados people looking at Detroit and not Barbados.

    It’s no secret that Barbados over the years have stepped down several steps. It is no longer a desired destination. The flying fish has even moved elsewhere. What can you do? Just grit your teeth and take it. No place is utopia but damn Barbados is far from it. It’s true, you know it., but this North American, BA, MA I guess has to tell you..


  59. Alvin…………it’s good Rihanna is donating to Barbados, it will keep Uncle Sam off her back, those are tax write offs, Uncle Sam is merciless…….i am happy to see her do that for both reasons.

    Rihanna cannot afford to be dropped from RocNation, when you get dropped from a label that powerful, you become a pariah in the US music industry. It is up to her.

  60. Look you do know two thirds of the Jamaican sprinters have tested positive for banned substances. That means they are CHEATS in bajan parlance ‘TEEVES.’ I’m a Usain Bolt fan but wouldn’t be surprised if he cheats too.
    Stop using dated articles from dubious sources on Rihanna to prove your non existent and asinine points.

  61. @ Passing by

    It is what it is proved via those sources. She is what she is chaotic, uneducated and mentally imbalanced – A NUT CASE.

  62. Look……………..everyone who has access to certain information knows Rihanna was issued a warning by RocNation, how she handles it would be up to her going forward.

  63. @Look et al like him the following refers to Kamau Brathwaite: I will come back to Rihanna again

    3rd Annual Critical Caribbean Symposium 2013: Celebrating the Life and Work of Kamau Brathwaite
    by ivetteromero


    The 2013 Critical Caribbean Symposium will be held at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau, Bahamas, on November 22-23, 2013. The symposium is dedicated to Barbadian thinker and writer Kamau Brathwaite—“A Splice of Space and Time”: Celebrating the Life and Work of Kamau Brathwaite. The deadline for submissions is October 4, 2013.

    Description: Since the early 1950s, Kamau Brathwaite has been one of the leading producers of Caribbean cultural and intellectual discourses. Not just an award winning poet, the richness of Brathwaite’s verse is paralleled only by the depth of his scholarly essays in literary criticism, cultural theory, and history. With groundbreaking works including Four Plays for Primary Schools (1964), Rights of Passage (1967), Black an Blues (1976), Roots (1993), The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica, 1770-1820(1971), History of the Voice: the Development of Nation Language in Anglophone Caribbean Poetry (1986)), Braithwaite’s place as a major contemporary poet, philosopher and original literary voice of the Caribbean has been well-established.

    The 3rd Annual Critical Caribbean Symposium will not simply honor the legacy of Edward Kamau Brathwaite, the man, but we will also grapple with the grand themes presented within the body of the Brathwaitian oeuvre, including issues of Afro-Caribbean identity, nation language, history, tidalectics, creoleness, and the Caribbean African heritage, among others.

    The organizers of the symposium encourage interdisciplinary papers that analyze Brathwaite’s contributions to Caribbean politics, art, culture, language, gender studies and histories.

    100-200 word paper abstracts or panel proposals, including 100-200-word panel description along with individual abstracts for up to 4 papers should be submitted to

    The organizers also invite proposals for alternatives to traditional panel sessions; they particularly encourage submissions of creative work (visual arts, short films, performance pieces, and creative writing) exploring the theme of the symposium.

    For more information, please contact the organizers at

  64. Alvin……….Kamau is truly a one of a kind, naturally gifted intellectual who has taught as US universities, last i heard he was at NYU, he should really be nominated as a laureate.

  65. @Look
    BQASED ON YOUR WRITINGS, YOU DON’T KNOW ZILCH ABOUT Barbados DESPITE WHAT YOU TRY TO PORTRAY AS KNOWLEDGE. yOU ALSO DON’T KNOW ZILVCH ABOUT rIHANNA; WHAT SHE HAS ATTAINED IN THE MUSIC industry the fashion industry, her popularity with leading fashion magazines such as Vogue, and other areas.Where ever she performs all over the world she draws huge crowds. I have spoken with many young people in Canada who purchased tickets and went to her concerts that she is extremely popular among them. Older people who do not understand that the world is constantly changing and setting and accepting different standards. What was good for us older folks is not acceptable to these young people, so while older folk are shocked by some language in today’s world it is acceptable.

  66. @ alvin cummins | August 13, 2013 at 12:39 PM |
    “What was good for us older folks is not acceptable to these young people, so while older folk are shocked by some language in today’s world it is acceptable.”

    Alvin, is that you talking? Is this the same dye-in-the-wool fogey that got on his septuagenarian high horse and downright condemn the use of marijuana in any form whatsoever?

    Don’t you Alvin, the moral pedant on drug taking, know that marijuana usage is rampant among the youth especially in Barbados and is their drug of choice even ahead of alcohol?
    You need to get with the programme and not cherry pick the moral menu for the youth.
    So the question to you Alvin is: Are you prepared to accept Rihanna in all her “habits”, marijuana using and all, for who she is and what she has achieved and continues to achieve thereby promoting the ‘image’ of Barbados abroad, in whichever light?

    Now please Alvin, if you are able to respond you should note I am in both the Rihanna and the mary jane corner.

  67. what image do rhianna have, all she does is smoke and expose herself, is that how she is promoting Barbados? she isnt even all that good looking anymore.

  68. maybe tourists is not coming to the island because of the high cost of living, and when you buy something you still have to pay VAT, not every tourist have money, they would rather go somewhere else that is more reasonable, they not going to come because of rhianna, barbados should save their money they spending on her. If she shout out barbados at the grammies, that dont mean plane full of tourists is going to come either , when rhianna is in the US or England, she is up against lots more celebrities, in barbados, its like she’s the only celebrity.


    @ Alvin

    Rihanna right now is walking on broken glass. RocNation may soon give her the boot as did Nivea and it would be deserving. Oh, and Alvin that Nanci (poster) knows what she is talking about. Rihanna abroad has competition but nobody in Barbados. Rihanna is apparently not happy that Drake released and dedicated a song to Beyonce saying that she’s desired by everyone. According to Rihanna on instagram, not all girls love Beyonce but tickets for her Auckland, New Zealand show sold out in 15 minutes. Rihanna I know is performing in Barbados, November 2013. Tickets yet sold out for that show? According to, tickets for that show were available since August 2, 2013. Celebrities come and go. Rihanna is not the best the music world has ever seen. Agree or disagree, Rihanna is no match for Adele, Celine Dione, Jennifer Hudson, not even Miriah Carey.

    You slapped me in the face with Kamau Braithwaite. That was deserving. Is there more, more Barbados fine china? Barbados first competed in the olympic in 1968 and has participated in each games since then, missing only the 1980 Summer Olympics. The country’s only olympic medal to date is a bronze won by sprinter Obadele Thompson in the men’s 100 metres at the 2000 Summer Olympics. It’s only a bronze but kudos for Obadele Thompson. Barbados is way down the line behind the United States and China but does have an olympic winner, one.

  70. [youtube=]

    @ Alvin

    Your girl Rihanna gets booed at a recent Chanel Fashion show.

  71. @LOOK August 13, 2013 at 11:05 AM…”Barbados is chioatic…but this North American, BA, MA I guess has to tell you.”

    BA, MA, and yet you can’t spell chaotic?


  72. @ Alvin

    Awaiting your response, tickets for Rihanna’s November concert in Barbados sold out yet? Beyond Kamau Braithwaite, Is there more Barbados good china? Just in case you want to get down in the dirt, 119 individuals in the United States were awarded the Nobel Prize including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1964) and Barack Obama (2009). The United States though has more really good china. Colin Powell is the 65th United States Secretary of State, the first African American to serve in that position, a retired four-star general in the United States army and speaks perfect Yiddish (Hebrew language). Condoleezza Rice, Ph.d, additionally is an accomplished pianist, also an American political scientist and diplomat, the first African American secretary of state.

  73. @ Look
    Here is another slap for you apart from the Nobel Laureate who is at Cave Hill:
    Inventor of the Week Archive

    Browse for a different Invention or Inventor


    Optical Information Processing Technology

    Dr. Cardinal Warde, a professor of electrical engineering at MIT, is considered one of the world’s leading experts on materials, devices and systems for optical information processing. Warde holds ten key patents on spatial light modulators, displays, and optical information processing systems. He is a co-inventor of the microchannel spatial light modulator, membrane-mirror light shutters based on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), an optical bistable device, and a family of charge-transfer plate spatial light modulators.

    Warde grew up on the small Caribbean island of Barbados. As a young boy he started making his own toys. In Barbados he attended St. Christopher’s Boys School, Boys’ Foundation School and Harrison College, and was a sprinter on the high-school track team. His parents demanded excellence of him in school, but gave him lots of freedom and support so he could engage his inquisitive mind outside the classroom. By age 16, he had converted his father’s unused carpenter’s shop into a chemistry and physics laboratory, and with his high school friends he was launching homemade rockets (with mice aboard) from the beach near his home. Fortunately, he says, none of his rockets escaped earth’s gravity and most of the mice got their freedom when the rockets crashed.

    After finishing high school in 1965, Warde boarded a plane for the United States. He received a bachelor’s degree in physics from the Stevens Institute of Technology in 1969, where he was also a member of the school’s varsity soccer team. His passion for physics continued into graduate school at Yale University where he earned M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in 1971 and 1974.

    While at Yale, Warde invented a new interferometer that would work near absolute zero temperature in order to measure the refractive index and thickness of solid oxygen films for his Ph.D. research. This experience stimulated his keen passion for optics and optical engineering. Immediately after earning the Ph.D. Warde wrote letters to several of the leading engineering and science universities inquiring about possible appointment to their faculties. MIT responded to his inquiry, and he joined its faculty of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1974 as an Assistant Professor.

    At MIT Warde’s interest shifted toward the engineering applications of optics. He became involved with other members of the faculty in the development of devices for enhancing the performance of optical atmospheric (wireless) communication systems to improve communication performance in inclement weather, and on the development of photorefractive materials for real-time holography and optical computing. To date, he has published over one hundred technical papers on optical materials, devices and systems.

    Today, Warde’s research activities are focused on the development of optical neural-network co-processors that are expected to endow the next generation of PC’s with rudimentary brain-like processing; transparent liquid-crystal microdisplays for display eyeglasses and novel cellular phones; membrane-mirror-based spatial light modulators for optical switching and projection displays; and spectro-polarimetric imaging sensors for remote-sensing applications.

    In addition to his research and teaching duties, Warde is also an entrepreneur: in 1982 he founded Optron Systems, Inc., an incubator company dedicated to developing novel electro-optic and MEMS displays, and light shutters and modulators for optical signal processing systems. Then in 1999 he co-founded Radiant Images, Inc., a company engaged in the manufacture of transparent liquid-crystal VLSI microdisplays for digital camera and camcorder viewfinders, portable telecommunications devices, and display eyeglasses.

    Dr. Warde has also dedicated himself to working with Caribbean governments and organizations to help stimulate economic development in the Caribbean area. As such he lectures frequently throughout the Caribbean at scientific and government meetings on the role of technology and education reform on economic development. He also serves, informally, as a scientific advisor to the Government of Barbados. In addition, for the last ten years Warde has mentored students in the Network Program of the New England Board of Higher Education. The goals of this program are to motivate and encourage minority youth in the six New England states to consider majoring in science and engineering and to pursue careers in these fields. He has been recognized with a number of awards and honors for his work, including the Renaissance Science and Engineering Award from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1996.

    [February 2001]
    @Miller I am supportive of Rihanna as an entertainer caught up in the life of the entertainment industry.

  74. @ Alvin

    Thank you for that slap in the face but I have slapped you more than you me, Right? We’re not even. Your girl Rihanna, still a nut case. Nuff said.

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