Crop Over Costumes Cost Too Much

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Barbados Superstar Rihanna ‘jumped’ in 2011

What you pay for, is what you get?
As promised I said I was going to write this one…a no brainer. Last price obtained for a band costume et al was $ 5oo flat…Horse shoed for real for that green. But has one ever wondered or done the calculations on this ask. What are you getting for your hard earned cash?

What you can see upfront of course….(no pun here) a lil pantsy and bra-D covered with beads and feathers from Samaroo’s here or in T&T..(either case forex outbound) cost of materials and time..give it $100 max. $120 if elaborate head gear. What else? Why there is security, $10, Admin $10,drinks $50,Food $20,Band party $ 25 and we being generous here.
How much that is let’s see…I make that $215- $235. Hmmm…nice bottom line of $285 per reveller. For a band of 2000 revellers , a nice profit of $570,000. Not bad for a budding entrepreneur planning to work three months a year.

But not being officious, people have been loving what they have been getting for years. Last reports the whole Sha Bangle is said to rake in $100 Million in economic activity….so who gives a care?

After all, the people do need to unwind and thereby releasing all pressures,so what if a few “blenzas” with it as well…… Long Live Crop Over!

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  1. Onions where are you from? $285.00 is cheap for a costume a plain bikini cost just as much and there is no food, drinks, nor security that comes with that purchase. I thought that you were going to talk about $500-800.00 bikini costumes. I know that you only going to check out wimmen so doan play yuh concerned bout de prices.

  2. Onions you ever went to an all day party with over nine hundred drunk or half drunk women with serious pooches wukkin’ pun every thing in site … Don’ knock it Padre … ha ha ha

  3. @ BAFBFP
    Onions is a JWB party animal……. have you ever seen me get down ? Make Bushie look like Grandad….LOL

    • Interesting listening to Fireworks yesterday, the comment was made that Foreday Morning Jam is now more popular than Kadooment if one were to judge from the number of bands/revellers. Think the comment was made by a animus Kevin Moore? He commented that the costumes were same old same old and lack appeal and excitement. In the early days of Crop Over the costumes use to depict cultural themes but like everything nowadays, it is about MADE IN CHINE and to hell with creativity.

  4. Yeah David
    Fore sure its a better jam.But you must be more careful being night and all. Some food may wanna tief your JWB even in a wine skin…they smell the sweetness and cut it off ya back.

    Man Bushie jump wha….like you want all the Bengie Balsam to disappear like Irene candles…

  5. @ Rhi Rhi
    Hey suga lady….we can’t wait for you to land….this costume is for you free and all…cuz we know you GOT the asset……

  6. A bit of nostalgia for ole the ole turks like Sarge Onions and Pat…..let the best times roll Soul Train style

  7. Give me a lil lattitude…the memories..

    and who could forget Superfly and Isacs Hayes John Shaft

  8. Onions yuh showing yuh age LOLL yuh in a good mood this morning nuh? Doan forget to spray de WD40 when yuh gine jump fuh de Crop Ova!

  9. @ IslanGal
    Anonijah: There Good wine left in Dis here ole bottle honey…doan test…dis ent Bushy…LOL

  10. Onions ain’t no Spring Buck…..but he got the spring… that will make you buck…..a real ole school demon here IslanGal…the real macoy….not like Ellis Chase….

  11. @ onions

    Thanks mate for all the memories. What memories……

    Leave Bushie alone. Those engineers are like the energizer bunny…..they keep going and going and going.

  12. No Ross let’s first start with the Judge’s wigs , cloaks, and all the paraphernalia of the good ole girl gone bad…… our equivalent to the house that Lord Denning built …(if we must)…a more contributing waste and mockery if there ever be one…..relegated to no more than a feeding accommodate of more recent…. a doctor gone secretary and a carthy firing shots at a galloping beast……Yeah Ross since you find time to come to this intentional subterfuge ……let’s first consider the cost to a ailing society of such….where wealthy criminals go unpunished by the grade they can depict….Cheezon Ross church clothes can’t stick a pin in it…..once we jaunt this darling for all she’s worth.

  13. Onions

    If you are going to submit songs there should be a theme but you all over the map, since this is Crop Over time the music should be Calypso etc. and if it is Bajan so much the better.

    Having said that I will go back on my word and submit something from T & T the point I’m getting over is that politicians “LIE” but that is something that you are well acquainted with.

  14. @ Sarge
    Man what theme what……Onions is a Caribbean man ….we music sweet sweet you dun kno know…….I was trying to find Bettie Gottie for you but did not…Hold dis fa now…..I hope you aint missing home too much….HOLD dis Bussup Shuts”

  15. @ Sarge
    May be I missed it……are you a Elton John fan …..a captain fantastic or a benny and the jets ? May be a Jimmi Hendricks or Led Zephlyn……Onions could hold summa all… but Iuv the brown dirt cowboy especially.

  16. @ Old Onions

    You are unusually inscrutable…the “house that Lord Denning built” – you’ve got me there. The only ‘house’ he built, so far as I know, was a fortress for the little man threatened by the unclean hands – since you like Shakespeare
    “What will these hands ner be clean” – of the State….which translated into a Bim context means the unclean hands of whichever political party is in power.

  17. @old onion bags,
    It is cropover.what’s up with you and de Amurcan soul music?

    At least hit we wid some Bajan bands nuh.


  18. @ Old Onions

    Seems you’ve become a name-dropper. OK. It’s not your usual style but, meanwhile, don’t spin too many webs lest you exhaust yourself – and we do need you for the light relief… Lord Wilberforce used to say in his darker moments.

  19. in the past day much attention has been brought to the horrific attack on the moviegoers who were gunned down while viewing the movie batman.a lack of security may be in part the culprit which played in part in this horrific event . it should make one think that at any event how easy ones life can be snuffed out if security is left “to chance”

  20. @ Ross
    Seems like your are nothing but a lazy SOB …..and the direction to which I have point does not hold interest……guess it only had but a selfish attention but for a while…….when time to attack poor old ladies in Sunday dresses …woe to you…

    Elton John….Benny and the Jets….Hants Let my music be the fool of love..

  21. Onions gone to help kill a pig….fresh souse today …..somebody hold D music fort for mah heaaaarrrr! ….all clean please

    • The Final 9  By Yvette Best | Sat, July 21, 2012 – 3:42 AM
      To those interest the final nine for pic of the crop:

      There will be a big showing of All Stars at the MQI/Banks/Lime Pic-O-De-Crop Finals in the big yard at Kensington Oval on Friday, August 3.
      Five of the eager seven from Cave Shepherd All Stars who performed at last night’s semi-finals at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex have moved on to the final round.
      The All Stars brigade is led by two-time monarch Adrian Clarke, who is joined by Smokey, De Announcer, Chrystal, and Ian Webster. The tent has an additional presence in Troy, who has been named as the reserve.
      Four women were picked, but only Chrystal remains to battle with the men in the finals.
      This year’s finalists by tent are: All Stars – Adrian Clarke, Chrystal, De Announcer, Ian Webster, Smokey; Big Show – Adonijah, Gabby and Red Plastic Bag; and Blood of Headliners.  Please read the full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN, or in the eNATION edition.

  22. @ Onions

    But “poor old ladies” were once “nubile young ladies” – once past the externals, they’re the same people. Haven’t you ever wondered about the concept of the “nice little old lady”? Not that that’s got anything to do with the dress code – except to say, I suppose, that for many people spending hard earned cents on church clothes is actually more important than the ignominy of having nothing…….and so rather links to your post.

    As for where you want to lead me, better stick to Islandgal with her $285 plus bikinis. Now that IS something to be led by. But then you would know better than me I think…..

  23. Onions

    Wuh you know ’bout killing pigs? Yuh eva see a butcher “stick” a pig? The good butchers would hit the heart, the bad butchers would end up hitting the shoulder with the knife so the blood would remain in the pig. Nowadays there is the new fangled “electrocuting” of the pig.,back in the day they used to use paddles don’t know what they use today..

    As someone who grew up listening to Reddifusion I would say my musical taste is eclectic (there is a big mout word) I heard everything from Hootennany Saturday Night to Top of the Pops you develop a wide taste and add the US R & B offerings from the “One Man Band” e.g. Bill Blacks Hi Fi.

  24. @ onions
    no need to panic but just a word of caution! in a world of the unsuspecting when things go haywire because of lack of vision and proper planning the first response is to place blame i just reflecting on the notion of what happen a few days ago in colorada and its probable similaries at a time when our country is revelling in street parties and the like , my thoughts are on safety thats all.

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