Rihanna, We do NOT Want Our Daughter to be Like YOU

Rihanna receiving her AMA Icon Award from her mother.

Rihanna receiving her AMA Icon Award from her mother.

We have had a couple of interesting news items in recent days which served to piqued the curiosity of members of the BU household. Sir Hilary Beckles is of the view Barbados must capitalize on the success of Rihanna and her one billion dollar enterprise. To support his view he referred to Jamaica having built an industry around Bob Marley and reggae.  BU is unsure how Beckles is able to make the comparison to Marley riding the crest of an indigenous genre of music anchored in the DNA of a nation. Rihanna maybe Barbadian – with Guyanese lineage -but her success has been manufactured on the back of a US-international genre of music. How Barbados can bottle and leverage for success the way Jamaica did for Marley remains highly sceptical but BU is optimistic.

Then we heard from Canon Frank Marshall on the need for Barbadians to embrace values which represented the core of what drove our success of yesteryear. Many will query though whether these values have to be embodied in a religious dogma to qualify.  There is a strong view held by some Barbadians that when the Church played a leading role in our society the nation appeared to be in a better place morally, socially and economically.

Most if not all Barbadians have felt the urge to congratulate Rihanna winning the first AMA Icon Award.  BU offers our congratulations BUT acknowledges she is a R&B performer who uses the imagery of sex bordering on smut, suggestive lyrics and dance to peddle her stuff. This is a compromising of the very same values which Canon Marshall has attributed to our success as a nation.  Bear in mind Rihanna is our Youth and Cultural Ambassador although we believe this is an avenue used by government to provide access to a ‘red’ passport.

Our view may not be widely supported but it is ours nevertheless. As a nation we cannot be critical of the lyrics and substandard music which originate in Jamaica and elsewhere and give Rihanna a pass solely on the basis that she is Barbadian. How hypocritical can one be? We cannot be a nation lamenting the slide in our moral standard but lift up onto the hills a Bajan artist who exploits said wholesome standards which Canon Marshall offers as the basis for our past successes. Don’t we see a conflict or are we so intoxicated by the fact local girl makes big that we are willing to toss standards through the nearest window.

For what it is worth Rihanna, congrats on getting a top award from your fans BUT when our daughter grows up we do NOT want her to be like you.

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  1. Yeah onions ! more often than not ac had here skull cracked on BU and even the pit bulls unleashed their attack. HOwever i stayed the course lick my wounds and inch forward always with an attitude of discerment and not to be swayed by anyone point of view.

  2. @ ac | December 2, 2013 at 11:34 AM |
    “ i stayed the course lick my wounds and inch forward always with an attitude of discerment and not to be swayed by anyone point of view.”

    The sincerity of that statement will be tested later this week when the MoF (if he doesn’t back out feigning sickness as he did with other ‘wolf-calling’ outbursts) is forced to announce massive retrenchments in the public sector starting with almost the entire complement of temporary and casual workers.

  3. @ LOOK | December 2, 2013 at 12:34 PM |

    How about your son? Would you like him to be like Tom Daley?

  4. Uh see miller. Rhianna and u can add PM stuart to that list.of those who live by that Motta that is why she is successful .never to be swayed but always keeping the eyes on the prize.

  5. @ Miller

    Neither, homosexuals and or bi-sexuals are accepted in my world. Won’t accept a homosexual or bisexual son or daughter, won’t do it, just won’t.

  6. “Neither, homosexuals and or bi-sexuals are accepted in my world. Won’t accept a homosexual or bisexual son or daughter, won’t do it, just won’t.”

    LOOK I don’t want any member of my family to be like you! You are one bigoted BRASS BOWL TOPSY! SICK SOB! You don’t even know if your son or daughter is any of the above because they may be hiding it well from a bigot like you. You don’t even know if your dentist or doctor or lawyer is one of the above. You are protesting too much perhaps you are trying to forget a youthful experience you had with one of the above people you won’t accept now.

  7. @ islandgal246

    Don’t want any of my family members to be like you, a nasty sleezy freak – getting tied up and whipped.

  8. @ ac | December 2, 2013 at 2:02 PM |

    Add Fumble to what list? List of incompetent fools? Rihanna is not a lying hypocrite who goes back on her word, overrules decisions previously agreed with colleagues and makes the MoF look like a blasted idiot to the point of being stressed out and on the verge of resigning before he commits political hara-kiri.

    For example, Rihanna made a commitment to donate a few millions to the QEH and she honoured her pledge. Can we say the same about the hypocrite you want to add to the list? We shall see what he has to say (if anything) about the sending home of the 3,000 workers whom he assured in September would be safe since he met with all Heads of Ministries and Departments and they were able to find the necessary costs savings to prevent people from going home.

    Damn(ed) Liar to the “fumblest” on your list!

  9. LOOK you sound like a straight laced missionary styled sexually frustrated woman. Go buy a dildo and try it out!

  10. Would not want my daughter to be like Rihanna, Princess Kate of Cambridge, yes, Celine Dion,yes, Alicia Keys, yes – Rihanna, NO, HELL NO.

    Ohhh the same Alicia Keys that brek up a marriage? Man BU full of some interesting characters ent.

  11. So wait!
    Wunna want to tell people what THEY would like THEIR daughters to be like – or NOT to be like….?
    What the hell!!!
    Wuh if David would not like his daughter to be like Rihanna
    ….or LOOK don’t want hers wielding a 2X4…like UknowWHO 🙂
    …or if Bushie would not like his wearing locks or tattoos….
    Wuh who de hell is any of wunna to complain…?…or to tell them what THEY should like…?

    ….and what has that to do with how the damn daughters turn out ANYHOW….!

    Wunna really let David trick wunna with this post?

    @ David
    Man Skippa YOU is a BOSS! ….even new comers rushing on to BU to cuss you…..and fuh what? 🙂
    You could sell sea water to Bajans….at ACCRA..
    Bushie wonder what your Day job is/was…? LOL

  12. @ Bushie
    old onion bags | December 2, 2013 at 9:01 AM |

    But Bushie

    Man you is he Wingman…..how comes you now decide to cut -it to save Blogmaster? Good ting doah cuz you would have gotten the same washoff…LOL…

    Man you is a real ole man doggie WITH Viagra fa trute…….Too late man ..too late……David now you know your friends and fiends.

    • @Bushie

      With time the BU household will share some more of our iconoclastic views around parental responsibility and delinquency with the wide world web fraternity. Did not realize there was such a healthy interest :-). What some forget is that these are soft positions, there is no rulebook!

  13. @ David

    You think if my Wingman did desert me in combat like this..like this obelisk….I would even bother calling out ee name today?…..D man ent even come and holla UMM…..yesterday, mind ya he did pun annuda thread while you did tekking all that stick..imagine….stuppeess !

  14. @David
    No Rule book but many ready to sentence you to life in prison! LOL

    Jokers can not figure out the crucial point! LOL

  15. I was taught that through the inviolable laws of nature as does God, that we’re at liberty to exercise our right to: self – determination, self – actualization, self – perfection, and self – realization. Now, perhaps you’re wondering to whom I am directing my comment? Well, it is in support of Rihanna’s unilateral right to decide upon what course of action her life ought to take.

  16. LOL @ Onions
    You feel shame enough nuh?!?
    Much ado about nothing….
    Blogmaster just stated his family position and you jumping up and down like a wukup…salivating…
    Mean you ain’t know BU David yet?….think he born this century….?

    The reason Bushie ain’t pick he teeth yesterday was to give you some slack like a dolphin…..before reeling yuh in…. LOL

  17. does anybody understands the implications and negative social impact to the economy that sending three thousands or more workers home don;t believe the BLP propaganda hype makes for good doom and gloom lunacy , but in reality the poverty basket would break with an overwhelmingly amount of people forced to live in the street and maybe go on the bread line, it is appalling that before Xmas the provocateurs of DOOM and Gloom would add additional uncalled stress to thousands of house holdsReally The BLP yardfowls are the modern day Grinch

  18. Yea right ac…
    This all came about because the BLP folks talked openly about it…
    ….and this ain’t even nothing yet..
    When the REAL shit hits the BIG fan – yuh can blame GP and Zoe fuh talking openly about THAT too…..

    …and when you finally get to realize how dense you really are…you can blame the WHOLE BU family for having the unmitigated gall to have been saying so all along…. LOL Ha Ha

  19. Rihanna it seems was born to be a star.The secondary school she attended, famous for its music since the 50’s, didn’t seem to awaken any passion in her,
    but seeing some pix of her in the UK Sun newspaper,as a girl of 14,there was a daring cockiness about her dress and pose that looked augurish.
    Her positives are well defined by ‘ Keeping them honest Dec 01 7.18pm’.
    She has taken well to the world stage and has tremendous talent for someone who was not exposed to theatre etc prior to her ‘spotting’.
    I don’t know about this nonsense role model foolishness one hears repeatedly.I recall Allison’roll ya bumpa’Hinds becoming irritated in the mid 80’s when this same role model crap was thrown at her.’I en nuh role model fuh nobody chile’ she wailed.And what now of Allison.A matured family madam who can still shake a leg and turn a head and roll a bumpa and bump dem big jugs in ya tail.
    Rihanna is a fortunate bajan lassie who continues to have the biggest following on facebook and that means profit to a market driven economy.She is big bucks and is not unlike crotch grabbing Michael Jackson for grabbing headlines the world over.Where’er she walks,the papparazzi is on her heels.The woman handles it well.She is a born star.

  20. I couldn’t add more Gabriel….Well said..R is blessed for a reason…..nay sayer are just that……Time Barbados open its eyes and make hay while the sun shines and stop all like this crap.We just sitting on a gold mine…..for lack of knowing of what to do. Wake up Barbados !

  21. If Rihanna (or someone close to her) reads this blog then I would just like to send a very heartfelt ” thank you” for that cobalt radiation machine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital which was donated by Rihanna. Right now that machine is a big part of my life and the lives of many others.

  22. I cannot see how Canon Frank Marshall can honestly justify the physical brutalization of any innocent child back in the days of my schooling?( 1970’s- 1980’s) And who may have had an undetected learning disability due to the ignorance of establishment academic order at the time, as the core values we ought to embrace.

  23. Yeah bushie i will sit back and watch this doom day senario take place. ;BTW in case it should happen be prepared to a have a shotgun lying next beside yuh. if yu think economic gloom is/ bad don.t wish or waait for socio economic disaster cause it in pretty……a hungry man is an angry man…………………signed…………Dense

  24. Ping Pong, I am not close to Rihanna, but I know for fact that she is definitely related to me some way down the line. We carry the same surname Fenty; her father is related to my madda who carries the name Fenty as well.

    • Barbadians like many have this misinformed view that because an individual who comes from amongst them rises to the top by gaining popularity and money, it places them in some superior place.

      It is interesting that Rihanna’s ‘handler’ Jayz has refused to yank his clothing line from Barney’s despite being asked to show support to his race. This and similar qualities are what the BU household hope to inculcate in our daughter.

  25. And the name “Fenty” is a very unique name in the island of Barbados. I hadn’t met anyone in Primary School or Secondary School who carried the name “Fenty”.

  26. @David
    In reply to your last response to me.
    I keep hearing this idea and alleged “truism” that it is the right of parents to raise their child as they see fit. I want you to start a new discussion thread so we can fully ventilate this.
    My position is that this is wrong.
    I don’t know if it is stated anywhere in the constitution so maybe someone more expert in constitutional law could add their two cents. But even if it can be found there (or in some other like the U.S. or U.K.) I would still very much argue that it is still very much wrong and misguided. Doing far more damage than good and there is clearly a better way to approach this issue.

  27. Mark Fenty | December 2, 2013 at 7:57 PM |
    And the name “Fenty” is a very unique name in the island of Barbados. I hadn’t met anyone in Primary School or Secondary School who carried the name “Fenty”.
    I remembered one badass policeman by the name of Fenty. (Murphy was another one)

  28. Is this the girl that some do not want their daughters to be like??? Well as I stated above and state again – I see nothing wrong with wanting my daughter to be like Rihanna, for all the great reasons in the world but two that I particularly am extremely fond of is her…forgiveness of family, commitment to family. See this report for the real RiRi:


    Go girl! You are the tops!

  29. I keep hearing this idea and alleged “truism” that it is the right of parents to raise their child as they see fit.
    The only right that parents have when it comes to their children is the ‘right’ NOT to have them in the first place. After that point – parents have no real rights….only RESPONSIBILITIES. The main one being to raise such children to the BEST OF THEIR ABILITY.

    Having done that, they then have little control over the final product.
    LOL Bushie would be TOTALLY unsurprised if David’s daughter turns out to be even bigger than Ri Ri 🙂 …or LOOK’s to be gay….. BUT. NO WAY BUSHIE’S child getting locks or a tattoo….. Ha Ha. At all!!

  30. @David
    It is interesting that Rihanna’s ‘handler’ Jayz has refused to yank his clothing line from Barney’s despite being asked to show support to his race. This and similar qualities are what the BU household hope to inculcate in our daughter
    Something seems to be missing here, Is Jayz admirable? Want to run that by me again?

  31. David wrote ” Jayz has refused to yank his clothing line from Barney’s despite being asked to show support to his race”

    Surely you don’t condone Jayz’s position David.

    • @Hants

      Just making the point how easily money consideration wins the argument for some over what is right for many based on a value system, a value system which is different for each individual but we know this already.

  32. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT7I3vFZfmk&w=560&h=315]

    Barbados we know are proud of that THUG WOMAN, Rihanna. The United States likewise if proud of the ELEGANT and very talented Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift only 23 years of age is NOT linked to DRUGS/ALCOHOL. She additionally is a high school graduate (July 30, 2008), graduated from Aaron Academy, a christen school that offers home schooling.

  33. @ Alvin

    You missed the drugs and alcohol part. Ohhhhhh did you forget that she’s a high school drop out and bisexual “guaranteed to turn a square into a bi bitch”. She herself said that, Rihanna

  34. I am glad we finally have a Bajan sista that we can boast about, irrespective of her shortcomings. And to HELL with those Bajan folk who think that their can do no wrong. Who cares about ya’ll prescribed standards of moral correctness? The Hebrew Scriptures as us to, ” Mark the perfect man.”

  35. @ By Look On
    Did you hit your head at anything Sir? Listen man! The late Steve Jobs as well as Bill Gates are college drop out, but yet they numbered amongt the world’s richest men. And guess what? Money makes the world go around … according to the common dictum.

  36. Professor Hilary Beckles stated that Rhianna makes 600mil a MONTH .from whom or where did he quote that figure? And she is only worth 90mill? someone please offer an explanation.

  37. @LOOK December 3, 2013 at 5:44 PM “I’m…not bisexual.

    Yes that is because neither of the 2 sexes want to have anything to do with you.


    Asexual a**h0!&

  38. @Look
    Rihanna is not a high school drop out. She was still at school when she was “spotted. ” Her mother gave her permission to attend the interview, and consulted with the gentleman who “spotted ” her. Her mother also gave permission to leave and go to the U.S. and stay with the gentleman’s family while they worked on her to prepare her for the world of entertainment. Her private sex life is her own business, and hersexual orientation has nothing to do with you. I could ask you what is the sexual orientation of a lot of people, famous and otherwise.Whatever, she still do good for herself, her family, and her country. none of you can’t hold a candle to her. And none of you can’t do anywhere close to what she does, and if you think it don’t take brains, courage and stamina to perform at that level, consistently, day after day, month after month, year after year, and maintain the same high standard, when you are in competition with other entertainers world wide, and being at the top consistently you got to wheel and come again.
    Rihanna girl keep it up.

  39. Thanks Simple Simon, but I would have known he was male if he had been a person of any significance. The truth of the matter is, I’ve never heard of the guy and what has he done to command any respect in Barbados, or any part of the world for the matter? Why is his opinion worth listening to? Don’t tell me because he is a Professor?

  40. @ Mark Fenty

    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were college drop-outs but your girl Rihanna was a high school drop out. LOL

  41. Quit it: celebrate Rihanna as a Jamaican I am proud of Bob Marley and reggae but may be it stifles some talent not every West Indian is going to or has to be a reggae or Soca act and if a some one can make it as a r&b singer more power it probably has a wider market and is more profitable.

    Oh my god can you imagine some one exploiting sex to sell music, the hussy should be burned at the stake. Remember this sex drugs and rock and roll (feel free to substitute your genre)

  42. @ Look
    So what if Rihanna is a high school dropped out? That still does not change the kind of influence she commands in Barbados as well as around the world in any meaningful way. Now, I am quite sure that Professor Hilary Beckles is a well educated man but who really gives a flying kick. Education is a medium, through which one communicates others ideas. And I would argue quite convincingly, that Rihanna has and continues to do a good job at is -despite what little education she has.

  43. @ Look
    I only hope that the standard you’re utilizing to malign this young lady ( Rihanna) with. You apply it to your inner- circle as well as you yourself.

  44. Now I begin to see why many companies in Barbados, especially those international ones prefer to bring in non-nationals to run their business.
    As Bajans will not know a thing about an incoming executive,they are unable to cuss him /her and let the world know that his /her mother used to sell in Busby Alley and the father used to drive a donkey cart, and one of the sisters etc etc. We enjoy pulling our own down.
    We at times are our worst enemy.

  45. http://www.entertopten.com/top-10-richest-female-singers-of-2013-2014/



    @ Mark Fenty

    Who/which female singers are influential around the world has earned and demand respect?

    Madonna/United States

    Tina Turner/United States

    Janet Jackson/United States

    Beyonce/United States

    Cheryl Lloyd/United States

    Ayumi Hamasaki/Japan

    Britney Spears/United States

    Celine Deon/Canada

    Barbara Streisand/United States

    Miriah Carey/United States


    Lady Gaga/United States

    Taylor Swift/United States

    Christina Aguilara/United States

    Adele/United Kingdom

  46. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SFka6I2fQ8&w=420&h=315]

    You don’t have to be educated to be recognized and respected. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Princess Diana of Wales (1961 – 1997) proved this. You don’t have to be an entertainer or a great sports figure either. Proof of this is Caroline Kennedy, United States ambassador to Japan and daughter of the late ex-president of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy but respect and recognition is earned. All of these have needles to say have earned both respect and recognition: Nelson Mandela, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Princess Kate of Cambridge, Celine Dion, etc. Rihanna is recognized all over the world but NOT RESPECTED. Her demeanor is distasteful and her mother the same.

  47. @ Hal Austin

    Rihanna, her mother and Rob Ford (Toronto Ontario, Canada) as far as I’m concerned could all eat at the same table. LOL

  48. @Onion s
    I regret NOT getting back to you sooner BUT I was making serious $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ this week and my relatively new computer had to be relieved of all the shoite you does write pun this blog!!! LOL.

    Anyway I woulda wish you a White Christmas but appreciate that would be seen as racial!

  49. @LOOK
    For your information: Da fuh lick youh!!
    Rihanna on the Cover Glamour UK January Issue
    by ivetteromero
    Caribbean Entertainment Magazine focuses on Rihanna’s front cover photo and participation in the January issue of Glamour UK.

    In the latest issue of GLAMOUR UK, Rihanna reveals that she is looking forward to being a mom one day, and how she had to go away for a while to regain her fearlessness. “One day I will have kids. I look forward to the day when I’m gonna be a mum,” she told UK Glamour. “But I’m nowhere close. I don’t even have a potential baby daddy!” On overcoming fear with the help of her mom Monica Braithwaite
    “I had to regain my fearlessness because it did go away for a bit. My mother said something to me a few years ago: ‘I’ve seen something in your eyes I’ve never seen before: fear.’ She was like, ‘No, this is not you’. I just got back to being OK with myself,” she said. “I can’t run from (the haters). You can’t change who you are. It’s important for me to know who I am and work with that. They’re gonna keep knocking away until all this comes crashing down. But I’m not ever gonna crash. I’m in control,” she added.

    The singer admitted her experiences of bullying when she was at school helped her to deal with the constant scrutiny. “I got teased my entire school life. What they were picking on I don’t understand,” she said. “But I’m not victimised – I’m grateful. I think those experiences were strategically put together by God for the preparation of being in the music industry. It’s so easy for me to deal with the bull**** now.” The Bajan beauty who graces the January cover of the magazine- also added the she goes home to Barbados to stay “real”.

    Read the full interview in the January issue of Glamour.

    For original article, see http://www.caribbeanemagazine.com/2013/12/rihanna-on-cover-glamour-uk-january.html

  50. @look
    How low can you get? No! Don’t tell me I guess real…….low.I would love to see you and Rob Ford one on one in a discussion based on your assinine comments comparing Rhiana and her mother to being like he Rob.Ford.The Mayor is not without sin neither are you.You might need a lawyer and Mia might be the right one for you!Go piss off and while ya at it fire a je–@self too!Bajans will never give Rhiana all that is due to her but she is being true to herself.The mind boggles.

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