Would Rihanna Devalue the Fenty Brand?

black belly sheep
Submitted by Heather Cole

Back to the Budget of a few weeks ago. Many may have missed it, many would have wondered why they were included in a Budget Speech and many are still wondering what is the real story behind black belly sheep making up a budget speech delivery when truth be told they had nothing to do with government revenue or expenditure.

Fenty is Rihanna’s brand and black belly sheep is one of the components of the Barbados brand. Rihanna would never consider devaluing the Fenty brand so everyone should be quite concerned and question why the Government of Barbados wants to devalue the black belly sheep brand.

In a part of her speech, the Prime Minister mentioned quite a few things in relation to black belly sheep that leads to the devaluation of the brand.

  1. She stated that the sheep were to be raised in Guyana and then shipped to Barbados for slaughter. This may not be a good idea as there is no evidence provided that black belly sheep can thrive under the conditions that exist in Guyana.
  2. She mentioned that the black belly sheep will be cross bred with another type of sheep in Guyana. This means that there is some knowledge that the black belly sheep cannot thrive in Guyana. If they could indeed thrive, there would be no need to cross breed to create a hybrid.
  3. One can only presume that this cross breed would be more suited to the environment in Guyana. A cross between a horse and a donkey creates a mule. What will the cross bred be? The soil and vegetation are not the same so therefore, the meat and fat content will not be the same and the quality of the hide will not be the same.
  4. She also mentioned the sale of two types of meat. One of the pure black belly sheep and the other of the cross breed. The pure black belly will be for export and the diluted cross breed for local consumption. Will they be packaged accordingly? How will a consumer know that they are consuming the diluted version and not the authentic brand? Will the taste and texture of the meat be the same?
  5. Have 400 years of slavery damaged us so psychologically that it is still acceptable to be offered food that is less than the best or can we still be forced to eat what the ruling class would never eat?
  6. She mentioned that there would be a price differential. How will Barbadians feel knowing that they may not be able to afford an authentic brand that was created right in their own backyard centuries ago? How will they feel knowing that they are forced to settle for a substitute? Is the meat of the authentic black belly sheep which will be exported for a premium price be too good for Barbadians to consume?
  7. It was not stated that government of itself would be farming the black belly sheep so why was it so quick to come up with the price differentials between the meat of the authentic brand and the diluted product, given that the production cost will be the same?

Two burning questions that remain, are which of the local farmers can afford to start a sheep farm in Guyana and if this venture is only for the select few. One will only know both literally and figuratively if the project gets off the ground and the meat comes to market.

A brand is a unique identity. The government of Barbados should get some help from Rihanna on how to market this authentic brand. Rihanna would never collaborate with anyone to dilute her brand and sell her merchandise at a cheaper price. If that were the case, she would not be a billionaire today. So why is the Government of Barbados destroying the identity of the black belly sheep to promote a cross bred hybrid? Who will be enriched through this venture?

I am all for the creation of an enhanced product but not for a dilution and devaluation of the black belly sheep brand of Barbados. Governments action to alter the breed of the sheep does not offer increased value since it has stated that the cross breed will be sold at a cheaper price.

Livestock rearing is not new to Barbados. Some of the land that will no longer be used to produce sugar cane can be used to rear sheep. Incentives can be offered to small farmers and all of Barbados to raise and produce this product for local consumption and for export while maintaining the authenticity of the brand. Government can also ensure that the real black belly sheep meat is available to all Barbadians by fixing its price per pound on the domestic market.


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    “This blog is a waste of time (wot) in sheep clothing.”

    Afrikan hair sheep in European wool sheep clothing if you please….🤣🤣🤣🤣


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    Theo…they thought they were making this BIG announcement….dazzling everybody with their lack of knowledge until they got DEFLATED…lol…they turned themselves into the usual laughingstock and STILL they won’t stop….


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    The original sheep that was stolen from the continent, just like the people, is STILL IN Afrika…think about that…


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights ReservedApril 15, 2022 5:20 PM

    The original sheep that was stolen from the continent, just like the people, is STILL IN Afrika…think about that…


    Was it a male or a female or ambidextrous?


  • This billionaire has become a circus clown for white America
    Happy to see her returning to her homeland for much needed peace and quiet time


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    “Was it a male or a female or ambidextrous?”

    you should be able to tell me, you and the “expert” BU crew eat more of the Afrikan part of it than i do….lol


  • I just read that our tourists are now supposed to wear the mask permanently even outdoors. Otherwise they will pay up to 25000 USD fine. This will further damage our tourism and put us behind the other pepper islands.

    And who is to blame for this? Not our honourable government, but our Aborigines. Those WOKE and BLM activists who claim that all people are equal are nothing more than lying racists. Of course people are culturally different. Our vaccination rate on the island is far too low because our indigenous masses fear vaccination more than their white masters in their insane superstition. I’m sure “Sir Professor” Reckless is now launching into another racist firebrand speech blaming our minorities for the low vaccination rate. Just as he attributes the overweight of the indigenous masses to historical events 300 years ago.


  • I came across this exchange on social media.🤣🤣

    Heather Cole – “Shanna Wentzel You are incorrect niche does not mean getting a smaller share of the market. It means that the product is more specialized. Heritage tourism for Barbados could be huge if it were focused on the Barbadian Earlier Diaspora that settled in the America South e.g marketed to the populations of North Carolina and South Carolina and the other Caribbean islands, both planter class, and the enslaved. Then there is the middle period of persons who went to England after the war and never returned. There is also the more recent period of persons who migrated to the US and Canada who would also be possibly interested in searching for their roots in Barbados.”

    Shanna Wentzel – “Heather Cole So what do you think a more specialized product is? It’s niche. 🤣🤣🤣 and something specialized is very specific and does not appeal to the entire market. I don’t need you to tell me about heritage tourism I didn’t even address that topic.”


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