Would Rihanna Devalue the Fenty Brand?

Submitted by Heather Cole

Back to the Budget of a few weeks ago. Many may have missed it, many would have wondered why they were included in a Budget Speech and many are still wondering what is the real story behind black belly sheep making up a budget speech delivery when truth be told they had nothing to do with government revenue or expenditure.

Fenty is Rihanna’s brand and black belly sheep is one of the components of the Barbados brand. Rihanna would never consider devaluing the Fenty brand so everyone should be quite concerned and question why the Government of Barbados wants to devalue the black belly sheep brand.

In a part of her speech, the Prime Minister mentioned quite a few things in relation to black belly sheep that leads to the devaluation of the brand.

  1. She stated that the sheep were to be raised in Guyana and then shipped to Barbados for slaughter. This may not be a good idea as there is no evidence provided that black belly sheep can thrive under the conditions that exist in Guyana.
  2. She mentioned that the black belly sheep will be cross bred with another type of sheep in Guyana. This means that there is some knowledge that the black belly sheep cannot thrive in Guyana. If they could indeed thrive, there would be no need to cross breed to create a hybrid.
  3. One can only presume that this cross breed would be more suited to the environment in Guyana. A cross between a horse and a donkey creates a mule. What will the cross bred be? The soil and vegetation are not the same so therefore, the meat and fat content will not be the same and the quality of the hide will not be the same.
  4. She also mentioned the sale of two types of meat. One of the pure black belly sheep and the other of the cross breed. The pure black belly will be for export and the diluted cross breed for local consumption. Will they be packaged accordingly? How will a consumer know that they are consuming the diluted version and not the authentic brand? Will the taste and texture of the meat be the same?
  5. Have 400 years of slavery damaged us so psychologically that it is still acceptable to be offered food that is less than the best or can we still be forced to eat what the ruling class would never eat?
  6. She mentioned that there would be a price differential. How will Barbadians feel knowing that they may not be able to afford an authentic brand that was created right in their own backyard centuries ago? How will they feel knowing that they are forced to settle for a substitute? Is the meat of the authentic black belly sheep which will be exported for a premium price be too good for Barbadians to consume?
  7. It was not stated that government of itself would be farming the black belly sheep so why was it so quick to come up with the price differentials between the meat of the authentic brand and the diluted product, given that the production cost will be the same?

Two burning questions that remain, are which of the local farmers can afford to start a sheep farm in Guyana and if this venture is only for the select few. One will only know both literally and figuratively if the project gets off the ground and the meat comes to market.

A brand is a unique identity. The government of Barbados should get some help from Rihanna on how to market this authentic brand. Rihanna would never collaborate with anyone to dilute her brand and sell her merchandise at a cheaper price. If that were the case, she would not be a billionaire today. So why is the Government of Barbados destroying the identity of the black belly sheep to promote a cross bred hybrid? Who will be enriched through this venture?

I am all for the creation of an enhanced product but not for a dilution and devaluation of the black belly sheep brand of Barbados. Governments action to alter the breed of the sheep does not offer increased value since it has stated that the cross breed will be sold at a cheaper price.

Livestock rearing is not new to Barbados. Some of the land that will no longer be used to produce sugar cane can be used to rear sheep. Incentives can be offered to small farmers and all of Barbados to raise and produce this product for local consumption and for export while maintaining the authenticity of the brand. Government can also ensure that the real black belly sheep meat is available to all Barbadians by fixing its price per pound on the domestic market.

311 thoughts on “Would Rihanna Devalue the Fenty Brand?

  1. “Our country to all intents and purposes is broke. Lies and propaganda about the tourism industry coming back to full strength will not cut it.”

    and they are trying to cover up something in the real estate sector while dazzling us with the Afrikan English Black Belly sheep, that has since blew up on them…

    …i saw an article but was busy at the time so did not read it, someone said and i quote ” it was something to do with the real estate agents on the island and laundering.” but the article was swiftly removed from the site, can’t remember if it was nationnews or barbadostoday…

  2. I forgot to mention last night that another reason Guyana may wanta cross breed with the bbs is because of it prolific breeding. Which beef farmer would love to cross breed his heard with a species that could have 2+ calf about twice per year ?

  3. @John April 12, 2022 1:53 AM “Sometimes the spouse can’t meet the requirements though.”

    “Requirements” what. Stupssseee!!!!

    What is required to ensure a genetically population except the ability to have sex? As both you and I know doing sex int that difficult. We have all done it thousands of times, and those of us who are genetically robust, not a thing wrong with us up into our 70’s have done it tens of thousands of times.

    And then the parents work to raise their progeny. Even when great economic difficulties were imposed on our ancestors, yours and mine we rose to the occasion and raised healthy robust children.

    O Lord! I can’t believe silly people believe that begetting and raising healthy human beings is some kind of elite pedigreed occupation. That being a spouse is so difficult that billions of human beings haven’t ALWAYS done it successfully, and are even now doing it successfully.

    Marrying and raising children a’int that hard. Get up every morning and do the right thing. Go to bed every night and do the right thing too,

    Such idiots. Seeing the evidence that Bajans are capable of raising human beings and spouting nonsense about our inability to raise sheep.


    Some ‘o wunnah need to come down to earth.

  4. @HeatherApril 11, 2022 9:19 PM

    I am just pointing out that Barbados has been in economic reverse for about 15 years now. Our politicians once wanted to make our indigenous masses better people with education, now all of a sudden the return to a plantation economy is supposed to be the cure-all.

  5. Sometimes peeps make bad choices and in families who want the best for their offspring the right thing is to guide them well and watch the the company they keep ….

    … otherwise, wrong things can happen, like this.

  6. William…i specifically asked Sunday, who created the Black Belly Sheep/production and industry, what’s the sheep’s origins, not a fella answered, one jumped out to tell me how long the Black Belly was around, how it cooks, how it tastes, i asked again, not a fella answered, had to let them know when i don’t know something i ask, instead of pretending this vast knowledge

    …Sargeant posted something about the sheep’s history which had not many details…

    didn’t bother to mention to them that if i don’t get answers the next best thing is RESEARCH..

    ..these are the same ones if you post something to the blog they rush off to fact-check it to show up another blogger….but can’t research a sheep…did not bother to mention over the years that Snopes has been known for over 5 years as a fake fact-checker doing the bidding of others to hide valuable information from people…

    anyway…the rest is history…..only regret is not having another 60 years available to me to make endless jokes about the Afrikan English Black Belly sheep from Barbados that no one knew its origins………lol…

  7. @John “Definition of pedigree 1: a register recording a line of ancestors.”

    Writing something in a register doesn’t make it real

    Not writing something is a register cannot deny its reality.

    Suppose my mother’s name is written down in a register as my mother.

    Suppose that you were a foundling, and neither your mother or father’s name was written down in a register anywhere.

    The biological reality/the pedigree/the FACT of our parentage is still absolutely the same.

    And remember writing is only a few thousand years old.

    The biological reality/the pedigree of our common human ancestry, is the real reality. And talking nonsense about pedigree does not/cannot change that reality.

  8. Realities
    I know a fella who denied paternity [denied that the child was of his pedigree] because he was a teacher and she was a maid, and he did not want anybody to know that he fooped a maid, even though the kid looked exactly like him. They both got brain cancer at about age 50. The kid in Barbados survived because of much better treatment 22 years later. He in the great white north did not.

    So what is it foolish people were saying again about pedigree?

    Biology is de real-real t’ing.

    Most other things are fragile human constructs.

    Marriage too.

  9. @Tron April 12, 2022 8:37 AM now all of a sudden the return to a plantation economy is supposed to be the cure-all.”

    Nobody except you, ya poppit, is suggesting that agriculture, or any other eonomic activity is any cureall.

    Now run along and play in the sun before the lack of sunshine kills ya.

  10. @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved April 12, 2022 6:37 AM “The upside to this saga is …yall become experts in cooking and eating cross – bred….Afrikan/English sheep meat..”

    CORRECTION: The upside to this saga is that we become experts in breeding, rearing, cooking and eating hybrid African/European sheep meat.”

  11. Lots of upsides, am glad for you, now ya know what ya been eating for centuries…..would like to see part ownership in the production/breeding/distributing DEMANDED…that would be a plus and a fitting end to that damn scam that started centuries ago…

  12. @John2, why mix BBS with a sheep that produces low quality mutton? That makes zero sense. We should be aiming to increase value of the Brand and not dilution and devaluation.

  13. @John April 12, 2022 8:40 AM “…in families who want the best for their offspring the right thing is to guide them well and watch the the company they keep.”

    I put it to you that ALL families want the best for their children, want to guide them well etc. But some people contract out the hard child rearing work to grannies, aunties, baby sitters, “orphanages”, children’s homes, nannies, governesses and boarding schools.

    This cannot be refuted.

  14. @ John 2 the aim should be to increase the value of the BBS through other methods apart from breeding too. So far the discussion seems to have boxed into breeding being the only method to increase value to the BBS stock. For example value can also be increased by diet.

  15. Let me rephrase because we know that minority CROOKS will automatically start acting like it belongs only to them…

    would like to see part ownership for the AFRIKAN descended, in the production/breeding/distributing DEMANDED…

    Europe owns the other half through ancestry.

  16. Heather did u read the link I posted about Guyana sheep/cross breeding ?

    Did u miss the part where u said another reason is bacause of the prolific breed characteristics of the bbs

  17. Heather

    The value of the pure bred black belly sheep will be done locally

    The cross breeding which is going on in Guyana and other countries will be to increase food production and get mutton available to all – even if u do not want to accept it. Why then would Guyana want increase and improve production ?

  18. @John2 this arrangement benefits Guyana. It upgrades their breed of sheep. It upgrades their mutton and hopefully gives them the capability to increase their volume of lambs that they can raise.

  19. Duh

    Guyana was upgrading without Barbados and they can continue to upgrade through input from the bbs without this arrangement with Barbados
    They just have to purchase / import the bbs and go it on their own

  20. Heather

    @John2 this arrangement benefits Guyana. It upgrades their breed of sheep. It upgrades their mutton and hopefully gives them the capability to increase their volume of lambs that they can raise.

    And at some point the increase in volume of lamb will satisfy the local and regional markets and cut down on the imports from the other side of the globe

    Or is it ur preference for us to continue importing from NZ instead of Guyana?
    We = Barbados and caricom

  21. Didn’t Barbados import a few cow a few years ago to upgrade they milk produce herds?

    Then why shouldn’t Guyana seek to upgrade their sheep and what is wrong with using the bbs in the upgrade

    Or is it only ok for bajans if it is Barbados that is seeking the upgrade ?

  22. @ Cuhdear Bajan April 12, 2022 9:54 AM

    I do not need any sun at the beach. My Supreme Leader Mia Mottley is my sole sun.

  23. William…let them run along, maybe it’s better the saying….ignorance is bliss….but the problem with that, after centuries secrets come out anyway whether ya want them to or not.

    Ah…here it is, it was the instagram page that could not be found, in saying that, this sector needs scrutinizing very closely…and those who are watching them need a POWERFUL microscope….these have gotten away for decades, time to put an end to them, they have been fast and loose with what don’t belong to them since the 1940s…and love to sell to the highest bidder…time to reel them in…

    still not getting details about the Order to named list terrorists …..what i have learned is that there are NO COINCIDENCES…..ya can hide and buy land but ya gotta come out in the light to wukk it..

    “Barbados’ real estate sector could be facing greater scrutiny related to how it is managing money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

    That is because the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is seeking to update its guidance to the real estate sector “as a matter of priority to reflect the evolution of money laundering and terrorist financing and to ensure that the sector remains well-placed to counter such activity”.

    The global money laundering watchdog has given countries until April 22 to respond to the recommended changes, which it said “was primarily developed for the sector to outline the principles and benefits of adopting a risk-based approach to tackling money laundering/terrorist financing”

  24. Correction:
    still not getting details about the Order to LIST NAMED terrorists

  25. @Tron April 12, 2022 2:42 PM “I do not need any sun at the beach. My Supreme Leader Mia Mottley is my sole sun.”

    Alright then. Enjoy.

  26. Needs repeating for those who has yes to see………
    Especially the part about several hundred thousand hybrids

    John April 10, 2022 7:52 AM

    You all fellas kill me with laughter with the ignorance and self importance you display.

    “The Barbados government figures estimate that there are about 30,000 sheep on the island; about one-third are purebred, another third are high grade crossbreds while the final third are a variable mix of BBS and several other breeds. BBS are now widely distributed around the world with populations in twenty-five countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. It is most abundant in the Caribbean region, Mexico and Peru. In 2015 the total world population was estimated at about 158,000 including 1,900 registered purebreds in the USA. Several hundred thousand descendants of BBS can be found in Texas where they have been bred with both domestic sheep including Rambouillet and wild Mouflon sheep from Europe.”

    There are more BBS outside of Barbados than inside.


  27. An estimated 20 00 hybrids on the island and mr Caribbean unity tell moh lies about a hybrid being fronsted on the people .
    Which people ? The lady and others that buying NZ lamb or the ones like dame bajan that can’t tell when she eating hybrid or pure bred🤣
    Just teasing @ dame

  28. Winnuh all will soon be importing hybrid from Texas
    But to get but to get it from a Guyana is diluting the brand
    Texas cross breeding is enhancing the brand I guess
    Welcome to caricom

  29. Enuff, You seem to be a sore loser, you seek to trivialize when you have no footing to stand on. It won’t work. I know that I am right!. I would not say that my meeting turn has failed. Not just yet. I do not give up so easily. On the other hand, how many failed ventures, mistakes, bleeps and blunders has your government had to date? Whatever has become of those promised Chinese cancer causing houses? Will more than one of them ever grace the Barbadian landscape? When will your government realize that they are no longer on the campaign trail and start to govern?

  30. They too love to throw stones while living in glass houses, work in glass buildings….don’t mind them Heather…they are jokers and sore losers……if it was to research my personal life and blurt it out on BU…. and insert themselves in AOPs business they would be leading the charge to sabotage, and it would be a whole gang of BU experts doing it….

    …but they could not research the sheep they have eaten and sold for CENTURIES, did not know its origins or DNA makeup until Monday, and still they have no shame, but getting laughed at everywhere..

    .they provided me a whole chapter for my book…lol…The Origins of the Black Belly Sheep…..and i thank them, seems lately that’s all they are good for…

  31. No use telling them the more the sheep is bred and cross-bred, it’s no longer the original sheep, Afrikan/English European line, even if it’s for economic purposes only to feed the people, yes we get that, but the genetic makeup of the sheep will change….and will be Black Belly in name only…at some point in time, even the black in the belly will disappear, just like the wooly extensions from the original European sheep DNA did…..and i remembered those vividly..

    but DETAILS escape the BU know it alls….

  32. Ms Monologue

    Did u watch and understand the vidi that enuff posted to understand how the bbs dna will be preserved /protected in Guyana ?

    And for the billion time it will be preserved in BARBADOS

  33. Heather…you are on the right track, don’t let anyone tell you differently…they are misleading the people as usual…..systems must be put in place so that the sheep is no longer in danger….and protected..

    “How many Blackbelly sheep are in the US?
    In 2014, there were more than 1,900 registered Barbados Blackbelly sheep in the US, and although the breed is not out of danger, it is far more stable than it has ever been in the US Blackbelly sheep of both breeds are able to tolerate heat and exhibit more stamina than most breeds of sheep.”

  34. Heather…take note that the BU experts had no clue that there is NOT one….but 2 BREEDS of Black Belly sheep…and that’s in the US>..

    .so just imagine how many different breeds of the same sheep there are across Europe and other continents.

    but they got talk for you….steupppsss

  35. Heather
    A sore loser? I wasn’t aware prizes were at stake and even if they were, that’s not my purpose on BU.
    The point remains that a simple meeting turn you could not set up (which standard 2 educated Bajans have been able to do for decades) but you’re all over the interwebs commenting on matters, requiring far more intellectual capacity, as if you’re an expert. No matter the information before you, you continue to argue nonsense with NO evidence base. If Barbados Today and BU etc fact-checked your emotional pieces not many would be published. Here’s some food for thought, research before you write.

  36. “Did u watch and understand the vidi that enuff posted to understand how the bbs dna will be preserved /protected in Guyana ?”

    I got lost somewhere. Trying to get up to speed. What I have gathered so far is the black belly sheep will be appearing on ‘Maury’ for a DNA test.

    I give up trying to understand how the DNA will be preserved and protected.

    Forgive me, if I am unable to take this BBS stuff seriously. BBS.

  37. @ Enuff April 14, 2022 8:49 AM
    No matter the information before you, you continue to argue nonsense with NO evidence base.

    Look who is talking about ‘presenting evidence’! None other than the No.1 B(ee)-Liar!

    Maybe Heather should engage your well publicized expertise in ‘managing’ US$ billion dollar projects instead of wasting her time on some two-cents sou-sou Ponzi scheme.

    BTW, where has all that incriminating evidence once stored in that Big Red Bag disappeared to?

    Under the foundation of the Hyatt hotel? Or with your co-liar colleague called Stinkliar to the World Bank?

    Instead of attacking Ms Cole why not focus your ‘expert’ energies in helping poor Mr. Malmoney with his erection to save the economy from going ‘Sri Lanka’?

    © emperorgate!

  38. “I got lost somewhere. Trying to get up to speed. What I have gathered so far is the black belly sheep will be appearing on ‘Maury’ for a DNA test.

    I give up trying to understand how the DNA will be preserved and protected.”

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Theo these clowns did not know the history or DNA of the sheep until days ago….still don’t know their own Afrikan history or DNA make up for that matter, but within days they are EXPERTS on how to protect the genetic makeup of the sheep…stay tuned for further BS…while the real experts in Europe and North America who call the shots about the sheep do what’s necessary and these can only follow as advised……

  39. Miller…ya done know they will attack Heather relentlessly….it’s because of her article both them, with their now elevated lack of knowledge/ignorance displayed to the world ,,,,, and the centuries old sheep scam got exposed….lol

  40. @Miller
    Stupse! As usual, you can’t attack my message so have no choice but to TRY to attack me. Hyatt, $1B, Hyatt etc. You need help. 🤣🤣 The evidence of the billion $$ project was all over the print and electronic media. I am no egofowl so I will continue to refuse to post a single link to BU. Plus that project is now stale, I’ve been involved in ao many others since then, so rev up your hate engine. Eat yuh MF heart out fossil.

  41. Miller…it’s been days i have worked overtime trying not to topple over laughing, wetting my head, drinking lots of water…nothing is helping….and am not the only one…people are actually trying not to pee themselves every time they read this blog…..

    …this is the JOKE OF THE CENTURY…we could not make it up if we tried, and no one saw it coming…lol

  42. I call it poetic justice that they both got exposed together….lol

  43. @ Enuff April 14, 2022 12:08 PM
    The evidence of the billion $$ project was all over the print and electronic media. I am no egofowl so I will continue to refuse to post a single link to BU. Plus that project is now stale, I’ve been involved in ao many others since then, so rev up your hate engine. Eat yuh MF heart out fossil.

    Is that “evidence of the billion$$ project” in relation to the proposed artificial island to be built off the West coast of Barbados on which another All Seasons and Hyatt will be erected?

    We all notice how you have always evaded the question about the evidence contained in that BIG Red Bag which your leader used to deceive the voters into getting rid of the worst administration Bajans ever voted for.

    But Karma can be a bitch.

    A ‘D’ Thompson repeat could be around the political corner. Just you wait and see!

    PS: Please, “Mr. “Ego Fowl”, Enuff with the embellishment of your achievements out of Roebuck street.

    You are always attacking poor Waru for embellishing her achievements and telling untruths about herself. Yet you cannot look into the same mirror without seeing your own bombastic ego shouting back at you.

    Can’t you stop telling lies about yourself and to yourself?

    No one wants to read your tissue of lies and egotistical imaginings!

    Soon your Pinocchio-sized nose will exceed the height of the now fossilized 18-storey Hyatt erection.

    You are the one who is sick and in dire need of help.

    Why don’t you spend your invaluable time in helping the vaccine-scammed Malmoney realise his dream project as outlined as follows:

    “Originally announced in 2018 as the Hyatt Centric Carlisle Bay Barbados and scheduled to open in 2019, the new $175-million project has received a major upgrade, joining other family-friendly Hyatt Ziva all-inclusive resorts, including Montego Bay, Jamaica; Cap Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, plus three adults-only Hyatt Zilara resorts in Montego Bay, Cancun and Cap Cana.”

    Your dearly beloved verbose friend, the fossilized miller aka “BAJE”!

  44. Ms monologue
    U ain’t tired of trying to make conversations?

    Heather this
    TheO that
    William. This and that
    And they like they not really interested in responding

  45. TheO

    Go back to the video and listen to Dr Carfully

    The argument in here is about diluting the bbs when u cross breed

    The doctor said – when u cross breed that new sheep will not be used for any breeding ( it will be used for meat only)

    That is how far the bbs dna will be diluted.
    1 hybrid generation with no further breeding of that first generation – therefore no further dilution

  46. @J2
    Surely, you should have figure out that I did not and will not listen to the video.
    This blog is a waste of time (wot) in sheep clothing.

  47. Hurricane season almost here again. Has anyone who was affected by hurricanes last year receive a house as yet?

    Do you think that Mia’s 10,000 houses in five years is doable?

    What about 80,000 new residents?

    Stop the madness.

  48. U behind time Didn’t u see people getting back into their houses before elections? I thought u use to keep up with what’s going on in st Lucy

  49. Miliuh
    You continue to reference projects in Bdos that I have nothing to do with while I am talking about tings aforrin. Yuh need help.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #$1B+

  50. “U ain’t tired of trying to make conversations?”

    ya too dumb for me to call on you…ya never noticed that some i stay well clear of…yall are the ones love to engage me to pretend ya so all knowing and intelligent…epic fail…

  51. “This blog is a waste of time (wot) in sheep clothing.”

    Afrikan hair sheep in European wool sheep clothing if you please….🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Theo…they thought they were making this BIG announcement….dazzling everybody with their lack of knowledge until they got DEFLATED…lol…they turned themselves into the usual laughingstock and STILL they won’t stop….

  53. The original sheep that was stolen from the continent, just like the people, is STILL IN Afrika…think about that…

  54. African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights ReservedApril 15, 2022 5:20 PM

    The original sheep that was stolen from the continent, just like the people, is STILL IN Afrika…think about that…


    Was it a male or a female or ambidextrous?

  55. This billionaire has become a circus clown for white America
    Happy to see her returning to her homeland for much needed peace and quiet time

  56. “Was it a male or a female or ambidextrous?”

    you should be able to tell me, you and the “expert” BU crew eat more of the Afrikan part of it than i do….lol

  57. I just read that our tourists are now supposed to wear the mask permanently even outdoors. Otherwise they will pay up to 25000 USD fine. This will further damage our tourism and put us behind the other pepper islands.

    And who is to blame for this? Not our honourable government, but our Aborigines. Those WOKE and BLM activists who claim that all people are equal are nothing more than lying racists. Of course people are culturally different. Our vaccination rate on the island is far too low because our indigenous masses fear vaccination more than their white masters in their insane superstition. I’m sure “Sir Professor” Reckless is now launching into another racist firebrand speech blaming our minorities for the low vaccination rate. Just as he attributes the overweight of the indigenous masses to historical events 300 years ago.

  58. I came across this exchange on social media.🤣🤣

    Heather Cole – “Shanna Wentzel You are incorrect niche does not mean getting a smaller share of the market. It means that the product is more specialized. Heritage tourism for Barbados could be huge if it were focused on the Barbadian Earlier Diaspora that settled in the America South e.g marketed to the populations of North Carolina and South Carolina and the other Caribbean islands, both planter class, and the enslaved. Then there is the middle period of persons who went to England after the war and never returned. There is also the more recent period of persons who migrated to the US and Canada who would also be possibly interested in searching for their roots in Barbados.”

    Shanna Wentzel – “Heather Cole So what do you think a more specialized product is? It’s niche. 🤣🤣🤣 and something specialized is very specific and does not appeal to the entire market. I don’t need you to tell me about heritage tourism I didn’t even address that topic.”

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