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  1. This is a project I call Credit to My Nation which envisions Rihanna at the centre of a specific tourism thrust for Barbados in targeted markets focused on potential visitors with “greater discretionary spend”

    I hope that our Ministry of Tourism and related agencies can use it to advance and enhance our tourism marketing strategy.

  2. I saw the advert from St. Lucia highlighting everything the island has to offer, including the very beautiful fish in the sea, most of it was very enticing and made me fell like taking another trip to St. Lucia. Tourists need to see what Barbados really has to offer.

  3. BAFBFP, How refreshing and honest. I don’t either! Someone will have to explain it to me slowly, but I have always been told demographics are VERY important.
    No disrespect intended Mr. Weekes, but you have to explain simply, exactly how you are going to use the influence of Rihanna to drive more discretionary spending and how you are going to monitor the results?

  4. This boggles the mind..Rhianna as saviour to Barbados’ Tourism???? Earth to author…before we invite any Tourist to Barbados please take a good look around the island and see what exactly does Barbados have to offer.

    There should be a clean up beautify and maintain campaign island wide. There should be a tourism plant restoration project. There should be a push to grow and use local produce in hotels and restaurants. There should be a serious look at taxes and prices in the Tourism sector, we have out priced ourselves out of the market.

    Let us get real about high end Tourism….that cannot save us with the junk we have to offer. Come with something more substantial and we will discuss it. Rhianna as our saviour will never cut it.

  5. Firstly this is a pdf of what is a 31 page powerpoint presentation.

    As David hs pointed out it has a specific focus on Rihanna or any other person that has her “currency”. She is not the Saviour but a possible part of the solution and i hope that my proposal is seen as a possible avenue, not the saviour of our failing tourism product.

    The CTRM presentation starts with first with promoting this idea with the Superstar so that, in addition to her performing, she might as a proud Barbadian, consider a parallel initiative which looks at her as an indegenous ambassador for Women’s rights.

    I think that this is reasonable when you take into consideration that one day her stage days WILL fade, even old iron give out.

    I also feel very strongly that we black people are usually known as great athletes or comedians but, barring Mandela and Oprah, only a few of us excel on the world stage as humanitarians, philantropists and nobel laureates.

    So there was/is a “what is in it for Ms. Robyn Fenty” introduced to Rihanna for her consideration, as well.

    There are a couple of terms in this powerpoint that i need to explain. “POI and AOI”. POI is people of Interest and AOI is “activities of interest”.

    ACCORN type refers to demographics information, most of which are for sale in developed cities. As a simple concept, someone living in zipcode 11234 will not have the discretionary spend as someone in 20037.

    Couple ACCORN info with the POIs that Rihanna will know, or have “leverage” with, and you arrive at a possible, (and i emphasize possible) bespoke marketing campaign, where a programme which promotes her “alter-ego” also focuses on courting people with “greater discretionary spend”

    Island Girl i am sure that Rihanna can attract more big spenders to Barbados, than you or I. possiblly even more than the hit and miss campaigns that many BHTA hoteliers are currently being asked to participate in. Just look at the results of previous shows she held here and then tell me that i am wrong.

    The real time harvesting of the CTRM platform lets an enrolled hotelier know whether a Rihanna led campaign in Maryland in suburbia zip code 22873 has reaped any results to get the big wigs from that area to come to Barbados to their specific hotel.

    I even suggest that the MoT, in conjunction with Jada’s Port Ferdinand project, might create a secluded Jada Village for the POIs that Rihanna can attract.

    AOIs speak to a similar thrust to secure specific activities where Rihanna (at the beginning of the program), and this Rihanna endorsed CTRM programme could, through a by-invitation-only session with a group that includes Jean Claude Van Damme for example, get the noted kareteka to host a special Kick boxing session in Barbados.

    Because of her “currency” with him, and others like him, CTRM could orchestrate a series of special AOI activities that run all year round in our tourism dependent country.

    Mr. Loveridge, monitoring the results is simple. I know who was invited to my CTRM sessions that are set up in countries that i target, not the current hit and miss advertising.

    I know who uses my CTRM loyalty card that is sponsored by Bank X, Barbados National Bank,

    i should know when they have arrived in Barbados, that is if my competitors at the Immigration department have gotten their visitor monitoring software to work. Certainly 5 years have passed since i submitted my own software at CWC2007 and their software should be functioning by now.

    This “monitoring” is a very simple concept Mr. Loveridge, MagnaCard does this every day with magnapoints when you shop at Supercentre.

    I hope that this 3 dimensional concept makes a little more sense now.

    Like i said when i posted this concept, it is an option, not a solution.

  6. Why not target for use other young, fresh bajans, who are really interested in portraying the island (including it’s women) in a positive light. Having fame alone will not draw tourists. Tourists are looking to get bang for their buck. Speak to Americans now and they would tell you that they would admire Rihanna more if she was helping out at a shelter for women who are victims of domestic abuse, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, PAL, etc, etc. As it stands right now, she is just a laughing stock for Media takeout and the other rubbish sites. Though your intentions sound noble and well intentioned, you may want to revise your role model. Trust me, celebrity status is now played out.

  7. @David Weekes.
    I read your powerpoint presentation. I applaud your efforts and think many more people should study it before commenting negatively on it. It is innovative and worth studying by the relevant tourism authorities. One aspect I did not see was the concept of offering AirMiles to Barbados accumulation as one of the incentives. For those who are negative about Rihanna’s popularity and pull her concert here in Toronto next week at the Air Canada Centre is sold out. If each patron to this concert were given information etc on the island, given the opportunity of winning a trip for two, and have Rihanna promote the island during that concert (although she always mentions Barbados at each of ther concerts, you have a captive audience of about fifteen to wenty thousand right there. David your power point presentation shouws thought and needs to be pushed more and accepted;at least for consideration, by the relevant authorities. we need more of this from the young people, with the older folk less anxious to be so dismissive.

  8. @Well Well
    Rihanna is no laughing stock outside of Barbados. She is admired for her talent (as I said before, you have to have talent to be invited to perform at the Grammys) She has shown her philantrophy (3.5 million to Oncology Dept. of QEH, her work with children with Cancer through her own foundation, and other things. Be less condemnatory and see the young lady in a positive light. She is an entertainer, not a candidate for a nunnery

  9. We must also understand that today the world rejoices in slutty whorish women- quite different from when I was growing up.Whats wrong with true womanhood portrayed as “ladies”. Where did that idea go? And when?

  10. In the PowerPoint presentation I actually had spent some time on Angelina Jolie and her grooming as UN spokesperson. If Jolie the young lady who kissed her brother on the lips can be a UN spokesman why not Rihanna?

    Robyn Fenty is one of the best packaged performers that the entertainment field has seen for a while and she is a real bajan, irrespective of a few publicity grabbing stunts which are part of her packaging

    If we don’t move outside of this box I am of the opinion that we will die. I am just a poor barefoot boy from Bush Hall. If the idea can create a net positive position in our marketing efforts then it may be worth a try

  11. Law and Oder on Toronto TV last night was based on guess who and guess who and the superstar/battered woman issue.

    At the end of the episode woman was killed on a yacht in Bermuda after a romantic night with the batterer.

    Therein lies the problem. There is too much risk making Rihanna the centre of a Tourism campaign.

    It would be better to run short campaigns with her during events like Grammy awards etc.

    @Georgie Porgie you had a very sheltered life when you were growing up.

    Trust me there was a lot of hypocracy in the old days. No more details.

  12. GoogleLaw and Order and you will see how many links are displayed.

    That is why you have to be careful in this internet age.

  13. Hants

    What are you talking about. Liz Taylor with nuff nuff husbands and Marlyn Monroe (“Happy birthday to you …”) were really fantastic “ladies” … The worse that you could possibly be labelled is a “Jet Setter”! HA HA HA.

    BTW Adrain, thnx for the vote …!

  14. @ Alvin Cummins

    Yesterday I received an offline enquiry where someone asked if the CTMN concept could be adapted for an athlete of world renown

    So to answer that query as I said earlier the concept can be applied for any one with currency e.g. Husain Bolt

    The Jamaican Ministry of Tourism could, use this runner par excellence to host tailored “POIs and AOIs” that could seek to attract US Football quarterbacks as POIs to a Bolt Clinic and boot camp or similar type athletes e.g. Olympic hopefuls.

    I think that the HR that any ministry has would be more talented than I to come up with better POI/AOI ideas but all the idea promotes is the use of assets, tried marketing strategies and ICT to enhance our tourist throughput

    With the proper resources from the IDB or money that is stagnant in CARICOM/EU coffers we might even be able to have a cross regional experience.

    @ islandgirl246

    I agree with you about the junk our plant offers. Paying US $50 to buy two pigeons facing each other carved out of a dry coconut shell that will rot as soon as I get back to the USA does not entice me.

    I also have a suggestion ( and comprehensive project) for revamping that as I have for the ridiculous price of food, and what seems to be a food cartel among merchants, one for out seemingly outdated education system that after $236 million in Edutech still gives employers concerns when they hire staff out of school and/or university

    The state of the economy demands that we at least give consideration to alternatives, test them and even if their authors are suing CARICOM and refuse to go away and die, embrace what is worth keeping and like the words in my Dad’s eulogy, Chaff and Grain, “keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away”

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