Recommended Open Letter from Ryan Brathwaite to Rihanna

Submitted by PUDRYR

Attn: Ms. Rihanna Fenty

My name is Ryan Brathwaite and I am a Gold Medallist from Barbados (110 metres hurdles 2009 World Championships).

I have a question related to developing a support mechanism for talented Barbadians that I hope might be of interest to you.

I am starting an NGO called Outside the Winners Circle whose focus is to provide support to local talent, young (and not so young) bajan men and women  who currently depend on government support which is, as you may know, not at an optimal level. 

This initiative would focus on things like athletic scholarships,  support for talented artistes, or indigenous initiatives in need of financial/technical support I propose to build a virtual mechanism to support these resource-needy applicants, persons who are already “tried and tested” and are already “in the business” but fall just short of that “tipping point” and success.

I propose to create a Portal at to manage the enrolment and critical facilitations for our best (and while I am an athlete our portal will reach out to our best)  and, with your support, I plan to demo that system via an online encounter with you (wherever you are in the world) on 30th November, from here in Barbados.

I know that you have a lot of experience in “what the local talent and performer sector needs, and currently lacks” and I am wondering if you would be interested in supporting this initiative.

I am promoting a virtual gateway for young people seeking investment, irrespective of the initiatives with a view to generating jobs for new breed entrepreneurs.

Do you think I should be focusing on a self sustaining web infrastructure or a business development/promotion option? 

What do you think of us doing a limited pilot (which would be a combination of both elements mentioned above) and then, given the buy-in, decide to focus on promoting the web portal model or the dedicated business financial support aspect?

In summary the portal would assist people like me, who might have “finite windows of opportunity”, but may have slipped out of “the Winner’s Circle”, not because they (we) dropped out, but because they (we) did not have the additional resources needed.

I’d love to know your thoughts Miss Fenty.

As a separate matter, I was also wondering if you’re seeing any possibility for you to promote a Second Tier Performer circuit which would bring lesser known performers to Barbados as your “guests” and create a following using such an activity to promote tourism and expose our local performers. I believe that many local hoteliers would support that program via discounts etc. 

It would be leveraging your name for what could be called The Rihanna Get Together. Do you think there is some currency there? It’s a bit hard to assess if that idea can work and if you could would assist it but, it might be a way to help Barbados if say you got Port Ferdinand and a few other hotels to band together with this.

Miss Fenty, thanks for reading this….you’re probably up to your eyeballs with the Rihanna vs. Beyonce Concert in addition to your World Tours at the moment. 

Continued success with your career I remain one of the many Barbadians who have so much pride and joy in your success and ongoing achievements

Best Regards


Ryan Brathwaite


Outside the Winners Circle

67 thoughts on “Recommended Open Letter from Ryan Brathwaite to Rihanna

  1. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    “Second Tier Performer circuit which would bring lesser known performers to Barbados ”

    Brilliant idea. I suggest Glennis and Fleur.

  2. @ Ms. Fenty

    Barbados is at the most precarious phase of its sovereign existence for various reasons which are to numerous to list.

    What we do know is that, amidst all these issues, what we are seeing is a rising hopelessness among our youth exemplified by the violence and murders across the length and breadth of Bim.

    Ours is not to continuously reason why but to proactively do something to change the narrative.

    This idea that one would only seek to provide some insights as to how it can be done is one for which i have clear and tangible elements.

    Its focus is to be on creating a real and present matrix for youth across the island to participate in viable sustainable activities as opposed to thinking that their options are limited to drug sales, use and abuse.

    This is an odd construct where I, a “third party” am making representations for and on behalf of one champion Ambassador Brathwaite, who is just a sample of the talented bajans that are here.

    This matter with Sir Charles and the gift of land being tied up in this way speaks to a much bigger issue than the stratification of Bajan society but it shows up the sores of a system that has been incapable of fostering an environment where Barbados is nurturing and creating other “Rihannas” and other “Ryan Brathwaites” consistently IN ANY SPHERE OF INDUSTRY.

    I’d like to suggest that there could be some “investment in” a programme whose focus is on empowering entrepreneurs.

    Most people will think that I mean money Ms. Fenty but that is not where my focus lies.

    What we bajans, particularly Black Bajans need is an image that so permeates our society that it is like an avalanche that pushes all obstacles out of its path.


    The battle that these fellows fight are for buildings and physical objects Ms Fenty but you are a singer and you will therefore understand me when I say that the song that we are asking you to sing IS A SONG FOR YOUR NATION which no bulldozer mentality can stop.

    As with these things BECAUSE THEY ARE SENSITIVE euphemism for that they are easily stolen by the bloggerati, one might not be able to easily share all of the details here but IF THIS INTEREST YOU (and others) we can advance this as you see fit.

  3. Sounds awesome, Pieces.

    Has Rhi Rhi helped expand or update the music dept at her old school or any of the other schools?

    I know she has been generally supportive of Bim over the years but have not followed any actual plans implemented so this program sounds powerful.

  4. @ Brother Hants

    They say madness is doing the same failed thing over and over again and wondering why we achieve the same failed results or something like that.

    And that is what the electorate of BIM has been doing my brother.

    If you examine the facts my brother, you see that, neither of these administrations have “Thought Leaders” to the table.

    And this is why we find that they are having to engage the IMF because all this theft of land, accustomed teifing of government monies, waylaying of (EU and other IFI) developmental funds, this is why we are where we are at today.

    Because we, THE PEOPLE, choose dufuses to lead us and then wonder why a former Speaker of the House can charge $ 350-something-thousand for work that is $160K

    And the thing is that he has carried-away-a-ton money BEFORE, including this theft, twice that we know of !!!

    Changing the affairs of Barbados around is not a hard thing IF WE FOLLOW GOD’s direction, nothing is impossible but then again de ole man is infused with these “Come to Jesus moments all the time” lololol.

    When we voted on May the 24th we the PEOPLE shouted out for change and this is what we must demand of these people.

    And because we know that they cannot lead us WE HAVE TO SHOW THE THE WAY.

    Everything that the country needs is there for us to draw down on, all we have to do is to knock

  5. If Barbados was serious about building a national sports program an initiative similar to what is being proposed would have taken root when Obadele threw the island into a state of euphoria.

  6. Yuh see what happens when know-it-alls jump head first into problem solving without robust research? Yuh end up with SISO, but the cheering bleachers applaud👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Murdaaaaa! #mybackbroad

  7. Didn’t Cow jump out to offer Obadele land too, get these damn minority parasites off black people’s lives, the government shoukd be working withbsuccessful young blacks, black people should be closing ranks and supporting their own, financially and other wise, learn to uplift each other….for once.

  8. This is the usual brass bowl response to mediocrity.

    When the people, systems and structures that are set up and funded to perform specific duties in a backwards country FAIL to achieve results, brass bowls seek to set up alternative people, systems and structures to perform these duties.
    Of course this will ALSO fail – for the simple reason that where brassbowlery is bliss, it is unlikely that common sense can prevail.

    Arthur perfected the art.

    The public service was an OBVIOUS mess, but rather than bite the bullet and sort the lotta jackasses out, he comes up with something called ‘public sector reform’ – basically creating YET another shiite department to waste more money.

    Productivity in the country going to the dogs…
    Rather than change the CULTURE to one of productivity-based rewards, he creates a ‘productivity council’ – that is even less useful that the original shiite that we had.

    Now we have a national sports council, an Arts and Sports Foundation, an Olympic association, a sports lottery that brags about the MILLIONS it gives to sports every year, and a ministry of sports to coordinate the whole shiite… NONE of which is worth what Paddy shot at…

    ….and Piece calling for Rihanna to set up a NGO…..

    Lotta shiite.

  9. Based on his radio exchange with David Ellis,I hope Ryan isn’t being set up.One gets the impression of the old Jacob/Esau story at play here.

  10. @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    A few things.

    First of all this initiative IS NOT ASKING RIHANNA TO SET UP ANY THING.

    The concept evolved as a consequence of the article that was pushed as a coercion of the BLP to change the use of the Land gifted to Ryan Brathwaite.

    The premise of the creation of the NGO/501c3 is not to have Rihanna or Ryan look to do anything other than see an alternative which empowers talented persons IN THIS CASE ATHLETES with a mechanism that shifts the centre of gravity from “mendicancy” and begging reward from the Sir COWs to a self funded initiative.

    The model of said “outside the Winners Circle” acknowledges first that government and the National Sports Council and the business community can only gift so much.

    What OTWC proposes is a self sustaining model which would use some additional modalities to be self sustaining.

    I know for example that Enuff of Lorenzo duo is slow but you have no excuse.

    I previously stated that I would get someone to gift the OTWC a few concepts which would bring a different asset base to said organisation to generate a continuing stream for that entity.

    And since you know that I know people who can create these types of assets ON THE FLY you should understand that I am pushing the envelope here with a different model than the idiotic National Sports Council who by the way was courted 4 years ago and failed to grasp the idea cause dem was trying to teif it.

    So as to show that what was being proposed was not smoke and mirrors to viewers INCLUDING MS. FENTY one of the self generating assets was shared

    Specifically the Second Tier Performers Circuit for which brother Hants suggested the names of Glennis and Fleur.

    Like I said before Brother in Arms Bush Tea the idiot Enuff of Lorenzo duo is excused but you cannot be excused.

    Because of the fact that people like Enuff of Lorenzo duo troll BY for ideas to seem intelligent to Mia one cannot expose all the elements of the proposed model but as a teaser you will see that Module A of the 5 Module OTWC carries multiple revenue streams of which 4 are labelled CONFIDENTIAL cause there are theives lurking here.

    But the model clearly shows the 2nd Tier Performers Circuit as part of its structure.


    Millions of dollars can be generated overnight in this realm that you nor Mia nor her thought leaders CAN’T TEIF.

    Looka here we are 12 years later and though dem try teifing one such thought asset all those years ago dem still can’t deploy it!


    IF YOU WERE, you could not nor would not seek to contend with me simply because the agents of GOD DO NOT FIGHT AGAINST themselves.

  11. Ryan Brathwaite did not write that letter which brings into question who authored the proposals. Anyone who listens to Ryan speak knows the letter isn’t him .The real writer is hidden as possibly the agenda. Ryan deserves his land and accolades. COW’s gifts as we know come with a sting in the tail. Rihanna will be going against how she operates if she takes the letter seriously.

    What should be proposed to her is to invest or encourage the high flyers around her to invest here. Business opportunities for her or her powerful associates to start up employing hundreds of workers. This is not a beggar’s bowl its commercial investments where she earns profits for herself. At the same time she helps the island’s economy.

    Its not fair to Rihanna to go to her for hand outs. Cow typically called on her to take a few dollars out her top pocket and buy Apes Hill. Posters in the know say Apes Hill was built with NIS funds. Cow and his clique are geniuses at using poor tax payers money to create economic benefits for themselves. Nothing new its been ongoing for a long time.

    Rihanna should invest in her land of birth. Her investments should be proper business enterprises where she makes profits from them as the shrewd entrepreneur she has become.

  12. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You said and i quote “…If Barbados was serious about building a national sports program an initiative similar to what is being proposed would have taken root when Obadele threw the island into a state of euphoria…”

    Let me see if I can put that in context.

    The Holy Bible begins at Genesis and ends at Revelations.

    What is its message? Repent of our sins, accept Jesus as the Way the Truth and the Light and seek to have communion through Him with His Father.

    A message that we have heard for thousands of years yet here we are even though the Son of GOD came and died for us WE ARE STILL HERE.

    I am NOR WILL EVER BE The Son of GOD.

    Now let me put this before you.

    Barbados Underground IS THE DE FACTO IDEAS4BARBADOS site.

    It is where all serious people come for thoughts of how to make a change in Barbados.

    You dun know that cause you see the hits and where they are coming from.

    So i have put a macro Knowledge Economy proposal here on Barbados Underground with my 5? submissions

    I have given the construct of the organisation.

    I have given the potential funder(s) – Rihanna and the bonafide presenter (Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite)

    I have spoken to the existing problem – no funding for young entrepreneurs and patchwork efforts by so called private sector parties to seem to be benevolent but to shaft our youth. I bet if Ryan Brathwaite was one of Sir COW’s horses at Apes Hill cow would have given him money for any of his needs

    I have provided the mandate and the beneficiary population

    I have provided ONE REVENUE STREAM which an idiot can extrapolate on

    I have skirted the Knowledge Economy elements because of certain aspects of Intellectual Assets.

    But here is the thing Honourable Blogmaster

    Let me copy and paste one of my posits here to make a point

    I have given the potential funder(s) – BUJU BANTON and the bonafide presenter (Ambassador Chris Gayle) ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?

    The thing is that I WOULD BE A FOOL TO COME HERE AND SPELL OUT THE FULL SCOPE OF THE INITIATIVE but what i have done in no small part is to provide a construct that WILL BE A DIVERSIFICATION INITIATIVE that will focus on our youth and SHOULD MISS FENTY BE SO DISPOSED give a boost to a much needed indigenous entrepreneurial spirit.

    I wont bore you with the responses of the National Sports Council nor will it be necessary to chronicle their grasp of these things.

    Where there is no vision THE PEOPLE WILL PERISH…

  13. “and begging reward from the Sir COWs to a self funded initiative.”

    As far as I know no one ask these clowns for anything, as soon as they hear a successful black person from Barbados achieved something on the world stage , they jump out as though it is their favorite slave accomplished something because of them and they too should be rewarded…eg…change of use for their stolen land….or a taxpayer funded contract or dipping their blighted hands into pensioners money…

    …they appoint themselves to be given a chance to commit highway robbery on the population…and if someone does not point it out, name and shame them…they will not stop, cause some black bajans act like they are too dumb and afraid to tell these public menaces where to get off…next time any of them insert themselves making empty self serving promises to successful black people, they should be publicly shamed…

    ….I have no clue what is wrong with people’s memories, without black people the likes of Cow would have NOTHING…the same Cow who claimed his black workers came to him out of slavery, the same crook who is always hunting down ways to rob the black population.

    Ryan has learned his lesson, he was right to call out Cow for the old fraud we all know he is.

  14. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You understand the depth of what we are dealing with here?

    You see what is “WAITING” FOR US in the shadows?

    Oprah Winfrey

    NET WORTH: $2.9 billion
    SOURCE OF WEALTH: Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey Network
    FUNDING AREAS: Education, Arts & Culture
    OVERVIEW: The bulk of Winfrey’s giving has gone to educational causes, including charter schools, programs that support African-American students, and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa.


    Michael Jordan makes largest philanthropic donation ever to …Michael Jordan makes largest philanthropic donation ever to fund clinics in Charlotte The Hornets owners is giving $7 million to help fund medical clinics in at-risk areas of Charlotte

    Are you feeling me?

    Here one is promoting philantropic gifting through one of our own WHO HAS NOT FORGOTTEN HER ROOTS yet a feller would come and say that “…Rihanna should invest in her land of birth. Her investments should be proper business enterprises where she makes profits from them…”

    And this is why de ole man is so joyous when I pronounce that “a bullet, unless it is fired by a marksman, HAS NO NAME ON IT…”

    In the process of making all these profitable investments BARBADOS IS ON ITS WAY TO HELL IN A BASKET with 1 murder a week yet these fellers come to the IDEAS4 BARBADOS sub website and equate profits with youth being sot in the street and contributors in our society being murdered at ATMs at the bottom of Cave Hill while withdrawing $$ from their account.

    Some time ago i remember how the sanctimonious head of the National Drug and Substance Abuse entity was on the airways weeping when her family was killed at Charles Rowe bridge and de ole man said in his heart GOD DOES NOT SLEEP.

    Wunna abusing the resources that have been handed to wunna for a specific purpose AND NOW WUNNA LEARNS DAT A BULLET ENT GOT NO NAME ON IT up close and personal.

    Watch how they assemble Honourable Blogmaster!

  15. The reality is the Cows ilk have been living off the existence of the black population for 52 years and want to continue thèir thievery and bloodsucking for another 52 years, cause where else will they be allowed to do that without pŕison time right.

    …so Mia is now tasked with getting the Cows hands out of the people’s treasury an pension fund….so that young, successful black people can have an opportunity to excel….in sports, in education or whatever their hearts desire using the population’s funds and land …when the need arises.

    Am sure once IMF takes a good luck at those accounts they will see who besides the former ministers been robbing the people…they should all be made to pay back every dime and that incudes cow ad his ilk.

  16. You people got to be joking asking Rhianna to waste her time and resources working with a barbadian system that is backward and never ceases to frustrate or undermine it’s own well being
    If i were Rhi Rhi the need to give this article a big shout out in the form of a bajan Stuepse would be enough to serve the purpose of putting my interest aside

    • One wonders why some of you who see Barbados has a failed country bother to hang around the Barbados blogosphere. Add value to it or leave the place alone.

  17. “head of the National Drug and Substance Abuse entity was on the airways weeping when her family was killed at Charles Rowe bridge .”

    If only you knew the half of it..

    Lebron is another one uplifting his people in the US…there is a movement for black businesses, black education, arts, sciences etc to rise up out of a system designed to destroy and rob black people, …it should be even easier to implement in a black majority country.

  18. Really yardfowl…so when in your mind should thnigs get better for the island’s people…look at the state yall left it In, things are so bad that one of ya former ministers is under federal lock and key in don’t get worse than that, but yet you see ways why it should stay in its current state… are the problem.

  19. Peace. Jokers the destruction of barbados economy did not start in 2008 the high borrowing under the blp also cause the country finances to be stretch beyond it’s limits to the point where it has collapsed
    Now all and sundry expect others to come with their bank accounts wide open and replenish barbados financially
    Wunna like begging too much. Reason why it is so easy for Mia to go cup in hand likea begger at IMF door step

  20. If yall had the intelligence, competence, ethics and skills when elected TWICE to parliament…ALL the problems would have been fixed, but ya didn’t and it wasnt….yall intelligence level stopped at the point where it could only make things worse on the island…and ya did.

  21. @ Mariposa

    And that is where you are wrong Mariposa.

    Mia DOES NOT HAVE TO GO CUP IN HAND TO ANY AGENCY if they have serious proposals.

    And you are right about the issue of the destruction of the economy not starting in 2008, administrations (plural) splurging the resources that were and are available. It is just that your jokers RAPED US BAJANS MORE REGULARLY without Vaseline!!

    Because SIMPLE PUT, you DLP nor their BLP, have not got an idea in a week of Mondays AS TO WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DIVERSIFY OUR ECONOMY in a meaningful way!!

    years ago I recall a specific party who had $$ millions of IDB money but they wanted to take refrigerator bodies out of landfills and make them into aquaria!!

    But these are the people who both of you have consistently put in the Thought Leadership positions.

    And these are the same people that the serving G.G’s make F.B.Es every single year, these waste foops.

    There are thousands of Bajans all over the world who would love to support initiatives that build our country but WHEN THEY SEE GOVERNMENTS LED BY FUMBLES & DAVID THOMPSON EFFING UP THE PLACE and they see Chairman Mia Mao Ze Jong mekking the sorts of 1933 laws that outlaw dissent, or hiring IT spies to infiltrate the computers of citizens WHAT YOU THING DEM GOING DO?


  22. Rhi Rhi is contributing!

    ” She wants the money to go to the aid group Global Partnership for Education, which she is ambassador for. “

  23. Good grief the woman has contributed in the few short years splurged money on QEH
    Now years after teking away the so-called youth ambassadorship to barbados after bajans hollered nasty words about Rhi Rhi
    Wunna got nerve to draw some RH proposal so she can open she bank account and wunna feast on it
    No dice holes

  24. @ Brother Hants


    You see how you does move? Like a silent assassin.

    Fellers like you does show dese ingrunt people like Enuff of Lorenzo duo that what de ole man is saying IS DOABLE

    Doan mind brother Bush Tea he and I agree that we got to disagree pun BU from time to time and show dat when big menses doan share de same opinion dat he going put forward his points and i going counter dem and HE ENT GOING CUSS DE OLE MAN (badly heheheheheh)

    Look no one has the magic bullet that will save the day, rather let me say SAVE BUT FOR ONE PERSON IN CHRISTENDOM none of us mortals have the solution.

    But all the resources have been put there for us to do this together.

    And so that it has more efficacy what this Initiative should implement at commencement is a collaboration with countries like Dominica and Grenada that have been devastated by recent natural disasters.

    We have to create an New Ethos in conjunction with a Sustainable Model

    @ Mariposa

    You remember when Fumbles and Stinkliar was begging for money?

    Leh me see if i can help you remember

    “…The Barbados government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have signed a US$34 million loan agreement to finance a project to use cleaner fuels and renewable energy in Barbados…The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, and IDB representative, Juan Carlos De La Hoz Viñas, signed the document on Wednesday.”

    or WeJonesing

    “…A MEMORABLE EVENT that lays a solid foundation of partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Barbados…hat’s how Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, described Government’s signing of an agreement today with the IDB for the administration of approximately US$600 000 to further aid the A Ganar Programme, one of the components under the Skills for the Future programme…”


    Do you remember this from Chairman Mia Mao Ze Jong on June 21st 2018?

    “…“We have a loan portfolio with the IDB of U$191 million, and US$135.7 million of that remains undisbursed in spite of the fact that many of these loans have been in place for three, four or five years…(DURING THE REGIME OF THE INCOMPETENT DLP) And as a result there are at least three major loans that are at risk…”

  25. Piece
    I am not here to be petulant, but I gurantee you that the proposal I put forward a few days ago is easier to do than you diagram. 😂😂😂 I tell you I don’t talk about what I feel or Google, but what I know. 🖐🏾

  26. PDYR
    Not a financial adviser nor do i have access to relevant information in purpose !use! Or disbursement bof govt loans s
    So therfore it is up to past govt to give reasons as to why govt only accepted partial loans from those
    Loan agency
    Strange enough that during the past ten yesrs never heard of oppostion speaking on that issue
    Be that as it may the subject on your RHi Rhi proposal draw to me which would be those similarities to Hilary Clinton Foundation when all hands are placed in the money tilt after collection there is little left
    Rhi Rhi would be one to take the blame and branded thief

  27. @ Mariposa

    The fact is that while I am not the Opposition though so appointed by Enuff of Lorenzo duo I knew of at least 3 of the loans and one of them i knew about one year prior to its signing.

    The next thing that you obviously have not got a clue about is how these agencies operate.

    They are in the space where they submit a proposal for funding to other donors and corporate givers and display their portfolios and successes annually and thereby attract more funding.

    The reason that the EU decided that they would not put more money into the CEDA fiasco was because of their performance issues.

    The final decision for something like this if one were to approach the Entity that Ms Fenty works with would not be decided by Ms Fenty. In fact she would IF SHE WERE ON THE ADVISORY BOARD recluse herself.

    That is how it works in civilized country ELSE IT IS CALLED CONFLICT OF INTEREST and COLLUSION and she would be dismissed for such behaviour.

    Unlike the fiasco at the locally headquartered entity THESE INTERNATIONAL ENTITIES DO NOT PLAY like in this banana republic.

    You seem at times to be coherent and then you start spacing out and talking bare pup though.

    You know that Ms Fenty is just the Ambassador and not the Treasurer though?

  28. Who wrote that letter? Not Ryan Brathwaite because I heard him speak on Brasstacks………..the two don’t gel. Would the real writer stand up please..

  29. @ Enuff of Lorenzo Duo

    heheheheheheheh you are correct what i do takes much longer than what you do AND CAN DO.

    Thous you are right that I cannot compare with what you have done heheheheheh

    Let de ole man remind you and your New Chairman Mia Mao of what you have done November 28th 2010 at

    Wnen you said and i quote

    “…Is anyone surprise about the perceptions the public of Barbados has about her? {her being your Chairman Mia Mao to who you now pledge undying allegiance washed as you are in the sweat of your recent campaigning)

    You continue “…Since school days people had their views about her, and several incidents since then have only led to convincing more people about these perceptions.

    Her refusal to address any of the issues surrounding her further led to their solidification in the national conscience.

    But then you continue

    “… He [Owen Arthur] saved her [Chairman Mia Mao] when the public had tried and convicted her over the homosexual debate…”

    Of what do you speak Enuff? of whom do you make these derogatory remarks?

    and then you finish with “…It is only fair that he be given the responsibility of removing her from around our necks…”

    Yet here you are making praises of Chairman Mia Mao like if you were always a stalwart supporter heheheheheheh

    Indeed I feel for you heheheheheheh for whereas it can be said dat de ole man ent got no allegiance to none of wunna BUT ONLY INTERESTED IN BARBADOS wunna panties does be showing 8 years later.

    I guess that Mottley going “google dat item at and see what you say bout she heheheheheheh… and catspraddle your pick

  30. Whuloss whuloss whuloss

    The article is titled “Recommended Open Letter from Ryan Brathwaite to Rihanna”

    recommended (ˌrɛkəˈmɛndɪd) adjective – officially suggested or advised

    It is a hypothetical stance for what the Ambassador CAN DO AS AN ALTERNATIVE as opposed to having Neil Holder advance his cause to get the Town & Country Planning Unit to change the use of the land.

    The premise of the suggested letter is to shift the focus of young athletes and entrepreneurs from begging to proposing new alternatives for revenue generation

    Whuloss Whuloss whuloss

  31. @Piece

    Wuh you gone and do? I wrote that Enuff should give that blog a pass and now you throw gas on de fire…….

  32. Piece
    Once again you have proved your ignorance. Firstly, that’s not my style of writing, and secondly you would never see me write anything on BU disparaging anyone about their personal business. But because you take yourself too seriously and trying tirelessly to discredit me, you failed (or refused) to recognise that those were the words of “Adrian Hinds”. RH muppet!🖐🏾

  33. @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    It ent you? you deny it to be you?

    So you mean that if de ole man ask de Honourable Blogmaster that he would confirm that it wasnt you but that another fellow was using the sme moniker that you are using 8 years later?

    So much for your originality IN YOUR CHOICE OF NAMES, but that is consistent with your ability to shape shift euphemism for no waffling through to your position on Land Usage and A Land pool for Athletes heheheheheheh

  34. PUDR aka CT

    “Enuff November 28, 2010 1:52 PM
    Need I say more?
    Adrian Hinds | October 28, 2009 at 12:05 PM |
    Is anyone surprise about the perceptions the public of Barbados has about her?….”

    Wrong and strong, as usual. Anyone, who is at best semi-literate, would have realised that the date of my post is not the same as that of the comments you seek to attribute to me. It is clearly me on November 28, 2010 at 1:52 PM posting a comment made previously by Adrian Hinds on OCTOBER 28, 2009 at 12:05 PM to support my position that he hated MAM. My only words are: NEED I SAY MORE? You may have the last say. #somepeopleearshardaf

  35. @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    2009? then 2010?

    Your clarification is noted.

    Surely this clarification by you will recoup any currency you might have inadvertently lost with Chairman Mao.

    Note that the ole man has observed your clarification (which while not an apology acknowledges what you have written CAUSE I ENT GOING READ ALL DAT ARTICLE anyhow)

    I am just wondering, SINCE WE ARE NOW THE BEST OF BUDDIES AND ALL, if you are disposed to give a reciprocal clarification with regard to your initial stumble with that Ryan Brathwaite thing.

    You know where you were saying that “COW should allocate land for every athlete” which morphed into an obligation for “there to be a common pool for lands that would be used to incentivize excellence among bajans”


  36. You waan hear more? We can use the same principle to secure “local” jobs, low cost office rent/flexible tenancies for start ups, community facilities, school repairs, bus shelters, contributions to TB etc, etc. I repeat, this conversation too tall for you. Stick to conspiracies. 🖐🏾

  37. Piece,

    You destroy the very social fabric the plantation called Bim is built on. The role as a donor or donor´s agent is reserved for white businessmen. The black inhabitants of the plantantion are the receivers of said donations.

    You are a social revolutionary not sticking to the script for this island! 😉

  38. @ Tron

    For many this suggestion will seem strange because they are unfamiliar with the mandate and operations of development agencies.

    Prior to Brother Hants ‘ information I will admit that I did not know of Ambassador Rihanna’s relationship with this education intervention agency

    That is a plus.

    But let me mention this.

    The suggested campaign has garnered 2000 downloads post submitting the blog and I don’t know how many people have read the submission.

    Is it desirable? Yes.

    Is is possible? Yes

    Will it happen? I am not sure, but what I am sure about is the effect that a successful indigenous solution would have on the psyche of bajan entrepreneurs specifically and bajans in general.

    What are we known for?


    What lingers in the minds of of world denizens when the say Barbados? barring sea and Sun?

    But more importantly what is our mirror image?

    What would a Rihanna funded “Outside the Winner’s Circle” do?

    Imagine if

    (1) Three months after deploying the initiative it was to be employing 100 people? Or more?

    (2) 6 months after its implementation it was to break even and reimburse the initial investment?

    (3) one year after it was established the Government of Barbados was to have prosecuted 3 joint public private sector patents, AND THAT ALL 3 WERE WORLD RENOWN?

    (4) For every enrolled entrepreneur that, after one year, said entrepreneur has achieved their optimal business model projection?


    What would you say to that Tron?

    This is not about shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic this is about generating Forex and creating new sustainable high income jobs.

    But the ole man ent no thought leader nor pooch locker like Enuff of Lorenzo duo so you dun know that the model HAS TO BE FINANCED BY EXTERNAL PARTIES and like Rihanna, once success comes, all de bajan gine jump on board AND CLAIM IT AS THEIRS.


  39. @ enuff & Piece

    Look men!!
    Both wunna suggestions are misguided.

    enuff’s idea of using TCP regulations to get rich folks to give concessions to the poor when they get permissions to make their multi-million dollar projects is mendicant, childish, subservient, brass bowlery.
    It is based on the concept of inferior morons waiting in the yard for scraps and bones.
    EVERYONE with any common sense KNOWS that the rich folks simply make the stipulated donations, INCREASE the prices of their products to the SAME poor mendicants (or extract funds from the NIS) and the situation actually gets even worse.

    In any case, what kind of real MAN – after 60 years of free education, freedom, and political empowerment, has a mirror image based on handouts from the likes of COW?

    @ Piece
    Why the Hell does it make sense to create a NEW mechanism to achieve a SIMPLE objective that we ALREADY spend hundreds of millions of dollars EACH YEAR to achieve – but fail to achieve because there are ass holes in charge of this process (and money)???

    Our Education SYSTEM is intended to identify, nurture, promote and celebrate bright national stars like Brathwaite, Rihanna, Ping Pong etc…
    Our National Sports Council is intended to focus on our SPORTS talents and to refine THOSE talents.
    The damn BOA is intended to support the top high level stars on the global level.
    ….NONE of these brass bowl clown organisations perform satisfactorily … NONE.

    As a result, we have Sukie washing cars, Oba estranged to Barbados, Brathwaite begging COW like a parro, and other talents continually frustrated and disappointed. Bajan sport is among the worst in the region, YET we have the longest serving officials…

    The ONLY people who benefit from these institutions are jackasses like Jones – now with his big job in a medical school; the BOA big-wigs who spend their millions flying the world living hobby class; and the sports council people with cushy lifetime jobs doing dilly squat.

    Rather than fix our multi-million dollar failed systems, you somehow think that it is smart to come up with yet another smart aleck scheme – that will likely end up just like the other shiite schemes that we already have….

    Do you know that Rihanna is successful BECAUSE a brass bowl Bajan is NOT running her affairs?
    Who will run your fancy scheme …Jayzee? …or will you do like government and give it to baloney, bizzy or COW?

    The challenge is to fix Education, the Sports Council, the BOA, and the Arts and Sports Fund.
    If we have no competent people to do these jobs then let us go with enuff …and beg like dogs,
    …. but shiite man – no more brass bowl mock schemes….

  40. “enuff’s idea of using TCP regulations to get rich folks to give concessions to the poor when they get permissions to make their multi-million dollar projects is mendicant, childish, subservient, brass bowlery.”

    I have never read so much shite from Enuff in all my time on BU.., his lustful dependency on crooked minorities who rip of the treasury, pension fund and bribe governments at will is frightening. …and he actually want to wish that slaveminded dumb idea on the black popukstion whike sending messages to the biggest thief in the island’s 52 year facade of an independence,.

    Let me break it down for Enuff…Cow et al steals from YOUR people with the help of YOUR governments.., that is their only huge source of income…, why would you want to beg, bow and scrape to them to get back a portion of YOUR money, YOUR land….Instead of locking them to hell up and taking back….what they STOLE FROM YOUR PEOPLE….which end of the donkey did your drop out from.

  41. Besides. ..while Enuff is busy bending over and assuming the position to beg Cow for what he stole from Bajans, it is being said that Cow sees that the end is near because he is not as blind as Enuff and is busy trying to offload Apes Hill….of course to some wealthy, white foreign buyer…being hearing about it fir weeks now, from more than one source.

    If true, let’s hope the Mia government is on top of this to get back all those millions stolen from NIS through fraudulent means…for the Apes Hill scam.

    We see how foolish and self destructive black people can be when they do not know that they do not know.

  42. @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    You said and I quote “…Why the Hell does it make sense to create a NEW mechanism to achieve a SIMPLE objective that we ALREADY spend hundreds of millions of dollars EACH YEAR to achieve – but fail to achieve because there are ass holes in charge of this process (and money)???”

    My Brother, I studied this thing looooooong and hard about precisely that last point that you made.

    “…but fail to achieve because there are ass holes in charge of this process (and money)???”…)

    The fact Bush Tea IS THAT @ 2018 THESE CLOWNS ARE NOT IN THAT MINDSPACE WHERE one can “fix Education, the Sports Council, the BOA, and the Arts and Sports Fund…”

    That cannot happen in 150 days Bush Tea.

    You think that de ole man spent over 763 days running a “Not one RH Seat campaign” while sucking one thumb in my mouth and the other one up my rear end?


    That organization that I plotted for you CAN BE STARTED TODAY and it would deliver in the timeline stated BECAUSE IT IS NOT CRAFTED BY INCOMPETENTS Bush Tea

    I cursed in this submission and I try not intermingle The Source with my bad language, I try.

    But the idea cannot fail!!

    Let me see if i can help you with this concept and while I dun know that the rest of them are looking and grafting the idea, they DO NOT HAVE ITS ELEMENTS SO what the facsimiles that they will create WILL FAIL.


    “…noun. (i) Botany. the transfer of pollen from the flower of one plant to the flower of a plant having a different genetic constitution.Compare self-pollination. (2) a sharing or interchange of knowledge, ideas, etc., as for mutual enrichment; cross-fertilization.

    Periodically you share the concept of cooperatives and black people working together and how the credit union should operate and what to many seems like lofty ideas.

    But for de ole man, what you are saying is real.

    thirty nuff years ago i met *** while i was in *** and she introduced me to Kibbutz

    “…A kibbutz is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. The first kibbutz, established in 1909, was Degania. Today, farming has been partly supplanted by other economic branches, including industrial plants and high-tech enterprises. Kibbutzim began as utopian communities, a combination of socialism and Zionism. In recent decades, some kibbutzim have been privatized and changes have been made in the communal lifestyle…”

    I was fascinated by it for 2 reasons, firstly because I could not understand why *** left me (yes in my youth I fancied myself quite a catch) and then I wanted to know what could drive her to **** (that is complicated) but suffice it to say she went back to Israel and remained there.

    But I digress.

    It is NOT THE NATURAL DISPOSITION OF BAJANS TO create nor participate in cooperatives.

    It is not the natural disposition of Bajans to share in anything, that has been our conditioning, but what I have been shown Bush Tea creates that organic kibbutzim EVEN THOUGH IT IS USUALLY OPPOSED and effects your cooperative concept.

    As usual one cannot share the innards of the concept but suffice it to say AND I AM GENERALLY A MAN OF MY WORD, the practicuum will work

  43. If you are seeking to bring a ‘solution’ that can only be successful with your special inputs, then you are wasting your time ..and Bushie’s.
    Social solutions MUST involve culture change, and as a direct consequence, CANNOT ‘DELIVER TODAY’ as you propose. Yours would only be a plaster.

    You are so much on the wrong track that it is almost funny Piece….

    What ails us have nothing to do with talent, resources or even ideas.
    Do you not think that Bushie can singlehandedly put a program in place today?? – even without Rihanna’s help?
    But THAT DOES NOT SOLVE THE REAL (and root) problem boss… trust the bushman.

    What we need is a revival of human dignity, self-value and community spirit…..
    What we need is LOVE…
    Do you have any idea of how that can be achieved?

  44. Is this a good idea given the current state of play ?

    “Barbados needs to pick up new business in the area of international business and financial services.”

    This view was expressed by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley after the Barbados International Business Association’s (BIBA) Task Force, led by Chairman Ben Arrindell, presented a report to the Government of Barbados.”

  45. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I dont know the backstory for Jack Boreman.

    I do know that he is an intelligent man or rather he is not the standard Bajan person who walks around Barbados and sucks badword.

    I am not able to assess if he wants to return to BU or if what happened was so egregious that he feels that such is not permissible.

    I know that I have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of GOD but I tend to put most things through that lens and try to forgive (I cant get the forget part done as yet as may be evidenced by my revisiting certain issues)

    That he comes here with this type of frequency shows a persistence that is admirable to be truthful.

    That man is worse than me and de grandson with that 763 day campaign.

    And he is intelligent too, I said that already.

    What I would do is to write to him offline and say that BU is prepared to let bygones be bygones (IF SUCH IS POSSIBLE) and invite him back to the fold.

    I would even make that a special blog, I dont know I am not aware of the history but that is my assessment from what I see of the way that he can manage a topic and be analytical even in between all of the other comments.

    But then again you are talking to a man who is locked on like a sidewinder to a heat signature

    BU is a blog for thinkers and people who want to learn and and to converse and take a licking sometimes (NOT LIKE AC heheheheheh)

    THis llittle island has a major problem and it needs minds that are not afraid to say no when all the rest are saying yes AND TO EXPLAIN WHY, but you got to remember that the aluminum over my head will cause these sorts of moments heheheheheheh

  46. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You assistance please with an item to you regarding Mr. Boreman

  47. @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    Nowhere in any one of my representations have I proposed that de ole man be central to any of these initiatives

    On the contrary “The Eyes on Diversification (EOD) which is one of the CONFIDENTIAL ELEMENT is a specific program comprised of a series of actions which solicit the active involvement of the Barbadian Diaspora overseas…”

    “This programme which will be orchestrated from The Office of the Prime Minister, is an initiative, which will include, but not be limited to, transmitting a personal invitation, via varied media (letter, email and (VOIP) phone calls), to several thousand of the most prominent and successful Bajans domiciled in countries throughout the world…”

    As I have said multiple times I seek to enforce the cooperative concept WITH ALL MY SUGGESTIONS and while I am not the Christ and cannot make one man LOVE his brother man I can create synergies which require that he depends on and respects said brother.

    I continued by saying “Targeting such personages will be effected through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Barbados’ embassies/consulates which feeds right into WARU’s? suggestions about using teleconferencing at the embassies as opposed to flying all over the place FIRST CLASS like the former CEO at CEDA using up beneficiaries ADVANTAGE MILES

    What that concept proposes is a outreach to critically positioned “satellites” or people (to coin the Late EWB’s word) who will leverage the diverse links and relationships they have cultivated over the years in their respective areas of endeavor.

    Each target’s “relationships” will be catalogued and mined. Mining is defined as the detailed process of converting passive data assets to active initiatives…”

    Right now the “Outside the Winner’s Circle” Serious Poster is at 3,000 downloads and what that should suggest is that that concept that took the grandson a few hours to create/CONDENSE IS OF SOME INTEREST TO SOME 3,000 people!!

    I would be a real fool to come here and broadcast the innards of a concept that can be replicated anywhere that there is a serious government that wishes to advance its tourism & knowledge Economy products.

    One day de ole man going demit this earth but what will remain is a PPP that will continue to generate FOREX for Barbados.

    This is not about me Bush Tea, NEVER WAS & NEVER WILL BE

  48. Both of you, Do not be fooled by CROOK COW to be used to sell land and house he does not own, Whatever you ever bought from him or anyone in Barbados get an outside lawyer to do a clear title search to see if you also were De Frauded, and the COP , DPP , AG all part of the Massive Land Fraud and PONZI on going in Barbados on all people of the World , COW needs to be in Jail,

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