The Crime Factor ^

Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner

In February 2009 BU posted Rihanna To Turn Spotlight On Domestic Violence  which she suffered from hands of Chris Brown. Although there is the evidence Rihanna has achieved her objective of ‘good girl gone bad’, we agree that when a high profile person adopts a cause it attracts more attention than if the average Joe or Jane did the same. That is the way it is, deal with it!

The recent and unfortunate experience which Senator Irene Sandiford-Gardner had in Warrens car park is another example of a prominent person drawing attention to a situation hopefully for the better. Of course similar acts have been occurring almost on a daily basis but never attract the front page cover which the Senator got on Friday. BU of course joins with the many Barbadians who wish the Senator well and a speedy recovery.

For months the public has become very concerned about the prevalence of crime in Barbados. The concern has heightened in recent weeks.  Public concern has not* been quelled by the politically correct statements issued by Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite or Commissioner of Police  Darwin Dottin. It is understandable the response by officials is to issue statements which will promote calm. However there is a point when the reality of any situation must be confronted with a view to formulating an action plan; we have reached that point. While it is the job of the Police to serve and protect, it is the job of all of us to make the job of the Police that much easier.

Whether we are witnessing a minority element in society who feel disenfranchised because of warped expectations for whatever reason, have become social misfits as a result of parental delinquency, the economic times have encouraged the morally weak to turn to crime or all the above, we cannot throw our hands in the air, rely on suave public statements or pleading with the demon possessed. We have to collaborate, shape a plan and execute it!

By the way Senator, all agree that Supercentre Warrens car park could do with better lighting but it will not address the heart of the problem. Only last week a similar incident minus the stabbing occurred in PriceSmart car park; in ‘broad’ day light!  The deviant and criminal behaviour raising its ugly head is symptomatic of a fissure deep within the social construct of our society. To fix it we have to come together in the national interest even if it means setting aside ‘positions’. Which is more important anyway?

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  1. Recently a friend of my daughter related this story to her:
    She was walking on Broad St. during her lunch hour when someone grabbed her blackberry and ran. It took her 4 seconds to realize this person had her ID, her bank card as well as her blackberry. Now this tiny built investment broker in her business suit, kicked off her shoes and went after the perpetrator. He ran down by the Immigration office with the victim behind some paces behind him. He disappeared from sight and the victim asked some car washers if they had seen some one running and described him. She told them what he had done and they had seen someone like him running into the nearby Mall . Well they all broke up and went in search of him. The victim spotted the perpetrator walking quickly through the mall and she pounced on him along with the car washers. She was so mad that she was about to give him some licks. The car washers told her not to do anything and they all marched him off to the police station. The victim was cussing him telling him he chose the wrong person to mess with especially a Barbados sprint athlete. The Police smelt something foul in the air and asked the perpetrator ” skipper yuh smelling very shitty?” The perpetrator was so scared that he had shit himself. The victim who was still barefoot in her business suit told the car washers where she had kicked off her shoes and they went and brought them to her.

    The case was heard several weeks later after the perpetrator had been remanded to Dodds. The perpetrator apologized many times and promised never to do anything like that again, the victim told the judge that she thought that he had learnt his lesson and had spent several weeks in prison, so there was no need for further imprisonment.

  2. Quoting islandgal “She was so mad that she was about to give him some licks”

    She should have washed his a*s in licks, and then called the police.

  3. quite recently a family member had her bag snatched with all her cards and she felt violated.

    Only today, a friend of mine told me her son’d blackberry was snatched from his even though the perpetrator of the cime was apprehended, but the cellphone was not retrieved. From that experience, it was deducted that the cellphone was passed on to another member of the thiefing team. the police was unable to extract any information from the thief about the cellphone. They have deduced that the cell phone snatchers are working in teams.

    The time has come for the commissioner to unveil a strategy to counter this type of crime as it is appearing with monotonous regularly. The public must also take necessary precaution like dont have their windows down where persons can reach into their cars and relieve them of their property. Have we reached the stage of jamaica where persons dont care about the sanctity of life?. Are these crimes drug related?.

  4. “The victim who was still barefoot in her business suit told the car washers where she had kicked off her shoes and they went and brought them to her.”

    That shows that they are still some good young men in Barbados but we all know that. The criminals should be hunted down and brought to justice.

    When I am in Barbados I get my cousin’s car washed by the fellas by Central or down by the Wharf.

    @Christopher Halsall why should we not believe Islandgal246 ? WTF is cute about a woman being robbed.?

  5. I am sorry to hear that the Senator was assaulted and robbed, however I am not sure if the Senator or the Nation is responsible for this reporting which appeared in the Nation on Friday October 14, p. 6

    “Sitting in her Cane Garden, St. Thomas home…my son called me…I am a person with expensive jewellry” Somewhere else it was mentioned that the Senator is 50.

    So now the whole world knows that the middle-aged female Senator lives at Cane Garden, St. Thomas, Barbados has expensive jewellry, and can infer that her presumably adult son (and maybe protector) does not live at home.

    It is not wise for anybody to put such nformation about themselves out to the public (some of whom are very, very bad people)

  6. I have neitha a blackberry, blueberry, raspberry not gooseberry. But I wear a nice gold chain, two bangles, a bracelet n two rings. I in tekkin dem off fa shoite. Lemme see de nappy head bitch dat gun cum n try ta tek me. He would gotta kill me causen I in surrendarin my property easy so. N he betta be fully prepared fa de outcome. I fightin till my t-string pop. Dese bitches want cripplin and I would oblige dem.

    I cannnnnn undastan how de girl cud leh he get off widout a lash or betta yet, a hard kick in he rasthole ballz. All de carwashers in Babadus kun stop me from fcukin up he ballz wid a kick.N when he bennin ova holdin he krutch, he wooda get anudda hard kick in ‘e face. I mean um. De Police woulda had ta turn rong n charge me fa assault. But he woulda dun got some well swollen ballz.

  7. Random
    stupseeeeeeeeee, when I read dat part bout ‘expensive jewellry’, I stupse hard as cunt too. I mean who k if she got expensive gold, cheap silver or dip in gold-brass. stupseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Sumtings are betta leff unsaid causen ya cud only mek yaself a easy target……………………………..again.

  8. @ Bonny Peppa:

    Girl, ya hot, That’s the way to deal with these petty vermin. Before they go and get involved in more sophisticated (white collar) thieving they ain’t making use of their free education at all. L P and others can teach them a thing or two.
    I would like to hire you as my personal body guard and pay you in gold bars. But no friggin in the riggin.

  9. Bonny I wuuda kick he too but the car washers didn’t want things to get outta hand. After all he had shit in his pants so she mighta get her bare feet dirty wid his shite. eh eh nasty rastole.

    When in the car in lonely places keep your windows up and doors locked. If attacked press on your car horn and don’t let up. I wudda start muh car and run dat SOB down, dem wuud had to shovel he up off de road. I try to be very aware of my surroundings before I get to and open my car. Like Bonny…. I ent got nuh Blackberry , Brownberry or Redberry. Ah gotta phone dat nuh body wud want.

  10. Madam Senator wants the worl tah kno dat she gots expensive tastes. I sorry she had to go through that ordeal though.

  11. @BONNY PEPPA | October 15, 2011 at 9:14 PM |
    I have neitha a blackberry, blueberry, raspberry not gooseberry.
    I once had a Red Cherry and it also got taken away. But I did not put up a fight.

  12. Millernuki
    Looka, I in able wid you dis blessid Sabbaf nite. I hay gettin maself preparid fa chu’ch tamorrrrrrrr. Yes, I is a chu’ch memba if ya pleeze n ‘no’, I doan ‘buse in chu’ch. At leas not fa dem ta hare.
    Ya mek ma cry when ya sa dat dem shud get involv in ‘mo sophisticated crime’. you in eazy a’tall.
    LOLL, I kin assure you, dere will be ‘no friggin in de riggin’ but for sure dere will be ‘fcukin in de truckin’.
    ya demon.

    From de time he snatch my blackberry, tings woulda get outta hand. N de shit would be his so he shun mind gettin sum smare all cross he face when I kick he. Nutton din gun stop me frum gine afta he lil ballz man.

    I feel sorry for the Senator too. No one should be able to enter my air space and try to rob me and get off without a scratch. That would piss me off more than anything else.
    If you approach me with bad intentions, you should be made an example of.
    And I don’t plan to make myself a prisoner in my home or anywhere else. I am going about my business as usual. I refuse to let these lil punks drive fear up my ass. Not me.

    Now is a better time than ever to take up self-defence. Hurt a few of dese bitches good, once n for all.

  13. Colonel Buggy
    Lawddddddddddd, mek peace. Ya got ma cryinnnnnnnn.
    I once had a nice, cute, fresh, nevva-bin-touched, lil pink cherry too n yes, I din put up a fight needa when it was ‘taken’. It was more of a ‘struggle’. Not a fight.
    Lawdddddddddd, have merci.
    Ma bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  14. HAS anyone checked the veracity of this story ??
    WHY does this sound like a -“cupid in the afternoon moment” = a story—that is –made up ????

  15. What I have been reading here sounds a lot like a scene from a Timothy Callender Novel or Short Story. It does confirm however that he captured the barbadian ability to tell a tall tale well.

  16. Just Asking N Lemuel
    Only if it had ended in a tragedy it would be deemed true to you two?
    Looka, doan mek ma puke sa early in de morn.

  17. Jest axing and lemule…which story wunna axing bout? Mynze? eff it is muh story I gine tek it as a compliment to be compared with the greats like Timothy Callender. Dis one aint fiction dough . An eff wunna cud believe de bible wunna cud belief dis one, it truer dan de bible.

  18. Does anyone know whether Lime and Digicel operate the system which allows networks to refuse access to phones which have their IMEI (serial) number on the GSMA database of stolen phones?

  19. Let me repeat my Question with clarity

    Since the genie is out of the bottle :CRIME and VIOLENCE” what steps must the government implement to restore law and order. Bonny i am awaiting your response

  20. In a way we are all responsible for our security and therefore do not let people tell you are a frighten person when you take defensive positions to protect yourself. Like locking your car doors when sitting in a car park at night. Market vendor spoke of this only last month when someone was trying to get into his car while parked in a supermarket car park in the UK. He said was accustomed to locking his car doors in Barbados and therefore when the man pulled the doors he was not even aware that someone was in the car.

    Mrs. Garner felt comfortable in the environment to get back in her car to talk but that criminal was looking out for any opportunity to rob somebody that night.

    From my observations females can be robbed of their cell phones easily at night or day because their heads are always down looking at the BB screens and not aware of their surroundings. They even bounce into you as they walk along texting.

    Everyone should recognize that this country has its fair share of criminals and you should expect anything to happen any time and therefore be always on the alert.

  21. ac
    LOL. I wonda why you await my response? You like troubl nah?
    Anyway, I doan kno hummuch mo can be dun dat isn’t already being dun by all concerned. Do we need more police patrols in all de cracks n crevices? Do we need to be more vigilant for ourselves n neighbourhood? Should we report any suspicious looking persons or activities?
    I play my part in my neighbourhood. You don’t see me but I am aware of everything going on around me. If I notice a strange car loitering, I always note de numba. In udda words, I rale malicious.
    Me personallly doan plan ta go inta ‘panic-mode’. Not me. Not because of a few undesirables bout de place dat only intention is ta humbug de society.

    ac,what is your take on ‘vigilante-justice’? I support it 1000%. You kill my dog, I fcukin up you cat. End a story.
    And I doan wanna hear nutton bout dis is a civil society. People getting tired wid dese unwarranted attacks on person n property.
    I personally would cripple one a dem n doan k. I serious.

    Islandgal @ 8:41
    LOL. Looka ma crosses dis bless-id Sundee. Ya baddddd. LOLLLLL

    Just Asking
    Your post yestada @ 11:27.

  22. To chris:
    I must conclude with you that bonna peppa and island girl can not substantiate their true stories. At least the characters in the Bible lived and there is proof of it, even Christ.

  23. lemuel
    Whetha you conclude or concur wid Chris, in got a ting ta do wid me. Who is Chris? Jess anudda blogga like me n de ress. stupseeeeeeeee.
    Which story it is dat I cannnn substantiate? ya got ma loss fa words. Where is de proof dat de characters in de Bible lived? Dem grow up wid you? stupseeeee. Evrybody got dem own ‘belief’ bout de said ‘bible stories’ hear? And you should kno dat with a ‘bellief’ there’s still a shadow of doubt.

    Anyway, I gine n bless my vittle befo I eat um. Um is rice n peas, bake pork, a close chicken stew, lil cold-slaw, toss-salad ( I does toss um cross de table fa who want) patata salad n lil sweet patata pie.
    Ya mout watering now nah?

    I got a bredda dat when ya tell he ta sa prayers befo meals, he does shut he eyes n sa, ‘prayers before meals’ n den start ta massakreet he food man. LOLLLL

  24. It is unfortunate that something like this happened to Mrs Sandiford-Garner, however it takes things like this to happen for the powers that be stop sweeping crime under the carpet. Ask most bajans and they would tell you they are scared to travel through Barbados alone. The Police Commissioner HAS to tighten up on criminals and stiffer penalties needs to be put on convicted criminals. Failing to do this the criminals would take over this country, I spoke about this before and was labelled a “prophet of DOOM and BLOOM” but I saw what has happened to T&T and ST Lucia and Barbados MUST be ready to deal with the criminals as it seems it is now our turn to be destabilsed.

    • @The Scout

      We shouldn’t make the mistake to place this problem on the back of the police force alone.

      We all have to play our part.

  25. Le Mule…..To chris:
    I must conclude with you that bonna peppa and island girl can not substantiate their true stories. At least the characters in the Bible lived and there is proof of it, even Christ.

    Yuh forgot to add the ‘T” afta Chris. Yuh fishing fuh friens wid CH. What shite yuh does talk yuh doan even know dem Bible characters nor even fambily tah dem and lying here pon BU. What fcking proof yuh got? Yuh ignarant LE MULE reel ignarant.

  26. To Bonny Peppa:
    Thank you for seeing the humour in the piece. I enjoyed your last post. As usual Island Gal can only get on bad and cuss. Prayer for she too.

  27. David
    did u say to ‘play our part’ or ‘play wid our parts’? Lemme kno befo I start ta do anyting.
    Ya demon.

    murdahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ya gettin on scruffy a nuff. Lawdddddddddddd mek peace.
    LE MULE; I luvz um.

  28. To Island Gal:
    Every day I have proof there is a God. the difficulty is that you would have to walk where I walk to know it, but as we are very different personalities our walks would differ. And I am talking about serious manifestations of the supernatural; they would be to you but they are natural to me.

  29. Bonny thanks for your response! However it shows a society which has lost total confidence in its leaders and justice system.
    My main concern is where the belly of the monster lies or the root cause or causes . A society does not degenerate over night the seeds were planted years ago during childhood but were ignored by governments and society at large. Now as the saying goes “WE reap what we sow”.

    • @ac

      At the altar of ‘progress’ our society has moved on from the blanket of the village to the Heights and Terraces and we have not found an adequate substitute.

  30. I agree, also many individuals who came up in the village, don’t return and try to uplift the village, their presence among the youngsters would encourage them to excel, they can be their mentors, alas many villge boys who have made a nema for themselves, have turned their backs on their villages and many don’t even return to see their relatives who still live their.They don’t even want to let their children know where they came and the hardship many endured when they were children.

  31. Yes David all societies will move on . But in every village that we used to live in their was always a person or person who we ignored because they behavioural standards were out of sync with ours and we said or did nothing about it. just like standing water it becomes contaminated if it is not treated and so it goes.

  32. Please don’t start that village vs heights and terraces nonsense. Barbados is a victim of its own success. For a multitude of reasons we now have at least two generations who feel a sense of entitlement and also lack a moral compass. I was raise with a set of absolute rights and wrong. I would say that persons born post 1980 were raised to believe that everything must be tolerated, everybody has a right to behave and dress as they like and to have whatever they want, and to have it now. It doesn’t matter if they steal to get it and you must be tolerant and understand their circumstances. What did we expect to happen. We want to criticize England and American children about lack of manners etc. Yet we continue to rush headlong on the same development path that got the children of those countries that way but expect that ours will be different. Bajans suffering some form of mass psychosis.

  33. Bro Scout
    De BEST menton any child can have is his/her PARENTS. Look nowhere else buddy. IT STARTS IN THE HOME. you could bring a mentor from God’s throne and the youngsters don’t want to hear or see that person, then all is still lost.
    I was the best mentor for my sons. And I always had the backing of my loyal friend, the WHIP. Never failed me yet.

    maybe its just me
    ya in lie. A whole generation lost. ya in lie. And it will get WORSE. I shudder to think what will become of my blessed lil in a few years time. By then I would’ve gone ‘home’ to meet my Maker and to sit at his right side. (Islandgal tell me dat de only Maker I gun meet is a shoe-maker.) LOLLL

  34. Bro Scout
    The first line should read; ‘de best MENTOR’ not ‘MENTON”. I doan kno wah is a menton. Had my finga in de rong ting.

  35. @maybe
    You quote two generations who have a sense of entitlement and moral decayOut of those two generations would you say the majority or minority that is contributing to the moral decay. i do sense a case of frustration on your part and the overwhelming need to place blameon those of a newr generation . However you must be careful not to paint a broad brush scatchingly upon anyone generation as they are good and bad within every society and it is morally incumbent on those of us not to place blame but shoulder some of the responsibilty for the least among us who are not capable of helping themselves and that does not only mean financially.

  36. The entitled ones will get a reality check when they go out to work, that is if they are allowed to go out to work. Some parents have become so foolish that they willing to support their grown hard back children forever.

  37. Bonna Peppa
    I just re-read my comment and I don’t find me telling about a MENTON, however, if I did, I do apologise to you as most of my comments are not re-read. I believe, however, that the Nation News do have proof readers and I get fun anytime I buy one of their newspapers to look for the grammatical and spelling errors that are put out there for the public to read. I’m just a simple old man looking to live out the rest of my days and comment on things as I see fit. What I DID see is my mis-spelling of the word NAME, I have it spelt NEMA. O FOOLISH UNEDUCATED ME. LOL
    Funny thing at CXC I would still be given as right once the examiner knows what I’m writing about, so I’m not too bad

  38. Bonna Peppa
    There is an old saying “it takes a villge to raise a child,” In the village I came from YES my parents were my biggest mentors but there were and still is many people from that village that I saw as mentors to me. I respect them to the fullest because it is them that assisted my parents in making me the MAN i am today. I have passed it on to my offspring
    When I visit my village and sit and talk to the fellows there, most of them are intelligent and well educated but many are frustrated with what they refer to as the “SYSTEM.” Most of them just needs guidance.

  39. Bro Scout
    I was referrin to my misspelt word ‘menton’ not you honey-suckle. I would nevva diss you dat way dawlinks. It was my erra not yours boo.
    I agree dat it takes a whole society not only village to help raise a child but nowaday parents are looking to everyone else to raise their offspring except themselves. They have the wrong idea about parenting on the whole and to correct their young uns is like blaspheming. Their precious lil ‘gems’ are untouchable so it is almost impossible to assist in rearing the lil ones and giving them guidance. The pissy parents are quick to ‘carry-on’, hence the blind-eye approach from de older folk.

    I’m a simple ol degenerate too, so dat makes two of us. Not to worry pappa. LOLL

    • Let us hope the attack on the Senator will galvanize our society into action.

      Read a comment this morning that Steve Job died and millions around the world mourn, millions die in Africa and elsewhere each year and it we take note as if we were changing underwear.

      Go figure.

  40. @ac, let me try to clarify.

    I was pointing out that this is a set of different people with a different set of values because they are the first generations that were raised from a different perspective. Right or wrong, there was no in between for me. For these youngsters it is about tolerance and acceptance because everybody has their individual rights, its not about the greater good. I know some very polite young people and they are good kids, but for them everything can be excused away and oh well if that’s what that person believes is right for him, well that’s all good. And while I believe only a minority of our citizens are bad, I’m saying that we have a very different set of people coming into maturity in this society, and we are not ready to deal with the fall out, and we are refusing to see what will happen cause we will go the same route as England and America, and no one has the guts to say, let’s pull back.

    Any blame lies firmly with those of us who didn’t think we had good positive worthwhile values and customs to pass on to the next generation and that we had to discard the very things that made us the “fine upstanding” citizens that we are today (right?)

  41. @maybe
    Couldn’t agree with you more on the last part of your comment. and so we did discarding and disregarding many of our values and customs just to “fit in”with society ever so forgetting that we are sending the wrong messages to the future generation and at the same time expecting them to conform now as a result we have a confused generation hell bent on self destruction

  42. We need to be honest with the young people, sit down and talk with them , don’t make promises you know you can’t keep. Football tournaments and the like wouldn’t win the youth by either side, most young people just not intersted in politics, they just feel politicians has let them down by promising the moon and stars during their campaigning but afterwards they don’t see them again until next elections. These young peoiple are the ones to keep this Barbados flag flying, failing to help them now can mean they losing their right to be called BAJAN, as foreigners are pouncing like vultures to take over Barbados.

    • @maybe its just me

      There is merit in your position although the lack of a village is part of the dynamic which we should not discount.

  43. @David: “Let us hope the attack on the Senator will galvanize our society into action.

    One possibility is to have video cameras installed effectively everywhere; have our cars monitored everywhere they go; have our cell phones tracked to within five meters; have all of our Internet and voice traffic intercepted and recorded.

    Personally, I’m OK with that.

    Is the average Bajan?

    (Here’s a hint — this is already possible; without our knowledge.)

  44. @

    you toooooo sweet LOLLLLL.

    Island Gal,

    with the asinine statement of trying to impress people about the expensive taste she has, she very well might have set up herself to be a victim again, unfortunately.

  45. If children have a sense of entitlement, it is because the adults have foolishly made them to believe that they can get whatever they want without much effort.

    While we were growing up we had to save our lunch money (if we got any), earn it by doing extra chores in order to buy the things we wanted, now children are given money just so.

    The value of earning and effort to achieve, is no longer taught, so we have a generation of young people who believe that they too must have and the only effort they willing to make is to steal it from you.

  46. @Fran: “If children have a sense of entitlement, it is because the adults have foolishly made them to believe that they can get whatever they want without much effort.

    Are you convinced it is only the “adults”?

    Does Rihanna and all the other young stars not communicate the same message?

    Oh, sorry… Yes, of course… The young stars are controlled by adults….

  47. I don’t think the attack on the senator is going to change anything, unfortunately. I hate to say it – but I think it will only take a really high profile person actually being killed for there to be a great effort, and not even then. I pray that another innocent life is not lost as the result of crime in Barbados.

    People will talk about this latest incident for a few days and then it will be business back to normal for most of us. Those of us who can afford to will install more and more of the latest security equipment, effectively becoming prisoners in our own homes while the actual criminals roam around free outside.
    It would take a complete change in society and our value system for things to really change. A lot of us feed into the consumerist and class mentality that is motivating a lot of youth to steal. Some of us act as though it is an inalienable right to have a Blackberry, expensive jewellery, the latest designer clothes, or an expensive car, simply because we worked for them. But it isn’t. Many of us believe that “that’s just the way life is” that in every society there are the rich and the poor. If you happen to be poor it’s because you “don’t want to work” and didn’t try hard enough to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, many of us convince ourselves. That is the case sometimes, but not all the time.

    Many of us don’t give a second thought, or we love to boast about the “help” we hire to clean our houses and maintain our gardens. Some of us love living in a classist society where some of us have so much and others have so little. And every day all the luxuries that they will never afford are dangled in front of their faces.

  48. Even what you are saying David. Why should there be more outrage and a greater call to action over what happened to the Senator? It is terrible what happened to her, and I am glad she was not harmed worse than she was.
    But where is the similar outrage over the lady who worked at CBC who was actually KILLED recently? An innocent mother gunned down in front of her own home. Like the Senator, she had just finished her shopping too.

    But because she was not an upper income person she does not deserve the same amount of outrage and we should just “deal with it”? That’s what I mean about those of us who love living in a class-privileged society. We don’t care that some lives are considered more valuable than others.

  49. @Nia

    You are correct that it should take a high profile person to draw attention to crime which impact ordinary people daily but that is the way the cookie crumbles. It is the point made in the blog.

  50. I am glad to see this topic being discussed.

    My daughter was robbed of her purse,blackberry and cash I kept in the console of my car. She was sitting in the car waiting for her friends when she was attacked by 4 young men.

    Fortunately she was not injured physically probably because she did not fight back. She was extremely lucky.

    The Police did not investigate because she was not harmed and Police in Toronto don’t investigate this kind of crime unless there is an injury.They have too many shootings and stabbings to deal with.

    I hope the Barbados Police hunt down the vermin who are robbing women in Barbados and deal with them appropriately.

  51. I recently moved here from the States to Paradise into a beautiful Plantation House in St. Joseph, and had jewelry stolen that was for my children, made by my children and gifts from my husband and friends that totaled more than 25k USD. The thiefs also set the dining table on fire and threw a cement block on my car while I was in the house. I am tired of hearing I should be greatful for not being raped or killed. I am beyond greatful. I lost jewelry that meant alot to me, I have to pay 8500 to fix my car, and I HAD to move as obviously the house was not secure. So I lost the security deposit on top of that. None of my jewelry was dangling in front of anyone, was it stolen because I have more than someone else? because I am white? WHY? I was taught that there are always people who will have more than me and ones who will have less. I chose a career in a profession to aid the less fortunate and many times traded service for cake, cookies, goats and even just smiles. I would not take a paperclip from my office. Because I am honest it makes me angry that now I have to live in a cage instead of the theives. It makes me angry that on such a small island how can they NOT track down cell phones? Why can’t Lime or Digicel help by having a registry for cell phones so a stolen one cannot have a SIM card and they seize it immediately when a fool tries to get one? Why do people BUY the stolen gold, pearls and rubies instead of calling the police? Why do people say Oh, well these things happen? Why isnt there a public crime report so peiople can really see what is happening in an area they want to rent/buy or stay? No social answers are easy. But taking what is not yours is not right EVER. You never know the circumstances of anyones life or how hard they have worked or sacrificed for what they have achieved. Turning your head away and not speaking up or reporting something that is obviously wrong is just as shameful as the act of crime because you are part of the problem when you do not report, when you do not notify. Be happy for what you have. Be happy for what others have, and try to make the world a better place and help others who need it.

  52. @NIA.
    Yes most of us do like nice things and see it as the reward we so richly deserve for all of our years of hard work.Are you saying that a person having nice things motivates the youth to steal. Where is the logic in that? People with low self esteem whether rich or poor would steal.So to blame the victim is ludicrous.So what do you expect people to do not buy or have nice things because some maniac in the street might steal it. If this is the case maybe it would be better if we all have nothing. Then they will be nothing to steal according to your logic.

  53. @Rabia

    Hi lady! so you were robbed. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate ordeal. Yes this is a small island without the many vast resources that is comparable to the USA. so please forgive us !as it is we are very limited in our resources and there is so much we can do given the harshness of the economic times. Things that might seem simplistic can take lots of years for our brightest and best in the judicial system to figure out.Most of us have a laid back attitude and our motto is”Tomorrow” meaning no need to rush. We like American things but we are not in as much of a hurry as Americans. Never fear we will catch that thief in”Bajantime” and when we do we will guarantee you vigilante justice just ask Bonny Peppa or Island girl. Like i say i feel your pain now to make things better go have a “Rum and Coke” and don’t fret about nuttin. because there is always “Tommorow”

  54. Fran | October 17, 2011 at 2:12 PM |
    you toooooo sweet LOLLLLL.
    Island Gal,

    with the asinine statement of trying to impress people about the expensive taste she has, she very well might have set up herself to be a victim again, unfortunately.
    Reminds me of the Bajan fellow who got into a serious accident in New York. “Cor bline me, I just brought out this top of the line Lexus costing me nearly 100 grand,and now this C*** come along and lick it up,and I don’t know if i’ll get another one this week.”
    A policeman on the scene said to him, “I can’t understand you people, you were involved in an accident and got your left arm severed,and all that you are concerned about is your car. ”
    ”Thank you! thank you very much officer, that left arm over there has on a $25,000 Rolex gold watch and a $10,000 bracelet.”

  55. I would highly recommend that you obtain or read a copy of the SAS Security Handbook, by Andrew Kain
    ISBN # 0434003069. It touches on Security in the Home, In the street, In the car, Abroad, Business and Working in hostile regions.
    Even thought I was trained and operated in what was then the toughest city in the world, I still find this book interesting ,easy to read and full of valuable advice.
    As Andy McNab ex SAS, and author advises.
    “Don’t wait to be a victim of crime. Do yourself a favour-read this book.”

  56. @AC,
    Nobody here is blaming the victim, or saying that because some people have so-called “nice things” that is the sole motivating factor for stealing. If that was the case, then people like Bernie Madoff or Allen Sandford wouldn’t have had the motivation to steal would they? They already had all the so-called “nice things” money could buy.

    I am talking about the greed, consumerism and materialism – that society as a whole benefits from. In other words, it would probably take a major overhaul of society for things to get better and how many of us would really want to be a part of that? Not many, because a lot of us actually benefit nicely with things just the way they are (so long as we or our loved ones are not directly affected by crime). That’s what I was trying to say.

    For example, some of the same “nice things” we love to have – how much do you think someone in another part of the world was actually paid to have it brought to you so conveniently to your living room, your table, or in the stores, etc.?

    I am not saying you are individually responsible, I am saying it is part of a SOCIETAL problem on the whole. It doesn’t matter how hard you work for those nice things, or how much of your money you might give away to the poor. We are all a part of society and connected in some way whether we like it or not.

  57. And I didn’t say that those were the ONLY factors for crime. Obviously things like drugs, poor family structure, low morals etc. also are responsible. Because I didn’t mention those factors earlier doesn’t mean I don’t believe that they also play a large part.

  58. @ NIA

    I “Think’ i understand what your are saying.However given permission by you i will”think” about it and let you in on my final conclusion. No need to be defensive at this point.BTW I “Think” i like “nice” things like jewelry and Lamborghini’s, and hate KFC. I prefer Maine Lobster. And i do not live in a prison.

    • We know that our society is failing when ordinary citizens are prepared to hide and cower in the face of this attack from a minority element of our society.

  59. On reading the RBPF arrested the copper theives let me place on record that our police are doing an amazing job. Last week they nabbed two 19year olds in a cold case murder from 2009. Hats off to the hard working policemen and policewomen.
    My interaction with the police is limited but I’ve run into a few dont care, rude police officers male and female but overall the police are professional and motivated, they deserve a lot of praise for their thankless task. Their immediate mission is to apprehend the scum who attacked the sexy Senator Irene.
    When we look at the rest of the Caribbean with the incompetence, corruption , human right violations which plague the region’s police forces kudos must go out to COP Dottin and the RBPF.
    The cops though could be more assertive with the boys on the blocks who sell and use dope in the open and with impunity also the ZR lunatics and the filthy mouth disrespectful school children who Ronald Jones labelled demons. Mind you the majority of young people and school children are good Bajan citizens more reason why the bad ass minority ought to feel the full weight of the law. Go ahead RBPF you are doing a great job Barbados is behind you.

    • The issue here is not about the Police and if it is doing a good job. It is about dealing with the systemic behaviour which is leading to a hardening of crime in Barbados.

    • @Retired Marine

      Then you glowing praise of the RBPF at the expense of mentioning the changing face of crime is a moot one.

  60. The whole issue is, the RBPF, along with the RSS have been seizing quite a number of shipments of drugs recently. Somebody has to find the money to pay the “big boy,” therefore with the advertising of “cash-for-gold” this is an easy target to get quick money. Also with unemployment reaching its highest in 18 years, more people are turning to illegal methods to get money, some women are turning to prositution, men are robbing, selling drugs or some other illegal avenues to made ends meet, because they don’t want to change their lifestyle.This problem will get worse unless we nip it in the bud NOW by giving harsher penalties to the convicted.Failing to do this, these people can become so hardened in their “new found” employent, that they wiil be difficult to get them return to decent living. It’s not easy but it must be done, unfortunately I don’t have an answer.

  61. The positive side to this matter with the Sen. ( if we can call it that) is that it took an attack on a “big-up” for the administration to see the seriousness of the situation. For a long time people were being robbed in that car park and Sheraton’s. Only last weekend I heard of a number of persons who were robbed of their cell phones at Sheraton and its surroundings. We must look at the ads appearing in the print media of cell phone “new or used” that are for sale, there has to be a ready market for these items that the thief can relieve him/herself of them quickly.

  62. This incident involving the Senator is just a example of the growing robbery and crime situation in Barbados in general. I am wondering if I am the only person that notice that the only DLP person who came out to speak against this act was the Ministry of Education? Where is the A.General in all of this, why havent we heard him on crime from the murders in St.George? What measures are being put in place to the 55% hike in robberies? Where is the Commissioner of Police, I have come to understand that robbery in this Warrens car park is a weekly event, Warrens is becoming a major business center in Barbados, isnt it time to set up a police outpost, or some kind of station in Warrens also, with foot patrols all through the day/night?
    Its time for the people in the various govt posts to do their jobs and be proactive and not just passive.

  63. Stuart….

    WHAT? You mean actually have them DO THEIR JOBS? That’s what they did in college, man! They HAD to do that to get to this positions…SO THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO DO IT ANY MORE!

    Sure must be nice, studying politics in college… XD

  64. @St George’s Dragon: “Does anyone know whether Lime and Digicel operate the system which allows networks to refuse access to phones which have their IMEI (serial) number on the GSMA database of stolen phones?

    I do not know the answer to this question.

    But based on heuristics, I suspect not.

    Happy to be corrected, as always.

  65. hopefully not since we are a docile bunch of talkers . taking matters into our own hands vigilante stlye is out of the question. However Barbadians would go over and above to spend money on security to protect their interest.

  66. @Rabia…I am sorry that you have been robbed of your family jewelry and the damage to your car. We do have problems in Paradise and we have take the necessary precautions. I have to be always aware of my surroundings even at at my home. We all have to be responsible for our own protection as best we can. I have dogs inside and anytime I hear them barking I get up to check (while the hubby sleeps). I also have the nearest police station number in my phones (cell and land line). I also have the number of one of my neighbours. Yes we have problems in Paradise. Perhaps I can invite you to a cup of coffee or tea whenever you are in Speightstown. Take care and remember there are thieves in all countries including Paradise.

  67. islandgal246 | October 18, 2011 at 6:38 PM |
    @Rabia…I am sorry that you have been robbed of your family jewelry.
    If the government passes the Preservation of Antiquities and Relics Bill, pretty soon we will have our family jewels and silver officially snatched from us.

  68. Thank you for the conveyence of sorrow for my unwanted Welcome to Barbados party.
    Dont worry, I am supporting the economy with rum and coke and waiting till tomorrow.
    @ Nia many on this list have stated they don’t worry because they have nothing to take. I think the jealousy or anger or inability to obtain nice things does motivate theivery. It is a way to justify their action, well they have and I don’t so I will help myself. If they had raided my fridge it would be a completely different discussion. Along with monetarily valuable jewelry to take things my children have made for me with thier once little hands, which the robbers will throw away is also sad.
    @ island girl I dont want dogs, my husband is hairy enough:), but I have settled on burglar bars and alarm. It saddens me to give in to the element that is unwanted in my reality. The setting of my table on fire and the car was just evil.
    Barbados may not have as many resources as the US, but the size of the island is not used to its police advantage at times. Security /xray techs at the airport, mailing of packages, and more stringent management of the cash for gold places would be beneficial. And Lime and Digicel should positively be helping with the cell phone crimes. Their rates are pure ridiculousness to begin with, and the cell phone prices too exorbitant. Greed is everywhere not just those who lurk on the outskirts of society!

  69. In today’s Nation newspaper ,we read of the Ministry of Health inspectorate voicing their concerns over the high percentage of homes that are not visited by their health inspectors, due to these said homes being closed up,during the day while their owners are away at work. The Health Ministry ,and the newspaper,then went on to name in particular, the most affected district located in the St James area.
    This is valuable information to the criminals and thieves .The Authorities ,and the media , need to be more responsible,in making such statements . or as my friend Bonny would put it, keep their Rihanna expletive deleted mouths shut.

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