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  1. This photo alone is worth the BTA contract that Rihanna has, with St. Lucia advancing and overtaking us, St. Vincent getting their international airport on stream in a few months. We have to get serious and use every advantage that we have to keep and attract more high influence “tourist” Rihanna, Shontelle, Rupee we need to tap into and attract all their fans.

    The fact that all three of these international recording artiste are currently in Barbados for cropover, should not be overlooked by the BTA, their time here should be tweeted and posted all over the internet by the BTA.

  2. Driver, Ask yourself a simple question. WHY is the image not on the BTA website/FaceBook page already?
    Perhaps someone should wake them up!

  3. If tourism is our #1 business there must be a level of alacrity and agility to how we support it. Using the Internet and social media has been identified as one area we need to beef up. If we don’t the opportunities like this one which give our destination a chance to shine out of many will be negated.

  4. @ Adrian & David:

    Only shows what we up against! We have a mountain to climb in getting tourism back to the pinnacle of success as a major contributor to economic sustenance. Something as basic as posting a picture with a catchy title and simple write up welcoming two big stars to our beautiful shores is “beyond their imagination” and competence. It can’t take more than ten minutes to do (and no major cost involved) in order to make effective use of modern technology to market Bim internationally.
    What wrong with our bright and highly educated people? Have they not been trained to think and be proactive even if not creative?
    Sorry to say but our old folks were right as encapsulated in their old proverb: “Edication aint commonsense!” I pray and weep for my people. How are we going to survive in this coming new economic age as its high winds of change have started to buffet us?

    Just hoping that they rise to the occasion and make full use of this golden marketing opportunity for the upcoming make or break winter season.

  5. Willing to be corrected but it is hard to believe that the BTA or somebody in government would not have been made aware of the Winfrey Rihanna interview and the plan to meet on island.

  6. culture first and foremost necessary ingredient in re-branding and retooling tourism industry. name recognition and pictures of stars not going to bring tourist here . been there done that . lets stop fooling ourselves. out with the old in with the new .all the past and outdated ideas have stop working now it is time for govt to past the baton on to the local people who are a reservoir of ideas and stop relying on the old and outdated ideas of the past which have failed .,

    • @ac

      The business of tourism has two components, the product and the marketing. While it is true that we need to work to improve the product which is what your comment refers, the marketing must continue given that it is our #1 industry. The ability of Rihanna and this Oprah business to lift Barbados above the advertising din generated by competing countries we can’t pay for. Let us appreciate it for what it is.

  7. Bling, Bling,Hey, Hey, HEY
    Could this be the framework of the much earlier touted…Rhianna surprise?
    Maybe a mini concert or such, for the likes of the “Rich n Famous” at Royal Westmoreland or the other polo place?…… Don’t forget the emphasis nowadays is to look after certain interest at the expense of others ….Could the BTA too, have found some money to let loose ? Cud Rice’s $ 445,0000 Audi SUV really have purchased for a specific purpose affa all, like a great shebang featuring Ophra and Rhianna …and David Rice of course?Could this really be the much needed help for the DEMS…. as a leg-up or anti-climax for their campaign?….hummm..I wonder….How would it look? How duz the Waterman Inquiry look?….some view things thru stranger than strange spectacles,….other times care not to look at all….This picture may well worth more than a 1000 words….more like mega millions of bucks.

  8. why is it some people can’t see when some ideas have failed and it is time to turn a new leaf, all the money in marketing spent over the years have not worked the results are obvious especially now that the economy has spiral out of control we need a different brand something that says “BARBADOS” not all this high faulted name recognition . Barbados if to be market must start with its culture and its people what we have as a country to give to tourist making them want them to keep asking for more . everybody knows that Oprah is rich and can travel all over the world but the question still remains “WHAT ISBARBADOS? WHO IS BARBADOS?in terms of entertainment and lifestyle. it is not about Oprah does anyone think that a one day stint here would generate plenty of tourist arriving on our shores i meaning she live in a class that would attract her own kind but not the average tourist looking for a different way of life and a new experience it is all summed up in the name BARBADOS PEOPLE ! PLACES! and THINGS! without those people would stay away.

    • @ac

      You can’t say that it has not work. Tourism has brought us to where we are now i.e. the standard of living we have enjoyed. The discussion at this time is the need to maximize marketing dollars in a world which has become more competitive and at the same time spruce up the product.

  9. @ ac | August 5, 2012 at 7:22 AM |
    While we agree that the local tourism product is in need of a serious refresh and indeed major overhaul you can totally dismiss the marketing and branding of the existing product.

    The Rihanna/Oprah Winfrey interview when broadcast would have more potential of attracting viewers and more appeal to enquiring and interested visitors to the island than any of those expensive misplaced ads in magazines and TV slots that few people watch. The Internet has a greater magnetic advertising pull today than magazines and newspapers.
    So let us hear you, “ac” and tell us what are some of the specific things or adjustments that need to be done to the local tourism product to make it more marketable and attractive and stem the tide of decline and despair.

    • Any way ac we know when you have a point it is lights out so carry on, you are entitled to your view.

  10. Yes it has worked in good times ! now all i am saying it is time for a new re branding of BARBADOS can’t keep putting new wine in old bottles., i can be done BARBADOS must stop relying on those in the BHTA industry for help because it is obvious that they don;t know. my take is look at what is working Ostins is a good example that it does not take a cu zillion dollar for things to work ,most of the time marketing is done by good ol fashion word of mouth as in the case of oistins!another example of marketing is harry nitery world know attracts people back in the day. this is not rocket science but from where i sit i suspect that those in control of this industry only have self interest and does not care too hoots about barbados and it is time some one pull the baton out of their hands and pass it on to others who know and care.i have side that the strip of land baystreet leads to everywhere why is it sitting there wasted a gold mine and great revenue for tourism.

    • If mere mortals can use the Internet to find this what are the authorities doing?

      It isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE……………

  11. Oprah does not have the same national appeal she once enjoyed her ratings are down and even she has concern about her network survival counting on oprah to resurrect Barbados tourism industry is not going to work oprah is here trying to promote her floundering network with the help of rihanna the small amount of publicity generated would only be seen and viewed by her following .Dn’t get all excited instead focus on marketing Barbados in a way that is inviting to all and not only the rich and famous!

  12. Adrian Loveridge is correct this needs to be pushed especially along the internet a bit more.

    When something is written to the internet in terms of promotion of Barbados it is there to be seen for awhile 24/7.

    We can not rely on nationnews.com because they remove articles from the internet as fast as they put them up.

    With Cohobblopot in the air and the possibility that Miss Winfrey might attend tonight to see Shontelle, another of our stars I decided to Google “Cohobblopot”, and could not find on any website from Barbados info which speaks to the idea behind WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, or WHO is a Cohobblopot.

    Are we seriously trying to sell a product? We have to think outside the 166sq miles of those who are uninitiated.

  13. @ millertheanunnaki | August 5, 2012 at 8:04 AM |
    “you can totally dismiss the marketing and branding of the existing product.”
    Should read; “you CANNOT totally dismiss the marketing and branding of the existing product”.

    @ ac | August 5, 2012 at 8:31 AM |
    Can you come up with at least one suggestion that would improve the tourism appeal of that lovely stretch of beach front from the Boatyard to the Browne’s beach facility (including that old Hospital Eye Ward that is sealed up and overrun with weeds and garbage)? I can! Imagine having that valuable piece of real estate next to the Carlisle Nightclub overrun with bush and big rocks! Why can’t it be cleared and made into a ‘Window to the Sea’ until something more commercially viable is made of it? Does the PM pass by this environmental eye sore which seem to miss the blind minister under whose portfolio matters of this nature sit but is more looking out for greasy dirty hand opportunities?

  14. @ ac | August 5, 2012 at 8:51 AM |
    “Dn’t get all excited instead focus on marketing Barbados in a way that is inviting to all and not only the rich and famous!’

    Any suggestions, ac? How do we go about it without spending millions which we don’t have? Why not make full use of the modern technology?
    But as you pointed out the best form of Advertising and Promotion is ‘Word of Mouth’. And believe you me the current state of our product and related services leaves a lot to be desired and we are getting some real bad word of mouth publicity out of the experiences of visitors encounter on the ground daily.

  15. How many other videos do we have of Rhianna on her homeland Barbados?… UMPTY…. What more will this one have than the others?
    Watch I will post you a few….some which Rhi Rhi also directed.

  16. I really don’t think our policymakers can grasp the opportunity here. The more they help promote the upcoming show, the more likely it is going to help grow the viewing audience. The mere fact the show is going to be recorded HERE gives us the opportunity to remind Americans where we are
    and include images that could translate into people booking a vacation.
    Remember when Oprah did the Australia show?
    It is difficult to guess what involvement (if any) the BTA and BHTA have had
    regarding any content of the show, but I really hope, even at this late stage
    its being thought about!

  17. Dear miller etc.


    But we need to work harder and more consistently to make ALL potential visitors feel welcome.

    I am not too sure that if Oprah walked into a hotel with no notice, entourage, no make-up and no fancy hairdo that she would be welcome because just last year I went to a south coast hotel. It was a Friday after work and I was dressed in my “I work in an air conditioned office clothes”. I don’t look like a vagrant or freak. I am just ordinary looking. I’ve travelled to dozens of countries in my life (work) and stayed at many, many very nice hotels, but only in Barbados I tell ya, that I can walk into a hotel’s lobby and be completely, completely ignored.

    I don’t know if it is because I am a black Bajan or wha’ and even so how did they know that I am a Bajan?

    I mean one of my sister’s looks just like Oprah, strangers tell her so all the time. A brother looks like Harry Belafonte, and especially when he travelled in the U.S. he had to chase away autograph seekers. So how did this hotel know that I was not Oprah’s sibling coming to do some business with them?

    I was in fact doing an evaluation for my employer. That hotel is now on our “no” list for poor customer service.

    A hotel should NEVER ignore a potential customer who walks in the door.

    EVERYBODY who walks in the door is a potential customer.

    Just sayin’ ya know!!!

  18. rember the Today Show ? how many tourist arrived because of it and i am talking about repeat.

    @ miller ideas can be generated through surveys like having survey leaflets distrbuted at stores and hotels and at the airport that is also a part of marketing asking varying questions about the bajan experience and ways of improvement a way of getting free and valuable input from visitors world wide who comes to our shores in helping to improve our industry ,

    • @ac

      When last have you visited the departure lounge of Grantley Adams Airport? Visitors are already being bombarded with questionnaires.

  19. BUT WAIT…..I think we the people, owed an apology..we were told by the BTA…Elcock ..if I remember and Lashley too…that they had nothing to do with Rhianna coming here in August, that it was a private concern bringing her here….am am…I remember right ?….the examples we set..cheeez

    • @Onions

      Again you need to stop. The denial from the government Elcock et al was that a Rihanna concert/show was not planned in the Crop Over period.

    • 14 December 2010 Last updated at 07:28 GMT
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      Oprah impresses Sydney during Australia visit

      Cannot play media. You do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct version

      Oprah films two shows in her final series in Australia

      US chat show host Oprah Winfrey has taped two shows for her 25th – and final – series in front of thousands of screaming fans in Sydney, Australia.

      The shows were taped next to the city’s landmark opera house, re-named the “Oprah House” for the occasion.

      She justified Australia spending about $5m (£3m) to bring her there, saying the shows will be worth millions more in tourism publicity.

      Oprah also brought over 300 US audience members with her to tour the country.

      Four shows in total were taped for what is being billed as Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure.

      Filming had to be stopped at one point after a dramatic entrance by Australian actor Hugh Jackman on a zipline running from the opera house went wrong and he ended up with a black eye.

      Her eight-day tour has felt like a presidential, papal and royal visit all rolled into one, says the BBC’s Nick Bryant in Sydney.


  20. A precursor to the election……now you must take my decision trees as more meritorious doctrine ……(care to look back)……it’s ALL HAPPENING….lol….
    X X X…..put yours here.

  21. You people are amazing you curse the BTA for courting Rihanna. You curse GOB for making her an ambassador. You curse her behaviour although she breaks no laws. One of the biggest stars the world has ever seen and her own people condemn her.You accuse GOB of paying her untold millions to perform last year although Rihanna herself said her performance was a free gift to the country that raised her and she loves.

    BTA chair announces Barbados working with Rihanna and he gets cursed. What do we want as a people? Oprah tweets she is in Barbados to a billion people and you want more. Think people think before yow write junk. Just be happy the BTA and GOB worked with Rihanna to get the interview done here.

    Rihanna’s patriotism cannot be questioned she pushes Barbados non stop. Majority of posters on BU do the opposite they put down Barbados at all times. Take a leaf out of Rihanna’s book she’s playing her part to better the island stop the griping and play yours.

  22. You want put down and negating patriotism……I will direct you to the East….speak to a Greek name servant Pompedeuas…poor fella got one eye too…

    • @Adrian

      A read of what Chairman Elcock has to say suggest the BTA and government were aware of the interview. Also he has revealed plans for a major push using social media and Rihanna.

  23. the Greek servant..Pompodeus..1467 A.D…take up his buried dowry treasure…and leff Sin John church yard

  24. Fed up
    Thank you
    Most of the people who post on this blogs are something else. They aint easy.
    They criticize everything under the sun about Barbados. They tell the world we are junk, we are suffering.

    Rihanna is this and that but the young woman is third in earnings this year with 50 something million US dollars and we criticizing the government for not using her more when every time they want to do something with her they are criticize.

    Do not bother with onions he will cry and s……. his pants when he recognize that the people are not crazy.

  25. @ Clone
    Be near your TV around 5.00P.M…..you wills see a Blake flake a Bolt.

    Now to deal wid you and that Fed Up…nobody aint disputing what good Rhi can do for the country…Fed up wants to heard…..we all love Rhi esp. Onions…. we are glad for it goes with predictions…..by the way you Jumpin tomorrow?

  26. I will be jumping up on a fork preparing garden beds for planting.
    Have loss interest in such frolic when young people who are not in any band do so much ignorance on Kadooment day.
    They snatch drinks from people bars and shops. They pelt bottles at one another. Some of them go looking for people that they want to fight with. When they see them the whole gang starts on the individual.
    The news from fore day morning said one man shot and some injured by bottle throwing. Not me and that.

  27. @ac
    “Oprah does not have the same national appeal she once enjoyed her ratings are down and even she has concern about her network survival counting on oprah to resurrect Barbados tourism industry is not going to work oprah is here trying to promote her floundering network with the help of rihanna”………………………………..

    Wow, ac, I never thought the day would come when I could say I agree with you. I actually do on the Oprah/Rhianna interview in Barbados. Thanks for any exposure it may get for our tourism product but Oprah is now a has been, she does not have the same appeal as she once had, she made the mistake mixing politics with her popularity and the rest is now history. She has had to lay off staff at her OWN network and her viewership is now down to nothing.

    I agree with you ac,she is using Rhianna’s popularity for her own gain.

    Anyway, a big welcome to her!

  28. David,

    I read the bit in the Advocate regarding the advertising campaign but have not seen the BTA Chairman mentioning Oprah.
    Can you post it please?

  29. David if there are no “liabilities” from doing it can you keep this post at the top for a few days?

    Just begging.

    If Hants were the boss at the BTA, Oprah would be treated better than royalty every time she sets foot on the Island.

    If Oprah said on her show that she vacationed in Barbados a whole lot of people would do the same?

    Anybody considered giving her two of the best Austin Clarke novels?

    And while we are looking for new visions to take Barbados forward don’t forget that the Tourism can still be viable if you adopt the “vision” of continuous improvement of an existing resource.

  30. @Adrian

    You need to check the Nation. Have not seen it online. Will make another search.


    Your request is noted. Will keep it visible.


    Although Oprah’s popularity has waned he still has a following which is worth its weight in gold dust.

  31. @Adrian 9:47
    “I really don’t think our policymakers can grasp the opportunity here. ”

    Yup. Therein likes the problem

    @Adrian and others
    What do you make of the reported comment from Elcock of it being difficult to get people on flights in because seats are scarce? In tourism terms what does this mean? good or bad, why or why not?

    Agree that brand and marketing must go hand in hand, but, operations, logistics and analysis are paramount to reaping success in either of those areas.

    Just observing

  32. Observing,

    Maybe its more related to the loss of airlift. Philadelphia, Atlanta (the world largest airport) and shortly Dallas (the worlds eighth largest airport).
    CTO Barbados long stay visitor arrival numbers:
    April DOWN 6.7 per cent, May DOWN 9 per cent, June DOWN 4.8 per cent.
    This equates to the loss of about 8,400 people or roughly 56 full Boeing 737’s or nearly five flights a week over the given period.
    The September ‘ad’ campaign is designed to boost bookings for this winter and will do little to address this SUMMER’s problems.

  33. For all those who critcise Rihanna, look at the photo above!

    This Oprah Winfrey people! Y’all know what that means?

    Rihanna, much thanks for your supporting Barbados, when you do not need to, for bringing publiciity, when you do not need to, much thanks Rihanna, from this Bajan, who says THANK YOU!

    What a lovely and thoughtful young lady.

    Nuff Said!

  34. Observing,

    The CTO’s website, but its a bit hit and miss as an when they post them and as and when they get them from the National Tourism Offices.
    The Barbados Statistical Service sometimes carries them but again its very hit and miss.

  35. @ Crusoe | August 6, 2012 at 6:32 AM |

    I want to agree with you and extend my total appreciation of and support of Rihanna. On behalf of all fair-minded Bajans from the land of the fish that flew away: Thank you so much, young Lady. You are a Star that will always shine in our hearts.

    Rihanna has done so much (without much local contribution) to promote this little island and has achieved so much more in doing so than all the millions if not billions spent by the BTA and its parent Ministry over the years.
    Before Rihanna came on the international scene in the UK 2006 Barbados was a relatively unknown location by most of thee World’s population. Those who were aware of the country just saw it as an expensive exotic but safe place to spend a short tropical holiday in the sun and on the beach with all your desires (secret or otherwise) pandered to. Except for its long past cricketing prowess enviously admired by fans in the English speaking Commonwealth Barbados had little to brag about; not even the rum was well marketed internationally. Now here comes along a golden opportunity in the form of a lovely young lady that the World celebrates and we are just stuck in our morally hypocritical past.

  36. @ Fedup
    I endorse your remarks 100%. Instead of accentuating the positive, some folks get a high trying to tear down everything and placing a negative light on stuff. Gotta stop this ‘crab in the barrel’ mentality.

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