Rihanna's Image, Let It Go

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

I’ve read the article in Barbados Today regarding Rihanna’s image.  Sad to say, she’s not that interested in how anyone really feels. She’s in the business to make it by any means necessary.  Sex always was a big seller even if one has to use his or her imagination. Rihanna is selling what the public wants. See Rihanna’s latest video which is creating the buzz.

I can understand your feelings regarding her holding a diplomatic passport and expecting her to be different in her business approach. However you should never loose focus, she is in business not for herself but under contract to do what the company wants i.e. to recoup the money they expensed towards promoting her.

I saw the video and it is what it is to who want to take it where their imagination wants to go.  She is in the business to make money for the company so she too can get paid. Rihanna came on the scene like little Miss Innocent, but as time passed, she had to do what was expected of her if she wanted to be make it big.  Many of us do worse things than what she’s doing in her videos or her songs;  She is on her **JOB** doing what she has to do to stay on top of the industry.  We might not like what she is doing  but remember she is now a woman who can make her own choices;

I remember Grace Jones from Jamaica who was off the hook how she dressed and acted. This doesn’t make the person less than who they are at the end of the day.  Just hope and pray that during her run that she will continue to be successful, and be a **LADY** in public.  To be quite honest with you what she is doing isn’t nothing new or any different than many others who are in the business.  Rihanna never started out to be another Queen of Soul.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for or against what’s she’s doing on her **JOB**.  She has a boss to answer to like many others who have jobs. Rihanna is a Bajan who knows how to shake what her mother gave her, and get paid for it.    So just let it go and don’t make a big issue out of this job that you were happy that she had gotten in the first place.  Only last year you were ready to give her a big peace of land that was worth big money.  She’s the same person that you were so proud of then.  Count her as just being different, in a business that she doesn’t have total control of if she wants to continue making those big bucks.

I’m sure you have more important things to worry about for real; She is doing what many other women and men are doing in Barbados when they are partying…  Stop being so stuck up on something this simple.  The young folks in Barbados has been doing what they wanted to on the dance floors in Barbados even before Rihanna became BIG;

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  1. I quite agree, though she could have done better than tweeting the “f” word. That is not class. However, I see the video of S&M as being very tongue in cheek and I have no problem with it.

  2. Don’t you all realise that the Bajan hypocrites like to play dat dem doin dem ting under cover even doah eva one kno what dem doing and who dem doing? Now that Rhianna is popular and pushing the boundary lines people crying out. Barbados was once the Bulling capital of the West Indies remember that? Now tell me where all dem Bullers gone? Somma dem ded and nuff still here living among us. Some in Politics, some in de legal and medical field and nuff a dem all bout stupse. Just a bunch of stinking hypocrites. She doan owe Barbados anything as she is her own person. eff she was a nuhbody, nuhbody wud give she de time ah day. When Richild Springer was dancing TOPLESS in PARIS how come nuhbody din say ah ting? When many of children of prominent and well tah do parents, went to EUROPE to study DANCE many ah dem DANCED TOPLESS after graduating. BARBADOS DOES NOT OWN RIHIANNA!

  3. I would like to extend sincere condolences to the family of Tassa from the BU family. May God give them strength at this time and may they find solace in knowing that ‘He brought you to it and He will bring you through it’.

    Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

    Keep leaning on the everlasting Arms.

    Gone too soon.

    R.I.P Tassa.

  4. Rihanna has put Barbados on the map, in my travels overseas, when I state that I’m from Barbados usually the response is “so you’re from Rihanna country?” What she is doing is not orchestrated by her but by her promoters and it’s up to her to say yes or no, however, to say no means a lost of millions of dollars, so she ALONE has to deal with her conscience. My grouse with the whole situation isthe fact that she is the YOUTH AMBASSADOR of Barbados. The definition of the word AMBASSADOR is ” a person sent to a foreign country to represent his or her own government.” The question is ” is Rihanna a good/moral representative of the government of Barbados?” I’ve always suggested that some senior minister, maybe the P.M or min of Foreign Affairs, have a quiet word with Rihanna, congratulate her on her success so far, wish her a great future but tell her that what she is protraying does not match what we expect as a Youth Ambassador and if she would quietly relinquish the position. This does not mean that we are disowning her or please to see that she IS a bajan. It is a thin line to walk on but in the interest of good governance I think this should bethe road the government should take though it may sound a bit hypocritical, but that is politics.

  5. My take is that is does not lmatter what people are doing under the covers, if they know about sex whatever, Rihanna is suppose tobe the youth ambassador, please what she is portraying is just shameful sex, you know “I am all for me I do not care what you think”.Nothing wrong with that, but what she should do is relinquish the ambassadorship.We are all taking about the moral decline in our society, this is adding to it, the younger generation needs someone to decent to look up to, not what Rihanna is portraying.Open your eyes it is not only SMUT in Barbados, 11 countries banned the video why, is it because they do not like her, no the video is filthy .Leah Martindale, Livvy Franc are two young people that all Barbadians are proud of they are at the top of the world, these are the kind of young people to which children can look up to, if youwant to give theme the ambassadorship no one would have a problem. Rihanna does not owe Barbados anything many people out there links her to America not Barbados, let her live their lifestyle that leads to death, God has blessed her but she needs to slow down and clean up the nasty image she is so bent on portraying

  6. For so many years I have been hearing how others need people to look up to. I feel that everything starts in our own home with our own parents to look up to; If either of your parents are doing whatever you might feel is wrong. Then go in the other direction. I honestly don’t feel it’s anyone’s job other than our parents, or guardians that can take us where we need to be in life; Islandgal246 said a mouth full. Even children who had parents that was into that lifestyle didn’t follow what the parents did. But for sure you had to live through it because that’s the way folks makes association. As I have said Barbados has a whole lot of other issues that are more important than what Rihanna does with her life; If I am correct in what I read in the Barbados Today. She was given the Diplomatic Passport as they did for the other young track and field person to help traveling much easier; It’s amazing how easy it is to sit on our asses and judge others; But given the same opportunity to many from Barbados, or anywhere else to make it in the Industry, I don’t see too many passing up on it; Judge ye not, unless you also can be judged; Rhianna can do, or say anything. But at the end of the day, she can still remain **A LADY**; I saw a picture of GAGA, I hope I got the name correct. And she was on her way to dinner in a skimpy top, panties, platform shoes and a long coat. Now that’s gross and disgusting; But it seems that they have to out do each other. And so far I haven’t seen Rihanna taking that style to the street.. FOCUS on the bigger issues that needs to be taken care of in Barbados, and continue to wish the young lady success, and show her that she still has the folks in Barbados to give her **LOVE**;

  7. @Charles CadoganMy wishes of success goes to Leah Martindale and Livvy Franc two decent young ladies, if you are portraying smut, nasty living and trying to outdo the next whore down the street, then I cannot wish you success in that.Every one has a hero and you must take the heat if you are held up as an icon to children, Rihanna first songs are excellent but after the Christ Brown affair something went wrong, so did my admiration for her, I no longer see her as and ambassador of Barbados, I think the Tourism Board should try not to focus on her for marketing Barbados, since the mrketing she is doing as I said before is smut. they need to look elsewhere, Leah Martindale and Livvy Franc.Barbados having bigger issues than this is not the point, the point here is that the video has been banned in 11 developed countries, why would we want to have anything at all to do with it, why would we as a Christian nation want to support it

  8. @Charles, how could you say that Lady Gaga’s dress for diner was gross and disgusting, you obviously have double standards, did you not see the video that you are supporting, did you not see Rihanna in 2009 attending some award presentation in panties and tights for which the American public also gave her a thumbs down. You have lady Gaga’s name right you seem also to be a fan of hers, lets be objective, the movie stars and those in public profile are the ones that some idiots emulate, that is why when we see such nasty classless behaviour, we instruct our children not to follow suit, and call the behaviour what it is nothing short of garbage.

  9. Pretty Blue Eyes
    Well said. Couldn’t have said it any better. I woulda just add in my lil ‘words’. ya kno how um iz? But ya rite. you go gurlllllllll.

    stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ambassada my pooch.

  10. Pretty blue eyes
    Lady Gaga, anudda klown. stupseeeeeeeeeee.you defendin yaself jus fine gal. ya got my backin. keep on keepin on. ya pun de rite trak.

  11. Pretty blue eyes are you white I ask because whatever colour you are a jackass. Charles your article on point Rihanna put Barbados on map. Its astonishing and shocking so many of her fellow Bajans cry her down. For what? The woman is the most successsful entertainer in the whole wide world people! The hypocrasy the jealousy the envy particularly among Bajan musicians of this young workoholic Bajan lass is sickening. Have you heard any Bajan entertainers stand up for Rhi? Not one of them no talent chronic complainers. This is about envy, jealousy and hating of onesself because if you hate Rhi you hate your own people. You hate yourself but no surprise the wicked whiteman indoctrinated us well from slavery. Those white bastards taught us to hate ourselves and we bought it hook line and sinker even 200 years after slavery done. Rihanna you’ve shown tremendous strength of character and a staggering incomparable work ehtic. Youve conquered the world. As EWF sang keep your head to the sky. You are a real Barbadian national hero.

  12. G
    Have you ever heard of ‘constructive criticism’? You’re throwing a tantrum about us hating Rihanna. Quite the contrary my friend. We don’t hate her, just the personality she portrays. Don’t blow a fuse my friend. Some will hate the behaviour whilst others will adore it. Every man to his own likings so let us, Pretty Blue Eyes included, air our views without fear or favour.

    I just hope that this young lass does not self destruct like MJ. He paid the ultimate price.

    We’re just voicing our concerns G.

  13. Rihanna is a Bajan success story, and whether in controversy or otherwise, she is advertising Barbados wherever she travels in the world. In the world of pop music she operates in, there are several other female artistes who walk, and sometimes cross, that line between decent and smutty wear and behaviour. That is nothing new amongst international female pop artists, past or present, especially those ones without the pipes of a Whitney, Mariah, or Celine.
    I am not comfortable with her remaining a Youth Ambassador in a situation where she is selling music backed by an image of, quite frankly, sleaze. Rihanna is physically a beautiful young woman; however, if she has to dress in skimpy and suggestive outfits to sell her music and endorse commercial products, then one wonders what hope there is for those other young women who aren’t as attractive but who feel that Rihanna’s image and life are to be aspired to and pursued.
    I believe Rihanna should keep her diplomatic passport and be given a new title reflective of the attention she brings to the island, much of which is positive. However, as succesful as she is, I don’t think she portrays the sort of image I would like my daughter or son to aspire to. And I think the image of a Youth Ambassador should be that we would wish our children to emulate.

  14. I see nothing wrong with the video.

    I think Days of Our Lives is far worse, and that occupies the 6-7 pm tv schedule on week days.

    Who is sleeping with who on that show this week? What are we saying to the youth as adults when we support these shows, and cry down a person who is out performing many entertainers who would like to be in her shoes.

    When i saw that girl received her Grammy award and during her acceptance speech remembered to shout “Barbados I love you” before millions, she will have to do a lot of wrong for me not to support her, and many other Bajans I’m sure.

  15. Why is it that watching Allison Hinds wukup gives me a rush of blood to my extremities and a Rhianna video has no effect on me other than an admiration for her stage presentation and the fact a young Bajan is at the top of her game.

    @Pretty Blue Eyes, who is Leah Martindale and Livvy Franc.I live in Canada and I neva hear bout dem.

    I will google them.

    On a serious note, the best suggestion on this topic is that Rihanna should be persuaded to resign as a youth ambassador because she is no longer a youth.

    I hope she continues to be successful as an entertainer.

    I gine an watch an watch another Allison video.

  16. @Anon, whether Bajans want to believe it or not, ask 10 young people on any street in New york,Toronto who Rihanna is and they will know.

    Ask them who Freundel Stuart or any past Barbadian Prime Minister is and not one of them is likely to know.

    Rihanna has given Barbados a lot of free publicity and Advertising.
    Wunna should not forget to say thanks.

  17. Rihanna is a success story but not suited to be called YOUTH AMBASSADOR, she is not the type of person our youth should be mentoring. Just wish the young girl well but ask her kindly to relinquish the ambassadorship. Charles Cadogan, do you have daughters? would you be want your daugher to be protraying herself like Rihanna? Then if you do, I will know what kind of person you are but if you don’t PLEASE don’t wish for someone else what you don’t want for your own.

  18. Anon
    But to compare some Hollywood mek up nonsense with reality is a bit
    comical to me. You don’t feel so?
    Anyway, I always respect your views and hold you in high esteem.

    ya hopeless? ya doan get whet all ova watchin Allison too?
    Ask some bajans in B/dos who is Freundel Stuart and some doan probably kno eitha. LOLLLL

    Leah Martindale represented B/dos at swimming some few years ago but I doan kno bout Livvy Franc. Probably some ball-room dancer or sumting so. LOL

  19. I maybe old timish but I vote Days of our lives worst. Barbadians sit down and watch five hours of that immoral picture and never say anything about it but jump on their high horses about Lil Rick, Rihanna and Peter Ram.
    Now I am not supporting any of the persons I cited but they are just following the hypocrisy of the MAJORITY on Bajans.
    People also rent movies, black and white with persons cursing every two minutes in their living rooms. No problem because no one is seeing them while they giggle and laugh.
    Their children are listening to IPods with rap where the singers curse every second no problem.
    Rihanna cannot care about any ambassador position now. The more controversial and outrageous she gets in videos, the more millions she will make.

  20. Charlie
    Rihanna cannot care about any ambassador position now. The more controversial and outrageous she gets in videos, the more millions she will make.
    You are so right and plus she is exposing Barbados more than many promotional tours the BTA has spent millions on dollars on but she is not suited to be YOUTH AMBASSADOR

  21. @ The Scout

    Well, Y’ALL offered it to her! What, she should have said no? Hear the comments then!

    “Oh, Rihanna is too big up to receive the award! What a traitor! She’s not patriotic to deny this accolade!”

    Blasted hypocrites!

    Look, she is doing what she has to do to succeed. It’s a shame that she has to go down this road, true. But honestly, she’s dreamed of having this fame and fortune, and she’s not wasting any time in holding on to it. She’s on the J.O.B., ’cause there’s nothin’ goin’ on but the rent! Or in her case, the payment of taxes, clothes, houses, ROI to Jay-Z, etc.

    I never saw her as my ambassador. I saw my parents, teachers, and bosses as my ambassadors…and I’m the better for it! From the time you let an ENTERTAINER be seen as your ambassador, you’re doing it wrong!

  22. It is pure nonsense to have given Rihianna a Diplomatic Passport. No Entertainer should be given one. I also think it was just bad judgement to have given her the title of Youth Ambassador. I have seen the video and have seen Christina Aguilera’s video. Rihianna’s video looks tame to this one. I am no fan of both but hey they are artists and are expressing themselves. The video will quickly fade away and another will replace it. As long as there is an audience and a market there will be a demand. On the streets at crop over we are exposed to very lewd dancing by both males and females and Bajans call it dem culture, isn’t this a double standard? Yes she has done more for Barbados than the BTA without them paying a dime for it. Flog it while you can Barbados, it will not last forever.

  23. Why are folks so upset about what Rihanna does? Isn’t she an adult and free to choose her own path. If people are upset about her “Ambassador” status write to your MP and demand that the Gov’t strip her of the title…. there there problem solved.

    Show business is part talent and a whole lot of notoriety, the more controversy you can generate = the more fans you create= the more successful you become = the more money you make. Madonna, who wrote the template for many of today’s female artists had her first number one hit in 1984. Other female artists with number one hits that year were Cindy Lauper and Deniece Williams and while Madonna remains a household name where are Cindy and Deniece today?

    The most outrageous female artist of today is Lady Gaga and she will be appearing on America’s premier news magazine show 60 Minutes on Sunday. How’s that for getting your name out there?

    I don’t listen to commercial radio very often but it seems that every time I am in earshot of a radio I can her one of Rihanna’s songs so she must be doing something right.

    So get another punching bag

  24. I will start criticizing Rihanna when Allison Hinds stop wukkin up an Lill Rick Girls go tame.

    New slogan.

    Barbados…a nation of hypocrites.

  25. Did wunna notice that “Barbados” is printed at the top of Rihanna’s dress.
    Stop de video at about 16 seconds ef wunna doan believe.

  26. You know what? I am proud of Rhianna! Let’s look beyond the negatives and see the positives.She is not just another pretty face.She is a woman who knew what she wanted and went after it with the blessings of her family.She dictates and does almost all of her cheography and she chooses how to sell her image- which is everthing!Great women have been strippers, prostitutes and much more. There are lots of double standard persons in the world and the church is no exception either.Oh Jah ! So much things to say! What is the worst thing that rhianna can do? My answer would be to listen to Bajans and all other critics about her style.That’s the worst thing she can do for right now. Let us encourage her to avoid illegal drugs and enjoy the moment.I believe in destiny.What will be will be.

  27. Raymond
    ‘Great women have been strippers, prostitutes and much more’.

    Sumbody did tawkin my name wid you Raymondddddd? Huhhh

    But seriously, I feel wah does got peeple sa ‘disappointed’, for want of a betta word, wid her behaviour, is dat she leff bout hay sa ‘innocent’ and den ta see dis sorta transformation, is wah does got sum a we bowing in shame. dah is all. nun a we doan want bad fa she man, wah she is one a we childrenz. ondastan?????

  28. @Hants, my sincere apologies, the name is Leah Marville not Martindale, Ms. Marville represented Barbados in Ms World 2007 or 2008 she made it to the last 5.She now has a modelling agency, google her and you would see why we are so very proud of her and by the way I am not white, then again I might be considered Indian, then again black, I don’t know your guess is as good as mine, I am however comfortable in the skin I am in.

  29. Avatar Gurl
    I agree with your comments, except the section that say We gave it to her, if you mean Barbados, Yes, if you’re including me in that WE, I beg to be excluded, I’ve always been saying that she’s too young, both in age and entertainment, let us see the direction she’s taking and then award her. The piece of land i have no problem with that but with the road she’s being lead down she should not be sporting an AMBASSADOR PASSPORT.

  30. Lordy loh Bonny we shudda send she packing tah a convent where she can sing she hear out den? We were all innocent one time at least ah speaking fuh muh self but dat doan last too long yuh know dat. She is exploring her art and having fun while doing it. Looka how many ole hoes does play dem find god when dem get ole and gray, as eff god aint got nuh memory. We all sinning so let wee doan point fingers nuh?

  31. One question to this discussion … is Rihanna a Christian?
    If that answer is ‘no’ then why should anyone offer but congratulatory comments as a ‘sinner.’ Sound aloud that it is a piece well done. Beautiful choreography, wonderful talent and creativity all gifts from God used fof self gratification.

    The Christian, on the other hand, should quietly, pray that she accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour. In the meantime that God protects her during her time of exploring the worldly things. We were there before we became saved. There is sin not a big sin and a small sin.

  32. Different
    Therefore it is also a gift from God when a young woman can skin up a deal with ten or fifteen men per night? Who you think God is?

  33. @Bonny Pepper
    You konw as well as I do that some women never do nothing til ya catch them in de act and even then they try to pull wool over ya eyes! Rhianna got ‘belly’

  34. @Different
    You real different fa true!I bet you doan have a problem looking at a woman grass patch or half acre!Christian or no christian she is making her mark.Somebody betta carry you through nelson street and get you another education but this time ‘pon de replay’Then you could go down town wid a girl like she!Lef Rhianna alone!

  35. Check out the newspaper tomorrow and see these big hefty black women in their panties on full display on broad street,this in full sight of little school children.

    Now did they get permission from the Royal Barbados Police to do that? – did that ‘no nothing’ COP Dottin okay this move by Cave Shepherd?

    Notice that white firm Cave Shepherd does not have one white woman or indian woman degrading themself this way in that picture.

    I am sure one of these indian guyanese whore round the garrison or one of these german whores down on the west coast will jump at the opportunity to advertise their wares and not bat an eyelid.

    Nah,but yuh must always show black women in a sterotypical way – not as a succesful engineer or physicist – but as a whore.

    What ‘UN year for the People of African Descent’ what – this is only the black history Cave Shepherd and the likes want to show us.

    I bettcha when yuh check it out a black woman or man doing the bidding of the Company.

    Black people know thyself.

  36. I like some of her songs, but having Rihanna as Youth Ambassador is ridiculous!

    I don’t agree with people who think that she is making Barbados famous. A lot of people that I come across still seem to think she is from the USA.

    The only time she puts Barbados ‘on the map’ is when the newspapers over here shows a picture of her on a Barbados beach….along with all the other ‘celebrities’ who like to holiday on the island.

    Unfortunately, the biggest publicity was over the Chris Brown episode.

    Rihanna has done supremely well for herself but she is an average singer at best. Grace Jones is in another league altogether. A true artiste.

  37. I cannot understand why all the hype about Rhianna and whether she is a youth ambassador. As far as I am concerned, Rhianna is doing what she has to do to survive as an entertainer – pure and simple go girl! Another thing why are we always putting people on pedastals. We need to stop the hero worship and endeavour to live our own lives in a way that pleases God and show/teach our children by example. Forget about Rhianna and concentrate on our own lives. By the way, did anybody on BU see an ad with a young woman squatting in the most seductive way- private parts exposed. I just could not belive my eyes. This is a picture on one of those calendars in the shops around the island and this is not the only one. Now to me that too is grosteque so let us stop being so self righteous.

    • Don’t we need to draw a line in the sand regarding what we as a society are prepared to accept?

      Why is it important to establish parameters you ask?

      We are all moulded by the environment in which we operate.

  38. HM
    I agreee wid you n all dis shoite bout she puttin ‘we’ pun de map is bare hog-pupp. ‘we’ did in de forest befo she cum long? I see de videa n ta tell ya de trute, I mussy missin sumting. all i see is she like she phoopin sumbody upside dong. i missin sumting else? i doan listen ta she musik. not my sorta ting. my musik from de 40’s n 50’s wid sum classical in between day. ondastan? she cannnnnn influence nun a my gran dawtas causen ef i evva ketch dem mimmikin any a she moves, i would ketch a fiah dem lil ass, so um is alrite.
    you good edda wize? hol’ tite den.

    I doan go in B/town so ya gotta xplain dem pic fa me. women got on bare panties in de show winda? wah dem advatizin? Valentines? I whun mind seein sum males in T’sssssssssss. (I sweatin a’reddy)

  39. David says “We should draw in line in the sand. The problem with dat is who decides on the measurement ! .I don’t think that those in government has a right to say so . When their lives are more messed up than most of us. That is why we have an ambassdor to the youth whose moral values leaves a lot to be desired and those in government cannot remove that title from her all for the Love OF money. So then again I ask”Who should draw the line”

  40. Rihanna is a grown woman. She is no longer a youth. Her S&M video and the direction of her career should require that she relinquish the role of YOUTH Ambassador.

    A 23 year old who is producing material that is not for viewing by all ages should not be a YOUTH Ambassador.

    She is a hugely successful Barbadian entertainer, who should be respected for what she has accomplished on the world entertainment stage.
    I hope she continues to be successful.

  41. Has Rihanna undergone Sex Kitten Programming? Take a look at the link:


    During the video being debated, there is a quote in the video which states

    Rihanna is quoted as saying, “All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I could see myself in a relationship with a girl”

    Many other popular artists seem to have also undergone this programming including, Jessie J is a new pop artist hailing from England,


    Lady Gaga


  42. To those unconvinced – here is a link from yesterday…..


    I would hardly call this good publicity!

    The story is from one of the biggest selling newspapers in the UK. I believe that the daily circulation is around 2 million copies and is about one of the biggest show business events in the UK. This show will be broadcast live on the main TV channel.

    What type of message is she sending out to young girls AND young boys?

    Anyway, I don’t see why the Youth Ambassador should hold the post for years on end. Why not, for example, have a system where the public can nominate any young person that they think has done something exceptional and then each case can be judged on merit and someone chosen. E.g. a young, enterprising business man/woman, or someone who had done great community work or done well in education, sport, arts etc. etc.

  43. Youth Ambassador – maybe it should be only a year or two year post. Should it not be someone available to go around schools etc. and mentor or at least give other young people insight into how they can improve their own lives? Otherwise, what is the point?

    • @ac

      You make a good point who will police. It is the challenge of managing things, one thing we know it can’t be left as a free for all.

      The barometer will be feedback from society and stakeholders in leadership positions.

      Looking at the video there is a bad taste that Rihanna is a youth ambassador.

      To all sane people what is demonstrated in the video does not reconcile with how we would want our young people to behave. To say she is performing i.e. entertainer does not cut it.

    • It is all about standing for principle despite any economic fallout. Unfortunately we live in a time our leaders will be very hesitant to upset Rihanna.

  44. As an individual Rhianna has a right to make choices.However those who gave her the title of ambassordship should be quick to questions the choices she makes and their repercussions on the society as a whole. However for what ever reason they choose not to . In the meanwhile they are quick to openly speak out against other artistes whose music is in a similiar vein. That is hypocrisy

  45. I wonder where she had first seen this? Look at the very young children how they imitate their parents and what they see on the streets here as acceptable behaviour. We are the biggest bunch of hypocrites. Remember when pointing a finger at others there is one finger pointing back at you.

  46. @islang gal
    Dem people don”t carry any title representing Bubadus! This is where the problem lies. The title cast a shadow on on the post Rhianna represent and in itself is in conflict with her lifestyle!

  47. @AC ….So how come they haven’t stripped her of that title yet? Look at Tiger Woods, he lost contracts because of the image he represented was not in keeping with his behaviour. This is too comical how we local people behave when on ah wee get notice in de world. NO ENTERTAINER NEEDS A DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT! That is asking for big trouble.

  48. @islandgal’
    if you google rhianna place of birth. Barbados is given free promotion because of her. She is saving Barbados thousands of dollars yearly.that is why her ambassadorship has not been retrieved. Now the government has to make that choice . However in doing so it can be very costly in terms of promoting the tourist industry and those who make decision regarding such issues are not going to allow that to happen! Rhianna is also a walking billboard for the Tourism Industry and in these hard economic times that is all that matters that Rhianna main focus should be in her attracting tourist to the island and whatever she represent to the youth shoud be left up to parenting.

  49. Yeah ! standing for principle is easier said than done. At this point and time many peoples jobs are dependent on the Tourist industry. This industry needs all the help it can in promting the country. it cannot be denied that she is a major player in doing so!No one could have envisioned the road she was going to take in pursuing her career. However in as much as i don’t personnally endorse it she has a right to do whatever she pleases and it is up to to government to live with her choices which they will or take other options which they will not . There is too much at stakefinanciallyto lose with the Tourist industry being the focal Spotlight.

    • When we dispense with principles it means we are building our society on sandy ground, the inevitable will happen eventually, collapse.

      In fact we are witnessing it before our very eyes.

  50. I don’t agree that Rihanna is particularly getting Barbados free advertisting. Most of the time Barbados is not even mentioned when she is in the media.

    The tourist authority needs to actively promote Barbados. The world is opening up and Barbados will lose out if active steps are not taken. Just look at this as an example. Compare the Barbados page with some of the others.


    Other Caribbean islands are coming to the fore. Even today – there is a special radio promotion over here for the Cayman islands.

    Barbados need to take things seriously, act professionally and not just expect that people will turn up ‘because it’s Barbados’.

  51. @HM

    You might not agree but that is a fact. A fact that the government know is real and also the tourist industry. a fact that can’t be denied. The fact that here image in the music is industry is in collision with what barbados would like her to represent is not her fault. Barbados government has already made a choice that they are willing to live with .

  52. So many hypocritical views. You say that Rihanna’s video is filthy? It is a parody of life, it mocks the media, ot shows that she is leading them around by a leash, her actions being no more than using them for her publicity. Look at it.

    Even further, if her video, depicting sexual deviances, how many Parliamentarians here (and elsewhere) have outside children, boyfriends in secret i.e. closet .omo.exuals and so on?

    How many Barbadian men (and women lol) have schoolgirls?

    And you complain bout Rihanna?

    Hypocrites, but typical of the ‘as long as it is behind closed doors’ Barbados society, where as long as only y’all know bout a girl having sex with a stepfather or uncle, and no one else knows, is okay.


  53. @HM

    You are being delusional! Sorry I can’t help you

    David only if the people remain stagnant and doesn’t demand accountability. In the rhianna issuemost of the youth relate to what she is doing and has accomplished. Therefore there is no haste in wanting to stripped her of her title by the government .The youth also cast votes. Then again have you heard of any influential person in the Tourist industry demands of the governm,ent that Rihanna relinquish her title because of any negative publicity .I don’t think so! All that matters to anyone is the bottom dollar !

  54. on this issue the problem is not Rhianna . Rhianna has a job and she is doing it the best possible way in her industry to generate asubstantial cash flow. Whether or not we agree with the way she is doing it is open for debate. The thrust of the matter in relation to Barbados is those in Power that condones it and ignores the question being asked by the citizens who finds it replusive. The heart of the problem lies with the politicians and not with Rhianna!

  55. About Rihanna:


    By VC | November 22nd, 2009 | Category: Music Business | 695 comments

    The promotional material that came along with Rihanna’s new album, “Rated R”, has raised many eyebrows due to its racy nature. Behind the daring imagery of her videos, songs and pictures, however, exists a dark underlying theme: mind control and Illuminati symbolism. We’ll look at Rihanna’s new material and its symbolic meaning.

    One of the first articles I wrote for this website was an analysis of Rihanna’s 2007 hit Umbrella. The symbolism in that video was very subtle and cleverly hidden. Since Umbrella however, there has been a great increase of dark occultism and references to mind control in pop videos. I’m constantly surprised by the increasing obviousness of the imagery and the boldness of the messages. The incorporation of occult/mind control-themed elements in pop music (aimed at the young) is being accomplished in a seamless and gradual matter, apparently to desensitize the viewers. Those elements invoke dark truths about the entertainment industry and some of its sinister “behind the scenes” practices. Dark rituals, initiations, pacts and mind control methods are all part of it.

    First Hand Witnesses
    You do not need to take my word for it, though. Some artists who are signed with major labels have spoken out about the sinister ways of the music business. Their words are not picked up by the mainstream media (duh) but the truth is out there if you look for it. Upon the release of“Russian Roulette”, singer and song writer Tiffany Evans vented out on the industry. Here’s a short article written about this in The Examiner:

    Tiffany Evans
    “Just days after its release, Rihanna’s new single “Russian Roulette” has caused numerous online discussions involving the song’s dark lyrics and obvious play on suicide.
    Written by Ne-Yo, the track has many wondering the direction of Rihanna’s upcoming album Rated R, including singer/songwriter Tiffany Evans, who feels “Russian Roulette” could possibly lead many Rihanna fans to commit suicide.
    Evans (best known for her single “Promise Ring” ft. Ciara and her stint on Star Search) took to her Twitter page on Wednesday morning to discuss the topic. She tweeted:
    “Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!

    You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep, but not murder deep.
    Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprised. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

    Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.
    Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.”
    Evan’s tweets are centered around the “rumored corruption and brainwashing that goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, often referred to as a group called the Illuminati”.

    In Conclusion
    If you’ve read other articles on this site, especially those on Beyonce and Lady Gaga, you’re probably starting to realize that there is a powerful thread uniting these pop artists. All of them (and others I haven’t yet covered) portray mind control in their videos, flash in one way or the other the “One Eye” symbol, are shown as (or with) lifeless mannequins and I’m not even discussing the satanism part. This simply cannot be a coincidence. These articles are not about demonizing or even condemning the artists. They’re about acquiring the tools needed to understand the messages that bombard our conscious and subconscious minds on a daily basis. In order to understand these messages, one must understand where they’re coming from. I’m pretty sure some people will claim that Tiffany Evans and Omarion’s testimonies were the result of their jealousy of Rihanna’s success. They’re however not the only ones who have discussed those taboo matters. Many rock stars (i.e. Bob Dylan) have tackled those issues and have coded in their words the real nature of the industry. Read between the lines and you might understand one of the reasons behind the mental breakdowns, the drug abuse, the erratic behaviors and the mysterious deaths of the world’s biggest stars.

  56. ”Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money.”


    Another nutter on the loose….Illuminati, Satan…so I am fine, I aint got much money, so Satan wont have a need for me Lol.

    Jenkins must obviously be overstretched and letting them out freely. And here I thought someone had left the gate open.

  57. Has our tourists volume increased immensely since Rihanna ‘put us on the map”? If so, by how much? De tourists will come with or without a Rihanna influence. Just my feelings. i could be wrong.

    ya got ma cryin. ya funny as piss.

  58. @Bonny
    ‘put us on the map” that is the intent for Rhianna to “Put us on the map” And those words are part of why she is still ambasador.
    Publicity my friend! Publicity!

  59. ac
    well i guess dat ‘publicity’ comin at any cost now, so why worry? be happy.
    dem cud mek me a ‘ambassada’ too. wah ya tink? mo publicity dhan dem cud evva want man.

  60. ac
    i now watch de video of Rihanna dress at de Grammy’s. Well lemma tell ya sumting ac, i cud jus imagine all de ‘hard-onz’ dat did bout day. chawwwwwwwwwwww.
    i would ware a dress like dah too. won’t look as good, but WTF. who cares. LOLLL

  61. speaking oh hardonzzzzzz. a man had the nerve to lift me up and my God. I thought he had bust he zipper!Wuz zam!
    As fuh Rihanna dress. not!

  62. ac
    ta tell ya de trute, ef any man dare ta lift me up, he would get he fare share a goadies fa de res a he life. so leh he try um. tawkin bout zippers, i rememba one nite i went ta a dance n dis pleasant lookin fella ask me fa a dance, de chune ‘Cha la la I love you” did playin. dat is one a dem hold-me-close chunes.we start off dancin very nice n cool but by de time de chune get haff way, i could feel dis ting like a hamma in front he. now i whun gotta tell you dat Bonny did still ‘grindin’ long afta de chune dun. an my eyez button-down tite. Lawddddddd evva time i hare dah chune now i does get a organism.

  63. We can find the usual 27 Bajan ways to diss Rihanna but she is an International star and the fact that she is from Barbados benefits Barbados not Rihanna.

    If she never returned to Barbados or never mentioned Barbados in her interviews it would not affect her popularity outside Barbados.

    I hope she continues to be successful.

    Rihanna has sold more than 25 million albums and 45 million singles worldwide. She has achieved nine number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 s

    In January 2010, Rihanna received two Grammy Awards for Jay-Z’s 2009 single “Run This Town”.[18]. In January 2011 Rihanna won a grammy for best dance song “Only Girl in the World” and on the 15th of January 2011 she won a brit award for best international female star.

  64. Are we to believe that because Rihanna is making mega money and is a ‘star’ in the R&B world she cannot be criticised? Where have we gone when we are happy to validate a behaviour simply because it is popular.

    It maybe of interest to some that the current conversation among the youngsters at UWI and BCC is Rihanna’s S&M video and how sex is portrayed. The thing is for the youngsters to boast of having rough sex and it cool to have the penis of young males captured on their BlackBerrys to flash to friends. Yes we know, we can’t blame our youth ambassador can we?

  65. David asks “she cannot be criticised?”

    Of course she can.

    The youngsters in Barbados have been involved in gratuitous sex since Adam was a lad.
    Computers and Blackberrys have kicked it up a notch but it is not much different than 40 or 50 years ago.

    Barbados is a nation of hypocrites.

    However as I have stated before, Rihanna should be persuaded to give up her Youth Ambassador status because she is a woman in an industry which is sometimes “x rated”.

    Bajan PARENTS need to raise their children right.

  66. Hants
    is it fair to label we as hypocrits just because some a we don’t approve of her behaviour? If i see my sons and they are parents now themselves, but if i see them doing something which I consider ‘off’, I will talk to them about it. Does that make me a hypocrit or make me hate them ? No one hates Rihanna. It is just de code of conduct that some may scoff at sometimes. She is young n enjoying life i guess but there are certain things that one would not agree to do, business, pleasure or otherwise. you must draw the line somewhere. Just my opinion. I could be wrong, as usual.

    As for the Ambasssadorship; it makes no difference to me whether she keeps or returns the title. I was and hope that I still am , my childrens’ best mentor. They didn’t need no singer, dancer, model or de devil in hell to mentor them. No outside influences had such an impact on their lives. I will be the same with my grans and hopefully get the same result.

  67. Kiki
    hit ma wid sumting from Cornel Campbell or Barbara JOnes or Judy Boucher nah. I from de ol school.

    I hay ‘skankin’ to dese chunes doe. Chawwwwwwwwww

  68. OK Bonny Peppa,
    I will speak for myself
    I Hants is Bajan an I is hypocrite.

    by the way Bonny,do you tell your children bout de wufflessness you does write pon BU or you is a hypocrite too?lol

    Uh wunda whey GP is dese days?

  69. @David”The thing is for the youngsters to boast of having rough sex and it cool to have the penis of young males captured on their BlackBerrys to flash to friends. Yes we know, we can’t blame our youth ambassador can we?”

    David, David, cuh dear….you know you just pulled a fast one i.e. linkage between those two happenings is nonexistent, but you attempt to link by merely putting in the same sentence. Tut tut.

    Rough sex and such was ‘highlighted’ a year or two ago by the ‘alleged’ Jamaican practice of ‘daggering’, though Jamaicans alone cannot be blamed for the rough sex nor should be, it has been around from time immemorial (is that like the common law that Amused enjoys?) 😉

    That said, the taste for it is individual obviously, a bit like equity ‘as long as the Chancellor’s foot’..or in this case…

    On the issue of cell phone ‘voyerism’, I have long before this seen three school children by the side of the road ‘guffawing’ at something on the cell, could have been a quite clever joke….or not.

    Around that time one of the newspaper writers referred to the practice of sharing sexual escapades on the cellphone, by school children.

    So, nothing to do with Rihanna, the mere suggestion is ridiculous.

    • @Crusoe

      Where and when do you want to draw a line in the sand?

      Rihanna has taken fads and used messages in her videos which she knows will be popular to propagate.

      Let us agree to disagree.

  70. @David,

    Fair enough, I agree to disagree. I am not saying that we should not address issues of national behaviour, certainly at schools etc.

    But that is the responsibility of parents, schools, Government i.e. society, to seem to place such on the shoulders of Rihanna is what I challenge.

    That said, I agree that one must have a line, note that I am one who was and is against certain dub characters from performing here, because of their gun culture image / pushing same in lyrics.

    I just do not think that Rihanna’s performances can be classed in the same way.

  71. David, Rihanna is doing what her competitors are doing.

    So is Alison Hinds who “wants to wine on a Indian man” and “roll she bumper” and mek men stan up”.

  72. David you and like minded persons should accept that Rihanna is from Barbados but no longer of Barbados.

    Barbados and Bajans do not matter as far as her career is concerned.

    to besides there are enough other role models for the Bajan youngsters to emulate.

  73. @Bonny

    Girl chile why yuh ain got nuh behaviour at all? Kissing menz pun dem lipz , skanking and hurting yuh knees yuh tink yuh young? Leff dat to peoples like AC and David. Looka yuh got some menz running and hiding from yuh. Yuh tooo badddddd lollll

  74. Hants
    What I consider as hypocritical is if I cum pun BU n castigate anudda blogga fa carryin on, knowin dat i like ta us my ‘pretty words’. dat is being a hypocrit. but telling my children or anyone for that matter of my conduct on BU where anonymity is the order de day is not a good analogy Hants. Rihanna’s behaviour is there for all to see. She’s a public person, Bonny is jus anudda cuss-bird bout hay. Wah you tink?
    Anudda ting, you would be surprised to kno dat I don’t use dese words in my home around my family. when i am among my friends, it’s anudda story. Believe me, I’ve never heard one of my boys say a ‘pretty-word’, not even ass. I show dem respect and they do likewise. dat is not being hypocritic. If i was cussing in from dem n den telling dem not to do it, would be hypocritical. wah you tink?

  75. Hants
    but Allison Hinds is known for ‘rolling she bumpa’ n de likes. Rihanna leff bout hay such a innocent lil girl is wah does got peeple caffafle but if dis is wah showbiz is all about, guess we gine hah ta tow d line or tun we head in dismay. Life goes on eitha way. by de way, I cannnnnnnnnnn stan Allison Hinds. She in na wukkup expert in my books needa. sumting bout she doan look rite. Lil Rick backup dancers would unmek she pun stage man. I knowz a lot bout wukkin up. LOL. I does a lot meself behine cloze doorz.

  76. islandgal
    i jess like ta mek de fellas ‘hard’ evva now n den, especially one by de name a Truthman Burton. He turnin dong all me advances but you kno dat de ‘race is not fa de swiff’.

  77. Hey guys and gals. I am in the departure lounge and I ain’t understand all dis long talk bout wha Rihanna had on at de Grammy. We real hypocritical. Check out all wanna girl chile wid skirts dat if you pull it up, or pull um down, yuh gun show the promise land….and sometimes, nuh undergarment underneath. So gi de girl a break. At least she behaved like a little girl until she reach reach her twenties. As for the title of “Youth Ambassador”. Yuh gud tek um back since she doan receive a cent fuh um. More people know bout Rihanna than Barbados. So I agree wid Hants and Islandgirl. Leave de woman alone and let she mek more millions. Probably, she might be able to loan Barbados a few millions instead of we borrowing from de lending agencies.

  78. @Bonny Peppa,

    I have seen Lill Rick dancers perform and I agree with you.
    They are supreme botsy gyration specialists.

  79. Hants
    and Lil Rick dancers in want nutton wid me. I tellin ya. dem cannnnnn handle me. dem is church lads ta compare wid me when um cum ta botsy gyrations man. i tell ya. tawk bout strokes n jukks.

    • The argument which is perplexing to BU that because Rihanna is successful i.e. earning a lot of money which gives her financial independence, means she is above criticism by Barbadians is rubbish.

      The yardstick which the BU household uses is a simple one, would we want our girl child to portray herself the way Rihanna is going at it.

      The answer every time is no!

  80. @David,

    You and the rest of Barbados should accept that Rihanna is Bajan born and raised but she now has a personna that is not atypical Bajan.

    Barbados is now irrelevant to her future success. She is now an equal in the world of the likes of Lady GaGa and Madonna.

    Wunna can even “disown” her because of how she “portrays” herself.
    Just say she is half Guyanese. Remember Madd’s song guyanese girl?

    I still think Rihanna should relinquish her role as Youth ambassador because her lifestyle is not a good example for young Barbadians.

    I gine hey an watch another Alison Hinds video an I gine share one wid yuh too.

  81. listin, i in red a lot uh dah upday but we all love Ri in our family. we went to c her at London’s biggest venue bout a year ago n d place was packed to overflowing so, whaever she doing, mus b d right ting! anyway, pun d subjik uh Allison, to me, she, especially facially, look more like Ri, or like she trying to, every time i c she. sad, she will never attain d heights uh Ri wid dat 100 beats a sec music duh does call calypso! i tell dum tuh change n become normal a long time ago n duh wun listen so they’ll pay. like Red Plastic Bag, one uh d finest voices of his day n, did he get anyway in d west? no, n, wid a name like dat, how could he – probably jes as well wid dat name to spare d embarrasment uh Bajans abroad! Ri’s d greatest! jes lef she alone. she, n she management, know wha she doing! u doan c she considering entering politics? yuh got any doubt she would win n den, wha yuh gun do! look, guh long do!! 🙂 LOL!

  82. i tink d person who give Red Plastic Bag dat name, mussa had sumting against e! wha i really caan onstan, is why he agree tuh it?!

  83. @Raymond
    Ecclesiastes 12
    1 Remember your Creator
    in the days of your youth,
    before the days of trouble come
    and the years approach when you will say,
    “I find no pleasure in them”—

    13 Now all has been heard;
    here is the conclusion of the matter:
    Fear God and keep his commandments,
    for this is the duty of all mankind.
    14 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
    including every hidden thing,
    whether it is good or evil.

  84. @ scout

    13 Now all has been heard;
    here is the conclusion of the matter:
    Fear God and keep his commandments,
    for this is the duty of all mankind.
    14 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
    including every hidden thing,
    whether it is good or evil.

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