We the People of Barbados – Solution for Garbage

Submitted by PUDRYR

Dear Bajan Brothers & Sisters,

Might de ole man suggest something.

I have been thinking of real practical ways for Civil Society to “wrest” control from the (at least) 21 incompetents that Mia Mottley has been besieged with in her overgrown Cabinet.

All of us are tired of the continuous game of Musical Chairs that we are besieged with, every 5 years, when these clowns come in and trick us for our “X’, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

While I can do this, I WILL NOT spend much time belabouring the endemic problems of each administration, but i will detail the solutions that WE THE PEOPLE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL.

And I will start with this Sanitation Service Authority Problem

In St Thomas, next to the school where Louis Lynch was moved, there is a company called L&N Workshop run by a man called Norman Edwards.

Such a man can, and has, taken any vehicle and, with his extremely competent staff, repaired any bus or truck.

In St. George, on the way past the St. George polyclinic, is a man called Michael Powers who can, and has, taken any SSA truck and refurbished and repaired it, to a state where it is like new

I am sure that many of us have exceptional Body Fabrication specialist that we can recommend for this task.

So, let us pause for a moment and consider the state that our garbage collection is in and suggest a way that WE THE PEOPLE can work to a specific solution for this problem.

Here is the ole man’s suggestion

  1. I suggest that we create an NGO called WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados.
  2. We might be able to solicit the services of BU’s resident lawyer Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch
  3. WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados, will go to the government of Barbados and offer them $1 for each of the currently languishing DDA trucks at the SSA HQ
  4. To facilitate the financial portion of this concept WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados will open a specific bank account where we each deposit a base contribution of say $50 (or what we can afford). Well wishers and corporate entities can contribute more. A registry of the monies collected and of every single contribution will be available online IMMEDIATELY with the establishment of the account. (It is optional for persons who subscribe to permit their names to be published publicly)
  5. This WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados account will have 3 signatories, one of whom will be Senator Caswell Franklyn and 2 others (Caswell must be one of the signatories)
  6. WE THE PEOPLE will secure the contractual commitment of the government of Barbados to use our trucks, when repaired, for the collection of Garbage. (We can seek the skill sets of BU’s resident Luminary for this task as well if he is interested)
  7. WE THE PEOPLE will have the “Mia Cares GoB” waive the road taxes for these vehicles for a period of 3 years and we will have one of the socially conscious Insurance companies insure the activity for 3 years.
  8. The seed $$ from the WE THE PEOPLE of Barbados Account of say $100,000 will be requested from Ambassador Rihanna Fenty



Piece uh De Rock Yeah Right



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    When I sent these articles I was wondering if you would have preferred said blogs as a word document OR AS A PDF or as raw text

    My reason is quite simple. Raw text did not carry the formatting as the pdf did, but i was not too sure that you could “left the pdf” without too much of a formatting issue.

    I tried to make sure that the number of words did not exceed the limit that you seem to prescribe for other articles here on BU 500 though Jeff has exceeded this count so i brough mine down to 552

    While you have posted the article, and I am grateful, as is IT WILL REQUIRE THAT A READER WIIL HAVE TO CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE THE ARTICLE

    Which, given the content of the article, defeats its purpose.

    The article plays on the well known words, WE THE PEOPLE and speaks of self help initiatives and being self dependent.

    It seeks to promote civil society pushing its own thing to either (a) compliment what government purports to be doing or (b) make what government IS DOING LESS IMPORTANT


    Sometimes Honourable Blogmaster, I am of a realization that THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT, DO WE?

    The title actually is “We the People of Barbados – Solution for Garbage”

    Let me share this with you Honourable Blogmaster.

    What is Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right trying to do with these articles?

    Like a voice crying in the wilderness I am seeking to show that IT DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE MOTTLEYS OF THIS WORLD, We the People HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS MESS!!

    If you are seriously on board to be part of the reclaiming of our society THAT IS GOOD otherwise you need to get out of the kitchen, your words not mine.

    Some will say but “It is BUs Blog and they can do as they like but as May the 24th has shown THE RED COUNCIL, they DO NOT HAVE THE FINAL SAY.


    Grateful if you would assist de ole man


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance Please with an item here thank you


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I am acutely aware that your familiarity with NGOs and grassroots initiatives and that of many of the Class Idiots is virtually non existent.

    So the whole concept of The We The People of Barbados NGO as an alternative self-help effort is going to be lost on you.

    In fact one might even conjecture that the Red Council would probably have directed you to “hide way the submission” by some means, even by using a link?

    You need to understand what the process behind the proposal is.

    De ole man seeks to simplify the mechanism of activating Civil Society Participation in a project that affects all of us Cajans

    Even you acknowledge that the common man in the community is increasingly bearing the pernicious weight of this Mugabe Administration.

    And given the IMF albatross around our necks, and the 3 witches of Endor crying every day about the DLP indiscretions de ole man is showing that there are workable alternatives.

    EVEN IN THE FACE OF THIS ECONOMIC MAELSTROM, with the Mugabe GoB showing, on one hand its inability to provide meaningful economic and social initiatives for the people, while on the other hand, WHILE DEM INCREASE THE CABINET TO 26 LEECHES, de ole man has shown the simplest method to aid ourselves

    Observe how in 7 steps de ole man explained how to created, establish, mobilize and operationalize and self funded initiative to facilitate and improving GARBAGE COLLECTION!!!

    It has been our mendicant reliance on successive governments and coterminous leeches that has led us to this precipice but I am showing his self actuation in this community- driven initiative will bring us sheeple out.


  • I realise that you going have to catch up with me so I going go long and lef you and hope that, sometime during the morning, when you see this items subscription, it will make you give some serious thaught about the article being better served as a Raw Text article as opposed to a link.

    Let the ole man show you why you would be doing this a disservice to leave this as a link

    Watch your numbers Honourable Blogmaster

    But more importantly I want you to hear the subject of the Appeal WHEN SHE REACHES OUT TO ASSIST.

    She is a loyal subject of Barbados AND SHE IS COMMITTED TO DOING THE RIGHT THING

    “Watch Muh Now”


  • So here we are with a Stoopid Cartoon ot the We The People of Barbados and its main steps.

    Does it seem doable yet to the “class idiots” (the words of the Honourable Blogmaster not mine)



    When the average bajan looks and sees their own garbage trucks that their National Singing Sensation Miss Rihanna Fenty has joined in supporting their community vehicles CAN YOU IMAGINE THE PRIDE?

    And the fact that WHILE ALL UH DE DBLP cant get um do that they have all chimed in to MAKE IT SO?

    We have to forge a new ethos AND STOP BEGGING THE DIMSHIT FUMBLES and others who name the ole man will refrain from calling right now, for handouts!!

    Imagine what shit like this shows the IMF about our resilience as a people David (BU)?

    Imagine how de boys on de bloc going feel, or you muddah or fadder or cousins will feel when we deploy a home made solution for this problem?

    When we own Rihanna Fenty help we build we ting?

    But de ole man fears that this be a Bridge Too Far…

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  • Then Honourable Blogmaster we tackle the next project…which will be Unemployment a La Rihanna Fenty way

    But we will see kind sir IF & HOW Bajans warm to this…

    She is a loyal Bajan so…


  • If Rihanna is so inclined she should purchase the garbage trucks herself and GIFT them…to the people of Barbados…..directly, no money in the hands of this bloated wasteful government.

    Mia is already wasting taxpayers money monthly paying her hangerson and friends and family, no need to give them free money too.


  • “CIVIL
    T i m e No. Case No.
    2:00 p.m 1 CV0217/2011 Mia A Mottley v. The Nation Publishing Company Limited, et al”

    Just as I said, this is a civil case, imagine if Mia had been robbed just as the people were robbed by her companeros in DLP and by the lawyer clowns in her government……imagine how many people she would have the police charged for robbing her…but the people were robbed and 5 months later, she is still looking for excuses to address the corruption and lock up the thieves…despite her self proclaimed bag of evidence.

    She cannot have not one former minister, lawyer, minority or any other criminal in her close group of friends or her current government ministers arrested for stealing from the people or stealing from the elderly…and robbing them their estates.. .

    We can already see where this is going, the people can make her a one term government though.


  • Piece

    Why not start a privately own Garbage Company in Barbados like there do here in the US … and then secure a contract with the government to pick up garbage on specific locations around the island.
    Now I said this one and I will reiterate again: the private sector must to play a greater role in the affairs of Barbados … because as I see it … there is too much dependency on government to address problems that can be done by the privately own companies.


  • Piece

    Here in America citizens have to pay for their own garbage collection … and most towns employ privately own garbage companies to pick up the garbage on specified days of the week. Barbados has fallen too far behind …we are now living in the year 2018 and we find ourselves still talking about garbage collection.


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    @ Piece,

    This may be workable. If you can remember i was talking about Power in Secured Salvation(PISS) and you mention the “Golden Liquid” that will have cured all and sundry of everything that afflicts them.

    “We the People” can solve many things but those blasted politicians that “we the people” elect think that its their “national duty” to eff up evating bout hay.

    Do have a good day


  • If GOB instituted socio-environomic policies and insisted that SSA contract collection and processing of various ‘waste’; by category and zone, based on tonnage to private haulers (owner operated equipment) this would likely result in more sustainable handling mechanisms to evolve, improving service and reducing cost.
    Much of what households throw away are actually valuable resources, with the capacity to save and earn precious foreign exchange, create much needed local jobs, negate undesirable environmental impacts on groundwater and nearshore reefs to further improve our tourism product. The trick is for each and every citizen to be called upon; to join the Regeneration, developing green mindsets and contribute toward the solution rather than the problem. “Many hands make light work.”
    A National ownership scheme (in many public services) is what we have now and it is not maximizing benefits to society. I like the idea of existing crews having a financial stake and this might better be facilitated at the constituency level, where sorting and composting facilities should also be located.
    I have been demonstrating for decades, a stewardship vision with potential for a ‘cleaner’, more caring, harmonious and prosperous society. I look forward to serving, to doing my piece, in making this rock a better place for all. With discipling and greater citizen engagement in governance, everything is possible.


  • I am wondering in the state of disrepair of the condition of these buses as have been bandied about on social
    We The people before purchasing the 1$bus would like to the have an estimate of the cost and labour of refurbishing the dilapidated bus
    Furthermore We The People are already paying taxes for govt to provide maintenance for these buses
    How then is it fair to pay taxes for maintenance and then buy the buses and maintain them
    Also after these buses are refurbished we the people becomes owners which then begs the question how much govt control would be attached in giving owners permission to the control of bus routes


  • The proposal for private garbage pickup is logical but most Bajans will then say: “Wait…I paying taxes for my government to provide that service… you now want me to pay twice for the same service?”…………….. private garbage haulers will simply say to government ….. “sure…. we will start a private pickup service but you got to stop your service……. and the Bajans will then tell government…” remove your Garbage Tax, please!”

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  • Actually what Barbadians will say is why is the SSA renting a 9R Caterpillar caterpillar for $23,000 per week from the private sector. http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/81927/ssa-renting-tractor-usd23-weekly or Why was it necessary to build a headquarters at Vaucluse for how many million?

    Where are those garbage trucks anyway! https://barbadostoday.bb/2018/09/13/trucks-on-the-way/

    On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 12:07 PM Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Furthermore the possibility of govt selling those buses for 1$ is between slim and none as most likely current balance of payments are still outstanding and would be included in the sale price of the buses


  • A contract earned by bid (details all made public) between the property owners and small regional, properly equipped, private sector companies. A SMALL regulatory agency (SSA) focused on consumer protection, pricing and enforcement, but not involved with the award of contracts. Scheduling is key because if property owners put out trash outside of pickup times, the place will always look like garbage..NO TIPPING FEE. The cost of SSA included in the property tax on a separate line. Sanitation is a national security issue which CANNOT be based on voluntarism..


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Lexicon

    Barbadians have always paid for garbage collection through taxes. Do you think the politicians were paying for it from their salaries?The final source for all public goods and services is the income of the citizens. Stop spreading the folly that citizens of Barbados get things free. They pay for them.


  • Vincent Codrington

    This idea of special levy for this and special fee for that are all components of the Comedy Play: I Doing It But We Are Not Doing Sh.. .


  • De Ole Man was away for a short while.

    But I will try to respond to the several coterminous ideas by several seasoned practioners in this Sanitation Arena

    @ WARU

    As per your suggestion that Rihanna purchase these vehicles, I completely disagree.

    You will notice that I dd not say GIFT, I said “LEND” because this is to be a SUSTAINABLE SELF HELP INITIATIVE, not a begging expedition. We going pay she back, so please disavow yourself of that “Rihanna should do “a” or “b”. This is a business proposition with a social element, that seeks to show that self actuation can be accomplished. END OF STORY

    It is not to become the same exercise as happens every 3 months, with nuff people gathering one weekend with the LIONS or Rotary and doing a cleanup of Accra Beach, with newspaper pictures, what is envisioned here is to Develop A “continuum in the Pshche of the Care of our Community that is Citizen based!”



  • @ Lexicon

    There is something that I have discerned in the years that I was on this side of the “veil”. It is best encapsulated in the old bajan? calypso with the refrain “buy your own cigarettes”.

    I doubt that you have been as close a watcher of people as i have been but let me ask you this.

    Have you ever seen the accustomed beggar in a rum shop and how he behaves when he buys his own bottle?

    He is generous with imbibing everyone else’s rum but he is very selfish with measuring his with the same people who he customarily drinks ALL THEIR RUM!

    This is a community centric initiative Lexicon

    WE THE PEOPLE is designed to empower the people and while it MUST PERFORCE BE RUN LIKE ANY PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANY, the starting point MUST BE at a completely different level, namely to engender a different perception as to what IS MY RESPONSIBILITY, as a denizen of Barbados.

    This is why we have the killings and drive by shootings BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT FEEL LIKE IF THEY ARE PART OF THE SOLUTIONS! ANY SOLUTION! We feel that it is a government thing or a private sector thing. And we have abdicated our repsonsibilities to the collective.

    That is what so many of you are missing!

    The church and the state are not seeing that if a man does not see the rum bottle as his, HE COULD NOT CARE LESS HOW MUCH HE DRINKS and how much he leaves back.

    The thing is that when you all are asked “Am I my brother’s keeper?” It becomes a theosophical discourse and a series of polemicist responses.

    I can extemporize any subject as good as the next fellow here but what I am telling you is lacking nationally is that sense of doing something for one’s country that is not being a “weekend warrior” or sweeping the ABC highway for one day.

    Are you feeling me?


  • I will give Piece “A” for effort, however I have to disagree with this kind of initiative. Garbage, water, roads etc are fundamental infrastructure government responsibilities, either directly or indirectly provided. I disagreed with Barbados selling L&P to Emera, even though I’m an Emera shareholder and reaping the financial benefits. These basic infrastructure elements must remain firmly in government control either directly or in-directly as they all impact the general populace as a whole. BNB was sold off by the government which was a BAD IDEA in that government lost their ability to influence the countries other financial institutions, they have now had to turn to DIRECT CONTROL over Central Bank as a consequence.

    The GOB needs a significant operational OVERHAUL, one that some form of CIVIL UPRISING is needed to implement.

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  • @ Andrew Simpson.

    I wonder how many people here know that you are a man who practices what you preach?

    How many people here know of the long string of Submarine batteries that make your RE wired home self sufficient?

    The fact is that what you present is OPERATIONALIZING this We The People initiative.

    You are light years head at the state where We The People as a concept needs to be.

    The Trucks, being thusly repaired, and being subcontracted by a government that HAS NOT HAD TO SHED A PENNY TO BUY THEM, should be deployed in a manner that citizens in the 11 parishes, who qualify as persons who are not the leeches and rum bottle snatchers, will participate in the “community ownership” of the said trucks!!

    We got shares in this collective ownership Simpson. so we getting credits as community denizens that are going to pay us for our investment.

    When you look and see WTP’s Garbage collection truck MZ2235 driving like a madman pun de road, you going call to report MZ2235 and de number pun we truck!!

    You do not do that now when you see MPW trucks or the Transport board or the SSA driving wicked and cradling de government trucks do you?

    Jean Balleau of the Nature Conservation place opposite Farley Hill was a man who was keen to promote (and fund recycling initiatives 30 years ago, I wonder if he is still alive?). He beleived in separation at source and in creating the requisite bins to do same.

    When de ole man drew in IFIs (International Funding Institutions) that was what was subsumed by that likkle box. Yes sir, i have been doing this for years now but it has been A Bridge Too Far

    We can split hairs about the extent of “national ownership” that currently exists and the nature of National ownership that We The People proposes. I tend to err on the side that WE DO NOT HAVE ANY NATIONAL OWNERSHIP but a system where we have a set of private citizens, elected to run what is ostensibly a national ownership system, but, because of how our system of governance has evolved over 52 years, these elected persons think that this system is theirs.

    And they conspire with Private enterprise to perpetuate this perfidious construct. ERGO Donville Inniss! and Maloney! and the rest of the scam which has permitted the theft of $1.5 Billion dollars during the last administration.

    But i digress with my drivel

    What I do know and know well is how a people specifically Bajans, can be motivated, to move to a point of self empowerment and I KNOW, not believe strongly, that this will tilt our ailing construct to a more caring, harmonious and prosperous society.







  • @ Mariposa

    What buses are you talking about?

    This is an Alternative Sanitation Initiative which does not rely on buses.

    Notwithstanding your mistake and obvious incapacity to read de ole man will entertain your comments and form questions and provide answers as Teacher John should.

    In many a Scope of Works there is a provision for “costs yet to be determined”

    The fact is that as a concept one does not know (a) the number of trucks required (b) the number of trucks that are salvageable and (c) the cost of those trucks.

    One however has seen the outside of nuff trucks at the SSA in Wildey and one has reliably? been informed by the newspapers that there are only 13 SSA truck in operation island wide.

    In a perfect world it would be great to fund the acquisition of all the trucks but this is not a perfect world so there will be an optimal construct given what is available etc.

    Of one thing we can be assured, a baseline of a Loan for $100K will not meet the total funding costs but that goes a long way in securing matching funds WHEN THE FULL SCOPE OF WORKS is defined.

    Let us not be disingenuous here

    You said, and i quote “…Furthermore We The People are already paying taxes for govt to provide SSA services ( i replaced your amnesiac statement about maintenance for buses). How then is it fair to pay to support a community based SSA augmentation initiative (as opposed to your idiotic misread of “taxes for maintenance”) and then buy the dilapidated vehicles (not buses) and maintain them?

    The cost of each vehicle will theoretically be a nominal or Peppercorn value of $1.

    The idea being that, in exchange for this community proposed, SSA augmentation project, the government would be getting much needed SSA trucks.

    The exchange therefor proposed by this purchase is that it provides the government with an ongoing service which is passed through to the average man and woman at little increase in cost to the parties since the reconstitution of the SSA vehicles in theory will be less that the purchase of new SSA vehicles which are underwritten by community gifting.

    De ole man would suggest that part of the same taxes that are being levied for Garbage collection would be routed to these We The People Assets as payment for these services.

    The government IS NOT BUYING ANYTHING, We the people is the entity buying and then maintaining the trucks using revenues from said government

    Again, I know that it is certainly a Bridge too For you since you have started talking about buses and tings dat was never even mentioned here but, AND HERE I KNOW DEFINITIVELY THAT I AM DEALING WITH THE FOREMOST OF THE “CLASS IDIOTS”, the idea is citizen empowerment, by the legal means available.

    This is what “revolution” is about barring using AK47s and missing Remingtons.

    But, having supported a government that has stolen $1.5Billion , I know that this concept MUST PERFORCE BE OPPOSED BY YOU

    @ KS

    While you are not Mariposa and therefore deserve no attacks on your baseline intellect, I encourage you to examine the commonality of overlaps here in response to your questions


  • You will notice that I dd not say GIFT, I said “LEND” because this is to be a SUSTAINABLE SELF HELP INITIATIVE, not a begging expedition. We going pay she back, so please disavow yourself of that “Rihanna should do “a” or “b”. This is a business proposition with a social element, that seeks to show that self actuation can be accomplished. END OF STORY.

    Piece…ya know that is a whole roll of nonsense…wuh yall guine pay she back wit?….lol

    It is not like Rihanna has not gifted the island before, she gifted QEH…don’t know if she viewed it as a loan, but ah know she ain’t get paid back..

    And when yall destroy the garbage trucks……t with the no maintenance mentality…ya really think Rihanna is going to want back a bunch of stink smelling dilapidated broken down dump trucks …something like the transport board buses…please do not insult her intelligence, we know she knows much better.


  • I must say I like the idea of community solutions but I tuned out when I saw the Rihanna appeal. Can’t we do ANYTHIING without begging her for money? Can’t it be done by each person putting in their two cents worth?

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  • Bah ! Baa This country people cussed Rhianna for her proactive lifestyle
    Have none of u got no shame in expecting Loans or gifts from her to protect barbados economy
    Please pardon my interruption but i dont think so
    Rhianna would be a johnny a.ss to fall victim to any of barbados ploys which eventually would push her fame and fortune under the bus


  • Hello: Who has fooled you all with this new piece of fake news?

    Has Robin Fenty told ANYONE that she would give a single CENT to help Barbados????

    Why hasn’t she forked up any of her fortune yet?

    You all really live in La-La land.

    Further, I warned all of you about this situation and lo and behold not even 5 months have passed and we are REALLY SEEING HOW MUCH MIA CARES!!!!

    And we haven’t heard a WORD about the sewage plants. I don’t support either of the two main parties but to tell you the truth before the election there was a CONCERTED and WELL ORGANIZED plan to make Bajans feel like if the rocks were falling from underneath are feet.

    What are the rocks doing now?

    Dream on!


  • At my church $15,000 was raised for Haiti in one morning.


  • Vincent Codrington

    Donna at 1 :41 PM

    Welcome to the new age of Mendicancy and Entitlement. But it is a place where you and I do not feel comfortable. Can we hope for rescue?


  • What community spirit
    Barbadians self interest is far greater than the need of having community spirit
    More often than not the spirit has been sold for a bottle of rum
    Which give creedence to having a govt who took the masses on a trip to the east coast and sold them koolaid in return for a vote
    What community spirit
    Give me a f..ing break


  • Errr… Rihanna has forked up some of her fortune to do stuff she cares about. Do not forget what she did at the QEH. This is not about whether Rihanna WOULD. It’s about why we can’t do it OURSELVES.


  • My community still has community spirit. That is why I live here. It’s not perfect but it is good. I believe we could do this thing and already had plans of starting something quite similar when funds became available. I have been throwing out certain ideas on my wanderings to and fro and planting seeds of thought . I believe that putting my money where my mouth is would help those seeds to grow and strangle the thoughts that are there that say that these things are overwhelming and beyond us.. People allow small problems to grow so big in their minds that they become overwhelming. I think many of the problems people see as big are actually quite small. This is one of them.


  • Were I Rihanna…I would neither gift nor lend…get the money back from all DBLP. ministers who have stolen it over the years…and the tiefing minorities like Cow and Bizzy who owe the pension fund hundreds of millions along with whatever else they stole from the people…ALL OF THEM LIVE ON THE ISLAND..

    Mia needs to do her job and get back the people’s money so they neither have to beg, borrow or be gifted.


  • @ BMcDonald

    There are certain segments of your comments, though pertinent are out side the “scope” of this Initiative.

    Let me try to address them in sequence

    You said and i quote

    “A contract earned by bid (details all made public) between the property owners and small regional, properly equipped, private sector companies…”

    Having done this several times before let me state that this woud be an “unsolicited” bid.

    It does not follow any existing government model BECAUSE (a) THERE IS NO COMMUNITY ENTITY (b) with a focus on provisioning the collection of Garbage (c) that would seek by Peppercorn purchases to refurbish dilapidated SSA trucks ( nearly said buses heheheheheh0

    It has no precedent and I respectfully suggest that a contract earned by bid would not be applicable. Though now that the idea has been put out there, the Government of Mia Mottley might seek to engage with such a community centric initiative with NGOs.

    Look, I understand all the commercial benefits to be had from privatization etc. It in not lost on the ole man in my substantive functions but what I am seeking to foster is a thought pattern of how we MUST SEEK TO ENGAGE THE COMMON MAN & WOMAN by breaking the accustomed mould that has brought us here.

    Barbados is now on an average of 1 killing a week! We HAVE TO TAKE BACK THE MINDS OF OUR ERRANT CITIZENS

    Let me hint at something to you B McDonald

    The next most community centric project that a “We The People initiative would seek to undertake is in the realm of Crime Mapping for our Royal Baygon Police Force

    We need to up or game.

    You made mention of “…A SMALL regulatory agency (SRA) focused on consumer protection, pricing and enforcement, but not involved with the award of contracts. De ole man’s grandson has spoken of such an initiative here before and will do so again, but elsewhere.

    Your other issues/comments are operationalizing matters e.g. scheduling.

    And finally your state “…Sanitation is a national security issue which CANNOT be based on voluntarism…”

    I am tempted to copy and paste every single one of the community cleanup pictures here that the newspapers love to feature, especially the ones whre the ministers are seen with a cutlass in their hand, WITH THE CUTLASS FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION!

    Pleas explain what you mean by voluntarism…is it that we now have 13 trucks to deal with an entire island collection for garbage and one os proposing a more agressive type of thesame community action that wunna fellers love to turn up at at the Rotary or Lions of Christ Church South for the photo ops?

    I can now see why de fellers loving the drive bys and why they are on the increase cause common men like you and I McDonald SIMPLY HAVE LOST ALL CONNECTIVITY WITH DEVELOPING INDIGENOUS SOLUTIONS FOR OUR PROBLEMS

    And that is unfortunately why the IMF, NOW DESCENDED IN BARBADOS, WILL NEVER LEAVE OUR SHORES cause the mindset of many of you is to “look to outsiders for our salvation”

    Live Long and Prosper in that Thought Pattern which unfortunately is a replica of slavery without a physical manacle but one on our brains.



    Sounds “good on paper.” But I’m sure you realize your idea has to go beyond the concept of “curb side” garbage collection ONLY…..and must include private garbage collections as well.

    Obtaining a loan from Rhianna also “sounds good on paper.” But I doubt you mean a loan that would be negotiated and disbursed on the basis that the garbage trucks would be used as collateral.

    (And dis is one uh de reasons why I tell you dat garbage collection must go beyond curb side collection……yuh gots to mek money to fulfill yuh contractual obligations).

    But I’m thinking that Bizzy, COW, Maloney and dem fellows were the beneficiaries of several lucrative government contracts and have made a “killing” of the backs of taxpayers. As such, I would ask them to fulfill their “corporate responsibilities” as it relates to the community……and contribute to this “worthy cause.” “Becausen” you dun know dat dem white boys duz support one un neddah……so they will contract the services of Micey Manning’s’ Garbage Master Ltd.

    Buying and refurbishing the trucks “is one thing,”…….maintenance has to be an on-going exercise.

    Let me give you an example………many of the PSV owners have been able to maintain their operations with refurbished HINO mini-buses that were purchased in the 1980s and 1990s. And this could only be achieved through an adequate and efficient maintenance program.

    Comparatively, If the “WE THE PEOPLE” garbage collection initiative will operate similarly to what pertains in the private sector…… and NOT government……..

    ……….to meet contractual (and Rhianna’s loan repayment) obligations, maintain employment and provide an adequate service, I’m sure MAINTENANCE of property will be of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE.

    Hence, to suggest re: “And when yall destroy the garbage trucks……with the no maintenance mentality…ya really think Rihanna is going to want back a bunch of stink smelling dilapidated broken down dump trucks”……is folly……and should be dismissed as such.

    With all that “preamble” out de way…………what about your business plan? Are you going to determine, for example, the estimated household collections and cost per collection?

    PUDRYR, yuh see wey I coming from?????………. buying some cheap garbage trucks, refurbishing then and asking for a government contract to collect garbage…….without a feasible business plan……you dun know how dah gine look…….

    ……………and my boy Leigh gine got nuff to write ‘bout “WE THE PEOPLE” in he reports.


  • Start small. One community taking care of its own garbage. It will catch on. Why must everything be a huge thing?


  • With recycling bins and pickups, composting etc there would be very little for a real garbage truck to remove. Removal of large items like stoves etc. could also be done as a community effort. How about a pilot project?


  • @ Artaxerxes

    Let me pause for a short while to catch a breath…

    A few here have come to definitively state what Rihanna Fenty would and would not do…

    Unlike them, de ole man has some idea of what she would do, has done and will do but I will leave that there for a short while cause I soon going have to ammm defend that in another blog.

    Let me speak to them for a short while Artaxerxes before i return to your comments, just excuse me a few seconds while I debunk the idiocy.

    @ Donna

    When Rihanna Fenty put her $1M? into the QEH, technically she put money in a facility from which she obtained NOT ONE ACTUAL CENT IN ROI! That is the first thing that each one of you has to understand here.

    Some will say that it was a publicity stunt and others would say that it was her patriotism but at the end of the day we have to recognise that she IS NOT GETTING ANY MONEY OUT OF THAT!

    So what drives a celebrity like Rihanna to be philantropically inclined ?

    Is it money? Whu de lady got dat and more? is it popularity? she certainly has that, so what drives her? let de ole man speculate some more.

    There has to be some degree of “loyalty quotient” that galvanizes her to (a) accept a position of Ambassador Plenipotentiary for (b) a country that is in the hands of the IMF.

    Here we have a woman who earns $500,000 an hour, who refused a gig at the NFL, which would have been even more money, coming to the aid? of Barbados.

    Having provided that salient background for The Ambassador let me digress as is customary for me with my drivel.

    Why would I choose Rihanna as opposed to you Donna, or a Mariposa or WARU?

    The answer to that is as obvious as one saying the sun rises in the east…and will do so until My Christ comes.

    She has gravitas, in fact she has more gravitas than even Mia Mottley!

    Now stay with me with this one Donna.

    Your church raised $15,000 one Sunday morning, and that is great, but at the end of the day, that is not what is being proposed here IS IT? But then again, now that i think of it, it is quite lost on you what is being pursued.

    So de ole man will cease and desist.

    @ Artaxerxes once again I tutoye/address you.

    You are a man who has the real life experience with “these thing NGO-esque.”

    From that hands on experience you know that what is being suggested here as a community esque programme WILL WORK.

    I, unlike de Pretenders, of whom they are many here on BU heheheheheheh, especially those who seem only have “curbside offerings”, have a series of lateral, integrated components for the “We The People offering.

    This is about “building out” a sustainable community centric matrix, one that perforce should initially have the bonafides to pass scrutiny but more importantly MUST make we bajan sheeple understand the purpose of the initiative.

    A full budget would require a few more considerations but such is not undo-able. The major hurdles would be the enemies of the people THE Government of Barbados and its willingness to entertain an empowerment of the people initiative which inherently does not put them in the Position of Great Benefactor


  • “Some will say that it was a publicity stunt and others would say that it was her patriotism but at the end of the day we have to recognise that she IS NOT GETTING ANY MONEY OUT OF THAT!”

    ammmm!!!…if you live in the US..it is a wonderful tax write-off for the wealthy, there is none better….AND the sensible thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @pudryr. What can the people do?
    Total agreement with you. Loved that you said “Lend” re RiRi part. Those gentlemen you mentioned- we do have a wealth of talent here but it is ignored. Seems it has to come from within large companies run by certain people or be imported. You evah see how many notices there are in the newspaper stating that so and so company is hiring a non national because there is no national who can fill the vacancy? Then some of the non nations come in and live in paradise..perks and more perks along with housing and a monthly salary that is equivalent to 7 or 9 people’s in the same company. Nine times out of ten..one of those people is doing the work the non national was seemingly hired to do. Poor we! We got rid of slavery but not the mentality.
    Stands to reason that whatever plan you or anyone has to put things right in Bim, may need a little tweaking and lots of meaningful input. I await further ideas. Thank you.

    Give what pudryr said some merit and chance. Add your suggestions for other areas of need.

    Meantime let us look towards educating Barbadians about garbage disposal and littering. Yesterday I went to Carters in Wildey, the parking space next to where we parked was clean- as was the other visible areas. When we got back to the car, there was a man no younger than 60+ sitting in a van – taxi- with the name of a well known company visible. He was eating ackees. On the ground by his window were numerous seeds and skin. I was sooo annoyed that I said something to him about it. He continued to eat and drop.

    It is the same with too many people who shell nuts and drop the shell wherever they stand or walk- check the adults and children all over the ghetto that our city has now become.
    The soldiers or the police should step up to these people who litter. Fine them heavily and give them at least 10 hours of community clean-up service. The education system should also play a part as the home training seems to be a thing of the past for too many. Teach, civics, teach responsibility, teach respect and for Barbados’ sake teach cleanliness.

    As for some people not feeling that they have a responsibility to our Island…understandable. They are fed a daily diet of how important the visitors are. They see where the ‘different’ treatment is meted out, they suffer from the belief that all visitors have money and therefore they are entitled to some (if not all). On the contrary.

    I have worked meeting Concord passengers, we got to talking. To many it was the trip of a lifetime. Something to video and show for years to come.
    Some had saved for five or more years to make the trip and have the Concord experience. But you know what happened at the GAIA? Everyone saw rich people coming in by Concorde, what they did not know was that many went back by BA because of the high fare.

    While working out of the airport meeting the Concorde, no accommodation was made for the numerous Tour Reps. Grabbing an empty wheelchair was a rare option- those dashing to do so would have left U. Bolt in their dust! We paid for parking- we were told, we do not work AT the Airport, there was no room we could relax in between arrivals. I brought this to the attention of a gentleman in Government who brought it to the attention of some “Big Shot” at the Airport. He told me she said- from her comfortable air conditioned office that there was no provision for us as we WERE NOT EMPLOYED BY THE AIRPORT. Can you imagine? Here we were working with visitors- their first contact after a long flight, many times, we had a long wait. No provision for a little comfort but we were supposed to welcome them to Barbados with a warm smile and a fresh smelling body. We did not exist beyond being tools for the various Tourism officials and the Ministry. We were supposed to “Play Our Part.”

    I in got nuttin against tourist…but a lot against those higher ups in offices in the industry. Too much emphasis on what they feel visitors want,none on the real players needs. Reps form relationships with many people who will and do come back because of the way that Rep treated them. There is too much subservience, too much greed and too much ignorance, Too many people continue to see visitors as FOREIGN CURRENCY and not people. They forget that travelling is a people’s whim and not mandated.

    Re Garbage and wayside bush.Many of our visitors (God Bless them) come from places which are so clean it is unbelievable. You litter you are fined – a given. I noticed some garbage trucks here which are pink and others blue. So I guess we have it too.
    We are so “Up market” that we do not even separate the garbage, people have to stick their hands out to stop the bus (if so lucky as to see one within two or three hours),where else in the world does this happen?
    I could write several books about the things visitors have told me about Barbados. Not all negative.The one I have heard more often than not is – How can you please the visitor when you ignore the small things needed by the many Barbadians? Things that impact on tourists, such as side walks, a bus schedule, no recognized speed limits,swearing,loud music,speeding and overloading those mosquitoes (ZR Vans), stopping anywhere and blocking traffic to talk or pick up passengers,long waits in the banks and other service areas, unanswered business phones men urinating outdoors,motorist splashing pedestrians AND ” two buses passed and did not stop…are they prejudice?” ( They did not know we have to stick our hand out).
    I have even been asked if there are separate supermarkets for locals as the prices are so high. Questions ad nauseam!!

    But, we is we. We got this. We are seemingly happy to say that we are one of the most expensive destinations. Meanwhile, others places are the most visited destinations. How much of the money made in tourism stays here? How many properties are owned by locals?
    How many small business owners can make money when visitors come with a full package…booked for every activity, or staying on a property which sells every locally/foreign made dot?
    Are we paying Airlines to come here? How does it work?

    Let us hope that many of the 21…….. around Our Prime Minister (May God Bless and guide her) think Barbados first and make an effort to cut a positive trail.
    Time for all the talk about the DLP to be shut down. We all know that NUTTIN’ will be done about Corruption. There is nothing new here, ’cause as I said before “We is We.”

    But all is not lost, there is hope; all the serious Barbadians, old and new need to do is come together and take a stand for our island- I in that!! It can start here at BU-the University of Barbados. Maybe then I would not feel the sense of dread I am feeling.

    On a personal note. Almost two months now I sent 26 letters to the Government Ministers/Senators/ Leader of the opposition and one opposition Senator about my health and financial problems as a result of the sewage spillage on the South Coast and in my yard. To date NO ONE has responded. Same way it went with the DLP and the BWA. Since then I went back to the country twice.
    I try hard to remember the words ” MIA CARES”. Yes, I know she cannot address every issue, but I am questioning if her people are so afraid of her that they cannot bring anything to her attention or is it a case of “Yes, Minister.” ( The British Comedy where the Minister was kept in the dark).

    I thank you all for stimulating my brain and keeping me au courant with things in Barbados.
    God Bless you and God Bless Barbados.


  • @ WARU

    Your point about the tax write off is accepted but, whereas Rihanna can make a 2 for 1 tax deduction for a US Muni that is for lower income housing in California or Baltimore, it is certainly less than any similar tax writeoff in this turd world Barbados.

    Do not talk about this subject of “munis” cause de ole man will bury you, i does doan speculate on dem things.

    She would have taken a serious discount to invest in anything in Barbados.

    But let us leave the inconsequential here cause de ole man ent got dat time

    I want you to tell me something WARU,

    If Rihanna Fenty were to run for political office in Barbados @ today, OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO VOTE, who would get the greater % of their vote? irrespective of her opponent?

    Once you or anyone here can answer de ole man that question, as it relates to VOTER APATHY IN THE YOUTH, and what would be the effect of element, then you and I can start to have a reasonable discussion about the logic behind this matter.

    De ole man does not do the “illogical” as such relates to “emoting” specific responses.

    So up de ting and discuss this matter as it relates to EMOTE and NOT EMOTIONAL.


  • “If Rihanna Fenty were to run for political office in Barbados @ today, OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO VOTE, who would get the greater % of their vote? irrespective of her opponent?”

    Piece…a no-brainer…she resounds with present day happenings and her mind will never be buried in the 1950s..with the maggot mentality of the present lot who are so blinded by corruption….that is all they see….ah looking at reality..

    Have you found out if she is a US citizen yet.

    mind you, I like the idea because the BLP is supposed to be a thing of the past come 2023.


  • @ Peggy A Green

    God Bless you as well and yours.

    I often make a statement here on BU about banning people and sometimes people think that I am making a dry joke and simply do not understand the anguish I feel in my soul when a Bajan, like you can come and share so many many things that AS A COTERMINOUS SERIES OF INFORMATION makes me weep.

    We love outsiders more than we love ourselves (though some of us are not so loveable) the fact is that as long as i can talk with a twang AND I WHITE or have pretty hair, LIKE AVINASH PERSAUD, I gone clear.

    And these people understand the obsequiousness that oozes out of our pores like a stinking sweat and they work it. It is how dogs smell fear and move towards the weak.

    There is something that you said, among all your remarks, that i want to zoom in on.

    I could quite as easily have focused on your Concorde Experience no pun intended, or the twenty nuff letters ignored by the respective ministries by the parties in power, and belabour the endemic nature of this pandemic of complacency, but I wont dilute your comments

    You said and i quote “…Reps form relationships with many people who will and do come back because of the way that Rep treated them…”

    A gold nugget which i will try humbly to explore and explain.

    People, bajans, very few of us, understand that statement and that we are the face of the world.

    From the time a tourist arrives in Barbados and passes the indolent Immigration Officers, the ones who does tek dem good time to process the visitors, they have to remain in lines with unmanned kiosks, until their next encounters with the most unmannerly red caps in the world. Then there is the next tier of unmannerly taxi menses.

    FEW HAVE UNDERSTOOD the profound truth of your comment.

    But de ole man will go one step further with that statement and say that the reason that i said that “it is a gem” is that it embodies the very core of any successul tourism expansion policy for Barbados.

    Earlier, when I was in my friendly banter with Artaxerxes, I mentioned cnnected elements in the back end of this We the People initiative.

    A few here got annoyed that I was speaking about Rihanna and a few actually wanted to downpress the young lady.

    Now take a look at this

    The same way that you are speaking of the Reps being the face of Barbados de ole man has been and continues to promote faces to create “relationships” at the national and international level.

    Now what if I were to say that the “real depth” of your statement is just partially being explored Ms. Green?

    The true value of your statement is that you speak to about an intangible thats feed into a much bigger picture where it will be mandatory for our country to nurture a mindset of people who interact with tourists.

    I am speaking of a system that promotes respect as opposed to the current mindset where people do as they please cause “we tink de tourists dem got money”


  • “if you live in the US..it is a wonderful tax write-off for the wealthy, there is none better”.

    This should not detract from the fact that the woman woke up one day and said “Here is something I can do for the land of my birth”. She could have given it to a million different charities.


  • piece,

    Never said Rihanna would not help. i think you must be misunderstanding. i know very well about the wing named after her grandmother. Just said we like we want to make this a habit.


  • Just read your entire writings. You are becoming very insulting for absolutely no reason. I am trying not to respond to you in kind. I am not asking you to choose me for anything. MY GOD ( he is not yours alone) has chosen me for another task. Now, I am quite aware of what you are trying to do. You are looking to start a business where the people are the owners. And we know all of the ramifications of that. Go ahead and set it up! Good luck to you! I will continue to have my opinions and work my own plan. You continue turning off people who would listen if you weren’t calling them sheep and class idiot all the time.


  • “She could have given it to a million different charities.”

    She does give to different charities and volunteers her time in Africa…she has learned how to spread goodwill, in some places the need is dire..

    ….. but…when ya got thieves who live on the island who have robbed the people and country for over 45 years aided by both DBLP governments and the present government don’t even want to go after those thieves who are still alive …who are within arm’s reach..whose names are in the present minster’s speed dial…..because they are all friends and in some cases the masters of the clowns in parliament..

    …and the thieves within their inner circle of friends in parliament, including those thieves who are former government ministers who are also ALL within arms reach and in the current minister’s speed dial…including those thieves who are present ministers….why should anyone be still giving anything to the island unless this government tries to recover the people’s STOLEN money…..it’s hundreds of millions of dollars gone, it’s not pennies..it can help pay down some of what is owing to local creditors in debt….the debt created by both governments over the last 24 yeas…the debt that is strangling the people on the island..

    And if as Piece says 1.5 billion dollars of the people’s money is missing….recovery of that amount can help plug the debt hole .

    ….it is a shame that Mia is going after NationNews for a measly 100,000 in compensation for some perceived wrong…for herself, but cannot see the need to go after her fiends and minority masters for that massive amounts of money stolen from the people despite her being paid a monthly salary by the people…..she only seeks vengeance when it’s to fill up her own pockets it seems.


  • And now we got some here thinking that Rhianna owes barbados a debt of patriotic duty by giving of her millions
    But no one has yet to ask of Mia to release the names of the fat cats she gave tax waivers
    All monies which the poor people of barbados must repay and money which could have gone towards buying Sanitation trucks and buses


  • Maybe that 1.5billion went out the door in tax write offs some of which went to her father


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Donna

    I call people sheeple

    The Honourable Blogmaster calls people class idiots, his words not mine

    Bush Tea calls people Brass Bowls

    Others here call people yard fowls

    So what is your silly point?

    You are being childish and I will show you why

    The fact is that, like a Venn diagram, you choose to ignore the numerous times I come here a repeat the fact that there are thousand of bajans here who are 10 to 20 times more talented than I will ever be.

    Ask the Archive Keeper Artaxerxes to retrieve any of my hundreds of comments in this regards

    The non thin skinned readers ignore my sheeple comments, the class idiots DONT UNDERSTAMD THEM and call garbage trucks buses, the brass bowls avoid remarking, the Rum Shop brimlers also get annoyed when Dr. GP calls them such.

    You get my point?

    You choose which category you fall in Donna and dont give a shit about the others.

    I certainly don’t give a flying badword bout them cause they do not breadfruit and rice at me.

    Grow up. Ignore the fluff. I speak of building a place where men and women have “balls” and these egos fade into the background Donna.

    After a while most readers understand that when I say sheeple I am talking about a category of bajan on the street who only care about the next rum, the next spliff and the next national wuk up pun some big pooch day.

    You think they care about the pernicious Integrity in Public Life legislation that was so able described here on BU

    You have genuinely disappointed me Donna…..steupseee

    Let me go and do what I can to nurse this national empowerment initiative and leave you to lick your wounds


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • Piece anyone being thinned skin is you only a person with really think skin would defend their words or actions
    Less you forget this is only a friggin blog and all an sundry would make a mistake
    So what if my choice of words represent buses
    Ole fool the theory of my comments remains the same with the realities which would not be sufficient for your idea to fly


  • https://barbadostoday.bb/2018/10/26/levy-bust/

    Is that the same Leodean Worrell and Abrahams..both lawyers who picked up taxpayer’s 15,000 dollars to pay David Simmons and his daughter Marie…Abrahams and Mia’s relatives, to read a document that both of them as lawyers could have read themselves, seeing that they are both being paid at least 15K a month ….

    …they wasted taxpayers money and now complaining about the BWA’S million dollar debts…..did they not know the debt was there before they picked up taxpayer’s 15K and gave it away to their inner circle family friends.

    Why don’t they go after the lowlifes who ripped off those millions from BWA and return the money to the treasury….and have the thieves arrested, they much prefer go after taxpayers who pay theur salaries though..

    Definitely a one term government.


  • If a person remarks that after 200 comments not one of the sheep have understood what Bushie has said and now they will all gather and say baa that is referring to those who have commented and are likely to comment further. You and the boy’s club can say what you like. I will call it as I see it! What does it matter if I disappoint you or not.? I don’t wake up on mornings and pray to YOU.

    And now I’m done. In my own time and in my own way.


  • WARU,

    The same opinion David Simmons gave I gave before him. It is COMMON KNOWLEDGE.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ DonnaC
    Cant we all just get along?

    Dis is de ole man’s Night of Apologies it seems

    One final time the explanation of the Venn Diagram and then Adieu Donna.

    There is a category of Bajan who are real RH idiots and lest I get banned for calling them that I call them sheeple.

    This category if person goes to every wuk up fete and botsie mounting dab in Barbados that the politicians will put on to seduce them.

    There are sheeple who don’t know and don’t care.

    There are sheeple who BECAUSE OF THEIR SLAVE GENES can and will do nothing but support the Party in Power and their response to dissenting opinions is “baaaaaaa”

    Those are the paid apologists who come, and are sent, to gainsay de ole man’s insights

    Then there are people who, while their opinion and mine differ immensely, they debate from a position of logic, of even if it is emotive, there is a place of reasoned alternatives.

    We agree to disagree, but that is NOT a bajan characteristic.


    That is the island mentality and de ole man dun understand that shit but it does not phase me.

    Did you know that the Sage whom I absolutely respect considers the Bible a fairy tale? His concept of your and my God “varies” considerably but I am all good with this BECAUSE I HAVE, in former times, explored a few alternative spiritual pathways of which Ra was one…

    Yet I respect the man knowing and believing soundly in the Words of My Christ who says “for there are those sheep of other flocks who are also mine…” and His Words are constantly in my head.

    All this noted respect for the Anunnaki and I do not know him!!!

    This BU is “an altar” of sorts and some of us are its sacrificial lambs

    Some of us are going to be hated just because of our dissenting opinion or the words we use.

    That is par for the course but if you are truly convicted that people and sheeple need to be informed, you do it anyway and dont give a badword about the sheeple

    And the people will gather and say “baaaaaa…”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here about sheeple and “baaaaaa ” for Donna thank you


  • To de ole man and Andrew Simpson I am ready to be part of this “WE THE PEOPLE MOVEMENT”
    we need to set up a meeting and get started; enough talk. The serious people will attend.



    “The Ministry of Health has shut down Project Recycle’s new operation at Vaucluse, St Thomas.”



  • CHERRY PICKING AGAIN. wha gine on hey?????

    “However, the day after the story appeared, officials from the Ministry of Health descended on the property and uncovered waste material such as plastic bottles, cans, and card, which had been removed from Cherry’s controversial recycling plant at Lower Estate, St George, which was also shut down by the ministry, this same time last year.”


  • Government is in the process of mapping out a major recycling programme.



  • @ Brother Hants

    With time we start to realise the Power that “We The People” have no pun intended.

    We just need to understand that our “leaders”, the ones that we have voted for, en masse, under the 30-0 replacement plan, do not really know what they are doing.

    This time we did that BECAUSE WE COULD NOT RISK HAVING A DEADLOCK or any of the former filth coming back BUT NEXT TIME….

    Next time we are going to be extremely systematic with our choices, WE THE PEOPLE going list all of them with their accomplishments and their strengths and weaknesses, not like 2018

    We need to seperate our garbage at source as has been suggested time and time again by others here.

    @ Andrew Simpson

    We have to move to RE for every home.so that our fuel import bill moves from $500 million a year to $50 M

    In this regard de ole man believes that A “Rihanna Led Initiative” approaches thousands of RE companies overseas and asks them to donate 25 RE units to be set up at the homes of the average man/woma in barbados for testing their technologies here with two caveats (a) that if their technologies are economical that we will give them sole source contracts and (b) that they collaborate on the development of a local plant for our intended regional sales

    I would even suggest that people like Dr. James Husband be engaged in this RE expansion to see how the technologies can be effectively paired in a conjoint patentable design.

    (Of course de ole man will tell you that there is such a solution in existence in *** but ammmmm you should get my drift for solar heating cum Renewable Energy and the impact of the commingling

    @ Hazel Carrington,

    When it surfaces, you will be made aware of it.

    Granted that it will perforce have to be DIFFERENT cause people do not want to be ammmmmmm “identified” heheheheheheh but It will come to pass.

    We have no choice but to do this self actuation.


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