GoWEB Blog Pays Tribute To Rihanna’s First Grammy

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Check out Boyce Voice Blog for exclusive behind the scenes photos of Rihanna at the Grammy Awards 2008. It is Rihanna all the way!!!

2 thoughts on “GoWEB Blog Pays Tribute To Rihanna’s First Grammy

  1. The more we think about this is an excellent achievement considering the competition she was up against. Whether we like the genre of music she sings or not she was voted the best in the industry. Thats says alot

  2. And furthermore, she represents Barbados at crucial moments – the Grammy acceptance speech/Jay Leno etc.

    Please love and support her Barbados. She is in the fast lane now, and will no doubt suffer setbacks like most in that position do…

    However – she has been faithful to our nation – wearing the flag – attempting to maintain the accent – supporting local couture.

    Go on Rihanna. We’re dead proud of you.

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