Ambassador Rihanna Exposed At Reggae Concert

Ambassador Rihanna did a cameo at Reggae On The Hill last week during Beenie Man’s performance. For BU family members who don’t have the ear to understand what he is singing in the video here is the hook line  Me no have fancy car, but me no give you no scar. From reports Rihanna lingered on stage for a little while and then scuttled with her tail between her legs.

The dignity of Ambassador Rihanna exposed by what some people would call a thug in Beenie Man. It is no secret that many of the dancehall/dub artistes who frequent Barbados are very well known to court rooms around the world. We thought it laughable that several of the dancehall/reggae artistes who performed at Farley Hill last week complained about the treatment meted out by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Did they believe that our police force is clueless? People get ‘high’ just walking through the crowd at one of these shows!

Sorry guys but we give the police the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Of interest to Barbadians is the active involvement of Al Gilkes who post-National Cultural Foundation Chairman duties has taken to promoting these shows with a passion. It is difficult to imagine that Mr. Gilkes had responsibility for promoting cultural activities in Barbados in the recent past. His eagerness to foist the popular Jamaica genre of music makes us question his decision making as NCF Chairman. This is the same Gilkes who has has bleated to all of Barbados that the government should push down the Farley Hill ruins. No discussion about rehabilitating the building, he jumps to push down. Makes you go ummmmmm.

The BU household maybe alone on this one because even our Prime Minister seems to be comfortable with the shows if we are to judge by his appearance. No wonder our Youth Ambassador can be insulted by a lout and there is not a murmur from a soul.


  • queenam // May 17, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    no one gives a damn about your jamaican like comments. there are in a language NOT recognize.

    I know its hard to listen to things from a different perspective and see how Rihanna is viewed by others and that she isnt necessarily viewed as being perfect and this does have implications for all of us in the region. On a blog recently someone from Chris Brown camp one of his dancers referred to her as just being a West Indian sl*t. I notice here no comment here about that either.But I guess Chris Brown dancers are very classy (not a bit crude) right?


  • All is well with the world, folks!! Our girl Ri hits the stage again in Dubai, either tonight or tomorrow night, so don’t worry, all is well and all is forgiven!!

    Now, hold onto your hats!! Here comes our girl again!!


  • Why did they invite Beenie Man to perform with Shontelle at your music awards, the crowd seemed to love him and he can dance circles around the other performers …and hype the crowd…and his performance seemed to overshadow the main performer but don’t take my word for it…see it below…


  • We must celebrate the accolade awarded to Reggae music by the United Nations, the most dynamic musical form since the creation of Jazz. It confirms Jamaica’s top place at the table of Caribbean culture.
    Hooray to Jamaica. Let us all celebrate.


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