Rihanna: Live Fast Die Young!

A sad Rihanna on the day of her grandmother’s funeral

It seems whenever an uncomplimentary comment is directed at Barbadian Superstar Rihanna there is a Riri-posse whose job it is to find all kinds of ridiculous rebuttals. Barbados Underground (BU) followed Rihanna’s early career, a search of BU will turn up several Rihanna blogs but we stopped. It is evident that Rihanna although she is earning megabucks her lifestyle is one which says ‘live fast, die young’. We would not wish for a member of the BU household to follow Rihanna as a role model and BU makes no apology for the statement.

BU extends condolences to Rihanna on the passing of her grandmother. We took note of the Pastor using the opportunity to counsel Rihanna in his address at the funeral. It appears he fears for her well being given her well-publicised lifestyle. There is the saying that one has to walk in the shoes of the other to feel the pinch. Nobody can understand the pressure which comes from being in the glare of the public, performing at a high level show after show to fulfill expectations from a demanding public, 24/7 security when out and about, and all the other demands that come with stardom. However when all is said and done individuals make choices and we have to deal with the consequences which ensue.

BU does not mean to judge Rihanna. She is a woman who can do what she wants. However we say to all those people who want to suggest to the BU household that we are wrong for frowning on Rihanna’s lifestyle and seek to explain it away as an act she wears because she is an artist, give us a break! Read our lips, the BU household  would not want any member to regard Rihanna as a model of success. She has the opportunity to negotiate with her handlers the kind of image she wants to project a al Beyoncé and Tyler Swift, she went with ‘good girl gone bad’.

How do we define success anyway? A no-name girl plucked from fourth form at Combermere School at seventeen years old and went on to become a Superstar defines success for us? What are the ingredients she has used to become successful? By posing half naked, using sexual suggestive language, lyrics and dance? What is it? What about the moral face of what she represents? Is there a reason to think that part of the definition of success should align with what we know is right? The litmus test the BU household uses is whether we would want our granddaughter to grow up to be a Rihanna if the opportunity presented itself. The resounding answer is NO!

Although holding the opinion we do it does not mean we do not understand what she has been able to achieve in the murky world of hip hop. We wish her all the best and hope she heeds Jayz’s advice to take care of herself. More importantly we hope she heeds Pastor Lowe’s counsel. He has known her before she became a star and obviously has given her advice because he cares about her.

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  1. Rihanna if your gift is your voice, your moves and your looks I say go for it. Don’ mind this David fella … talking shite …ha ha ha. Look if given the choice of having my children grow up like you as opposed to those greedy accountants (probably from HC) who look to teaf all your money by charging on the gross, lazy bitches, I say I chose you because you actually know what it is to “really” work for a living in a highly competitive environment … and succeed. I despise the leaches that hide behind certificates and tradition …!

  2. Hey you rude boi…..leave my girl Rhi Rhi alone.
    She can do no wrong..when it comes to what is hers…(boy n she got a lot ).
    Dun know we Bajans ain’t stupid, and my Rhi Rhi is no exception. The ‘sweet on sweet’ will maximize her potential given her years of show, and come out on top watch. Rhi Rhi girl God Bless we down here hailing for ya..just remember what Granma Dolly taught you and you can’t go wrong.Love Onions.

  3. “More importantly we hope she heeds Pastor Lowe’s counsel. He has known her before she became a star and obviously has given her advice because he cares about her.”
    not trying to be pedantic but in the interest of accuracy i am minded to pint out that the Pastor was Vincent Wood and not Lowe; but full marks to Bu for its courageous stance. Money and fame are not all.

  4. My only word of advice to Rihanna would be to stay away from the illegal drugs which ruin the thought process aka Amy Winehouse and take a check on whom she trusts as accountants (why would anyone charge on gross fees, that is NOT normal practice, normal practice I understand is charging on time spent, as all professionals).

    Aside from that GO GIRL!!!!!! She da ting boay!!!!!

    If she was Trini or Jamaici we would not hear the end of it.

    We must support he like they support theirs, think Bob never smoke a spliff??? And them support him.

    But, drugs to get you over the top, I agree. On of THE most amazing vocal talents of the 21st and 20th century, Amy Winehouse let substance abuse kill her.

    Beware of people who would push drugs on you.

  5. seeing all that is being written in the press recently about rhianna not all being positive it should be a matter of grave concern since she represents our country as an ambassador and the youth whom she influences are the ones who would be most tempted to follow in her footsteps unaware of some of the deadly consequences which are attributed to her lifestyle by choices she makes i hope she listens to the advice of those who knew her from childhood and only wants the best for her for as we have witnessed along with money and fame there are those who have fallen victim in ways themselves never expected.

  6. Rihanna, presently, is on course for the same DESTRUCTION* that led Presely, Witney, Hendricks, Jackson, et al to Hell and everlasting misery, through the fleeting, ever so transient, fame, fortune, and illusion of selebrity, its just a matter of time, Satan aleady HAS a foot hold on Rihanna’s soul, that’s obvious to many onlookers, its plain to see, but, its not too late, IF* she sincerely REPENTS, and surrenders her Life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

    “But God demonstrates His own LOVE toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified (those who have Repented) by His blood, (death) we shall be Saved* from wrath through Him.” ( Rom. 5:8)

    Do right, and live, or, go wrong and DIE!

  7. Do right, and live, or, go wrong and DIE!
    aren’t we all gonna die.if truth be told there are more living celebrities who have chosen the right path than those who have DIED comparatively . however the pressures of that work and amount of commitments one has to fulfilled is overwhelmingly which makes for the inevitable in those who are weak minded and prone to please others and added to never experienced such colossal pressure and not having the strong family support and ties needed to help them stay grounded and the necessary guidance to steer them through stressful times. which brings me to the question of rhianna parents it is unfortunate maybe through no fault of their own but against the wishes of rhianna or her advisers that the parents are not more involved .

  8. @Crusoe

    Do you know what is one of the popular conversation pieces in Jamaica? The fact that Bolt jilted his Black girl friend for a White European. Many Jamaicans are pissed at Bolt. Do you think all Jamaicans support some of their gun toting artistes?

    It is interesting that you have taken the opportunity to caution Rihanna about drug use etc. This is what others who are condemned as Rihanna haters have been doing including the Pastor.

  9. My only word of advice to Rihanna would be to stay away from the illegal drugs which ruin the thought process aka Amy Winehouse and take a check on whom she trusts as accountants (why would anyone charge on gross fees, that is NOT normal practice, normal practice I understand is charging on time spent, as all professionals).

    maybe that advice might have come a little too late but the advice jayz gave her to seek professional help would be worthwhile taking as he has seen the devastating results of others in similiar circunstances who have refused such treatment . one can only hope and pray that she does not become another casuality on her way to superstardom , so far not a pretty picture

  10. And Rihanna by the way, stay to hell away from anyone calling themselves a pastor …

    Wait David there are pictures of Bolt’s old Jamaican girlfriend and the new ONEs on the web. Now tell the truth, be honest. The man ain’ ready fah marriage yet. He posing and having fun. Would you be any different if you had worked and was talented enough to be in the same position? Bolt could have any woman… ANY WOMAN in the whole wide world and he must stick with a Jamaican. In any event you don’ think that the ol’ girl friend in Jamaica receive some kind of significant payout for time spent?

    • @BAFBFP

      Was that the point made?

      The example was in response to Crusoe to show that many Jamaicans are pissed that he is courting White women and they are not all throwing unequivocal support to the young man.

      What is so difficult to understand that many Bajans who are voicing concern it is because they are aware the of the dangers of the lifestyle which Rihanna is mired in?

  11. With all due respect David, we all want our daughters to be Nuns right ?

    The fact is that what Rihanna does is her business. If she dies like Hendricks, Winehouse or Rausing so be it.
    She fell into fame and stardom and is behaving like the International super star that she is.

    If Barbados needs a new face of Tourism use the Wilke girl who is the new Miss Barbados.

    There is one thing you missed David. Some of the time Rihanna was supposed to on drunken drug binges she was actually by her Grand mothers bedside but that was only reported in reputable main stream media.

    The Tabloids only report sensational garbage.

    As for role models why don’t you parents devote your lives to raising your children right.Spend more time with them and less time with yu outside men and women.

    • @Hants

      You know more than most that the BU household wishes the very best for Rihanna. Let us begin there. The fact that she is responsible for her life does NOT mean that as a public figure who is Barbadian we cannot share views about her lifestyle. A lifestyle we know to attract drugs etc. In this submission BU did not even touch on her designation as Youth Ambassador etc. Let us deal with this on a level where we know what can happen to a young person operating in the world she is currently firmly playing.

    • @Hants

      Even if he dumped her for that reason the point stands, Jamaicans were pissed with his and let him know it.

  12. Anyway words of the great philosopher Sparrow…”all saltfish sweet”.

    so as a connosieur of culinary delicacies (in my younger days) I can’t blame Bolt for putting variety in his diet.

    Live and let live and mind yuh business!!!!

    • This live and let live mentality is killing us.

      Looking out for each other by sharing, counseling, mentoring has noting to do with age.

      It is what strong societies have done through the ages, transfer knowledge and advice.

  13. David in hindsight it was wrong to make Rihanna a Youth Ambassador of Barbados. The concept is flawed.

    Young people change. Who expected Obadele to marry Marion Jones?

    • @Hants

      Agree, suspect the reason behind it was more about her being a Combermerian like the PM and the desire to give her a Diplomatic Passport…lol.

  14. David your suggestions are noble but we are trying to recover from the wutlessness and hypocrisy of the past.

    Can you think of any Bajans who have led provable exemplary lives?

    Start with the leaders. Political and religious.

    • @Hants

      The answer is of course NO but BU’s position is consistent to when Rihanna was given a black eye by Chris Brown and she used the occasion to be a spokesperson for domestic abuse. Here is no different, she is high profile and her behaviour/lifestyle will attract comment. It is par for the course. It does not mean that regular citizens don’t engage in inappropriate or immoral behaviour/lifestyle. Such is the topic of conversation every day but on a more general level. Don’t we discuss the plight of the youth every day? What about rising incidence of HIV/AIDS etc.

  15. @ HANTS

    GROW UP!adults must lead the way not be cherrleaders for those who we see heading down deadly path with no end in sight ,i know the blaise advice you have given to the rhianana you would not give to your kindred

  16. David the most important thing for any society is good parenting.

    Make sure that you communicate with the children in your household and try to raise them to be good responsible adults.

    Too many so called role models have character flaws.

    • @Hants

      Again a correct statement but you need to continue. How we as adults share views about what is unfolding around us will also help to mould the environment in which we operate. Therefore our children and people we are responsible for shepherding are affected by it all. There is no getting away from it.

  17. David I gine fishing so I will contribute when I get back.

    Think about the Alexandra fiasco where all these “respected” people who should be “role models” are not.

    @Old Onion Bags. Using 8lb mono with 4lb fluorocarbon leaders.

  18. David

    I never missed your point. Sure Jamaicans are pissed, but let them be the stupid ones. We do NOT have to copy their response. Be concerned with her health sure. Substance abuse is bad. But the girl has lived more life than me who is couple times her age, and yes I am jealous. She has already lived and she is making sensible decisions on a modelling career and a movie making career when she is still hot. All of her career choices have very short shelf lives so she HAS to maximize her efforts, which means Flaunting It while she still Got it, bro’. Nudity is NO big shit, but you have a history of making it out to be, and I have a problem with that part of your sentiment …!

  19. Hants

    When you get back from fishing. If you know this Miss Barbados, she ain’ look all dah Bajan to me, so tell me, she must at the very least have a nice pooch …!

  20. I can just picture Rhi sleeping in here $.5 Million Penthouse this morning affa workin for $ 234,699.43 last night…..Does BU exist in her world ? Me thinks not……will her family ever read this…think not again…..yet another phantasmagoria for some….
    We have a way of feeling good about gab….which is going no where.. Rhi Rhi just chuck in another sleep and stupppppppess…lol

  21. That comment from that pastor was a cheap shot that was out of place. It was her grandmothers funeral for pete’s sake.

  22. “That comment from that pastor was a cheap shot that was out of place. It was her grandmothers funeral for pete’s sake.”
    there could have been no better place to counsel the talented superstar to follow in the footsteps of a respectable grandmother who seemed to hold certain values dear. fearless positions taken by persons like pastor wood separate the sheep from the goats.

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    • @Onions

      Your logic remains elusive. Are you saying because Rihanna may not read the comments here that we don’t have a right to comment?

  23. Rhianna may not have as much saying into her paying gigs but she has all the decisions made about her private life. I remember Natalie Cole saying that they (singers/entertainers) were forced to take certain things before going on stage. That it’s a tough job.

    If your boss ask you to do whatever it is, you either do it or not. No matter how great you are, (in the eyes of your superiors) if you don’t comply your boss will find someone who would be only too glad to do it, and you are out of a job. Leaving a job due to insubordination does not sit well with another employer, so chances of getting another job would not be easy. Under circumstances, we have no choice other than to eat the cuckoo for the sake of the sauce.

    Rhianna is of age to choose the lifestyle she believes is best suited for her. If she doesn’t care why should the public? In one of her recent interviews she said she pleases herself, and that people need to mind their own business. I am of the opinion that Rhianna would do whatever it takes, positive or negative to keep her name in the media.

    It seems to me that many of the younger entertainers/songsters like Rhianna are more open with their actions than years gone by in the days of Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, etc. Could it be that those entertainers could have been doing some of the same like Rhianna but there were secretive and more discreet then? Hummm

    Maybe as Rhianna gets older she would think about handling her private life differently.

  24. David

    Let me put it plain. If you have something derogative to say about Rhianna’s life style even if you believe you are doing good, keep to yourself. In Bajan terms, yah should min’ yah own business …!

  25. @ BAFBFP | July 15, 2012 at 1:17 PM |

    Are you serious? The subject is Rhianna and come one, come all are entitled to express their opinions openly whether good, bad or indifferent about her or any public figure, instead of stifling one’s conscience.

    If you think that people should keep their opinions to themselves there would be no need for discussions/debates. Furthermore, this blog would be useless if we were only allowed to read without giving input.

  26. Just to clear up the confusion about Bolt severing the relationship with his Slovak/Canadian girlfriend. I heard it was a mutual parting of the ways, he was ah……faster that a bolt of lightning.

  27. nobody criticising rhianna singing achievements most Barbadians are proud of her in that area just look at the kind of love and respect shown to her during her first performance in the country any how one must be reasonable and look at reality from a practical side separating her artistry from, her lifestyle one if in due course is not corrected would rob and destroyed her of all the fame and fortune she has achieved so far rihanna is not stupid and if she reads any comments on BU she should take them out of love and not disrespect for her

  28. @ David and some

    BAFBFP….is right we got some real bigots in here….some dat only know how to pelt big rock and hide under cloak…..but waana so is bare boo…

    @ David
    Pun annuda thread..it seems like the Holy Wars starting soon again…and when DEM do …..just to confirm to Sarge..Onions is a minion…..I gine and hide unda a rock….no tiga shark ent eatin me.

  29. @BAF ”Miss Barbados, she ain’ look all dah Bajan to me, so tell me, she must at the very least have a nice pooch …!”

    —Why she doan look bajan? Because she white. Dont Baje have white bajans, red bajans etc etc?

    Rather disappointed in that comment BAF.

    Met the girl just once, seems a nice young lady, really. As for pooch,….I am a happily married fella, but no worries bout her asets laddie., she is a looker.

    Now, dont judge on your predetermined impression, judge a person as you meet them.

  30. @ Sargeant | July 15, 2012 at 2:09 PM |
    “I heard it was a mutual parting of the ways, he was ah……faster that a bolt of lightning.”

    So Sarge, what are you saying here? That the man should change his name from Usain to Onan?
    Why don’t you help the young man by recommending a regular brushing from the little vial with the photo of the Chinese man with the glasses on? The same slowing down method you frequently relied on in your days when you were a spinner in a hurry.

  31. Crusoe

    Robinson don’ get your knickers in a twist. Based on percentages we should expect a White Miss Barbados once every twenty years or so and seeing that the last one was actually a Canadian (about 25 years ago), I guess we are overdue. But I would rather have a mix breed, you know, demonstrating that we have fully integrated and bred the minorities out of existence … makes sense to you?

  32. Upfront

    Sure have an opinion and vent all you want. But talk ’bout ever’body else. Leff Rihanna, she don’ concern you nor none ah wunna … Min’ yah business, all ah wunna. If some enterprisin’ knowledgeably American did not have the foresight to to expose her to potential buyers in the international market, something that NO government agency to this day sees as being important enough to invest in the proper skill set, there would be NO Rihanna today for wunna to talk ’bout. She most likely would have ended up like most other Cawmerians, in the Public Service. Wunna feel free to keep yah eyes peel, but keep yah traps shut …. Feel me?

  33. Rhi Rhi baby…..
    I ent read half D foolishness they write bout you in here…..BUT i want you to know THE WHOLE OF BARBADOS LOVES YOUUUUUUU !

  34. Why the blonde wigs, Robyn? Wigs anyway!? Why the contact lenses and the body paint? Yes, I can see when it is done for a performance on stage but why the Autotune? CAN you be yourself? Why not, you are great as you are.

  35. I don’t hear pastors telling off rum drinking Bajans at funerals. I went to a funeral recently and only good things were said abut the dead Bajan man. It was only weeks later that I heard from one of his school mates that the rum kill he.

    Every day in Barbados we have funerals for people, often “respectable” men who have died from the rum. And the reverends and pastors are very very careful not to throw this info in the face of the rum bibber’s widow.

  36. And tobesides God likes naked people. If it were not so would he have presently made 7 billion of them…and counting.

    Men like naked people too.

    Men only get offended about a woman’s nakedness when they are not getting a piece of the p@#$y

  37. So Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse et al died form substance abuse.

    Do we know any Bajans including members of our own immediate families, and of the political and economic directorate who have died from abusing the devil rum?

    I think that we should take the beam out of our own eyes first, before attempting to take the mote out of Rihanna’s.

    Dear bloggers: Did you or any of your relatives spend any part of this past weekend drunk as a skunk?

  38. Got to agree with TJ. It was the girl’s grandmother’s funeral and the pastor’s comments were inappropriate. If, as you say David, he cared for her, then his comments to her could have been made in private. Instead, although I am sure he does care for her, the pastor was unable to resist the lure of her celebrity and to attach himself firmly to that. It was grandstanding and publicity-seeking on the part of the pastor. Self-promotion and completely out of order.

    However, that said, I have to really wonder at the sense of our government in making the girl an ambassador. Not because of her lifestyle which is none of my business (or anyone else’s for that matter), but it is just stupid.

  39. @ BAFBFP | July 15, 2012 at 5:56 PM |

    The miller is with you here. We should be giving Rihanna all of our support and backing and be more “Christian” in our ‘judgments’.

    That woman has done more for Barbados in terms of exposure on the World’s stage than the BTA with its billions of taxpayers’ spent during the years of its existence- even before Rihanna was born. Only Sir Garry can lay claim to such worldwide (Commonwealth mainly) recognition although on a much limited scale. Jamaica has Marley and Bolt. We only have Rihanna. So let us be watchful but ever so supportive without reservation no matter what.
    She will find a way!

    • @Miller

      Let us put it this way. If there is feedback to be given do you want it to come from those you know care or the handlers around you who are motivated by money? Surprised you seem to be measuring her success by the exposure she has given Barbados. Amy gave a lot of exposure to St. Lucia you know.

  40. Look the sweetie at the Ole Noot Hood…..UBT Waterford….where all great onions are born….lol..15 but too sweet…innocence sweeter than today’s I also concur.

  41. @ David | July 16, 2012 at 6:53 AM |

    Hence my cautious advice of being watchful and resolutely supportive.

    Rihanna’s success is entirely due to her talents, beauty and good fortune. Factors which were spotted and exploited by business people in the overseas music world looking for an ‘exotic’ face and voice to titillate the entertainment taste buds of an overly commercialized market.

    The Barbados government cannot lay claim to any input or contribution to the woman’s success.
    However, they (political administration and the BTA) decided to jump in on the exploitation bandwagon and forced ripe the young woman into being a role model and ambassador for hypocritical Barbados (a role she found rather uncomfortable) in order to boost tourism arrivals and make the BTA and Minister look good without too much marketing & promotion effort thereby diverting resources for their own high living (ML 634, overseas shopping sprees called conferences and road shows).
    How else can the morally hypocritical people of Barbados through its government measure Rihanna’s success other than by how much tourist dollars the country can earn from her association with Barbados without having made any investment in her success other than free education granted to any child born in the country.
    The evaluation by the BTA of the last Rihanna concert held in Bim (last year was it?) strictly in terms of economic contribution tells us a lot about how the government sees this talented but vulnerable young lady.

  42. Miller

    Now you see David is NOT perfect. There are so many areas where he exposes typically Bajan Hypocrisy that sometimes it is best to leave “well enough” alone. Hypocrisy is a genetic disorder and there is NO cure … this is my observation of course. Your observation about Rihanna’s discomfort could very well be on the mark.

    The thingy with the Audi. You see Mcenearney Quality lost the dealership for that brand long time. In fact there is NO one in Barbados who is the legal distributor of that car. So I wonder, who the GoB buy the car from, and where do they go to seek the specialized maintenance that it would require from time to time …?

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