Rihanna Gets Reception Fit For A Queen

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It is 9.30PM and Rihanna is being celebrated in song by the best musical talent which Barbados has to offer in Independence Square, Bridgetown, Barbados. The tribute is occasioned by Rihanna’s capturing a Grammy Award and her international success over the last 3 years. Prime Minister David Thompson has wasted no time in setting things in motion to recognize his fellow Combermerian and world famous Superstar. Rihanna entered the Square in style aboard a boat commanded by the one arm cancer Olympian Andrew Burke. Many Barbadians were anticipating that Jay Z, who signed her to his international label Def Jam would have accompanied her to Barbados, it turned out to be Chris Brown the American Pop Star. The Internet has been congested with the buzz in recent times about a romantic association between the two. The fact that he has accompanied her on this special occasion maybe enough to confirm the deal. Rihanna was flabbergasted when in a proclamation read by Minister of Culture Mr. Steve Blackett she was elevated to Youth & Culture Ambassador for Barbados. She was also given a piece of land in the exclusive and ritzy part of the island, a place called Apes Hill. Finally the crowd went wild when Chris Brown was asked to visit the stage to cut the cake with Rihanna. We are back to the TV to enjoy the rest of the celebration!


  • As far as Thompson’s friend being a Rasta is concerned; Thompson has, YET, to prove himself, in my book!!!!

    He’s only just started!! He’s still very, much ‘under-probation’, as far as I’m concerned!!!!

    I in impress by e pretty-color!!!! 🙂


  • Are you listening to Peter Wickham on Brass Tacks? He made some opening remarks regarding Kevin Hinds’ apology, people’s tendency to flog an issue to death, and the hair discrimination issue. Honestly, sometimes I don’t agree with all he says, but you have to give him props for setting out his arguments beautifully. Tune in to VOB.


  • Rihanna Helping N.Y. Leukemia Patient
    Feb. 24, 2008, 7:30 AM EST

    The above was pasted from an MSN link today.

    Consider Barbados taxpayers pay for her to receive some of the gifts she accepted and who does she help? A Barbadian? NO a New-York resident.

    Just the point I have been making.


  • She deserves it. Love her! Do yuh ting sis.


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  • Technician, Radiance and Kadri I salute you. I endorse your comments about the hair thing and Bimbro’s attitude.
    I love the senator’s hair and I thought it was like a fresh breeze blowing through that stuffy place and I was really waiting to see when the blogs were going to start up a thread about the controversy. Even now they have not done it.
    The men’s hairstyles always look better than the ladies own.
    If he bows in to the pressure and changes to suit the backward looking section of the population I am going to call him personally and well I won’t tell you all what I will say.
    I enjoy my black hair and I do not ever want to be any thing but black, well maybe rich.
    Seriously though, the world is not the same place it was a 20 years ago, we are more conscious of ourselves and our past as a people and we know that they are many things to be proud of.
    When I first read Farley’s article I could not believe that we were still there so many years after a woman took the Hilton hotel to court and won over her black hairstyle.
    If we are discussing hair in 2008 how far have we come really? What mirror image do we have really?
    Anyway, I here talking too much.


  • Seriously though, the world is not the same place it was 20 years ago, we are more conscious of ourselves and our past as a people and we know that there are many things to be proud of.


  • Bimbro says (yawn)….’When I think of the cumulative, centuries which black women have wasted trying to make their hair straigt like white womens’ hair it really makes me sick!! Is it any wonder we’re at the bottom of the pile!! While our women are busy straightening their hair, the world’s other women are busy studying, or training or helping their children with their studies!! Poor black women!!!!

    Listen man…..make up your mind on which side of the fence you want to sit.
    If black people leave their hair natural, it will eventually lock, as this is the natural process.
    You cry down Rastafarians for letting their hair grow naturally, yet you cry down women for relaxing their hair.
    You are one confused old man.


  • Observer… i do not see anything in KB’s bahaviour the least bit close to what our so called culture is..unless it’s acting like some drug addict swept off the streets and having a microphone stuck in his hand is what you mean by “our culture” i still don’t see the comparison …and he didn’t keep anything real ..behaving like a mad ass that just crawled out of a hole for the first time isn’t real to me..he is not a pro..pro’s don’t act like they’ve never been on stage and haven’t a clue on how to bahave infront of thousands of people…..I think quite a few of these so called MC’S need to go back to the drawing board….in Cuba he would have stood corrected with a bullet in his head!.. someone should have set the example that night …what’s done is done..karaoke night is over.



  • Sam Gamgee // February 25, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    Technician, Radiance and Kadri I salute you. I endorse your comments about the hair thing and Bimbro’s attitude.


    Is that the same Sam de Gamgee dat born on a mondie & christen pun a tuesdie!!!!

    Lorddddddddddddddddddddddddd 🙂

    If black people leave their hair natural, it will eventually lock, as this is the natural process.


    Techie, it may or may not, ‘lock’, but you still look like a pig!!!! I don’t like to see my people looking that way & I certainly, would n’t look at a woman who looked that way, except, of course, to run as far away and as fast away from her, as I could!!!!

    Clearly, u would though!!!! I in suh desperate!!!!

    In fact, I’ve reconsidered!! I look forward to our Primeminister looking like excrement on legs!! Then, I guess, you’ll all be happy!!!!

    Afterall, if it’s good enough for the Primeminister, it should be good enough for the rest of us?!!!!


  • Some rationality needs to be brought to this whole question of National Standards.

    Lack of standards lead to chaos and the reality is that we usually settle at the lowest common denominator.

    When allegedly intelligent people like Peter Wickham can seek to justify a hairstyle standard based on the fact than ‘it is worn by some folks in Africa’ we know that we are scraping the bottom.

    ‘..some folks in Africa’ also run around naked. some traditionally inflict grotesque (to us) distortions to their bodies – would these traditional situations be ‘OK’ here – and in our Senate especially- as well?

    Obviously, everyone is free to live their lives as it pleases themselves. This cannot be disputed and should not be changed.

    What we cannot have however, is a situation where in our NATIONAL life, persons who choose to live outside of what is determined by the majority to be the norm (THE STANDARD) imposing their own ‘standards’ on the rest of us.

    This is simple organisational behavior theory.

    When you become a member of an organisation, (Church, Army, Club, Credit Union etc) you learn the RULES of that organisation and either decide to abide or leave. The other option is to seek to convince a majority of us that the standard should be adjusted……it is the same with being a part of an organised society.

    So first, we need to have clear, known standards
    and then these must be articulated and enforced by our leaders

    Failure to do this will result in the ridiculous situations that we now see in the USA with respect to banning prayers in school (except after mass shootings), and the chaos that we see in in their homes, schools, courts and workplaces etc.

    …as I said we are victims of poor leadership and weak management.

    I personally believe that people are meant to demonstrate their character in the way that they carry themselves. While I respect the right of individuals to allow their hair to grow into locks or for men to wear traditionally feminine trimmings like ear rings and corn rows, these behaviors to me reflect personal characteristics.

    In the same way, we all make judgments about persons who rarely takes showers or wash their hands after certain chores.

    It is therefore quite silly to attempt to justify a hairstyle on the basis that ‘I was born with my hair kinky’….. so let it knot up and become one big mess of gunk?

    We were born without education too..so should we remain ignorant?
    We were born without an organised society -should we live like wild animals?

    To Kevin Hinds credit, his Madd group along with Lil Rick and their allies in the ZR culture, have ,over the last 15 years or so seeking to change the ‘standards’ of decency in our society. They have been ably supported by many of us who flock to their tents, give Lil Rick liberal air time to promote his ‘standards’ and allow the ZR boys to rule the roost on the roads and with our school children.
    It was therefore somewhat unfair when they were shocked last week into the realization that we have DOUBLE STANDARDS here…. one that is OK normally – and another for when we have ‘company’.
    I think that we need to establish a clear Barbadian Identity, with CLEAR standards and a broad consensus for what is acceptable behavior.

    DLP, Can we have some leadership in this matter PLEASE?


  • Bush tea one of the greatest purveyors of this lowering of standards is VoB who allows Lil Ric and others to spout their filth on the ‘air and in the chair’ for the almighty dollar. They now have the gumption to be asking for a TV station. Heaven help us!


  • In all fairness Bush Tea…….Have you really seen dreadlocks on most people nowadays?
    Obviously not, otherwise your quote is senseless.
    Both women and men with locks take care of their hair better that you allude too.
    It is a hairstyle, stop with the colonial thinking and either accept it or move away.
    Some of the brightest kids at UWI have locks.
    Arthur Holder has, is he bad?
    Doctors, lawyers, teachers etc wear this style .By your arguments then many of us are wrong and deviant? Give me a break man.
    We always see the cup as half empty.


  • Bimbro, BU needs to censor you.
    Bush tea, I have come to expect better of you but I guess that sometimes we all show our clay feet.
    Seems BU now has a thread on the hair issue so this debate/talk can be taken over there.


  • ‘..some folks in Africa’ also run around naked. some traditionally inflict grotesque (to us) distortions to their bodies – would these traditional situations be ‘OK’ here – and in our Senate especially- as well?


    Bush Tea, u tell the idiots!! I tired talking!!!!


    Obviously, everyone is free to live their lives as it pleases themselves. This cannot be disputed and should not be changed.


    I know what u mean here, ‘Bush’, but, only within reason!! When you think about it, seriously, that’s not true at all!! We all have to function within the confines of the law!!!!


    Bush, the only ‘CLEAR Barbadian identity’ which I’ve observed from across the seas is ‘TO FOLLOW WHATEVER THE JAMAICANS DO’!!!!, you can rest assured!!!!

    Barbadians are so keen to be loved by the JAs that whatever the JAs bring-out, no matter how filthy, you can rest assured that a Barbadian will be wanting to foist it on Bim society, the following day!!!!

    Poor Bajans, and to compound the embarassment, THE JAs, themselves, DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY TIME FOR US!!!!

    It’s laughable not to mention, pathetic!!!!


    Sam de Gamgee, I’m not surprised that u would say that. You’re obviously, of the ilk who consider the best way to win an argument is to censor anybody expressing a contrary point of view. That’s the way to progress is n’t it Sam!!! You’re FOS!!!!


  • I am a fan of MADD. They are downright funny the Bajan way. I dont like their overemphasis on homosexuality. Kevin Hinds antics were not representative of MADD in Independence Square. There was nothing funny or laughable in his emceeing. He was rude, crude, arrogant, embarassing.

    This should serve as a timely wake up call for Cranston Browne (what is his post in gob?) and govt organizers of these events. Everyone involved in these affairs must be chosen carefully. It was a great idea gone bad. Rihanna deserved to be feted royally. KB Kleen deserved to be one of the spectators who climbed the Errol Barrow statue to watch the show in silence and reverence.


  • Sam de Gamgee, I’m not surprised that u would say that. You’re obviously, of the ilk who consider the best way to win an argument is to censor anybody expressing a contrary point of view. That’s the way to progress is n’t it Sam!!! You’re FOS!!!!

    Hmm, guess you may be incapable of being contrary without being insulting then. The blog is poorer for it.
    Well never mind me; it ain’t my blog. Carry on in the way you know best.




  • Would you believe the garbage uttered by Hartley Henry in his today’s column “Under the Microscope”.

    Hartley said>> “In a strange way, KB is himself a victim. He is not solely responsible for what he said and did on the magical night. As an entertainer in Barbados, where would he have gone to learn preferred and acceptable conduct”?
    Would you believe a brilliant individual who would have utilised our free educational system and be garnered by parental training from young to know when you should speak and how far you should go. KB is an expert on body language since he know how to motivate his audience by the response he received whilst being an MC. Did KB not look at the facial expression of the Prime Minister? Did he not realise that the microphone was pulled from his hands? That Rihanna face showed resentment everytime he shout out her name and Chris Brown? Did he not get the vibes or he did not ‘get real’.

    Hartley, you went on to say that “Talented people like KB Kleen were never schooled in the ‘dos and don’ts’ of performing”. His action have nothing to do with entertainment training, it was simply ‘manners’ which he failed to display on that night, it is also protocol which he simply overlooked. Where was the stage manager, why no one spoke to him whilst an act was on, the whole action was totally pathetic.

    You are trying to confuse the public by stating KB’s down fall should be blamed on the NCF’s rudderless performance. What utter rubbish. Who was responsible for the staging of this concert? Let the public know now. I am not trying to bash the true occasion for this celebration which I saw as visionary since it was overlooked by the previous administration. But it was a ‘do fuh do’ due to the majority of the acts were part of the musical electioneering for the party. That is the mistake since these acts found it difficult to separate electioneering from protocol. Hartley, you failed in defending mediocrity from quality. You joined KB in standing 6ft tall, this time on your head. Get the picture.
    You are using swing in condemning the NCF in this scenario to show KB’s behaviour was due to the ‘rudderless’


  • Its amazing how he took an issue of simple protocol, manners and common sense by KB clean and poor organization by those responsible and made it into a swipe at the previous Government. How sad that it has come to this…


  • we are really living in times of neo colonialism when a person is treated like royalty for signing songs riddle in double endree and wearing skimpy clothing on stage. is this all our country have to be proud of??? thing that gets me is the girl contributes nothing to our econmy with all her millions. we have a situation where poor ppl cant afford to buy land goverment cant fine land or money to buy or build low income housing everyday some one is put on the streets but we can fine it to give a rich american citizen??? sales generated from her albumns go straight to the american economy not ours. yes she started a charity but thats like protocol for alllllll celebrities its a tactic so they dont look like selfish beast if she really cared about barbados why not start one for BAJANS maybe something to help other barbadian achieve what she has because we have a lot of talented bajan out there strugling everyday to get notice and they sound wayyyyy better than rihanna. its sad to see that we judge according to american standards. ya all need to open ya all eyes and get real yes good for the girl for getting worldwide reconition but is this the message we wanna send to the youth that the only way we could make it is by performing half naked by having that american image?? dont we have more to be proud of in barbados??


  • thing that gets me is the girl contributes nothing to our econmy with all her millions.
    Are you sure what you are speaking about? She might not give millions in cash to Barbados, but her popularity is worth much more than you might think. She is projecting our island to billions of people who never heard about Barbados, at least ten per cent of that audience would become potential visitors. No advertising on the radio, television, newspapers or billboards can replace her voice when she mention her birthplace Barbados.

    We keep saying that we have poor people, Yes, it might be true, but we are far better off than our resourceful big brothers with all the oil, bauxite, aluminum, forestry, gold and vast land space. Our so called ‘poor people’ have cell phones for all members of the household, massive TV’s that you have to knock down the side of the house for it to get inside, satellites that pulling over or blocking the house, brand-name clothing that resembles a clothing store, jewelery on hands and neck that make the person a walking jewellery store and the SUV’s, Mercedes and BMW’s park infront the said ‘poor people’.

    Regarding the naked talk, we should refrain from throwing stones at glass houses when you don’t have a solid door.

    And yes indeed, we have a lot to be proud of here in Barbados, minus your poor rhetoric.


  • lol Raven…typical hogwash. So her contribution is measured by her directly giving a specific sum to Barbadians??? Nonsense! not worthy of further comment.!


  • Denis Johnson also realised the stupidity of Hartley Henry’s article praising KB Kleen and he condemned him on Brass Tacks now airing on VOB.

    What I don’t understand is why partisan supporters and others failed to disassociate themselves from his article “Under the Microscope”.


  • Okay folks..when rihanna gets played in america or around the world her music is seen as American..not caribbean. Please do not mistake the infrequent mentions of her homeland (usually in forums where such information means nothing to the listeners) as publicity. I agree..hogwash..or rather swinewash


  • Okay folks..when rihanna gets played in america or around the world her music is seen as American..not caribbean.

    exactly my point half the ppl who listen to her doesnt even know she isnt american or where she comes from she isnt singing anything barbadian or that identifies with bajan or caribbean culture for that matter. bob marley promoted jamaica by promotingJAMAICAN music he did go over there singing american pop he made the world stand up and listen to reggea paving the way for other jamaican reggae artiste rihanna is an american citizen who just happens to have roots in barbados now and ya all naive if u think that her fame is going to wash barbados with tourist cause so far its the same no major influx


  • Raven,

    I agree with some of your comments. Brace yourself for some vicious attacks. Some closed minded Rihanna fanatics post on this blog. They are intolerant of anyone who does not speak favorably of Rihanna.

    I agree with you that Rihanna’s success to date has done nothing tangible for Barbadians. Some people say she has introduced the world to Barbados. She has done that. She has introduced some people to Barbados by telling them Barbadians don’t like to see each other get ahead. She has introduced some people to Barbados by telling them Barbadians always talk sh*t about her. She has introduced others to Barbados by telling them her mother had to quit a job in Barbados because of the “cattiness” of her Barbadian coworkers. I am sure the world now has a lovely image of Barbadians after her tirades to the foreign media.

    A story that is making the rounds in newspapers in the United States is that Rihanna is working to help a White American leukemia victim, Lisa Gershowitz Flynn, find a bone marrow donor. Mrs. Flynn is a well-to-do attorney from Manhattan. It is fine and dandy that Rihanna is trying to help Mrs. Flynn, who doctors say has just weeks to live, but is she doing anything for cancer patients in Barbados? Recently, Andrew Burke, a White Barbadian amputee who lost an arm to cancer, sailed around Barbados using one arm to raise money for the Barbados Cancer Society. Based on what I have read, Mr. Burke suffers from heart cancer, which has spread to his lungs. Even though he is sick, he is working to raise money, so that Black children like Tianna Pompey and Xavier Greenidge can get help. Tianna Pompey was scheduled to have an arm amputated around Christmas time, because her mother could not afford the million dollars Canadian doctors wanted to treat her cancer. Because the Nation Newspaper does not often do follow-up stories, and I live overseas, I never heard what became of her. Xavier Greenidge lost a leg to cancer.

    Rihanna founded a charity, but guess what, it is not to help Barbadians. It is to help children around the world.

    Thank God for White Barbadians like Andrew Burke. If it were left up to Black Barbadians like Rihanna and her supporters, most Black Barbadians in need wouldn’t get “jack,” as African Americans would say.

    Raven, I said in the past I would not post on this blog anymore, but I know how vicious people on this blog can be to people who do not worship Rihanna. I just thought I would let you know there are some more of us out here who think Bajans should be focused on more important things.

    Of course now there will be the predictable “You are jealous of Rihanna” responses. LOL


  • Dear Bajan ‘sour grapes girl Rihanna can’t be all things to all people. Why does she bother you so???? Are you failing in what you want to achieve ?

    It is quite sad to see you continually try to disparage someone who is succeeding with your silly expectations. But you have a right to your opinion. . I just pray that you dont get an ulcer from worrying so much!


  • Stinking Bajan Girl said

    “Thank God for White Barbadians”
    How can anyone try to discredit a shining light for Barbados and moreso its youth and write this. Rihanna you are a gem. You are wise beyond your years. Ignore the Bajan Girls, ravens,yall jokeys…they are scum. Rihanna walk good Barbados is behind you.


  • lol well noted bajan girl and as i see the rihanna devil worshippers or vivicious in there attacks but everyone needs someone to worship so if the think rihanna is there god good for them


  • Hey ich mach ein referat über rihanna und muss es auf englisch vortragen kein plan wie ich das mache es muss ein V.I.P poster sein kann mir einer helfen??


  • I agree with you Born and Dred i agree i guess Bush Tea run out of words for you . God Bless.


  • I love the way she takes on changles that life has to offer.


  • Cawmere inda Blood

    Instead of manifesting such jealousy for a great school and tradition I would just like to see more Barbadians from other schools emulating the school spirit of Combermerians which has for over 300 years inspired many to achieve and press UP and ON!
    P.S. Our apologies for appearing so shobbish and in your face…if that’s y u really hate us, who know who you are…or do you?




  • i did like chris brown ,but now i hate him


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  • You are mistaken. Let’s discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.


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