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The Apologist Mohammed Iqbal Degia

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas, PH.D and CFS. 30 April, 2019 The Editor Barbados Underground Barbados, W.I Dear Sir/Madam There were two articles under the by-line of Mohammed Iqbal Degia in the “Nation” newspaper of the 23rd. And 30th. of April; respectfully captioned as “Notre Dame Fire context” and “Presumption of Guilt”. In the former article, Degia is perturbed at

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Jesus is NOT…

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Jesus was the first gene-spliced man. Human mother, divine Father.” Shekinah Medical Centre advertisement, “Gene Therapy“, April 14 Sunday Sun The idea of divine beings producing children with human mothers is as ancient as mankind itself. Zeus was so prodigious in the siring of offspring with human mothers that an entire cadre of Immortals, such as

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Dr. Lucas Accuses Mohammed Degia of Showing #islamophobia Colours

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas,PH.D. CFS, The “Nation” newspaper of the 19th March 2019 published an article captioned “Upset but not shocked” under the by-line of Mohammed Iqbal Degia. Degia attributes the rise of Islamophobia in part to white supremacy. He attempts to juxtapose the Muslim experience with that of Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and immigrants (it is noticeable that he

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