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Submitted by Pachamama Our master narratives are five (5). First, that ideas birthed in the Piscean Age cannot have spiritual resonance today, as a scientific phenomenon, within an overtly displayed Aquarian Age. Second, those who continue to ‘harken’ to such ideas are destined for perdition. Third, that all Christians are Catholics, whether they accept this fundamental, scientific, truism or not.

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The Role of Religion

Submitted by Steven Kaszab What significance does organized religion have these days? Easter celebration has now past, as too high celebrations  in the Islamic and Jewish faiths. Candy for the kids, while worshipers touch ever so lightly the divinity of God and its significance in our lives.  I wonder what Jesus, Mohammed and Moses would say if they indeed saw

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Leptogenesis: The Mythological Confluence Of Pagan Ritualized Churchianity


Submitted by Terence M. Blackett Leptogenesis: The Mythological Confluence Of Pagan Ritualized Churchianity, Judaic Rabbinization & Apocryphal & Midrashic Islam Aligned Into A Clash Of Religious Mythologies “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him…” ~ Voltaire Let me state at the outset of this discourse that I am not a Durkheimian Functionalist, either at the

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TV Is Your God

TV is God

Submitted by Terence TV Is Your God: Apophenia &Numerological Coding – How Globalists Use Kabbalistic Psychpathology Programming To Run Prison Planet Earth “We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.” ~ (James Warburg February 17th, 1950 CFR) As hard as it may be to imagine, the global elite practices a form of ancient

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Fr. Harcourt Blackett Ignores Cry from Man Alleging ABUSE by Fellow Catholic Priest

Harcourt Vincent Blackett

Decisions we make are influenced by a moral compass. The degree a society is able to align to the collective beliefs and perspectives of citizens is a work-in-progress exercise. No absolutes, many shades of grey. Enlightened citizens understand we must unapologetically participate in our system of governance to ensure civil society actors are sufficiently aligned to collective values. The challenge

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Mental Bondage is Real

The blogmaster is sure the significance of Emancipation Day is lost on the majority of Barbadians. In recent days the commentary swirling in the spaces frequented by the blogmaster centred on the cancellation of Crop Over for a second year running, a break from going to work or attending to an activity unrelated to the purpose of Emancipation Day. A

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LOCK Lynroy Scantlebury and Wife to Rh Up!

Since the worrying outbreak caused by the ‘super spreader’ event in February, Barbados has done a good job of pulling back COVID 19 infections numbers. For the most part Barbadians have observed the protocols/directives and compared to countries near and far done excellently to administer the Covid 19 vaccine as a primary measure to combat the rampaging pandemic. The blogmaster

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Sweet Sunday Sermon – Approved and Disapproved Workers and Using the Bible Properly

Submitted by Dr. GP In February a group of men decided to convene a Bible Reading on Sunday evenings via zoom.  Ideally, at a Bible Reading, the participants usually come prepared, to discuss the selected passage, having meditated on, and researched the selected passage and any obvious related collateral scriptures, and they usually come to a consensus during the proceedings. When

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Sweet Sunday Sermon – LAW V GRACE

Submitted by Dr. GP One of the first verses we were taught to memorize as teens was 2 Timothy 2:15. i.e  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  One of the major divisions a believing Bible student must grasp is the most important division between LAW

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Submitted by Dr. GP ” THE NECESSITY TO STUDY BACKGROUND  HISTORY OF THE BIBLE & BIBLE LANDS                                         FOR A BETTER APPRECIATION OF THE BIBLE.”   INTRODUCTION   Although the Bible does not claim to be a history book, even a serious superficial survey of the Scriptures show the Word of God is a book of history. The Bible

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