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Sweet Sunday Sermon – DISPENSATIONS

Submitted by Dr. Georgie Porgie In the study of Scripture, it is most important to understand that scriptural revelation falls into well defined periods, which are clearly separated stages in the progressive revelation of God which constitute a distinctive stewardship or rule of life. Recognition of these divisions and their divine purposes constitutes one of the most important factors in

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Jesus’ Assignment

Jesus had an important assignment from His Father.  That was to train a set of people to train others.  Jesus described this assignment when He was speaking with His Father.  We are privileged to read the intimate conversation in John 17.  It starts with Jesus’ request to return to His former place. Jesus spoke these words, lifted up His eyes

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Monday Sermon – Encourage Others To Growth

Last week, we learnt that Jesus instructed those who wanted to follow Him, that they should obey His commandments.  These commandments or instructions train the follower for future responsibilities.  As we train, we grow. Those who choose not to pursue this training will not lose their salvation.  However, they do themselves a grave disservice.  If they happen to be influential,

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Sweet Sunday Sermon – Thoughts on Psalm 22 – part 1

Submitted by Dr. GP Psalm 22 describes the sufferings of the Lord Jesus on the cross under three headings Psychological Physiological Pathological These are followed by a Praise section in this Psalm The emotional or Psychological suffering of Jesus is described in the first 16 verse of Psalm 22, and  mirrors the reports of Matthew 26:39; Matthew. 27:39-44; Mark 15:29,

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Monday Sermon – Basic Preparatory Training

Today, it is useful to understand the basic preparatory training for those who want to follow Jesus. Jesus gave a set of commandments.  Some Christians found them challenging to follow, so they developed diverse and conflicting traditions about these commandments, including: they should be followed; they are optional; they are a guide; they are impossible to follow; and their purpose

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Most of us who have attended church for many years, have heard read in our churches the majestic Messianic messages of Micah chapters 4 and 5 at Christmas time.  But there is another obscure prediction that Micah gives about the Lord in chapter 2:12 &13.   This morning, November 17th 2019, at 11 a.m, I am scheduled to give a message on this passage

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