LOCK Lynroy Scantlebury and Wife to Rh Up!

Since the worrying outbreak caused by the ‘super spreader’ event in February, Barbados has done a good job of pulling back COVID 19 infections numbers. For the most part Barbadians have observed the protocols/directives and compared to countries near and far done excellently to administer the Covid 19 vaccine as a primary measure to combat the rampaging pandemic.

The blogmaster again takes the opportunity to thank Lyall Small who has been diligent to submit information formatted for 101 public use – see graphs below. The graphs show that compared to others in the region we are faring better than most but there is work still to be done until we are able to satisfactorily arrest the virus.

Against the forgoing the blogmaster is concerned we have religious zealots among us who blinded by an all-powering  ignorance would adopt a behaviour to jeopardize the health of people on the island and economic state of the country. The blogmaster is of the strong belief Lynroy Scantlebury and his wife Heather of  World Harvest Ministries International Church, based in Speightstown, St Peter should be made to feel the full weight of the law. His followers blindly following this idiot by continuing to avoid calls from authorities to present themselves should also be hauled before the court. One quality we have to nurture as a society if we are to break free from a pervasive mediocrity suffocating our little island is to respect the value DISCIPLINE adds to all that we do – see Nation News posted below for background to the matter at hand.

Why should the rest of Barbados suffer hardship to keep COVID 19 at bay and others who profess to walk a moral high ground ignore protocols and directives set by an elected government that come back to bite us in the asses where it hurts.


Attached are C-19 graphs for the week ending 16th April 2021.  Barbados is now showing a slight but possibly worrying upward trend in daily cases, as well as positivity percentages (even though these are still below the benchmark levels).  These indications are possibly mainly due to the cluster at a northern church which might not have been totally eliminated.  The active cases chart also appears to tell the same story.  The authorities, from this week’s press conference, appear to be concentrating on this cluster and will hopefully be successful in eliminating it,  given their good performance so far – See COVID Updates

Lyall Small


Bostic tells church members to stop hiding, get tested

By barryalleyne@nationnews.com

Stop hiding! Come out and get tested!

Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic did not mince words yesterday, as he urged members of a northern church to stop dodging public health officials who are conducting contact tracing into a cluster of COVID-19 cases.

He said public health officials had been hamstrung this week as they attempted to find people associated with the church.

Earlier this week in a story broken by the Midweek Nation, it was revealed that 19 members of the World Harvest Ministries International Church, based in Speightstown, St Peter, had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. That number has since increased.

Its leader, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury and his wife Heather, admitted that they were later ordered by Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George to report to Paragon in Christ Church, for him and his spouse to start a period of quarantine.

“My concern is this church cluster occupying the Ministry of Health and Wellness,” Bostic told a national press briefing yesterday, after confirming that nine of the country’s 12 newest COVID-19 infections were related to the church.

“I would like to appeal to all persons associated with that church in the north, if you haven’t been contacted, it’s either you haven’t been told of your possible exposure to the virus, or because you are hiding. If you don’t care about your status, I care and the Ministry of Health cares. If you remain in hiding, it could be detrimental to your health.”

Matter of urgency

He then urged those from the church who remained untested to present to the Wildey Gymnasium as a matter of urgency, or to any medical facility of their choosing.

Bostic said three of the 12 new cases had already been at the Harrison Point facility in St Lucy beingassessed, but what worried

him most was that the other nine individuals were all directly related to the church. He added that two families, one of four, and one of three people, all members of the church, had tested positive, and another two were not members but indirectly connected to an organisation that had its members exposed to the virus.

In response to a question by reporters, the minister said they were glad the leaders of the church were placed in quarantine, and having them at their disposal would allow the Chief Medical Officer to “vigorously continue the investigation into the cluster”.

“We don’t yet have all the information. We are very, very closely monitoring this situation. Nothing is being ruled out. The aim is to contain the spread of the disease in Barbados, and we will do whatever we have to do to do that,” he added.

Bostic added that public health personnel, in their investigation, would also determine if to take the matter further.

Scantlebury had claimed that COVID-19 had been planted at his church.

“This was planted at our church,” he had told the Midweek Nation in a telephone interview from his quarantine at Paragon. “We never had any cases of COVID at World Harvest. Not one single case.”

In yesterday’s Weekend Nation,some of his members demanded an apology from him, saying they felt misled by the church and fell victim to Scantlebury’s many statements that COVID-19 could not touch the church.


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  • You know what they say about killing the goose. To repeat, some of you do not know when to stop. There are consequences to all that we do.


  • “the stuff on the net is also re-imaginings of Africa from Africans in the diaspora in America and UK and other places”

    it is ok to take things from other sources and mix them up as the movement is about a future new Africa mindset not old Africa mindset and is using technology of today for better redevelopment remix refix and wants people from around the world to bring their nature and nurture to the table


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    the movement is ONLY NOW GROWING at a MORE accelerated rate worldwide….and is yet to be embraced by Barbados, they will of course and as usual…COME IN LAST..if ever….another reason for me to NOT put too much energy in that direction, but just enuff to open receptive eyes…..seeing that we have MADE so much progress in that regard in the last 8 YEARS…compared to when i first came on BU and FB and other platforms where you could not find a rebellious Black person from Barbados exposing the nastiness done to them and their families over generations……BU and BFP were the only local blogs enlightening the population to their predicament and exposing the trash on the island for their corruption and crimes against black humanity.. ……the African population who have become enlightened are NOW OUT THERE…there is no turning back, and that is what gives me hope for those who know they were mentally enslaved, the others can stay in that state, they are content and happy and so am i, no one needs their stupid shit anyway….


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  • Here we go again.

    Continue, actions have consequences.


  • Looks like a beautiful day in my part of the woods. Will be on the cold side(38 now, max of 68).

    So enjoy your weather. Hopefully, no volcanic dust today.

    Have a great day, Barbados.


  • Was reading a story about a crippled retiree who his family abandoned in his home in St Vincent.

    I would hate having those family members relocating and becoming my neighbors.


  • It is a beautiful day and our ancestors are at play. Africans are uniting everywhere….UBUNTU…Harambe.


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    There ain’t nobody more appallingly ignorant than you to believe because you posting things about Africa, you are more enlightened and knowledgeable than people who have not. That is foolish thinking. People might tell you to post things, but NOT TO EVERY @#$%& BLOG. You had a whole blog for yourself, KEEP the information THERE.

    Continue to fret for the balance of the day.


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  • Read that story also Theo
    Heart breaking
    Families can turn out to be your own worst enemies
    He had an enemy living under his roof but did not know
    God reveal her to be his own daughter


  • How long are the people of Barbados going to allow themselves to be manipulated by govt and locked down into a mindset that when things go wrong it is the general population fault
    Meanwhile govt keeps the flow of tourism going
    Never mind that the Covid spread remains a reality in hot spots
    The Warning from the CDC in effect is meant to stop the spread as tourist from hot spots leave their countries and travel to countries that are less susceptible to the virus taking the virus along
    However govt is too dumb to understand the alert warning
    But rather look from what in their mind are their efforts in fighting the virus
    The CDC tell govt that your efforts
    are not enough as your borders remaing open to hot spots can do harm and damage to your country which in effect can cause the virus to mutate
    On the other hand
    Scantlebury has now become a pawn or raw meat thrown out in the public square to be eaten and devour by a public who has been dumb down to a point of no return
    The CDC got it right
    Govt you have been warned again


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  • Evangelicals distance themselves from World Harvest Ministries
    Article by
    Emmanuel Joseph
    Published on
    April 24, 2021

    Heads of the main representative organisations for churches across Barbados have come out in strong condemnation against the actions of the leadership and members of the church blamed by health authorities for the COVID-19 cluster in the north.

    The St Peter-based World Harvest Ministries International (WHMI) led by its Senior Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury has been identified as being responsible for more than 20 COVID cases in the church cluster that is also linked to another cluster comprising at least 11 security guards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and three cases at a day nursery.

    In a televised address to the nation Thursday evening, Prime Minister Mia Mottlley declared that the majority of recent positive cases are linked to the church.

    “We feel therefore that we will continue to gradually open, recognising that those cases that we are still having for the most part, not all, but for the most part, are linked to behaviour that the Minister of Health has indicated. It is really unfortunate when we have persons in the society who are prepared to put at risk other members of the society, other families, other members of their community – in this particular instance it was a church – in circumstances to do so may in fact be putting persons’ lives at risk in a serious way,” Prime Minister Mottley declared.

    And in a robust response Friday, President of the Barbados Evangelical Association (BEA) Rev Dr Nigel Taylor distanced the church in general from the conduct of the World Harvest Ministries International, stating that it did not represent the correct image portrayed by the St Peter religious organisation.

    “I am conscious of the current situation that has placed the church, particularly with the church in the north…which has placed the church in general in a non-cooperative light. That is not a true position of the churches across Barbados. You cannot use that situation because the Barbados Evangelical Association and the Barbados Christian Council for the most part, have advised their churches and the churches have responded very positively,” Dr Taylor told Barbados TODAY.

    “That situation that has caused distress to the nation and to the churches also is not the norm where leaders are so abrasive in defying what we would consider sensible survival orders,” the BEA head said.

    He added: “What has happened down there is sad. It is not what should have obtained. Even though it imputes a degree of negativity and a non-cooperation as it relates to churches as people see it, for the most part that is a stand-alone Since last year March and now we have not had any major outbreak of the virus in any church because of non-supportive church leadership or situations where the very governance of the church is very hostile to what is happening.”

    Dr Taylor pointed out that even when the Government instituted restrictions for the churches to follow, the churches went further and introduced additional protocols of their own.

    Newly-elected Chairperson of the Barbados Christian Council Rev Dr Cecily Athill-Horsford said the actions which led to the cluster at the World Harvest Ministries International have tarnished the reputation of the wider church body.

    As a result, Dr Athill-Horsford has issued a strong call for all church leaders to be careful about what they say and do while at the same time urging them to respect the directions of the scientists and health experts whom God himself has granted wisdom.

    “We are seeing what is happening and we are really cognizant of the fact that COVID is around. It is real and exposing people is not the nicest thing to do,” the BXC leader told Barbados TODAY.

    She said member churches of the council have been expressing deep concern to her about the situation so much so that they have urged her to reach out to the leadership of the World Harvest Ministries International to see what counsel she can provide.

    “They are disappointed at the situation and are wondering if I could seek out the pastor or the leaders of that church for me to say to them whenever there is another directive that we will do the right thing at all times…and for me the right thing is following the protocols,” Dr Athill-Horsford added.

    Asked if she will therefore be reaching out to Apostle Scantlebury she said: “I am trying to find out where their affiliation would be, and if it is with BEA, yes I would be doing that. If it is not, I personally would want to reach out to whoever and help because some persons are going to feel betrayed, others are going to be angry that people are pointing fingers at them and others will still be in a state of shock because some of them who have tested positive will be there asking why me.”

    The spokesperson for the council however said she was upset at the church membership in that somebody could have spoken up to at least try to stop the actions that led to the outbreak. (emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb)


  • https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/church-of-god-aylmer-charges-1.5996169

    Four people in Aylmer have been charged, with more to come, after the latest gathering at the Church of God at Aylmer, a house of worship that’s become known for its pervasive defiance of Ontario emergency health orders during the pandemic.

    Officers with the Aylmer Police Service visited the church on Tuesday night after a tip from the public about a gathering inside the church.

    Police allege 18 people who weren’t wearing masks or physically distancing were taking part in an organized event.

    Aylmer police Chief Zvonko Horvat told CBC News on Wednesday that the four were charged for failing to comply with the province’s emergency health orders.

    “We’re also looking at identifying others and there will likely be more charges laid as a result of yesterday’s incident,” he said.

    Since the pandemic began early in 2020, the church has repeatedly been in the media spotlight for its rebellious stance against provincial pandemic orders.

    Pastor Henry Hildebrandt has made headlines for his stance on the province’s strict rules against communal gatherings.

    Dozens of parishioners and church leaders were fined after the church welcomed worshipers into its sanctuary, allowing them to gather on two separate occasions in January to sing together without masks and without observing the two-metre distance recommended by health authorities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    The church was served with a restraining order from the Ministry of the Attorney General in February, ordering it to abide by the Reopening Ontario Act.

    Lisa Bildy, the lawyer representing the Church of God at Aylmer, told CBC News in an email that she has yet to learn the particulars of the latest charges.

    However, she said she is challenging the earlier charges against church leaders and parishioners on constitutional grounds, with a hearing set for July.

    Bildy also said in her email that the province could file a motion for the church to be found in contempt of court, if it can prove the church leaders and parishioners violated the restraining order imposed on them in February.

    Horvat said Wednesday his officers have been trying to take a measured approach in dealing with the church’s defiance, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    “The fact of the matter is we’ve dealt with that particular group and they seem to be defiant in obeying emergency measures,” he said. “They’re just not getting the message.

    “You think that perhaps a warning would suffice and they would comply, but they don’t so the officers are put in the position where they don’t have any other choice but to charge,” said Horvat.

    “We can’t be taking these things lightly.”


  • The following links posted by Simple Simon on another blog.


    Aylmer police say they are investigating and will be pressing charges after “one of the largest services” was held at an Aylmer, Ont. church Sunday morning that has continually defied the province’s COVID-19 rules.

    The Church of God at Aylmer held an in-person Sunday service that was also live streamed, where dozens of people were seen congregating indoors while not wearing masks or following physical distancing protocol.

    This comes after four people were charged on Tuesday when officers received a tip about a gathering taking place at the church. Police say upon attending, they found 18 people not following public health rules.

    Aylmer police say they are investigating and will be pressing charges after “one of the largest services” was held at an Aylmer, Ont. church Sunday morning that has continually defied the province’s COVID-19 rules.

    The Church of God at Aylmer held an in-person Sunday service that was also live streamed, where dozens of people were seen congregating indoors while not wearing masks or following physical distancing protocol.

    This comes after four people were charged on Tuesday when officers received a tip about a gathering taking place at the church. Police say upon attending, they found 18 people not following public health rules.

    MPP Randy Hillier and MP Derek Sloan were among those in attendance during Sunday’s service and spoke alongside Pastor Henry Hildebrandt.

    Kristen Nagle, a London, Ont. nurse who was fired after speaking out against lockdown measures and organizing anti-lockdown rallies also attended Sunday’s service.
    An anti-lockdown protest was held in Stratford, Ont. later Sunday where Hillier, Sloan and Nagle were also seen attending.

    Horvat said Aylmer police have and will continue to take a “gradual” approach to educate and liaison with the church and churchgoers.

    “We’ve done that, we’ve done that over the course of the last 13 months and there doesn’t seem to be any will to abide by the current rules,” he said. “We’re at the stage right now where we have no other option, but to proceed with the charges with those who are identified.”

    Horvat said while this has a significant impact on the small community of Aylmer, police will continue to take an approach to educate those not abiding by COVID-19 rules.

    “From my perspective, I hope and wish that people would understand the current situation that we were in however we can’t control their actions,” Horvat said.


  • No sense hiding church’s location
    ONE DICTIONARY DESCRIBES the word “euphemism” as a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.
    We Barbadians are masters of that art, so a church in Speightstown is now a church “in the north”.
    Never mind that we are not afraid to mention who the pastor is and the church’s long-winded name . . . on an enormous piece of land measuring 166 square miles.

    Source: Letter to the Nation


  • A lot of nonsense. These people watching too much US TV. Follow the laws of the land, challenge the laws in court if you disagree but comply.

    Church member cries out against rough treatment
    A MEMBER OF World Harvest Ministries International Church is accusing health and law enforcement officials of unnecessarily rough treatment.
    Vanessa John, speaking to Starcom Network yesterday, said she and her family were at home in Kingsland Heights, Christ Church, on Monday around 4 p.m. when a health official from Randal Phillips Polyclinic visited.
    “The way she approached, she was very aggressive and she started to carry on. When I came to the door, she shouted, ‘What’s going on with you? I’ve been trying to reach you! It’s either Paragon or you go and get tested’,” she said.
    John said she did not appreciate the woman’s tone and had not received any calls, though admitting she only answered calls she recognised.
    The church member said before she could comply, the health official soon called “the whole police force”, including the Tactical Services Unit, at which point she closed the doors and windows as they did not feel safe.
    “We tried to get legal representation but no one wanted to represent us. Then the police broke in and tasered me and handcuffed me and my husband.”
    John said it was her birthday, which was ruined by the action taken against them. She said they were taken to the St Lucy District Hospital around 10 p.m. to be quarantined for two weeks.
    “If she had come to us in a better manner, we would have cooperated. She could have come at me like a human being. We did nothing wrong.
    “The police had us on the floor; I could not breathe,” she said, adding it happened in front of her elderly mother and her ten-year-old
    son, who were also taken away.
    The Speightstown, St Peter church, led by Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury, has been identified as being responsible for more than 20 COVID-19 cases.
    It has been linked to another cluster of at least 11 security guards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and three cases at a day nursery.
    Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic had previously called on church members to come out of hiding and get tested for the virus.
    John said they wanted to self-quarantine as everyone from the church appeared to be testing positive for COVID-19 and they were sceptical and afraid of being victimised.
    However, she did not want to comment on how the church was handing the situation, abruptly ending the interview.
    When contacted, Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George declined to comment.

    Source: Nation


  • Unequal treatment

    Wed, 04/28/2021 – 5:17am
    Concern expressed about curtailing of Labour Day activities

    Why is it that trade unionists in Barbados cannot gather, whilst socially distanced, to celebrate Labour Day on May 1st, but religious groups, which in some cases have contributed to the spread of COVID-19, can freely congregate?

    This is the question Attorney-at-Law, Lalu Hanuman who is the coordinator of the 13th June 1980 Movement, wants answered. He has also received the support of General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, David Denny, who argues that May 1st is an important day for workers in Barbados and the curtailing therefore of Labour Day activities should be frowned upon.

    Their comments came during a virtual press conference, which they convened to discuss their Labour Day Programme, which will now take place over the Zoom online platform on May 1st, 2021, given the restrictions in place on account of the pandemic.

    “On Saturday, 1st of May at 11 o’clock, we are going to have a Zoom virtual May Day Rally. It is highly unfortunate that under the most recent COVID Directive which came out on Saturday April 24th, that trade unionists cannot assemble together, socially distanced of course, to celebrate the most important day in their calendar, the workers’ day, while at the same time, despite Barbados being a secular society, there is no restriction on people going to church or any religious function, in particular for example the Seventh Day Adventist, in terms of their meeting on a Saturday,” Hanuman lamented.

    He added, “There is no restriction on that, but there is a restriction on trade unionists meeting and I think this in itself raises a fundamental human rights issue. Everybody should be treated equally before the law. There should be no special dispensation for religious people and if religious people can meet freely, as long as they are socially distanced on Saturday 1st of May, I cannot see why trade unionists cannot also meet in the same way.”

    “Barbados is a democracy, it is is not a theocracy and we know for a fact globally that religious assemblies are known transmission and dispersal hubs for COVID” Hanuman charged, whilst citing instances in Israel, India, New York and London where he said religious gatherings have resulted in the spread of COVID-19.

    “The current situation in India, with the massive amounts of COVID outbreaks over there, where they are registering something like 300,000 new cases per day, has been attributed again to religious gatherings that have been taking place in India. And of course in France and South Korea we had the same scenario happening, where there have been hubs from religious gatherings that have created huge transmission problems with COVID and right here in Barbados, we know there is an evangelical group that has been a super spreader event. So I cannot understand why religious groups are being allowed to meet and trade unionists are not being allowed to meet. To me, that is a fundamental human rights issue and it raises serious Constitutional issues,” the Attorney-at-Law maintained.

    Denny meanwhile stressed that this is the time where key officials in the trade union movement should be voicing their concern over the curtailing of key Labour Day activities, but he is yet to hear from them on this matter.

    Source: Barbados Advocate


  • Meanwhile, around the world, Vaccination has had a negative effect on daily new cases.

    They keep rising, the sky is the limit.


  • Meanwhile Dominica is yet to record a single COVID death.

    It’s the water stupid!!


  • … and meanwhile the US is telling its citizens to leave India!!


    Faucci is looking to fcuk up India too.

    All the vaccinations in the world don’t seem to be working worldwide but he is convinced this is the answer for India.

    The joke, if you could call it a joke, is that India manufactures vaccines.

    Faucci reckons the world has failed India when it is clear that apart from Dominica, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and a few others individual countries have been able to contain its spread.

    I say it is India that has failed India by not controlling the ease with which sewage can get into the primary sources of drinking water.

    If the world ever twigs that the so called experts have failed so catastrophically there should be hell to pay.

    3,167,005 dead worldwide probably because some countries are not in control of their water supply.

    Dominica deaths – 0
    New Zealand Deaths – 26
    Singapore deaths – 30
    Australia deaths – 910 with only 5 since October 2020.

    Clearly some countries got it from the beginning, some figured it out while most others are yet to twig.

    All the masks and social distancing in the world won’t stop its spread if it is in the water.

    Stop listening the the experts who are only rehashing the commonsense precautions from the days of the Black Death 800 years ago and deal with the fleas in the rats, the virus in the water if you like.


  • Ostracizing a few people for not following 800 year old protocols that did not work back then is the height of stupidity.

    Root out the cause.


  • See the powers TT policemen have been given to enter private homes.

    Strict measures in T&T as COVID cases rise



  • @David April 28, 2021 6:42 AM “A lot of nonsense. These people watching too much US TV. Follow the laws of the land, challenge the laws in court if you disagree but comply.”

    Lawyers in Barbados a dime a dozen, and not a fella will touvh this group even with a ten foot pole.


  • Breaking News:
    This evening on Starcom News Dr. Kenneth George announced that a patient who was released from the A-Ward at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has tested positive for covid19. All members of staff on A-ward on the ward are to be tested. The nursing staff on the A-ward will be placed in quarantine for 5 days since they have been identified as primary contacts. The rest of the staff are secondary or tertiary contact however in an abundance of caution staff members are to use the opportunity to be tested. Dr. George used the opportunity to remind everyone to practice social distancing, sanitize and wear their masks. #TheChaseFiles #QueenElizabethHospital #starcomnews #covid19

    Another QEH cluster?

    If they can’t figure it out from these they need sending back to school.


  • India has passed the 400K mark for new cases.

    The new cases from the April 27 bath in the mother Ganges should start to kick in the second week in may so I wouldn’t expect the new cases to start falling till after mid June or beyond but who knows.


  • https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/05/04/992544022/one-of-the-worlds-poorest-countries-has-one-of-the-worlds-lowest-covid-death-rat

    And with no vaccinations!!

    My guess all they are doing is individual citizens are boiling their water!!

    They know all about infectious disease!!


  • Definitely in the water, even the Lions are catching it.

    Admittedly they don’t wear masks but extreme social distancing is practiced by most people!!

    All the experts in the world and they can’t figure it out!!


  • https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/05/03/bwa-statement-on-potable-water-coming-into-the-island/

    Better make sure it comes form Dominica.

    Still no COVID deaths reported there.


  • Church ‘must follow protocols’
    BEFORE World Harvest Ministries International Church can reopen it doors, it must get permission from the Ministry of Health and satisfy COVID-19 protocols.
    That was the word from Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George yesterday as health officials continued to deal with a growing cluster of cases associated with the Speightstown, St Peter church.
    While he declined to specify the requirements, George said World Harvest Ministries would be held to the same standard as all other churches on the island.
    “The church was told if they want to resume activity, they have to get full permission from the Ministry of Health and the officers. I am not going to get involved in the requirements they would have to satisfy before they can reopen. The protocols are there. All we are asking is the protocols that have been tried and tested in other churches that work, need to apply there too,” he said.
    On Monday, during a televised press conference, Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic, said 28 members of the church had tested positive for the virus. He added that officials were very dissatisfied with the level of cooperation from church members, and that aggressive contact tracing would continue until they determined no one else was at risk of infection.
    Three weeks ago, head of the church, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury, and his wife Heather, were ordered into quarantine and the church’s services suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. He claimed the virus had been planted in his church, after he spoke out against the closure on places of worship during the February lockdown.
    Yesterday, Scantlebury said both he and his wife were now out of quarantine and were navigating the ash fall from the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano on April 9.
    “My wife and I are going through the process of resetting our ministry and lives and dealing with the ash and all the other things that we as homeowners will have to deal with, but so far so good,” he said.
    Scantlebury declined to comment on Bostic’s concerns, only saying he “was trying to get things back to normal” before speaking on any matter relating to the church. However, he did say the church met online over the weekend.

    Source: Nation Newspaper


  • COVID deaths in India crossed the 4K threshold.

    Not looking good for India at the moment.


  • No deaths in Dominica to date.

    New Zealand and Australia no change.

    Singapore one death, toll at 31 now.

    Obviously some countries got this and some others haven’t


  • One of the poorest nations in the world uses no masks, has no vaccinations and also has one of the lowest death rates in the world.

    All the experts in the world can’t get this figured out!!



  • In Haiti ….

    “Concern about the pandemic is so minimal that this April, when the World Health Organization-led COVAX program offered Haiti a shipment of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines, the government rejected it.

    Dr. Jacqueline Gautier is on the national technical advisory group on COVID-19 vaccination.

    She says ordinary Haitians and people in the medical community have heard reports of rare but severe side effects from the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe, and they’re in no rush to get that shot.

    “Because COVID did not impact us as badly,” she says, “people don’t think it [the vaccine] is worth it actually.””


  • So, what could the poor deprived supposedly hignorant Haitians be doing that the rich, entitled, brilliant folks in other countries are not?

    Could be as simple as boiling their water!!

    I recently met an old white Bajan, well past his three score and ten years who boils every drop of water he cooks with or drinks!!


  • Christ Church couple granted bail – Christ Church couple granted bail:



  • Charge ‘a blunder’
    Lawyer wants case against church couple thrown out
    THE ATTORNEY representing the husband and wife at the centre of an alleged five-hour stand-off with public health officials is charging that police got it wrong.
    In fact, said Queen’s Counsel Michael Lashley, the error in the charge against Fabian Antone John and Vanessa Maylin John was so fundamental that the matter should be dismissed.
    “What we are saying is that there is no order or regulations specified under this (Quarantine) Act that would give rise to the charge under this act. What has happened is that the police got it wrong,” Lashley said.
    “The prosecution cannot amend because it is too fundamental. An amendment to form could work but this would be an amendment of substance.”
    Fabian John, 46, and Vanessa John, 48, both of Kingsland Heights, Christ Church, were in the St Matthias Magistrates’ Court yesterday where they were each charged with, and pleaded not guilty to, refusing to carry out a lawful order imposed by the Chief Medical Officer on April 26 this year.
    The offence is contrary to Section 12.1 (b) of the Quarantine Act.
    Released from quarantine
    The two were recently released from quarantine at the St Lucy District Hospital. Their World Harvest Ministries International church, located in Speightstown, St Peter, has been connected to a COVID-19 cluster which, at last count, was linked to 28 cases.
    Lashley, who appeared with attorneys Simon Clarke and Sade Harris, said while the Quarantine Act spoke to the office of the Chief Medical Officer being the quarantine authority – “and we don’t have any choice about that” – he did not think the quarantine authority had been “established as yet” and did not “think the Chief Medical Officer was functioning as the authority”.
    The senior lawyer noted the regulations, which might be made by the Minister of Health, only spoke to ships and aircraft.
    “I don’t think we have any regulations with regards to property access. So we have to go back because the regulations only speak to ships, aircraft, duties of persons on ships. Our research does not show any regulations having been made.”
    Lashley added it was the Emergency Powers Act which spoke to quarantine and quarantine stations. However, he called it “limited” because it only dealt with the island’s ports.
    “Even if we said the whole of the island, then the order would have to be made under the Quarantine Act. But what has happened is that under the Emergency Management Order No. 2, 2020, for the first time it mentions quarantine, the authority and speaks to the detention of persons. So our submission is that they cannot be charged under the
    Quarantine Act,” he said.
    “It would have to be an order or regulations made under the Quarantine Act specifically, but they are charged under the Quarantine Act when they have no order or anything to deal with a situation like this.
    “So our submission is this charge under the Quarantine Act should be dismissed. It is too fundamental a defect to change from one statutory instrument to a totally different instrument that is the Emergency Management Order. They got it wrong,” he declared.
    The matter was adjourned until May 31 when prosecutor Sergeant St Clair Phillips will respond to Lashley’s submissions.
    Magistrate Elwood Watts released the accused on $1 000 bail each.

    Source: Nation


  • In Low Income Countries, LICs, COVID rates alongside Stomach Cancer, cause # 26, for deaths.

    In Upper Middle Income Counties, UMICs, COVID rates alongside Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, cause # 3, for deaths.

    In High Income Countries, HICs, COVID rates alongside Ischemic Heart Disease, cause #1, for deaths.


  • HICs and UMICs have access to “potable” drinking water and sewage and sanitation.

    They have a big problem with COVID.

    LICs do not have access to widespread “potable” drinking water and little or no sewage and sanitation.

    They have a minor problem with COVID.

    It is also ridiculous to claim that the poorer countries are being discriminated against where access to vaccines is concerned and the distribution of vaccines is somehow unfair.

    Poorer countries, like Haiti, don’t need vaccines as do the richer countries, assuming they even work!!

    Besides, more profits will be made in richer nations!!

    The more data that comes to the fore the more it becomes obvious that COVID is waterborne.

    It is designed to defeat most water treatment methods in the world in richer counties.

    The poorer countries pay more attention to water purification at the individual level which seems to work better than mass purification practiced in richer counties.

    They also consume far less water per capita.

    It is the rich countries that have the biggest problems, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia excepted.

    The poorer countries and those like Dominica with a clear, physical separation between sewage and drinking water do not have the size of the problem which richer countries do.

    So, explain China if you can!!

    Either their numbers are way off or they know something other countries don’t!!

    World seems to be getting closer to war!!


  • Worth a look


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