LOCK Lynroy Scantlebury and Wife to Rh Up!

Since the worrying outbreak caused by the ‘super spreader’ event in February, Barbados has done a good job of pulling back COVID 19 infections numbers. For the most part Barbadians have observed the protocols/directives and compared to countries near and far done excellently to administer the Covid 19 vaccine as a primary measure to combat the rampaging pandemic.

The blogmaster again takes the opportunity to thank Lyall Small who has been diligent to submit information formatted for 101 public use – see graphs below. The graphs show that compared to others in the region we are faring better than most but there is work still to be done until we are able to satisfactorily arrest the virus.

Against the forgoing the blogmaster is concerned we have religious zealots among us who blinded by an all-powering  ignorance would adopt a behaviour to jeopardize the health of people on the island and economic state of the country. The blogmaster is of the strong belief Lynroy Scantlebury and his wife Heather of  World Harvest Ministries International Church, based in Speightstown, St Peter should be made to feel the full weight of the law. His followers blindly following this idiot by continuing to avoid calls from authorities to present themselves should also be hauled before the court. One quality we have to nurture as a society if we are to break free from a pervasive mediocrity suffocating our little island is to respect the value DISCIPLINE adds to all that we do – see Nation News posted below for background to the matter at hand.

Why should the rest of Barbados suffer hardship to keep COVID 19 at bay and others who profess to walk a moral high ground ignore protocols and directives set by an elected government that come back to bite us in the asses where it hurts.


Attached are C-19 graphs for the week ending 16th April 2021.  Barbados is now showing a slight but possibly worrying upward trend in daily cases, as well as positivity percentages (even though these are still below the benchmark levels).  These indications are possibly mainly due to the cluster at a northern church which might not have been totally eliminated.  The active cases chart also appears to tell the same story.  The authorities, from this week’s press conference, appear to be concentrating on this cluster and will hopefully be successful in eliminating it,  given their good performance so far – See COVID Updates

Lyall Small


Bostic tells church members to stop hiding, get tested

By barryalleyne@nationnews.com

Stop hiding! Come out and get tested!

Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic did not mince words yesterday, as he urged members of a northern church to stop dodging public health officials who are conducting contact tracing into a cluster of COVID-19 cases.

He said public health officials had been hamstrung this week as they attempted to find people associated with the church.

Earlier this week in a story broken by the Midweek Nation, it was revealed that 19 members of the World Harvest Ministries International Church, based in Speightstown, St Peter, had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. That number has since increased.

Its leader, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury and his wife Heather, admitted that they were later ordered by Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George to report to Paragon in Christ Church, for him and his spouse to start a period of quarantine.

“My concern is this church cluster occupying the Ministry of Health and Wellness,” Bostic told a national press briefing yesterday, after confirming that nine of the country’s 12 newest COVID-19 infections were related to the church.

“I would like to appeal to all persons associated with that church in the north, if you haven’t been contacted, it’s either you haven’t been told of your possible exposure to the virus, or because you are hiding. If you don’t care about your status, I care and the Ministry of Health cares. If you remain in hiding, it could be detrimental to your health.”

Matter of urgency

He then urged those from the church who remained untested to present to the Wildey Gymnasium as a matter of urgency, or to any medical facility of their choosing.

Bostic said three of the 12 new cases had already been at the Harrison Point facility in St Lucy beingassessed, but what worried

him most was that the other nine individuals were all directly related to the church. He added that two families, one of four, and one of three people, all members of the church, had tested positive, and another two were not members but indirectly connected to an organisation that had its members exposed to the virus.

In response to a question by reporters, the minister said they were glad the leaders of the church were placed in quarantine, and having them at their disposal would allow the Chief Medical Officer to “vigorously continue the investigation into the cluster”.

“We don’t yet have all the information. We are very, very closely monitoring this situation. Nothing is being ruled out. The aim is to contain the spread of the disease in Barbados, and we will do whatever we have to do to do that,” he added.

Bostic added that public health personnel, in their investigation, would also determine if to take the matter further.

Scantlebury had claimed that COVID-19 had been planted at his church.

“This was planted at our church,” he had told the Midweek Nation in a telephone interview from his quarantine at Paragon. “We never had any cases of COVID at World Harvest. Not one single case.”

In yesterday’s Weekend Nation,some of his members demanded an apology from him, saying they felt misled by the church and fell victim to Scantlebury’s many statements that COVID-19 could not touch the church.

349 thoughts on “LOCK Lynroy Scantlebury and Wife to Rh Up!

  1. … and meanwhile the US is telling its citizens to leave India!!


    Faucci is looking to fcuk up India too.

    All the vaccinations in the world don’t seem to be working worldwide but he is convinced this is the answer for India.

    The joke, if you could call it a joke, is that India manufactures vaccines.

    Faucci reckons the world has failed India when it is clear that apart from Dominica, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and a few others individual countries have been able to contain its spread.

    I say it is India that has failed India by not controlling the ease with which sewage can get into the primary sources of drinking water.

    If the world ever twigs that the so called experts have failed so catastrophically there should be hell to pay.

    3,167,005 dead worldwide probably because some countries are not in control of their water supply.

    Dominica deaths – 0
    New Zealand Deaths – 26
    Singapore deaths – 30
    Australia deaths – 910 with only 5 since October 2020.

    Clearly some countries got it from the beginning, some figured it out while most others are yet to twig.

    All the masks and social distancing in the world won’t stop its spread if it is in the water.

    Stop listening the the experts who are only rehashing the commonsense precautions from the days of the Black Death 800 years ago and deal with the fleas in the rats, the virus in the water if you like.

  2. Ostracizing a few people for not following 800 year old protocols that did not work back then is the height of stupidity.

    Root out the cause.

  3. @David April 28, 2021 6:42 AM “A lot of nonsense. These people watching too much US TV. Follow the laws of the land, challenge the laws in court if you disagree but comply.”

    Lawyers in Barbados a dime a dozen, and not a fella will touvh this group even with a ten foot pole.

  4. Breaking News:
    This evening on Starcom News Dr. Kenneth George announced that a patient who was released from the A-Ward at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has tested positive for covid19. All members of staff on A-ward on the ward are to be tested. The nursing staff on the A-ward will be placed in quarantine for 5 days since they have been identified as primary contacts. The rest of the staff are secondary or tertiary contact however in an abundance of caution staff members are to use the opportunity to be tested. Dr. George used the opportunity to remind everyone to practice social distancing, sanitize and wear their masks. #TheChaseFiles #QueenElizabethHospital #starcomnews #covid19

    Another QEH cluster?

    If they can’t figure it out from these they need sending back to school.

  5. India has passed the 400K mark for new cases.

    The new cases from the April 27 bath in the mother Ganges should start to kick in the second week in may so I wouldn’t expect the new cases to start falling till after mid June or beyond but who knows.

  6. Definitely in the water, even the Lions are catching it.

    Admittedly they don’t wear masks but extreme social distancing is practiced by most people!!

    All the experts in the world and they can’t figure it out!!

  7. No deaths in Dominica to date.

    New Zealand and Australia no change.

    Singapore one death, toll at 31 now.

    Obviously some countries got this and some others haven’t

  8. In Haiti ….

    “Concern about the pandemic is so minimal that this April, when the World Health Organization-led COVAX program offered Haiti a shipment of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines, the government rejected it.

    Dr. Jacqueline Gautier is on the national technical advisory group on COVID-19 vaccination.

    She says ordinary Haitians and people in the medical community have heard reports of rare but severe side effects from the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe, and they’re in no rush to get that shot.

    “Because COVID did not impact us as badly,” she says, “people don’t think it [the vaccine] is worth it actually.””

  9. So, what could the poor deprived supposedly hignorant Haitians be doing that the rich, entitled, brilliant folks in other countries are not?

    Could be as simple as boiling their water!!

    I recently met an old white Bajan, well past his three score and ten years who boils every drop of water he cooks with or drinks!!

  10. HICs and UMICs have access to “potable” drinking water and sewage and sanitation.

    They have a big problem with COVID.

    LICs do not have access to widespread “potable” drinking water and little or no sewage and sanitation.

    They have a minor problem with COVID.

    It is also ridiculous to claim that the poorer countries are being discriminated against where access to vaccines is concerned and the distribution of vaccines is somehow unfair.

    Poorer countries, like Haiti, don’t need vaccines as do the richer countries, assuming they even work!!

    Besides, more profits will be made in richer nations!!

    The more data that comes to the fore the more it becomes obvious that COVID is waterborne.

    It is designed to defeat most water treatment methods in the world in richer counties.

    The poorer countries pay more attention to water purification at the individual level which seems to work better than mass purification practiced in richer counties.

    They also consume far less water per capita.

    It is the rich countries that have the biggest problems, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia excepted.

    The poorer countries and those like Dominica with a clear, physical separation between sewage and drinking water do not have the size of the problem which richer countries do.

    So, explain China if you can!!

    Either their numbers are way off or they know something other countries don’t!!

    World seems to be getting closer to war!!

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