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Our master narratives are five (5). First, that ideas birthed in the Piscean Age cannot have spiritual resonance today, as a scientific phenomenon, within an overtly displayed Aquarian Age. Second, those who continue to ‘harken’ to such ideas are destined for perdition. Third, that all Christians are Catholics, whether they accept this fundamental, scientific, truism or not. However, we have always preferred to properly define them as Constantinians.

Fourth, that both Christianity and Islam are copied bastards of the misbegotten, non-ancient, recently constructed propaganda framework of Judaism which first sought to deny the primacy of spiritual Afrocentrism. Fifthly, that the clear absence of the essential knowledge about Afrikan cosmogony and its relationships to everything else transports people like the great Bushman of the Kalahari to a place where it is easier to be a fisherman than a fisher of men, even as this symbology itself is dead.

When Francis, the pope of Western Roman Catholicism, comes out and sides with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, of the highly conservative Russian Orthodox Church, which as part of Eastern Roman Catholicism, long broke away from Rome, and went on to extend its own imperial tendencies to the seventieth century. as the former long waned. Its centre of gravity was then Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, modern day Istanbul. A church turned into a mosque under Ottoman imperial rule, military conquests and cultural impositions. For religion has only and always been the deification of culture, nothing more!

Francis now sits in the ‘seat’ of a long list of popes. They range from emperors to war generals to those which history has located amongst the purveyors of some of the worse forms of ‘gangsterism’ known to the Creator and man. This writer today sits in a country in The Americas where, with the blessing of the then pope the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), deploying its para-military death squads was able to assassinate hundreds of thousands of Catholics, even millions, left-leaning political figures, continues to kill activists-trade unionists today and even bishops of the Catholic Church, while in the church and as they prayed, for preaching a liberation ‘theology’. A ‘theology’ inconsistent with market idealism. We no doubt speak of Archbishop Romero who was assassinated at the hands of American trained, sponsored and supported death squads in El Salvador, on March 24, 1980. It’s apocryphal that such a ‘theology’ came from the mind of an Afrikan in north America, professor James Cone in his magisterial work of 1969. Cone was highly influential in the thinking of Cornel West, Christopher Hedges and many more.

We seem to recall that it was one of Pope Francis’s predecessors, John Paul (two), we think, who in similar circumstances after 1978 and during the 1980s, working with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, supported a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) project to bring down the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) with Poland as the theatre; Solidarity, a workers’ union, as spearhead; the Gdansk Shipyard as crucible, for social conflict as engineered by Gene Sharpe, a CIA asset who was the leading psychological warfare expert specializing in dis-information and colour revolutions. Sharpe went on, in broad daylight, to plan all of the regime change projects for Christendom up until his death.

These included the Islamic Awakening or Arab Spring which overthrew Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, another American agent, using the Muslim Brotherhood as the well-worn tool. They also deployed their devils Deash and al Queda as the tips of the spear in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Mali and more, in their Christian military crusades. It was also Sharpe’s thinking which was behind America’s failed attempt in the 1989 Tienanmen Square disturbances aimed at overthrowing the Communist government of the Peoples’ Republic of China. There’s a straight line made by a river of blood between all these attempts to western-Christianize the entire world. That trail of blood now leads to Russia’s door.

We’ll have our critiques of Pope Francis, but he is no fool now he wears the ultimate iconography of Catholicism – ‘the head of the fish’ and sits in the seat of someone they like to call Saint Peter, supposedly the first pope. That he would go against the deeply held military disposition and traditional wickedness of the Vatican to say that NATO is causal in this war is highly significant. People who see themselves as Christians but through ignorance profess no relationship to The (un)Holy See are likely to continue with the arguments of Martin Luther. Such specious arguments have never made contact with the origins of a God consciousness on earth.

We trust that Pope Francis does not meet the same premature death as the first John Paul circa 1978, merely 38 days after assumption of the papacy. For to take on the ruling power in such ways could be very dangerous unless he finds protection in what our Moorish brothers contend is the control of the USA by the Vatican, as landlord. However we are never to be so convinced. Officially, a heart condition was claimed but a mountain of books written on this matter suggest a connection to the banking, financial, other murders. A crisis which rocked The Vatican immediately before and after his death – Banco Ambrosiano was at the centre!

As Christianity collapses on earth it reasserts its origins. For decades churches in Western European capitals could hardly find twenty people in their congregations on Sunday mornings. Like everything else this foolishness has been exported to the Global South. So countries in Afrika, all of the Americas and some in Asia bedeviled with systemic deprivations make up the ‘great multitude’- not the ‘select’ or the ‘144K’. While in European capitals we’re more likely to find a faux ‘churchian’ environment every Sunday on soccer fields as hymnals are sung to deify soccer stars, the modern day incarnations of the ‘pagan’ god Serapes, as given the Western world by the Egyptian Coptics, and transformed into a man who never existed called Yesus, for there was no “J” in the Hebrew alphabet at the time. Egyptian Coptics who were the traitors of the people of Kemet.

Finally, Babylon, the not so Great, has fallen. The Piscean Age has wrought all manner of wickedness on mankind, especially Afrikan peoples. Given time, Aquarius shall reassert the central role of the woman in the universe while destroying all oppositional forces. This time there is no fiction about a Kemetic pyramid built to enter the heavens or some place so-called in modern day Iraq. The ways of the Piscean Age are dead as the rotting carcass pollutes the sensitive nasal passages of all mankind. Entered is Aquarius to stamp Her watery influences on this solar systems.


  1. Waru

    We are the only people on the face of earth to listen to that shiiiiiiiite about loving your enemies. Not this writer though.

    And the Great Ancestor John Henry Clarke was always right!

  2. @David, frankly NO the actions by Turkey are not THAT curious!

    First of all Erdogan is the same defiant one who bought Russia defense systems and thus upset armaments sales of jets (as I recall) from the West.

    Whether this lack of consensus derails the Finland-Sweden NATO membership is open to debate.

    Remember that Turkey moves to Erdogan’s drum beat and that nation’s deep seated issues with Kurdish and other ethnic civil strife directs his political decision very differently to simple concerns of his NATO support. He has a very good relationship with Putin and effectively plays both sides of that East – West very effectively.

    So really what’s curious are the machinations these folks play so boldly.

  3. “We are the only people on the face of earth to listen to that shiiiiiiiite about loving your enemies.”

    leave them, they like being genocided….natural selection…we need to be rid of some of those asholes anyway…useless breathers…..need to make room for the younger generation who are actually willing to learn..

  4. Pacha….we are definitely entering a brand new phase..never seen before.

  5. The whole world has become collateral damage because Biden and a bunch of world leaders stuck their noses in family business
    Biden the worst ever

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