Sweet Sunday Sermon – The Ritual of the Scapegoat

Submitted by Dr. GP
  • What is a “scapegoat” and what is the origin of that word?
  • The most common definition of a scapegoat today is a person or thing blamed for misdeeds of others, akin to being a fall-guy or being thrown under the bus. That person may or may not be guilty.
  • According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, scapegoat means “one that bears the blame for others.”
  • But the idea of the scapegoat is originally a Biblical one derived from a ceremony recorded in Leviticus 16.

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Sweet Sunday Sermon – The Ritual of the “Scapegoat”

24 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday Sermon – The Ritual of the Scapegoat

  1. A resolute acceptance of death
    The way of the warrior is the resolute acceptance of death.
    – The Book Of Five Rings (Musashi Miyamoto)
    If you have New Year’s resolutions, whether you remain resolute or not may have something to do with your approach to death. For some, this life is their one and only. Death is a final full stop in a life’s story.
    For others, death is a comma, a brief pause, or at least only the end of a paragraph, a transition.
    Whatever you believe, the resolute acceptance that death is a necessary and unavoidable part of life can improve the way you live. Not only for warriors either.
    All of us have battles, wars to engage in. We may prefer to label them challenges or, better yet, opportunities for growth and expansion. The reality is, though, that whatever grows is growing towards an inevitable moment, which we commonly call death. To not accept death may be to retard growth.
    The famous Japanese Samurai Musashi Miyamoto argues that to fully and effectively engage in battle, you must have a resolute acceptance of death. This does not mean that you wish for it or try to hurry it up. Musashi lived to a ripe old age after engaging in many battles. It means that the fear of death shall not inhibit your fighting spirit. It means that the fear of death shall not dampen your resolve to live the life you choose and complete your resolutions.
    Yet the fear of death is the motivating force behind much of human society and culture. The other side of the fear of death is the quest for everlasting life.
    This is especially evident in cultures influenced by Abrahamic religions. For some, the quest for life everlasting is a metaphysical quest, involving things like an afterlife in a spirit world or leaving a legacy. For others, the quest is very literally physical immortality, involving alchemical potions, medical formulas, scientific technology, or literal resurrection or reincarnation. Ancient Africans in Khemit built pyramids to last forever as monuments to their existence and ritually embalmed the dead in preparation for a rebirth. Ancient alchemists experimented with substances hoped to create immortal, incorruptible bodies.
    Immortal life
    Modern science still dreams of immortality through something called the singularity, which is the merger of man and machine. I am not knocking the centuries-old immortality hustle.
    It might be great if it bore some fruit.
    But in our quest for immortal life, in the meantime let us not forget to live.
    What it means to really live may differ greatly from person to person.
    Whatever your definition of full living, I am certainly not advising you to be reckless or foolhardy. I’m not advising anything really. I am simply observing one of life’s common retardants: fear in general, fear of death in particular.
    And the fear of death may not just be fear of physical death. Fear of public speaking is often cited as second only to fear of death in the list of people’s greatest fears. This can be interpreted as a fear of social death, a fear of losing face, losing place or falling into social purgatory.
    Many fail to speak up and make their voices heard for fear of social death, being ostracised. On the flip side, in the age of social media, many seem to seek a form of immortality or enlivenment through making their image seen and voices heard every chance they get.
    When we have a resolute acceptance of death, either physical or social, whether permanent or transitional, we can engage in battle, face challenges and fulfil resolutions with a kind of equanimity and peace, which great warriors are known for in the heat of battle.
    When faced with the possibility of death, those who resolutely live can say, like Native American warriors are reported to have said before going into battle, “Today is a good day to die.”
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14 @gmail.com

    Source: Nation

  2. Déjà Vu
    this episode is a rerun unlike the Trump Cunt that stupid suckers think is God’s (Israel?) King (Dévà Jew) and look towards the end of the world meltdown religiously like the Devils teachings plagiarised by White Honky European slave masters

  3. I shut ’em down
    (Shut ’em down shut ’em, shut ’em down)
    One two three four five six seven eight nine
    What I use in the battle for the mind?
    I hit it hard like it supposed
    Pullin’ no blows to the nose
    Like uncle L said I’m rippin’ up shows

  4. Ghost Dog: The Way Of
    The Samurai

    Samurai Code Final

    Read by Forest Whitaker

    Even if a samurai’s head would be suddenly cut off, he should still be able to perform one more action with certainty. If one becomes like a revengeful ghost and shows great determination, though his head is cut off, he should not die

    East New York

    Samurai linguist, others suck like cunnilingus
    I burn shit up like a poison penis
    Make your whole style seem meaningless
    Match wits wit this
    Call your squad the hole of fortress
    I swoop down like a dirty Brooklyn pigeon
    Swing my sword wit precision
    Lightning speed blurs your vision
    Like a surgeon wit razor sharp incision
    Subconscious like hypnotism
    Water on the brain, the mental baptism
    Put your aura in prison
    Block up your chi, and bend your light like a prism
    eah, those walkin’ the dog stand personified
    Study lessons and plant seeds to fertilize
    Straight up, I slaughter the ? that’s got the order
    Spit flyin’ straight at my mouth is holy water
    I damage flows, on the mics crushin’ your matter
    And saw you scatter, and couldn’t put you back together
    Fist of ten rings, I’m scrapin’ Jews up out the gutter
    Hittin’ ya, splittin’ ya thoughts like Forest Whitaker
    Sick wit the, get wit the thoughts next to ?
    Utmost, you want lyrics, here’s an overdose
    Preverb’ll tell you wit styles, you’ll be a ghost
    I did it a lot, I been in the spot, I rip it a lot
    And now some motherfuckas want to try to scheme and plot
    And takin’ chances in life like throwin’ dice
    It’s Afu-Ra, I return from death twice
    You talkin’ bout skills? Yeah yeah, I’m twice as nice
    Take it to the apex, and push it high-tech
    These petty MC’s, they picture-paintin’ hot sex
    I melt tracks, I bomb sets wit hot wax
    You want some spiritual syllables wit the chemicals
    Murdered down eighty-five percent subliminal
    Ten percent, fire burn em wit my visual
    Five percent, we break bread all in the mental
    I keep it comin like rotisserie, and missin me
    Straight up and down, I let you know I do it wickedly

    It’s the Code of the Samurai, prepare to die
    Know you’ll die, Brooklyn E-N-Y

    It’s the Code of the Samurai

  5. This being human is a guest house.

    Every morning a new arrival.

    A joy, a depression, a meanness,

    Some momentary awareness comes

    As an unexpected visitor.

    Welcome and entertain them all!

    Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

    Who violently sweep your house

    Empty of its furniture,

    Still, treat each guest honorably.

    He may be clearing you out

    For some new delight.

    The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

    Meet them at the door laughing,

    And invite them in.

    Be grateful for whoever comes,

    Because each has been sent,

    As a guide from beyond.


    With each breath we have the opportunity to begin again,

    To arrive in the present moment.

    In this foundational phase of this journey, I invite you to see each new practice as a new arrival.

    Accept and celebrate that each day will be different. Some days you will have more energy than others. Some days it will seem as though the universe is supporting you to show up, eagerly, and fully. Some days your brain will make it very hard for you to arrive, and it may seem like the exterior is winning over your interior goals.

    Make your #1 goal to show up on the mat.

    Quietly whisper, “yes I will” if you are committing to this goal.

    Yes I will.

    Once you arrive (again hardest part) we will then, as we introduce in practice today, mark each new breath as a new arrival.

    That is the practice.

    It’s going to feel different each time, and this is, to me, is the finest and most valuable form of self care on the market.

    Self care is learning the practice of meeting your self each day, learning about who you really are, and continuing to arrive to devote to the process of self discovery, not perfectionism.

    With each breath, a new arrival.

    It’s a powerful tool, and one we are going to cultivate and celebrate together.

  6. If there is any fall-guy in these times it must be the great Iranian General Soleimani who today, one year ago, was executed by the Satan in our world, Donald Trump.

    Soleimani was the sacrificial lamb for the failed christian-fascist foreign policy of a dying American empire under a modern day Caligula. Soleimani had defeated the zionists, the americans, and their armies of terrorists – Daesh, al Queda and their affiliates in the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. The Iranians now consider all American military forces, as they continue to encircle, to be terrorists.

    It is this stinking Georgie Porgie who has been the main force here supportive of the evil which brought the demise of the champion of freedom lovers everywhere – General Soleimani. For these crimes in support of Satan’s anointed, Donald Trump, we hereby sentence this Porgy of the Georgie to burn in the hottest of hell fires.

    Now the satanic terrorist, Trump, and his Arab and Zionist armies are shuddering in their boot, pissing their pants, awaiting another mighty strike from the Great Iranian nation.

    It is now pellucid that the United States of America is and has always been the leading terrorist state in our world. That they could have assassinated an Iranian government official who was invited by a friendly country, Iraq, to discusses a wider regional peace explains the nature of the Great Satan as Khomeini had termed them. And Georgie Porgie is but a little satan.

  7. Shatan better known as Donald Trump the christian god appointed or anointed operating like the mafia crime boss is all over the media breaking federal and state election law as he demands that Georgia’s secretary of state steals the election already certified as being won by Biden.

    This represents the nonsense of Christianity. That a god could be the author of such ongoing criminal acts is merely a fiction, such a nonexistent god, fully unworthy of a single follower, except for GP.

  8. We are calling for the demon Trump to be arrested forthwith.

    Arrested under the terms suggested by him to an audience of racist cops.

    Push him into the back of the patty wagon without lowering his head, handcuffs tightly in place of course

  9. Trump’s central argument is that Black people should not have a right to vote. That his Whiteness insulates him from the power of Black voters.

    His racist narrative contains all the dog whistles easily recognizable by rednecks and pecklewoods down South but all over the USA, more generally.

    This son of a bitch is de fecker about whom GP suggested to this blog was God’s appointed.

  10. GP is probably in the waiting in the wings hiding in the shadows peeping through the doors like a woman until someone else gives him a little praise and confirmation before he steps into the fray. He used the bent trope that blacks did better economically with the Trump pussy using the white mans trickle down argument that when they make money and asians are recruited to do their work then some blacks may get some work and will get praise without raise down the line, basically just crumbs off the table. The fake preacher who is a useless teacher and is a repugnant lying arrogant spiritually morally bankrupt leacher won’t condemn Trump for cheating. He must be waiting for the rightwing boys to post their lies so he can cut and paste white noise like a bitch and will condone Trump until the day he dies. He was wetting his panties getting all excited how much he will laugh at the ignorant poor fuzzy wuzzies on BU when Trump won by hook or crook using every little trick in the dirty book, but miscalculated and overestimated the size of his penis and he couldn’t penetrate with same bullshit that got him in power in 2016. The bible is another scam like false leaders of the world. Although Jesus was probably a good guy, fake people like GP definitely aren’t and just think they are spiritually and morally superior, same way he brags and boasts about his qualification abbreviation.

  11. Blacks are the scapegoats for whites as are Asians too. Some Blacks like Hal and many others on BU copy whites and scapegoat Asians to compensate. GP copied whites and failed to listen to what people were saying and ignored the voices of Blacks protesting police killings and injustices and scapegoated them as antifa and anarchists. John refused to acknowledge simple truth that a violent pig kneeling on George Floyd was a mitigating circumstance that made him stop breathing and diagnosed it as a covid issue and part of the opioid crises that is spreading across white america and treated as a social problem and not a crime by whites which would not fly in a court of law that was not crooked.

  12. 555dubstreetJanuary 3, 2021 9:08 PM

    Blacks are the scapegoats for whites as are Asians too


    If a “Minister” saying a prayer at the opening of the 117th Congress of the United States of America can’t grasp the meaning of the word AMEN, then how is the concept of a SCAPEGOAT going to be understood by Rubadubdub!!


    What is sexist about AMEN that would make even a “Minister” feel there was a need to add AWOMAN to be politically correct?


  13. Revelation Times. God works in mysterious ways.
    Trump exposed full extent of how hypocritical corrupt and racist USA’s Government and People still are in 2010 just by being himself. He set the bar low insulting everyone like a school kid instead of debating addressing real issues and he lived in his bubble thinking he was really skilful to win and his ego got bigger thinking everyone believed his lies and bullshit. It was always a massive ego thing with him and he has got a big fat ego and is a nasty piece of work. Yet still he is the typical American and will always have blind support from like minded.

  14. “What is sexist about AMEN that would make even a “Minister” feel there was a need to add AWOMAN to be politically correct?”

    you are using your cun ting mind like a knife with what is called a strawman argument.

    what the fock has a stupid meme you found trawling crap like a bottom feeder got to do with me

    are you projecting like the racist right wing boys who inspire you and you aspire to be do

    are you channelling the pussy in you just because your chosen false leader shot himself in the balls

  15. Mama Said Knock You Out
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    Over the competition, I’m towerin’
    Wrecking shop, when I drop
    These lyrics that’ll make you call the cops
    Don’t you dare stare
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  16. It’s Day 3 Baby

    On days where your mind is in the future, or maybe your heart is in the past, this breath can help you ground in the present.

    The mantra today is…

    My breath is my anchor,

    My anchor is breath.

    Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which
    unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes
    scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind


  17. Today, listen to your inner teacher.

    That guru is the one.



    Listen – are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?


  18. ““AT LEAST THE GRABBING OF FEMALE GENITALIA IS LESS OF A PERVERSION” said the BLACK Preacher / Cunt who will never ever ever see God the creator the maker


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