TV Is Your God

Submitted by Terence

TV Is Your God: Apophenia &Numerological Coding – How Globalists Use Kabbalistic Psychpathology Programming To Run Prison Planet Earth

As hard as it may be to imagine, the global elite practices a form of ancient pagan religious theosophy based on the mystery school religions of ancient Babylon undergirded by infectious tyranny in which they seek to achieve a salient form of ‘godhood’ – a modern-day gnosis as cited in Revelation 17:1-18 called “Mystery Babylon The Great”; Mother of Harlots; having names of blasphemy written across her forehead!

What cannot be underscored enough is how religion is used to control the sheeple masses by creating exoteric (visible) religious bonds between people from different walks of life, embedding within their epistemologies, esoteric (hidden), slight-of-hand meanings understood by only the enlighten ones, or those who possess the light that illuminates their evil. Hence, the ancient symbols used for millennia have pride of place in religious mass, festival and services; within business & TV marketing and most notably, within the lame-stream media today who are complicit in crimes against humanity.

The social Darwinism of the globalist’s elite predicates their sovereignty over the evolution of society leaving nothing to time or chance. Were they to allow happenstance, they would lose their socio-political and religio-economic control and immoral dominance over us. So in order to advance their bloodlines, their social control of every facet of life – they continue to use their minions and cohorts to keep themselves positioned as the dominant 1% class, planning, scheming and strategizing for decades and even centuries in advance to achieve specific ends.

The Kabbalist’s use of numerology is sacrosanct within the bowels of their occult practices, where dates and numbers are set in stone by the ‘Master Masons’ whose control and leverage of this prison planet called earth where like any good Box Office movie release date (the stringency surrounding secrecy is utilized for maximum effect).

Television is the greatest tool in their armoury for brainwashing any society. The major struggle for many parents today is to get their kids to even read a book and to recall the theme, jist and conclusion of what they have read. Reading is almost passé, as 2-year-olds are parked in front of Nickelodeon or the myriad of Disney channels for hours, as the parents can then enjoy some peace and quiet or even downtime or get on with domestic chores, life or whatever floats their boat.

Today is Tuesday 22nd February 2022 (22/2/22). If one takes a sample look at the number of Hollywood films set for release in 2022 – the themes are all occult in nature. Anyone who has studied “Secret Society Symbolism” (SSS) will see the dubious Freemasonic connections to the number 22. Delta Kappa Epsilon (ΔΚΕ), commonly known as DKE (or Deke), is one of the oldest fraternities in the US, and was founded on June 22nd 1844. The 22nd Amendment of the Constitution states: (‘no person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice’ – and if Donald Trump has his way that’ll soon change after 2024) and needless to say, the Founding Fathers obvious connections to European Freemasonry remains controversial history.

The aberrant science of numerology and for those who are Occultist practitioners invoking incantations of divination are undoubtedly revelling that this day has come (for even world leaders who want to – (BUILD BACK BETTER), see this as an opportunity to unleash the globalists Masterplan based on their Grand Masonic Project.

In the writings of Satanist/Luciferian Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson, called ‘Apophenia’ opines that there is a tendency to perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. These numeric codes (cousin to algorithms) correlate and conceal as was stated in a 2022 movie release that “the truth is protected by a bodyguard of lies”, where in the blockbuster film ‘exposing the matrix or illusion’ was clearly at work across every genre of modern society.

Today, Tuesday 22nd February 2022, is 322 years to the day since the “Great Northern War” that began on February 22, 1700 where a coalition under the Tsardom of Russia successfully contested the Swedish Empire in Northern, Central & Eastern Europe defeating Sweden’s Charles XII by Russia’s Peter the Great. In an almost blindingly historical twist, Vladimir Putin began military insurgence into Ukraine by taking 2 of its neighbouring enclaves rattling the global established order. The Great Northern War lasted just shy of 22 years although rumblings had existed during the 1690s.

No can argue that 2022 as it currently stands, find itself in a ‘Catch-22 Crisis’ which is a paradoxical dilemma from which Putin & Biden et al cannot escape, because of the telemetry of contradictory rules, constrained limitations and the almost daily bevy of political posturing by so-called lying, corrupt politicians. This concept was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22, where the phrase implies a noticeably difficult situation from which there is no escape.

The ‘COVID-19 PlanDEMIC’, was and is an experiment in global totalitarianism – pushed and managed to see what lessons could be learned before the next instalment goes “Live” and given the use of ‘vaccine coercion’ (through 2021). 2022 is now seeing massive kickback from Canada to Europe to the US and around the world. The ‘Lame-Stream Media’ coverage has been nothing short of an exercise in ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’, as they try to portray that ‘normal life’ would ultimately prove to be a Catch-22 situation, as human ‘compliance’ based on ‘double standards’ and ‘untested science’ in an experimental jab, (needing EUA) was peddled as the only way out of escaping a flu-like illness that over 99% recoverable in most cases, with only basic remedial treatments like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin ever needed.

On March 22nd 2020, lockdowns had begun in the Yet 2 Be United Kingdom with ‘review’ dates occurring on the 21st/22nd of June 2021. Today, on the 21st February, 2022, lame duck PM Boris Johnson officially ended all legal COVID-19 mandates including testing for only 75-year-olds or those vulnerable and at greatest risk! This is not just Plandemic theatre – this is the Kabal doing what it does best: using numerology as a scripted scientific occult barometer.

33-Degree-Freemasons of the highest order who understand the science of numbers and how within the structures of Kabbalism, that even The Holy Bible has been interpretable by the use of numeric codes. For example, in the gospel of Matthew, the book contains 28 chapters, covering some 23,684 words, divided by 1071 verses, equalling 22. In the gospel of Mark, 16 chapters’ covers 15,171 words, divided by 678 verses, equals 22. In the gospel of Luke, 24 chapters covers some 25,944 words, divided by 1151 verses, equals 22 and the gospel of John, with 21 chapters, covers 19,099 words, divided by 878 verses equals 21 (one number short, as the book of Revelation was to be a continuation of John’s work).

There are 22 books in the Aaronic (Levitical) Old Testament Scriptures, that was intended to be the Light of God for Israel to get them over into the Promised Land but disobedience resulted in them dying in the wilderness. There are 22 generations from Adam to Jacob. When Moses inaugurated the Tabernacle of God, there were exactly 22,000 ministering Levites consecrated to serve in the temple duties – each within their own divisions. In the 119th Psalm, Bibliologists have divided David’s Inspirational writings into 22 parts, designated by the names of the letters, Aleph, Beth, Gimel, and Daleth. And the 25th Psalm contains 22 verses, each of which begins with a different letter of the alphabet, from Aleph to Tau. The number 22 is said to be the ‘Gnostic Key‘ that ‘supposedly’ unlocks the revelation in the Bible, where it is revealed in Isaiah 22.22: “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.”

Apparently, 22 is also the Number of Revelation. In the 22nd chapter of the gospel of John, Christ identifies Himself as the “Alpha & Omega” which would be the First & Last letters of the Greek Alphabet, Aleph and Tav. They opine that the number 22 unites the entire body of Scripture and is also the numerical value for the Hebrew word ‘Yachad‘ – meaning unite. The word light is also repeated 22 times, and on the 22nd time, John quotes Jesus: “I have come as a light into the world …” (John 12:46). The Word of God is called a ‘Lamp’ (Psalms 119:105; Proverbs 6:22), and the Light by which we are to live. The word Light is found 264 times in Scripture. When 264 is divided by the perfect number 12 (the 12 planets in the heavens), we have 22, which represents the Light.

In conclusion (due to brevity), when evaluating the puerile norms, vacuous values and insane actions of the elite – one is left with hardly any hope for this species of being. Just look at “Dustbin-Trudeau-Castro” and his actions in what was the most peaceful Western country – now being turned into a prison complex, with Elon Musk calling him Adolf Hitler! It has been well established, as shown by Andrew Lobaczewski in his book “Political Ponerology” & cell phone spy, that these globalist’s elite and their handlers based on uber-wealth are frankly psychopathic all but in surname. None are exempt. All leaders (99%), in all areas of power, including business, politics, academia, science & reLIEgion are inherently psychopaths with no visible conscience; with a rabid lust for power over others and they exercise such levels of social control that they are literally capable of doing anything they deem in their fragile minds as the ‘Greater Good’.

What a Croq!

Semper Fidelis

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  1. @Terrance Blackett “over 99% recoverable”

    Barbados has a population of about 280,00 people.

    If everybody caught Covid19 and ONLY 1% died that would still be 2800 dead Bajans. For the umpteenth time I am asking who wants to volunteer to be deaths number 313 to 2800 and not a fella won’t volunteer at all, at all at all.

    And even if ONLY half the population got covid and 1% of that half died, that would still be 1400 dead Bajana, and still not a fella will volunteer to die.

    Idiots. 99% is a good mark in the 11+

    99% surviving Covid19 not so good

    Maybe people should take their heads out of numerology and learn some basic statistics.

  2. @Terrance Blackett “Just look at “Dustbin-Trudeau-Castro” and his actions in what was the most peaceful Western country – now being turned into a prison complex, with Elon Musk calling him Adolf Hitler!”

    “Musk’s managerial style and treatment of his employees have been heavily criticized.One person who worked closely with Musk said he exhibits “a high level of degenerate behavior” such as paranoia and bullying.Another described him as exhibiting “total and complete pathological sociopathy”. Business Insider reported that Tesla employees were told not to walk past Musk’s desk because of his “wild firing rampages”.The Wall Street Journal reported that, after Musk insisted on branding his vehicles as “self-driving”, he faced criticism from his engineers, some of whom resigned in response, with one stating that Musk’s “reckless decision making… ha[d] potentially put customer lives at risk”.The 2021 book Power Play contains multiple anecdotes of Musk berating employees.”
    Source Wikipedia

  3. On first impression it would seem Terence has been reading Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson while tripping on LSD and is channeling their writing style with his own conspiracy nonsense. I was given a Mini-Zohar book and it seemed that it was an innocuous type of mysticism written in Hebrew with some references to the old testament. But, a google search to prove TB is talking out of his backside shows several search results and books written that support his theory of historical links between doctrines of Freemasons, Kaballah and Russia, so I will keep an open mind with this in mind.

  4. You are right that virtually all leaders are psychopaths. If anyone STILL doubts that read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” ….

    And psychopaths are NOT typically how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them. And therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is (see cited source above).

  5. Japan intent on strengthening ties
    IT IS MY GREAT PLEASURE to greet the people of Barbados on the occasion of the National Day of Japan, the birthday of His Majesty The Emperor.
    Emperor Naruhito was born on February 23, 1960, and was enthroned as the 126th Emperor of Japan on October 22, 2019. At his enthronement ceremony in Tokyo, we had the great honour of hosting the then Governor General, Her Excellency The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Prunella Mason, President of Barbados.
    On behalf of my government, I wish to express our sincere respect and admiration of the historical step taken by Barbados on November 30, 2021, when it transitioned to a republic under the leadership of Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. During my tenure as Ambassador of Japan to Barbados, it has been the most impressive event to date. Once again, congratulations, Barbados.
    Bilateral relations
    The Emperor’s birthday has been celebrated every year in Barbados at an official reception held by my Embassy. This year, however, we decided not to host this event due to the current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the reason why I celebrate our National Day with Barbadians in this form.
    Japan and Barbados have been nurturing amicable ties since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1967. Our two countries share fundamental values such as freedom, democracy, rule of law, and respect of human rights. As such, I would like to assure Barbados that Japan is committed to continuing its longstanding partnership with Barbados.
    Since the establishment of the Japanese Embassy in Barbados in 2016, we have focused our efforts on bringing the people of the two countries closer in order to propel our bilateral ties. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Barbadian athletes participated in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games last year and exhibited excellent performances in the spirit of sportsmanship.
    Also, several young Barbadians were offered the opportunity to participate in the annual Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme and the Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT). They are currently enjoying their experience in Japan.
    Economic cooperation
    Japan continues to make financial, technical and in-kind contributions to Barbados in such areas as coastal zone management, disaster risk management, renewable energy, UNESCO world heritage strategy, and the supply of COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX Facility.
    In the area of disaster risk management, the Japan International Cooperation
    Agency has recently dispatched a Japanese expert to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency for the purpose of capacity building and information sharing with Barbados and other Caribbean countries. This is an opportunity for Barbados to benefit from Japan’s vast experience and knowledge of overcoming the challenges of natural disasters.
    It is also worth mentioning that Japan’s new grant-aid project for Sargassum management will commence in March, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme as the implementing partner.
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    Through this grant-aid project, Barbados will be provided with equipment such as Sargassum harvesters, work boats, tractors and dump trucks, worth approximately US$2 million. This equipment will be complemented by training and capacity development programmes on the collection, removal, transport and disposal of sargassum.
    I believe this kind of cooperation between Japan and Barbados is both timely and crucial to the post COVID-19 economic recovery in terms of tourism, fisheries, and transportation.
    On this occasion I must say that my tour of duty as the first resident Japanese Ambassador will soon come to an end and I will bid farewell to Barbados. Despite the prevailing pandemic, I have enjoyed my five years on this beautiful island and have acquired unforgettable experiences and memories.
    I sincerely hope that the friendly relations between Japan and Barbados will continue to strengthen. I will remain grateful for the cooperation and support which have been rendered to me by the people and Government of Barbados.

    Letter to the Nation

  6. “You are right that virtually all leaders are psychopaths. ”

    and then some….and ya haven’t gotten to mentioning the billionaires and millionaires yet…the paper gods of destruction…it’s a good thing paper is flammable…

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