Sweet Sunday Sermon – Introduction to 3 John

Submitted by Dr. GP

I share this week my notes on an Introduction to Third John- one of the four short, often neglected letters of the New Testament.

Although, 3 John gives us an intimate glimpse into the life of the early church, we seldom hear this epistle quoted or taught, although it contains many excellent sentiments, which, if judiciously handled, might be very useful to the Church of God.

16 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday Sermon – Introduction to 3 John

  1. Who is the bigger johnny?

    The johnny who was a figment of an infertile imagination or de johnny-clot who believes de fiction?

  2. ”For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous……………………..” Leviticus 21:18
    Cunt Mutley GP, tell the people about the racism of yuh lied book.

  3. Maybe some critical ‘research’ of a few keywords having to do with psychopathologies may help to heal the sickness Christianity has planted into the minds of idiots. Ideas which they show mental signs of desperately wanting such false and incredible notions to be true.
    1) Egregore
    2) Christophany
    3) Theophany

  4. Europeans should have remained pagans so they could live in their true nature.
    Africans believe in everything the Gods and Demons.

  5. There is no end of the world as described. That is one of the biggest lies only madmen could believe. The psychological damage is more prescient.

    Stevie Wonder …. “When you believe in things you don’t understand you must suffer. Superstition is not the way.”

    Where is 555dubstreet and his music?

  6. Miller
    Yesterday and today represent the great conjunction of Saturn and Mars, we seem to recall.

    As the brightest star here on BU with a deep interest in these issues what does this once in an 800-year event hold for us all.

    More broadly, why should the mundane and lies, past due, be of any more importance than the actions of the universes.

  7. Christian teaching is not in the process of evolution. It is not passing from one stage to another as theologians and religious philosophers devise new systems.
    It is “the faith once…[for all] delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3). That which is new and not “from the beginning” is a deceit and a delusion.

  8. The chosen people.

    Silencing criticism
    IN THE REALM of targeting critics, none matches Israel. The Zionist entity exerts significant power and influence, particularly in the West and nowhere more than in the United States of America.
    This guarantees firm backing for its genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people.
    Furthermore, it has succeeded in suppressing criticism by equating even the slightest negative view of its policies with anti-Semitism. This insidious and highly effective strategy has rendered mainstream the fallacious notion that Israel is beyond reproach and any sympathy for Palestinians amounts to hatred of Jews.
    Individuals and organisations across all spheres have suffered over the years because of this and one field in which silencing is rampant is academia. It ranges from sabotaging the careers of academics to repressing discussion of the Palestinian cause on campuses. Two prominent examples are Steven Salaita and Norman Finkelstein. The former had a job offer rescinded while the latter was deprived of a tenured post, both after lobbying by Zionist groups.
    Finkelstein incidentally is Jewish and the son of Holocaust survivors.
    Recently, the University of Toronto withdrew an offer to Dr Valentina Azarova to head its law school’s International Human Rights Programme. The university had faced pressure from Zionist groups.
    A major donor and sitting judge also opposed her appointment. However, it denied this was the reason for its decision. Dr Azarova is an international law expert whose work has examined the Israeli government’s violations of international law. She was the university hiring panel’s unanimous top choice and following the reversal, the entire law faculty advisory committee resigned in protest.
    Another member of the panel quit their job. A host of other academics including international, Israeli and Jewish scholars have expressed solidarity with Dr Azarova and one letter of support has over 1300 signatories.
    Israel though is not alone in attacking critics.
    The Chinese government has become increasingly sophisticated in how it deals with criticism of its domestic human rights abuses and its genocide against the Uighurs. It depends heavily on a campaign of misinformation using both traditional and non-traditional media. Like Israel, it devotes significant attention to academia and it manipulates many campus activities. For example, an event at Columbia University on China’s human rights record was cancelled by the university when a student group linked to the Chinese government threatened to disrupt it. Pro-Chinese government student groups favour the tactic of issuing intimidatory messages. An education model that focuses on profits means timid university administrations, conscious of the economic value of Chinese student fees, usually succumb to their demands.
    In England, a sports club found itself pandering to China. In December 2019, Mesut Ozil, the German footballer and Arsenal midfielder tweeted in support of the Uighurs. The Chinese government was outraged. State broadcasters removed Arsenal’s next match from their schedules and Ozil’s image was erased by Chinese internet providers and from computer games. Arsenal, concerned about the impact on their commercial interests in China, quickly distanced itself from Ozil’s comments. Ozil was first left out of this season’s Europa League squad and then the Premier League squad. The Arsenal manager claimed footballing grounds for Ozil’s omission but the glaring dearth from his absence on the pitch and the growing number of defeats only expose the folly of that contention.
    It is obvious Ozil is being punished for daring to advocate for the Uighur.
    I am an Arsenal fan, but this past Saturday as has been the case for a few months now, I was delighted they lost. I hope they continue failing and are relegated for the first time in their history.
    A club that sidelines its best player because he is vocal in his stance on genocide and subsequently experiences its worst ever start to a season in over 40 years due in large part to his exclusion deserves its fate.
    Mohammed Iqbal Degia is a former Barbadian diplomat navigating life after the Foreign Service.
    Email degia.mi@gmail.com

    Source: Nation

  9. Yup! The Israelis have everyone’s mouth pinned down tight. Between the Old Testament and the Holocaust, the overly religious and the overly sympathetic people have been manipulated into giving them a free pass.

  10. Many in the black race are questioning the ethnicity of Jesus
    Many Christain preachers are not convinced of the blue eyed white Jesus which has been one taught in Christain doctrine
    As Christians becomes more exposed to knowledgeable about historical artifacts in the area of religion
    The question of Jesus ethnicity might become the elephant in the room which should be wrestled to the ground by many christain theologians sooner rather than later

  11. Early Chinese description of Europeans: “These barbarians (Europeans) have a grim look, untidy hair, and an unpleasant smell. They have no rituals worthy of the name, they’re liars, and are rather arrogant. They conquer countries by fraud and force, ingratiating themselves in a friendly way, before they oppress the natives. At the heart of their conduct is Violence.”

    White Missionaries & Evangelist are wolves in sheep clothings.

  12. This nasty, racist diatribe by Degia has no place in any considerate black publication. The views are vile and should be expunged. Why is Barbados being drawn in to a Middle Eastern religious and ethnic war?
    This is the price we pay for a growing New Barbadian population; but this is only the beginning. When we get 80000 more of them, all at their most reproductive years, it will only be a matter of time. But this is who we are.

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