Sweet Sunday Sermon – A Simple Overview of 1 John

Submitted by Dr. GP

  • I was taught as a teen in 1970, that when we are doing a BOOK STUDY the main points to look for in our introduction are the following.
  • Who wrote it?
  • To whom did he write?
  • Where did he write it?
  • When did he write it?

11 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday Sermon – A Simple Overview of 1 John

  1. Love this analytical approach to this particular book of the New Testament. I suffered an deficit attention episode in the actual implementation of the schematic. Therefore I cannot make an intervention. I like the acknowledgement of the Gnosis. Those who know God or think they do.

  2. Vincent
    I wrote my MDiv thesis on 1 John in 2000
    I taught some of this material in a series of lectures in 2010 to a local church here in Central Florida in 2010
    This presentation is a condensation of the power points used then.
    John confronted the Cerinthian, Arian and Nicolaitians and debunked their theological errors, just as Paul did in Colossians.

  3. “I like the acknowledgement of the Gnosis”

    Surely Jesus practiced Gnosis not Christianity

    When She Rises [Acoustic]

    When She Rises

  4. @ Dub Street

    Do you mean the writer of 1 John or Jesus.? Is Gnosis a state or a religion? What is your understanding of Gnosis?

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