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Open Letter to Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins

  Mr. Mark Cummins Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Transport, Works And Maintenance The Pine St. Michael April 10,2019. Please Accept 3rd letter Only By Email Dear Mr. Cummins This email is to inform the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, through you, that unless I get a response I will be seeking recourse from the Law Courts of Barbados. I

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Reading is a Human Right

Submitted by Melissa Martin, Ph.D, is an author, columnist, educator, and therapist. She lives in U.S Give your brain a workout—read a book. Pump up the muscle mass between your two ears. Reading is that important. And people in all countries around the globe deserve the right to learn to read. Literacy for All The United Nations Educational, Scientific and

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Murder Statistics March 2019

The following compiled by – David, Barbados Underground Based on the data I collected (via media reports), there have been at least six deaths associated with violence for the month of March 2019, an increase of one death compared to last month. The table below lists six individuals.

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Where Mugabe is Treading – All Dissent is Treason…

Submitted by PUDRYR READERS ARE CAUTIONED TO REMEMBER MUGABE AND HER RECENT DESTABILIZATION SPEECH!!! Barbados newest amendments to this law will not only  expand on this  erstwhile unused regulation but will redefined what Mugabe considers disloyal and subversive and, given the broad latitude of current Justices who lock up citizens for a year for a $6.99 cents finger clippers, it

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Barbados Bar Association Not Helping Ordinary Barbadians

The blogmaster has been observing more and more cases of ‘ordinary’ Barbadians seeking justice for inequities meted out to them with the system failing them when they attempt to seek redress. Whether it is the Office of Public Counsel, FTC, FSC, Ombudsman and the others. In the case of the Justin and Brunetta McIntosh CV1399/2008 matter this is another example

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