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African Liberation Education (3)

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel In this post-emancipation era, the world has become split into two different economic realities: Slavery-Wealth and Slavery Poverty…. otherwise known as First world and Third world…. otherwise known as The Developed World and The UNDER-Developed World… otherwise known to the wise as The Shameful and Unjust Results of The Great Robbery.Look at this picture below: It

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Is Chief Town Planner Blocking BLACKman’s Fight for Justice @Clarke’s Road?

One comment posted to the Nation newspaper Online edition (see below) summarizes the plight of Arden Blackman from Clark’s Road, St. James. The story of Arden Blackman has been ventilated on Barbados Underground, Facebook and there was a piece done by Roy Morris before he was fired by the Nation newspaper. It boggles the mind that a government elected to

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Down Taw Nuh Brush!

Gabriel posted the following February 18, 2019 3:45 PM on the Barbados Water Authority Unable to QUICKLY Fix Leaks blog: If you had ‘boy days’ pitching with marbles especially at primary school,you would likely have heard that a glassy-marble was called a TOY, which morphed in to TAW. In pitching,the turf was about 9 ft in length and consisted of 1)

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BL&P’s Promise to Barbadians — You Must Invest in Community Solar

He added that Light & Power is also planning “community solar to ensure that every Barbadian has the opportunity to participate in the island’s green transformation and the renewable energy future for Barbados.” – Roger Blackman, Managing Director (BLP) The Barbados Light & Power in its recent edition of Watts New Business Managing Director Roger Blackman reassured the audience that

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