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While I do not vouch for the authenticity of all social media postings … to those who defend white police officers’ privilege of killing unarmed blacks, on the grounds that blacks kill other blacks, e.g Chicago, LA, are such defenders advocating that such errant cops/defendants might be better served/pacified by the black citizen with a ghost gun complete with silencer? A form of reprisal? What would happen to the likes of Fuhrman, Pantaleo, and a ton of others, who have acted with impunity?

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  1. This is a Leftist Overthrow attempt! BLM has been infiltrated by Marxists, thereby taking a movement that had credence when first organised into a mere part of the Leftists with Antifa, Commies et al. During the riots these Antifa / Leftists were encouraging AfroAm youth to throw stones / bricks at police, said missiles being delivered and positioned before events. Racial division is and has been a strategy previously on many occasions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beL40QeyGo0&fbclid=IwAR0hWQ6DwFcl75DAF-18DFiqNLNU-tNoA-BMIJOg7RapBaVwf5IiQmj42TI

  2. Why is it that some brain dead people come out of the wood work to tell black people what is right and what is wrong; what is good for them and what is bad.

  3. In a recent interview, boxing icon Muhammad Ali’s son insisted that his father would have thought the Black Lives Matter movement is filled with “a bunch of devils.”

    In the interview published by the New York Post, Muhamad Ali, Jr., said he father would not be a fan of BLM. “My father would have said, ‘They ain’t nothing but devils.’ My father said, ‘all lives matter.’ I don’t think he’d agree (with BLM),” he insisted.

    “Don’t bust up shit, don’t trash the place,” he added. “You can peacefully protest.”

    Ali also called the BLM movement a “racist” scheme.

    “I think it’s racist,” Ali said. “It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone – he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is.

    “It’s a racial statement,” Ali added. “It’s pitting black people against everyone else. It starts racial things to happen. I hate that.

    “They’re no different from Muslim terrorists,” Ali said scornfully of the rioters. “They should all get what they deserve. They’re f**king up businesses, beating up innocent people in the neighborhood, smashing up police stations and shops. They’re terrorists – they’re terrorizing the community. I agree with the peaceful protests, but the Antifa, they need to kill everyone in that thing.”

    Ali turned hard against BLM. “Black Lives Matter is not a peaceful protest. Antifa never wanted it peaceful. I would take them all out,” he said.

  4. In the aftermath of the George Floyd incident, everyone seems to want to have a conversation about race in America.

    Just recently, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, asserted that if you couldn’t decide whether to vote for him or President Trump, “you ain’t black.”

    So, let me clarify something: I was born in February 1961 in a “Blacks only” hospital, Hughes Spalding, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was raised by a proud Black man, Herman West Sr. and woman, Elizabeth Thomas West in the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood in Atlanta. My Mom and Dad are buried, together, in Marietta National Cemetery because of their service to our Nation.

    The Old Fourth Ward is the same neighborhood that produced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and where the American civil rights movement emanated, “Sweet Auburn Avenue.”

    There is a high possibility that I have forgotten more black history than some may ever learn — or certainly know. I just authored a book titled, “We Can Overcome, An American Black Conservative Manifesto.”

    I do not need to “qualify” my being Black based upon some pre-determined ideological agenda. I was raised to believe that I was an individual who could think and believe as I determined. I was taught that America is a place where regardless of where you were born, where you came from, there was an equality of opportunity.

    That equality of opportunity has enabled me to attain immense success for myself and set the conditions for the success of my two daughters. My wife Angela, an accomplished former marketing professor and financial adviser, and I now teach our daughters about the perils of equality of outcomes, and those who cleverly disguise that intent within the cries of social justice.

    With this being stated, I am tired of our Nation cowering, appeasing, acquiescing, and surrendering to this absurd organization calling itself Black Lives Matter (BLM). There is nothing true or sincere about this ideologically aligned progressive socialist, cultural Marxist organization.

    BLM is just another leftist organization created by the same ilk of progressive socialists who created the NAACP. When one reviews the goals and objectives of BLM, they have nothing to do with the real issues facing the Black community in America. The focus of BLM is to cleverly advance the leftist ideological agenda under the guise of a witty name that forces people into guilt, shame.

    I do not need any white person in America to kneel before me, apologize, wash my feet, or as the insidious comment of Chick-fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, shine my shoes. I did a doggone good job of shining my own boots during my career in the US Army — that was my individual responsibility, in which I took great pride.

    I am tired of these businesses and corporations being shaken down by BLM to the tune of some $464M, $50M right here in my home of Texas. Why?

    Black Lives Matter does not support the critical civil rights issue of this day. The major civil rights issue in America today is educational freedom. How many young black kids are relegated to failing public schools in failing neighborhoods? Where does BLM stand on that issue? They stand with the progressive socialist left and the teachers unions. Ask yourself, has BLM ever condemned the action of Barack Obama in April 2009 to cancel the DC school voucher program?

    Yesterday was Father’s Day. How many young black kids are growing up without a father in the house, a strong positive role model, like my Dad, US Army Corporal Herman West Sr.? The policies of the progressive socialist left decimated the traditional two parent household in the black community. What does BLM say about the traditional, nuclear, two parent (man and woman) household? They say that is a tool of white supremacy.

    If there is to be a conversation about the rule of law in America and the black community, let’s have that honest conversation. However, BLM wants us to believe that there is some focused, dedicated, intentional genocide being enacted against the Black community by law enforcement.

    In 2019, there were a total of nine white law enforcement officer shootings of unarmed black men. Yet, how many blacks have taken to the streets to kill other blacks? And where is the outrage from BLM?

    But, even worse, since 1973 there have been over 20 million unborn black babies murdered in the wombs of Black mothers. The organization mostly responsible for the industry of murdering unborn babies is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was founded by a known white supremacist, racist, a woman who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies — Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood has over 70 percent of their “clinics” located in black communities across America.

    I have never heard Black Lives Matter speak up, speak out, or speak against Planned Parenthood. Why? Simple, the white progressive socialist masters who fund, resource, and enable Black Lives Matter don’t give a darn about the lives of Black children.

    I could go on, but I think you get my point. Black Lives Matter is an oxymoronic and disingenuous organization. As a proud American Black Man, I find Black Lives Matter an offensive and condescending organization whose hypocrisy is blatantly evident. Yet, thanks to the lucrative support of the white progressive socialist collective elitists, it survives, and extorts financial support from the useful idiots in our corporate structure.

    All lives matter, but this radical organization, Black Lives Matter, is the ultimate Trojan Horse. The consistent purveyors of systemic racism in America is the Democrat Party. They have smartly devised this organization to enable their ends, the proliferation of the 21st century economic plantation. Black Lives Matter serves as overseers on this plantation, stoking the irrational emotionalism and angst to support their agenda, their purpose.

    What is the purpose? Simple. The new plantation of the left is not about producing cotton. It is about creating victims who will be dependent, and produce the new crop — votes.

    (Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. During his 22-year career, he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving many honors including a Bronze Star. In 2010, West was elected as a member of the 112th Congress representing Florida’s 22nd District

  5. @MoneyBrain

    I was under the impression you were an old man. I now know it is your thinking that is old. What has Muhammud Ali’s son got to do with Black Lives Matter? His view is no more legitimate than any other black person?
    You might have forgotten more black history than most of us have ever heard of, but you are seriously misusing your knowledge. If you are not for black people, then you are against them. There is no sitting on the fence. Marxism has nothing to do with black liberation.

  6. @Hal Austin June 23, 2020 2:32 PM
    “Why is it that some brain dead people come out of the wood work…”
    Why indeed? Both Fascist Crier and Money Brain are complete embarrassments to Barbados. They simply long for the ‘good old days’ when Black people were deferential and they could imagine that we knew ‘our place.’

  7. And of course both Fascist Crier and Money Brain ignore the well established facts that the vast majority of the looying and violence in the current wave of protests has been carried out by their White supremacist friends associated with the Boogaloo movement trying desperately to provoke a race war.

  8. Crawling out of the woodwork is a very good way to describe it

    They wield quotes from midguided blacks like cudgels to beat us into submission.

    Fools just don’t get it! We DON’ T CARE what they think! THE BATTLE IS LOST! They no longer define us. They no longer control the narrative.

  9. Either they are liars or loonies. Maybe they are both.


    They are getting increasingly desperate. That much is clear.

    They are losing it in more ways than one.

  10. Wunna really dont read and comprehend. My very first entry here stated clearly that BLM stated correctly but has been infiltrated and hijacked by Marxists and Antifa types. HAL, I fully agree that Black Liberation is great BUT Marxist RUINATION is what wunna should consider as a threat to the movement. We have seen Weather Underground with the Black Panthers before trying their Communist overthrow way back in the 1970s, it did not work then and it will not work now either. How can any of you believe that ganging up with the Left makes sense, AfroAms will be USED and then ABUSED.

  11. @ MoneyBrain

    If you were born in 1961 you do not know anything first hand about the Black Panthers. Cut out the crap about Marxism. Have you ever met a Marxist in your life? This is an argument from the 1940s and 50s (read Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison or James Baldwin).
    By the 1960s black political movements had rejected the communists. The heyday of the Black Panthers was in the 1960s, not 70s.

  12. @Money Brain
    So you’re still going to ignore the facts that it is the right wing White supremacist crazies like yourself who have “infiltrated and hijacked” the BLM protests to murder policemen, loot and destroy property, and generally try to start a race war.



    Arrest warrant issued for woman who allegedly set Wendy’s in Atlanta on fire

    An arrest warrant was issued on Saturday by Atlanta fire officials for a 29-year-old woman accused of setting fire to a Wendy’s restaurant hours after Rayshard Brooks was seen on surveillance video fatally shot by a police officer.

    Natalie White was charged with first-degree arson by Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Fire Investigators for torching the Wendy’s on University Avenue on June 13.

    The fast-food restaurant was set on fire after 27-year-old Brooks was shot in the back by former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe. The shooting was captured on cameras from the police dash camera, body cameras, bystanders and the restaurant’s surveillance camera.

    Protests erupted at the Wendy’s and at some point White allegedly set fire to the building.

    The inside of the brick property was destroyed. “This is an ongoing investigation and additional arrests are possible,” fire officials said.

    Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of White or anyone who has information related to this crime is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS or the Arson Tip Line at 1-800-282-5804.




    The Tulsa race massacre (also called the Tulsa race riot, the Greenwood Massacre, or the Black Wall Street Massacre)[9][10][11][12][13][14] took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma.[1] It has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.”[15] The attack, carried out on the ground and from private aircraft, destroyed more than 35 square blocks of the district—at that time the wealthiest black community in the United States, known as “Black Wall Street”.

    More than 800 people were admitted to hospitals and as many as 6,000 black residents were interned at large facilities, many for several days.[16][17] The Oklahoma Bureau of Vital Statistics officially recorded 36 dead. A 2001 state commission examination of events was able to confirm 36 dead, 26 black and 10 white, based on contemporary autopsy reports, death certificates and other records.[1]:114 The commission gave overall estimates from 75–100 to 150–300 dead.[1]:13, 23

    The massacre began over Memorial Day weekend after 19-year-old Dick Rowland, a black shoeshiner, was accused of assaulting Sarah Page, the 17-year-old white elevator operator of the nearby Drexel Building. He was taken into custody. After the arrest, rumors spread through the city that Dick Rowland was to be lynched. Upon hearing reports that a mob of hundreds of white men had gathered around the jail where Dick Rowland was being kept, a group of 75 black men, some of whom were armed, arrived at the jail with the intention of helping to ensure Dick Rowland would not be lynched. The sheriff persuaded the group of black men to leave the jail, assuring them that he had the situation under control. As the group of black men was leaving the premises, complying with the sheriff’s request, a member of the mob of white men attempted to disarm one of the black men. A shot was fired, and then according to the reports of the sheriff, “all hell broke loose”. At the end of the firefight, 12 people were killed: 10 white and 2 black.[18] As news of these deaths spread throughout the city, mob violence exploded.[2] White rioters rampaged through the black neighborhood that night and morning killing men and burning and looting stores and homes, and only around noon the next day did Oklahoma National Guard troops manage to get control of the situation by declaring martial law. About 10,000 black people were left homeless, and property damage amounted to more than $1.5 million in real estate and $750,000 in personal property (equivalent to $32.25 million in 2019). Their property was never recovered nor were they compensated for it.

    Many survivors left Tulsa, while black and white residents who stayed in the city were silent for decades about the terror, violence, and losses of the event. The massacre was largely omitted from local, state, and national histories.


  14. @Hal
    MoneyBrain was born in 1955 or 1956 I believe, but it is quite obvious that he has never read anything Marxist, or anything by Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison or James Baldwin, or indeed anything at all which would help him actually understand any of the issues that he foams at the mouth about.

    He is completely uninterested in learning anything… he is convinced that his White ancestry has given him magical innate knowledge about what is good for Black people. He is entirely pathetic.

  15. Lil Pete, where did I deny the existence of Boogaloo Boys? U are making a desperate attempt to blame a very small group for this entire travesty. LIl Pete , U are just not that clever! Just a fruitless attempt to divert from the facts. It does not really matter as we are close to the point where the military will have to be called in. U know very well that I am not WS because if I were then why would I even bother communicating with U? I am far from crazy and as such the Left would not desire such an enemy. Unlike Lil Pete I appreciate that TRUTH and placing everything on the table for discussion is the way to go and this Left wing revolution is going to end with the Left being absolutely crushed. The Dem Mayors and Governors have illustrated very lucidly why they do not deserve to be in power, they cant control Rioting, Arson, Looting, Beatings, and Murder. The real stupidity is the fact that AfroAms are and will suffer more than any other group as a result as shops are burnt in the hood. I have seen many poor AfroAm ladies crying because their local shops are destroyed and their job is gone too. Indeed some were owners of said businesses.

  16. @MoneyBrain June 23, 2020 4:21 PM
    You blamed the death and destruction on your imaginary “Leftists with Antifa, Commies et al” when all the worst atrocities have been perpetrated by your right wing White supremacist buddies the Boogaloo boys. You are a liar.

  17. @PLT

    This is what MoneyBrain said about himself. Are you suggesting he is lying?

    So, let me clarify something: I was born in February 1961 in a “Blacks only” hospital, Hughes Spalding, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was raised by a proud Black man, Herman West Sr. and woman, Elizabeth Thomas West in the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood in Atlanta. My Mom and Dad are buried, together, in Marietta National Cemetery because of their service to our Nation…(Quote)

  18. @MoneyBrain
    I communicate with a whole range of White supremacists in addition to you. Look at you… you can’t even write it out, but have to hide behind WS initials. All you can do is label “AfroAms” as “stupid” because they do not fit into your narrow minded little narrative. If you cared ANYTHING for the truth you would have been the first to mention the Boogaloo boys when referring to death and destruction in the BLM protests of the past few weeks. Now you try to wiggle away by claiming that they are “a very small group” without citing any evidence at all. You are simply trying to hide… but I follow and shine the light of truth and evidence on your hateful screeds.

  19. @Hal
    MoneyBrain is a White Bajan who was at school with me at Harrison College. Of course he is lying. He currently works for a mediocre financial brokerage firm in Toronto, hence his pathetic illusion that he is some sort of “money brain.” He knows next to nothing about the USA, and even less about Black people or the past 400 years of Black history.

  20. Lil Pete let me be very clear, if U have proof that Boogaloo Boys or any WS group / s are the primary revolutionaries in this situation then please produce your info in full. The Left as I described are indeed the force that will soon have to be put down by military action as it is they that are Testing the system’s tolerance. Your very feeble attempts to divert will not help them divert the bullets. I dont support aggressive and radical action from either side Far Left or Far Right. All this BS about how I am WS shows that U should spend your time writing fiction. I promise in future not to use the words and writings of AfroAms against what U would like to believe.hahaha

  21. @Hal A
    This is what MoneyBrain said about himself. Are you suggesting he is lying?
    MB wasn’t writing about himself, the quote is from an article by Allen West a one term black Republican Congressman who carried his Tomism so far that even Republicans were glad to be rid of him.

    BTW you will notice that people like MB and FC always pepper their submissions by some black person (Thomas Sowell is a favourite) to give themselves some sort of credibility.

  22. @MB
    I would have sat here and remain silent, but you made a promise that I want you to keep here and elsewhere..

    “I promise in future not to use the words and writings of AfroAms against what U would like to believe.”

    There are quite a few blacks on your list that I would prefer not to hear from. Now, if I can get the same promise from FC.

  23. BTW you will notice that people like MB and FC always pepper their submissions with a quote by some black person…..

  24. So now MoneyBrain is calling for the Black Lives Matter protests to be “put down by military action” and he assures me that I can do nothing to “divert the bullets.” We are beginning to see uncloaked what he really wants for Black people… he wants us to be shot down in the streets whether we are in the USA, Canada where he lives, or Barbados where he grew up. He does not even have the balls to write out the words White supremacist, but keeps hiding behind the acronym WS.

    MoneyBrain’s intense anger at Black people is something I have come across before… it stems from the deep shame about how little he has accomplished in his life despite his White privilege. That is behind his puerile attempts to demean me by calling me “Lil Pete” because we were at school together so he knows that I stand a majestic 5′ 4″ in my bare feet. What really gets him upset is that he is a “money brain” but he knows that I am much wealthier than he is despite my left wing anti capitalist leanings.

  25. @MoneyBrain
    It’s not my job to educate you. I already posted definitive info about the most extreme provocation, the Boogaloo Boy murders of two policemen. Lots of other information is in the public domain so it is up to you to educate yourself.

  26. Lil Pete, your trying to cast me as a WS is exceedingly futile. I asked you to supply proof of your contention that Boogaloo Boys or any Far Right / Alt Right groups were significantly involved and you have FAILED miserably to produce such evidence. Fact is that this Leftist attempt at Overthrow will be crushed as it must . Antifa are very white and supposedly educated, but that really means brainwashed by Lefty Profs who have increasingly dominated in US Unis. Antifa will pay the price very soon. PLT you have a very small torch without batteries. I repeat what I posted is from AfroAms mainly. Are there AfroAms who are WS? Now that I am unaware of. All of your postering works only on the brainwashed. You are the one lying here and if anyone takes the time to read carefully that will be their conclusion. Hateful screeds? Lil Pete that is bloody stupid of you, nothing at all hateful just info that U have no answer for!

  27. Theo, I promise not to call AfroAm conservatives Uncle Tom like wunna intend to do. It is interesting that in America, Gangstas have higher standing than T Sowell, Shelby Steele, Walt Williams, LT Co lWest, Bob Woodson et al wunna laughable.

  28. @MoneyBrain June 23, 2020 5:13 PM
    If you don’t consider the murders of two policemen to be “significantly involved” that is only because your warped value system prioritizes property over human life. Educate yourself. If you want me to help you offline, my usual billing rate is US$300/hr.

  29. Promise broken already….
    You left out Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk and the new star Muhammad Ali’s son.

  30. @Hal, respectfully senor but what transpired above is something I notice here on BU TOO often by very EDUCATED folks… They EITHER do NOT read submissions completely or do NOT read past their IMMEDIATE BIAS of what he/she expects the person to be saying.

    Thus there is lots of shouting at each other rather than debating the stupidity/validity of the ACTUAL post.

    @MB’s your post that the left is taking over the BLM and thus will cause the entirety to come crashing down is your plea for BLM’ destruction…

    Although you assert so boldly that BLM’s original ethos is an excellent one… yet, there is much despair in your plea for its failure … You will not succeed in that cry.

    The right wing ‘fasicism’ of MaCarthyism did not crush the Republican party… And it will certainly not overpower and crush BLM now.

    Uncontrolled defunding of police depts is insanely insensible a la left-wing stupidity … whereas, comprehensive reform is just and needed… that’s practical centrist reason.

    Police free self governing zones in any city in US or Barbados is absurdly nonsensical as a left wing palaver… practical awareness that abrasive police intrusions into communities is more harmful than helpful and MUST be replaced with an interactive community-policing model has been known for decades now …

    So what is so radical about the simple demands of BLM… NO … the message will NOT be overtaken by senseless radicals intent of anarchy … so wheel and come again!

  31. @MoneyBrain
    This introduction I will give you for free. Your contraction of Afro American to “AfroAm” is disrespectful and inappropriate. You have spent your adult life in Canada and you have demonstrated conclusively that you are completely clueless about the conditions of Black people in the USA. You simply watch that buffoon Trump and lap up all his vomit. Your use of the “AfroAm” contraction is on a level with Trump’s bragging about his supporters among “the Blacks,” it simply betrays your complete ineptitude. Perhaps our old school friend TheOGazerts can give you a clue if you don’t trust my instruction, because he actually lives in the USA and understands something about the society.

  32. PLT, “intense anger at black people”, U have truly lost your mind and conscience as U should know that I was one of a very few whites at HC who interacted with my black bros without any bias. Shameful display of just how far U are willing to go to make a complete ass of yourself. UU wanted to compound your insane animosity by writing that I want BLM to come under attack from the military, not true. Fact is that The Leftists / Radicals are testing the system and will surely have to be severely disciplined, without any racial bias, the further this situation deepens out of control. So Lil Pete U are telling me that U are a typical FakeASS Leftist who has every intention of ruling the masses with the harshest of methods while on top like Castro, Maduro, Lil Fat Rocket Boy et al. Not surprised especially coming from a lil fellow that suffers Napoleon complex and has always desired to compensate by dominating a brainwashed following. U have absolutely no concept of my net worth which illustrates that U are willing to say anything to try to discredit. What U have never learnt is that gentlemen are not that crass in displaying their wealth. I have no idea how rich U are but certainly trust U have accumulated a decent quantity of assets net of liabilities. Unlike U, I am a Compassionate Business oriented individual who believes everyone should be encouraged to be entrepreneurial should they so desire. It has never been my ambition to be very rich but to do well in several aspects of life like raising highly respected family.

  33. 2 Side notes
    (1) Whenever I read AfroAm, I think of a TransAm (the car- nothing sexual)
    (2) DpD’s writing is so clean and clear that I am wondering what changed. 🙂 I was strongly opposed to legalizing marijuana, but now I can see the benefits 🙂
    I gone.

  34. PLT, why waste your time on contractions like WS and AfroAms? Am I being disrespectful to WS too? I just suffer from boredom in writing such fully and yet U think it is some crime when I apply equally, Pete I would expect better from U, really. Who would ever “trust your instruction” on anything? I have written on countless occasions that minorities , ruled by Dems fruitlessly for 50 ++ years, have been short changed and deserve a process of reformation regarding Education, Justice, Healthcare etc. Mr Bob Woodson has clearly pointed out that the inner cities have been dominated by Dem predators who take the money for themselves. What I dont understand is why Theo and U dont spend more time on solutions instead of attacking people needlessly. What must be very disturbing for U is the % of black peeps that are switching to the Trump side.

  35. Did I attack you??
    Pun intended
    🙂 Do we all write alike 🙂
    Was a variation of the old “all look alike”..

    I volunteered for five years giving free Math instruction. Planning to volunteer when I retire.

  36. @MoneyBrain
    I simply quoted your own words back to you about the coming “military action” and my inability to “divert the bullets”… your glee at this prospect was palpable.

    I have no concept of your net worth beyond knowing that it is dramatically less than what life has blessed me with… net worth is not a moral qualification, it is mostly just luck, I simply point it out to illustrate how empty your “MoneyBrain” moniker is.

    I have no followers, I rule no masses, and I never will. I prefer to do rather than talk. I don’t spend my life talking about “everyone should be encouraged to be entrepreneurial” but I do spend it working with nonprofit entities that actually empower people to BE entrepreneurial (and investing my own money to help them).

  37. Why do people who are old enough to die still talk about their time at school. Is it a big fat ego thing. Making friends with people when they were at school is not a big revelation. I grew up / made friends with racist whites.

  38. Theo , U are correct that I should not have permitted Lil Pete to bring U into the line of fire. I heap praise on U for helping youngsters. Even praise for Lil Pete for any help he affords to those in need.

  39. Lil Pete, for someone who claims to do rather than talk U sure spew much excrement into the oscillating device which is destined to return to U, compounded.

  40. PLT, why are U so scared that my simple warning about strategic mistakes are about to have dire consequences? Do seriously believe that this aggressive revolutionary overthrow attempt will work without viscous blood shed? Do think that the Left has 10% of the force required? The Left is in the process of committing suicide and setting back Reforms. If U ever receive credible info that the Left is not majorly responsible for the current unfolding mayhem please send such info my way. Denying an impending crushing will not change the outcome. All wunna pun here do not want to deal in truth just delusion. What is required is a Truth and Reconciliation process.

  41. @MoneyBrain
    Not scared in the least part. I hope, for your clients’ sake, that your financial skill is a whole lot better than your political skill; because your political predictions are a joke.

    I do agree that a Truth and Reconciliation process might help a bit just as it helped a little bit when Black people brought down the fascist apartheid regime in South Africa. The situations are not all that different. Then, just as now, racist apologists for the apartheid regime said that “The Left is in the process of committing suicide and setting back Reforms.” right up to the minute that the racist regime crumbled.

  42. OOps, sorry,

    JohnJune 23, 2020 9:40 PM


    It is easy to pick a member of the political elite from his/her utterances and what gets under his/her skin.

    PLT is obviously one.

    From the time he appeared on here it was easy to tell.

    Simple things ruffle his feathers.

    I have had a ball with him.

    His father tutored Tom Adams in his first year at HC because he was sickly.

    That would put his father together with Sir Grantley, Clement Payne etc in the 30’s.

    Clement Payne was a Communist agitator sent from Barbados to Barbados to stir up strife.

    Grantley Adams defended him.

    Sir Grantley graduated HC in 1918, the year his father was born so Sir Grantley was probably a figure to be emulated in his father’s household.

    His father would have been a child of the 30’s growing up under the “Black Moses” the champion of the masses.

    PLT gets his membership of the political elite through inheritance and indoctrination.

    When you were running bout playing cricket, interfering with girls and whatever wutlessness you got up to, he was being indoctrinated.

    Here you see the finished product.

    Every now and again I will toss up Dr. Humby and Grantley Adams and he always bites!!

  43. @John Knox June 23, 2020 9:48 PM
    “Simple things ruffle his feathers.”
    Yes, racism ruffles my feathers. Luckily, I enjoy ruffled feathers, because the racists like you and MoneyBrain are losing… and that’s more than enjoyable, it’s exhilarating.

    Black Lives Matter!

  44. Oops, wrong blog

    JohnJune 23, 2020 9:46 PM

    Here’s how you know who’s who!!

    The wisdom of the ages.

    Never fails.

  45. @ John June 23, 2020 9:48 PM
    “PLT gets his membership of the political elite through inheritance and indoctrination.”

    And from where do you get your stark insanity and deep-seated hatred for your own self which has been daubed by the tar brush?

    PLT may be of the same stature as your little god called Horatio Nelson- the English Achilles in your eyes- but we are prepared to bet every last guinea that he is packing more ammo in his trousers than you two pissy ‘passing-for-white’ boys (little Johnny and MB) put together even when he is as flaccid as Nelson’s missing right arm.

  46. MoneyBrain started on his usual rightwing extremism crap to flame you and then switched over to his usual palavers how much he preaches to help blacks in entrepreneurship for your pity. The 65% of 75% neanderthal majority proved their racism in 2016 when they voted for a racist platform.

    #BLACKLIVESMATTER needs to know it’s enemy – the hypocritical neanderthal warmongers who are the biggest terrorists and false flag operators. When they legalised the herb they gave the licenses to neanderthal boys although blacks have been arrested on 3 strikes laws catching life sentences for 1 splifftail.

  47. The system break man child and women into figures
    Two columns for who is, and who ain’t niggas
    Numbers is hardly real and they never have feelings
    But you push too hard, even numbers got limits
    Why did one straw break the camel’s back? Here’s the secret:
    The million other straws underneath it, it’s all mathematics
    Orthodox + African Revolution = #BLM

  48. I wholeheartedly, fundamentally, 1 billion% agree with Joe Biden when he asserted on a radio show targeted to a black audience “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” In fact if Martin Luther King, Elijah Muhammed, Malcolm Little, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley were alive today RIGHT NOW they would be saying the same thing!!!!. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc. are probably saying it to themselves. Samuel L Jackson is probably saying the same thing with his own colourful way of expressing himself. ALL real BLACK people are saying the same THING!!! It is only because JOE BIDEN is white that the White & Black Trump supporters have such a large pooch hurt over what he said, because they know down to their core that it is completely TRUE!!!!!……The Candace Owens, The David Clarkes, the Brandon Tatums, The Harris Faulkners, The Paris Dennards of this world….The Black Republicans and Conservatives that SUPPORT Trump are NOT BLACK!!!!!…they are BLACK SKINNED, WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!. Let make it abundantly clear you can be a BLACK person and support the Republican Party…but if you are a Trump supporter you DEFINITELY CAN’T BE BLACK!!!!!!!!.
    I have been racking my brain, referring to the same colouring books that Trump uses to devise political strategy, race relations and foreign policy and said “eureka!!!” I have devised a ROCK SOLID business plan for these BLACK SKINNED, WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!. Since gender reassignment surgery and transgender hormone therapy is a “thing”, i propose race reassignment therapy!!!!!!. I proposed different classes of such therapy!!!!

    1) For the uppity house negros that support Trump and have some “dough”. I propose Hardcore Bleaching!!!!…. They will soak in a large container filled with a hazardous mixture of bleach & bleaching cream for several months!!!!….to complete the process.They can ingest several cups of bleach a day to and have a IV bleach drip inserted at night!!!! The added upside is that it is a life long guaranteed cure for COVID-19 authorized by Trump himself!!!!…People might die from it BUUUUUUUUT the upside is that they will be white, cured of COVID-19 and preserve the progress of HUMANKIND!!!!!

    If that is too expensive or drastic
    2) We can consult the Wayans brothers on the makeup procedure they did to make the “White Chicks” Film!!!….This is for those Black skinned white people who can’t BEAR being black skinned around their white Trump supporter colleagues, for fear they will stick out in a crowd and be mistakenly lynched by their white supremacists “friends” at social events!!!! And when they want to “socialise” with true BLACK people they can wash the makeup off!!!!!!!

    If that is still too drastic or expensive…
    3) I propose the ingenious White Face Procedure!!!!….Since COVID-19 have slowed economies worldwide there has to be surplus cans of WHITE PAINT every where!!!!!! why not put it to “good use”!!! it can be applied with a paint roller or an air compressor over their entire body including the private parts!!!! I mean it don’t make any sense putting it on the face only, fooling white supremacists into sexual relationships and when it comes to “boom boom” time in bed, their privates reveals their true skin colour!!!!. I won’t suggest ingesting the white paint though…they would already be white inside!!!! but i might have to consult Trump on that one since he is such a stable genius.

    Trust me race reassignment therapy will be a hit with these BLACK SKINNED, WHITE SUPPORTERS of Trump….All we have to do is ask Trump to say ” it is a nice thing, it is good thing, a beautiful thing…not a bad thing” several times and those people will be sold on the idea!!!!!!!.

  49. Did anybody take the time to actually read the article that lying MoneyBrain cited on Ali’s son?

    Well, he left out the part where it says he and his father were estranged. (One would think that little fact quite relevant when speaking on the behalf of said father.)

    MoneyBrain also slyly omitted the part where he claimed that his father, the highly intelligent Muhammad Ali Snr would have been a Trump supporter because even he knew that could never fly.

    MoneyBrain is fraud.

    I already assumed that about his personal and professional life when he boasted about dining on smoked salmon as though it was some big deal.

    Had smoked salmon. Prefer sea eggs.

  50. Now I think about it, I suspected he exaggerated his success when I first saw the name he chose for himself. I did give him the benefit of the doubt for a while. I find it is best because the truth comes out sooner or later.

  51. @ Donna June 24, 2020 4:47 PM
    “Had smoked salmon. Prefer sea eggs.”


    Moi aussi!

    How about calling the now ‘rare’ sea eggs the Bajan ‘Caviar’?

    Might be able to ‘market’ it as a well sought-after culinary dish to the tourists staying at the coming ‘Carlisle’ Hyatt as Caviar à la Barbade on the Bay?

  52. RE • Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV June 24, 2020 11:28 AM

    He says that Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman they would be saying the same thing. These folks were republicans not democrats they believed in freedom not freedom for some. They would not give up their freedom to go back to the chains of the plantations as in the democrat party with their welfare dependency thinking. Here he is showing that he knows what these great people would be thinking and that they would agree with him, he is really trying to co-opt them to say they would think like him. We have many writings of those leaders and they would not agree with him. Read their words yourself. These people, some lived during the time of slavery not now where people pretend that every imagine slight is racism and when you can’t find any, then they must be racism so let’s look at micro racism.

    Now we Bajans must pay attention to “ Disgusting Lies and Propaganda” and what he has said we all have an idea of what he has said but this is what he is really saying. What your skin colour is does not matter it is how you think that matters he wants people to think black, it is a religion with him, your beliefs are what he wants to control but his name of the religion is “black thinking” and he is defining it. All people must conform to his thinking or you ain’t black.

    The hall marks of perfect Marxist indoctrination of “do what we say or away with you.” The opposite of freedom yet he wants to tell you that the people like Fredrick Douglas would agree with him. This person is delusional he wants you to look at a black person and say he ani’t black or look at a white person and say he ani’t white the ultimate in deception and trying to sound virtuously. He is saying that what is man is inside is what counts as MLK said do not judge a man but the colour of his skin but what is his character and that is true and that is how God sees us by what we are inside. This man’s religion offers no independent thinking you must believe what we say it is, is.

    His name tell a lot about the person he has branded himself as “ Disgusting Lies and Propaganda” that is what he represents Lies, Deception, Propaganda, etc. What is inside of this man is scary he could not be a person he is something other than that. At the end of his diatribe he says trust him. TRUST HIM?! He is the Epitome of Deception, Backward Thinking, Lying and wants Control over any thinking person.

    Divide & Conquer is the Mantra of Leftism!


  53. OFFICERS from the US police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law-enforcement officers.

    Mr Floyd’s death in custody last Monday, the latest in a succession of police killings of African Americans, has sparked continuing protests and rioting in US cities.

    At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by the Israeli consulate in Chicago, the second time such an event had been held.

    There they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli forces as they terrorise the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations.

    The so-called counterterrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI.

    Israeli deputy consul Shahar Arieli claimed that the half-day session brought “top-notch professionals from the Israeli police” to share knowledge with their US counterparts.

    It is unclear whether any of the officers involved in the incident in which Mr Floyd was killed attended the conference.

    But in a chilling testimony, a Palestinian rights activist said that when she saw the image of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck, she was reminded of the Israeli forces’ policing of the occupied territories.

    Neta Golan, the co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said: “When I saw the picture of killer cop Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd by leaning in on his neck with his knee as he cried for help and other cops watched, I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006.

    “They started twisting and breaking fingers in a particular way around the same time. It was clear they had undergone training for this. They continue to use these tactics — two of my friends have had their necks broken but luckily survived — and it is clear that they [Israel] share these methods when they train police forces abroad in ‘crowd control’ in the US and other countries including Sudan and Brazil.”

    The training of US police officials by Israeli forces is widespread.

    Even Amnesty was compelled to report that hundreds of police from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state and Washington DC had been flown to Israeli for training.

    Thousands more have been trained by Israeli forces who have come to the US to host similar events to the one held in Minneapolis. According to the somewhat selective rights organisation, many of these trips are taxpayer-funded, while others are privately funded.

    Since 2002 the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), it said.

    The Minneapolis Police Department was contacted for comment.

  54. @ Foolish CryBaby it is “good” that put forward your “interpretation” of my previous submission. It is somewhat flawed….well it was totally & ridiculously flawed (I was trying to be generous). Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, Blacks from then on became “Republican”. What everyone should know is how that same Republican Party employed the “Southern Strategy” in the 1960s &1970s to attract the rank racists from the Democrats (in the Southern USA) and threw the Blacks “under the bus”!!!!!!!
    I’m assuming that you are a Trump supporter. I COULD be wrong but who cares…I have read some more of the same comic books that Trump and his Attorney General “buddy” reads when they devise plans to corrupt the application of “justice” in the USA. I have devised another business plan strictly aimed at the WHITE supporters and the BLACK SKINNED, WHITE SUPPORTERS of Trump worldwide, regardless of if they are Republican (or Democrat), conservative (or liberal which would be highly unlikely). I told myself, those supporters have a unique level of intelligence and a “special” twisted application of using “logic” that is worth celebrating. I propose the Trump Dunce Cap aka the Trump “Academic” Cap!!!!!. It would be in the shape of the typical dunce cap, but to add that special touch, I would add a little Confederate flag sticking out at the top!!!!!!!I . I think a long lasting memoir is in order to acknowledge Trump’s “genius”. For those that can’t afford a genuine one, a replica can be made out of toilet paper so that when someone wants to do a #2 they have the added “convenience” of blessing the cap even further!!!!!I I know SOME of his supporters already have a special, unhealthy liking for pointy caps, it wont be such a HARD SELL!!!!!!!!

  55. This ugly nastiness is still very alive and well in US in the 21st century. I have heard about these sundown towns and thought there were only a few, but no, there are over a thousand of them around the land…some really evil shit and the scum for black leaders in Barbados are still allowing dirty minorities to practice racism and apartheid against the majority population and that is only when they are not stealing all from the treasury and pension fund.

    “La Rae
    2 hrs
    I randomly came across this picture on Facebook which shows a sign in Mississippi ridiculed in bullets reading “Whites Only Within City Limits After Dark.” It is shocking and left such an uneasy feeling in my stomach and distasteful expression on my face. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing was true so I began to further investigate. What I discovered was that there are NUMEROUS towns which are designated specifically to offer servicing ONLY to White Americans and it has been this way for centuries. They are referred too as “Sundown Towns” or Gray Towns. The unspoken but prominent law of these towns is that no person of color should be found within their city limits by time the sun sets. All things concerning with and pertaining to Sundown Towns were made by, protected by and upheld by White Americans! Signs plastered throughout businesses found within these towns often said ANNA “Ain’t No Niggers Allowed” or NAPA “No African People Allowed”. Sirens, usually located on water towers or windmills sounded right before 6pm (typical sunset time) alarming every person who was not WHITE to leave the town lines immediately or else. If they failed to do so before the sun set then they could face heinous consequences such as indefinite incarceration, torture and most commonly death by lynchings.
    Famous historian and author James Loewen published the book “Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism”, revealing some eye opening facts about White America. With the research I have collected about so far, there are about 1,553 Sundown Towns still existing to this day … yes even in 2020 these isolated communities do exist and I want everyone to keep that in mind!! I say that to say this, 5 African American men where recently lynched across the U.S. within the past week or so and it should be raising endless questions. They cannot all be just ruled as suicides, especially with all the current race tension & provoking that is going on across America. Please be mindful traveling alone at all times, be aware of your surroundings and just do your research people!!”

  56. Progress….MN disbands its police…changes,


    T”he Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a proposal to change the city charter to allow the police department to be dismantled, following mass public criticism of law enforcement over the killing of George Floyd.

    The 12-0 vote is just the first step in a process that faces significant bureaucratic obstacles to make the November ballot, where the city’s voters would have the final say. “


    Tsunami Wave is waning again and White Narratives are subliminally sneaking back into media & public discourse again

    When people die you should spend 49 days blessing and honouring them before their soul or spirit is judged in heaven

  58. Don’t worry, 555! We are getting bolder even here in Barbados . Read the nation online. The EU is getting a serious thrashing and even the BPSA is singing a new song.

    Finally the conversation has started. I don’t see how it can be stopped now.

    Our political leaders better clean up their act. We will not be accepting their participation in business as usual!

  59. @ Donna
    The money boy is not as bold as those in BD check him out putting a link up and running away
    whites were intermediaries agents and end consumers in the slave trade, breeding and infamy
    a curse on humanity for real

  60. Wuh money boy wuh! Both he and Trump exaggerate their net worth. PLT outted him just as Trump will soon be outted. The tell is how much they boast.

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