Coronavirus Outbreak – Is Barbados Becoming a Satellite of China?

This submission is timely with the Coronavirus in China. Nine million Chines in one region have been asked to evacuate. How worried should Barbados be about the virus? The blogmaster exercised license by inserting ‘Coronavirus’ in the title.
David, blogmaster

Submitted from and email addressee ‘is time to wake up’.

Today I listen to BBC and its report on the horrific conditions of Muslims in China who in large numbers are kidnapped , tortured and having their human rights violated.  I did an online investigation and talked to the few Chinese I know, to see if it is true. All reports independent of the oppressive government indicate that the government run Nazi type totalitarian concentration camps are true.  The Chinese in Barbados refuse to talk publically for fear of retribution but some outside of Barbados are talking up.  The current government of China does not want a society that is inclusive and have independent thought. Caribbean governments and people who benefit financially from the Chinese government turn a blind eye to the violation of human rights.

China’s Communist party is intensifying religious persecution as Christianity’s popularity grows. A new state translation of the Bible will establish a ‘correct understanding’ of the text. While China hasn’t established concentration camps for Christians as it has done for Muslims, it has harassed Christian congregations, closed and destroyed churches.

A previous Guyanese Ambassador to China secretly held Christian services in his embassy in Beijing. Do your own investigation in Guyana!  The Barbados previous ambassador to China in Beijing, had issue with the lack of rights to worship in the Christian faith as well as the smog in Beijing but he strongly coerced (ordered) by the Chinese to be the Barbadian Ambassador.  He did not want to be there.  Is Barbados a “Satellite of none” as Right Honorable Errol Barrow said  or  just willing to turn the blind eye to atrocities and doing anything for handouts. Do your own investigation in Barbados!



149 thoughts on “Coronavirus Outbreak – Is Barbados Becoming a Satellite of China?

  1. @ Silly Woman January 29, 2020 4:34 PM
    “Only in the Miller’s fervid imagination would a pilosa and a primate mate.”

    So how do you explain the ‘talking’ serpent ‘beguiling’ the virginal Eve? Didn’t the evil Cain turn up on the scene 9 months after that snaky encounter?

    According to your book of fairy tales, there is no way black people could be walking the Earth unless the white Adam had his way with some kind of ‘foreign’ animal.

    What could that have been other than a female gorilla hiding in the garden.

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    The new coronavirus has spread across China and to at least 16 countries globally
    The “whole world needs to be on alert” to fight the coronavirus, the head of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme has said.
    Dr Mike Ryan praised China’s response to the deadly outbreak, saying: “The challenge is great but the response has been massive.”
    The WHO will meet on Thursday to discuss whether the virus constitutes a global health emergency.
    The Chinese city of Wuhan is the epicentre of the outbreak.
    But the virus has spread across China and to at least 16 countries globally, including Thailand, France, the US and Australia.
    More than 130 people have died in China and close to 6,000 have been infected.
    There is no specific cure or vaccine. A number of people have recovered after treatment, however.
    The WHO’s Dr Ryan said an international team of experts was being assembled to go to China and work with experts there to learn more about how the disease is transmitted.
    “We are at an important juncture in this event. We believe these chains of transmission can still be interrupted,” he said.
    Scientists in Australia have managed to recreate the new coronavirus outside of China, raising hope that it could be used to develop an early-diagnosis test.

  3. More deaths in China from coronavirus and international businesses are closing down temporarily. Play it cool Barbados, while the rest of the world goes in to overdrive.
    Years ago the Enmore was used for something totally different to quarantining coronavirus victims..

    • Are you aware the capacity of the retrofitted Isolation Unit at Enmore? Are you aware this facility was contructed when we had the Ebolo scare a few years ago? Sit at a computer and imagine that the locals – who are ignorant by your definition – are not doing their best to deal with the situation.

  4. @Miller January 29, 2020 6:06 PM “white Adam”

    How could Adam be white? He was walking around in all his beautifully naked glory, not so? One can only walk around naked if one is living close to the Equator. Equatorial people are all black, in most cases very, very black, so I have always assumed that Adam was a big beautiful, naked very black man.

    Somewhat like you, you escapee from our wonderful tropics.


  5. Perhaps we should all run around setting our hair on fire?

    Of course, then we would DEFINITELY die and far more painfully.

    I choose to take sensible precautions and leave the authorities to save their own lives and even if as an unintended consequence, mine.

    Worrying about dying all day most likely depresses the immune system and hastens death which, I am sorry to have to tell you, comes to us all anyhow.

    You guys are, to quote GP, “providing me with much mirth”.

    But thanks because I hear laughter is the best medicine!

  6. I agree with silly woman it’s not like a white guy to give up the garden of eden for beaver fever although there are exceptions like Harry

  7. @ Hal Austin January 29, 2020 3:25 PM “The WHO has said every country should be on alert and it is due to meet tomorrow to decide if it merits a global public health warning. In other words it is serious. But, of course, world class Barbados is punching above its weight. We are right in our apathy, the rest of the world is wrong. What do ordinary people do if they think they have symptoms? ”

    Hope that the NHS has 1,300 to 1,400 extra hospital beds ready, that is about 20 beds per million of population

  8. WHO has declared a global alert. What do we do now? Is there going to be a revised projection of the economy in light of this shock?

    • Will Barbadians avoid losing love ones?

      Will a vaccine be approved for humans by early summer as projected?

  9. MONTREAL — Air Canada is halting all direct flights to China following the federal government’s advisory to avoid non-essential travel to the mainland due to the coronavirus epidemic. The suspension is effective Thursday and slated to last until Feb. 29, Air Canada said

  10. “Barbadians can be reassured the Ministry of Health and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital are prepared for any eventuality. We are watching the international [news], we are having briefings and discussions

  11. How are we modelling our preparations. What are our epidemiologists saying? What precautionary measures are w taking?

  12. getting crazy out there just becaue I decide that I will not eat at a Chinese restaurant until we get a better grip on what is going on again somehow I am racist. What nonsense .I love Asian food , find Asian women sexy but because now I want to take a moment to see what is going on I am a racist This is the thing that really pssies off pretty open minded people

  13. Oh dear. There goes our tourism. Has the president got a plan B?

    Matt Hancock says quarantining whole cities would have ‘huge economic and social downside’
    Coronavirus outbreak could force UK to shut down entire cities, health secretary admits
    ‘We don’t take anything off the table at this stage,’ says Matt Hancock.
    The government is refusing to rule out placing entire cities on lockdown if the UK experiences a widespread coronavirus outbreak, according to the health secretary.
    Matt Hancock said he would not take anything “off the table at this stage” when asked about a Wuhan-style quarantine by BBC’s Andrew Marr on Sunday.(Quote)

  14. The UK government is considering all options from closing schools to isolating entire cities if the outbreak of the coronavirus continues to escalate, Matt Hancock has said.
    The health secretary confirmed on Sunday that ministers would this week publish a plan to explain how they may tackle Covid-19 if it becomes a pandemic. This could include banning large gatherings of people at sporting events or concerts, he said.
    “Under the worst case scenario we would have to take some quite significant actions that would have social and economic disruption,” he told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show. “It may be necessary to close some schools and other population distancing measures.”
    Asked if the government might follow the Chinese strategy of isolating individual cities with large outbreaks, he said: “There’s clearly a huge economic and social downside to that but we don’t take anything off the table at this stage because you have got to make sure you have all the tools available if necessary.”(Quote)

  15. Government is in a very tough position. I believe they have made a right call so far. However, we have to wait and see if they are right or wrong.

    Let’s hope the winning streak continued, as, at this time, all (including governments officials and their critics) are playing a guessing game.

    I cannot see the value of the criticisms.

  16. I was expecting the statement of PDP Weatherhead to draw comments from several direction.

    I was surprised to see that some Bajans were in full support of having a three-compartment legal system…them, us and tourists.

    A next ridiculous idea floated out there – being taken seriously by some.

    Someone needs to point out that being a third class citizen is worse than being a second class citizen.

  17. Not many comments of Weatherhead’s/PDP statement because it is so silly. And in any event that party has no hope of being the government anytime soon. If a person shoots and disables another person, once the shooter is caught, brought to trial, and if convicted they will get a pretty serious term of imprisonment because disabling another human being is a pretty serious offense only a slight step down from murder and it does not matter if that person is a local or a tourist, they deserve a serious term of imprisonment for causing grievous bodily harm.

    So yes a foolish statement from that party.

  18. But it is worthy of further exploration. We cannot allow ideas to be floated out there and then hAve the drawbridge pulled up to cutoff discussion.

    There are some painful questions that need to be asked:

    When he says tourists does this mean ‘all tourists ‘ or a segment of that group?

    Do Barbadians treat all tourists in the same manner? Will the police diligently investigate complaints from all tourists sources?

    What metric will be applied so that at some time investigations into the complaints of a local victim trump those of a tourist who is a victim.

    I did not care for GP2 Monday’s sermon as I am not a ‘religious’ person and the documents on his website can be cleaned up prior to 2023.

    But if this blunder is any indication of the hidden and secret thoughts of the PDP members, then I am afraid.

  19. @Silly WomAn
    What goes through your mind when the words of a local criminal are in ‘Bajan English’
    Lower class

  20. Let us say that I have a twin sister who left Barbados in1970, while I remained at home Let us say that my sister visited Barbados 5 times in those 50 years for 2 weeks each, so she is a tourist. She has been shot.

    Let us say that I have worked and paid income tax, property tax and VAT in Barbados for most of that time. Sttill paying income tax because I did well in the private sector. Let us say that i looked after our elderly parents in their declining years so that they did not become a burden on the state. Let us say that i even looked after my sister’s daughter for a few years while she was going through martial difficulties.

    Ler us say that we are playing Scrabble n my verandah and we are both shot and disabled.

    Help me to understand how is the life or health of one of us more valuable than the other?

  21. @TheOGazerts March 1, 2020 11:23 AM “@Silly WomAn What goes through your mind when the words of a local criminal are in ‘Bajan English’ Sympathy Guilty Uneducated Lower class”

    Maybe none of the above.

    Confession: I studied English at the tertiary level.

  22. “Someone needs to point out that being a third class citizen is worse than being a second class citizen.”

    It is worse when you are a third class citizen in your own country, and puts us second class citizens in foreign lands a rung above. At least the law here is the same for all.

  23. Confession: Rural working class gal. Multilingual in Bajan English, Standard English (whatever that is) Canadian English and American English. Not in Birmingham English though. No problems with London English, but once I went to Birmingham and I found the language to be completely unintelligible.

    I expect that the reporters use Bajan English in court reports because the accused and sometimes the judicial officials speak in Bajan English. The truth is in every country of the world lower class people/poor people are over policed and more likely to come to the attention of the criminal justice system.

    Upper and middle class people don’t like working class people very much. They think that we are always looking to tie’f their “marbles”

    So the answer to your question I don’t have a problem with nor do I put much weight on court reports in Bajan English. All Bajans understand Bajan English, and most or all of us speak it from time to time.

  24. Your 11:38a.m. message tells me that you did not get my insinuations.

    I suspect that your ‘twin’ would be treated the same way that you are treated.

  25. Again, at 11:47, we were on a different wavelength.

    Indeed you may be a great person, but others are not as generous as you are. That method of reporting is to drive a wedge between criminals and the fine people of society who boast of their alma mater and literacy rates. It is class warfare.

  26. Have you noticed how the coronavirus crisis has brought out the arrogance in scientists? Anyone having the audacity to question science is deemed to be the new devils; science is the secular religion. Nonsense. Science must defend its arguments the same way any other discipline has to.
    The reality is that what we are witnessing is western scientific colonisation. All forms of tradition science are marginalised in order that men and woman in white coats can rule as the modern priests and priestesses.

  27. Jamaica Observer

    Dominican Republic reports first case of new virus
    Sunday, March 01, 2020

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Health officials in the Dominican Republic on Sunday reported the first confirmed case of the new coronavirus in the tourist-rich Caribbean, while British cruise ship passengers who had been trapped at sea due to virus fears were finally set to come home.

    Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas said a 62-year-old Italian man had arrived in the country on February 22 without showing symptoms. He was being treated in isolation at a military hospital and “has not shown serious complications.”

    The announcement came shortly before the Braemar cruise ship that had been denied entry to the Dominican Republic due to the virus fears at last found a place to dock — the Dutch territory of St. Maarten.

    Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines said Sunday that two chartered airliners would carry passengers back to Britain. Other passengers, who had been scheduled to board the vessel on Friday in the Dominican Republic, were being flown to St. Maarten to embark there.

    Dominican officials had barred the ship due to reports that a few of those aboard had a flu-like illness, but the cruise line said none had symptoms consistent with the new virus.

    It was one of at least three cruise ships turned away from Caribbean ports over the past week due to concerns over possible viral infections, though no passengers on any of the ships has been confirmed to have the disease.

    The broader Latin America region has reported several other cases of the COVID-19 illness since midweek. Mexico has reported four cases, Brazil two and Ecuador one, all involving people who had travelled recently to Europe

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