Tis the Time to Keep Hope Alive

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
Emily Dickinson

Country Barbados has endured tough social and economic times of late. What resonates with this blogmaster amidst the cacophony experienced anyway of the week  in the Barbados Underground is that one should never lose hope.

If human beings do not cling to hope, if there is no expectation that we can contribute to make tomorrow a better day – the logical result is chaos. Sensible human beings must therefore NEVER let go of the belief hope springs eternal. Every person populating the BU family must do all they can muster to add value to the space they influence. Thus leaving the world a better place.

On behalf of the BU household the blogmaster extends best wishes of the season to all members of the BU family and friends.



67 thoughts on “Tis the Time to Keep Hope Alive

  1. “For Thy Name’s Sake”….. Remembering the Gift of Christmas
    By Dr. Gregory Young who Lived and went to School in Barbados in his growing up years…


    In this Christmas Season we remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Most people have come to know the story of his birth and purpose here, how he was born in a manager in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago as the Lamb of God. He was to atone for the sins of mankind, bring about the resurrection for all, while respecting our free agency by offering “salvation,” but only to those who accept His Gospel and take upon His Name, becoming as a little child by following His Commandments and enduring until the end.

    Each generation of man chooses to learn of this blessing, chooses to accept this reality or deny it. Each has the freedom to believe and follow what they wish. For committed Judeo-Christians of all faiths, the reality of the Gospel message is no longer disputed, but accepted, seeing how all of us are sinners with the consummate need for someone who has the power and authority to save us from our sins, knowing that we cannot do this all by ourselves. It is “to us” that this child, even the Son of the Father, is born and remembered. We are humbled by this event, brought to see that no matter our own efforts; we cannot atone for our own sins, nor can be perfected or “saved by our own merits or good works,” for these events need an Eternal Intervention, a Grand Sacrifice, and a literal propitiation for our individual sins.

    For us who believe and are faithful in Jesus Christ, Christmas is indeed a special time to celebrate. Special because of the beneficence and generosity of God in giving us His Heavenly Gift of personal redemption, eternal life and happiness. All the Christmas Trees, all their garlands and ornaments, the family festivities and gatherings, the presents and legacies of gift giving and receiving, represent the abundance of God’s Gifts and Gospel Message to all mankind…. “Peace on earth, Good will to men.” Truly, it is a harmonious celebration of Thanksgiving, Service, Love and Reflections of Gratitude to God and others.

  2. May the Spirit of CHRISTmas Always be with you…He is the Light of the World, Truly the Kingdom of Heaven is Within!

    As we grow within the Gospel of Christ, for those who have taken upon themselves the task of “listening and seeing,” we begin to learn that everything of Him in life is reflective of the Goodness of God, how all Goodness blessed in our lives comes from Christ, and how exacting and wonderfully personal the Goodness of God really is. Especially when compared and contrasted with all that is dark….

    Moreover, we learn that a portion of His Goodness, of His Spirit, of His Light and His Name, is actually given to us when we are born into this world by His Hand. Truly, given to each of us was our own personal portion of that “Joy to the World,” given to especially comfort each and everyone of us while sojourning upon this earth. Through such a sacred inheritance being place within us, we became his children, sharing a kinship of His Blessed Spirit as long as we choose to be obediently close to His Voice.

    This Gift of God given to us enables us to bear a true likeness, a kinship, a spiritual commonality with Him, even with our Creator, our Heavenly Father. It is a Gift of deepening and growing conscience, of enlightened instructions given to each individually, so that we could each intimately recognize and enjoy a special portion of His Light and Presence, a Gift duly organized from the foundation of the Creation to never leave us alone.

    So, indeed, we remember Christmas not only for the real event and atoning purpose that brought the Son of God into our world over 2,000 years ago, but also the reality today that upon our very birth, a portion of this Light of God was given to each of us, as a special “present” from Him to us. This Gift of His Spirit, even the Spirit of Christ, is a gift of Guidance, and was received and endowed upon us the moment we took our first breath, given to comfort us and make plain (through the awakening of our conscience) the Truth of all things. It was meant to guide us through this lifetime, beckoning us always into His Light in order to learn how to make the right decisions in life and to deliver us from all evil. But, as we learned, this Gift would only awaken and remain with us upon us accepting and obeying the faithful resonations of His Name within us (see John 3:19).


  3. To the Prophets of the Scriptures, the blessing of being given a portion of His Spirit was well known and revered years before His actual coming, spoken about and taught from one generation to another as a portending of His Great Atoning Sacrifice to take place in the meridian of time, which power of redemption offered “salvation” to all mankind…, but again, conditional upon our acceptance of His Gospel.

    So, it’s fitting and right that especially during this sacred season of Christmas, we remind ourselves of this Great Truth, namely that without His coming into the World, we would not and could not have been given His Name within us. And without our actively receiving His First Gift to us (that which binds us to Him), made just and right through His Personal Atonement for us, we would have no hope for salvation, no hope for eternal life and happiness, no hope to be brought back into His Everlasting Presence.

    So lifted by the revelations and teachings of God given to them, the Prophets have consistently and courageously proclaimed that though we are only of the dust of the earth, “fallen man” was still a temporal vessel singularly imbued by the very sacred portion of His Spirit within us. This special “joining” gave us a unique but conditional status with Heaven…., by which, from which and in which we were commanded to pray for all things that are Good, worshipping the Lord our God with our whole heart, mind and strength. Indeed, the ancient Prophets consistently taught that the man who revered this reality would be blessed by the Almighty, and those that chose to rebel against this God-given affinity within us would be cursed and damned, truly foretelling in yet another way the Christmas story to come.

    As the Prophets wrote for all of Israel and the world, it is for “Thy Name’s sake” within us that we may find worthiness to approach the Almighty, for it is the finest thing that we have to carry with us throughout life. Indeed, it is in the portion of “His Name” within us, giving us our every breath, that we are commanded to call upon the Lord. Without acknowledging this relationship, our efforts will likely fail. In other words, this means that the reason our prayers may be heard and answered is wholly to do with the reality that we have embraced His Spirit, allowing it to reside hospitably and welcoming within us. In so doing we represent that in our “Inn,” there is always room for Him, and the best of rooms for sure!


  4. So it is written throughout the Scriptures that when we pray, we pray first to be heard because of and for “Thy Names Sake.” In other words, by ourselves we humbly acknowledge that we by ourselves are nothing, for without Him, we have no special standing before God. But because we have received the Gift of His Spirit, of His Name and Mark within us, by and through His generous Hand, we then may confidently call upon Heaven to be delivered, especially for “Thy Name’s Sake.”

    Because His Name is a Light unto us, even a Teacher and Comforter, we have learned to embrace all that He Commands, “turning us upon the wheel” as a clay vessel within His Hands, becoming a work of God worth saving. Thus we ask and plead for His Consideration…, first for “His Name’s sake,” and then for our own reconciliation next. Saving this order of preferences within our heart and mind, the promises He has given us are made sure. Try as we might, otherwise, without this connection being vital and alive within us, we cannot be fruitful. Through such humbling priorities, we finally may learn to serve Him correctly, learning that without Him and His Gift within us, our betterment would never come about, nor would we then be made capable of letting His Light so joyously shine within us and before all men.

    As it is written and confirmed over and over again:

    Psalm 109:21-26 21 But do thou for me, O GOD the Lord, for thy name’s sake: because thy mercy is good, deliver thou me. 22 For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me. 23 I am gone like the shadow when it declineth: I am tossed up and down as the locust. 24 My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness. 25 I became also a reproach unto them: when they looked upon me they shaked their heads. 26 Help me, O LORD my God: O save me according to thy mercy:

    Jeremiah 14:7-9 7 O LORD, though our iniquities testify against us, do thou it for thy name’s sake: for our backslidings are many; we have sinned against thee. 8 O the hope of Israel, the saviour thereof in time of trouble, why shouldest thou be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turneth aside to tarry for a night? 9 Why shouldest thou be as a man astonied, as a mighty man that cannot save? yet thou, O LORD, art in the midst of us, and we are called by thy name; leave us not.

    Psalm 143:11 11 Quicken me, O LORD, for thy name’s sake: for thy righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.

    Psalm 25:11-14 11 For thy name’s sake, O LORD, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great. 12 What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose. 13 His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth. 14 The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.


  5. So it is that we learn to plead to Him for “Thy Names Sake”… so that His Name within us will not be lost to us but first work to Glorify God…, and then thereafter for our everlasting joy. Indeed, we pray: “For Thy Name’s Sake,” save this humble vessel that carries Thy Light, making us too a further reflection of the Light come unto the world, that Thy Will may be done within us and through us; that Thy Joy given to us may be spread to all men on earth, bringing peace and prosperity to all that listen. Please dear Lord, we pray that we, the vessels of thy Light, will not be forsaken or forgotten…”

    In such a prayer (which interestingly mirrors the simplicity and strength of the Prayer of Jabez, (see Chapter 8, The Winds of Forgiveness), we acknowledge that it is through and by His Name within us that we have come to taste of His Goodness, of His Mercy and Righteousness. By the ruminations and directions from His Spirit, we have come to see that Heaven’s ways are indeed far, far above our own ways, and always better than what we could ever imagined by ourselves. By such Grace, we are given to know His Goodness, learning that it is incontrovertibly preferred above all else.

    We thereby learn to acknowledge that His Way is above all men everywhere; that His Peace is the only real peace, that His Life is the only real life to desire, that from obedience to His Law comes the only righteous government of men, and that His Manner and Character is what we desire to be an everlasting part of us.

    It does not serve us well, then, if when we pray, that we forget this special relationship…, forgetting that this Purity of Christ, though given to us as a blessing, becomes abandoned, demeaned by our ego-centricities to not be of God…, for it cannot be redefined or held as springing from ourselves naturally (see Romans 1:16-23). Indeed, we had nothing to do with its Creation and Wonder. Though we may and should hope for such singularity, at this time, the portion of His Spirit is and remains His. He owns it. We don’t. Only He made the sacrifice for it to be given to us. So then, only to Him will it fairly and justly return, and with it all that becomes “His.”
    “His Name” only remains with us if we prove faithful to its ruminations within us, capable then of changing us and remaking us after His Name’s Express Image. How much we allow Him to so influence us for our betterment is entirely dependent on how diligent we are in listening to His Voice. But our life here is only temporary, and thus the Lord’s Spirit will not always strive with man (see Gen. 6:3). We who willfully, deliberately and frowardly (i.e., habitual disobedience) choose not to so be changed after the order and power of His Name within us, will then necessarily be forsaken. For indeed, thereafter He will then declare that He never knew us (see Matthew 7: 21 & page 562, The Winds of Forgiveness).

    Thus we pray that for Thy Name’s Sake within us, for the sake of His Goodness that He has lent us and that dwells within us without reproach, to be delivered from all evil and all sin. Even for Thy Mercy’s Sake (which is the same thing!), let Thy Name so shine within us and be our Light for evermore. For from this Seed of His Goodness within us, this Seed of Light that has come into individually into the world when we drew our first breath, we are made to change into His Image throughout our journey here upon this earth, being made ever-after the order of His Goodly Intention…, even children of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

    Accordingly, let this Christmas be the time of remembering His Great Gift to us, even that portion of His Spirit gifted to us and empowered through His Ultimate Sacrifice. In this manner the Offer of His Eternal Joy and Presence was sealed and promised to be made a part of us forever and ever. In the giving and receiving of each gift this season, let us pray that we remember this Blessed First Gift we first received from the First Fruit of the resurrection, even Jesus Christ Himself. For God’s Joy is what we desire for all….. Indeed, God has blessed us, everyone…, and a Merry Christmas to all! Amen and Amen!



  6. in the spirit of giving and keeping hope alive sometimes we fail to understand the meaning of unity the ties that bind which forces each of us to look within ourselves and asked the question how can we make this world a better
    Merry Xmas All

  7. Be on guard against discouragement and lack of trust. Strive to do well all that you do, but do this with respect for your humanity, without striving for an impossible perfection, focusing simply on the day at hand. Remember that “the just man falls seven times a day,” and so you will find blessing in beginning not only every day, but every hour

    Charlie Mckinney.



    By Freedom Crier Dec 2017…Happy CHRITmas to All…


    REMEMBER to Share Inspiration so Generously Imparted to you.

    REMEMBER His Providence and Generosity and in All Ways Acknowledge Him.

    REMEMBER Trust in the Living God, who Gives us Richly all Things to Enjoy; and be Faithful in Thought, Word & Deed…

    REMEMBER to Develop Trust and Loyalty with others by the Good Deeds Done that your Father in Heaven may be Glorified as all Goodness is of Him.

    REMEMBER to Write and Share your Story’s in Testimony that He Is The Way, The Truth and The Life and that the Only way to the Father is because of His Infinite Mercy!

    REMEMBER to Be Sure & Steadfast in the things you Believe to be True that we may not be Swept Away when the Storms of Adversity comes.

    Remember that Adversity Doesn’t Walk Alone, He Brings With Him Knowledge, Truth, Clarity & Humility, Remember to Look for the OTHERS when we Feel Adversity.

    REMEMBER to Pray Always that the Enemy may have no hold upon you… that Anger be replaced with Gentility of Spirit that we may Overcome All our Weaknesses.

    REMEMBER to Mend a Quarrel and Learn to Forgive that we may be Forgiven …

    REMEMBER to Be Kind and Express Gratitude for the Many Blessings Both Seen & Unseen.

    REMEMBER to Speak your Love and Speak it Again.

    REMEMBER to Bear an Open Mind and Heart the Key to Knowledge and Understanding that when Applied leads to Wisdom!

    REMEMBER to Take Pleasure in the Beauty and Wonder of the Earth that is Created to bring Joy and to Gladden the Heart.

    REMEMBER The Greatest Gift of All ‘Charity’ for this is the Pure Love of God that He Who Gave of Himself Gave All!

    REMEMBER to follow the example He has set before us with those Gifts Bestowed upon his Children.

    And May We “REMEMBER, the Greatest Gift of All…
    “The Spirit of CHRISTmas Is With Us Always”.



  9. And now that the Day When We Celebrate The Birth of the Birth of Our Lord has past and bother the devoted AND THE PRETENDERS HAVE EXCHANGED either GENUINE, CORDIAL or PRETENTIOUS GREETINGS, we can revert to our real selves.

    Patriot definition, a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

    De ole man puts this to all of you.

    Barbados has many people OF WHOM some are bajans OF WHOM some are people and sheeple

    But, WITHIN ITS POPULATION, a few are patriots.

    There are not many people in this subset EVEN THOUGH MANY CLAIM TO BE!

    De ole man jes find out dis

    “…the word “patriot” had a negative connotation and was used as a negative epithet for “a factious disturber of the government”, according to Samuel Johnson…”

    Imagine that!

    A word that has such high regard today previously referred to seditionists and people guilty of Treason.

    When de ole man calls Mugabe Mottley a despot and dictator, some people believe that I do so out of hatred or some sort of purposed and paid service to another country or some personal vendetta.

    Mottley IS OF NO IMPORT TO ME in her single existence, she is BUT DUST, AS IS FUMBLES, AS IS STINKLIAR but Mugabe is of concern to me.

    She, like Skerritt, and Gonzales, and the Maduros of this world, represent a cancerous disease WHICH DESTROYS THE HOST, in this case the Nation of Barbados

    It, this Mugabe cancer, for a short while, mimics a useful appendage, but, BECAUSE OF WHAT IT IS, kills its host.

    Most people see darkly with their eyes, but few see with their souls WHICH CANNOT BE DECEIVED!

    “…5 But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,

    2 And kept back part of the price, his wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain part, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

    3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?…”

    I, Piece the Legend, make no apology for what I HAVE SEEN!

    Mugabe Amin Mottley IS WHAT SHE IS, and like any other despot and Dictator CANNOT BE CHANGED!

    This IS NOT ABOUT A BLACK LEADER EMPOWERING A MAJORITY OF HER PEOPLE this is about an individual WHOM A SINGLE FORMER PRIME MINISTER OWEN ARTHUR permitted to pass by while he was on guard.

    This is about a SCOURGE that hates what she is AND NO AMOUNT OF TRYING TO APPEASE DADDY BY MEKKING HIM A KNIGHT will change that hatred of self.

    So all this masquerade IS SELF AGRANDISEMENT and has no authorship in nor affinity to patriotism.

    People who watch all of these moves conducted under the guise of a National Development Plan, will slowly recognize that this facade is EGOTISM & NEPOTISM

    Mugabe does not give one flying badword about Nation and Country SHE ALL BOUT SHE 357 POUND TUB OF LARD SELF!

    And once the nation awakens to this reality, then maybe, there will be recovery BUT UNTIL THEN, EXPECT DEATH & MAYHEM.

    (For there to be a diminution in one area, it MUST HAVE AN INCREASE IN THE OTHER AREA!)

  10. And while we are on this falsified subject of the Jesse Jackson rehashed message “KEEP HOPE ALIVE ” why you Honourable Blogmaster dont stop playing lip service by these platitudes?

    If you were serious about “KEEPING HOPE ALIVE!” would it not be a true representation of that “HOPE” if you were at least to feature just ONE ARTICLE ON CASSWELL FRANKLYN’S robbery experience?

    You putting up blogs bout here bout Donald Trump WHO DOES NOT GIVE ONE #### ABOUT BARBADOS 500 blogs

    You putting up blogs here about Boris Johnson who is equally disinterested in Barbados 300 blogs

    But, WHEN IT COMES TO A SIMPLE INVESTMENT, in Barbados’ HOPE, you abdicate your WordSong Position like the spineless creature you are

  11. Very well put Piece.

    lawd…the very well put was meant for the article above, i only just read your second one to Blogmaster.

  12. Thank you WARU

    Here is what a google search result shows


    “…Barbados’ Renown Unionist and Senator Caswell Franklyn was robbed at gunpoint 4 days ago but the Barbados Government is suppressing this news because it will affect the country’s Travel Advisory Rating during the We Gathering fiasco next year

    If wunna doubt de ole man, do a Search for “Barbados Senator Franklyn robbed” in Google and you will see for yourself.

    THERE IS NO RECORD OF THIS, barring another senator, Maxine McClean being robbed in 2013!

    The fact is that they are suppressing this news WARU so you and other Bajan Patriots, do your thing AND SHARE THE IMGUR LINK.

    Imagine that you send out robbers to Frighten a duly elected Senator, of Barbados’ only opposition AT GUNPOINT, a threat that say “WHEREVER YOU GO IN BARBADOS, WE WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU” and now you suppress this news?

  13. As many are finally realizing that the cancerous blob of greedy, deceitful government ministers/lawyers and politicians who have no respect for and who make it a career to insult and rob black people after the same people ELLECT THEM…must be EXCISED from the landscape.

    This demonic grab to steal everything from their people, to make sure their people are always left as paupers, always struggling in poverty, to promote and enrich their own world scams here and there, has to end.

    imagine you use Africa to pretend all types of bullshit that you as leaders are well known anti-black self haters and FRAUDS, when the true intent was to search and find MORE CORRUPTION and better ways to LAUNDER MONEY..to continue STEALING FROM YOUR BLACK PEOPLE…and you use the world stage to commit this despicable offense..

    that is some serious SELF-HATE.

    self-hating black leaders must NEVER be elected or reelected…should NEVER be allowed in the parliament again.

  14. Yes…wrap that around your heads, you, your current and future generation’s hard earned money will not only be stolen and used to maintain and support these dirty little racist minorities on the island, but now they have upgraded to bigger things so your tax dollars and pensions will BE STOLEN to fund their world scams….with the amount of businesses they all have in UK and here and there, that is the only way they can keep it all intact…BY STEALING FROM YOU…

    .remember that come next election and that you and yours do not stand a chance..

    But your X-ing them out of parlaiment PERMANENTLY can save you and your future generations…let them and their parasitic little criminal minorities go find someone else to ROB..

  15. @ WARU,

    Be careful how you speak about that AFRICA THING my dear cause all the PanAfricanists WHO ARE DRINKING THE MOTTLEY COOLAID are going to jump out the woodwork and attack you.

    They will say that you are not black, since “you are pulling down Mottley’s attempt to “BUILD LINKS WITH MOTHER AFRICA”…”

    As a man, I going give you an imagery that you, as a woman, can identify with!

    Rubbing a fellow’s organ while it is in we pants, and promising we “some” tomorrow!

    WARU, that touch alone does get we excited and when wunna soft voice does whisper in we ears “tomorrow night, ALL UH DIS IS YOURS…” my dear lady, we does race down time.

    Mugabe, is stroking the “cocks” of the Bajan population and nuff regional leaders AND AFRICAN HEADS OF GOVERNMENT All at the same time!

    IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, while simple liberties of which you speak, are being taken away, day by day!

    Which fool, knowing that Barbados has left hand drive roads, would order American trucks UNLESS THERE WAS A KICKBACK FOR A MINISTER?


    Dont mind Grenville Phillips aka Bedroom Policeman aka Iso TALIBAN. His lips are so firmly glued to the a.ss of the 357 pound tub of lard Mugabe, that he cant see far less speak to this matter.

    She is doing simple things AND REMOVING CIVIL LIBERTIES while citizens just sit and smile through the rape

  16. When two wicked, uppity colonial governments have been stealing from a small island and her people for decades, this ALWAYS is the end result…

    “While others were feasting on Christmas Day fare, some householders in Sherbourne, St John, were being served a double whammy.

    Residents of Sherbourne Gardens had no water and the garbage in the area has not been collected for a while, leaving a lot of the Christmas cleaning trash still alongside the road.

    By the time the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) truck appeared around 4 p.m. yesterday, there was a rush by the residents to salvage what was left of Christmas Day with brief baths and scaled back food preparation.

    “I would never expect that when I got home the water would be off, based on what they say that people will have water for Christmas. This is happening too regularly,” one woman told the DAILY NATION. (AC)”

  17. How did Mia come up with the bold faced lie about international standards for garbage Trucks
    Yes the flawed ones she approved to be bought that are all but useless in providing safety for the drivers and adequate handling in the removal of the piles of garbage lining the streets
    This woman is a bold faced liar
    One with a five year agenda to blow smoke in the people face
    New garbage trucks with inadequate mechanism to provide safety to the drivers and all but not equipped to handle the removal of garbage from the streets
    What a disaster in the making

  18. Truck story is a bit ‘fishy’.

    12 x 400K = 5M

    No video
    No pictures
    No brochures
    It only after trucks come that they have objections and want to discuss?

    More information, please

  19. “@ WARU,

    Be careful how you speak about that AFRICA THING my dear cause all the PanAfricanists WHO ARE DRINKING THE MOTTLEY COOLAID are going to jump out the woodwork and attack you.

    They will say that you are not black, since “you are pulling down Mottley’s attempt to “BUILD LINKS WITH MOTHER AFRICA

    let them bring it on Piece…if they cannot see that building BRIDGES TO AFRICA…and setting up corruption and money laundering vehicles are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ENDEAVORS…one a long overdue enterprise…the other a MOST CORRUPT ENTERPRISE…..ah will be most happy to show them the difference..

    and we still have to continue teaching them that pushing corrupt, racist minorities to the front to rob your people, enrich themselves, bribe them and KEEP YOUR OWN PEOPLE IN POVERTY…is the true definition of ANTI-BLACK..

  20. if they cannot see that building BRIDGES TO AFRICA…and setting up corruption and money laundering vehicles are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ENDEAVORS…one a long overdue enterprise…the other a MOST CORRUPT and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ENTERPRISE…..ah will be most happy to show them the difference..

  21. The same ole story lack of transparency and accountability
    In 2019 barbados is going out one the same ole note
    First the story of the default button pushed
    Then the Ross university deal in the dead of night
    Sale of land at Coverly to Maloney
    Pensioners money taken up with out warning to pay govt debt
    Slaves bones given to another country with out as much as decent respect towards the deceased
    Taxpayers money refunded to businesses by way of govt waivers
    Mia signing agreements left and right unknown to the opposition as to what are in the agreements
    Big mistake after mistake because of govt failure to be transparent and accountable to the people
    The garbage saga being the latest

  22. Why must dissenting voices be full of hate.

    Can we, dissenters, not love Barbados and wish the best for it?

    Can’t we be the canary in the well who signals that disaster is looming?

    Must we drink of the toxic Kool aid and sing “Kumbaya, my Lord”.

    Going along to get along has not served us well.

  23. Theo…ignore the idiots, they think someone is out here playing the usual nasty games that saw Barbados being robbed blind by all of them, over 40,000 Black people now have to live in poverty because of them and their THEFTS from the people…

    I beg them to check out whatsapp and see what just happened to the Antigua PM caught and had to put on his pants in the damn road…the people had a field day…so let them sit there and think anyone is allowing them to get away with the usual evil shite that they depend on to survive in Barbados off Black Bajans because of nasty negro leaders……they are in for a rude ass awakening just as they deserve with their parasitic selves….let them call it hate and whatever they want but their days of living off black people will come to an end….a hell of a lot sooner than they think.

    they thought we were joking but now reality is staring them in their face.

  24. Yo Piece…Jim Jones’ idiots also loved to drink his koolaid, until he brewed a huge vat and poisoned all their asses…the only true victims there were the children..

    that is how easy it would be to rid the entire island of oxygen wasting yardfowls….am sure they will be more than happy to join their toxic, self-hating useless negro ministers and lawyers in hell.


  25. And when you lie and lie and lie to the people, as THEIR EMPLOYEE while pretending to be their master, they never ever forget it….while the parasites beleive bajans should sit down and say nothing as they have been doing for 60 years…but no more..

    ‎”Irvine Maloney‎ to Bajans Waking up
    1 hr ·

    Irvine Maloney is feeling nostalgic.
    2 hrs
    Good morning friends and families!!!
    Just a reminder that I didn’t start this post to be confrontational.But to be enlightened by constructive behavior.
    If you have a problem with that, am not sorry, and so! Let it said, I ain’t taking no foolishness from anyone.

    I’ve taken enough from our prime minister, And this is where the Bus stops.


    BE AWARE,And be careful!!
    too many lies, the deception is great.you are dealing with peoples lives.and to be honest,you don’t care two rusty buttons about the masses.
    We want you remove from office as soon as possible!!!

    People wake up. The Philistines are upon us.
    We’ve been told that things would be better, WHAT A LIE!!
    We’ve been told that the merchants would release the economy from the stranglehold of the DLP, Another lie!!

    The Trojan horse we let into our sanctuary brought no water, buses, no health care programs, an indiscriminate use of public funds, taxed everything that moved, and complained about everything else.

    How much more of this wickedness can be heaped on this beautiful country???




  26. That is what happens when as a PM you jumped out to LIE TO THE WORLD about your role and your evil DLP friends roles in creating the current POVERTY IN BARBADOS…trying to transfer the blame to the victims instead of owning up to what you vicioius savages did to the people and island for decades, but it is yours and no one will allow you to transfer any blame when all your bank accounts and offshore accounts says differently..

    they have no conscience.

  27. Where are all the voices who were jumping on the backs of the garbage trucks singing ” How great Mottley is”
    These fools are allowing the smoke coming from the policies of smoke and Mirrors to blind them
    What ought to be asked of govt is how much more would it cost govt to have these garbage trucks ideally fitted for the safety of the drivers
    Or could it be that govt will go by trial and error until the errors become blatantly visible at the risk of not being transparent

  28. I think some are planning to highlight Mia’s deceit and put it on display for the WORLD TO VIEW…, when she was so hot and sweaty to be elected she came out in the press and claimed that the hardships on the island were caused BY THE CORRUPTION…but since being elected and only 18 months passed…she suddenly developed AMNESIA and now claiming that both crooked corrupt governments tried to stop the POVERTY and FAILED…..of course they both tried so hard to stop poverty by TIEFING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT….and robbing everybody.

    are you goddamn crazy, you ran on a platform of stopping the corruption that CAUSED HARDSHIPS AND POVERTY…and then you would openly lie like that….and claim not to be aware why the poverty is now impacting tens of thousands of Black Bajans….while REFUSING TO EVEN ADDRESS CORRUPTION…and got Dale Whistleblower bullshitting the people about what HE CANNOT DO…never saying what he can do to stop the thefts.

    you ran on a platform using the dead Holder Rasta child, openly stating that wicked tiefing Maloney caused his death, you even espoused how corrupt Maloney is and that he should be in prison…..but all of a sudden he is your best friend, taxpayers lost over 400 million dollars in the Coverley scam that the crooked DLP had going with Maloney, but yet you sold him the Coverley scam for a measly 13 million dollars…

    lying, lying, lying to the people nonstop….after begging, begging, begging them for their votes.

    watch politicians when they beg you for votes….this is always their intent…CORRUPTION TO ENRICH THEM AND THEIR BRIBERS AND POVERTY FOR YOU and your families and everyone else.

  29. Mariposa..how come DLP is pretending not to have this information. Yall are playing games again with the people with ya sleazy corrupt selves. But ya are not going anywhere near that parliament. Mark my words.

    “The 10 garbage trucks were imported into Barbados by Michael Forde of Fordes auto clinic in Maxwell CH CH . He is closely associated with the SSA chairman Rudy Grant and Hartley Henery … When shit hit fan this one will be stink …
    Quid pro quo
    A board member of the SSA told me that he is going to resign. He said that Grant lied to the board regarding the procurement of the trucks.
    I wonder what the cost of those trucks are if this is the same Michael Forde that every European vehicle owner knows not to go to? The man is a world class extortionists when it comes to repairing vehicles. He is known to perform repair work on vehicles that he wasn’t asked to do and then sends a bill that is more than the value of the same vehicle. He then impounds the vehicle for nonpayment of the bill. Many a person especially women have had to leave their vehicles up there because they couldn’t pay the thousands of dollars in “repair bills”. Sandy Lane had to get the rid of him for that same behaviour. In fact they found it cheaper to bring in a RR technician and put him up than to engage this man Forde’s services. All sorts of people have him in court regarding their vehicles. What has all of this got to do with garbage trucks? You go figure my friend.
    These 10 trucks didn’t go to tender.”

  30. Am sure he is DLPs slimy friend too, sitting right there just waiting for these events..

    a scam and set up for every occasion…..to rob the treasury and pension fund..

  31. @Wura,

    You gotta stop.
    I can’t tek no more.
    My heart cries for that country
    No national business
    Just schemes, scams and money making plans
    Port scanners or scammers
    White Oak or White Hoax
    WTE or just trickery
    Integrity legislation or just deception
    I dun listening
    I just drinking
    Kool aid

  32. Ya are going to take a hell of a lot more, yall encouaged these crimes against the people and cussed us when we told you that this will be the outcome..you are now reaping the whirlwind. We warned yall repeatedly. Now if Mia’s dangerous pet Maloney is really getting this contract..it’s more robbery of the treasury and pension fund. Just as DLP did too.

    “Coming !!! A new Independence Square

    Let Mia Mottley deny that she personally awarded a contract to knock down the old NIS building.

    MM construction is about to knock down the old NIS building in Bridgetown. The Billion dollar man who was the subject of the PAC under Mia has been awarded the contract. Can you imagine that the disgraced owner of Coverley, the inconsiderate contractor of the Hyatt and now Mia’s pet has been awarded the job to tear the down the NIS building?

    She plans to kill Independence Square by dedicating a new park space to a party stalwart of the BLP. Her legacy is to destroy everything Barbadian and redefine a new Barbados along very partisan lines.

    This is pure madness!”

  33. Isn’t that what yardfowls like to say..”wuh BLP do um too so we could do it”…..now BLP yardfowls will be saying “wuh DLP do um too so we could do it”..

    ……so now you can appreciate why the country has sunk to that low level….due to the backward mentality that is seen as normal..

  34. Do you now see why a stolen salt bread would be turned into a media spectacle all in a bid to cover up more crimes and THEFTS against taxpayers and pensioners…

    they have no shame.

  35. Here looking out the window fuh a garbage truck
    The garbage has piled up more because of the holiday
    If anyone spot one of them new left handed garbage trucks give me a holler here on BU

  36. Left hand drive, not left handed. lol

    The good news is no one is keeping secrets for parliament rats, it’s being understood how downright dangerous and nonprogressive they all are, people are pissed that the same Mia said how Maloney got 1 billion dollars in questionable contracts under DLP and all the other things she knew and said about him…so it is very clear that Mia would tell ANY LIE to be elected, she used a dead child that she KNOWS Maloney is responsible for his death so she could be elected……so listen out for her barrel of lies come 2023….and kick her broad backside out of parliament…

    those types of liars have tens of thousands of Bajans now facing down POVERTY…keep them around your tax dollars and pension fund and you too will be reduced to poverty.

  37. kick her broad backside out of parliament…


  38. So keep her and before you know it everyone will be a pauper.

    Grenville is not the only one trying to bamboozle and dazzle the electorate with shite you know, but making an example of this one now thinking she is so brilliant will get the other wannabe crooks to thinking and they will not be so brazen and uppity going in because they will know they will be watched and the slightest off putting action will see them as facebook stars…just like this current lot of crabs.

  39. Opps my bad hate to tell lies on Mia about the wrong side the mechanism for driving the garbage truck is located
    But i still here looking out the window waiting for the garbage to be pick up
    Enuff wasnt it u who told me that Mia was ordering trucks to put the garbage that i spout on BU
    Ha. Ha. Ha.wuh if she cant buy garbage trucks for what she knows
    Cant see how she can buy garbage trucks to put garbage for what she dont know
    Even a blind man could tell what Mia was ordering was not meant for barbados streets
    Can wait to see them electric buses go up horse Hill

  40. Well since last night people been complaining that they are hearing all the gushing about 10 garbage trucks, but they are only seeing 3…..don’t ask me ah don’t know a thing…the other 7 could be on their way…

  41. Not so fast. L:et’s get back to thos trucks… I have questions…
    ******1 Workers claim that SSA mechanics were not consulted about the configuration of the trucks, Barbados TODAY was told.

    **TheO: Was it just a truck buying spree or was imput sought from knowlegeable sources?

    *******2 A source revealed that some have complained that the new trucks can only seat two people when the current ones can seat three.

    **TheO: Is this an issue? What is the importance of seating three? What if a four man team is required on some routes?

    *****3 The workers are also said to be uncomfortable with the location of the platform.
    The source explained: “The step which is normally on the back, is now at the sides.
    “The workers are worried that their safety is in question.
    *** Theo: Will they be on the side with traffic or on the gutter side? Given the narrow roads of Barbados does this place the workers in more danger?

    ****4 But the source pointed out that in keeping with international standards, “a platform on the side was not necessarily a bad thing because workers will get less toxic fumes in their faces”.
    ***TheO: Standard Bajan answer. Water issues — talk about Flint, MI. Crime– talk about Barbados and Trinidad.. IMF … Greece. A good attempt at a response, but it depends on the location of the muffler

    *****5 The ten left-hand-drive Navistar trucks out of Mexico,
    *****TheO: Left hand drive? Was this planned or only discovered on arrival? Are they advantages in having a left hand drive vehicle?

  42. While your evil leaders steal your money by the BILLIONS…with their dirty briber friends…you are at risk of drowning, so you better get rid of your dirty leaders…


    stay there and believe that Mia cares when your ass is drowning, she does not care that they all created the poverty now on the island, she tried to shift the blame for the poverty on to you, so wait there and think she will care when you drown, she would have already moved to higher ground..

    “AS THOUGH extreme weather events, sea level rise and the attendant negative implications for food, water and livelihood security were not bad enough, it turns out that another threat posed by the changing climate is mass migration.

    The warning bell was sound recently by Professor Michelle Mycoo, who has cautioned Caribbean small island developing states (SIDS) to stop and take note. She said that this is especially important given the planet’s apparent race toward 1.5 degrees Celsius of global warming and beyond.

    “If climate-sensitive economic sectors are affected by crossing the 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature increase, Caribbean SIDS will produce climate change refugees who may be forced to migrate outside the region,” Mycoo said.

    She was writing in her 2017 research paper, titled ‘Beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius: vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies for Caribbean small island developing states’.

    “The Caribbean may have among the world’s highest numbers of environmental and economic refugees. Settlements in coastal locations make them highly vulnerable to climate change impacts such as sea level rise and flooding,” Mycoo predicted.”

  43. https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrJ61onNQZeLWsAYmhXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEycTgyczM3BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDQjg3NDZfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1577493927/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fcelbestnews.com%2fworld-news%2fduncan-bannatyne-helps-save-boys-from-drowning-in-barbados%2f/RK=2/RS=cUdZcXB3kvantIevXYdBy80QL7s-

    the british press is having a field day, let’s see if the frauds in Barbados will threaten to sue. punching above ya obese weight but cannot suplly the basics, tiefing billions from ya own black people but can’t supply CPR classes or swimming lessons for everyone. So what will happen when the “we gathering” victims enter those dangerous waters with bad undercurrents and get into difficulties….yeah punching above ya delusional weight alright.

    Even strong swimmers get into diffuclties, i have had my share..but no life guards, people not trained in CPR…that is the difference between life and death….but never mind that, blame the poor because they were robbed by thieves in government and bar association…and are about to be ROBBED AGAIN..

    “Duncan Bannatyne helps save boys from drowning in Barbados

    Duncan Bannatyne has told how he and his wife ran to help two young brothers and their mother after they nearly drowned in the sea in Barbados.

    The Dragons’ Den star, 70, and wife Nigora, 39, rushed to help after British tourist Will Farrer, 26, saved one of the boys from the Sandy Lane beach coast on Boxing Day.

    The brothers were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bridgetown, by ambulance, and both are now recovering. Mr Bannatyne revealed that the boys’ mother nearly drowned trying to help them herself.

    Speaking to MailOnline, he said: ‘We saw the incident unfolding from about 20 yards away and as I’m trained in first aid we ran along the beach to offer assistance but when we got there it was mostly under control.

    ‘The young white man carrying the boy was apparently an off duty life guard and he probably saved the boy’s life. The older boy had been put in the recovery position by other tourists, one was a nurse. I saw both boys were breathing and giving oxygen.

    ‘An ambulance was called so we could not do much more. They were brothers. The mother almost drowned trying to help them.”

  44. Textbook lesson on how not to keep promises.
    You promise the sky and break the promises with technicalities….. Brilliant.


    “He said too many members were still unable to access the concessions while others were simply turned off by the lengthy process and “turn around from all angles”.

    Hoteliers were told they were using the wrong letterhead, their signature “appears funny”, or they encountered problems with Customs trying to differentiate between a bedsheet or skirting for example, he said.


  45. I wanted to link these stories up with the punishment meted out to the ‘”groping Englishman”. I googled ‘butt’ and was surprised at the number of Bajan men slapping women on their butts.

    These sentences are too light – one year in prison and chopping off one of the offending fingers

    “Maynard was placed on bond to keep the peace for nine months, breach of which would land him in prison for three months.”

    “After listening to his explanation, the magistrate fined him $350 in four weeks with an alternative of six weeks in prison.”

  46. These sentences are too light – one year in prison and chopping off one of the offending fingers..
    Note that the tourist got a pass….ist…

    “Maynard was placed on bond to keep the peace for nine months, breach of which would land him in prison for three months.”


    I gatherin, but treat me like a tourist

  47. That’s the nasty RACISM both governments allowed to flourish on the island against black people trying to survive….in exchange for BRIBES…it has gone in and on for decades….when hoteliers pay bribes they want something in return….NO BLACKS….unless it’s the shitehound negro slaves who work for them and get treated accordingly.

  48. Just saw a video circulating on whatsapp, two mingy broke ass tourists don’t want to pay the $3.50 bus fare in Barbados and complaining too, the bus driver was rightfully quite colorful in telling them where to shove their cheap asses since he was not the one raised the bus fare..lol

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