Recharge – COVID-19 @Stage 2 and 3


Submitted by Grenville Phillips II,

Well, I have finally gotten the message – the threats are now too personal to ignore. To balance the safety of my family, and my duty to Barbados, these will be my final recommendations on COVID-19. They are to cover Stages 2 and 3.

The accusations are, of course, baseless. Asking basic questions is not breaking rank. Questioning is normal when the four steps to develop national plans are not followed.

Step 1 is to develop a draft plan. Step 2 is to present that plan for rigorous public scrutiny (since the public are stakeholders). Step 3 is to analyse the feedback and finalise the plan. Step 4 is to implement the plan.

Both administrations typically only do Steps 1 and 4. There is rarely critical review. This results in either stubbornly staying with a failing plan, or making band-aids under pressure to a weak plan.

The media should be asking pertinent questions, but they seem to have gotten the message a long time ago. They make press conferences as meaningless as a soap-opera. How about asking some of these questions.

The Government claimed that they will be spend $30M to build quarantine sites and respond to this virus. How is the Government procuring the $30M in goods and services?

No-bid contracts normally cost the public two to five times what the contract is actually worth. Is the Government using the same corrupting no-bid contracts for contractors, consultants and supplies? What qualifications are needed to share in the $30M to be disbursed?

The Government promised to appoint a contractor general to put an end to these corrupting no-bid contracts. How is that progressing? Why not start prequalifying Barbadian business right now, instead of automatically disqualifying most of them with the sorry excuse of urgency?

The hurricane season is approaching. We should not be constructing sub-standard buildings in Barbados, especially after turning the six-storey NIS building into rubble. So, to what category of hurricane are the buildings being built? Also, to what magnitude of earthquake? How durable are they?

I dare our established media to ask just one of these questions. Once they realise that the sky has not fallen, perhaps they will be less terrified – and ask another.


In preparation for Stage 2, we should assume that at least one person in our household will get the virus, and plan accordingly.

1. Supplement Diet

If I got the virus, then I would strengthen my body so that it can fight for me – as it has always successfully done. I would add to my daily diet: 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, at least one table-spoon of Blackstrap molasses, and at least five table-spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

You can purchase one gallon of blackstrap molasses from the sugar bond area of the port for $2, but carry a clean wide-mouth container. You only need a quarter of that, so distribute the remainder to others.

2. Sunshine

Ultra-violet sunlight is an effective disinfectant. Therefore, everyday, I would open every window curtain and let the sun shine in. I would also open the windows (with insect screens) to ventilate the house. Therefore, maintain some insect mesh and duct tape to keep out flies and mosquitoes.

If I got the virus, I would spend my days near a window where I can get natural light, and breathe clean air.

3. Flush Closed Toilets

COVID-19 RNA has been confirmed in blood and stool samples of some infected persons. Droplets from the toilet have been found on bathroom ceilings after flushing. Therefore, droplets can reach the bathroom’s sink (and any exposed toothbrushes) and towel rack. I would insist that everyone in my household close the lid when flushing the toilet.

Many infected persons have had diarrhea. You are likely to go through toilet paper more rapidly in that condition. Therefore, I would try to maintain 12 rolls of toilet paper for each member of my household.

4. Disinfect Shoes

Not everyone will stop their habitual spitting. The COVID-19 can exist for hours in the air and days on surfaces. You may step on someone’s spit, especially after it rains. Therefore, spray disinfectant on the bottom of your shoes before entering your house, and on your car mats when you get home.

5. Clean Pet Trays

If you feed pets outside, then clean their trays. Uneaten food attracts birds. Birds can step in the same spit and bring the virus to you, so do not attract them.

6. Invest in Yourself

If you are quarantined, then do not squander this opportunity. Take maximum advantage of our double taxation agreements with various countries, especially the US, and grow your Internet based business.

Between managing your business and your household, learn something new. There are many free on-line courses that Universities offer. Take one that can improve your productivity and increase your earnings, then take another.

Please do not waste this time with only entertainment (watching movies and reading fiction). Instead, recharge.

Accept that you may likely get infected, and perhaps more than once. Therefore, maintain your household supplies, and use this opportunity to cultivate a closer relationship with your Creator.

Parting Comments

I have been asked how I know so much. I have worked in disaster areas over the past 2 decades, where the economy came to a halt. In those situations, there is normally no economic activity, nothing to purchase, and no reliable government services.

I have had over 12 deployments to Haiti, when cholera had infected about 800,000 people and killed about 10,000. One member of my team actually had cholera while I was there.

I am also doing doctoral research, and the doctoral research community is rich in cutting edge knowledge. I critically review others’ research and they critically review mine. Why? Because we want to do research that will benefit humanity. Critical review is the most effective method of achieving that aim.

446 thoughts on “Recharge – COVID-19 @Stage 2 and 3

  1. We must go back to basics: protection equipment for our frontline staff, and government must come clean on this and not just waffle; we must start planning for the coming food shortage by starting rationing now. Requisition the supermarkets and government take over distribution.
    We want to know about the number of ICU beds and trained staff.

  2. Highly reliable test kits are available from Germany at a cost of Bd$346 per hundred tests. We immediately need to acquire 1 million tests for under 4 million dollars (that includes chartering a private jet to bring them here).

    This is the most important way of dealing with the pandemic because without data about infection rates we are simply pissing into the wind with every other measure that we take.

    We need mass testing now.

  3. @ PLT

    We can also get protection equipment from PPS, a firm in Milton Keynes, Bucks in the UK. They have stock now.

  4. Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus. This is a plague. The government of Barbados is not taking it seriously. The Queen has moved to Windsor Castle to get out of London. We need sound political leadership.

  5. @ Hal March 25, 2020 6:53 AM

    Prince Charles is just an ordinary human, who exploits the riches of the Duchy Of Cornwall for his personal benefit. When persons in Cornwall die intestate, this greedy fellow confiscate their property. He also collects income from Cornwall. A Greedy but very bright fellow.

  6. @Hal,

    you are not understanding the dilemma facing Bim.

    it seems like COVID-19 has put a gun to Bim’s head and demanded with menaces ” Your health or your wealth!!!” the response thus far has been, “Take our health we need the wealth.”

    MAM and the BLP are participating in a balancing act. trying to remain open while trying to contain the virus. there is hope that when and if COVID subsides we will be remembered and rewarded. this goes for the cruise industry ( the so called home port obligation notwithstanding), and for the acceptance of the Trinidadians. Bim may die in hope but i hope not

  7. @ Robert,

    Very true. He also has access to the best medical scientists in the UK. So, if he is vulnerable, what about those of us living in small family homes. We must get real.

    @ Greene,

    If Bajans believe life will continue as before they are dumber than anyone could have imagined. When this virus is conquered, and it will, it will change our lives. There will be no going back. As you know, in the UK, stores are now refusing cash, they want payment electronically or by card. Post-Covid-19, that will largely continue. Look at simple things like black bin bags.
    We will see a change in how we work, with more people working frim home. It is economical, in that companies do not have to pay for heating, electricity or broadband. Economics will change the way most of us have worked for over 100 years. Even parliament has changed.

  8. Oh. How the mighty and powerful is falling
    It is a pity that our PM did not stand bold face against the capitalist greed mongers like the IMF and closed our borders
    Barbadians are fighters and would have weathered the economic storm buying and selling amongst themselves
    This was a lifetime opportunity to weaned barbadians off imports of goods and force them on a path of self empowerment

  9. @ Hal March 25, 2020 7:57 AM

    You are correct. Took another stroll into town. Did a good turn for a damsel in distress ;she was suffering from a broken leg, needed assistance in stepping down from the side walk. Asked me to assist her which I did( Mr. Marshall, the late Cub master of James’ Street Methodist Church would have been proud to see that after all these years, I am still doing as taught as a cub: do a good turn every day). Help her across the road. Had to remark on how comely ( when last have you heard that word used?) she was. Proceeded further into town. Still the long lines at the supermarkets. The lines at the pharmacies seemed to have declined Purchase stuff from the store next to Thani’s on Bridge Street. Had to use hand sanitizer before being allowed into the store. Eventually entered Suttle Street at the juncture with Reid street. The rum shop at the juncture seemed to doing great judging by the crowd and the noise. There is a decline in numbers in town.

  10. @ Greene March 25, 2020 7:50 AM

    Doing the same as St. Vincent. At least the Prime Minister of St. Vincent is honest: he admitted that a tourist-based economy like his cannot afford to close its borders.

  11. @ Hal
    Glynne Murray is back on the call-in program speculating on the COVID-19 and how long it will continue to affect the world. He was given lots of time to expound his views as though he is an authority. If I had called or for that matter, anyone versed in the topic had done so, they would have been short -shifted.

  12. @ Robert

    Glyne went to your alma mater at about the same time. More seriously, Barbadians have a collective behavioural, deeper cultural habits that are out of place in a modern world. People are gathering at Oistin’s playing dominoes. You just could not make it up.
    But we lack political leadership. A fish rots from the head down.

    • All over the world we have examples of citizens ignoring requests from the authorities to comply with social distancing, stay at home orders. However you would seek in your usual way to localize the issue. It is a work in progress and as observations are made the authorities should ramp up counter measures.

  13. @ peterlawrencethompson March 25, 2020 6:43 AM

    From Germany? A very logical idea, as we already import kitchens (Miele), showers (Grohe) and cars (Mercedes, BMW) from there.

    Seriously, PLT: How about adding tests for immunized persons to the tests for infections?

  14. @ Hal March 25, 2020 12:22 PM

    Your alma mater also .He was a member of the “Literary and Debating Society” I was also a member. I never was involved with the debating angle. Was involved in the quizzes .

  15. The liberal west might have to do like India. Flog the violators.

    India’s lockdown smackdown: Cops smash curfew violators as country’s 1.3 billion people are told to stay indoors over coronavirus, leaving streets empty amid fears a MILLION could die
    India’s 1.3billion people woke up to find themselves under world’s largest coronavirus lockdown Wednesday
    Police used rattan canes to beat people into compliance as the streets of New Delhi were left all-but empty
    There were fears lockdown could cause virus to spread as migrant workers fled the cities on packed buses
    India has confirmed just 500 virus cases and nine deaths, but there are fears disease could run rampant
    Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

    PUBLISHED: 08:32 GMT, 25 March 2020 | UPDATED: 12:01 GMT, 25 March 2020

    • Imagine Dr. Lucas if that were to be done in Barbados or in the so-called developed Western countries.

  16. @ David March 25, 2020 2:32 PM

    Allowing choice works better. I have my doubts about China having things under control. With the Chinese saving face and hiding facts are the norm. I came across an article/video ( I didn’t pay much attention to it) where it was suggested that e-mails from some Chinese which have gotten out point a different figure. The thing started in China and the Chinese are trying to deny that it did.

  17. DPD

    I have two sisters (60+) and a niece who travelled from the USA to South America on a leisure trip?
    Were they reckless also?

    As stated by other before me, there were millions all over the world that had preplanned trips and continued on them up to the travel bans started to cascade.

    In my first response to you, I agreed with you the the virus was spreading when the 35 departed Trinidad

    Yes there was a travel ban put out in January as you stated but that was only for china which was the epicenter for the virus at that time.
    However no one could have foretold the unprecedented travel bans that were to come after the 35 had departed.

    the travel ban that started the cascade was announced by Trump on March 11 and took effect on Mar 14th. That is when he ban travel from Europe except England . Up until then most travel was normal except the ban on china. After that that the travel ban started to cascade from countries to countries.

    The Caribbean was free of the virus until the first report in Jamaica on march 10th
    Trinidad reported its first case on march 12

    When the 35 departed there was no restrictions or closures in either England or Trinidad and there were no reported cases in the Caribbean islands

    The 35 made a decision that most would have made giving the above conditions.

    Most except you who with you foresightedness would have ceased all leisure travel on Jan 31st

    ah gone

  18. I have two sisters (60+) and a niece who travelled from the USA to South America on a leisure trip?
    Were they reckless also?

    Trip was March 6 – 14th
    the week before the start of the European ban started the cascade.

  19. The corona panic only came to a head with the US measures on 13 March. Therefore, travellers who started their journey before that date are not at all to blame.

    If the USA had not closed its borders to Europeans at that date, the economic impact would now be much smaller. Therefore, the Trump Republicans are just as responsible for the whole disaster as the Chinese Communists.

    Trump is following an erratic course in general: First he spreads panic worldwide on March 13, then he wants to fill the churches with people again at Easter. The man is a danger for the world economy.

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